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Josalee wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her gay best friend David, and she definitely wasn’t supposed to have a one-night stand with him. Their friendship is tested in the aftermath by two positive tests and a secret so big, it could kill them both.Disowned by both of their families, Josalee and David must rely heavily on their friends to create their own happily everJosalee wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her gay best friend David, and she definitely wasn’t supposed to have a one-night stand with him. Their friendship is tested in the aftermath by two positive tests and a secret so big, it could kill them both.Disowned by both of their families, Josalee and David must rely heavily on their friends to create their own happily ever after. Just as they start to figure out exactly what that means, a devastating accident and the economy threaten to destroy everything they have ever loved....

Title : sandpaper fidelity
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  • Faith McKay
    2019-05-07 22:54

    And so it begins! This is the first installment in a series that won't actually start coming out until June. Strong start. I hate beginning something and not having the rest, but the fact that I'm annoyed I don't have more to read is probably a good mark for this, haha :)

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-13 22:42

    I’ve called her a writing tease once before, and I’ll do it again. Elizabeth Barone, you are a writing tease! You end every part just when I’m on the edge of my seat!Okay….The story.My heart melted into a puddle in the scene with David and Josalee. Team Davalee! (yes, I went there… I’m totally pulling for these two).I hope to see more of Jo and David in future installments. I feel like they got brushed off a little bit when the story began focusing on Ingrid and Victor. But now I’m getting a taste of what I’ve been waiting for (here I go again, Team Davalee!) and I want more, more, more, more, more!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-24 19:53

    The best thing about this story is that you can read it in short doses.The worst thing about this story... you HAVE to read it in short doses! A week is a long wait when you're anxious to learn more!So, in #19.....Good ole Octavia tries to reason with David.And Ingrid ends up in the last place I thought she would (in this episode, anyway).But the ending is what got me....Wham! Bam! We end on another cliffhanger... and this one... yes, this one... I love!I'm bouncing up and down, impatiently awaiting the release of #20!!!

  • Paula
    2019-05-05 20:58

    I loved this short story... and like others have said, I don't like to have just one small part of the story and then puff! it's done!I was very intrigued by the first part and I'm dying to know what happens next!I love that you made this into a weekly series Liz :) it will really calm my nerves of ineedtoknownow

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-04 02:51

    My heart broke at the exchange between Jo and David... that's not how I wanted things to go down. I hope (as I'm sure Jo does) that he'll come around. Because... well, like I've said before, I have this strange notion that they should be together.And Niall, Niall, Niall.... What are you up to?#17 was great, and I love the teaser for #18...!!! Can't wait :)

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-29 23:47

    You know how they say that things must get worse before they get better? Well, that's obviously happening here.An unexpected visitor shows up at the strip club....Did I see it coming? Yes.Did I know who it would be? Yes (well, I was pretty sure).Did it unfold the way I thought it would? BIG-FAT-NO......... and now we wait.#19 can't come fast enough :)

  • J.C. Hannigan
    2019-04-21 20:54

    I was sucked in from page 1!!! Definitely loving this short!

  • Heather
    2019-05-17 23:00

    I was given an advanced copy of this by the author. It's a short story - almost too short... I'm dying to see what happens next. Of course I'm just impatient and want to read the next installment XD

  • Tamara Ward
    2019-05-03 23:59

    I enjoyed reading this chapter. I enjoyed the action and characters, and I want to know more about what's going on with these characters. Looking forward to reading the next chapter!

  • Robert Zimmermann
    2019-05-08 21:34

    As with the first installment, I can't get a full reaction just yet to this series, but I did have a bit of a "huh?" moment on this one.Each installment is short, only a few pages, and that's fine with me. But in this one, a good amount of it was the main character having difficulty opening a letter...with a steak knife. No matter how dull the knife it, it'll tear a paper envelope open. I don't feel like so much time should have been given to opening the letter.With that said, it does have some important life-changing information on it, but there are other ways to explain the emotional difficulty of opening a letter of that magnitude. I just felt like the lack of a letter opening, or just go ahead and use your finger, was unnecessary and made for a lack of anything else happening at this point in the series.

