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Back in service with the British navy, Lt. Peter Thorton suffers misfortunes in love and war. Temporarily placed in charge of His Britannic Majesty's frigate Ajax, he is badly outnumbered by the vengeful Spanish and must fight his way free with the assistance of the dishonored HMS Resolute. On the way back to England he must ferret out mutiny and balance friendship againstBack in service with the British navy, Lt. Peter Thorton suffers misfortunes in love and war. Temporarily placed in charge of His Britannic Majesty's frigate Ajax, he is badly outnumbered by the vengeful Spanish and must fight his way free with the assistance of the dishonored HMS Resolute. On the way back to England he must ferret out mutiny and balance friendship against honor, only to be arrested once again, and face a final showdown with his old nemesis, Captain Bishop....

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Iron Men Reviews

  • WhatAStrangeDuck
    2019-06-14 19:43

    I like it! But. People, this is not m/m romance. It's an action/adventure story with a gay protagonist which - let me hasten to add - is not a bad thing. Not at all. Quite to the contrary, really, as far as I'm concerned. So if you like yourself some swashbuckling, naval action, read this series. If you are waiting for the big romancy happily ever after... Don't. The series is plenty entertaining but I doubt that this is ever going to happen. Actually, Peter is a bit of a slut (which I mean in a totally non-derogatory way because more power to him). Still, if you are after the hot menz (most of the sex is just hinted at) (in a way that I sometimes found kind of hilarious - kudos!) or the twue wove (I doubt that it is going to happen) leave it alone.Just saying. I'm still having a blast here :-).

  • Michele
    2019-05-27 21:01

    I love this book, as well as the ones preceding it. I can't recommend it enough; the actions scenes are spell-binding, the terminology adds so much flavor, the characters are loveable/hateable/frustrating -- meaning they have personalities that come alive on the pages. I can't wait for more!

