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Marry the Wrong Man? Marriage Crumbling? Think You're a Failure? Ladies, We Are Not Alone. 3 Great Stories. Which One is Yours? Are you at that pivotal point in your life when you look back and wonder when it all went wrong? The Fix It or Get Out Series explores the inner workings of these ladies’ minds and hearts, and the value they place on family and love. They encouragMarry the Wrong Man? Marriage Crumbling? Think You're a Failure? Ladies, We Are Not Alone. 3 Great Stories. Which One is Yours? Are you at that pivotal point in your life when you look back and wonder when it all went wrong? The Fix It or Get Out Series explores the inner workings of these ladies’ minds and hearts, and the value they place on family and love. They encourage us not to judge but to understand, with scenarios that many women can relate to. Clearly when you think you’re going through something alone, there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions. If you like books that make you feel something and you can empathize with the characters, then take a ride with three stories that will stay with you long after you read The End....

Title : the fix it or get out series books 1 3
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the fix it or get out series books 1 3 Reviews

  • Robin Morgan
    2019-06-04 18:10

    I read this author’s series of books using the KINDLE Unlimited option on Amazon-US.How many times have we, with all that goes on in our lives, reached a crossroad where a decision had to made; and made quickly. Now, in retrospect, we wonder where and why did everything go wrong?As you read each of the three stories Ms. Ardigo has put together here you step into the lives and shoes of three different women, you might find that you’re not alone in experiencing the same situations and emotions. There is a sort of sisterhood which all women share in understanding their minds and what’s in their hearts which no man could ever comprehend. The characters, especially the female ones, which this author has created, are ones who you can’t help but empathize with.Not only have I worked in an office where the politics, especially the ones involving romance, had run amok at times; that office had been in hospital which complicated those politics even more. And in order to survive, everyone had to learn not to try and judge what has been transpiring in front of their eyes, else they’d get unwittingly get pulled into the ensuing fracas; everyone also had to understand the madness. For having given her readers and me something everyone can relate to I happy to give this endeavor by Ms. Ardigo 5 STARS.

  • Sahara Foley
    2019-06-05 22:09

    CHEATING TO SURVIVE: To start with, this book wasn’t written to condone cheating in a marriage. The three women actually try to talk each other out of, to them, their necessary evil.We have three women with three different dynamic families, husbands and illicit affairs. Heather’s ill-fated marriage was doomed from the beginning as she married out of pressure from her peers, her family and her own insecurities. Lance is a totally self-centered man with no concerns about his wife or his children. He only wanted a trophy wife and someone that treated him like his mother. Please. Grow up.Catherine and Victoria on the other hand, actually married out of love. But as happens in young marriages, people grow up and change. Usually apart. If you don’t share any hobbies or interests while you’re dating, you surely won’t share any once you’re married.Out of the three illicit affairs, Catherine’s was the most dangerous and evil. But, ironically, her wrong type of affair brought about the biggest change in her self-awareness and the greatest happiness. Victoria is my age and the type of man she meets is right up my alley. I can only wish.I would also like to applaud the author for using creative simile’s that related to their work as Nutritionists. I don’t know how many readers caught those.This is a wonderful read, and I couldn’t wait to get to the end. I highly recommend the book and give it my 5 feathers.EVERY FIVE YEARS: Heather’s family came from the poorer side of town, so she was surprised when Lance, from an affluent family, took a shine to her and wanted to start dating. Feeling pressure from her High School friends, especially her best friend Brooke, and her family, she agreed to date him. Even against all her misgivings, she found herself married to the selfish, overbearing Lance. The problem was, she’s really in love with Nicolo. So this is a tale of love lost and the missed chances in life.When I read Heather’s character in Cheating To Survive, I felt empathy for her plight. But after reading how she let herself end up in such a loveless, hate filled marriage, I can’t. Everything that happened to her, was her own choice. Heather is supposed to be a free-thinking, out-of-the-box person, so I just can’t see her marrying someone that wanted to change her. I guess it’s because I faced a similar situation in High School. The boy who wanted to marry me was just as controlling as Lance. But I choose me over him.Who I really felt sorry for, was Nicolo. He was stood-up, twice, by Heather, without any explanations. He tried to go on with his life, but everywhere he turned, Heather was in his memories. Eventually, he settled for second-best, not realizing the trap he’d made for himself.Even though I don’t like the younger Heather, I did sympathize with the older Heather, after she had to live with her consequences. The whole point of a story is to make you feel, whether good or bad, and Christine accomplished that purpose. I fell in love with Heather’s children and I was happy with her victory over Lance and Blanca, the mother-in-law from hell. There are a lot of emotional ups and downs in this well-written tale, so keep a box of tissues handy.I enjoyed this book and recommend it for all romance lovers. I give it 4 feathers.THE BRIDGES BEFORE US: This is Ms. Ardigo’s third, and last, book in The Fix It or Get Out Series,. and like the other two stories, this one is filled with memorable, well-developed characters. Samantha Hart’s character was very relatable to me, as I also grew up with low self-esteem. The unwanted child in a family. But Sam also had the burden of still living with a mother who inflicted nothing but guilt on her daughter.Questioning her pathetic existence, envying her supposedly best friend’s life, Sam starts emulating Cara’s lifestyle, which leads her into some really bad choices. Like Lou and Bruce, you’re typical one-night stand mentalities. Thinking sex is the only path to love, Sam ultimately realizes her decisions have led to a bad reputation, and she’s just as unhappy if not more, than she was before. Deep down inside, she knows she’s not being true to herself.Then Cooper gets hired as the manager for the hospital’s kitchen where Sam works. I really liked his character too, as he also had his own baggage, trying to please everyone but himself. His concept of what bridges mean was quite inspirational.Every good story must have conflict, and this one has plenty. Between Lou, Bruce, Cara, Cooper, Rosyln, and her mother, Sam is always butting heads, trying to find her place. But her worst enemy is herself. Cara is a strong secondary character. I came to hate her, pity her and then wept for her at the end.What I didn’t like: sometimes there were antics Sam did I just couldn’t see someone her age doing. Like stuffing her face full of food and taping her mouth shut. To me, these seemed contrived and unrealistic. I recommend this book for anyone who loves chick lit and lots of drama. I give it 4 feathers.

  • Denise Liebig
    2019-05-26 19:12

    If you thought office politics was bad, try working in a hospital! This series follows the lives of hospital nutritionists who have more going on than meets the eye. What lies beneath the surface is a strong desire for happiness, but their actions don’t always get them there in one piece. Insert a love interest or two, and the real fun begins. Each book is well-written and easily draws the reader into the world of the characters, both in their professional and social lives. In fact, these books have something for everyone; from horrible bosses and cranky coworkers, to cheating spouses and guilt-flinging parents. What I enjoy most about this series is that it’s real and relatable. I was glad to see these books in a boxed set, because once you read one, you’ll want to read all three. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Ardigo.

  • Lynn Cooper
    2019-05-27 21:56

    Awesome series! A must-read for every woman on the planet.

  • Christine Ardigo
    2019-05-24 23:10