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Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey—ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her.Worse, Meghan's owHalf Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan has never fit in anywhere. Deserted by the Winter prince she thought loved her, she is prisoner to the Winter faery queen. As war looms between Summer and Winter, Meghan knows that the real danger comes from the Iron fey—ironbound faeries that only she and her absent prince have seen. But no one believes her.Worse, Meghan's own fey powers have been cut off. She's stuck in Faery with only her wits for help. Trusting anyone would be foolish. Trusting a seeming traitor could be deadly. But even as she grows a backbone of iron, Meghan can't help but hear the whispers of longing in her all-too-human heart....

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The Iron Daughter Reviews

  • Dija
    2019-06-05 20:14

    Mild spoilers ahead!Since a picture's worth a thousand words and all that, allow me to sum up everything that happens in The Iron Daughter.Girl meets Boy.Girl becomes obsessed with Boy. Boy treats Girl like crap and tells her to leave him alone, after insulting her in front of everyone.Girl does not react like this, as any self-respecting female would have.Or even this, which would have sufficed.Girl decides to weep instead.Friend falls for Girl.Girl pines after Boy anyway.Boy tells Girl they can't be together. Girl runs to Friend for comfort. Boy gets jealous.In the middle of an apocalyptic crisis, Boy declares his undying love for Girl, despite all evidence to the contrary. Boy and Girl live happily ever after. I elope with Friend. The end. For more reviews, visit my blog.

  • Kim
    2019-05-29 03:16

    I wasn't sure if I was going to give it 4 or 5 stars, because this book is very good, but it does has one mayor flaw that I found to be annoying.Meghan and Ash. When you think about it... What does she really know about him, besides that he's gorgeous and 'icy'? He tried to kill her several times now. I don't know but that doesn't exactly scream boyfriend material to me. Don't get me wrong, I nearly creamed myself when I read he has a silver stud in his ear. Add the billowing coat and I'm sold. But having those kind of feelings for somebody who is still a stranger smells a little too much like Bella & Edward to me. To give you an idea of how bad it was sometimes... I'm into romance and I go aaaawwww and OMG! every time a guy in a book does something even remotely cute/sweet/romantic. But there was a part where I laughed out loud; This was me being very inappropriate. Like laughing at a funeral inappropriate. I won't give away any details, but there is a scene where Ash is standing there while Meghan and her entourage are running through a door. When Meghan looks back, the door is falling shut and she sees Ash standing there with (I forgot the exact wording) a trace of a single tear frozen to his cheek. I think even Ironhorse would have hidden under the bed when he heard me laughing. It was a little bit too much. I know, I'm horrible. It should have been pretty and amazing and all... To me it was just cheesy, over the top and hilarious. But! *very serious face* The situation was very very grim and I did feel sad about what was happening. But that specific part... Nah. It didn't work for me.However, I like Ash a lot and I also liked the way this book ended, even if it was pretty predictable. (yes, I'm a very complicated creature)I adore Ironhorse. I liked him in The Iron King (when he speaks, his voice booms in my head, I love it) and now he's one of my favorite characters in The Iron Daughther. Grim still takes the lead though ^^.

  • Haleema
    2019-06-16 00:10

    Beware of spoilers!What a complete disappointment compared to the utter bliss I felt from the first one. Meghan is the reason why I gave this book a two! I shall proceed to have my fangirl moments and my complaints now:Fangirl moments:1. You see, the first 114 pages were decent. However, I must say I had a deep longing to see my Puck! I couldn't stand it. I did not laugh or giggle once throughout the beginning, considering that Prince Ash is an absolute bore.When Puck finally made his grand entrance as a raven on page 115, I shrieked and proceeded to do my happy dance. Finally, some action and humor! 2. I also had my fangirl moment when Puck and Meghan kissed. It wasn't awkward! Well, if you completely disregarded the fact that Grimalkin claimed that they were humping like rabbits on the bed. Besides that, I thought it was sweet. Before that, I was utterly furious at Meghan for romantically turning to Puck after being turned down by Ash. I wanted to strangle her with her own hair and dump her into a river. She's so unbelievably selfish when it comes to Puck and only Puck. All she--- Okay. I apologize. This is my fangirl section. I shall continue about this later. See how hard it is for me just to fangirl without having my complaints spill out of me?3. Ironhorse! I absolutely loved him!Complaints:1. Meghan's obsession over Ash: Besides Puck's heartbreaking absence in the first 114 pages, I was completely annoyed by Meghan's constant, "Where is Ash? The Winter Prince stole my heart. I loved him. Where is Ash? Knives stabbed my heart as I watched him walk away. I love him! I couldn't stop thinking about him." Ash this. Ash that. Ash. Ash. Ash. "I turned to see if Ash was there or not. I turned to see if Ash was waiting for me or not."I do not need to read about your constant:How long have they known each other?2. The whole "I'm treating you like horse crap because I have to, not because I want to" concept is very exhausting. Seen it before over and over again. And Meghan crying over him and believing that Ash's love for her was false and blah, blah, freaking, blah. He treats her like crap and she cries over it instead of telling him off. That is one of the reasons why I do not want Ash and Meghan as a couple. Besides the fact that they bore me to sleep with their "chemistry", they are just not right for each other."We cannot be together. Stay away from me. There are too many barriers." shamefully = 3. Ash is clearly still in love with Ariella. He thinks about her everyday of his life. He compares her to Meghan. He keeps her personal items with her. He is a destroyed prince who is "in love" with a half-breed only becomes she slightly reminds him of his old love. And of course Meghan is absolutely fine with that because she's head-over-heels with him. Idiocy. 4. The love triangle. Why must there be a love triangle? I should have known this would happen, though. I was praying to myself that somehow Meghan would end up with Puck, because he's such an awesome beast that always made her laugh and made her comfortable. BUT NO. The love triangle = TWILIGHTMeghan turning to Puck because she's depressed over Ash = TWILIGHT5. Meghan sometimes befuddled me with her stupid remarks. One time, I just wanted to smack her across her head with my book.A conversation between Ironhorse and Meghan. This is after Ironhorse kills a pixie that was trying to rip Meghan's head off."You didn't have to kill it. It was like three inches tall!""IT ATTACKED YOU. IT CLEARLY HAD AGGRESSIVE INTENT. MY MISSION IS TO PROTECT YOU UNTIL WE RETRIEVE THE SCEPTER. I WILL ALLOW NOTHING TO BRING YOU HARM. THAT IS MY SOLEMN VOW.""Yeah, but you don't need a machine gun to kill a fly. Iron horse killed this teensy little faery---"So when a knight dies, she's okay with it, but when a little pixie dies, she cries about it? Thank God Grimalkin was there to shout at her for being so stupid and ungrateful that such an enormous creature wanted to protect her. See, Meghan was decent in the first book. She wasn't stupid. Then Ash came along and flipped her brain upside down so that all her cells fell out. My secret hopes:1. Despite the fact that Meghan has now returned to her mortal world, I want a new faery to arrive and steal Puck's heart away. She could be anyone. I just want Puck to be with someone who makes Puck their first choice, not second! I just don't want Puck still pining for Meghan at the end of the series. He's Robin Goodfellow hello! Meghan can live happily ever after with her prince, but Puck needs someone better than Meghan.Someone like... Tiaothin! Eh, eh?They'd be awesome together! Although, we haven't seen much of her we can conclude that they're both mischievous, sly, and so beastly. I wonder if anyone else ships them? Phin! No, really. I want them together. Really. I'm Sirius Black. Overall, I am very disappoint, son. This is not how a sequel should be. I just wasn't as happy with this once as I was with The Iron King.

