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Short discourses by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on spirituality, relationships, how to transform negative emotions, and more. These insights open our minds to the beauty of life's mysteries....

Title : Celebrating Love
Author :
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ISBN : 9781885289421
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 133 Pages
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Celebrating Love Reviews

  • Anjali
    2019-06-09 05:00

    Make sure you have a pen or marker handy before you start reading this book!! Mark the paragraphs that really speak to you and revisit/re-read them once a month. It's a code-of-conduct for everyday life :)

  • Kireja
    2019-06-14 04:49

    I am an adherent of Guruji's philosophical and spiritual teachings, but I found myself unable to be in the space to receive the messages of this book. I had just finished reading 'Messages from Amma', which I found to be very poetic and lyrical. However the writing style of this book was very different from the book I had just read so I found it difficult to connect to. Might have to give it another try when I am ready to receive.

  • Vaibhav Vats
    2019-06-15 04:55

    This is deep psychological convince. It is possible the sequel of Celebrating Silence. I loved this but Silence was better I guess. I would teach you how to love, live, care, think, behave and neglect at times. Yea... kinda teach book it is. Very nice.

  • Catrina
    2019-05-21 04:40

    Everything he says takes my breath away. He seems to get to the heart of the matter in simple, clear messages.

  • Karthick
    2019-05-26 09:38

    Simply Amazing...

  • Rajagopal Venkatachalam
    2019-05-28 07:52

    Excellent book. Must read.

  • Sai Sankalp
    2019-06-12 07:33

    awesome every one should readthe best possible any one could have

  • Upasna Banerjee
    2019-06-05 11:33

    To understand Love, we need to catch the string of thoughts and find the source. It will give us the face, and once the face is clear, ego,anger,hatred will go away.

  • Manish Pokhrel
    2019-06-17 04:43


  • Shahnaz
    2019-06-12 10:03

    Pick it up ...Open any page...and just Read ...!