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Title : Ice
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780345517197
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 198 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Ice Reviews

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-04-16 22:12

    Thirtythree year-old Gabriel is on leave, back home in Maine and excited to see his seven year-old son, Sam. There’s a huge ice storm on the way, so before he can relax his dad, the sheriff, sends him to check on Lolly, a girl he grew up with and spared with continually through school. Back then he thought she was stuck-up, but they’re verbal matches were something he looked forward to and excited him. Little does he know the danger he’s about to step into or how protective he’d feel about Lolly. Lolly is back home to pack up the family home and ready it for sale when she’s ambushed by a couple of sinister drug addicts who want whatever they can get from Lolly. Knowing she must escape or she won’t survive, Lolly makes a plan. Having Gabriel’s help is a relief she didn’t expect to feel. He teased her mercilessly throughout school when she was a painfully shy and awkward teenage. Together they must use their wits to outsmart the baddies, and survive the ice storm converging on Maine. Ice was a short and thrilling story! I was completely hooked and couldn’t stop listening. I think Ms. Howard did a brilliant job fleshing out Gabriel and Lolly in a short amount of pages and without stalling the plot, which was suspenseful and exciting. I was really worried for Lolly in quite a few spots, but she was a resourceful and smart woman. Gabriel is a guy you would totally want by your side in the crisis they were faced with: strong, capable, and very protective. Their past as well as the intense situation made their romance believable and hot!

  • Auntee
    2019-04-04 01:29

    Linda Howard--why so short? This book had some real potential, and utilized one of my favorite themes (trapped in the wilderness/cabin/braving the elements/stalked by crazies). But darn, it was over just as it was getting interesting...I liked the hero, Army Sergeant home-on-leave, Gabriel McQueen. Gabe's a 33 year-old widower with a little 7 year-old son who is living with his parents in small-town Maine. Gabe has just arrived home for Christmas to visit them, when his Dad, the sheriff, alerts him that a big ice storm is on the way. Would he do him a favor and check on a neighbor who lives outside of town (on a mountain where cell phone reception is spotty). The sheriff wouldn't want Lorelei "Lolly" Helton to be stranded up there in her parent's summer home in case the storm brewing is a major one. Gabe reluctantly agrees, even though his relationship with Lolly has always been filled with animosity. Fifteen years ago the teenage Gabe was a thorn in Lolly's side, often teasing her mercilessly, and Lolly would respond with open hostility. They never got along. Now his Dad wants him to 'rescue' Lolly and bring her into town to stay with them until the storm blows over? Wonder what Lolly will think of that?As Gabe is making his way to fetch Lolly, Lolly is on her way back to her house to pick up a few things. A local store owner has warned her of the big storm coming, and has insisted Lolly stay with her in town until the storm passes. Lolly figures she has enough time to head up the mountain to grab a few things at home and head back before the storm starts. What she doesn't realize is that a couple of 'meth heads' in need of some quick cash have spotted her in her Mercedes SUV and decide to follow her home for a quick score. What happens next is Lolly facing some of her worst nightmares, and a battle to stay alive and elude two armed and unpredictable foes, all while braving the elements from a brutal storm. It helps that Gabe arrives at her house just in the nick of time, but will Gabe be able to save Lolly (and himself) from not only the meth heads, but from a killer storm?Nicely plotted, expertly paced, and well-written--that's Linda Howard. I have no real complaints except that the story was too short. 213 pages was not enough to do justice to the characters of ordinary girl Lolly and hunky hero Gabe. They were both brave, determined, and likable, but a little bit more 'fleshing out' of the characters would've been appreciated. Somehow LH managed to sneek in a love scene (in the shower), which is hard to do when your characters have killers after them, so bravo to her! This book was crying out for an epilogue...but it was not to be. We're left to assume, and to use our imagination that their HFN will turn into a HEA. 4 stars

  • The Romance Book Disciple (Samantha)
    2019-04-01 19:06

    I wanted to like this book. But, it was predictable and pedantic. The view switches from person to person in the story (both the protagonists and the antagonist) and while I enjoy that, Howard spent time going back over events from the other pov. It wasn't necessary and just became something to slow the story down. And the 'romance'-no. Just no. The narrator was fine but not great.

  • Lisa Kay
    2019-04-22 17:05

    ★★★★✩ Narrated by Fred Sanders, who did a fine job on this short novel. His reading was just a tiny bit flat at the beginning; however, I'm glad I gave him a chance as he improved quickly (or, more likely, I got used to his voice!). He did differentiate the voices well and did a nice job on the Maine accents.Warning: This stops at a HFN (happy for now) ending. Which makes sense, since they really were together for such a short time. However, isn't that what epilogues are for? Yes, an epilogue would have been nice.