  • Yancy Carpentier
    2019-06-16 13:41

    I’m a great admirer of M. Kei’s nautical tales. “Iron Men,” book three of “Pirates of the Narrow Seas,” is a grand and powerful seafaring adventure.“Men are attracted to success. And you, Peter Thorton, are very successful. You’re our dashing corsair. Who wouldn’t want you?”Lieutenant Peter Thorton has learned one thing during a long and difficult summer: he likes being in command. Now as acting-captain of His Britannic Majesty’s frigate Ajax, he is part of the force patrolling Algeciras Bay. After the destruction of the Mediterranean fleet under Walters, the Admiralty expects the Spanish will attempt to follow up their victory by attacking what is left of the British on the naval station at Gibraltar.As frigate-rigged Spanish xebecs target a Turkish brigantine, the Ajax supports her ally. Thorton calculates his headway, the wind, his ship, and his seamanship. His grasp of the situation is instinctual, as if the Ajax is a part of him. As the ships race toward each other, people on shore gawk. The Ajax is the fastest of the three and gains on her adversaries. For twenty minutes the vessels run side by side down the middle of Algeciras Bay – until Thorton’s Ajax captures two Spanish xebecs right under the guns of Algeciras!Commodore Whittingdon is now the senior officer in command of what little remains of British power in the Mediterranean. “You’re such a hotspur, Peter. I should like to send you out cruising and make us all rich, but the Turkish dispatches must go to England. We need supplies, men, and officers.”With Horner commanding the Resolute, the battleship and frigate prepare to return to England with their prizes. Blinded during the Spanish attack on the Mediterranean fleet, Alan Abby is one of the surviving officers who must report to the Admiralty for court-martial. Attracted to Peter, Abby is persistent, yet Peter remains true to Shakil. As the Ajax makes repairs, the Spaniards come out.“The Spanish fleet was beautiful and terrifying. The great battleships were clouds of sail scudding before the wind while their xebecs and frigates ran with them like greyhounds coursing alongside huntsmen.” All sails out, the British fleet is coming after them. The Turkish Fleet is investing Sebta, so Thorton’s guns sound a warning, hoping to alert any Sallee vessel close enough to hear. The Ajax paces the Spanish two miles off. That they would send three xebecs after him, even when they know he was shot up, is a very great compliment. The Resolute breaks away from the line and charges the xebecs. Shamed and disheartened by their defeat and flight off Majorca, the men thirst for revenge. They maul the xebec. The others flee, but the wounded xebec is overtaken and boarded by the Resolute.As the Sallee Arrow runs into the mouth of the bay and hugs the eastern shore, the Ajax and Resolute move swiftly to protect her. Soon enough, the Arrow comes alongside the Ajax, and Shakil and the other officers board her. Tangle is the last. “Thorton found himself unable to speak as he stared into the man’s eyes and felt the lightning in his soul. Tangle felt it, too, and his brown eyes glowed as hot as coffee about to boil over. How closely Thorton’s fate had entwined with this man’s for half a year! A lifetime of adventure crammed into a few short months.”Shakil suspects Peter still carries a torch for the heroic Kapitan Pasha. True to Shakil, Peter denies it. Meanwhile, Abby wants Peter any way he can get him. Jealous still and discontented, Perry continues his grudge.Carrying dispatches and shepherding their Spanish prizes, the Ajax and the Resolute sail toward the Atlantic. Nearing Gibraltar during a fierce storm, they rescue drowning men off a floundering xebec. Horner takes The Sea Leopard captive. Forced to assume command, Thorton blinks away tears before turning to face his crew. For Thorton, the challenge is a cruel one. By following his captain’s orders, he feels he is betraying his brothers in religion.Thorton thinks of the Sea Leopard as a living creature, and he loves her. He understands why Tangle is willing to go to any length to get her back. Thorton has an almost superstitious faith in the great corsair’s nautical knowledge, so he grits his teeth and holds his course. Now he waits – for the Leopard’s Master to reclaim her.The adventure and excitement in “Iron Men” are non-stop. Courts-martial, courtroom brawls, dueling, mutiny, battles at sea, battles on land, jilted lovers, unrequited love, terror, intrigue, and even moments of relief! Enhancing the experience, the author describes the ships and period clothing in vivid detail. Humor crowns the episodes of visiting the theater and “Miss Allen” and finding a pretty miss in her petticoats sitting upon the fierce Kapitan Pasha’s knee! While a stern Captain Horner reveals his softer side and even some vulnerability.A prize crew only, no guns, a hold full of prisoners, and outnumbered by the Spanish! Racing away from the Spanish squadron, Peter’s crew dances to relieve stress and while away the time. What begins as a charming dance soon becomes a rowdy burlesque.And always, there’s Isam and Peter – as fiery hearts seem to sustain them. What they share burns, then smolders. Surely, devotion is its foundation, tenderness and caring its greatest power. I love these stories and have read them often. Rapidly paced, the momentum never falters, and the characters are endearing. “Pirates of the Narrow Seas” is a wonderful seafaring adventure. The nautical detail is extensive, and the ships are magnificent characters in their own right. The Sea Leopard you’ve met. The Amphitrite is called Queen of the Sea and has her own story to tell. I recommend “Iron Men” highly.M. Kei is a sailor-poet in the finest tradition. The imagery he creates is a celebration of the tall ships he loves, and a gift to all of us who have ever wished to sail them.

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-06-11 18:05

    A more detailed review is coming, but I will say the world of Peter Thornton is one that once you've immersed yourself in it, you're loathe to want to leave. Thankfully, there's a fourth novel in the series, but I don't think that will ever be enough. A sweeping, grand epic this is.

  • SueM
    2019-06-03 14:58

    And the saga continues...Peter Thorton's career continues it's teetering climb up the ladder, but definitely not without some losses. As his professional life see-saws, so too does his personal life, but generally in the opposite direction. His love is returned but his heart is still broken as the two men's lives become incompatible, mainly due to Peter's ramshackle career. He does find some consolation from an unexpected quarter, but it, too, is tenuous. But good fortune generally favors him, along with his instinctive ability to win battles. By the end of this book, we find he has managed to destroy his arch-nemesis, and in doing so, finds his career, along with those around him, takes an unexpected turn for the better, leaving the reader to wonder where the fourth and final book will see Thorton ending up.

  • Buzz H.
    2019-06-07 14:48

    I always wished that Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey would get themselves boyfriends. Thank god for British naval Lt. Peter Thorton, the protagonist of M. Kei's nautical series, who does!Pirates of the Narrow Seas are some of the best fiction I have ever read. Mr. Kei's writing compares favorably with Patrick O'Brian and C.S. Forester. How's that for praising a new author to the skies?The first novel is merely very good. The two that follow are excellent. The characters are believable, flawed, and more human than most other authors can achieve. The writing is a pleasure. Such a pleasure! The books are certainly not without flaws, but they are so minor that I do not care to mention them.If you love novels of the age of sail and you love male/male romance then I cannot recommend these books enough. I have two more to go, and I cannot wait!

  • Christopher Moss
    2019-06-18 20:08

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