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"WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A CHILD. YOU NEED TO COME HOME SO WE CAN GET MARRIED."So wrote Hannah Gustavson to her childhood sweetheart, the father of her baby. But with no response, she was forced to marry another man ... her lover's brother.Tall, handsome and honorable, Judd Seavers could make any woman's heart race. Hannah was no exception, and she was awed by the ex-soldier w"WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A CHILD. YOU NEED TO COME HOME SO WE CAN GET MARRIED."So wrote Hannah Gustavson to her childhood sweetheart, the father of her baby. But with no response, she was forced to marry another man ... her lover's brother.Tall, handsome and honorable, Judd Seavers could make any woman's heart race. Hannah was no exception, and she was awed by the ex-soldier who gave her his name.A forbidden love as grand as the Rockies crested between them. But a shadow loomed. Would the baby's father come home? And if he did, would Judd return his borrowed bride?...

Title : The Borrowed Bride
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The Borrowed Bride Reviews

  • willaful
    2019-05-30 20:58

    Judd Seavers proposes to his brother's pregnant fiance with the best motives and intentions: “He would treat Hannah as a sister, keeping her at a distance, avaoiding any physical contact that might be misunderstood. When Quint returned, he would sign the divorce papers and hand her over to the father of her child, untouched. His behavior would be above reproach.” He doesn't count on how much he would come to feel for the beautiful woman who's his legal wife.Hannah Gustavson knows she has to save her unborn child from wretched poverty and the stigma of illegitimacy, though it breaks her heart to marry someone other than her beloved Quint. But she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the quiet, suffering man who's always there when she needs him. "Two different men, each of them hers in a different way. Heaven help her, was it possible to love them both?"I found this sweet and enjoyable, but after having recently read books with similar plots by more powerful writers (Sweet Lullaby,The Way Home,) it fell a little flat. The characters are likable but shallowly drawn, the themes are equally shallow, and the happy ending is implausibly quick. I am certainly curious to read the sequel though.

  • Robin
    2019-05-24 20:06

    Quint is headed off to find adventures in Alaska. He's wanted to do so for awhile, but with his father dead and his older brother off fighting in the war, he had to stay home and keep the ranch running. Now Judd is coming home, and it's Quint's turn to travel, leaving his childhood sweetheart behind. Judd and his best friend signed up together and fought together. But now Judd is coming home alone, with a broken body, a broken spirit, and nightmares. Hannah is devastated that Quint is leaving. She writes to him every week, but there are no letters from him. No word from him, to her, or to his brother and mother. The night before his departure, she gave herself to him in a hay barn. And she soon realizes that she now carries a piece of him, growing inside her. This was a sweet little story. When I picked it up I was looking for something light. It wasn't. It was in fact a little bleak at times, a little sad. Hannah is young and desperately in love with Quint, but realizing she's pregnant makes her have to grow up quickly. When Judd learns of her pregnancy, he offers marriage, in order to give her his family's name, make her child legitimate, protect her from disgrace. Judd's family is well off, Hannah's is dirt poor. It's to be a marriage in name only. Judd has divorce papers already drawn up and ready to signed the minute Quint comes home. It was a valiant offer, but I couldn't help wonder what would have happened if Quint did come home, Hannah and Judd divorced, and Hannah married Quint. I can just imagine the gossip and speculation that would cause among the townsfolk. But it doesn't matter, because of course as time goes by Hannah and Judd fall for each other. Hannah was a good character, sweet. But at times I wanted to shake her and tell her to quit pining for the brother who just up and left, without a look back, and appreciate the man taking care of her. Because I really liked Judd. He was a good man, with a lot of emotional scars, not just from the war, but also revolving around his father's death many years prior. With Quint gone, we don't really get to know him, but it's still clear that Quint is a boy, and Judd is a man. The ending was satisfying, although part of the resolution felt a bit rushed. Quint does finally come home. His reaction was expected, but then he went from one extreme to another, and I felt like he bounced back unrealistically quick. However, it is Judd and Hannah's story, not Quint's, so I guess I shouldn't actually have expected much dwelling on him. But I do look forward to reading his story in the next book. Review first posted on myblog.

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-06-23 02:05

    4.5 stars. Might still raise it to 5 because the ending was very strong. Very good romance, emotional without being angsty, but needed a little more depth in the main characters to become trully a keeper.

