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Belly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer--they have beBelly measures her life in summers. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer, a place away from the beach house, away from Susannah, and most importantly, away from Jeremiah and Conrad. They are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer--they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one terrible and wonderful summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along....

Title : The Summer I Turned Pretty
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The Summer I Turned Pretty Reviews

  • Ruth
    2019-07-08 07:26

    I nearly melted when Conrad was introduced. That strong, silent, protective guy, why, he was even sexier than Edward Cullen! And although he didn't sparkle, he certainly made up for it by his sorrowful brooding, which my heart soared out to. I mean, who DOESN'T understand when someone who is in pain turns to drinking and picking fights at parties?There is just something so alluring, so captivating, about Conrad, because what he does not say or do in words is immediately engraved in my ever-loving heart. I totally, completely, 101% understand why Belly loved him her entire life. As for Belly, heavy burdens are hard to accept, but World War 3.5 broke out the Summer She Turned Pretty. I totally sympathized with her, with all those choices she had to make. As a famous poet once wrote, "Two roads diverged into a yellow wood. And I, I took the one less traveled by." Like this, Belly did just that. Instead of romancing just one guy, she made the unusual, yet incredibly understandable choice to romance THREE GUYS. And WOW! Was this beautifully conflicting love SQUARE intense!! nearly had a heart-attack, my heart beat so loud in my ears, when THIS scene happened:"Get out of my face," Conrad growled."No." Jeremiah stepped closer, until their faces were inches apart, just like ours had been not fifteen minutes before. In a dangerous voice, Conrad said, "I'm warning you, Jeremiah."So well spoken, so unique, so original, AMEN BROTHER. No scene has truly ever frightened me so much, to the point where I just had to wrench this book out of my own hands and go take ten minutes' breather in the bathroom. But since this review isn't marked with SPOILER, I'll just say that you will have to stop and re-read a few times what has actually happened at this 90-degree-climax. I sympathize so well with Belly, and again, I praise Jenny Han for relating SO WELL, SO WELL, I SAY, to teen girls. Ms. Han really brought this scene to life, it was so intense and completely, reasonably dramatic, my heart literally skipped a beat and I almost had an asthma attack:"I stood by the fire alone and pretended to warm my hands even though they weren't cold. That's when I saw him. He was standing alone too, drinking a bottle of water. It didn't seem like he knew anybody either, since he was standing all by himself." Ah! Ms. Han, you have such an elegant, easy way of making contradicting words and plain sentences flow so naturally! So barely noticeable! Continuing on, He looked like he was my age. But there was something about him that seemed safe and comfortable, like he was younger than me even though he wasn't." Again, what is this? A beautiful paradox? No, paradox isn't even the word. I was so dumbfoundedly awestruck by this sentence that I had to stop, pause, and wonder, what was going to happen next? Really, at this point in the book, things really take a turn around the bend.BUT. I am truly amazed by the way Jenny Han has a talent with words, and finally releasing reader's from their growing suspicion that something more was going on between Belly, Jeremiah, and Conrad:"Things had been weird with me and Conrad and also with me and Jeremiah-an impossible thought crept its way into my head. Was it possible they didn't want me with Came? Because THEY, like, had feelings for me?" I love how Jenny Han seems to remember how teenagers act, because by putting that single unnecessary "like" into the sentence truly, legit, won me over. I had no idea how poetic daily teen slang could have been. There are some things I absolutely ADORED about Belly. She was so realistic in the sense that I felt she was RIGHT IN MY HEAD. Like, seriously, like honestly, like LEGIT:"I didn't answer his question. Instead I said, "I was really good! I could have been dancing in a company by now!" I couldn't have. I wasn't that good, not by any stretch of the imagination." You can tell by this simply put declaration that Belly has given, how much she wants this guy to love her. She has gone so far, and given away her dignity, to BOAST HOW GOOD SHE IS AT BALLET. ""Maybe we can come back later." I knew he didn't mean it. Part of me was mad, and part of me was relieved. It was like craving a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich and then realizing two bites in that you didn't want it after all. I snatched my sweatshirt from him and said, "Don't do me any favors, Cam." Then I walked away as fast as I could, and sand kicked up behind me. I thought he might follow me, but he didn't." This realistic intervention, this sudden, quirky, show of personality really is truly realistic. After all, EVERY teen needs to have their mood swings, but yet, this has shown Belly's true, twisting feelings for the guy she is talking to. I am truly amazed, I had no idea authors could get into my head so easily.I feel proud to be a whiny, annoying teenager, because by the ways things turned out in the end of THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY, there is no doubt that I will Someday Find My Prince in the two hot guys I've obviously known all my life, but who started expressing their feelings towards me the Summer I Turned Pretty.

