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After a devastating earthquake that left most of Japan in ruins, the district ward of Shinjuku in Tokyo has opened up a doorway into another dimension - becoming the halfway-house suspended between the mortal world and the supernatural. It has become a place where the living fight a losing battle with monsters and demons from the netherworld - a constant struggle for contrAfter a devastating earthquake that left most of Japan in ruins, the district ward of Shinjuku in Tokyo has opened up a doorway into another dimension - becoming the halfway-house suspended between the mortal world and the supernatural. It has become a place where the living fight a losing battle with monsters and demons from the netherworld - a constant struggle for control on grounds which inevitably may plunge into the depths of Hell. Factory manager by day and moonlighting P.I. by night, Setsura Aki is no stranger to danger. Specializing in missing-persons cases and considered the best "man hunter" in the business, he allies himself with friend and rival, Doctor Mephisto, a wizard of physical and spiritual surgery. Together in battle, there is none that can compete with their combined wit and power - until now. Coming from the deepest and darkest parts of China, four immortal vampires, led by one of unmatched beauty who goes by the ubiquitous title "Princess," mystically sail into landlocked Shinjuku aboard an ancient ghost ship. She and her ancient undead entourage with powers never before seen of vampires, have surmounted four thousand years of space and time to seize control of Shinjuku and make it their own. It is up to Setsura and Mephisto to uncover their new formidable foes' true origins and to reveal the truth behind the Princess's dark plans for the city....

Title : Yashakiden: The Demon Princess Volume 1
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Yashakiden: The Demon Princess Volume 1 Reviews

  • Felix
    2019-03-25 22:24

    I love Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D series so I thought this would be just as awesome. I am saddened to say I am a bit disappointed. I understand Kikuchi has a thing for beauty but it is far more then annoying for him to continuously remind the reader for page after page about how beautiful one or two of his characters are. He does this almost every time these characters are on the page. There is also a very unnecessary chapter in this book basically dedicated to a porn scene and is just as graphic. An entire chapter! and it has nothing to do with the plot!! Although the plot itself seems like it'll be good, I'm having trouble convincing myself to read the second one to see what happens. Super disappointed.

  • Tarl
    2019-04-10 20:57

    This book took me a year and a half to finish, and there is a good reason for it. Kikuchi is a fairly good writer with an obsession with attractive people and beauty. Something you will be reminded of again and again and again. It's not enough that you are told the two male protagonists are attractive at the opening of the book in a couple of paragraphs, rather, you are to be reminded over and over each time something happens to them. Much to be said, it gets annoying extremely fast. The world Kikuchi has created is an interesting one, filled to bursting with potential. Unfortunately it also feels that he tossed everything into the mix, to the point where it just feels like a mess rather than a multi-genre world. Demons, vampires, lasers, cyborgs, magic, rural Japan, on and on it goes. If there had been a unifying element to the story world, it would have worked, but instead things just seemed to pop up as they were needed rather than serving an actual purpose within the story itself. (leading to a lot of deus ex machina moments within the story)With the writing itself, I don't know if it is Kikuchi's fault, or the translator's. Often things don't flow as well as they should, dialogue and text getting bogged down in poorly structured sentences, tense mistakes, and other elements. It makes this book more of a slog than it had to be and ruined a lot of the story. In the end, I really had to push myself through this story, and I greatly enjoy Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D series, so I don't know what went wrong with this book. There is a high chance that I will not continue with this series as this book was far too much of a chore to get through. Still, if you are a fan, it may be worth your time to read. Myself, I think I am done with this series.

  • Blak Rayne
    2019-04-09 18:21

    Yashakiden The Demon Princess 1, written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and illustrated by Jun Suemi, is a manga novel about vampires, Chinese Vampires to be precise. The beautiful man hunter and Shinjuku’s best private detective, Setsura Aki, works alongside Doctor Mephisto to capture the vampire princess and her three, blood-sucking peons before they destroy the city and put everyone under their spell. It’s the first instalment in the series and, unfortunately, the last I will read. I really had a difficult time finishing this book, and it wasn’t for lack of trying, but I found the head hopping and chapter set-up a brain drain; it’s still unclear as to what the editor and/or author was trying to do. Plus, though eloquent as it was, the over usage of metaphors and heavy description became tiresome.The author is, without a doubt, creative when it comes to describing the interaction between his characters and the milieu, but I found half of it unnecessary and a distraction from the actual story. I know that sounds strange, but I don’t know any other way to explain. Adding to that, the plot was predictable and the dialogue mediocre at best. On the flip-side, the characters were wonderful, especially the vampire princess, frighteningly grotesque as she was gorgeous, and Setsura, just not wonderful enough to carry the entire novel. I do feel bad, but my expectations were dashed, so Yashakiden The Demon Princess 1 gets 1.5 Stars; it’s only redeeming qualities are the illustrations and characters, the rest I just couldn’t get in to.To read full post:

  • Julie Hayes
    2019-04-10 19:57

    Death gives birth to the second life. And so we wait, our heads bowed, defeated in spirit, waiting as if for the mighty emperor and empress to appear."Setsuna Aki and Doctor Mephisto are the yin and the yang; they are like two halves of a whole - there is no one more beautiful than they in all of Demon City Shinjuku. And no one as powerful.Ever since the Devil Quake that devastated most of Japan, things in Shinjuku have been . . . different . . . to say the least. The city itself is not what it was once, but whether this mutation is a direct result of the quake, or of other forces, remains to be seen, for it is not now simply an inorganic entity, in the way of other cities - it is also organic, an organicness which manifests itself in very curious ways. And not all of its inhabitants are themselves organic in the strict sense of the word. But the residents understand this, and very little surprises them any more. And they remember that the night time is the most dangerous time of day in the Demon City.It begins on a hot summer night in Shinjuku. Setsuna is at a bar, his very presence distracting and beguiling to the pretty young woman who is about to overthrow her companion for the private detective's sake. Doctor Mephisto is relaxing - if the demon physician can ever be said to relax - in a club where a lovely singer begins to spout water from her throat, which he catches handily within his glass. While Setsuna watches a ghost ship passes by upon the river that has suddenly appeared, flowing through the street outside the bar; upon the deck he spies four figures of exotic origin. And he knows that they have surely come to this place for a reason, even as he knows just what they are; an old man, a beautiful young man, a precocious sexual predator and a woman who is beauty personified. They are the Chinese vampires, and they are very old indeed.The next morning Setsuna receives a phone call from Doctor Mephisto, telling him to come to the hospital - not a request, but a demand. Setsuna argues, but he shows up, and goes to the fourth basement level, where may be found the special containment ward for hardcore cases. There is the singer from the previous night, Hisako Tokoyoda. And she has become a vampire. Setsuna's first question concerns the vampires in the Toyama housing project - have they been doing what they hadn't ought to? No, assures Mephisto, this is not them. Setsuna then concludes it is the gang of four he saw, accepts Mephisto as his client and begins his investigation. Together, these two stake out the vampire (figuratively, not literally), waiting to see what will happen, keeping a close eye on the girl. Mephisto has brought some items to the party - special earplugs to block the effects of the koto both men heard the night of the arrival, and special contact lenses to block the effect of the vampires' eyes. And so they wait for her sire to come for her - it won't be a pretty reception.Takako Kanan, the pretty woman from the bar, goes to visit Setsuna the next day at his senbei shop, but in his capacity as a private investigator - the best in Shinjuku. She is searching for a Chinese woman she saw the other night, in Kabuki-cho, about two in the morning, and she proceeds to explain to him why. He takes the case, with conditions, but just as he gets to the part about fees, the phone rings - it is Mephisto, and he wants them to visit the Elder of the Toyama vampires, who has just waken from a six month sleep and will see them now. A very interesting meeting indeed, involving a policeman-vampire who has been turned, no doubt by one of the four.This is all just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, of the world that is Shinjuku.You can read my complete review at Anime Radius!

  • Leila Anani
    2019-03-29 01:26

    Hideyuki Kikuchi claims that Yashakiden is "the masterpiece of all the vampire works he created" and after reading this I may just believe him.The story is set in his Demon City/Wicked City universe - that in itself is no stranger to vampires, anyone familiar with the manga will remember the vampire, Sister Bride one of the super villains. But the vampires here take on a whole new dimension of awesomeness. We have 4 ancient Chinese vampires who sail into demon city on a ship. This gang of 4 seduce and kill their way through the city's powerful aiming to take over and make it their home. It's up to Demon Doctor Mephisto and P.I Setsura Aki to team up and protect the city from this new evil.The vampires are individualised and brilliantly conceived with Kikuchi's unique skill of mixing traditional classic movie monsters with new and unusual ideas.I love Dr. Mephisto at the best of times but in this one he really comes into his own. As a pretty boy enigmatic hero, he puts Vampire Hunter D firmly in the shade. Everyone falls under his spell, male and female and there's plenty of scope for slash addicts. I rather like Mephisto/Setsura, but the vampire elder's grandson also seems quite taken with our anti hero.This series ramps up the sex as well, Princess one of the 4 uses her sexuality to lure victims and none seem immune - Can't wait for the face-off between her and Mephisto - he comes to think that she might even be more beautiful than him!The one down side to this is the writing - for a start its in translation, which I often find causes ambiguities. However Kikuchi writes like a screen writer - everything here is very visual, but it reads oftentimes like a script rather than prose. I found myself having to re-read sections to work out what was going on and who was who - the vampires in particular take quite a while to separate and come into their own. Do persevere though because the story is most certainly worth it. Have book 2 on hand because this ends on a cliff hanger.

  • Audrey
    2019-04-03 00:26

    Wow, totally not what I expected. Because of this book, I may actually read some of Kikuchi's manga. This novel was a bit hard to understand at the beginning. Although there were many different characters described in this macabre and horrible world with so much EVIL and sadistic hedonism, story the story was written so eloquently that it became beautiful even though its a translation from the original Japanese language. The words carefully crafted the scary but entrancing monsters Kikuchi created. The illustrations also helped instill the mystery and violence of the world building. The only thing I disliked was the rather aggressive description of the horrific and explicitly Chinese villains. The emphasis of Chinese bothered me for its association of Chinese with evil, BUT this description was probably focused on describing the unique foreign nature of the villains.Overall, I really liked the book. The story started as a 3.5 star story and definitely moved to a 4 star story at the end.