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Eight years ago, Ondro Smrek fled Slovakia and the bigotry that drove his first lover to take his own life. The demons proved impossible to outrun, though, and now, desperate for somewhere to belong, Ondro is returning to start over. During a layover in Basel, Switzerland, he meets Jamie, an American living in Scotland who is as brilliant as he is beautiful. Jaded Ondro neEight years ago, Ondro Smrek fled Slovakia and the bigotry that drove his first lover to take his own life. The demons proved impossible to outrun, though, and now, desperate for somewhere to belong, Ondro is returning to start over. During a layover in Basel, Switzerland, he meets Jamie, an American living in Scotland who is as brilliant as he is beautiful. Jaded Ondro never would have guessed he could fall in love during a brief layover—until now. When he is put in a position to offer Jamie comfort without hope of recompense, Ondro doesn’t hesitate. Soon, he catches a glimpse of the home he longs for. But with their separation looming, confessing his feelings would only lead to pain and humiliation. Life has taught Ondro not to hope, but then, he never believed in love at first sight either.......

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The Layover Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-06-29 05:00

    When my parents packed up their lives and immigrated to the States from Poland in the 80s, they did so for religious and political reasons. They had no way of knowing that my little brother, then barely a toddler, was gay. We are not idealists; we do not romanticize America. But despite living in a very conservative state, we know that my brother had a better chance at being his true self here than he would have in Poland. Poland's constitution is one of only seven in the EU to ban gay marriage. Slovakia's is another.This book spoke to me on so many levels. I could feel Ondro's despair: the way he simultaneously yearned for and was repelled by his homeland, the way his loneliness had become a breathing thing threatening to choke him. Despite his intense stare and lack of social niceties, Ondro is a good man. And when he meets the beautiful American expat Jamie at the airport, he can't walk away. The Layover is not a long story, but it doesn't need to be. Ondro's voice, much like Horvat's writing, is authentic and real. We see his internal struggle, his need for human connection. The scene when Ondro sees his mother after years apart was a powerful depiction of a stubborn, proud woman who would rather embrace shame and live as a martyr than accept her son. How many boys have to end up like Peter for people to wake the fuck up and love their sons and daughters more than a god who hates and hurts?I shed many tears while reading this book. How could I not? But this story isn't about hate; it's about taking a chance, believing in fate, and leaping in head first. Love can break open a cynical heart, one fissure at a time. "You want to try?" I repeated dumbly. "Yeah," he whispered. My first instinct was to reassure him, to protect him. To give him whatever he wanted ... Could I say yes? I had to ... There was no choice. I'd go anywhere he asked.

  • Judith
    2019-06-28 05:44

    4.5 Stars.Beautiful writing...This is one of the reasons I love this site.If I hadn't read a friend's review of this I probably wouldn't have either stumbled across it or considered it and I would have missed out on a pretty unique read.This Author definitely has a way with words and making a story special.Ondro left Slovakia years ago,disillusioned with his life as a young gay man there.Somewhere,deep inside,he knows he left for the wrong reasons and decides to leave the life he's made for himself and return 'home'.This time he wants to leave for the right reasons.He meets Jamie,a young American man who has made a life for himself in Edinburgh,in Basel Airport when due to an Airline strike they find themselves in the same hotel overnight.After the initial one night stand I had no idea which direction the story would take.The story is told only from Ondro's pov and his thoughts are beautiful....haunting and poignant,yet full of hope and longing.Don't go into this one expecting an abundance of sex scenes because there are only a few and I think that's what made this story feel real.Yes,there's a deep sexual attraction between them but the connection the two men made over a few days is the main focus of the story.It's most definitely a love story and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