  • Arlene
    2019-07-16 07:24

    There was so much about this book that bothered me, and I almost gave up on it several times. I think the thing that bothered me most though was the protagonist. Very often, if I can't connect or feel compassion for the main character, the book has slim to no chance of winning me over. In my opinion, Belly was such an immature, self-focused and petulant child. Her actions and feelings about events and people really were annoying that I wanted to shake some sense into her, I'll provide more specifics in a few. But first, one of the biggest things that irk me, and for those that know my reading style, they will laugh because I've said this often times before, I can't stand when an author doesn't tell you the name of the person narrating the story or who the story is about. Very few, maybe like one or two books (The Gargoyle being one) have been exempt from this number one rule of mine,I want to know who is talking to me or who the story is about right away! "Belly" doesn't cut it , especially when I find belly buttons gross and cringe-worthy. Ewwww! It's not until more than half way through the book that we find out her real name is Isabel, but by then it was too late, I was calling her Bellatrix in my head and couldn't get it out. Sorry, but it just happened naturally.Overall, it bothered me how selfish Bellatrix… errr… I mean Belly was to those in her life, including family and friends. For example, her father tried so hard with her by buying her books, a piano and fixing up a room in his new apartment in the hopes she'd come to enjoy spending some time with him, but NOOOOO she didn't like the books he chose, the piano was out of tune and she wanted the yellow sheets, not the pink scratchy sheets. Ugh! Also, she has no real heartfelt relationships with ANYONE. She uses her best friend Taylor by inviting her to the beach house for the sole purpose that maybe she'll be able to fit in better with the crowd because of Taylor, but it ends up backfiring so she ends up resenting her BF. Her relationship with her brother is downright mean and shallow, nothing heartfelt or aww-worthy there. Even her friendship with Jeremiah and Conrad left much to be desired. It bothered me when Jeremiah and Belly overheard a convo between their mothers about Suzanne's breast cancer and Belly had no clue how to comfort him, all she could think of saying was "I hope your mom doesn't lose a boob."Really? That's all you got?? Glad you kept that in your little air-filled noggin and didn't say it out loud. How about just give him a hug and ask him if he's okay or wants to talk?? There were so many opportunities for her to show some depth and growth, but she just fell flat IMO.BUT, the thing that bothered me the most is that she crushes on two brothers. That's just gross!! Pick one and stop with the "I like Jeremiah... no... I like Conrad... oh I shared a Twizzler with Jeremiah now I like him more again... Oh wait I like Conrad's dark and brooding side, I change my mind, I like him better." That gets irritating right quick next to her feeling that life got better for her when she turned pretty. No really, she feltI'm pretty now, life is like sooooo good now! I love being sooooo pretty. I was ugly before and an outsider, but now I'm pretty. Yay for me! Whatevs! *shakes head*Lastly, the writing was simple and the storyline wasn't very complex at all, except for trying to figure out who this Belly girl really was. The story did switch back from present to past in random ways, but I don't consider that complex, just slightly irksome. The one thing the book did have going for it was the setting. I like seaside, beachfront, boardwalk settings, but that wasn't enough to hook me… I'd much prefer a Dessen book to provide me that fix. All in all, there's better out there IMHO.Okay, this review feels sloppy and random... I'll just blame it on the book. DONE!

  • Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
    2019-07-14 07:18

    Amazing...that's only thing i can say! :) I recommend this book to everybody. One of the best books I've ever read :)EDIT: 19 likes for two sentences? seriously, well thank you! Still this book is probably the best summer book ever.

  • Melannie :)
    2019-07-08 07:08

    I didn't like this book.The thing that bother me the most was the girl, Belly, she was VERY annoying. I also just couldn't connect with the story, I mean all the book is about how much she loooooves Conrad (one of her mom's best friend's sons) and everything in her lifes revolves around Conrad.It was bording on obsession actually, she came across as pathetic. And she complained about EVERYTHING, that the boys wouldn't play with her, that the boys weren't paying her attention, that her bestfriend was getting more attention than her, yadda was ENDLESS!.Plus, she was so mean to her mother!, and she kept thinking awful things about her mother and father. She was so snotty and whiny and urgh just overall annoying. I couldn't swallow her.I wanted to like this, the writing was well done, the descrption of the setting was amazing, and there were a lot of cute and funny scenes, ALL OF THEM including Jeremiah (the other son), so I didn't get why Belly was so obsessed with Conrad anyway, he wasn't even an interesting character at all :|I dont need to be reading this, I've had enough Bella Swan for a lifetime. So I'm probably not reading the rest of the series. God knows it was already a big achievement to have finished this one.

  • Judith (Judith'sChoiceReads)
    2019-07-10 12:14

    Rating: 4 1/2 stars Characters: 5 stars Setting: 5 starsPlot: 4Honourable Mention: To Susannah. For being the embodiment of summer, and pretty much perfect.***OOH, possible spoilers ahead guys, watch out!Well. So that was...I feel a lot like this: Because I am sure of two things: 1.) I freaking love this series. And Conrad. I really freaking adore him, more than Jeremiah I am happy to say. Ah, to be young and fictionally in love...2.) This is my new favourite series. And three, because I'm just boss that way:3.) Reading this series takes my mind away from the horror that is snow all around, and while I'm reading this all I imagine are rainbows, the ocean and glorious warmth. Basically by endeavouring to read the rest of the series, I'd like to delude myself longer. What I'm getting at here: Is that this is a well-rounded and great book. I was so hesitant to try it because the other beachy novel on my CR shelf is stale and quite frankly, irrelevant to me at the moment. This however, this was relevant! It had so much heart and such soul...I love Belly, and Beck's boys. You know at the back of books where the book blurb is all like, "...A true tale of touching inspiration and growth?" Well I feel just like that! I feel like donning my creep glasses and jacket and writing something inspirational too! You know what! I will:One step at a time, my friends, this book has touched me. Severely. Summary (brief): Belly is this awkward teenager I couldn't help relating to because at her age I was just as clueless, if not more! She turns pretty one summer and everything changes, her two life-long "friends" begin to act differently and tensions rise as further complications threaten to ruin the tradition of Summer. Let me start off by saying Cousin's beach is a place I most definitely have to go!I started off reading this with a bit of a raised brow because I didn't know if the importance Belly and everyone held for this place would rub off unto me or not. I knew that I really wanted it to and am all kinds of crazy mad-glad it did. Some authors can try to capture the idea of summer, but what Han actually does is that she grabs a hold of the very definition, transforms it and personifies it into a person. And one. Both Belly and Susannah were summer personified to me; summer at different stages. Belly is at the beginning, like a beach inexperienced or sand yet to be tread--she's smooth canvas. Susannah on the other hand is the shore at twilight and she symbolizes something we have yet to ever see, the end of summer. She doesn't get there in this book but the gradual decline taking place is made very evident, and yet through it all she's this picture of dignity, something to behold. I kind of love this woman. Women if you factor in Belly and Han, the author, because I adore them too. This book was so good that I left thinking I would nick-name my baby Belly somehow. Yeah, I know!It was just this awesome ride and reading it was such a privilege, I cannot begin to explain. I have nowhere to begin because I am at a loss for words, all I can say is that I have been thoroughly pleased. And for once (those of you who know me will know just how much of a breach from character this is) I cannot focus solely on the men, I just can't It would be an insult to do so, because despite the fact that they were major and wonderful parts of this book, they just didn't seem to matter more than the overall story. What mattered were Susannah and Belly and their growth because there was so much happening here. So much character development took place that it was crazy and incredible at the same time! This feeling of watching someone learn and transform into something better than what they once were is what drives me to read, I hardly see enough of it in real life. There were things I wished were better resolved, say Cam and Mr. Fisher, I wanted to know the reason for the impending divorce, and I also thought the adorable geek that is Cam deserved at least an explanation! No fair, Bells. Other than that I am good. So good that I already have the second book sitting around somewhere waiting. I'll try reading a bit of Endless Summer again but if nothing comes of it, I'm dropping it like a hot potato. Because every book should be as good as this one.