  • Candace
    2019-06-05 01:59

    The second book in 'The Iron Fey' series, 'The Iron Daughter' definitely had my attention from start to finish. I'm a sucker for angst and emotional pain in my romances. This book was jam-packed with both. However, it also had a healthy dose of action for the adventure junkies out there.'The Iron Daughter' begins with Meghan in captivity at the Winter Court. Ash has transformed into someone unrecognizable, denying any feelings for Meghan and turning his back on her. As his antics become crueler, Meghan is forced to come to terms with the possibility that she never really knew Ash at all.Appearances aren't always as they seem though. This is a lesson that Meghan learns time and time again as she attempts to navigate the politics and manipulative games of the Winter Court. The sadistic tendencies of the court members may be the only thing that Ash was fully honest about.As you can probably guess already, Queen Mab played a much more significant role in this book. Prince Ash's brothers were also introduced, making the story more multidimensional. Each has their own motives for their actions and their own agenda. The same is true for multiple characters in the Winter Court that also enter the picture during this book.Eventually, all hell breaks loose. Meghan and Ash are thrust back together by circumstance. Ash is faced with the same feelings of betrayal that Meghan had been forced to cope with when the tables are turned on him. There's nothing quite like the harsh sting of betrayal to put things in perspective. While there was plenty of angst and adventure to keep me engaged, I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't something that drove me crazy with this series. This series featured one of my biggest pet peeves in a story, beginning in the first book and only becoming more pronounced in subsequent books--the "perfect, dead ex-girlfriend". Every time I heard Ariella's name I wanted to scream, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!". Seriously! Who can compete with the beautiful ex-girlfriend that is canonized upon death? Nobody - that's who! In spite of the infuriating fixation with the dead ex, I still found this book to be a fantastic read overall. Aimed toward a younger audience than most of my book choices, I was able to listen to this story with my kids. Other than a few "mild" naughty words (no f-bombs or anything), there was no content that was concerning or too controversial for them to hear. In fact, it was kind of provided some insight into my fifth-grade daughter's blossoming interest in boys. I'll just say that I wasn't the only one in the car that was sick of the repeated mentions of the "perfect" Ariella.As expected, the book doesn't offer a lot of resolution. One adventure comes to a close and readers are primed for another one to begin. Luckily, I didn't start this series until all of the books had been released so I was able to jump into the next one immediately. Otherwise, the wait might have killed me. I listened to this book in the Audible format and I have to say that the narration was superb. I really enjoyed the voices for each character and the emotional responses of the characters was almost tangible. If you're an audiobook listener, I'd definitely give this audiobook a shot.

  • Simona Bartolotta
    2019-06-11 03:00

    This book is so compelling and exciting! So much so that I need to share with you a detailed summary of the plot. Hold your breath from now, because I swear it's a roller coaster!Short but detailed recap:Oh, please.I'm so pissed off right now."You don't need a machine gun to kill a fly."No, but you'd probably need one to kill a Meghan, so I'd keep it within reach."I’m not some squealing cheerleader you have to babysit."On this one I agree. In comparison, cheerleaders have so much dignity that they could choke on it. And then make Meghan choke on it too. You know, you'll never know when you'll have another occasion to kill her. Why not seize the moment, I say."I'd come back from the dead for you."But why not take her with you instead, Puck? I've heard weather in Hell is so beautiful this time of year.But stop bullying Meghan, now.Basically, I think that to understand what I think of this book it will suffice you to read my riview of The Iron King, multiplying by googolplex (isn't this a lovely number, now?) all the negative things I said about Meghan, about the plot being uninteresting and, I add here, repetitive, about Meghan, about the characters not speaking to me, about Meghan, about Kagawa's unsatisfying, clumsy and shabby use of mythology, and at last about oh-how-much-I-want-to-kill-you-slowly Meghan. I said I was done bullying her? I must have been joking.But just to make this resemble a proper review, here is some serious stuff:•With the most ridiculous excuse I've ever seen and read of in my life, an entire chapter is occupied by the events taking place at a prom thrown by the school that Meghan doesn't even attend anymore. Of course, she's accompanied by both Ash and Puck. My head is throbbing.•I don't see romance here, I see a girl creepily obsessing over a boy. Given the nonexistent development these two's love story had, he may as well have been shot by a Cupid's arrow. For Meghan I don't even feel the need to come up with a metaphor, she is so stupid as to make insta-love believable.I didn't think I'd have ever managed to put into the same sentence the words 'insta-love' and 'believable'.And yeah, Kagawa, thank you. The love-triangle becoming heavy and annoying was exactly what this series needed to be absolutely perfect.I'm going on only because I own the next two books already.

  • The Flooze
    2019-06-10 22:03

    **6.12.2011 ETA: Finished book three and this is one of the most frustrating YA series I've read to date. If you've no tolerance for angsty, bratty, obtuse heroines, steer right clear of it.**When I first read The Iron King I enjoyed it. I found Ash intriguing, Puck endearing, Grim deliciously mysterious, and the iron fey’s origins refreshing. I applauded Kagawa for conceptualizing a breed of fey borne of our obsession with technology. I noticed obvious similarities between The Iron King and the movie Labyrinth, but they didn’t prevent me from appreciating the story as a whole. Time passed and friends read the book. In their reviews I found references to other works - plot points they’d come across before in movies, books, and manga - and I decided to lower my rating. Nevertheless, I still clung to the idea that these concerns fell into the FBS zone. Surely the second book would heighten my opinion of the series and distinguish it from other YA.It surely did not.Though I still enjoy the concept of the iron fey and the destruction their technology brings to a magic-dependant realm, The Iron Daughter was such a frustrating read that I may abandon the series. My exasperation can be summed up in one word: Meghan.Apparently, our heroine is a fickle, emotionally-charged idiot. Time and again, her angsty cries defy all logic and she comes off as completely self-absorbed. Some examples? Gladly. (Slight spoilers for the trajectory of the romance.)- Ash explains he cannot show kindness towards her at Mab’s court because any weakness will be preyed upon. Yet when he publicly behaves in a boorish manner, she decides that he played her, anguishes over his rejection and begs him to snatch her up in an embrace in front of all of Winter. Waaah, I thought I was special, she cries. Guess that warning went in one ear and out the other. He shouldn’t have wasted his breath. - Ash makes an attempt to rescue her from Mab’s cruelty. Meghan chooses this tense, time-sensitive occasion to have a hissy fit in a hall, putting them at risk of getting caught. This is made all the worse by her admission that she’s being an idiot, preventing me from ever having any sympathy for her again.- Meghan learns of numerous precautions Ash put into place (at great risk to himself) to ensure her well-being, yet she still considers the possibility that he used glamour to manipulate her affections.- And the most confounding moment: Her love, for whom her soul was crying earlier on, sits in a corner dying. Instead of heeding Puck’s repeated statement that the boy needs a healer, Meghan takes the time to browse her CD collection and interrogate a bogey. Zero sense of urgency. But when they reach the healer, she bullies the woman into helping because her darling man doesn’t have much time left. Where was this fearsome concern over the passage of time, this “heart-twisting” worry, when she was quizzing the bogey under the bed?Add to this the all too common love triangle. Not two minutes after going into a lengthy tirade about how she longs for Ash, Meghan actually thinks, “Why not try with Puck?” Why is this convention so frequently used in YA? Are teen emotions really this changeable in the writer’s eyes? In my experience, it’s the opposite. When a teenager finds someone to pine over, crush on, lust after they become absolutely fixated. Especially when the object of fixation is set in a Romeo and Juliette, us against the world, light. Moreover, what do Puck and Ash see in her? It’s a common complaint across the UF genre: too often writers create a heroine with multiple suitors, only to fail to justify her allure to the reader. Other than Meghan’s odd powers and her unthinking willingness to tumble headlong into trouble, there’s nothing that sets her apart. The only character whose fascination I can understand is Grim - for him, it’s like a front row seat at a train wreck or the Jerry Springer show. Why shouldn’t he amuse himself?As an aside, Puck and Ash’s relationship is far more deserving of discussion than Meghan’s relationship with either. As one character observes: “They’re either best friends or darkest enemies, I can’t tell which.” Neither can we, since they’re the embodiment of the fine line between love and hate. Forget Meghan - these two boys are perfect fodder for some slashy fanfic (making mental note to check the interwebs later). Back to Grimalkin. These characters would be dead - many times over - without his help. He repeatedly pops in at the eleventh hour to save them, picking up the slack in their poorly conceived plans. Grim’s disdain-riddled comment that Ash, Meghan and Puck are “the hope of the NeverNever” is all too valid. With these illogical, inept children next in line to take up the mantle, Faery seems doomed regardless.Grim’s timely interventions raise another problem: convenient plot points abound. Kagawa also frequently halts the action so she can insert some new twist, leading to scenes that feel forced and unnatural in context (a day trip to a spa comes to mind - frankly, every scene with the new character, Lea, seems out of place). (view spoiler)[I can’t get over the fact that Meghan’s Winter Formal just happens to take place while they’re in the real world, allowing Ms. Social Outcast to attend with not one but two attractive boys. Ah, a Cinderella moment. Not cliché at all. (hide spoiler)]I remain impressed with Kagawa’s flair for economical yet highly-detailed descriptions of settings, but why must she resort to stale repetition for characters’ appearances and emotions? Disappointing.Were this series a trilogy, I would willingly pick up the next book for the resolution of the iron fey plot. After all, the developments on that front were enough to keep me reading this installment. However, I notice that there is a fourth book on the horizon, and who knows how many more to follow. At this juncture, I’m not convinced the series is deserving of the time investment. Meghan sets my teeth on edge, and I can’t imagine her improving. This is going on the Maybe Later pile. Way, way later.