  • ☆ Todd
    2019-07-10 09:01

    This beautifully-written, short, 100+ page read is about many different things, all of which I'm happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed.It's about a once-hopeful, young student, who fled from his homeland, because it refused to allow him to be who he truly was or love whom he wanted to love.It's about that same man, now a jaded, 30 y.o. flight attendant, deciding that he was sick of running and heartsick for a home.It's about discovering that home is not necessarily a place, especially a place whose people can't accept you as you are. That home can also be a person. Someone that, no matter where you are, as long as you're together, you're exactly where you want to be. Where you need to be.It's about learning to trust yourself and knowing what will make you happy, as soon as you let go of your past demons and say goodbye to the things holding you back, while clinging to the things that help build you up.And lastly, it's about taking a chance, no matter how crazy it seems, to reach for that one thing that could make you happier than you've ever been.One aspect of this story that I truly loved was how, although the majority of the book takes place over only 6 days, it never really felt like insta-love to me.Sure, Ondro and Jamie fall into bed on day one, but for the following five days, sex is the very last thing that their time together is about.I loved how Ondro swooped in, without even a second thought, to take care of Jamie when he fell ill. Jamie needed him, so Ondro was there, full stop.And it's during Jamie's convalescence that they fall into an easy companionship, and in that isolated bubble where their relationship sprouts and begins to grow roots.Ondro has a lot of mental baggage from his past, but I was thrilled to see him working through that, one freak out at a time, then actually putting himself out there, taking a chance to find his own version of happy, finally, after 8 years of simply existing.The story is not overly steamy, with only a couple of those scenes, as Jamie is fighting walking pneumonia for most of the book, but I really didn't miss it, since it forced them to focus on getting to know one another while getting Jamie well again.I especially loved the epilogue, from 4 months later, as Ondro confronts his past head-on, with Jamie by his side. I was cheering for them every step of the way, adoring the way they demonstrated that they'd actually become a supportive, loving couple.It was really strange, but as I read the very last line of the story, the song "At Last" by Etta James popped into my head, which totally captured the feeling of where Ondro and Jamie's journey had taken them.At last, they were together. At last, they were happy. At last, they were free.("At Last" video: really wasn't much at all that I would've changed about this story, so I'm rating it at 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend it. : )* NOTE: The free prequel for "The Layover", from Jamie's POV, is also available at Horvat's website: ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.See All My Latest Reads (Review Quick-Links)-----------------------------------------------

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-06-29 11:03

    I usually pass over books from new-to-me authors, and I originally passed by this one. I was actually pretty surprised to see such glowing reviews from my trusted friends, considering I'd never heard of this author, but I decided to take a chance and jump right in. And it was SO worth it. Roe Horvat is a lovely writer, and the story flows in a beautiful, almost poetic way. It isn't the harsher, more frank contemporary style I'm accustomed to seeing, and the language works beautifully without seeming flowery. It's just... lovely. The story itself if short but impactful. There is a deep sense of connection, which is hard to do in a novella format, and though I could have used a little more time with these two as a couple, I was moved by the story. I also don't know much (okay, anything) about LGBTQ politics and attitudes in most of the world, so I was interested to read more about it, honestly. We only get little snippets, but I felt slightly more educated. I would read another book by this author in a heartbeat, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Roe Horvat comes up with next. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-07-04 11:49

    ***5 Stars***Every single word in this 117 page story owned me this morning. Silly me thought I'd start a nice book, read for an hour, and then finish it up later tonight. WRONG! The only thing that would have gotten me to stop reading was if the house started burning down around me. I couldn't put this down. The writing? Simply exquisite. The characters? Fully developed. Endearing, vulnerable, honest...unforgettable!The plot? Engaging. Sad, hopeful, realistic, romantic...This is one of my favorite reads of the year. Simply unforgettable!"I met a guy six days ago, and now I'd follow him anywhere."And within 117 pages and a couple of hours, I feel the same way about Roe Horvat. A fantastic debut novella!