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-28 23:59

    Read this immediately after publication, but never reviewed. Re-read again today to get a fresh perspective for the review. Here goes!I was eager to understand why this was the final part of the "A Place to Stay" title, but the title was perfectly suited for this episode.A new character comes into town. It appears that all he's seeking is a room... and then he meets Ingrid, and it's clear he's looking for a whole lot more.Is he a good guy? Scum (as he appears)? Will he play a minor role? Or will he shake things up a bit? Is there more to him that we're not seeing right away? Niall intrigues me! I have NO idea why he was introduced, what role he'll play, or where the author is going to take this story line. I have a few ideas, but there's no way to know!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-02 21:59

    Victor comforts Ingrid, and David and Jo face their medical problems head-on. I love the depth that these characters possess (especially considering that this is a series of short stories). The characterization blows my mind! With that being said, I love this soft, caring, comforting side of Victor. As far as David goes… my heart breaks a little bit more for him every week. Their problems are real. Their struggles are real. Their heartache is real. And I feel every strike of pain right along with them. That’s what I love about this series. It plays with my emotions. I find myself constantly rooting for each and every one of them (as if they’re friends of my own). These stories just keep getting better and better!

  • Angel **Book Junkie**
    2019-05-20 23:49

    So I feel I must explain why I gave this three stars and if anyone can tell me any different I would be more than willing to raise this up to 4 stars only because it was not long enough to rate any higher than that.I have a huge issue this was only like 9 pages but it was a BRILLIANT 9 pages. The problem I have is I cannot find the rest of what seemed like a brilliant series on Amazon. I would prefer to read the series as a whole instead of broken up but I really want to read this. So if you can point me in the right direction so that I can read this on my Kindle do so and I would be more than happy to rate this a little higher.

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-28 20:38

    There was a lot happening in this one! Victor wants to take his relationship with Ingrid to the next level, but he soon discovers that there may be more problems in her life than meets the eye. David continues to struggle with his medical condition, and poor, poor Jo learns that something may be wrong with her baby. There is a lot of emotion packed into this short story. As with the ones before it, I find myself praying that things turn out okay for these four characters. It’s not that I don’t care about what’s going on with Victor and Ingrid, but my heart truly aches for David and Jo at this point.

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-07 22:39

    Victor’s animalistic desires are finally getting the best of him. He’s feeling himself slipping further away from Ingrid, so he gives a little more into his temptations and finds himself indulging. And now I feel I must say… Victor, Victor, Victor. What are you getting yourself into? I know this isn't going to turn out well (for him or Ingrid), but I can’t help but hope that maybe he’ll come to his senses soon. It makes me sad to see him slipping further away. This was another good one that left me (very, very) impatient for the rest. I guess it’s not such a bad thing when my biggest complaint is that the stories are too short. I can’t get enough!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-29 19:40

    Read this immediately after publication, but never reviewed. Re-read again today to get a fresh perspective for the review. Here goes!Another beautiful episode! This was truly the story of crossroads for these characters. Ingrid and Victor reach a crossroad, as do Jo and David. And something bigger is brewing in Octavia’s future… and it doesn’t look good. Fifteen in and I’m still hooked. :)And I leave you with my favorite line of the series thus far….“He looked straight into her eyes, watched it register, let her shock and pain pierce him the way Shakespeare’s Caesar was punctured with Brutus’s dagger.”

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-21 22:52

    I could see it in the title… something big was going to happen. And then BAM! Here it is! The story I’ve been waiting for! Ingrid comes very close to spilling her latest secret (to Victor, of all people!), but a lucky break kept them from seeing one another in the place where neither of them would want the other to see them. And…. drumroll… Jo finally tells David about the pregnancy (and what the blood tests confirmed). This one was packed full of tension! I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-20 01:49

    David finds a confidant in Wes, and Ingrid agrees to a shocking job proposition. The further the series goes, the more heartache I develop. I feel Jo slipping away; helpless, hopeless, and hurt. David’s struggle is still very real, but with a new friend at his side, at least he’s dealing with his situation a little better than most. As for poor Ingrid, I can only imagine that this new job will lead to the inevitable end (to her relationship with Victor). The series keeps getting better each week! More, more, more!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-06 19:55