  • Sophie Riggsby / allthingsequilateral
    2019-06-09 00:08

    See I have a thing about sequels -- they either hit the mark or they don't. There's no in-between point, at least not for me.And I loved The Iron King's mythology, charcters and plot, so I did have to wonder could Julie Kagawa do that all over again? Well,YA Fantasy Fans, she did even more!What I loved about The Iron King was the mythology -- the nod to traditional faerie lore and then the completely justified and believable addition of an Iron Court. This tilted the familiar power struggle between the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts and created complete chaos. It was exhilirating to read through it. But now what?Well, Julie answered that question. She answered it in spades. When we last left Meaghan and Ash they were on their way to Ash's home, The Winter Court. Not exactly the turf that a Summer Court Princess (albeit half-human, half-fey) would feel comfortable in but Meaghan had made a promise to Ash and to the fey, promises are everything.I'm going to keep this review spoiler-free, so let me just say that the book may start off with the fulfillment of a promise but where it leads you is so unbelievably unexpected that you will be gasping out loud. I've read a few books like this, so chock full of action that you find it exhilirating to turn the pages only to discover that there's even more. Isn't that the best part? I'm going to take a moment and compare Julie's action writing sequences to those of my favorite YA fantasy author, Cassandra Clare. Yes, they are THAT good. That unbelievably good.But that's not the best part. The very best part were the characters' arcs -- Meaghan's, Ash's and Puck's. Their back-stories, journeys and amazing transformations were so credible that I found my heart aching for them.And please, don't even ask if there's romance. There is unbelievable, forbidden, beautiful romance. Again, my hat's off to Julie, who wrote the scene on page 99 so well, that I had to text a few of my close bookwormish pals just to vent. What did the text say, you ask? It said, "He's breaking my heart, but in a good way."A full five-stars to Julie Kagawa's The Iron Daughter. If you love action, romance and watching how characters mature through heart-wrenching trials, you will love this story as much as I do.

  • Laz
    2019-06-06 02:03

    Fey, Fae, whatever you choose to call them, they are amazing, and while I haven't read so many books with fae, I am always astounded by the amazing stories they make up for.This one was a suprise. The first one, it was really good but I never thought I'd give the next one 5 stars, but it really was amazing so I couldn't help but giving the highest rating there is. So, the book picks up from where it left off in the first book. Ash delivers Meghan to the Unseelie Court. What happens next is for you to find out. I'll just say that there are betrayals, and a known-to-you-someone is rising to take Machina's place, which is just bad bad news. Like the first one, this was full of adventure. It's really fast-paced and while for some the fast-pace thingy doesn't work, I love it when it's well-executed. Meghan has lost her powers so she's kind of at the mercy of the other's help. Not that I'm complaining about her companions. Puck blew me away, this guy, always grinning, always being the positive one, he's just amazing. And my heart is breaking for him... You know why.Ash, the icy prince, well, he's not going to be icy for long. The romance is heating up, the adventure got better, the plot thickens, the characters are wonderful. These are the reasons why I gave this 5 stars and I really hope to give the next one 5 stars as well.

  • Joyzi
    2019-06-25 00:27

    Note: OMG the ending, God the ending kills man, you've got to read this blah blah blah. Love it I need the next book right now!Book Review for Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa (Ray William Johnson Style)Note: Ray William Johnson is one of my fave vloggers on Youtube. His videos are called Equals Three or =3 and he's *bleep sound* funny, need I say more?What's Happening Forum?Guys now I'm going to review this book and yeah let's use pros and cons to make it a teensy bit organize...shall we?Cool TransitionPros:1. Okay the Unseelie Court was super bad-ass.2. Queen Mab was super bad-ass, seriously.3. The two other Unseelie Prince were super duper hawt. Though Sage died like pretty fast and I was like OMG Sage's dead, what the *bleep sound* !4. The Queen of the Exiles Lea was super bad-ass (the *bleep sound* with this word? Is this the word of the day or something?).5. THE IRON HORSE AND GRIMALKIN WAS *BLEEP SOUND* FUNNY.6. Puck was *bleep sound* funny and super bad-ass.(why the *bleep sound* is this review so retarded?)7. It got me surprised that tuuuuut is Meghan's tuuuuuut and it was like Holy *bleep sound* Christ Geezus! ***Using My Ray William Johnson Voice*** (That really got me blindsided there in a major way and I love that when I think about it, Kagawa gave subtle foreshadowing on it but still when that came out, I was really surpised about it...sorry I'm a blabber)8. The Meghann, Ash and Puck teen love drama was *bleep sound* hilarious. (Is this a *bleep sound* comedy or something)Now on with the bad stuffCool TransitionCons1. Another *bleep sound* Twilight rip-off crap wanna be...Is it just me or there we go again with the *bleep sound* similarities...Meghan= BellaAsh= EdwardPuck= JacobCome on! This becoming so *bleep sound* annoying and old already! (Using My Bella Swan Whiny Voice)2. Meghan is *bleep sound* ANNOYING BITCH...I *bleep sound* hate her...Why the hell these guys falling head over heels on this girl...she's just soooooooo can I say *BLEEP SOUND* IRRITATING AND SELFISH.3. Meghan and Ash's relationship felt contrived. It is abrupt and like there's no reason at all why the *bleep sound* they love each other. It's like it's just there for the sake of a bad-ass Romeo and Juliet like Romance. But it is unrealistic and unbelievable.4. Meghan don't *bleep sound* deserve Puck! Seriously he's your best friend and you're just using him and manipulating his feelings. You don't deserve him AT ALL!Cool TransitionSo much for the drama...But you know what's cooler than this review? The comment question of the day and it goes like this...Who is the worst YA Heroine ever and why?Just post your comments on the comment section BBRREELLLOOWWW*insert song: stalking your mom, stalk-stalk-stalking your mom, stalking your mom*Note: I'll post after a week on my review, the top 5 funniest comments I'll found, so post people or die!Cool TransitionDear Puck,If I'm going to see you in person baby, I'm going to welcome you with open legs (Geezus! What the *bleep sound* did I write) I mean arms uuughhhh whatever. Love ya,Joyzi_Fin_

  • Choko
    2019-06-12 01:27

    *** 2.75 ***A Buddy Read with the awesome MacHalos!!! This could have been so much better than it is... I don't know, maybe it is a case of "it is not you, it is me" situation, but I didn't really enjoy it at all... I appreciate the thought and work that has gone into creating the book and the series as a whole and the previous book was not bad at all, but this one somehow took the air out of my enthusiasm for it. It could also have to do with the type of relationship that is portrayed in this very serious and angsty manner. If Meghan was my daughter or a friend, I would have shaken the heck out of her when she decided to sacrifice not only her own life, but that of many others, when she decided that the boy she has kissed once and known for couple of days is the love of her life and she would do literally anything to save him. I mean anything - she would start a war, give herself to the Devil, choose anything that would be destructive and stupid, she was ready to do for this teenage hormonal crush!!! Maybe that is romantic for some and I might have perceived it as romantic when I was a preteen, but from my life experience right now, this seems ridiculous and irresponsible! "..."“I know you'd risk everything to protect us, and that's what worries me. You still don't know enough about this world to be properly terrified. Things are going to get screwed eight ways from Sunday, and you're making goo-goo eyes at the enemy! I heard what happened in Machina's realm and yes, it scared the hell out of me. I love you, dammit. I'm not going to watch you get torn apart when everything goes bad.”..."The writing itself was very nice, the story setting had a magical and whimsical feel to it, but the romance was just plain dumb! On top of that, a good friendship was ruined when the friend came out and said he is in love with her, thus making it a love triangle for no particular reason. There was enough drama and angst in the romance front already, no need to add a third love interest in there... "..."“I can't forget. I miss him. I know he's the enemy, and we broke all kinds of rules, but I don't care. I miss him so much, Puck."..."The characters did not win me over either. Meghan is the princes of reckless decisions and angst, Prince Ash is a brooding emotional pit, Queen Mab was a balloon filled with bravado, King Oberon was just there, no personality whatsoever, Puck was OK, but clearly unbelievable for his supposed "love" for a stupid little girl, and the exiled Queen was just too one-sided... Thank goodness for Grimalkin and Ironhorse, who were able to bring some soul and dimension to the group. I would not mind adding them to my menagerie of favorite Magical Animals from Fantasy Books:):):)Overall, I think the people who will enjoy this book fully are the ones wit a bit less .... life experience than me, let's say preteens and teens. It would be perfect for them, but I believe it looses its powers of magic on the rest of us:):):) No, we are not old, just have had some of those angst-inducing love affairs a few to many times to want to willingly root for another one of those in an imaginary scenario:):):) I wish the youngsters to enjoy and read with abandon!!! Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a good Book!!!