  • Jan
    2019-07-01 11:12

    **** 4 Stars ****Surprisingly good for a short read. Full of feelings, nothing shallow.Everything happened very fast. Weirdly enough it didn't feel like insta-love. Kudos to the author!Loved the way the MC's were brought together, the banter between them and the way their relationship developed. The insight about Slovakia took me by surprise, not to say a tad bit shocking.Sometimes I think of myself as a well-informed person but the truth is I know nothing. It's terribly sad to think that a simple gesture as holding hands can cause so much hate.

  • Jewel
    2019-07-07 13:05

    4.5 StarsThe Layover has been all over my feed the past few days. I was unfamiliar with the author, but I decided to take a chance and read it for myself. The story, while short, was beautifully written and engaging and I'm wholeheartedly glad I gave this book a shot. Sometimes you've just got to take a chance, and as it turns out, that theme played heavily into the story that The Layover told, as well.The Layover is about two men from two very different backgrounds and realities meeting by chance when they are both stranded in an airport. There are a lot of things this story could have turned into that it didn't. It could have turned into a sex-fest. It could've felt like insta-love. It could've felt trite. But it wasn't any of those things, at all. Instead, it was a story of two men getting to know each other and finding that they clicked beyond the physical. It was about taking chances. And it was the story of finding your way home.Home. It's an interesting concept. It's both specific and vague. Home isn't always a place and sometimes a person can get so lost searching for it that they feel they'll never be able to find their way. But the lucky ones, whether by chance or sheer determination, do find home.Ondro and Jamie are so different from one another. They have vastly different backgrounds and life experiences. Ondro comes from a country where bigotry and oppression was the normal. Ondro feels directionless and defeated. His family is religious and don't have much money. Jamie comes from an upper middle class family and has the education he wanted and has the privilege of living somewhere he not only loves, but that doesn't treat him as 'less than'. And I loved that Jamie recognised that privilege. I loved their interactions from the start. I loved how Ondro was willing to try - without overstepping boundaries - to get Jamie's attention. And I loved that Jamie, ultimately, decided to take the chance. Sure it was supposed to be a one-night stand. A hookup. But when circumstances kept them together for longer than they originally planned for, Ondro was attentive and caring. And watching Jamie get so angry over the current events in Ondro's home country made me love him even more. When all was said and done, they both felt like there could be more, if only they were willing to take the chance.The Layover was just so refreshing and unexpected and I just loved every bit of it. I'm truly impressed by this author and would definitely be willing to read more.------------------ARC of The Layover was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ami
    2019-07-03 09:52

    4.5 starsAs a reader, the most important thing when I read a story is the connection. Connection to the characters, to the storyline, to the writing style. Connection is what can elevate my reading experience into the next level – when I can feel emotional about fictional characters, or when a story stays with me long after I finish it.I always have soft spot in my heart for stories featuring lonely people that meet during a trip or being stranded at places like the airport or even a city. I think it has huge potential for a level of intimacy that transcends instant-attraction. You can blame the movie “Before Sunrise” for that I guess.And that’s why The Layover works for me perfectly. There is a sadness and loneliness in Ondro Smrek, a Slovak who leaves his bigot of a country eight years ago. Being a flight attendant, I feel that Ondro hasn’t yet find a place that he belongs to. A place he can call home.I yearned for the clutter and personality of a real home.Then Ondro finds out that his first lover has committed suicide, and Ondro decides that maybe, maybe, it’s time to return to Bratislava, even when Slovakia is not really conducive for people like him. But before he can get there, he is stranded in Basel, Switzerland where he meets Jamie, an American transplant from Scotland.And that’s how their story starts. In the beginning it’s going to be a one night stand – although Jamie doesn’t make it easy, he’s not into one night stands at all – but then it stretched for a week when Jamie gets sick and Ondro decides to take care of him.Gah, I loved it so much.I loved how this story is basically just about the two of them – we have a couple of friends, one is Ondro’s and the other is Jamie’s, that gets to talk to them via telephone – but the core of it is them. Talking about lives and maybe regrets as Jamie is recuperating. Ondro cooks, Jamie rests, they watch movie or play game during the day, and cling to each other at night. It’s tender, it’s gentle, and most importantly, it’s about that human connection.And all the while, Ondro is navigating the messy feelings that he starts to develop for Jamie. The hope, the need, the fear, and that vulnerable state of being. It touched me in such a real way I got all choked up a couple of times when I read this in the wee hours of the morning. That’s when I knew this one was a winner for me.The only thing that I miss is probably Jamie’s perspective. Because everything about Jamie comes from Ondro, and I wonder if he sees Jamie in sort of rose-tinted glasses. I don’t feel like I knew Jamie enough. It’s a tiny fuss though. Even within the short time span that happens in this novella, I believe in Ondro and Jamie.I love Roe Horvat’s writing style. It has a poetic touch that I adore so much.He ate very little but clung to his coffee mug like it was his lifeline. He looked out the window, and I couldn’t help but watch his profile, letting the desolation flood me. In the cold morning light, his skin was almost completely white. He’d tied his hair into a little bun again. The whisper-soft strands that curled around his ears made my fingers tingle with the need to touch him.As a new-to-me author, Roe Horvat delivered to my reading taste. I will most definitely keep my eyes on their next book.A Guest Review for The Blogger GirlsThe ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.