  • Regan
    2019-07-03 09:11

    4.5? 5? I don't even know, but this book read like a dream and I really enjoyed it. Also, I am terrified about what is going to happen in the later books.

  •  Arushi
    2019-06-29 12:00

    This book made me want to cry tears of blood.Belly, if someone is hurting and tells you to stop talking, you don’t just kiss them. Also, if you and your friend overhear about his mother’s breast cancer, you don’t think thoughts like ‘oh, I hope she doesn’t loose a boob’No. Just, no.My husband does not approve of you.Low Points in this book:Belly.Girl, this is for being whiny and obnoxious. Also, for being a bitch to your mother and thinking that she would never ever do anything for you and for not appreciating her at all. For confusing me every two seconds by saying “i dunt even lyk Conrad. I lyk Jere. And Cam. but omg, hes sexeh mmm” Conrad.Are you sure you’re going to college next year boy? My eight year old cousin is more mature than you. Don't you worry though, puberty will hit you soon enough.Cam.I liked you. How could you do this to me? That is for letting Belly use you to make Conrad jealous. If you hadn’t called her those two times at the end, I would have saved you some of my respect but nope. Sorry.High points in this book:Jeremiah.Since Cam is out of the picture, you’re obviously going to magically turn evil and fuck shit up and hurt Belly so she can hate you and have babies with Conrad. Even though you’ve been her rock and best friend and remembered her birthday. You will feel like shit when the series ends for sticking up for her but guess what? Tough fucking luck.Taylor.You got slut shamed for kissing Belly’s brother and made her flip shit. You're invited to party with me.That’s it. Call me a masochist but I’ll read the next two books. Why? Because I like to torture myself that’s why. Or maybe because I’m hoping that Belly grows up and kicks Conrad once between the legs. My life will be complete.

  • Maureen
    2019-06-22 07:19

    3.5/5I was in the mood for a YA contemporary romance and this was perfect for that. I loved the story, even if most of the characters were not super developed. Just a good ol' YA contemporary romance.I liked Belly for the most part even though she was a little bratty at times, LOVED Jeremiah, liked Cam alright, and didn't really love Conrad most of the time. Overall, pretty alright! I'm excited to read the rest of the trilogy.

  • Hershey
    2019-07-08 05:01

    ☼ An awesome summer read ☼This story was so cute! I loved all the characters because each and every one of them made me grin happily. Belly"It was a summer I'd never, ever forget.It was the summer everything began. It was the summer I turned pretty." Belly's whole life was measured in summers. According to her, winter didn't count. It was summer that mattered. Why? Because she gets to meet her two favorite boys, Conrad and Jeremiah.I found Belly very amusing and fun to read about. She was such a lovable character! And I liked her even more when I found out that I could easily relate to her. Conrad Conrad was this moody character whose next move you can't predict. I liked him a lot. He was the darker one when compared to his other brother Jeremiah. He was also a very complicated character. Belly found him frustrating in many events but she didn't give up on him. Jeremiah Jeremiah was the humorous and brighter one. See? He can't even stay still without laughing in the picture :D Jeremiah was an easy - going character who took everything with a casual attitude. He was the fun one. I can't say Conrad wasn't as good as Jeremiah. Both the brothers were awesome in their own way.Jenny Han has written an entertaining and an enjoyable novel. After reading too many paranormal romance novels, I believe I likedcontemporary romance a lotas in everything was normal here. No supernatural stuffs to make your favorite characters stick together. Everything was normal and simple in this book. Nothing far - fetched or complicated.If you love simple novels with cute lovable characters then this book is certainly perfect for you. The Summer I turned pretty was a quick, enjoyable, entertaining and a summery read. Like I mentioned earlier, it was anawesome summer read!