  • Blythe
    2019-06-02 00:59

    I feel very conflicted at the moment, because I don’t know what rating to give this. The story itself was pretty good, and the ending was sweet, but it’s just Meghan… I don’t think I can not take stars away from this book because of Meghan… I did some thinking about it, and figured without Meghan, this book probably would have gotten three and a half stars from me. With Meghan, I’ve come to the conclusion that it gets two and a half stars. I don’t know if that’s too much, and I’m being too generous, or if I'm taking too much from the rating, but that was the final rating I decided. Now, let’s get this review started. What should I start off with, the good, or the bad? I have a lot to write about the bad of this book, so maybe we should start with the good and get it over with. What I liked in The Iron Daughter: 1: First, I’ll say that I’m team Puck. I don’t think that will change, no matter what. Despite this, I did like Ash a lot more in this book. I really didn’t like him too much in the first book, and I thought he was a total ass. I think it was really smart of Kagawa to expand on the backstory of Ash and Ariella’s love, and how she showed that Ash still kept Ariella’s belongings, and that he really, truly loved her. 2: The kiss! Not between Ash and Meghan, I’m against that relationship, but between Meghan and Puck! While I think Meghan only did it because she was lonely and Ash wasn’t there, I was still really happy for Puck. He deserves some happiness, after being there for Meghan for so long, and then one boy comes along and tries to kill Meghan and she loves him instead. How could you not feel bad for Puck in that situation? 3.: Grimalkin! I love you Grimalkin, you’re awesome, witty and funny. I better see more of you in the other books or I will not be a happy camper. Well... It looks like that’s it for the things I liked in The Iron Daughter. (Yikes!) Now, moving onto the things I didn’t like (and the things I hated). It might get ugly. Fangirls/boys may want to turn away. Especially if you like Meghan. What I didn’t like or hated in The Iron Daughter1: Bella Swan Meghan ChaseOh, wait… I may have to break that down for Meghan. I’m. calling. you. stu-pid. Do I have to speak slower, or did you get that, Meghan?Oh, but you're not just stupid. You're also selfish. And whiny. And obsessive. And naïve. And so freaking pathetic. Do I need to go on? Because I can. My question to you, dear, dear Meghan is, why go for the boy who wants to kill you, and was insulting you throughout the whole 25% of the book. And let me tell you, Ash's "I'm treating you like crap because I have to because I don't want to look bad in front all my all mighty mother" is not a good excuse. It's a horrible excuse. And when he does this you don't just cry over the fact that he might not love you like you love him, and that he used you. You slap him silly! (And, odds are, no men are going to love you as much as you loved Ash in such a short amount of time. Take this advice, Meghan. You're only going to scare more men off). Sure, you went all “I hate Ash”, and “Ash is a heartless, arrogant bastard. I hate him.”, but none of that counts if, in the next page, you’re declaring your undying love for him. Also, when someone says the word "Prince" to you, don't respond with, "What prince? My prince?". He's not your prince. You don't own him, even though it seems you think the contrary. With all her whining and obsession over a boy wanting to kill her, I felt that Meghan became the Bella Swan of the Fey. Then she thought this, and I was certain she was the Bella Swan of the Fey:Sometimes I dreamed that Ash was in my room, standing in a corner or beside my bed, just watching me with his bright silver eyes.....Wait, what? Then she starts doubting herself, blaming herself because she thinks Ash hates her, and I just wanted to shake the living crap out of her. Does it matter if he hates you? You should really be focusing on the biggest task at hand. Ash despised me. Everything he'd said and done was to bring me to his queen. He was a cheat. He'd used me, to further his own ends. And the saddest part was, I still loved him.You're right, Meghan. That is pretty sad. At least you can admit it. But then, Meghan, you got all jealous. You couldn't take the fact that Ash still loves his dead girlfriend, and the fact that he mourns over her and thinks of her constantly. I think this might have been the point where my hatred for Meghan truly formed. It sickens me to think that Meghan was deliberately trying to get in between Ash and Ariella's relationship, and that she was jealous of his mourning over her. I didn't know someone could be so shallow until I read that. My hatred of Meghan pretty much expanded from there, especially when she went with Ash and left Puck. I can't even describe how bad I felt for Puck. (like I mentioned earlier in the review, he's always been there for her, and the fact that she's siding with a boy who's tried to kill her on multiple occasions must've hurt). The many stupid decisions of Meghan Chase eventually led to a school dance, where she met up with Scott. You know Scott. The boy who took a picture with Meghan and photoshopped it into a naked picture and sent it to the whole school in book one? I was so happy when Meghan saw Scott there. I thought there would be some slapping, some cursing, some defending herself... What the hell was I thinking?I mean, seriously. We're talking about Meghan Chase. The Bella Swan of the Fey. I don't even know why I got my hopes up in thinking she'd stand up for herself and pour punch on Scott, or something like that. To be honest, I would've been happier if she just passed him by and sent him an evil glare, but seriously? You're going to have a dance with the freaking kid? And he doesn't even remember who you are? You can seriously let what he did to you go and dance with him? I was just... I couldn't even believe what I was reading. I knew Meghan was stupid, of course, but I didn't know she was that stupid. Still longing to dance with Mr. Popular, I see. Nothing's changed. And then she sees Ash flirting with some girls and starts crying, at which point I was laughing at how pathetic she was. You're not even his girlfriend, stop crying. It doesn't make me feel empathy towards you, it only makes me laugh at you.I won't be starting The Iron Queen right away; I think I need a break from Meghan's stupidity for a little bit. I'll be back, though, and I will continue and eventually finish this series. If Meghan's as stupid in the other books as she was in this one, it won't be easy. But, I guess this is our goodbyes, Meghan. I'll... miss you...

  • Kristalia
    2019-06-15 20:28

    Final rating: 3.5/5 starsI am so impressed because this was just soooooooo much more interesting and better than the first one. This was just coooooool ♥ (while we are at it, i dont even know how to write this review properly).So...before you read this one, i suggest you read the Winter's Passage which is kind of necessary because it shows how Ash feels for Meghan and his warnings to her about Winter's court (which she, of course, ignores) and the trip to the Winter's court, with a danger around. Anyway, i adored the story for this one - it was exciting even though in the beginning it was frustrating a little because of Meghan, but afterwards it just got better and better. Many things happened, and new characters appeared (like Leanan-whatever-her-name-is)and some old characters were back (like IRONHORSE).And some parts of the book surprised me because i didn't expect it, and it was quite interesting. AND i loved the end of the book ♥And, after this book i am 100% Team Ash, because he is just..... fabulous??? And Puck is back in this book and kicking assess and being sarcastic and all - and i know he loves Meghan too, but Meg really loves Ash so it makes it awkward... sigh... ► CHARACTERS: ♦ Meghan & Ash:Meghan is faced with harsh reality when she comes to the Winter court. Everyone ridicule her, make her life miserable, and she faced the worst betrayal of them all - Ash had reverted to his cold state and abandoned her. Or so she thinks. She is just too devastated to think properly and it makes her miss the obvious: that he was doing everything in his power to protect her. And it took a while for her to actually understand that *sigh*... But in the second half of the book she gets a little bit stronger and less weepy character because she finally got a grip of things around her. There is a threat in the realm and its hard to prove it when you dont have any evidence..."What do you want of me, Meghan?" he asked, a low thread of anguish flickering below the surface.Tears blurred my vision, all the fear and heartache of the past few days rising to the surface. "Just you," I whispered. "I just want you."Meghan...oh Meghan. She should have gotten an award for these:-being incredibly stupid at times;-incredibly naive;-incredibly frustrating;-incredibly emotional.But, i like her nonetheless, and even though she is incredibly innocent kind of girl, i dont hate her or anything. But i really hope she grows up in the next books. "They only see this outer shell, not who I really am, beneath. You have. You've seen me without the glamour and illusions, even the ones I show my family, the farce I maintain just to survive. You've seen who I really am, and yet, you're still here." Meanwhile, Ash is torn between his loyalty and his feelings. He knows that everything in his life will fall apart if he stays with Meghan; his life would never be the same and it makes it even harder for him to decide...But he loves Meghan truly and he is afraid of hurting her... And even though i wanted to slap him and kick his ass for being completely unreasonable, i still love him ♥(SPOILERS!!!!)(view spoiler)[When Ash said he loved Meghan in front of everyone, i was trully surprised. Especially since it earned him (view spoiler)[ banishment for him and Meghan(hide spoiler)] and i thought he was going to go back to his mother because it meant everything to him. It seems he is not mama's boy anymore :D(hide spoiler)]. O_o.....♦ Puck: “You're kind of blind, you know?" Puck whispered, smiling to soften his words. "I wouldn't defy Oberon for just anyone. But, for you..." He leaned forward, touching his forehead to mine. "I'd come back from the dead for you.” So, our glorious sarcastic warrior of Summer has returned! In this book, we find out his true feelings for Meghan, and even though i know he doesn't stand a chance, i am sad, because he deserves a little happiness too. I also loved his relationship with Ash, how they are somewhere in between between friends and enemies ♥♦ Everyone else:☻ Grimalkinfor one, is back and he still rocks. I have no idea what they would do if it werent for him - because he always saves the day in the end. ☻ Mab turned out to be as cold as i expected and in short: i dont like her at all.☻ IRONHORSE IS AMAZING WITH ALL HIS SHOUTING AND NOT KNOWING HOW TO SPEAK WITHOUT SHOUTING HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I liked him a lot :)☻ Leanansidhe is interesting and cool, but also scary as hell O_O☻ Charles(MAJOR SPOILER) : (view spoiler)[ I started suspecting that i knew who he was.....He recognized Meghan but forgot everyone else...and then, the truth was out and it was just like i thought: (view spoiler)[ He is Meghan's father who raised her before he disappeared....because Leanansidhe took him and made him crazy...Poor guy :*( (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)] ► OVERALL: Fabulous continuation to the story - if you can survive Meghan's idiocy at the beginning of the book. I loved it nonetheless and i cant wait to start third book with high hopes for it.► REVIEW(S) RELATED TO THIS BOOK: ◉ The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)◉ Winter's Passage (The Iron Fey #1.5)◉ The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2)◉ The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey, #3)◉ Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, #3.5)◉ The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)◉ Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5)◉The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1) ◉The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2) ◉The Iron Warrior (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #3) This review can be found on my blog: also known as... ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Yin Chien 인첸
    2019-06-12 20:17