  • Tina
    2019-03-26 22:18

    I must preface this by saying that I love Linda Howard's books. I love them with the type of devotion and affection one normally saves for your favorite band from your youth (Prince!) or your favorite article of clothing (red leather peacoat!) or a new discovery that has transformed your life (Spanx!).So in that vein, it pains me very much to say how much I didn't love this book. This isn't a huge surprise because I also disliked Up Close and Dangerous which also had the H&H running around in snow, trying to survive both a murderer and the elements. I just don't like the couple-on-the-run-in-the-wilderness/bad weather stories. But you want to know what I disliked even more? Crazy, rapist/murdering meth heads (who defy laws of physics, biology and Mother Nature)who manage to continue to hunt the H&H with Terminator like abilities. I think I read this book in like 2 hours because I was flipping passages so fast. A dud for me.

  • Aly is so frigging bored
    2019-03-25 17:23

    so meh

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-03-28 18:04

    Torn between a 3 and 4 star rating. It was a decent story and well written but I felt it needed more. More development to explain a few things. The ending was an HFN (Happily For Now) ending, instead of my HEA (Happily Ever After). Very disappointed in that. An added epilogue could have provided my HEA but there wasn't one.

  • Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
    2019-03-28 17:12

    Well, obviously I had a few issues. Perhaps if the book was a little longer and had taken place over a few days, I could've suspended belief. Turns out this is just an overnight thing, after which Lolly is considering rearranging her entire world for the strong M.P. Did I mention he's a widow with a young son? No? He is.Gabriel's father sends him up to Lolly's remote mountain cabin, minutes after he rolls into town on leave to see his son, to make sure she's aware of the coming ice storm and is safe. Why one of his deputies couldn't handle this duty is lost on me, but perhaps Harlan is moonlighting as a matchmaker. Anyway, Gabriel arrives to find Lolly in serious trouble. The bad guys were creepy as all get out, something Linda Howard is good at, and the action scenes were okay, but I wanted to warm up to the characters first. I felt like I knew their life circumstances, but not "them" or what made them tick. It made it hard to connect. The boinking felt like a cheap one-night stand. Lolly and Gabriel knew each other in school, but that was a long time ago and they despised each other. It makes it difficult to believe in "true love" when they've only been together for a few hours and most of that time they were running from meth-heads. I was hoping this would be an intense race for survival as Gabriel and Lolly made their escape from a couple of drugged out killers, but it turned out to be mediocre at best. I wanted a race across the frozen tundra, cozy time in a warm cave between the couple, getting to know each other again before they did the deed. I wanted them to save each other, maybe from a bear who was angry because they interrupted his sleep. I wanted so much more! I wanted a bitch fight between Lolly and Nicky. I wanted Lolly to deliver a knee (or two) to Darwin's groin. Darwin deserved a thousand miserable deaths. Hey, there's another idea for the bear... Run, Darwin. Run!That would've been a great ending for Darwin. Mid-winter snack for Smokey.I do love Linda Howard's work and this is an example of her earlier novels, so take that into consideration. She's a fabulous author and still holds my heart for several of the best romance novels I've read to date! Just not this one.

  • Eve
    2019-04-19 18:21

    Genre: Romantic SuspenseGabriel McQueen has only just arrived home on holiday leave from the service when his county-sheriff father sends him back out again with new marching orders. A brewing ice storm, and a distant neighbor who’s fallen out of contact, have the local lawman concerned. So he enlists Gabriel to make the long haul to the middle of nowhere, and make sure Lolly Helton is safe and sound. It’s a trip the younger McQueen would rather not make given the bitter winter weather–and the icy conditions that have always existed between him and Lolly. Lolly is only back in Wilson Creek, Maine to pack up her family home after her parent's retirement to Florida. She never planned on the ice storm threatening to strand her on the side of the mountain nor the gun toting meth addicts who barge in demanding money. She also never expected to be rescued by her high school crush. Sounds interesting? Sadly this story didn't have the depth that Linda Howard usually has in her novels. The romance and passion were non-existent, thriller part lukewarm! I was also annoyed how the story jumps back and forth between character perspectives to repeat timelines. As a result, the flow of the story became jerky and redundant (multiple perspectives can be a very interesting tool if something new is being brought to the story but in this case, the action was predictable the first time around and no new light was shed with the re-telling). I feel strongly that this could have been another great Howard read; if it had only been fleshed out better; finished. Sadly the author didn't feel like adding the necessary depth to make this the chilling story it might've been. We got "Thin Ice" instead...