  • Al
    2019-07-18 08:00

    Unique...contemplative...real. Lay the red carpet for Roe Horvat!! Simply spellbinding.

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-06-23 09:57

    4.5 Stars!This was a really good read. It didn't feel like a novella at all. I really liked both main characters. And who wouldn't love the idea of meeting "the one" on a layover???

  • Tanu Gill
    2019-06-21 10:52

    This book was soooo sweet and adorable, it brought tears to my eyes, smiles to my face, and it downright melted my heart.Jamie was so sweet, and it was definitely a bonus that I read the prequel with his POV before I started the story. His strength and determination made me feel proud of him and determined myself to go do something brave.I loved Ondro. It was amazing experiencing his emotional journey like that. I wanted to just read about him and Jamie for long and long and long. The way he just fell for Jamie at first sight, couldn’t understand himself what it was that was happening and why but still was unable to stop himself from sticking close to him, it was simply beautiful to read.I am loving this author’s works. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on their works...

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-07-18 05:56

    Me ha parecido una historia maravillosa muy bien contada. Jamie y Ondro se conocen en un aeropuerto, un encuentro que va a definir sus vidas, y aunque pueda parecer en un principio insta, la autora lo escribe de forma que puedas entender en todo momento los sentimientos de los personajes, cómo surgen y el por qué. Es un libro nada superficial, que se siente muy real, con muchos puntos que te hacen pensar en los personajes, en nosotros mismos y en la vida. Muy romántico, me ha dejado con un nudito en la garganta al pensar en ellos.Sin duda, de lo mejor que he leído en el género. Muy muy recomendable. Y con el punto adicional de situarse en zonas de Europa muy poco o nada exploradas por otros autores.Aquí estoy, varias horas después de terminarlo, pensando en el amor entre Ondro y Jamie, los riesgos que hay que tomar o se pueden tomar en la vida y el sentimiento de soledad y desesperación de aquellos que no pueden ser quiénes son porque tienen una sexualidad distinta a la de la mayoría.