  • Perpetual Writer's Block
    2019-06-29 08:26

    DISCLAIMER: This is a very negative review, so if you don't like hearing unpopular opinions, I would advise against reading it.WHY DID I DECIDE TO READ THISI almost hate this book. I like to find the good in every book I read, because there's always something, so I never say I hate a book. Even so, this one comes close.~Why I Read This Book~So here's a bit of my background when it comes to Jenny Han:I read To All The Boys I've Loved Before a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a fun read, but it wasn't. It was one of the worst books I've ever read (click here for my review). So, why did I think reading The Summer I Turned Pretty was a good idea?Well, everyone seems to love Jenny Han's books. Both of her books that I've read have had mostly positive reviews and they have so many 5-star ratings I'm starting to lose faith in humanity. I wanted to read another one of her novels because I really feel like I'm missing something. I want to love her books as much as everyone else seems to, but I just can't.I won't be reading any more, thank God. The Summer I Turned Pretty was more than just boring and badly written, I found parts of it very offensive.---> THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD. However, I don't recommend reading the book, so I wouldn't worry about spoiling the predictable, aggravatingly dull plot.~Why I Almost-Hate This Book~Let's look at the premise of this novel, shall we?Belly, a fifteen year old teenager (who still introduces herself as Belly, as opposed to Isabel, for some reason), loves summer. She loves going to her mother's best friend, Susannah,'s beach house for three months and hanging out with her friends there. She loves swimming and tanning and Kool-Aid. Most of all, though, she loves Conrad.And Jeremiah, we can't forget him. And then there's this other guy who comes later.So, yeah, she has a crush on Conrad, Susannah's son, and sometimes she also likes Jeremiah, her other son.(Reason #1) These are the guys who she's hung out with every summer for her entire life. They should be like brothers to her, shouldn't they? Nope. Apparently not. So, yeah, any time she talked about liking one of them I cringed. It seemed ever-so-vaguely questionable.(Reason #2) Anyway, this is the summer in which Isabel is finally pretty. We know this because as soon as she gets there, Conrad and Jeremiah check her out. They then proceed to talk about how she got contacts and is no longer wearing glasses.So... you're pretty as soon as you stop wearing glasses?No. NO. NOPE. That is SO STUPID JUST STOP.Later in the book, Isabel refers to her 8th grade self, who wore glasses and had a retainer, as being her "before [she] turned pretty." As someone who had, God forbid, not just a retainer, but braces, I find this offensive. Just to make it clear, NO OTHER CHARACTERISTICS OF HER APPEARANCE ARE MENTIONED EXCEPT 1. her glasses 2. her retainer 3. her boob sizeNO ONE CAN HELP WHETHER THEY NEED GLASSES OR A RETAINER OR NOT. NO ONE CAN CONTROL HOW BIG THEIR CHEST IS. NO ONE CAN CONTROL HOW THEY LOOK. STOP GIVING TEENAGERS THIS IDEA THAT WHAT MAKES SOMEONE BEAUTIFUL IS ONLY SUPERFICIAL THINGS THEY CAN'T CHANGE.(Reason #3) Not only does Han portray beauty as such, but she also makes it seem like appearance is the most important factor in someone's happiness. Example:"'You've always been lovely, but oh honey, look at you.' She shook her head like she was in awe of me. 'You're so pretty. So pretty. You're going to have an amazing, amazing summer.'"Yeah, Susannah, one of the largest role models in Isabel's life, actually tells her that because she is pretty, she will have the best summer ever.What. The. Censored.No. NO. NO. A person's appearance does not determine their life quality. It does not make them a good person. It does not make them interesting.BUT EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS GODDAMN NOVEL SEEMS TO THINK THAT BEAUTY IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.(Reason #4) When Isabel falls for a guy outside of the family, he tells her that,"Do you know why I remembered you?"..."You mean from Latin Convention?"..."It's because I thought you were really pretty. Like, maybe the prettiest girl I'd ever seen."She proceeds to swoon over him and marvel at how he thought she was pretty even though he saw her "before [she] was pretty." When he tells her that,"I almost messed up my Catullus speech on purpose, so you'd win,"she actually likes him more.I have many issues with this. So, Isabel thinks it's adorable that a guy was attracted to her just for her looks even before she turned pretty. She thinks it's even cuter that he would want to lose a competition just so she could win... not because of her presentation, her intelligence, or her creativity, but because he thought she was hot.I love how this is portrayed as being a good thing, like this makes their relationship special. If he had been referring to her being attractive post turning pretty, would it have been as cute?No, because then he would have just been another guy who only wants to get with a girl for her looks.WAIT, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE IS.Yes, world, even though he thought she was attractive when she had a retainer, he still liked her for superficial reasons only. It still counts pre-beautification.And the part about him wanting to let her win? That's just plain insulting. I don't know about Isabel, but I would find that condescending as hell. If I'm going to win or lose, I want it to be on my own terms.(Reason #5) So Isabel and pretty-boy Cam Cameron are taking a walk at midnight on the beach. Izzy decides that she wants to go skinny dipping, so she flirtatiously asks Cam whether he would like to join her.He says yes, but then, when he realized she's serious, says no. Her response?"I stared at him. Wasn't he the one who was supposed to be convince me? 'Are you serious?' What I really wanted to say was, Are you gay?"*bangs head against table**cries**bangs head against table harder*I don't need to explain why Isabel's reaction is wrong, you should be able to get that for yourself. I don't think I could do it well, anyway, I'm so angry I'm incoherent.But, yeah, in case you were wondering, a guy not wanting to participate in a sexual activity with a girl does not make him gay.(Reason #6) Conrad and Jeremiah, despite their occasional nice moments, were jerks to their little sister/love interest, Isabel. They treated her like a stupid little kid, even though she's only a few years younger. I get that this is a kind've realistic dynamic, but the idea that she still likes them after they act like annoying and sometimes mean brothers is so, so weird. I just do not get her. At all.I'm the youngest in my family, including cousins. I've been in Isabel's position. It never made me feel any closer to my relatives, instead it made me get really angry at them. Funnily enough, this shared quality between me and Isabel didn't make me like her any more than I did already. If anything, it just made the book get on my nerves more.(Reason #7) Other than the plot and all the annoyances there, the writing itself was pretty bad. Random semi-colons and forced character-development. The ending felt like a complete and utter random plot twist that didn't surprise me at all and added nothing to the book. The only thing it did was make me feel ever so slightly guilty for disliking the characters.Here are some examples of the bad writing that I couldn't resist putting in here:"You'll look after him, won't you?""Who?""You know who.""Yes," I whispered, still holding on tight."Good," she said, sighing. "He needs you."I didn't ask who "he" was. I didn't need to.She clearly needed to ask who "he" was, she just did. She literally just asked who."Jeremiah broke the silence like breaking the top of a creme brulee."What does that even mean?And then there's the last chapter, which is full of Isabel talking about "him." This is where I ask who "him" is, loudly and in the most obnoxious way possible. I get that it was for mystery or something, but it was executed in a way that made it seem more like a mistake.I strongly dislike this book. I may be the only one who does, but I will still stand by my opinion that The Summer I Turned Pretty is an awful novel and gives YA fiction a bad name. That is all.

  • Grace (BURTSBOOKS)
    2019-07-17 05:10

    Hi, so this book isn't technically a five-star read. It's a little cliche and a lot cheesy and centres around a love triangle and just is not a literary masterpiece. I don't care about any of that though because this is the book I was reading before I was a reader. This is the book that made me want to read. This was the first book I read into the night. The first book I couldn't put down. This was the book of my preteen years and the nostalgia I feel for this book surpasses any reservations I have about the plot now that I'm not 12 anymore. I've read this book upwards of fifteen times and no matter what stage of my life I'm at, I love it. These characters feel like family. The beach house feels like my own vacation home and the words feel like they live in my brain. So yeah, it isn't a perfect book and is the exact opposite of what I tend to lean towards nowadays but forever and ever and ever it will be a symbol of my love of reading and I will always be fond.

  • Aj the Ravenous Reader
    2019-07-17 06:29

    I read it in one sitting. Even though there’s a thin air of sadness coating the story’s atmosphere, to me it was still familiar, warm and comforting. Jenny Han’s writing and stories usually do that. I appreciate how the first book to this trilogy is more like a coming off age novel more than anything. The writing actually reminds me of that of Shug, a middle school book written by Ms. Han which was completely endearing. The entire story happens in a span of an entire summer but I was impressed with how the book managed to get me to know the individual characters in the story so well and in only a matter of less than 300 pages. The tangle of young love and love triangles expected of childhood friendships is adorably portrayed. I can’t wait to read the second book which I’m doing exactly now. One of the perks of getting sick- I get to stay at home and read all day long. Woot!