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-21 19:28

    Audio update: 3 stars for story, but 4.5 stars for audio narration by Fred Sanders. This is not a long book, and with the ice-cold survival theme, somewhat similar to Up Close and Dangerous and Prey, also by Linda Howard. PLOT: It's almost Christmas. A deadly ice storm strikes small town Maine. The local sheriff sends his son Gabriel to warn Lollie about the storm, because she's alone at her mountainside home, not responding to phone calls. Gabe goes dutifully but reluctantly, because he was NOT on friendly terms with snobby Lollie, aka "Lollipop" in high school. But high school was 15 years ago, and they've both had a secret yen for the other, methinks.When Gabe arrives, he realizes there's more than one kind of deadly ICE at work. Now they must get friendly fast, joining forces against murderous meth-heads. Nicky and Darwin are hyper-energized and armed for bear. Fast paced and absorbing, but *most* of the story is spent outside in the storm, surviving hypothermia and crazed killers. They needed more time to fall in love.ICE needed an epilogue at least. I wanted time for normal relating and romancing once Gabe and Lolly got away from the psychos and out of the frozen cold. Brrrr!! I felt frozen just reading it. Honestly.But seriously...narrator Fred Sanders added a lot to the story.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-15 00:29

    Ice4 StarsGrowing up in a small Maine town, Gabriel McQueen and Lolly Helton couldn’t stand the sight of one another. Now, at home on leave for Christmas, Gabriel is sent out on a stormy evening to convince Lolly to come into town take shelter. Lolly would be only to happy to oblige, however, two desperate strangers have taken her hostage in a home invasion and it will take all of Gabriel’s wits and Lolly’s courage to survive.Ice is one of Howard’s earlier and shorter works, but what it lacks in page numbers it more than makes up for with the action.Gabriel and Lolly’s character development is actually quite good given the relatively short format. There is sufficient detail on their time as children and teens to get a good feel for their love/hate relationship and once they get together as adults, the chemistry between them is tangible.The villains in the story are certainly diabolical enough and there are some very intense and frightening moments, especially during the initial home invasion. The action scenes are well written and exciting, and the climax and resolution are satisfying.All in all, a thoroughly entertaining read and my only small nitpick is that the book is in dire need of an epilogue.

  • fleurette
    2019-04-13 20:30

    It was a short but enjoyable story with a potential to became a full length book. However, I hated Lorelei being called Lolly.Linda Howard is good in writing chilling suspense. This story was quite grabbing and the ice storm made the proper atmosphere. (view spoiler)[What bothers me is why do two meth druggies deal with the weather so well while Lolly, who knows what to do, have a serious problem. (hide spoiler)]The romance part was so small I would rather call the whole story a suspense with a dash of romance affair. Romance is minor and that's okay because the setting is like one night and one day and it will be strange if the characters get involve in something more so quickly. The whole story reminded me a bit about Mean Streak, but mostly because of the winter setting, not the plot.

  • D.G.
    2019-04-02 21:15

    I just discovered that my library has lots of recently released Linda Howard books and that got me started on a Linda Howard kick. I really enjoy her romantic suspense books - she always writes a great blend of both with very sexy love scenes. Ice is a Holiday romantic suspense novella where the hero rescues the heroine from a home invasion. I enjoyed it well enough, even though two things annoyed me: the villains who kept coming back even in impossible circumstances and the many times the word 'ice' was mentioned in the book (must have been at least a hundred.)The ending was HFN (happy for now) which made sense as this was a novella and the action is set pretty much within two days.Fred Sanders did a good job with the narration. I would listen to another book by him.

  • Lyndi
    2019-03-26 21:00

    I like the length of this story for Linda Howard. It was just enough and not too much. Don't get me wrong, her full-length novels are great and all. But the level of intensity in this book would be difficult to maintain in a full-length story. And Linda Howard does intense very well.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-17 22:15