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳
    2019-07-02 09:55

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I was kissing him again. More like eating at him, pressing my tongue into his mouth almost violently. I was ravenous and terrified because it struck me that this was it. The single most erotic moment of my life.LOVED IT!!! Just loved it. ALL the feels for this MM romance!The writing, the character development, the connection and chemistry, the premise, the development of the story…I fell in LOVE with this story and the author’s clever and beautiful writing. It reads flawlessly and makes you avidly turn the pages, fills you with soft touches of poetry and insights of a more serious matter. The mix is truly genuine, endearing, meaningful and perfect. Just perfect.The connection between Ondro and Jamie so sweet and real, the sad and ugly reality that surrounded them addressed brilliantly by the author, adding another layer, something to ponder and reflect about without over-shadowing the romance.I hugged him closer, sinking us both deeper into the covers, wrapping us up in our little bubble of warmth and denial.If this was “just” a first publication, then I must say I’m really impressed and eager to read more from Roe Horvat in the future. Their second novel “Dirty Mind” should release early September 2017.I didn’t have to keep it together, didn’t have to try to prove stuff, didn’t have to pretend. I could just drift away knowing Jamie was there, holding me tethered to the real world, keeping the monsters away.More reviews and book talk at : You can find me here too ☞

  • CrabbyPatty
    2019-07-11 08:49

    The Layover is a short novella about two men, Ondro and Jamie, who meet in the Basel Switzerland airport when they are each delayed due to an airline strike, and after ending up at the same hotel, spend the night together. Upon returning to the airport, Jamie falls ill and Ondro stays to take care of him, with the two men spending five more nights together while Jamie recuperates. Former flight attendant Ondro grew up in Bratislav, has been away eight years and is returning home to Slovakia, which is in the midst of voting on a referendum banning same-sex unions. Bratislav may be rife with hate speech, but it's home to Ondro ("Nothing forced me to go back. I’ve been fine while dying inside for years") and he desperately needs to be somewhere he feels grounded: And I realized that there’s a difference between lonesome and lonely, and that I no longer knew which one applied to me.American Jamie lives and works in Scotland and teaches "biochemistry with a bit of genetics" at the University of Edinburgh. When Ondro first spies him at the airport, Jamie is wearing a purple plasticky straw fedora and black-and-yellow-striped socks, but Ondro quickly feels "He was beautiful in a way that required a second and even a tenth glance to appreciate fully."Although the story is just a bit over 100 pages, Roe Horvat does an remarkable job of fleshing out Jamie and unfolding Ondro's past bit by bit so the book has a richness and completeness to it. Horvat's writing is crisp and definitely ....unflowery, yet there is a quality to it that can rip your heart out and then gently place it back into your chest. The story of Ondro's former boyfriend Peter as well as the vignette of Ondro's mother are incredible in their power, despite their brevity. After reading the blurb, I didn't expect what The Layover turned out to be - an extraordinarily well-written short story with an unexpected emotional depth. I think this is Roe Horvat's first novel and I will definitely read their next book. Highly recommended!FYI - if you go to Roe Horvat's website, they have two brief prequels - The Swiss Experiment #1 and #2- available for free. I received an ARC from Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.Review also posted at Gay Book Reviews - check it out!