  • Julia
    2019-05-30 18:54

    3 and 1/2 stars. Hannah, from an impoverished but hard-working, loving family, has a final night with her boyfriend before he leaves to make his fortune on the Goldfields. She's pregnant, but her boyfriend is suddenly uncontactable and it looks like Hannah is heading for doom. When her boyfriend's brother, Judd, finds out she's pregnant he offers her a marriage in name-only so the baby isn't born a bastard, adding that they can get divorced when his brother receives her letters and returns. I liked a lot of aspects of this book. The relationship between Judd and Hannah is sweet and builds fairly naturally over time, as does Hannah's resignation to the loss of her boyfriend as months go by with no contact. The mother and housekeeper characters were a little one-dimensional, but the bravery with which the author tackled some of the harder issues raised by Hannah's plight more than made up for it - (view spoiler)[at first I had assumed the boyfriend would come back married, or dead. I was very satisfied that he came back loving Hannah still and expecting her to feel the same way. The way she ends up with Judd felt more like the result of her forthrightness (is that a word?) and less like a cop-out. (hide spoiler)] Also, I liked that there weren't too many misunderstandings between the characters that weren't cleared up within a page or so by people actually talking to each other.The main thing I didn't like was that I felt one of Judd's main plot lines was unresolved, and the other resolved in a way so off-handed as to make it meaningless. (view spoiler)[He never confronts his mother about her feeling that he caused his father's death, and he never really deals with that guilt himself. And his PTSD (at apparently NOT shooting his friend) being cured by a night of cuddles was sweet but really? (hide spoiler)]On a personal note, this made me feel like such a baby for the way I gave birth. (view spoiler)[Hannah is in the back of a wagon in snow drift and doesn't even cry out, (hide spoiler)] whereas I had a nurse come in and ask my husband to ask me if I could not swear quite so often or so loudly because I was scaring passers-by. I think he knew what mood I was in because he didn't pass that along till after I was cuddling my bub later. Overall this was a really nice book about accepting change and being honest with others and yourself. Really enjoyed it.

  • Ridley
    2019-06-09 21:58

    Eh, this book was just okay. I liked the tension between the hero and heroine and their families, and the mystery over Quint's whereabouts kept me reading until I finished it in one sitting, but the romance was ultimately left undeveloped. All of their thoughts of desire and angst over not wanting to betray Quint just seemed unsubstantiated. I didn't really see two people talking to each other and discovering a connection, I saw Romancelandia®-style elemental attraction where a chaste kiss or touch sets a treacherous body on fire. It's a common shortcut, for sure, but when used in a story where the heroine transfers her love from her lifelong beau to his brother, it's extra problematic. The hero spends much of their first married year away from her -- first leaving the day after their wedding to attend a weeks-long roundup and then leaving for months to look for Quint in Alaska. In the absence of conversation or some other sort of relationship building, what is there to convince me that Hannah's change of heart isn't just fickleness or gratitude? How do I know she won't flake out on Judd later?The one thing I did really like about the book, though, was the cultural diversity of the characters. Lots of westerns imagine the place as homogenous and WASPy, but immigrants were everywhere in reality. So I really enjoyed that Hannah's parents were Norwegian, Judd's mother's nurse was German and the cook they hire later on was a Mexican. It was a refreshing change.

  • Naima
    2019-06-08 23:47

    Sepertinya aku lagi beruntung banget nemu cerita2 yang bagus. Dan jelas ini cerita yang bagus, bersetting tempat di Amerika. Sepanjang cerita aku dibuat penasaran bagaimana akhirnya, maksudku jelas akhirnya pastilah si tokoh utama bersatu tapi bagaimana prosesnya itulah yang bikin aku penasaran. Rasanya hatiku terus diremas-remas oleh setiap kejadian, dialog, dan pikiran para tokohnya. Ketidakpastian dan kekacauan yang didapati oleh Hannah dan Judd.Bercerita tentang Hannah yang menjalin kasih dengan teman sepermainannya semenjak kecil, Quint. Hingga suatu hari Quint memutuskan untuk merantau untuk berburu emas di Alaska bertepatan dengan sang kakak yang baru kembali dari perang, Judd. 3 bulan kemudian Hannah hamil. Untuk menjaga nama baik keluarga juga agar anak yang dikandung Hannah terlahir sebagai anak yang sah, Judd pun menikahi Hannah. Perjanjiannya Judd hanya akan menjadi penjaga Hannah dan memperlakukannya seperti adik menunggu Quint kembali. Kemudian Judd akan menandatangani surat cerai sehingga Hannah bisa menikahi Quint. Hanya saja perasaan Judd pada Hannah tidak seperti perasaan seorang kakak, demikian juga Hannah. Meskipun begitu mereka mencoba tetap setia dan teguh memegang janjinya. Setiap minggu Hannah mengirim surat pada Quint tak tak pernah ada kabar berita. Hingga Judd memutuskan untuk menyusul Quint. Pencariannya nihil. Tak ada jejak Quint sama sekali. Judd berkesimpulan sesuatu yang terburuk telah terjadi pada Quint. Tapi Hannah menolak kenyataan itu. Hingga Hannah melahirkan di tengah badai salju saat dalam perjalanan kembali dari rumah orang tua Hannah. Judd lah yang membantu proses kelahirannya. Kemudian datang kabar tak menyenangkan, ditemukan tas Quint yang masih utuh tak tersentuh di kirim dari sebuah hotel di San Fransisco. Judd sudah pasrah jika adiknya telah tiada. Ia berharap Hannah mau menerimanya juga dan mulai memikirkan masa depan mereka. Judd sudah tak bisa menahan diri lagi untuk bisa menyentuh istrinya, Hannah sah baginya di mata hukum. Hanya saja Hannah masih berharap Quint suatu saat akan datang, melewati pintu depan rumah mereka dalam keadaan sehat. Judd kesal, ia memutuskan dalam hati jika dalam beberapa waktu tertentu Hannah masih belum bisa menerimanya, ia akan meminta kebebasannya kembali.Suatu hari Judd pergi ke kota, mengantar mantan pengurus rumah tangga mereka yang memutuskan untuk pindah ke kota lain, terjadi badai salju yang hebat. Hannah tentu saja mengkhawatirkan Judd. Orang-orang disekelilingnya telah pergi meninggalkan dirinya. Pertama Quint, kemudian ayah dan ibu mertuanya meninggal disusul Gretel pengurus rumah tangganya, jika Judd juga meninggalkannya Hannah akan hancur. Makanya begitu melihat Judd kembali Hannah tidak ragu-ragu lagi.Aku tidak bisa berhenti membaca cerita ini, selalu saja ada “what’s next?” Bagaimana akhirnya Judd dan Hannah bersatu, lalu bagaimana Quint? Kapan Quint kembali? Dan apa alasan di balik ketiadaan jejaknya di Alaska? Apakah Quint masih ingin menikah dengan Hannah? Bagaimana dengan Judd? Salut dengan kesabaran dan pengorbanan Judd menghadapi Hannah, kesetiaan Hannah yang selalu rajin mengirim surat pada Quint. Di setiap bagian cerita tidak ada bagian yang sia-sia. Semuanya memberi pengaruh pada bagian berikutnya.