  • Nina
    2019-07-19 07:28

    *** 2.5 stars ***“Would you rather live one perfect day over and over or live your life with no perfect days but just decent ones?” I started reading ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ because I felt like a reading slump was heading my way and a couple of people told me that this would be the perfect book to read in such a situation. And it actually is because this was such a quick read and I finished it in less than a day. It’s also a perfect summer read that you can enjoy while spending your time on the beach.But even though it was a cute book, it was also very cliché and often quite predictable. But that wasn’t the worst thing about this book because it’s something I can usually live with. The worst thing was definitely the main character, Belly. She was such an annoying character and such a whiny little brat. I know that this is a coming of age novel and many girls that age might tend to behave like her but in my opinion, she was just way over to the top. She was complaining so much, she literally made me want to rip my hair out at some points. Belly was constantly going on about how badly the boys were treating her, how they were always treating her like a child (though she was the one that constantly acted like a 9-year-old) and how they never asked her to come along when going somewhere. She literally made them responsible for everything she didn’t like, for example how she didn’t know anyone in the town they spend their summer breaks in because it would’ve been their job to take her to parties … like seriously though, what the hell? She can walk and talk, she should’ve left the house herself and made her own friends in that town instead of spending all her summer sulking because the three boys just preferred doing their own things. She was literally such a pain in the neck, I think she was even more annoying than America from the Selection series and I actually thought that was impossible.All of this just made me feel like I was way too old for this book and I really don’t know if I’ll actually continue this series even though I liked the other characters. I loved Conrad, Jeremiah and Steven and I also think that this book was generally very well written. But because of the main character and the fact that I felt a little too old for the entire story, I can only give TSITP 2.5 out of 5 stars.(PS: I’m sorry about the fact that half of this review is just me complaining about the MC but she was literally driving me insane!)

  • Zoë
    2019-07-05 12:15

    Perfect book to get me into the summer mindset! I started reading it this morning when I got to the beach and I didn't stop until I read the entire book. This book is about more than summer and romance, but also family, self, and loss. I enjoyed every single character and how they were more complex than they first appeared. I definitely want to read the rest of the series soon (and also go to the beach a couple dozen more times).

  • Jessie
    2019-07-19 06:27

    Just some thoughts.Actual rating: 2.5 starsBelly: Belly's pretty much clueless the whole time. She thinks the world revolves around her but it doesn't. She's shallow as hell. But for some reason, she doesn't annoy me too much. (She was getting on my nerves a lot toward the end of the book, though.) Overall, she's just an okay character.(view spoiler)[Though I can't believe how she treated Cam...she just abandoned him after using him for so long. What the heck?(hide spoiler)] I also don't get how she could be best friends with Taylor. She's such an ass. And the mother-daughter relationship? Ugh. Please, just grow up, Belly. And stop pining over Conrad all the time. There are things in life that are much more important than boys. Just...please start using your brain. Conrad: Conrad's pretty much selfish the whole time. I didn't like how he was all mean to Belly and everyone around him. Even though bad stuff kept happening and all, it's not right to take it out on others. I still root for Conrad, though. <3 (I love the name, by the way!)Jeremiah: Sweet, funny, cute. The pole opposite of Conrad. Although he's a bit lacking of personality and depth, he's a pretty decent character.Steven:I actually liked him. Even though he's not an important character, I like how realistic he is. Although I didn't like how he never includes Belly in their little team and all, I suppose that's how a brother should act in real life.Cam:It really surprised me how *important* he is in this book. I thought he was going to be (view spoiler)[abandoned (hide spoiler)] a lot sooner, so it really shocked me how he was around so much and stayed toward the end. I still feel bad for him, though. He was a pretty nice guy.The plot: Basically nothing happens. I was expecting something...between (view spoiler)[Conrad and Belly. But it doesn't happen until the very end. *sigh* (hide spoiler)] The story was a bit...flat. It's like reading about what Belly's schedule over and over again, which means swimming, movie, Cam, more Cam, pining, drooling over Conrad. I just...couldn't care less.The writing: I do NOT appreciate the weird constant switch of time period. It's both confusing and frustrating as hell. One minute you're reading what is happening right now, and the other it just suddenly jumps to something that happened that morning or even years ago. It's really annoying. So, please, stop that. The ending: What is with that ending? I don't get it. It's just so random. I'm confused here.Despite all that, I did like it, it was a quick and entertaining read. It might be a bit boring at times, but it's still pretty fun most of the time. This is basically your average summer read. Nothing special, but entertaining nonetheless.

  • Josu Grilli
    2019-07-15 12:19

    No llega al aprobado por muchos motivos, pero tampoco se lleva la menor puntuación por otros. Me explico:El verano en que me enamoré prometía ser una novela sencilla y rápida de leer, y lo ha sido. Sin duda, es lo mejor de esta historia: lo simple y rápida que es. Sin embargo, eso no significa que sea buena. De hecho, tiene muchísimos fallos.La primera mitad de la novela no tenía rumbo ninguno. DE VERDAD. ¿Qué me cuentas de Taylor? ¿Qué me importa que jugases en la piscina con tus super amigos que luego pasan de ti? No entendía nada. En ningún momento eso luego tiene relevancia en la novela, y si la tiene, es para entender un par de diálogos. Nada más. Jenny Han parecía tener que rellenar cierto número de páginas, porque era relleno del puro.Sin embargo, aproximadamente en la mitad, aparece un nuevo personaje que adereza un poco lo soso que estaba siendo todo hasta el momento. Eso la verdad es que le ha dado otro toque a la novela y ha conseguido mover ciertas tramas. Lo agradezco mucho, en serio. Aunque de todos modos, luego vuelva a decaer...El romance está mal llevado prácticamente durante toda la novela, muchas situaciones son incoherentes y los personajes... En fin, no me ha gustado ninguno. Pero ninguno. Además, Jeremiah y Conrad (los amigos de la protagonista durante el verano), no paraban de soltar perlas machistas que pasan desapercibidas en la novela, pero que tela.En definitiva, una novela que no cuesta leer pero llena de fallos. No he conseguido conectar con los personajes y he sentido que no ha pasado nada en toda la novela. No continuaré con la saga, lamentablemente.