    As some of the other reviewers have mentioned, this was a novella rather than a full book. And if you’ve read PREY then you can probably go ahead and skip ICE because they’re really similar (although ICE was published first). The funny thing is, though, I actually liked ICE better than PREY specifically because it’s shorter. The same issues I had with PREY are present in ICE but they were much less annoying in this super-short book.To what issues am I referring? The excruciatingly detailed second-by-second description of the hero and heroine struggling against the elements….followed by them suddenly behaving as if they’ve got all the energy in the world. It just doesn’t jive. Waaaaaaaaay too much time was spent describing how exhausted the hapless couple were as they struggled through the ice and wind to get to safety, and then after a 2-minute cat nap and a shower they’re both back to 100%? Say what now?(view spoiler)[Okay so the story goes that Lolly (who now holds the record for most annoying heroine name I’ve ever encountered in a book) and Gabriel grew up together. She was the frizzy-haired only daughter of the town mayor, making her one of the richest people in their small Maine town. He was the sheriff’s devastatingly handsome, athletic and popular son. Gabriel remembers Lolly as being “stuck up” and thinking that she was better than everyone else because she buried her nose in books and responded to teasing with hostility…which is why he so happily participated in said teasing. Even now, when they’re in their 30’s and he’s a widower and father with presumably more wisdom under his belt, he still looks back on those youthful interactions and considers her a snobby b*tch because he remembers that time she called him a “worm” as if he were beneath her notice….even as he idly wonders if she started out being so hostile or if it actually started AFTER she was teased on a daily basis. This is a plot point that never really gets explored. Gabriel never really faces the fact that he and all his jock friends actually bullied poor Lolly all through high school. And he certainly never apologizes for it. Lolly never calls him on it either, because to do so would just make her sound like a whiny brat when here in present day he’s saving her life and all. So the whole thing was just left hanging.Gabriel arrives back in his home town for a visit with his parents and 7-year-old son, Sam, who lives with the parents full time while Gabriel works down in North Carolina. This is another plot point that is brought up but never developed. Why exactly is Gabriel living and working in North Carolina while his son lives half a country away? He talks about how hard it is on him to live apart from his son but that it’s best for Sam to have the stability of living with his grandparents. I agree, children need stability and the fact that Gabriel had to rely on a fleet of babysitters to cover his erratic work schedule when he tried to do the single-dad thing after his wife died was definitely not optimal. But why didn’t he get out of the military and find a job in Maine near his folks??? He goes on and on about how he’s got to do what’s best for Sam, but it never crosses his mind to quit the army? He even says that his job in the military is as a cop (MP). And wow, his father just happens to be the sheriff back home and has been promising to retire for the last 10 years. That sounds like a pretty easy solution. Dad retires, Gabriel takes over as sheriff, (I’m sure he’d have no trouble getting the position given his family connections and career qualifications), and then Sam gets to live in the same town as both his dad AND grandparents. I kept expecting this solution to get brought up at the end but it never does. The book closes out with Gabriel still fully intending to go back to NC to live and work.When Gabriel arrives in town it is just ahead of a killer ice storm that is bearing down on them. His father asks him to drive up the mountain to fetch Lolly who happens to be back in town to clean out her family’s long-empty home in preparation for sale. There’s no cell reception up on the old mountain and since the house has been empty for so long, there’s no landline phone or TV service either. So they can’t call her and chances are good that she doesn’t know the storm is coming, which could result in her being stranded up there for weeks without proper provisions. Gabriel unenthusiastically accepts the job and drives up the mountain, all the while thinking about how snobby Lolly is and how she’ll probably just tell him to get lost when he sees her.Meanwhile, Lolly has gone into town to get groceries and been told of the impending storm. She accepts an invitation from the store proprietress to stay at her place and dashes back up the mountain to pack a bag. Unfortunately she’s caught the attention of two meth addicts who had planned on robbing the grocery store but changed their mind when they saw Lolly’s Mercedes. They follow her to her house, force their way inside and demand she hand over the tons of cash they’re sure she must have. When it turns out she doesn’t have much money and there’s nothing in the house of any value, they start talking about killing her. The male meth addict also takes the opportunity to try to rape Lolly and almost succeeds before his jealous druggie girlfriend smacks him upside the head for trying to cheat on her. Lolly convinces them that she can get lots of money if they just go into town and go to the bank. The female recognizes that the banks will be closed by now and they lock Lolly in her upstairs bedroom to wait for morning.After a minor freak out, Lolly starts making plans to go out the window and take her chances with frostbite and hypothermia in the storm. We’re treated to extremely detailed descriptions of her preparations, from tying the sheets into a rope to smearing Vaseline on her feet to try to make them water-resistant. When she’s finally ready to go, she heaves on the window and finds it stuck fast. A second later, a man’s head pops into view, scaring the crap out of her, and it’s none other than Gabriel…..And then we have to listen to the last few hours of book-time AGAIN this time from Gabriel’s perspective and complete with more excruciatingly detailed descriptions of every move he makes and every thought that comes into his mind.This was sooooo annoying and jarring to the story. We’re totally caught up with Lolly and her preparations for escape, and are on pins and needles to find out if she’s be able to get out without the druggies hearing her. And when Gabriel shows up, we’re all set for him to rescue her from the room. What we’re NOT ready for is for this tense “things could go wrong at any moment” scene to get interrupted with pages and pages of irrelevant crap. Howard takes us through all of Gabriel’s thoughts as he drives up the mountain. Every twist in the road and slip of his tires. His repeated cursing and reiterated statements about how bratty Lolly will probably just bite his head off. Then his truck slides into a ditch and he has to strike out on foot. More long explanations about his preparations for the walk and anger at Lolly for getting him into this situation in the first place. Lots of thoughts about how, as a native Maine-er he knows what this ice storm will be like and it’s bad. Long explanation of his treacherous and tiring climb up the icy mountain road. Then he gets to the house and sees the druggie’s clunker truck next to Lolly’s car. He spies them through the window, waving guns around and recognizes that they’re meth addicts. Then he spends a while hypothesizing that they might be friends of Lolly’s since a lot of years have passed and he has no idea what kind of person she is now. Finally he sees her through the upstairs window and decides that she’s being held prisoner so dammit all the hell, now he’ll have to rescue her. Long explanation of him going to look for a ladder and finding one with two broken rungs. Explanation of how he propped it on the wall of the house but it’s too short to reach the window. He sees Lolly can’t get the window open and has to go up after all. More griping about