    I had high expectations for this book even before I started reading it due to its brilliant debut. I wasn't the least bit disappointed with The Iron Daughter. It was as good as The Iron King, if not better. They story has a powerful and thrilling plot which brings readers on a journey to retrieve the Scepter of Seasons which was stolen by a new kind of Faery called The Iron Fey.The beginning of the story started with Meghan staying in Tir Na Nog, the Winter Court, where Queen Mab is the monarch. She feels bad because of the incessant chill, but she feels even worse by Prince Ash's sudden change of behaviour --- he becomes distant, cold and cruel. His eyes glittered as he shot me a glare of pure loathing. "It's Master Ash, or Your Highness to you, half-breed. And I don't recall giving you permission to speak to me. Remember that, because the next time you forget your place, I'll remind you with my blade." --- Ash, page 28Meghan can't go home, and her father, King Oberon has no way to free her because she is there on a contract of her own free will. When some Iron Fey lead by Tertius steals the Scepter of Seasons and murders the crown prince of the Winter Court, Sage, Queen Mab is furious and she accuses Oberon of doing the act of crime. A war is about to start... and Meghan is going to do anything to stop it from happening.I love Julie's hauntingly beautiful description of the scenery of Faeryland. She manages to create a place where beauty and danger coexists. Julie's exquisite literary prose is one of the reasons which makes this book stand out from the sea of other novels in the fantasy genre. Her words made me delve into the Fey world with ease, following Meghan and her friends on their exciting and dangerous adventure.In this novel, Meghan turns to Puck for company due to Ash's absence and cold demeanor. She finds that she actually has some feelings for Puck as well, but not as intense as the love she had for Ash. On the contrary, Puck is the one who pours out all his love and attention on his Princess, always there to support Meghan whenever she needs him, ever so protective of her. "You're kind of blind, you know?" Puck whispered, smiling to soften his words. "I wouldn't defy Oberon for just anyone. But, for you..." He leaned forward, touching his forehead to mine. "I'd come back from the dead for you."--- Puck, pg 123The story is divided into 3 parts. The one who stole the scepter was revealed in the end of Part 2, but there is no further information about the new (and fake) Iron King. How will the love triangle between Puck, Meghan and Ash end? When the time comes, who will Meghan choose? Is it the mischievous, caring and reliable Puck, or the cold, quiet and passionate Ash?In the nutshell, The Iron Daughter is awesome! I can proudly announce that I'm now a great fan of Julie Kagawa. You should never miss The Iron Fey Series! I really can't wait to read the third book! *Beams with delight!*Visit my blog for more book reviews:

  • Anushka
    2019-06-20 02:00

    I don’t think I even qualify to review this book as I gave it up after 100 something pages due to its sheer stupidity. I liked its prequel The Iron King just fine, it was better than other YA Fae books in comparison, at least.In this book it was as if Meghan’s character had taken a complete U-turn. She wasn’t your kick-butt heroine in the first book either but she was even worse in this. Firstly, I had mentioned the same in my review of 1st book as well - that Meghan and Ash didn't exactly lack chemistry; let’s just say that they didn't have any chemistry! I have no clue what they found attractive about each other, their love just...happened, because it was supposed to happen.Ash is described as a handsome silver-eyed Winter prince who has this whole bad-boy thing going which is freakin’ hot, I know that. But it doesn't mean that you fall in love with the guy even though he hasn't even looked at you properly once.If you found their love story absurd in 1st book, you’ll find it insanely bizarre in this one. Okay, so Ash and Meghan confessed their dopey love for each other but then Ash told her not to trust his actions in the Winter Land because he needed to pull on a façade of being a perfect prince so he could protect her. Why can’t that snotty little Meghan understand that? He told her several times not to talk to him or express any kind of relation for these many reasons but that twit didn't get a thing in her thick-head! She goes all “I love you, Ash, but you lied to me, Ash. But I’ll still love you, Ash, and you’ll keep lying to me, Ash”! First, Ash’s cocky attitude was getting on my nerves. His vow to be a dick in the name of "protecting" her was totally half-baked and obviously backfired because Meghan the numbnut couldn't keep her mouth shut. She just assumed that Ash never really loved her, he used her to bring her to Unseelie court and blah blah....Sooo doesn't that mean she should actually hate him for doing this to her instead of pining even more for him? That is just ridiculous! I was driven up the wall because of the way these characters were behaving, one time hot, other time cold. But one thing I truly appreciate is Julie Kagawa’s setting; she is very true to the Fey folklore and characters. With the inclusion of Iron Fey it becomes even more interesting so I’m gonna catch up with this book’s plot somehow and try to read next one properly (maybe). I hope its better or else I am saying goodbye to this series even though I really wanna know how this Iron and Fey business ends.

  • Mizuki
    2019-05-27 01:08

    To me, The Iron Daughter is a book ruined by the horror known to readers as silly unrealistic YA romance love triangle.Can you see the horror? I think we need an exorcist here...please...somebody, HELP!I actually like the setting about feys, I also like the description about the otherworldly landscapes and the different fey kingdoms, I enjoy the concept about the Iron Feys and the little twists and turns the author had offered.But what I can't stand is Meghan, the main character, acting like a whinny, impulsive, lovesick teenager, not to mention she's a total fool to believe in every single thing other people tell her. She's an opened book even after she had been warned not to show her weakness in front of the feys. Last but not least, the love triangle between her, Ash and Puck is sickeningly unrealistic.Evil love triangles, stay away from me!!!!The romance between Ash and Meghan is so bad that I don't know whether I should LOL or start crying. But eventually I decided crying is more suitable. Ash and Meghan fall in love? Just...when did it happen!?As to Puck, I know from the very beginning he doesn't stand a chance no matter how nice and funny he is, for this dude has 'friend zone' written all over his face.Puck is doomed at the very beginning, because there's a LAW for every YA girl to fall in love with the brooding, mysterious bad boy. I'd told you before!Plus, I really don't think neither Ash nor Puck act and talk like they're powerful immortals who are hundreds if not thousands years old.There're still some plot holes in the story, for example (view spoiler)[Meghan's power is supposed to be sealed off by Queen Mab, supposedly the seal cannot be broken without the help of Queen Mab or Meghan's own father King Oberon; but at the end of the story she can use her power all of a sudden without any explanation. *sighs* (hide spoiler)]And the book turns out to be a bit too predictable, (view spoiler)[I dare say Meghan will turn out to be Iron Queen later. (hide spoiler)] It's too big of a dead giveaway.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Cody
    2019-06-25 01:03

    I love this series too much!!!! I promise my review's are coming but after this cliffhanger I can't NOT read The Iron Queen!