    Ingrid struggles with her recent employment decision, but knows that it’s only temporary (and necessary if she wants to pay her bills). Jo’s sister spills her secret, and now she has no one to turn to but Ingrid, who finally learns what Jo has been hiding. This one ended far too soon! Each week that passes, I get more and more involved with the story. I love the tension, the struggle, and the emotional tug-of-war these characters are experiencing. Another great one!!!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-20 04:04

    Ingrid is afraid to tell Victor about her recent job loss. Up to this point in the series, you don’t know much (if anything) about these two characters. Still, you feel for them in their trials. This has been the darkest (if that’s the right word) of the collection. There’s a lot going on in only a few short pages. And for being such a short story, the emotional build-up leaves the reader eager to see these two reach grow closer (and more comfortable with sharing their problems).

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-14 03:49

    Victor is facing an addiction. This fourth installment in the series was amazing. For the first time, we’re really getting a glimpse into Victor’s thoughts, emotions, and motives. And while his actions seem animalistic, the reader gets to see a softer side to him (in his relationship with his mother), and it creates a longing to see him overcome his problems. Needless to say, just like the previous three, this was an excellent short story.

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-02 21:38

    Victor continues to struggle to identify what it is he really wants. Octavia takes on a motherly role in advising David in his relationship with Jo. First of all, I love Octavia’s character. I love the dynamic between her and David, and the nickname makes it all the more precious. But as always, we’re left with a bit of uncertainty as to what’s going to come next. This has been the best installment in the series (hands down). Can’t wait for the next story! One week to go!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-23 19:48

    David makes a new connection… and maybe a new friend? I won’t lie. There were a couple of lines in this story that I had to re-read… I imagined David was up to no good, and that scared me to death. It didn’t seem like the David I’d grown to know. However, I was reading way too much into the content. After reading the story, I have high hopes that this will be the start of something good for him, but I hope it doesn’t leave Jo hurt (or abandoned). Gay or not, I swear those two belong together.

  • Robert Zimmermann
    2019-05-16 21:02

    Here's the first installment of the Sandpaper Fidelity series. It's short, as each installment is, being only a few pages in length. This one left me intrigued enough to keep going, but it's too short to know if I can say "I really liked it" because it lacks fullness, due to the "short chapter" format. I'll be going on to the next to see what else will happen :)

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-04 03:38

    I wasn't prepared for this....I can't even manage a simple synopsis at this point; I'm still too stunned. The wounds are too fresh. My heart is broken.I'm going to try to come back and review this tomorrow.... Obviously you see the five-star rating; it was as great as 1-24. It was just... too much to swallow. I need some time to let this one settle.

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-27 22:51

    This fifth issue couldn’t have a better title. While Ingrid finally tells Victor her secret, David still struggles to conceal a secret of his own from his best friend. Some tension is relieved between one couple and only continues to grow for another. This was another great short story (that kept me on pins and needles waiting for the next!).

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-06 01:37

    In her search for employment, Ingrid responds to an ad (but learns that she may be better suited for a job that she never expected). I can just sense that this is the beginning of some SERIOUS conflict. Wow. Well done! Victor’s addiction and Ingrid’s need for employment are bound to bring them head-to-head. I imagine this will only spark a ton of tension in future installments!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-05-16 23:55

    This was an excellent start to the series!! Honestly, I was glad I got a late start. I was able to pick up the next one immediately and keep reading! I don't know if I would have wanted to wait a whole week to find out more! Strong start! Great characters!

  • Tracie Puckett
    2019-04-21 19:45

    What happened between two best friends finally comes to light, leaving the chemistry between Jo and David to tug heavily at the heart. Is it bad that I want to see them end up together (given the circumstances)? This was a great second part of the series and definitely left me ready for more!!!

  • Sarah Jimenez
    2019-04-28 20:48

    I remember when this story was a serial years ago. It was so refreshing and engrossing to read all at once. Elizabeth always has a knack for creating wonderful characters that are always relatable. The sad part is now the book is over and I would love for more of this story!