  • Sheri
    2019-07-12 06:59

    Two words…Roe. Horvat. Let’s say them together, “Roe. Horvat.”Good. Do you need to write them down?No. Okay, but remember them. They may be new to you, but they are important.Why? Because they are connected to great things. And I am positive we will see them again. Actually, I am going to keep an eye out for them but if you see them first, please do me the favor of letting me know. Thanks!So here’s the deal…there are only a hundred pages but it felt like so much more. Allow me to give you the low down…two men cross paths in the airport and then a second time at a nearby hotel due to canceled flights. Time is short. Pages are limited. So every word counts. I finished the final sentence with a sense of hope and a rush of feelings. I couldn’t believe so much happened so quickly, but it did. Ondro is our storyteller here and his tale struck me straight through the heart. I don’t want to share too much because I believe its best to hear it from him. I’m going to try to keep things brief and vague and reign in my urge to gush and babble and share all the goodness that blew me away.What's to like: I’ve never been to Europe before but I feel as though I’ve visited after reading Ondro’s story. Ondro has been a gypsy of the skies for nearly a decade. His position as a flight attendant gave him the freedom he desperately needed after his boyfriend broke his heart. I’m not going to say much about Peter. Because….well….Peter’s story broke my heart. But back to Ondro….he’s been flying high for quite some time but the shine has worn off and the face in the mirror is becoming blurry. He wants to make himself a home. He envisions the peace and comfort four walls and a roof will give him. He’s quit his job and is heading back to Slovakia. He has nothing waiting for him except his best friend. His country is in turmoil and his sexuality could literally be the death of him. His plan is to couch surf until he can find his footing and plant some roots because it’s his home and that’s where you settle yourself, right? But then…a stranger catches his eye. He wants him but once he’s allowed a taste, he discovers he wants to keep him and never let go. Ondro is jaded. He doesn’t believe in true love and he certainly doesn’t believe in love at first sight. But then this precious man in the obnoxious purple hat shatters every illusion he had and for the first time in Ondro’s life, he’s completely lost. This exploration suddenly becomes two-fold and Ondro begins a deeply personal self-discovery journey as well.What's to love: Sometimes a destination isn’t a place. Home isn’t defined by a string of digits marking it on the map. They say, “Home is where the heart is” and this tale rings truth to those words. A home is where all walls of expectations disappear, chains of doubt are released and you are free to be you and know that you are still loved…unconditionally. Ondro and Jamie are given a moment in time and see the gift they are given. They take a chance, go big, and go after what they believe is worth it. And what is worth it? For Ondro it’s pushing himself to be the very best he can be…for his own sake and for Jamie’s. And I couldn’t be more grateful to join them on their adventure. I loved Ondro. I loved Jamie. And I absolutely loved them together. I imagine you will love them too. Be prepared for potent scenes and you might want to have the tissues handy. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s remarkable.Beware of: An abundance of feels. I was amazed at how deeply I felt for these men I just met and that can only be a result of the stellar writing Horvat delivers. Politics are part of their story but it was never oppressive or suffocating. Bedroom time is limited not by lack of want but due to their situation. Also, if you’ve lost someone as a result of their own hands, this may hit harsh triggers for you.This book is for: New authors can be risky. Be brave. Take a chance like Ondro and Jamie and I promise you will be rewarded tremendously.Book UNfunk

  • Christelle
    2019-06-23 06:02

    4 well deserved stars for this very touching romance. And despite the fact it’s a novella, the author was able to pack a lot of emotion with well-fleshed characters in a few pages.Ondro fled his Slovakian hometown and then his country, initially full of dreams but after 8 years, he’s a bit cynical and decides, for nowhere else to go, to go back to his country, despite a new wave of homophobia scourging the capital. An air strike leads him to spend a night in a hotel in Switzerland where he meets Jamie, an American living in Edinburgh and also awaiting his next flight. They are both different, in their past, their view of life and their destinations. But Ondro is surprised by the connexion he feels for Jamie. And from there, we get to witness what makes Ondo the man he is and the man he could be.The circumstances bringing Ondro and Jamie together are unexpected and it made this read even better. And the epilogue is absolutely realistic, bittersweet and swooning.Don’t miss this one : recommended.

  • Truuss
    2019-07-16 05:02

    5 Overwhelming stars Woww Categorized : mustreadAmazing story, refreshing way of writing, accents to details in a way I just found absolute extraordinary.Self reflection and reflections of surroundings so sensitive and clear I couldn't get enough of it.In some way highly romantic but not in a shallow way....there are so many strong observations put down I was utterly impressed "I wanted to be enough for him to say goodbye tomorrow with just a little bit of regret. That damned ego of mine."Told by Ondro his awesome mind. When he sees Jamie from behind it's just great what we get to see because he was somewhat irritated by his appearance....but when he finally can see his face he is struck. Not only he but I as reader was so impressed by this view of Jamie. They miss their flight and end up together at the same hotel. Read the blurb and read read read it yourself!!Ondro's inner being and struggles are sometimes heartbreaking and the/his sanctuary he finds with Jamie is....overwhelming....I just can't get into details but believe me it's highly impressive what follows al the way is such a touching story with a lot of depth you don't want to miss.A full intense journey with humor, sweetness, wounds, love, openness and honesty it just floored me.ARC received from Dreamspinner Press through Divine Magazine

