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When Allie Morton rents an isolated lake cabin near the picturesque village of Gosbury, she only wants a quiet place to sort herself out after an abusive marriage. The last thing she expects is an encounter with a ghost that takes her back to the Regency era. At first Allie doubts her own sanity, but when she delves into the tragic fate of Elizabeth Williamson, the mysteriWhen Allie Morton rents an isolated lake cabin near the picturesque village of Gosbury, she only wants a quiet place to sort herself out after an abusive marriage. The last thing she expects is an encounter with a ghost that takes her back to the Regency era. At first Allie doubts her own sanity, but when she delves into the tragic fate of Elizabeth Williamson, the mysterious woman from two centuries ago, she doesn't just uncover a dark secret of the past - she opens a new venue to her future....

Title : The Landlord
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The Landlord Reviews

  • Vanessa Haley
    2019-06-16 15:41

    "The Landlord" by Hannah Ross is a captivating historical novel that engages from the start. With wonderful characters and a plot that is heartwarming and entertaining, this book is truly an exceptional read. Follow Allie Morton on her journey of self discovery and empowerment after a marriage breakdown. Travelling half way across England to a rustic small town far away from her old life, Allie rents out a small cottage surrounded by a beautiful lake. Here she meets many new friends, including "The Landlord". Things start to become strange when faced with a ghost from the passed who appears on the lake. The ghost, Elizabeth Williamson, appears dressed from centuries ago, and she is determined to have her message heard about her tragic past. Can Allie and Elizabeth help each other move on? And how is the Landlord involved in Allie's new life?A plot that is rich in details from the Regency area, "The Landlord" is a really well researched novel. The narrative that focus on the present with glimpses to the past, displays a plot that is both creative and original. This easy to read page turner will be hard to put down."The Landlord" showcases a cast of warm characters that are hard not to love, including many from the local village. With attention to detail and ongoing character development, it is easy for the characters to feel familiar and invoke an interest in their outcome. Additionally, the well researched details of the characters from the Regency era make both time periods more realistic.A stand out feature which historical readers will love is the portrayal of the lives of those in the Regency period and the misfortunes they faced. Hannah Ross writes the historical elements with such passion that makes the period feel real, and the tragedy faced wanting justice."The Landlord" by Hannah Ross is a truly great read and I recommend this book to readers who love historical fiction from the Regency era. It is a stand alone book that doesn't rely on more in the series to get the the ending. I look forward to reading more of Hannah Ross's books in her range. This is a voluntary review based on receiving the book in advance.

  • M.M. Graham
    2019-05-18 17:41

    4.5 stars. I received this book for an honest review from the GR group "Making Connections"The story is about a woman going through a divorce and she has limited funds, so she rents a cheap cottage in the Lake district. The house turns out to be nothing like she imagined and is in need of repair. Luckily she has a friendly and capable landlord on hand to make repairs.The cottage is in a remote area right on the lake front, and it is there that she first catches a glimpse of the local legendary ghost, "The lady of the lake"It isn't long before the main character is trying to solve the mystery of a beautiful lady spirit.I enjoyed this book and being immersed in all the characters lives as well as the ghost' s story too. This story is a mixture of both modern and historical and it works well together. A love story? a tragic love story? It's well worth reading to find out.Thank you to the author for supplying me with the book to read.

  • DawningMoon
    2019-06-16 17:48

    This was very much a mystery, it didn't feel very dark or grim. And the ghost story to me, was not all that frightening.  But nonetheless, I did enjoy it as Allie continued to search about the mystery 200 years ago. All the while the flashbacks 200 years ago are good, revealing much more and giving us the full story. As Allie discovers it, the flashbacks are quite well placed to show what happened. Although this mystery is the main one, I would still have preferred if it really tied back to reality. That the entire story had a real reason why someone wanted to uncover it, like a treasure, a reason. More than just a potrait. It does seem a little strange there, but the ending is rather nice too. The way it settles everything and ties it up. However, I would say that the main issue is that it really doesn't feel very clever. It doesn't feel mysterious or move me to think about the mystery. Or really give me a reason why Allie should be spending all her time. As for the ghost story, the only place where it really occurs is where Lizzie is talking to Allie. But I would have wanted more interaction, more clues, and also a deeper motivation to do so in the first place. Lizzie was just there, in the present, and the other characters who were more involved were all missing in the present. Since this is a ghost story, I wish there was more liberties taken with the ghosts. The mansion which is over two hundred years old, and possibly the secrets behind it. The various owners could have done a lot. As for the affair between Lizzie and Thomas Fitzroy, being one sided and quite horrible. I could see that from the very beginning, and fell a little flat at the end. It wasn't all that I expected, and I would have preferred a deeper exploration of his obsession with her. Why was he so interested in her, and why no matter what he wanted her. To the point he kept her portrait in the house. I also didn't feel the parallels to this, or how it links to the present timeline. The mystery, to me could have been explored further. Explored and related the current situation. Although it was a nice ghost story with the flashbacks over two hundred years ago, being very well researched and explained. There are still points where I believe it needs work too. But, overall I really enjoyed it. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Chris
    2019-06-14 09:37

