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Chavoret Jaruboon personally executed 55 prison inmates, including many women. Here, in this book, he reveals the grim secrets of the 'Bangkok Hilton's' death row, where hundreds have perished....

Title : The Last Executioner
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ISBN : 9781905379262
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The Last Executioner Reviews

  • venezuela
    2019-06-27 08:19

    the job demands of a prison executioner. and the pressures of being devoted to the inside life. and the guilt and responsibility of shooting. and the redemption in preisthood, right after. Are there more Buddhist executioners than others? every Buddhist goes their period of monkhood, in their lives, and he goes through this right after his last shooting/execution. (as the last executioner of thailand. ) i enjoyed that he mentiioned the role and nature of tourists (and prison tourists-- young idealists, what he calls, fans of "Dead Man Walking"--which now i want to watch) in this setting. And it seems more open to outsiders ... almost as if they are setting a business of it. And yes, the speciality is it sounding like the tourism industry. the police arresting convicts they can afford. The money that is made on Visting Days, the once in a year days where, families of the prisoners are allowed to interact/picnic with their families without bars in between.i dont know why i am interested in prison life, or why executioners intrigue me. i was glad to be finished with executing. I could now talk about it and write about it. It would not have been appropriate to do so while i was still an executioner in case it looked like i was enjoying it. Plus, who would believe me if i spoke about my depression over killing criminals while continuing to do it?he gives you lunch at his home. if you're an interested enoughvisitor. he loses nothing from giving you a meal and sharing his life with you. you take the experience, but have nothing to give back in return. you dont have to pay. unless you want it to go to the prisoners fund. nothing like meals for prisoners. no not money . hot meals will make them healthier.

  • Donna
    2019-07-05 08:04

    The author of this book is, without a doubt, a wise man. The way he talks about his family is certainly something I can relate to, as it reflects my own father's views. He has also led a very interesting life, and one worthy of a biographical record. So then, why the bad review?The main problem I had with this book was the recalling of all the executions along with the details of the crime. These were many, and they all followed the same structure with a similar vocabulary. The middle of the book just seemed incredibly repetitive as a result and I began to lose interest.I feel a bit disappointed as a reader. I felt this story was like biographical gold-dust, and it could've been told in a much better way. It only seemed to skim the surface of this life and reached no real depth.QUOTATIONS I LIKED:"I think the secret to a good marriage lies in establishing a good friendship with your spouse."

  • Kerry Janse Van Rensburg
    2019-06-24 09:22

    The Last ExecutionerThe Last ExecutionerThis is a true snap shot of the life of Bang Kwang executioner and his story which is a remarkable read.His story is very unusual as the world has so few like this.It is a book that has left it's imprint on my mind and I have gained insightful knowledge of Thailand's view of criminals that were given the death penalty

  • Saturday's Child
    2019-07-09 13:22

    No sensationalism or graphic details this is just the story of a man who took a job in Thailand's Prison Service to financially support his family. As an extra part of his role he became an Executioner, the last to use a HK MP5 submachine gun. Written in a very matter of fact way his story is an interesting one.

  • Chalky
    2019-07-14 06:10

    I've seen this book many times in Bangkok and airport bookshops but never thought of buying it.A friend, a very warm-hearted one, lent it to me.Surprisingly fascinating. A tough job that the author ( its autobigraphy) didn't particularly want to do, but in his honest, perhaps at times unquestioning, and often loyal sense of duty carried out.Almost half way in. Definitely worth a read.

  • Claire
    2019-07-03 09:04

    After a slow start about his childhood and early life before he became a prisoner, this book really improved for me - an interesting point of view that's not often heard in books on this topics where they are usually from the prisoners point of view.

  • Jake
    2019-06-30 13:30

    This was an engaging and challenging read. Chavoret's looking back and retelling was fascinating and disturbing. Overall, I found him to be a likable, family focused man with a very difficult job. The time invested for this read was definitely worth it.

  • Melissa Ball
    2019-06-21 08:13

    Intense I enjoyed the look at the Thai government system. The experiences of the executioner were haunting ans thought provoking. very different from an American viewpoint

  • Paul Sailes
    2019-07-15 08:08

    Fairly good insight into a local's view of the Vietnam war impact on towns in Thailand. Repetition made it monotonous nearer the end but the author writes in an honest way with much humility.