  • Josy
    2019-07-13 10:04

    edit: I have to raise my original rating to full 5 stars because even a week after reading this book I'm still thinking about it and I want to re-read it as soon as possible.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4.5 stars ~This was such a beautiful, emotional love story that felt real and complete in spite of the shortness. Reading the dedication was the first time I had to blink back tears and many more moments followed.I loved the writing! It was different from what I usually read - very metaphorical, almost poetic IMO. And the European setting was a nice change that I very much enjoyed.Recommended!edit: free prequel to The Layover from Jamie's POV:

  • Dani
    2019-06-23 06:58

    I LOVED IT. I don't have words to express how beautiful this story was. The writing was precious and it evoked so many feelings. It was full of passion and it was completely endearing. Ending this left me speechless, all I can say is that everyone must read this.

  • Denise H.
    2019-07-08 08:44

    ***** A must read ! 10+ Stars ! ***** Our Men are on layover in Basel, Switzerland. Their flights are cancelled. * Ondro/Andrew, 30, Eastern European, a flight steward, left Slovenia 8 yrs. ago. It's a toxic place for LGBT folks. * Jaime, long brown hair in a bun, huge blue eyes is going home to Edinburgh, is a scientist and teacher. After meeting at the airport, they end up at the same hotel, talk and drink at the bar; ending up in each others arms. But, there is SO MUCH MORE to this brilliant novella.This is exquisitely written with lyrical language and descriptions. The flow is fluid and we are held in this story's grasp. I don't have enough words to explain how terrific this novella is. Deep, timely, sexy, meaningful, pertinent, heartwarming, and intense.Loved it ! I'll read this over and over. I hated to let go of our magnificent characters. Thank you Roe Horvat.Highly recommended ! ENJOY ! ===============

  • Karla
    2019-06-24 09:55

    4.5 stars!

  • Meags
    2019-06-24 09:45

    4 StarsRoe Horvat has just burst onto my radar in spectacular style with this extremely moving and beautifully written M/M romance. The reviews for this story are already bang on so I don't feel the need to add anything else, but I'll most certainly be keeping a keen eye on Horvat's future releases. READ IT!

  • Chris
    2019-07-21 06:48

    This Novella packed a huge emotional punch in it's 100+ page story. Beautifully written and so glad I picked it up!!

  • Gabby
    2019-06-20 09:02

    "I hadn't known that the minute there in the sunset had been the actual happiest moment of my life. Everything that came later was only a shadow of that feeling."This is such a beautiful, short story about love and I loved it. It follows a man named Ondro Smrek from Slovakia, where LGBT is illegal. He experiences a delay at the airport on his flight back home where he meets an American named Jamie. They spend the night together, and then suddenly Jamie becomes ill and Ondro stays with him to take care of him over a period of five days. This book definitely falls into the insta-love category, but it's written so well I didn't mind it."The thing is, the younger you are, the thinner is the sliver of the future you can imagine."The connection between Ondro and Jamie is very obvious from the beginning and I really adored them together immediately. I love how deep this book is and how much it makes you feel for these characters in such a short amount of time. I fell head over heels for Jamie just as quickly as Ondro did, and I loved the way he described him. I thought it was very insightful to read from the POV of someone who experienced so much hatred from his own country for being gay, and experienced some truly awful things, and yet he is still such a positive, optimistic person. It's really inspiring. I love how straight-forward Ondro is with his flirting with Jamie, and how shy Jamie is at first, he's so adorable. I really felt a strong connection with this story and these characters, and I'm impressed I felt so much with such a short story. I would have loved this book even more if it was longer and I got a little more time with these characters, but this book is short and sweet and perfect. This is the fifth book I've read for the 2017 Booktubeathon, and I loved it!