  • Sabrina
    2019-06-08 22:08

    You're kidding me - right?That is not how you write a sequel!I am beyond disappointed by this novel. It was simply a chore to read. And there is purely 1 reason for my general dislike of the novel:MeganA.k.a. The Bella Swan of the Iron Fey series. I couldn't stand to read about her. She was just so irritating. I get it - you're in love with Ash - but I mean, c'mon. Have some self-respect, girl. Look. I love romance. I'm the romance kinda gal. If there isn't romance in a book, I'll make romance. But I could not take any of the Ash/Megan romance seriously. Her only thoughts about anything were "Boy, he's hot. Dangerous. I shouldn't love him. Ash, I love you!"And when he tries to make it clear that he doesn't return her affections, instead of hiking up her skirt and walk out, she sobs. And sobs. And sobs.Although I am Team Puck, I wouldn't have minded Ash if it had been developed. Instead, I felt the author rushed their romance to the point where it was disbelieving and felt forced. Megan's only known Ash for how long, 6 months? A year, tops? And yet, she's "in love" with him?Worse, she becomes whiny and insecure and just weak. I hate weak female characters, they just ugh!More than half of this book is just her whining about how Ash doesn't love her. That she's second best. Blah. Blah. BLAHBut when she wasn't whining, Ash was. His jealous little mood swings were seriously unnecessary and I just don't see any chemistry between him and Megan. She looks like your ex. That doesn't mean you love her.Which brings me to my second largest complaint: The love triangle.Excuse me while I barf.Did the author seriously have to jump aboard the bandwagon and include a love triangle in her series? Of course she did, why not divide the fans eh?Clearly, I'm not a fan of the icy stone-hearted bad-boy-cliche-stock-character-Edward-Cullen prince Ash. I'm a fan of Puck. Why? Easy. He knew Megan longer. He knows how to make her smile. He doesn't toy with her emotions or treat her like crap. But does Megan care about any of that? Nope. One look of hottie bad boy and it's bye bye Puck.Which totally sucks. Because Puck's my favorite character. And reading about him hurting makes me hurt. I mean - seriously - why can't the best friend get the girl for once?Puck, unlike Ash, is a unique character. He would, at least in my opinion, make a much better boyfriend than Ash could ever be.But screw Megan. I don't even want her to be with Puck anymore. He deserves better than her whiny little self. The ending though. That stupid ending. I just - I can't. I am so regretful that I paid money for this book, because right now it's shoved in the back of my closet. I don't even know if I want to read the next book after that. My poor baby. (view spoiler)[ I can't freaking believe that after all that, Megan still joins Ash. She left Puck. He freaking begged her to stay with him and what does she do? Leaves. And then the author decides to end the book all happy with Ash and Megan being all couple-y and completely ignoring the fact that poor Puck is heartbroken and alone and adfjkdjfkdjsfkjda (hide spoiler)]The only reasons I gave this book 2 stars rather than 1 was because of:a) Iron horseb) PuckIron horse was one of my favorites in the book. As soon as you get past the CAPSLOCK THAT MAKE IT SEEM LIKE IT'S SCREAMING IN YOUR HEAD he's actually a very likable character. When Puck (finally) made his appearance, I couldn't stop the grin that appeared on my face. And that kiss ... I enjoyed reading about that kiss. It was very, hot. I also enjoyed the continued Iron Fey plot line and concept. The idea is genius, no doubt. Now, if the idea can be the focus and the romance the subplot, then this book would be a winner. Overall, I was extremely disappointed with this novel. After enjoying the first book so much, I expected so much of the sequel and was unfortunately let down. I probably will read the next book but I'm not expecting much at all.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Kristi
    2019-06-10 23:00

    I think I might have to move The Iron Daughter to the number one position over The Iron King. This series is one of those that just keeps getting better. I have big hopes for book number three! The Iron Daughter leaves off right where the The Iron King stops. That being said... You might not want to read the rest of this review if you haven’t read book number one, because it might be a tad bit SPOILERY! You’ve been warned. I loved Meghan in the first novel.... but at the beginning of The Iron Daughter I seriously wanted to slap some sense into the girl. Where the heck was that girl at the end of the first book, the one that did what she had to do! The one that had grown more confident and wise! Because she was not there at first. I mean, come on Meghan, I know you are in love with Ash.... but all that stuff that he was telling you about guarding yourself because those fey in his court are viscous creatures and they will just use it against you. He wasn’t just telling you that to hear himself talk... I think old Meghan would have picked up on that. But no instead I got this weenie whiney Meghan. Thank goodness someone hit her over the head and I got old Meghan back! One of my favorite characters in this novel, was one that I didn’t like very much the first time around. And I’m not really going to say much more about that..... don’t want to ruin the surprise! I was totally NOT expecting that. Of course Grim was back and he was as charming as ever. I loved watching Meghan and Ash’s relationship develop in this one.... despite the fact that they simply can not be together, I mean summer and winter just do not mix. It’s fun to see how they try to work above that. Will they end up together against all odds!?!?! Like I’m going to tell you. I should have known that the leading novel would not be the last we saw of the Iron Fey... I totally didn’t predict any of what actually happened. It was much better than what I was anticipating. Although.... my idea of a Meghan and Ash running away together and living happily ever after was just as good! But back to the actual book. The plot was action packed... people er fey dropping like flies... dragons, battles, betrayals... you are in for a ride my fellow reader. I picked it up and just could not put it down. I cannot wait for book three! This series is so good.

  • Colleen Houck
    2019-05-26 19:16

    This book had even higher stakes than the first. Loved being in Queen Mab's court and the imagery of the ice and the environment there. Fell even more for Ash. And Ironhorse? Loved him in human form. The whole world of the NeverNever is scary and yet I love it all the more for that.

  • Kwesi 章英狮
    2019-06-22 01:11

    Promises are not meant to be broken. They are like a glass, they are fragile that one you commit a mistake it will break into little tiny pieces and you must pay for the consequences you have made. After rescuing Ethan from the land of Nevernever, Meghan must pay for the promise she made from the winter prince. She doesn't have a choice but to leave the mortal world and be with Ash in a very cold and dark place, Tir Na Nog.But when your mortal enemy back and steal a very valuable item that increases the power of the season kingdom, everything is in chaos even in the mortal world. The balance had been broke and Meghan has to chase the thief and put it back to the true owner or everyone will die in a very strange way. Can Meghan save the world before everyone dies or she'll die in the hands of the enemies?I don't usually read books in public transit or if I'm travelling but I have to finish this book as soon as possible and I came up with the idea that I'll read the book while travelling for hours. Accidentally, the public train spurt water and I was shock when I saw the book I borrowed from my friend got wet. I don't know what to do and it affects my reading experience completely. I felt so sorry to the owner that I want to change the book with a new one.How come I came up with three stars since I love the first and the novella before The Iron Daughter? I was so shock when I read some parts that are too annoying in my part as a guy. I can't imagine she have to include scenes like make-over, shopping and so on. She's spying but the story's predicament is satisfying the female scene than emphasizing the spying. I don't like to mention where, but seriously it was a no-no for me. After that, I don't know if I have to continue the other books or I'll wait until next year.I also manage to escape my fantasies and I can't connect after reading it again. It was like I'm asking myself if where this story goes. Exactly that she is mixing fairy tales from the book and the fact that her characters' names are very different from the appearance itself. One example is the creature smuggler which was named as Sweet-something and he looks scary and an ogre with that name. Holler! But the name is cute and sweet but not exactly suited to the characters.It means that the book is really for girls, but I object to the fact that this book is written for girls it must be for both sexes. It was just the second book is more girly than the first one, no, I mean, I can't exactly explain it because I have this feelings that the book will be getting better soon like putting more action, gory, or twists that will struggle readers in the end. I keep on reading but it seems that I can't connect to the book. It was like calling someone and the receiver keep on hanging the phone. You want to punch her but you can't and you keep on dialing it until you get annoyed.I also don't like the love or the romance between Ash and Meghan. She was so immature; she keeps on begging for Ash and keeps on crying like a baby. I though she will become more mature in the book after rescuing Ethan in the Nevernever but no, she becomes more childish than before. I also read some reviews and fans keep on smuggling information about the love triangle, and I can't feel it in the story. If people will ask me, what is your least favorite from the series, I won't hesitate to answer The Iron Daughter. I just can't accept that Kagawa broke my heart after all I've done.Review posted on the day that the mighty one will create something surprising.Rating: The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey #2) by Julie Kagawa, 3 SweetsChallenges:Book #252 for 2011

  • Jessica
    2019-06-24 03:01

    MINOR SPOILER ALERTOk, um...let’s see..First off: I really, really liked this one. I absolutely love the world Kagawa has created and all the characters in it (IRONHORSE, YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK!). I love Ash, he makes my stomach do flip flops and my pulse race and I devoured this book just like its predecessor. There’s a but, though. Unfortunately, there were a few things that bothered me.1. Meghan told Ash too soon that she loved him. I cringed and smacked my forehead when I read that part. They didn’t really know each other at that point and in my opinion it was just way too early to bring out the big guns.2. Meghan was a tad bit too naive for my taste. She started getting on my nerves when she acted all devastated because Ash ignored her as soon as they had reached the Winter Court. She even called him out on it. In front of Mab. I mean, hello-ho? Did she miss the speech Tiaothin gave her about Ash being her mortal enemy and the horrible consequences they’d have to face if anybody found out about their feelings for each other? I wanted to yell at her when she tried to act all cozy with Ash in front of Mab. She endangered him and herself by acting so stupid.3. Ok, now I'm doing this "I’m-wiping-all-emotions-off-my-face* hand gesture and am trying to keep a straight face. So...Meghan, Puck and Ash are stuck in the mortal world at some point and Ash needs to recharge his batteries because he had been hurt pretty badly and is all weak. And how do fearies do that? Right, they need a lot of glamour, meaning they need to take Ash someplace where human emotions are running high. Now they are wondering. . . should they take him to a club maybe? Hmm. . . no. Not a good idea. . . But hey, there’s the Winter Formal at Meghan's old school that night, how very convenient, so why not take him there? No sooner said than done, the Winter Formal it is. The situation is all dramatic, the Nevernever is threatened to be destroyed once and for all and they go to the prom? Seriously??? God, I burst out laughing when I read that part. But that wasn’t all. As it turned out, it got even better.Alright, so the decision is made, they’re going to the prom and Meghan’s waiting all dressed up for her ice prince to take her out. Then he finally steps into the room and what is he wearing? A white tuxedo. WHITE!!! With a blue tie! A BLUE TIE!!! After that, I couldn’t help but imagine Ash looking something like this or this. It kinda ruined the moment for me...Really, Mrs. Kagawa can't just go and stuff my insanely hot Ash in a white tux.Ok, that’s it with the nagging :D Apart from this, I really enjoyed Iron Daughter and the awesome ending totally made up for everything. I’m dying to read Iron Queen.I ♥ Ash.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-06-17 23:17