  • Leslie
    2019-07-10 13:15

    4.5 This book really surprised me. I loved it! Like CAN I HAVE A CONRAD... (Preferably One who doesn't smoke)

  • Sky
    2019-07-14 06:19

    DNF at 30%I’m sorry to anyone who loved this book. I’m glad you loved this book, really! But this is what makes book world, book world; diversity in opinions.Okay, The summer I turned pretty is about a girl named Belly (I know), who every summer goes to this beach house they share with their mother’s best friend, who by chance has two swoon-worthy boys. I was not interested, I was not intrigued, I felt literally nothing. By now the characters names are slipping out of my grasp. Belly, our MC, is a whinny kid teenager who does nothing but complain. She complains that her mama didn’t throw a hissy fit after the divorce. She complains that the boys didn’t play with her. Heck, she complains about the fact that the boys need the toilet seat pulled up and she doesn’t, which reminds her that she’s different than them.
First off, I know no mom who will let their 16..? year old daughter share a bathroom with her brother and his 2 GROWN FRIENDS, while she has her own damn private bathroom. This book was… Vague? Nothing remotely interesting happens. I’m guessing a love triangle is on it’s way, but I see no reason for a love triangle. In real life when you have to choose between a guy who’s moody, dark, and oh-so-mysterious, you go for the damn perky brother! The way the author tried to match up their appearances with their personalities got me to tears. I remember when I was 12 I used to read these cheesy romance stories online where the author named her characters Tune, Pride, etc.. because obviously one can sing and the other is prideful..? Well it wasn’t in English so it didn’t sound as bad. I couldn’t help but compare this with it, Conrad with his smirky kind of mouth, and his dark eyes and dark soul and dark BS. And Jeremiah with his messy blonde hair, dishevelled appearance, and perky personality. I just couldn’t not bring myself to laugh. And why is this book so obsessed with appearances? Looking pretty or in Belly’s case; prettier won’t change your entire life. That just shows how shallow these characters are.“You're so pretty. So pretty. You're going to have an amazing, amazing summer. It'll be a summer you'll never forget.” Because that’s all it takes to have the summer of your life!Also, the writing style was just one dimensional, I didn’t feel anything for the characters, I didn’t care for them; no hate nor love. I’m disappointed I didn’t enjoy this as much as many others. Oh well, I hope I like To all the boys I’ve loved before.

  • Vathna Dany
    2019-07-10 10:30

    284 pages where absolutely nothing happened.I originally wanted to give it a star, but well, at least I finished the book, so this is me being nice. I've read many books with annoying-but-bearable protagonists, but this one made me want to pull my own hair out.Belly wasn't that bad, but whenever I tried to like her, she immediately did something entirely stupid and I just had to hate her all over again. Not exaggerating, but she was annoying 90% of the time. Like how many boys was she interested in at the same time? Did she even realize she was basically hurting every one of them by making a move on all of them at once? (Probably not on Jeremiah at least, but he was hurt by it too, okay?)Belly was constantly lying to herself about who she actually liked. It was so damn obvious that it had always been Conrad, but what did she do? Flirt with everyone else to make him jealous? Seriously? *roll eyes for the 100th time* Look, I've been avoiding this cliche all my life. Also, can she just stop whining about every single thing that happened? I honestly hate that kind of main characters. PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING AND ENJOY EVEN JUST AN HOUR OF YOUR LIFE.Plus, please stop overreacting at stuff that wasn't even that bad to begin with.My other complaints about this book includes:Boring love interest(s): What kind of romance novel have such boring love interests? I didn't even get to know that much about any of them and the book ENDED. What was the whole plot even about? The whole thing couldn't actually have been only about a very annoying Isabel and her constant complaints of her long-time crush not liking back.... Right?Hell no. And don't even get me started on how many boys there were. 3. I really really dislike love triangles but at least that was endurable. But THIS?! NOooooO. Just no. To make it worse, I absolutely cheered for none of them. Everyone was just completely dull. And (for the third time, maybe) Belly's whiny narration didn't help.Writing Style:-Too much dialogue and not enough feels into the story.-Very easy to go through but absolutely no plot at all.-Chapters are too short and are often cut off to skip to another scenes. (It's extremely frustrating.)I really don't want to read the second book, but please blame my curious brain that wants to know what happens next. So, I just hope the second book will get better and else I'll flip.

  • Amy (Turn the Page)
    2019-07-11 12:25

    The Summer I Turned Pretty is the first book in a YA series that by all accounts, seems to be well-loved and incredibly popular.It’s your typical teenage love-triangle set against a pretty backdrop of sea, sun and sand, and not a whole lot else. With these types of books, when we all know what’s going to happen, it’s the characters and dialogue that really make the story.It’s a pity then, that I so intensely disliked Isabel.She was, to put it bluntly, a brat. (Other words I came to associate with her included, but were not limited to: dull, spoilt, petulant, willfully ignorant, entitled little… madam.)The moment Conrad, the elder boy-next-door is described, it’s so very obvious where this is all going, but it will still take three books to get there. And that’s great… if you enjoy the books. Sadly, I really, really didn’t. Conrad is the brother Isabel (sorry, but I simply refuse to call her Belly) has been obsessed in love with since she was ten. The dark-haired, soulful, guitar-playing one. Great at everything without even trying and who, interestingly, shows no apparent interest in Isabel for most of the book. His younger brother, Jeremiah doesn’t stand a chance really. Needless to say, I actually liked him better, although it’s a shame his character is never really developed beyond the designated lighthearted best friend. Perhaps it’s for the best, Jeremiah, when all’s said and done. I sense some painful times ahead for you.I can totally see why this series is such a hit – what teenage girl doesn’t dream of suddenly morphing into a natural beauty, not to mention having all these hot guys fighting over you? But as an older reader, hearing over and over and over again how Isabel has ‘blossomed’ overnight quickly started to grate. It annoyed me that all anyone has to say about Isabel is related to her good looks. It irritated me that Isabel doesn’t have any hobbies, friends, aspirations, or life outside of the two months she spends at Cousin Beach. I disliked her attitude and her mooning over Conrad. And I absolutely hated how she played one brother of the other.Thankfully and rather refreshingly, Han doesn’t feel the need to give one brother the typical bad-boy persona in this love-triangle. The natural choice would be Conrad, but in reality, he and Isabel barely interact, we just constantly hear about him courtesy of you-know-who. It’s almost painful to read really. Isabel acts as though they are in a romantic relationship when really it’s all in her head. She’s like a possessive, slightly crazy, ex-girlfriend. At one point, Conrad tells her, quite rightly, that there is no way that she, a 15-year-old kid, is leaving a party alone in the car of some strange guy that none of them even know. Isabel, in response, promptly throws a tantrum and literally screams insults at him and the girl he is talking to at the time. Conrad doesn’t treat Isabel badly, he treats her like she is: a whiney kid. Because, sadly, that’s all this girl does. Obsess and sulk.Isabel is, I suppose, a stereotypical portrayal of a teenager. Incredibly young, naive, hormonal and completely self-absorbed. I imagine some readers will feel sorry for her, perhaps relate to how she is feeling, that first major crush, the pains of growing up etc. I couldn’t. I just didn’t like her. Isabel may well grow up a lot in the next two books, but I don’t have the patience or the inclination to watch this girl manipulate these two guys any further, going back and forth between them and probably forever damaging their relationship as brothers in the process. (There was also a third guy, Cam, who was far too nice and intelligent to deserve to be treated the way he was.)The highlight of the book, for me, was the friendship between Susannah and Isabel’s mother. I loved how close they were, the way they confided their hardships and marriage problems in one another, how they would get away from life for a little while every summer to connect with themselves and each other, no men allowed. It was interesting seeing their relationship through Isabel’s eyes and I felt Han captured their bond very well. I just wish the story had focused on this aspect instead of being all about teenage angst.I didn’t hate The Summer I Turned Pretty, but I’d be lying if I said I thought it was good storytelling. It wasn’t until I had finished reading, that it occurred to me just how little there is to this book, and just how much I disliked the main character. Do I recommend it? No. Though I suppose it’s a reasonable enough choice for a summer beach read, if you’re not the kind to be put off by a lack of real plot (which the constant backwards and forwards timeline couldn’t disguise), underdeveloped or underused characters or a worn-out, cliché, set up. But really, why bother, when there are so much more engaging and fun, summer-romance books out there to be read?