  • Ele
    2019-06-29 06:07

    Gorgeous and so authentically European. I'll be watching Roe Horvat's next move like a hawk.

  • Bev
    2019-06-26 10:43

    Brilliant, just brilliant. There were more feels packed into these 100+ pages than you can shake a stick at. Refreshingly European with little US influence, even though one of the MC's was American and Dreamspinner Press published...there are just some things you shouldn't tamper with, and this author's first novel is definitely one of those things. I will be remembering this story when the Goodreads awards come around in December. All the hearts from me. 💖💜💛💙💚I felt an instant connection with both characters, Ondro and Jamie, the story is completely character-driven and from Ondro's POV....maybe it would have benefited from a chapter from Jamie's POV, who knows, but from a purely personal perspective, as Ondro had had the more difficult life, it made perfect sense to me.***There is a free story on Roe's website entitled The Swiss Experiment that chronicles the meeting of our two MC's from Jamie's POV.***👬👭👬 The LGBT history of some [if not all actually] of the former Eastern Bloc countries leaves a helluva lot to be desired unfortunately, and this fact is interwoven throughout the story. Current practices show that although certain countries are very happy to benefit from the money they obtain from tourism, and to a larger extent the EU, they are not yet prepared to drag their archaic laws and religious teachings into the 20th, let alone the 21st century. Shame on them. 👬👭👬

  • Tess
    2019-07-10 10:07

    4.5 starsQuite lovely with a very real feel to it.

  • River
    2019-07-14 10:56

    That was truly beautiful.hopeful, romantic and just nice. I loved it.

  • haletostilinski
    2019-06-24 09:51

    4.5 stars!This story was a touching, well written love story between Ondro and Jamie who meet during a layover for their flights, and feel too deep of a connection to let just have a one night stand and say "see ya" at the end of it, even though Ondro is prepared for that to happen, through his narration we see everything in him not wanting it to end like that with Jamie. I loved how real these characters felt, how well written they were, how we came to understand Ondro in the opinions he expressed and the pain but tentative hope he has. We don't get as much with Jamie because this is all from Ondro's POV, but I feel like the author gave us just as much backstory with Jamie as with Ondro, and he was not lacking in personality. He was a very cautious, but passionate person and what little time we get to explore these men and their lives was not wasted. I loved how these two had these quiet, adorable moments together, and it wasn't all about the big moments. The times when Ondro made Jamie laugh or smile and Ondro felt happy that he did. The almost quiet, simmering intimacy between them. It was powerful, I felt, how real their relationship was, and the strong connection they shared just by being around each other over the space of a week. I took off .5 a star only because I feel the sex scenes could have had a little more heat to them, a little more passion coming off the page through the words, and because it was really hard for me to figure out what Jamie felt for Ondro at first, and because we didn't get his POV, it felt like Jamie was almost apathetic at first, although not quite. But I guess he just didn't seem to feel AS much as Ondro for a bit of this, and that kind of bummed me out while reading this. Eventually his love for Ondro became evident, but I wish his interest had been more obvious, I guess. Overall this felt like a romance but also about Onrdo himself, about him finding a home, somewhere to land, a place he could find where he had purpose, and it was beautiful. Also, at the end he meets up with his mother to try to get some sort of "closure" and I love when it didn't really do anything and he was kind of like "closure is bullshit" haha yes, sometimes you never get closure no matter how hard you try. Or you find out you already had closure and you didn't need to see that person again and put yourself through the torture of it.Definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a quick but poignant read.

  • Jay Northcote
    2019-06-24 11:45

    This is a little gem of a book by a new-to-me author. Beautiful intelligent writing, packed full of emotion, the characters are well developed and made me really care about what happened to them. It's angsty and will tug on your heart, but never in a way that's too much, and I trusted that the author would get them where they needed to be.I've been in a book slump for ages, too busy to read much and struggling to finish things as a result. But this one kept me reading.I highly recommend giving it a try, and now I need to check out Roe's next book :)