    If I could give more stars, I totally would:)Wow! I'm blown away and in complete awe of this book!I don't want to say to much about the story itself since everyone just needs to pick this up A.S.A.P, but I will say that it's Incredible!Julie Kagawa has out did herself. To every reviewer who said The Iron Daughter was better then the first, wasn't kidding! I am in love with this series, this book, these characters.With hauntingly rich and vivid writing Julie has once again captured the attention of her readers, giving us a pure and gripping plot that you can't help but devour the minute you touch it. This world is so engaging, entertaining and enchanting that it's hard to get your mind wrapped around it, not that it's difficult, just simply mind-boggling. It is so much fun to read!All your favorite characters are back in all there glory and then some!I am so proud of Meghan, and I love being proud of the characters I read about, so that's a big plus. She's strong and feisty and stubborn and I love that she fights back with everything that she has.I was very torn between Puck and Ash, two of my favorite characters who equally won over my heart. Puck has always been such a dear. Kind, funny and play's the part of "the right one" for Meghan. The sensible choice, the better choice. But with all love triangle, it seems that better may not always be best. Never the less, I love them both, but if it were me, I'd have to go with Ash!Ash, ah Ash, if you loved him before? You'll love him even more! He really went through an emotional hell in this book and I found myself flipping through the pages at a feverish pace to find out what would happen next. He's definitely on my list of favorite book swoon-crushes. Totally and completely love him. I wanna keep him. Mine.Oh, and I so want a cat like Grimalkin!I could go on forever gushing about this amazing book, so I'm just going to say that The Iron Daughter is a fast paced thrill ride with a plot concept that is truly unbelievably brilliant. The romance is a beautiful wonder that makes me smile, and Julie Kagawa is a genius for creating an amazing take on this particular paranormal, it makes me love it when I don't favor it all that much to begin with, so that is really saying something.This is definitely on the top of my list of all time favorites! Loved every second of this epic adventure and I am crazily waiting to see how this beloved series will wrap up in The Iron Queen!!If you haven't read the first one *cough Arlene&Morgan cough* then you need to pick it up! You wont be disappointed!A.Must.Read.!

  • ♥ Becky22
    2019-06-04 03:14

    Let’s be serious: The cat is the true hero in this series.I have a feeling that nobody would get anything done without Grimalkin, or whatever its name was. Most of this book went something like this: "Hey, let's get ourselves in hopeless situations and wait for the cat to show up and save us."I'm kidding, of course. This book was really fun. The writing in this is so good; it's so easy to picture the Nevernever. (I don't ever want to go there. Never, ever, ever..)It's creepy as hell. And things keep being eaten. Yay, mortal world!So in this one we have a bit of a love triangle going on (only not really, because we all know who she's going to end up with. Even I do, and I haven't finished the series yet!).And even though I'm totally Team Ash, I really like the scenes with Puck, because he has the funniest lines. And I love any scene with Puck and Ash together because they have this really interesting friends/enemies relationship. Let's talk about the character NAMES in this series. Every time I came across the name Ironhorse, I giggled. I mean, there you are, picturing some huge guy with dreadlocks who talks in all-caps and then his name is IRONHORSE. "Ironhorse wasn't usually polite." Come on. Where else can you find sentences this awesome?And then there's "Leanansidhe", whose name, in my head, sounded something like Leananfdudfjdksf. This was a fun book (I liked it much more than the first one), and if you're into fairies, you should totally read it.

  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    2019-06-23 03:25

    Wow. I feel like I. just. can't. get. enough. of. this. world. As I was travelling through Nevernever, following Ash Meghan's steps, my wonder never ever faded. My dear friends who took part in Chelsea's birthday's buddy read can attest how much I got lost in this outstanding world, my heart aching to come back there. I fell in love with every single character I met, from this yawning, infuriating and hilarious Grimalkin to the giant spiders who... Wait, no. I'll follow Meghan on this : "I could handle goblins and bogeymen and evil, flesh-eating horses, but giant freaking spiders? That's where I drew the line"I couldn't agree more. What? Have you seen their legs?Are you ready to go? Yes? Okay then."Now, listen. Whatever you see in there, don't buy anything, don't offer anything, and don't accept anything, no matter how much you want it. The vendors will try to make a deal with you - ignore them. Keep silent, and keep your eyes on me. Got it?"Julie Kagawa's writing manages to describe perfectly every single creature we meet, making them fleshed out, so much that I could totally see them jumping out the page and appear in my living-room for real. "An ancient gnome stared up at me, her face wrinkled and shriveled like a valnut under a frayed clump of white hair. Barely two feet tall, dressed in a once-white robe with tiny gold glasses on the end of her nose, she glared at me like a furious midget bear, black eyes snapping with irritation."As the characters, none of the different settings are rushed : from Queen Mab's palace to the Between, via the High-School, all the places are filled with tiny details which let the world literally appear in front of our wide-eyed eyes. That says it all. Grimalkin, remember?"How do you know your way around this place, Grim?"Grimalkin blinked. "I am a cat," he said, and vanished down one of the tunnels."Remember Ash? Yeah? That icy Prince I decided to not ramble about in my review of The Iron King? If I thought he won me in that first book, that's nothing in comparison to the way I felt and fell for him in that one. Forget all the broody and wounded male-lead you know : none of them can beat him. Seriously : It took him only one apparition to warm my heart and send a flutter of emotions through me like crazy. Well, I can ramble and ramble over and over again about him, but it'd be completely useless : just keep in mind that he's loyal, heart-breaking, courageous, selfless - he's perfection - but the good kind of perfection, that is to say, the perfect imperfection (and no, the fact he's hot isn't even taken into account).Again, the plot was well-wrapped and the story fast-paced, and we're reading as in a run, never resting, always captivated, gasping, sometimes frightened, always mesmerized.Oh, and by the way, I like Meghan. Yes she shares many personality traits with other young-adults heroines and yes I could have been annoyed at some point but you know what? I never was. I understand her, I can relate to her (throwing rocks? I could totally do that), I'm proud of her. That's all."Make your choice."Ash looked at me. I saw pain in his eyes, and a little regret, but they shone with such emotion I felt breathless. "I already have."Edit : Okay, so after some remarks I got about Meghan I feel the need to add some thoughts : YES, she isn't our kick-ass heroine, and sometimes she makes mistakes, and she's obsessed with Ash, yes. But COME.ON. All the people who know me know how much I love a strong and fierce heroine who can fight and all that but it's not Meghan. Why am okay with it? Because she's our average teenager from the beginning and her characterization is coherent. If she had begun to kick everybody's ass I'd have found this strange. And for the fact she forgives Ash for his behavior? Come on. The contrary would have maddened me - because that's OBVIOUS that his behavior is necessary. I'm not excusing all her actions but come on, give the girl a break (give me a break about her anyway). I respect other opinions of course and I even understand them. I get it, really. All of this is my opinion and my opinion only.Just please leave your advice in the comment section below. No need to send messages to say to me that I'm wrong (see what I said earlier? That's only my opinion, just leave it). Thank you all!