    Allie Morton is so done with her old life. Reeling from an ongoing, messy divorce from an emotionally abusive tyrant, she desperately seeks a quiet, peaceful place to recover. She snaps up a rental cabin by a peaceful lake near Gosbury for an unbelievable price. She quickly finds that the amazingly low rent has a reason. The cabin is in disrepair, far from the beaten path, and hasn't seen a tenant in decades. And that's before she learns there's a ghost.The peaceful lake is home to a forlorn 200-year-old ghost trying to get resolution for her tragic end. Allie first believes the visions and dreams she has are stress-induced hallucinations, visions of a beautiful woman named Elizabeth Williamson, from the Regency era. When she finds out that Elizabeth did in fact exist around that time, she delves into her tragic story and death, aided by her ghost, uncovering a dark secret buried deep in the past, and inadvertently opening a new hope for her own future.Content:Drug Content:PG - Alcohol is consumed a few times, there are a few scenes at a bar. One of the patrons at the village bar gets wasted, as well as an underage boy.Violence:PG - There is a shooting death, and a death under mysterious circumstances. Violence and death are threatened multiple times.Language:PG - The Lord's name is taken in vain once, there are a few other mild expletives.Adult Content:PG - Affairs are discussed. A man has a reputation as a ladies' man, advances are made on married women. A gentleman uses position to attempt to seduce women of lesser state. Christian content:The pastor of the town church in the Regency era struggles with the decision of whether to expose a grievous sin, when it would be futile. He leaves judgement in the hands of a higher and later court. Faith plays a part in his life, but not much in the lives of any of the other characters. Sin is condemned soundly by certain characters in the novel, though their harsh judgmental condemnation is of the person, not the sin. Friendship, loyalty, forbearance, mercy, and grace all play a part in this work. Final analysis:Allie is a very believable character, and Elizabeth also has depth of character. The setting was immersive and the supporting cast were likable and real. I found the demarcations between the past and present a bit difficult to follow, but a great plot device. The pace was steady and fast, the action thrilling, the suspense tangible. I'm not a big fan of Regency but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Five Stars!*I received an electronic copy for an honest review

  • Sasan Shabrou
    2019-05-30 15:39

    I started reading this book wondering how I was going to like it. I don't particularly enjoy romance novels nor am I interested in regency era books (but I'll binge me some Downtown Abbey any day) yet I was drawn into the story by the whole ghost story. The ghost story was told so well that I enjoyed the romance and regency era storylines as well. As the plot picked up with intensity it became harder and harder to put the book down until I finished. A great read. Make the author's day and buy this book!

  • Hannah Ross
    2019-05-29 14:35

    Review by Melinda Hills - Reader's FavoriteAllie Morton is living on her own for the first time in her life after proceeding with a divorce from her emotionally abusive husband in The Landlord by Hannah Ross. Arriving at a lakeside cottage which she has agreed to rent sight unseen, Allie is concerned but quickly falls in love with the setting and the majesty of the lake and surrounding mountains, as well as the quirky inhabitants of the nearby town. Ross provides the historical elements of the story through the appearance of The Lady of the Lake, the 200-year-old ghost of Lizzie Williamson, a farm wife who had lived nearby. Lizzie’s story comes out in the form of dreams that Allie uses as the basis for writing a book that fulfills a passion her husband had belittled and crushed. Allie makes important discoveries about herself and the direction she wants her life to take as she learns more and more about the struggles Lizzie had to face in a time when there was no recourse for the whims of the local nobleman. A strong woman in her own time, Lizzie needs Allie to tell her story and set the record straight about the tragedies that shaped her life and caused her death.Hannah Ross captivates you with rich descriptions and wonderfully portrayed characters in The Landlord. It is interesting that both women have some type of relationship with their landlords, but under extremely different circumstances and with significantly dissimilar outcomes. The writing is clear and easy to follow with distinct styles for the two women, and you will be anxious to see what happens next as the story progresses and Allie makes more and more connections between the people from the past in order to tell Lizzie’s story. The Landlord by Hannah Ross is a delightful yet deeply moving story that holds your interest and makes you feel for the problems women face, both past and present. Well done and quite entertaining!