how the rotten ladder probably won't hold his weight. Long explanation of his efforts to get the window open, complete with finger-placement.It was just so much useless crap. All of that could have been cut down the following; Lolly: “Gabriel, how did you get here in my time of need?” Gabriel: “My dad sent me to bring you into town for the storm and when I got here I saw you were being held captive by 2 meth addicts so grabbed this ladder.” The end. Those two lines of dialog totally cover all the important information that was given over about 30 pages in the book.Once Gabriel and Lolly’s timelines coalesce back into the present, things start moving forward again, but at an excruciatingly slow pace. First Gabriel looks around the room and describes to us all the preparations Lolly has made…which we already know about because we lived through her making them. He also takes in her swollen face and is outraged that those bastards beat up on a woman, particularly Lolly because for reasons he can’t explain, he’s extra angry about anyone laying a hand on her. Long explanation of first him going down the ladder, then her. The ladder breaks, making a loud noise and the druggies come out gunning for them. Gabriel and Lolly are forced to run into the woods but Lolly is slipping and sliding on her completely-inappropriate-for-the-weather sneakers. Her one side is badly bruised from her altercation with the druggies and when Gabriel hauls her up by that arm she cries out in pain……and then totally forgets that injury for the rest of the story until the very end where it magically pops up again. Seriously. Howard calls attention to it here, but for the whole rest of their ordeal where Gabriel is frequently hauling Lolly up again or they’re running through the woods, or she’s fighting with the drug addicts, it’s never mentioned. Nor does it come up when Lolly and Gabriel finally get naked together. You'd think that ultra-protective Gabriel would have made a comment along the lines of wishing he could kill the male meth addict a second time when he saw her black and blue body, but it's never mentioned. Then the next morning when they start trekking into town suddenly it’s back and so bad that Lolly is favoring that side of her body right from the minute they step off the porch. It felt like Howard forgot she'd given Lolly this injury and then in the final act went "oh, wait a second" and just tossed it back in without even attempting to give an explanation, like that adrenaline had kept her from feeling it the previous night but now her body was super stiff, etc.Getting back to the story, what follows is a very, very long recitation of every miserable second Lolly and Gabriel spend in the cold. And, as happened in Prey, this ultra-long description of how terrible everything was actually ended up messing up the continuity of the book. Over and over in this story we listen to it taking Lolly and Gabriel ages and ages to travel some distance because of the cold and ice and dark and how painful their freezing limbs are, etc…..and then in virtually no time at all the drug addicts get to the same place to cause trouble. It just didn’t make sense. I was totally believing how long and hard the trip was for our hero and heroine….but that belief was completely wrecked when the druggies popped up like a cheap scare from a B-movie monster. This disconnect can’t be explained by druggies just not feeling pain and cold the way sober people do. Not unless doing meth also gives you the ability to teleport.The worst example of this is when the female addict went off the side of the mountain in her car. Gabriel says that she’s 150 yards down the side of the mountain and he can’t get to the car to see if she’s still alive. Then he and Lolly make their painstakingly slow way back up to the house. They’re exhausted and freezing and both at the ragged end of their strength. Each inch is like a mile walked barefoot on broken glass because Lolly’s feet are frozen in her wet sneakers. Then they drag themselves through the front door and Lolly tries to just go to sleep in her wet clothes because she’s just completely done in. Gabriel martials his strength and yells and pulls at Lolly until she gets moving again. They climb up to the second floor and get into the hot shower where they stand there holding each other while the hot water warms them up. They doze a little while standing up and suddenly Gabriel starts getting turned on by the body of the naked woman in his arms. They lock eyes and he lifts her up to have sex against the wall of the shower. While they’re doing it, the female druggie slips into the house.Okay, wait a frick-a-fracken second here. First of all, Gabriel and Lolly were so exhausted from their ordeal that they could barely take the steps necessary to preserve their health….and yet he’s got the strength to have sex standing up? Do you know how hard that is? How exhausting? It was a hot little scene for sure but I call BS on them being both willing and physically able to knock boots at this time. Second of all, I call total BS on the female druggie getting back to the house. She was 150 yards down the side of a mountain that was so treacherous our gallant hero couldn’t go down to verify her death. Not to mention that she was injured in the crash. And yet she managed to climb up the side of the mountain in the dark, in an ice storm, and travel the same distance our hero and heroine did…in the same amount of time it took them to walk to the house, grab a shower and have sex? Yeah, no. That’s total crap. And the unbelievability continues as, after the shower sex, both Gabriel and Lolly are completely recovered and happily troop down stairs to make some soup. I’m sorry, how is that possible? Howard did such a thorough job of explaining in minute detail how exhausted they were that it just didn’t seem believable that they could ever do more than fall into bed. But they have to have the unbelievable encounter with the female druggie so they do that and conveniently she gives them no choice but to kill her so they don’t have to be bothered with figuring out a way to restrain her all night.The next morning they head down the mountain and we’re again given far more details of how slick the road is and how quickly Lolly becomes exhausted, than is necessary. But again, it’s just lip service because once they’re rescued she continues on for the rest of the day like she’s fine, rather than falling into bed for a much needed and well deserved nap. During this trek, Lolly starts fretting over what will become of her relationship with Gabriel. He’s made several comments that indicate he’d like to keep seeing her, even suggested she hold off on buying a house in her current home of Portland in favor of checking out North Carolina instead. But she’s gone back to being that shy, self-doubting little high school girl who secretly had a crush on the town stud. It was kind of annoying. And equally annoying that she kept talking about how she was in such a rush to get back to Portland whenever Gabriel tried to get her to commit to sticking around in Maine for a few more days. So on the one hand we've got her angsting about where this is going and on the other she's throwing up roadblocks. Make up your mind, woman!They get back to Gabriel’s parents’ house and his kid, Sam, was terrified he’d lost his dad the way he’d lost his mom. And he blames Lolly for being the cause of that worry. We get a few scenes with Lolly trying to get on the kid’s good side, and then she goes to take a bath. The rest of the household conveniently goes to bed early so Gabriel lets himself into the bathroom and joins her in the tub where he asks her to consider seeing where their relationship goes. She hesitates but ultimately says “okay, I can do that.” And that’s the end of the book. None of the roadblocks to their relationship are resolved. She still lives on the West Coast where she has a good job and friends. He’s still living and working in North Carolina while his kid lives in Maine. They don’t even bother discussing this geographic issue or hint at any possible solutions. It was a pretty lame ending. (hide spoiler)]