  • leni
    2019-07-04 08:25

    where the fuck am i?oh righti eye rolled myself into another dimension

  • Aly (Fantasy4eva)
    2019-06-20 13:10

    Rating: 4.5I'm so glad I bought this with me now. It's one of those books that guarantee's you butterflies and giggles.Every summer Belly visits cousins Beach with her mother and brother. There they meet up with Susannah (her mothers best friend) and her two boy's, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly has always loved Conrad. But she has always been able to rely on Jer. He's the safety net, the sweet, uncomplicated best friend type-of-guy. But this summer promises to be different. You see, Belly's all grown up and both boys can no longer ignore the obvious. Belly's turning into a woman, a pretty woman.What I love most are those spine tingling moments. Where my own reaction matches Belly's so closely. It's kind of hard not to be mad at her when she does dumb things, to not fall in love with Conrad when he gives you that sly grin, and feel sorry for poor Jeremiah. To not want to hold Susannah.Reading it a second time did bring a few things to my attention. For one, I'm not too sure if I like Belly's mum all that much. And I'm not okay with Susannah not talking her boys through the divorce. To just leaving them in the dark.I fell in love with this book all over again in those short few hours. But a lot of the time I tried to hold back frustration when it came to knowing how much of a mess the last book would be. I tried to ignore that part. To focus on what I was reading at that very moment. It's easier said then done.So it's not all that deep. But dammit I can't forget how it made me feel the first time I read it. Hardcore butterflies. A book hasn't made me feel like that in a long time. And even now when I read a line or two involving Conrad being his usual cool self. Dude, I swoon.

  • Shaikha
    2019-07-20 08:10

    "I think he would have stayed with her forever, trying to figure out the mystery. He was a puzzle solver, the kind of person who likes theorems, theories. X always had to equal something. It couldn't just be X".Isabel "Belly" measures her life in summers, it has always been the most important time of the year. Everything good, everything magical and everything special happens between the months of June and August. It's when her family shares a beach house with her mother's best friend, Susannah, and her two sons. Like Belly's older brother, Steven, Susannah's boys have always thought of Belly as their younger sister. Jeremiah and Conrad; they are the boys that Belly has known since her very first summer - they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one wonderful and terrible summer, everything changes.A beautiful book that hit me right in the feels.I couldn't decide whether to give this 4 or 5 stars, so I'm settling for 4.5/5As usual, I cried like a baby and I absolutely cannot wait to read the second book. 😩📚Oh and guys, I have a crush on Conrad... 👅

  • AleJandra
    2019-06-21 05:22

    2 Bad Jenny Han STARS"It's the imperfections that make things beautiful." POP SUGAR READING CHALLENGE 2016 A BOOK THAT TAKES PLACE DURING SUMMERNo hay mucho que decir de este libro, porque la historia no dice mucho realmente. Yo buscaba una lectura ligera por eso escogí esta, pero no me imagine que tan ligera sería, los últimos capítulos tienen un poquito de drama, pero hasta eso se siente ligero. Tenia planeado darle las 3 estrellas, pero le baje una por una simple razón: (view spoiler)[Los triángulos amorosos no me molestan, lo que me molesta es que la chica siempre se quede con el chico mas predecible, aunque este chico sea de lo peor. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Brooke
    2019-07-17 06:11

    Awe, this was a great book! Very relatable and surprisingly heart breaking. There's just something about ocean air and summer days that make growing up easier. I loved this story.

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    2019-06-28 07:12

    Re-read 8/1/17: I needed a fast, fun re-read after the chaos of booktubeathon and this perfectly fit the bill for me. I'm keeping my rating at 4 stars because while I did have some issues with it, I still enjoyed this SO much. Also older Chelsea is over Conrad's shit tbh. It's all about Jeremiah now. JUSSSS SAYIN'Original read 4/25/14: *hugs myself* oh, conrad