  • Nafiza
    2019-05-24 20:04

    This is not really a review. It is a conversation Connie (remember, my English-accented conscience) and I having a conversation as we attempted to make our way through the novel.Connie: Ooo, I remember reading the first one in this series. It was quite entertaining.Me: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too.Connie: Well duh. You enjoyed it cuz I enjoyed it.Me: Shush. I’m reading.Silence. Reading commences.Connie: Whut?Me: Let’s keep reading.Connie: She’s annoying me.Me: I know but we enjoyed the first one. Let’s give it a few more pages.A few more pages.Connie: Okay, is she really that dense? Can she not understand why he’s being such a jackass.Me: She’s a teenager. They are drunk on emotion.Connie: I’m rolling my eyes at you.Me: You don’t have eyes to roll.Connie: Well, if I had eyes, I would be rolling them! You can bet your money on that!Time passes. Bees buzz.Connie: Okay, this girl? I don’t even… He calls her names, he treats her like shit, okay yeah, I know that he “loves” her and is hurting her for “her own good” but COME ON NOW, HIT HIM, HIT HIM WITH SOMETHING HARD AND MAKE HIM CRY.Me: Connie?Connie: *snarl* What?Me: Calm down.Connie: I’m quite calm, thank you.Time passes. A baby grows up.Connie: So she just…like…are you sure this is the same character as in the last book? The strong one who kicked that iron king’s ass? Or did she get kidnapped by fictional aliens and get replaced by a whiny, screaming, melodramatic teen queen? Uh princess?Me: Fictional aliens?Connie: When are we reading till?Me: I kinda like Ash.Connie: The verbal abuser?Me: *dirty look*Connie: Okay, okay, I concede. He’s hot. I like him too. And god, Puck is irritating. He’s kicking a dead horse. And that wench, she’s kissing him. Let’s read until she gets some power.Me: *reads*Connie: Why is the Iron Horse a black guy?Me: I have no idea.Connie: What do you think it means?Me: I think you think too much.Connie: Well duh.Me: *reads*Connie: That’s it? One page of ass kicking and she’s back to being saved? Whut?Me: Well…at least there was Ash.Connie: If you ever make me read stuff like this again, I’m going to…well, I don’t know what I’m going to do but it’s going to be terrible!

  • Kira
    2019-06-06 23:19

    1.5 "I'm too old for this shit" starsIt was all so stupid. There's nothing good to say about it. Meghan is a moron. If it wasn't for her merry gang of followers, she either be dead or someone's slave by now. Whenever something happens someone always pops up at just the right time to save her. People continually warn her that Fairyland is dangerous especially since she doesn't know the rules and customs. Apparently she isn't capable of heeding anyone else's advice. She makes one mistake after another only digging herself into a deeper hole. Then she seems shocked when the thing that people told her would happen happens.All of the characters act like petulant children. Meghan is young, so it's somewhat excusable. Most of them are supposed to be hundreds or thousands of years old. They're all so rash. Every time their feelings get hurt they immediately lash out. All of them use modern slang and simple language. Maybe it's wrong of me to expect ancient beings to be more sophisticated and cunning.Some things in this didn't make sense. 1) Oberon asked Mab to release Meghan and let her go with him. She said no, and he was basically like well okay and rides off into the sunset. WTF? He is the king of half of fairyland. It's pathetic to give up so easily. Shouldn't someone of his caliber excel at bargaining? 2) Mab said Oberon couldn't have her back because she made a deal with Ash to come to her. Wouldn't that bargain have been fulfilled when she went back with Ash? She didn't specify that she would stay for any length of time. No one ever noticed this. Fae are supposed to be crafty and manipulative and spot pathetic loopholes like that a mile away. 3) When Megan bargained with a fae in the last book and agreed to give up a memory, why is it that she can no longer remember the man she believed to be her father? She got fucking screwed on that deal. IMO that's a lot of memories that were taken, not just one because someone being in a person's life for 10 years comprises far more than one memory. None of these crafty fae saw that something was off with that situation either. The love triangle was one of lamest, most pathetic love triangles ever. It was clear in The Iron King that Puck had feelings for Meghan although it wasn't brought up. She and Ash lusted after each other. Neither of her relationships with them felt solidified romantically. From the start of this she acted like Ash was the love of her life. (view spoiler)[She proclaimed very early in the book that she loved him. I was blindsided because she didn't know him well at all. (hide spoiler)] He had to put on a show and act like he hated her to protect her from his family. She was too stupid to understand what was going on even though he tried to explain how it was going to be beforehand. She was hysterical half of the time, going on and on about how she couldn't be without him. It didn't take long for her to inexplicably develop feelings for Puck, all the while still thinking of Ash. It was resolved at the end and went the way I expected it to, but it would have been so much better if there hadn't been a bunch of bullshit along the way.

  • Steph Sinclair
    2019-06-05 03:21

    Despite the fact that I feel Meghan obsessed a little too much over Ash (especially in the beginning), this book was amazing. The character development, plot and storyline made up for most misgivings of Meghan's flaws. I'm really looking forward to reading the 3rd book!

  • Georgie Desailly
    2019-06-10 02:20

    Rating: 3.5/5 starsWHY IS THIS SERIES SO ADDICTING !?!

  • Sinead
    2019-05-28 03:26

    Less Reality More BooksThis book takes off just after The Iron King, where Meghan, our half-Fae, half-human princess, has been a “guest” (which is a term used lightly) in Queen Mab’s kingdom in the Winter Court. While she is there she witnesses the Changing of the Seasons, an event where Oberon, King of the Summer Court (and Meghan’s father) comes to the Winter (or Unseelie) Court to give Mab the Sceptre of the Seasons to acknowledge the passing of Summer to Winter. What nobody expects, however, is for the Iron Fey to kidnap the Sceptre right under everyone’s noses to enact a war between the two courts and so that the Iron Fey will be given more power. Meghan is the only one to witness the robbery, but nobody believes that it was the Iron Fey that did it so it’s up to Meghan, Ash and Puck to get the Sceptre back before the war between Summer and Winter can get out of hand.I enjoyed the plot of this book, even though it dragged a little in some places. I really loved how the Iron Fey came into being; I thought that was very creative. Some of the villains were wonderfully written, and there are many characters I love – Grimalkin, Ironhorse, Puck, Leanansidhe (which for the life of me I can’t figure out how to pronounce), and Oberon. Even Ash has his attributes. The one character I didn’t like in this book? The heroine herself, Meghan Chase.I'm sorry, I really tried, but she was so whiny in this book! I thought it was totally obvious why Ash was so sweet and kind to her in private, but then horrible to her in public. He obviously knew the rules about Winter and Summer fey not being able to be together, and was obviously being nasty to Meghan to protect both of them. Why Meghan couldn’t see this was quite beyond me, and she then proceeded to cry and be upset about it. I mean, he told her every chance he had that a relationship is impossible, and yet she still seems shocked when he behaves badly. And she became a little bit obsessed, with him crowding her every thought.I also wasn’t expecting the love triangle in this book, but I actually liked it. Puck has been by Meghan’s side for as long as she can remember, and I don’t think she would last so long without him. And it’s obvious he’s loved her for a long time but she’s always only seen him as a friend. But with Ash’s rejection and hurtful comments still at the forefront of her mind, suddenly Meghan is seeing Puck differently. Is it the same as she feels for Ash? No, but it’s something special and lovely on its own. I really enjoyed this part of the story, and despite how the book ended, I don’t think this love triangle is quite finished yet.And that ending! I was so not expecting it. Despite Meghan’s obsession with Ash, I also can’t deny how cute their love is. I’m still undecided whether I prefer Ash or Puck as both are great characters and potential love interests for Meghan, but it’s fair to say Ash and Meghan have been given a lot more page time. “Summer and Winter were not supposed to fall in love.”What I would have loved to have seen more in this book is the exploration of Meghan and Oberon’s relationship. They barely said two words to each other in this book, and I wish Meghan could’ve spent a little time in the Summer Court. Oberon seems like such a grumpy character but I believe he truly cares about his daughter in his own way. I really hope we get to see that in the following books.For those who read The Iron King and are unsure whether to continue the series, I would recommend it. While Meghan can get quite irritating sometimes, the other characters more than make up for that, and besides that, the world and characters Julie Kagawa created really is wonderful.

  • Bonnie
    2019-05-25 22:20

    I really feel like I’m missing something with this series. I started reading it based solely off the declarations of love and whatnot and I’ve since become sorely disappointed. The StorylineIn The Iron Daughter, Meghan has become the prisoner of Queen Mab the Winter Faery Queen. After Meghan witnesses the death of Queen Mab’s son by the hands of the Iron Fey she once again gets entangled in that drama. Meghan and a few friends set off in search of the Iron Fey where all kinds of predictable fun is in store for them.The ‘Romance’Is there some manual out there for aspiring YA writers? Is there a requirement listed that in order for a YA book to be successful there must be a love triangle? I don’t know who started it (My hunch? It’s all Twilight’s fault) but the idea that love triangles are fun, exciting, and makes a book all sorts of romantical is so so wrong. But I’m not picking sides! I’m going to go a complete different route.Team Grimalkin! One bad ass kitty cat. Even though he is kind of a shit.(Bottom LineI feel so entwined in this series that I feel I must continue, but I can’t promise I won’t complain the entire time. Meghan’s character is the WHINIEST person I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to read about. I understand she’s like 17 or something but COME ON. Between the constant whining and crying about Ash, and the whining and crying about Puck, and not having powers, and wanting to go back to high school, wanting to go home, some more whining about Ash… it really got old. I feel no connection with this main character and honestly? Somebody really needs to slap some sense into that girl. The ending was somewhat redeemable though… what with Meghan turning into kind-of a badass. I did say kind-of. I can only hope for more in the next book.