  • Yla
    2019-05-30 01:04

    In the entire story the best part was the conflict. The conflict between betraying one brother and falling for another kept me at the edge of my seat.

  • Linda Walters
    2019-06-06 01:02

    I liked this emotional story. Hannah was so close to her dirt poor, hardworking family. She had such a loving, giving heart even in the tough times. She had a lot of responsibility fall on her shoulders before she got pregnant, when she was pregnant and after she married Judd. It was tough for everyone at first when Quint took off on his great adventure. He was the Golden Boy of the Seavers family, he was handsome, fun, charming and immature. His mother spoiled him. He had his good moments and good points but he was basically selfish. Judd the undervalued son of the house stepped up to the plate. Even early in the book I began to feel so bad for Judd, he was so unloved and in the shadow so often of his younger brother. Judd loved his brother dearly though even though Quint was his mother's favorite son. It hurt to see that she didn't even try to hide it; it was like he came in second all of the time. He was a hard worker though and the townspeople who knew him had nothing but good things to say about him. Over time even Hannah came to see how much of a man of his word he is; no matter the cost. The search for Quint went on for quite a while, Where in the world was Quint? Is he even still alive? Those questions will be answered but of course, it's going to cause problems even when it finally does get answered.

  • Karen
    2019-05-31 00:07

    She's not a cup of sugar, guys!A marriage for respectability has insurmountable obstacles to clear nasty MIL, war nightmares & guilty longing while waiting for intrepid baby daddy to return or death notice, before they can think of a HEA.The prickling feeling, tension builds, a new disaster was dumped on the couple who are afraid to share. Loved the characters, descriptive scenery, the plot & it's twists. Kept me turning pages.

  • Annii
    2019-06-06 00:07

    This book was pretty good. The chaacters were fun, and the story was compelling enough to keep me reading for most of the afternoon. She's also good at setting the scene, and describing the physical environment. The ending was a little bit 'neat' - I think Quint should have been more upset - but it was satisfying, and all in all, this was a good book.

  • Jessica Vargas
    2019-05-28 01:03

    No fue un gran libro,pero tampoco el peor. Me pareció que las muertes fueron innecesaria,ademas que fue fastidioso en cuanto las cartas. Judd me parecio que fue el mejor personaje de toda la obra. Ya que lo demas no le ponia accion. El libro solo me tomo 2 horas de leerlo y esperaba mas. El final fue lo mas bonito por eso le regale 3/5

  • Jacqueline
    2019-06-21 02:08

    I liked this book pretty well. There were no glaring historical anachronisms. The author did pretty well giving a feeling of the times. The ending seemed a bit hasty. Still a good enough read to encourage me to try the author again.

  • marieno
    2019-06-21 22:06

    I loved it. The story is on the shorter side but it was really well written. The characters were believable and loveable. I'm looking forward to read The Substitute Bride and the Horseman Bride from the same author.

  • Cornelia
    2019-06-21 19:09

    that was bittersweet and kind of sad. I really liked it. the hero was well written.

  • Aly
    2019-06-01 20:12

    Yeah you probably already read this plot before but just for Judd, you gotta read it. He was just so perfect husband material.

  • Joy
    2019-06-12 19:45

    A break with this not bad little western romance helped me deal with the intensity of another book I'm trying to read.

  • Sianne Morrison
    2019-06-22 20:46

    Loved this book. Great story, believe characters and great twists in the end. Really enjoyed it, so easy to read. A real page turner.

  • Jocelyn Montalvo Cullum
    2019-05-28 18:12

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