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  • Viedefun
    2019-03-29 20:09

    J'ai frémi, j'ai sursauté, j'ai tremblé mais j'ai aussi souri et gloussé en lisant Le voile de glace. Cette histoire me rappelle, de par son thème principal, à Black Ice de Becca Fitzpatrick que j'avais particulièrement apprécié. Et je dois dire que j'ai aussi pensé à la série culte Breaking Bad plus d'une fois par certains éléments présents dans ce livre (plus précisément à certains personnages de la saison 2...). Au niveau suspense, c'était super même si Linda Howard a cédé aux clichés peut-être un peu trop facile des "méchants qui n'arrivent pas à crever".....Quant à la romance, et bien, le couple que forment Lolly et Gabriel est touchant, romantique et ultra sensuel ! Linda Howard m'a habituée aux détails "concrets" des situations qu'elle décrit dans ses livres. C'est le cas encore une fois dans Le voile de glace, notamment vis à vis du froid et de la tempête qui fait rage....Le voile de glace n'est pas forcément le roman que je recommanderais de lire en premier si vous ne connaissez pas cette auteure mais très sincèrement, cette petite histoire pleine de suspense et de tension (mais aussi de romance) m'a fait passer un agréable moment de lecture et c'est tout ce que je lui demandais donc, je suis ravie ! Ma note : 17/20Mon avis complet sur : http://lespassionsdeviedefun.blogspot...

  • Laura V.
    2019-04-06 23:24

    Para ser una novela de suspenso corta resulta bastante mediocre. Hace años que leo a Linda Howard, y sus libros de alguna forma me enganchan. Este es de los raros caso que hubiese preferido que ni se molestara en escribir. La cosa es sencilla: se acerca una tormenta de hielo, Lolly vive en la montaña alejada del pueblo y el hijo del sheriff decide ir a avisarle de la tormenta inminente. Se complica el asunto cuando el hielo está cerca, transitar por la carretera se hace imposible y la única opción viable es quedarse en ese caserón hasta que la tormenta pase... junto con dos drogadictos armados que han hecho rehén a Lolly. Suena genial. Pero no lo es.Es repetitivo. Una novela contada en dos perspectivas: las de los "buenos" y la de los "malos" que repiten las mismas escenas. No hay gran cosa en perfilar a estos chicos, están armados y sedientos de dinero pero no me transmiten nada. La persecución es aburrida. No sentí apuro ni desesperación en ninguna de las partes. Y aunque los "malos" son malos porque están armados, los únicos asesinos a sangre fría son los protas. (view spoiler)[ Gabriel mata de un codazo en la cara a drogadicto #1 mientras que Lolly remata de un martillazo en una herida en la cabeza de la drogadicta #2 (hide spoiler)]Ni siquiera sentí frío.

