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While there won't be a third book in the Proxy series, the short story Daydreamer is set after the events of Guardian and should be considered as the grand finale to the series.Distributed by the author via his newsletter on 14 September 2017....

Title : daydreamer a proxy short story
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daydreamer a proxy short story Reviews

  • robbie pryde
    2019-03-01 23:00


  • Laura
    2019-02-28 22:10

    When I first read the Proxy series I had no idea there would be a short story coming out one day also. I loved the series, it was a new interesting story with good writing and I liked the characters, but at the end of both books I was left slightly frustrated, because I need a bit more closure than was given. I was afraid this short story would somehow be more of a tease and just make me wish for a third book. Now, while I still wish there was a third book, because I enjoy this story and these characters, I felt like in only 28 pages I got enough closure with still enough interest left in me for what happens next to not just forget about the story. (view spoiler)[ I wish Syd had woken up earlier, because I really would have liked to hear a bit more of him from him himself, but other than that I was happy to get more of a backstory to Liam and the Resistance/Rebooters, as well as getting to see Marie’s part in building everything up again and Liam (and Marie) caring for Syd. Also, I wasn’t ever expecting to hear more about Knox again, which was what left me frustrated from the end of book 1, so getting the copy of Knox was a nice surprise and he added enough comedy to the story, although Liam managed the comedy quite well also. So, I liked the balance between the jokes, the harsh backstory and the fact that the society was left in a bittersweet state of going from the Old order to the unknown New order of things and how everything was kind of up in the air, but hopeful.(hide spoiler)]Basically, I had missed the characters and loved that this short story was written!

  • Nicole Duchannes
    2019-02-26 18:00

    This short story makes me indescribably happy. I finished Guardian this January, and I did not know what to expect from this epilogue, but it certainly was not that. I love all of these characters so, so much, and the peak into their futures and pasts we got here was beyond anything I could have hoped for.(view spoiler)[I LOVE KNOX BRINDLE AND I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE HE'S STILL HERE. IN THE PRESENT. IN THE FUTURE. EVERYTHING THAT HE SAID AND DID IN THIS SHORT STORY MADE ME INDESCRIBABLY SAD AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!Okay, end rant. I loved seeing my girl Marie rebuilding the world like I knew she would, and I also loved the line "there's no zealot like a convert." I'm not sure if that's a pre-existing expression or not, but I like it. The detailed look into Liam's past was also very good, though I have to say it made me dislike the Rebooters/Reconciliation even more. Liam's great though, his devotion to Syd is so sweet.Speaking Of, if there was anything I was dissapointed by in this story it was the fact that Syd didn't wake up until the end. Still, though,(hide spoiler)] I am very happy with where the story had been left- again, indescribably happy.

  • Aimee
    2019-03-04 18:13


  • Valeria
    2019-02-19 01:28

    Now that was the closure I was looking for! We really get to know Liam better in this novella, learning how he lost his hand to his first kill. We learn his thought process and get to see his character shine in these few pages, especially when he chooses not to delete Knox 2.0. I grew to really care for Liam, and I was so proud when he chose to keep Knox’s program and save it to show Syd later when he [Syd] was ready. I’m just shocked this wasn’t in “Guardian.” The novella should have be added at the end of “Guardian” as an epilogue! Also, Knox 2.0 was not a development I saw coming. I was flabbergasted to read this—couldn’t believe that, in a way, Knox was back. This made the story an exciting read and I was just as eager to know how this would affect Syd and even Liam. I thought Liam was going to get rid of Knox 2.0. I was so certain he’d be jealous and irritated over something from the past making a comeback to open closed wounds, but the way Liam handled it was admirable, mature, and award-worthy. People should learn from him! Take notes!! He’s really a great guy. I’m glad I read this finale to the Proxy duology. It was worth it

  • Eriele the Mermaid ❤
    2019-03-08 17:15

    For anyone who needs this story, just subscribe to his newsletter here and you`ll get the link afterwards. It says something like 'if you`re here for the Proxy short story, click here' or something. ----Thank you, Alex London, for writing this short story and for my making my eyes sweat at that thing they got. I`m too much of a trash for Knox too that I started to tear up when he was mentioned. Honestly, everyone who loved the duology needs to read this because it would make you happy; this story gives hope and choices that they didn`t have the luxury of in the previous books. So, yes, happiness that everyone deserves. <3

  • Alnilan Lobato
    2019-03-09 18:24

    This was AMAZING!!!!! I cried! I love Liam so much and it's wonderful to know more about his life, I'm just so proud of him! Marie also is great and healthy! Knox was a surprise, and a good one, his interaction with Liam made me so emotional because they both love Syd, and they both want what's best for him!!! The ending was amazing, I love Syd & Liam so much, and how they're set on making new stories and WOW. I needed that closure, and I'm happy Syd, Liam and Marie are alive and well!

  • Danielle Chambers
    2019-03-11 17:00

    I liked this okay. It was interesting to see Liam’s story, but I really wasn’t a huge fan of his in the book so I wasn’t super invested. I liked the Knox part a lot.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-23 20:16

    what a cute and satisfying short story :) I may not get the third book that I crave, but this will suffice....for now :)

  • Sabrina
    2019-03-21 20:07

    How am I supposed to let go though... ;___;

  • Yaiza
    2019-02-18 18:06

    THANK GOD THIS EXISTS TO FINISH THE DUOLOGY my babies needed closure