  • Sofii♡ (A Book. A Thought.)
    2019-06-26 05:27

    “Moments, when lost, can't be found again. They're just gone.” This book was so sweet and romantic, it's a great read for valentines.4.5 / 5 StarsFind this one and more reviews on my blog! :A Book. AThought. I've loved this one guys,again I'm trapped by the incredible Jenny Han writing style , really is one of those authors who know how to put together a catchy story that will make you feel many things, I think her books are so easy to read, I've just flow through the pages, was great.My first experience with Jenny was with Burn for Burn and Fire with Fire books that I have loved very much, they're original and again, easy to read, I still need to finish this trilogy but I think I'll do it soon because I'm very interested on it.Back to "The Summer I Turned Pretty", this book is about a girl named Belly who loves summers, so much so that she basically tells her life through summers, which happens in the beach house of her mother's best friend, along with her mother and her brother, there also are Conrad and Jeremiah who are the children of this woman. This is like a tradition that their families have and runs every summer since Belly has about 10 years old I think.“When you walk on the beach at night, you can say things you can't say in real life.” The plot is told in first person by Belly that in addition to telling us her present and what is happening, also tells us her past, so we have chapters of the past and others of the present, that I liked very much because it puts us very well on the situations and understand more the behavior, the decisions and thoughts of the characters.I really like Belly as a main character, I was not 100% according to her behavior during the story but if I can get to understand the why and I also think it's a stereotype of a "normal" girl with which everyone can feel Identified, so I like her and I think that surely will have time to mature and grow in the following books.“It's the imperfections that make things beautiful” Speaking of the other characters, I love Jeremiah so much, he is super sweet, attentive and funny, I really liked him from the beginning is a warm person, it's pleasant to read about him, his dialogues are always honest, fun and great to read.On the other hand we have Conrad, who is the typical miterious guy, who keeps everything to himself and treats others like shit without explanation, lol, the truth is that I really liked him close to the end , when you understand the things that he had to been through , it's like if you can feel more stuck to him, but most of the book I thought he was an idiot, so I still don't know where to go with him.In addition to the obvious romance in the plot, the love quartet in which I suddenly see myself immersed, in addition to all that, this book touches other issues such as the importance of family, friendship despite everything and a disease as serious as cancer is, so they will surely be on a roller coaster of emotions just as I was.“Best friends are important. They're the closest thing to a sister you'll ever have.” We have fun moments, serious moments also, sad and emotional, I think the variety of emotions that made me feel were so strong, and at the same time you don't stay stuck in reading ever, and I could go on to the next topic quite well, and that's why I emphasize with the writing style, because it's super fluent and unique :).I recommend it a lot for those who want to enjoy a summer reading, romantic, with a lot of friends and fun times, for those who don't have afraid to shed a couple of tears too, because the experience is quite complete and you will feel many things, consider yourself advised and enjoy! :)

  • ☽ MaryJane ✨
    2019-06-22 13:02

    THIS WAS SO CUTE The Summer I Turned Pretty managed to be the exact cute, light-hearted, quick read I needed. It was pretty straight forward and predictable but was entertaining enough that I didn't really mind. There isn't anything super special about the plot of the characters, it just has a nice feel to it overall that makes this a pleasant read. Definitely worth reading if you're into YA contemporary!

  • ☾Poppet
    2019-07-12 13:01

    (2015 review)★★★★ I don’t know how to feel about this covers it could be so much worse than what it is, i personally don’t like them. When i finished this a couple of hours a go, i stayed up all night reading this! i gave the book 5 stars with a real rating of 4.5 but now that i think about it it’s really just 4 solid stars since they where things that bothered me, little things but still i feel this is the best rating that i could give to the book. I was looking for something short to read and sort of simple (because fucking reading slump) and i found this book so yeah why not? The reading style is so simple it doen’t have anything fantastic on it, first person.The characters didn’t have so much back story, they weren’t the most interestig thing and that is always dissapointing. Now i know how a lot of people was complaining about the fact that Belly is annoying in some certain points, wich she is sometimes but if you have read some of my reviews before you’ll know that i have empathy for some annoying characters becausei can be really annoying irl ¬‿¬Im very tolerant with this type of people buuut there was some scenes that she got really on my nerves (view spoiler)[When Belly goes to Conrad at the end and she starts telling him that she loves him, i was happy for her thinking that if she told this things to Conrad, Belly will feel better and then she’ll move on BUT IT WASN’T LIKE THAT. She starts with all her shit of “you love me admit it” and yeah it may had been that way but Conrad and Jeremiah were going throught other personal stuff wich she knew but she start with the drama and at this point i was mad with her (hide spoiler)]Conrad. I don’t know if i should justify the fact that he was pushing away people and being quite selfish because of what was happening with his family, so im not completly sure if i like him yet. Jeremiah, well he was a sweet cupcake nothing wrong with him, i liked his character but poor him (view spoiler)[ he had to fall in love with Belly and she doesn’t love him :( (hide spoiler)]I was confused with the end so if i still have energy left since i barely slept i’ll start the second book today["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jude
    2019-07-15 07:06

    I’ve heard a lot of gushing and good reviews about this novel, and that it has a lot of similarities to Sarah Dessen’s stories. Well, let me tell you, I do NOT agree, and I’m a HUGE fan of Sarah Dessen, and to compare it with her works? To be honest I find it insulting, even if Sarah Dessen herself said that this story was great, I just didn’t feel it. And it's not because I had a lot of expectations of the book, I swear I had never heard of it, but it seemed interesting, and it had a 30% off.Belly is a great character, she is very easy to relate too, she’s a 16-year old that's trying to find herself and she has always been in love with this one guy, and now she sees a possibility with him. I really did like Belly, but I just didn’t like Conrad- Conrad being the guy she’s in love with, I found him to be a really annoying character, and sometimes he was plain rude to Belly, and to me, he acted childish, even though he was the oldest and most “mature” between him, his brother – Jem – and Belly. And yes, at the end Conrad does look at Belly like more than a friend, but I really think she practically forced him, and I never understood her attraction to him. A lot more goes through Belly’s summer, she develops a few other crushes and suffers a few situations that were very hard.The story has a lot of flashbacks of old summer memories of Belly, I just find long flashbacks completely annoying and total turnoffs, I set the book aside at least four times, and then picked it up again just to see if it would get any better. It didn't. And as for the end, I was like, What?! The whole story, the freakishly annoying flashbacks, and her struggles, for THIS! It's not even a real ending and it leaves tons of questions unanswered! That's when I found out that it was a series, but not even the bad ending (for me of course) will be enough to make me read the next one.Maybe I’m wrong and crazy, and it’s the best book ever. I’ve just seen way too many good reviews, the curious thing is that all the good reviews I’ve read are from older people, I suppose it reminds them of when they were young. I simply didn’t found it great. I’ll leave this book to you guys, you should read it and make your own opinion, I just never found the spark.