  • Melody
    2019-03-27 21:26

    In spite of some poor reviews I read, this wasn't a bad story, but I could understand the aversion people have to paying $22 for what is really the sort of story you'd find as first issued in paperback. Gabriel is just home on leave when his dad, the sheriff, asks him to check on Lorelei to warn her of the impending ice storm. In town to prepare her secluded family home for sale, Lolly is out of cell phone range. The storm hits as Gabriel tries to reach her house and has to abandon his truck and walk instead. What he finds when he arrives and looks through the window are strangers with guns and Lolly attempting to escape out her bedroom window. Set in Maine during a frigidly cold ice storm, the deep freeze we are experiencing in the midwest helps me feel their pain as they try to elude their meth-crazed pursuers and not freeze to death in the process. Their shared experience shows them that the antagonistic attitudes that had toward each other in school actually hid the real people they were inside.

  • Canan^^
    2019-04-19 17:03

    Baktım ki bir Linda furyasıdır gidiyor...edim Canan sende şu yazarla bi tanış...Fırtına okuduğum ve an itibariyle bitirmiş olduğum ilk Linda kitabıdır..Öncelikle kitabın kapağını beğendiğimi söylemeliyim..Konuyla ve mekanla çok uyumlu :)Kitap kısaydı...2-3 saatte bitti...Çünkü aynı zamanda akıcı ve hızlı ilerledi...Lolly'nin tatillerini yaptıkları evi satmak için geldiği eski kasabasında, bir kar fırtınası sonucu evinde mahsur kalması olasılığıyla başlıyor olaylar....Ve Lolly'nin kurtarıcısı da şerifin oğlu olan ve hem ailesini, hemde oğlu Sam'i görmeye gelen Gabriel'den başkası değildir...Bu ikili lise dönemlerinde birbiriyle zıtlaşan iki zıt kutuptur...Zamanla yolları ayrılmış ve bir fırtına onları tekrar bir araya getirmiştir.Fırtınanın yanındaki uyuşturucu bağımlısı ve eli silahlı bonus niteliğindeki iki çiftide unutmamalı...Acaba Lolly'le karşılaşmayı uman Gabriel Lolly'i iki kaçıkla mahsur gördüğünde ne olacaktır?Peki tüm bu kovalamaca arasında Lolly'nin lise aşkı depreşirse ne olur?Okuyup öğrenin derim:)

  • Emily
    2019-04-02 22:26

    Gabriel McQueen is always willing to pitch in where needed, as a military officer no assignment is to tough until his father asks him to check in on Lolly Helton. Gabriel has not seen Lolly in years, but just hearing her name has him on edge in both a good and bad way. When he arrives at her house, he finds that it is going to take all his knowledge to get her out safely with a blistering ice storm on the way and two meth heads creating havoc, it is going to be about survival in order to get through the night.First off love this cover, it completely embraces the atmosphere of the story. The story itself takes place over two days and is riveting, but lacks some of the depth that the main characters need to become believable. I was a bit disappointed overall, but still love Linda Howards books.

  • Tasha
    2019-03-24 01:02

    Too short to form any kind of connection with the characters. This was more like a novella or short story than a novel. The whole book takes place over a course of 24-48hrs. Not at all what I was expecting after reading Burn, which I loved. Won't take but 1.5hrs top to read. Not what I'm used to from Linda Howard.

  • Chinchilla
    2019-04-20 21:11

    No está mal, pero me hubiera gustado que fuera un poco más largo. Es entretenido para pasar una tarde.

  • Mara
    2019-03-23 22:01

    Pricey for a long novella / novelette. Nevertheless the book was intense, even if obviously the romance is just hinted.

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-04-04 21:29

    Since we are coming into the Christmas season I thought I would read a book set during the season but with a little thrill. For a reading challenge I chose to read this book, Ice. I will admit that in the beginning when Lolly’s home was invaded I was a bit on edge. Things between her and her male captor got pretty frightful but that was really the worst of it. After that it was more of the kind of suspense that comes from wondering if Gabe and Lolly were going to be caught or not. Nothing that put my heart in my throat or anything. The romance component of this story was pretty unbelievable. I get that the author tried to build up a background that might have made the romance more believable but really it wasn’t. Gabe went up the hill practically scorning Lolly’s name but something happened during their brief run from the captors and he’s all of a sudden so into her, in more ways that one, he he he. Not really convincing to me. Overall this was a nice book to read for a challenge’s sake and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading it but do not expect too much in terms of romance, suspense, or thrill. It was a decent read.

  • Jo Anne
    2019-04-03 23:11

    I’ve been cleaning out bookshelves and picked up this Linda Howard to read this weekend. Gabriel McQueen and Lolly Helton knew each other in high school, each with their incorrect impressions of the other egged on by their secret attraction for the other along with the whole puberty-high school thing. Both return to small home town for a few days, Gabriel to visit his parents and his young son, and Lolly to get her old homestead ready to put up for sale. Then come the complications of an ice storm, and, of course, some bad guys.Ice is classic Linda Howard. Super characters, great character interaction, lots of stuff happening, lots of suspense, and a hot romance. Read it in one day and enjoyed every page!

  • Valerie
    2019-04-03 01:22

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a short book but full of action and great storyline.

  • Carly Ellen Kramer
    2019-03-29 00:22

    Lightning fast read, but entertaining.

  • Penelope ✘ that awkward girl that doesn't go here ✘
    2019-03-26 18:07

    I'll be the first to admit that four stars may be a little generous for this quick and easy read. This book is more of a solid 3.5 rating but gets an extra half star for reasons and mature feels.Ice is the story of old high school acquaintances Gabriel McQueen and Lorelei "Lolly" Helton who come face to face with danger in the forms of two unstable meth addicts and the looming ice storm that hits their town. Having been sent by the Sheriff, who also happens to be his father, to check on Lolly, Gabriel begrudgingly heads up to her place, only to find two strangers present in the Helton living room. Lolly, being banished to her bedroom by the female meth addict Niki after being physically assaulted by the male meth addict Darwin, immediately springs to action with planning her escape. It is here that Gabriel comes to her aid, and together they brave the storm to make their escape. But as bad luck rears its ugly head and the meth addicts come after them, they both quickly come to the realisation that they'll have to face their attackers if they ever want to survive the terrible ice.I enjoyed this book a lot. It wasn't much of a romance but had some good suspenseful moments that had me tense as I read. I was genuinely terrified reading the scene between Darwin and Lolly. It was so intense, so real that I can't help but give trigger warnings to readers. The two characters, Gabriel and Lolly were certainly likeable, even though I cringed at the nickname Lolly (really, what is wrong with the name Lorelei? Its pretty and it reminds me of Gilmore Girls), I loved how mature and strong they were, more specifically Lolly. She is one tough female, a pure fighter and I was tickled pink at reading about a heroine who uses her own agency to find her answers. And when it came to their relationship, it was mostly no-nonsense, the characters being mature enough to label things how it is, to broach topics such as the direction of their new relationship candidly.Having said this, I really wished this book was a bit longer, that the relationship between the two could have been developed a bit more, just so I could feel a deeper connection. As it was, my feelings toward Gabriel and Lolly are mere warmth, kinda like your comfy and worn house shoes.

  • Book Binge
    2019-04-20 19:09

    Linda Howard has steadily been going downhill with her more recent releases. When Ice was first published I chose not to read it because a) I was disappointed in LH as a whole and b) it was really expensive as a hardcover for the size. Recently it became available at my library, however, so I decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised.Although light on romance, it seemed more of an early Howard novel. The same tension, suspense and drama from her earlier works were here, along with witty dialogue and an interesting setting. The page count didn't lend itself to much, but Howard made do with what she had. Because of the small page count the lack of full HEA at the end (it was more a HFN - let's see where this goes - type of thing) worked well. It didn't take long to become full invested in the plight of Lolly and Gabriel. It helped that they weren't fighting their attraction while fighting for their lives.Gabriel's feelings toward Lolly seemed rather extreme at the beginning of the novel. It had been what, 11 years since he'd last seen her? But still he judged her harshly based on her actions then. Especially since, in all fairness, much of her attitude could be blamed on him and the way he'd constantly teased her. It was good to see him move past that before the meat of the story took hold.Lolly was cool-headed in the face of extreme circumstances. She accepted Gabriel's help without question and followed his lead, knowing he had more experience than she did in dealing with outdoor survival and the criminal element. At times she was almost too calm and cool. Considering the circumstances and the quiet life she lived. In the end I was impressed with the way she handled herself.No, this isn't the Howard I know and love from the late 90's and early 2000's, but it was a lot better than I expected. Still not worth the exorbitant hardcover price, though. Pick it up from the library or on the cheap from the used book store, but don't pay full price for it.3.75 out of 5This review was originally on Book Binge by Holly. You can read her review here: