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"Guards of Folsom: Book Five"Tek Cain & Jamie Ryan work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club. After two years on the run from their old motorcycle club and the Feds, Tek & Jamie are finally able to relax and enjoy their new life in New York City. But the past won t stay buried, and when the MC resurfaces, it s Jamie who pays the price. Tek and the rest of the members"Guards of Folsom: Book Five"Tek Cain & Jamie Ryan work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club. After two years on the run from their old motorcycle club and the Feds, Tek & Jamie are finally able to relax and enjoy their new life in New York City. But the past won t stay buried, and when the MC resurfaces, it s Jamie who pays the price. Tek and the rest of the members at the Guards of Folsom must work together to get back one of their own.In this, the final installment in the Guards of Folsom series, everyone must come together, bound as one in their quest to find Jamie and bring him home once and for all."...

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Bound Reviews

  • Ele
    2019-07-07 09:51

    **3.5 stars**The final installment in the Guards of Folsom series, felt like the end of an era for the club and its people, in more ways than one.S.J.D.Peterson managed to surprise me again, since the story unfolded very differently than I expected. Some parts, I absolutely loved. Some others felt a little dull, and dragged the story out.This is predominantly Tek and Jaimie's story, but it's also a glimpse in the lives of the characters of the previous books. It's, also, a "good-bye".The start of the book is one of the things I liked the most. We get to see each couple from the previous books, when they got the phone call that informed them that Jaimie had been kidnapped, and it was great to see them basking in their HEA afterglow.So, everyone works together to help Tek bring Jaimie home. This is another thing that I liked. The sense of brotherhood among these guys. Not just for their help to Tek, but because they were there to offer their support and friendship, after Jaimie was resued.Much to my surprise, Jaimie's kidnapping case was resolved pretty early. Like really early. I kept expecting that the MC would come back to cause more trouble. Because, if not this, what else is there to expect?Apparently, not much. And this was where the book took a dive for me. The rest of the story deals with the aftermath of Jaimie's rescue, and how the kidnapping affected him, and his relationship with Tek. There is a lot of steam and it was pretty hot, but that's all.Like in Roped, each chapter starts with Tek's reflections about love, life and Jaimie. In the previous book, I found it somewhat dramatic and jarring. But, there is a reason behind it, and when it's revealed, it's a very, very beautiful moment.The ending is just right. Comforting, warm and satisfying, it provided a solid HEA, not only for Tek and Jaimie, but for all characters. It's exactly the ending I want from a series.I struggled a lot with my rating, because there were parts of the book that I truly loved. Important parts, like the start and the end, the chemistry between the MCs, and an amazing cast of recurring characters. But I ended up rounding down, because there was this huge part of the story that fell flat for me, and took a lot of my enjoyment out.If you 're a fan of the series, I definately recommend this.*Review cross-posted on Gay Book Reviews*

  • Jewel
    2019-07-20 06:50

    3.5 StarsI think this was a decent wrap up of one of my favorite series, even though Jamie and Tek are not my favorite couple. The vignettes at the beginning were my favorite parts, though. I loved getting glimpses of the other guys and seeing them come together to help find one of their own. After that piece is resolved, though, the story dragged a bit. Not sure why. Anyway, I'm sad to say goodbye to all of them. It was a good run.

  • Debra
    2019-06-23 13:02

    Review originally posted at Sinfully.If you’ve read the other books in this series, you’ll be glad to see that Roped starts off with chapters catching us up with the couples from the prior books (Micah and Tackett, Max and Aiden, and Rig, Bobby and Mason) so we know where they all stand when they get the call about Jamie. While some of them are closing a chapter in their lives, others are starting a new one. I thought this was a great way to start off, so that SJD Peterson could then jump straight back into Jamie and Tek’s story. These men all play parts in the story, as do Ty and Blake, coming together for support, but the focus is solidly on Tek and Jamie.The kidnapping itself is not the focus of the story, which surprised me based on the blurb. It was resolved fairly quickly and the majority of the story focused on Jamie and Tek recovering and fighting to break free of their past and from the skewed notion of family they were brought up with, the violence and intolerance and the fear, as well as the after-effects of Jamie’s capture. Tek is especially consumed by the violence he finds himself still capable of and the effects it has had on not just him and Jamie, but on the unknown victims from his MC days. Jamie is dealing with nightmares and panic attacks resulting from the two times he was abducted, but the fear playing out is not for his safety, but for Tek’s. Both have to wonder if they will ever be able to live their lives without looking over their shoulders and being ready to run. Tek’s ingrained feelings of responsibility for Jamie’s safety run deep, but he sometimes has a hard time understanding that Jamie feels exactly the same way towards him. The men have a lot of issues to work through, but they never waver in their love and devotion towards each other.They are only beginning to realize just what “family” means and that they are building one that is stronger than blood or the perversion of family that the MC was. As Blake steps in to help them move on with their lives they struggle with having lived so long with the ways of their MC family where nothing came without a price and accepting the new reality of their lives and the men that have stood with them and asked for nothing in return.Although they spend a good deal of time at the club Tek and Jamie’s relationship doesn’t move into BDSM territory, but they still enjoy a bit of kink and the find their ability to indulge in the bondage they both enjoy is tested as a result of Jamie’s ordeal. That doesn’t stop them from finding other ways to spice things up, but rope play is something they both want and need to be part of their sex life and something they work towards getting back. While there is plenty of sex in the story, it’s the smaller everyday moments I really enjoyed seeing between the men and the surprises they still find in each other after basically having spent every day of their lives together.While I enjoyed most of the story there were times in the middle where it felt stalled. We get both men’s points of view and I love the easy comfort the two men find in each other, but there were times when I felt something was missing. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the resolution of the MC story and I think my anticipation of more may have had some bearing on that.Since reading Roped, I had wondered just what the writings from Tek at the beginning of each chapter were. I finally got my answer and it was just a perfect, touching moment as was the aftermath. In ending this story, SJD Peterson is putting an end to the Guards of Folsom series. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with these men, some from way back in the Whispering Pines Ranch days, so the ending is bittersweet. The Epilogue finished the story in much the same was as Bound started, putting all the men together and letting us in on what’s in store for them in the future, and assuring us that while things will be changing, Tek and Jamie have found the family and home they always deserved to have.

  • Jaime
    2019-06-26 13:53

    I enjoyed this latest book in the Guards of Folsom series. I love the way this author writes and appreciate the detail, character depth, and overall high quality of the story. Then let's add in some mystery, great sex scenes and we have a winner!!! 5 stars*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Cluband Gay Book Reviews

  • Christy
    2019-06-23 10:56

    The entire time I was reading 'Bound', I couldn't believe it was the final book in the series. I knew it had to end, eventually, but I really wasn't ready. Not even close. The fact that the author did a vignette of each of the couples from the first three books right at the beginning, emphasized to me that this book was going to showcase the family I had come to love, all of them, showing what it meant to be bound to a family of your choosing."Some think it’s how much fun you have, your net worth, or the notches on your bedpost that define a good life. I learned at a young age that while all of those things make life both more interesting and exciting, it’s how much you are loved that really matters."My heart was in my throat - mostly for Tek - because I lack patience, and I knew the waiting around to get the intel was killing him. Blake, Ty, Tackett, Micah, Max, and Aiden were all with him at the club, but it was Blake who ran the show. Blake knew about kidnappings after his Eli had been taken, so it was Blake who kept Tek from going out of his mind with worry. Tackett tracked the phone number Rocco called from, found by using his years of computer experience, and Blake got a friend to do surveillance to locate exactly where Jamie was being held. I was on pins and needles. Seriously.Tek, Blake, Tackett, and Max got Jamie rescued, and now it's time for Tek and Jamie to figure out what they're going to do. The threat of Rocco is gone, but Tek allowed his first lieutenant to return to the club. All Tek and Jamie want is to be left alone, do their jobs, love each other, and be done with the motorcycle club and not have to rat anybody out to the Feds. It's a tall order and it's going to take both of them, and their friends, to figure it out."Sometimes living hurts worse than death."A fabulous end to what has been, indisputably, one of the BEST series I've ever read. Jo, you did the characters and the series proud with this finale. I loved the ending, and every single page that preceded it. Now, I'll be looking forward to what you'll be bringing me next.NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-06-25 06:50

    Reviewed for Prism Book AllianceBound is the fifth book in the Guards of Folsom series and also the one that brings it to an end and there was an overwhelming feeling of it being the final chapter as I read it.This is really the conclusion to Tek and Jamie’s story and carries on right where Roped left off. It begins though with a glimpse back at all the previous characters of the series, a catch up as to where they all are in their lives, as they each receive a phone call from Blake asking for their help and support. One of their own has been kidnapped, the MC has finally caught up with Jamie and Tek. Jamie has gone and Tek is finding it difficult to hold things together but the Guards of Folsom are determined to bring him back.Although the kidnapping and rescuing of Jamie is the main part of the story initially it soon moves on to their recovery, and even more importantly their acceptance of the lives they have now. Tek in particular can’t shake the dark thoughts that he doesn’t deserve everything he has and he has a hard time reconciling where they have ended up, surrounded by supportive friends, and dare he even call the men in his life family?Jo healed her boys in this one but it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t without setbacks. I felt like Tek and Jamie just needed to be accepted but before that could happen they needed to accept themselves, put the atrocities of their upbringing behind them and concentrate on their love for each other. If it all had to end then for me it ended perfectly.One final mention should go to Micah, the ever squirming, fast talking and sugar blitzed imp of a submissive – he really is a sweetheart!

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-07-19 06:53

    Before reading this final book in the Guards of Folsom series, I decided to go back and visit some old friends by rereading the series from beginning to end. Boy, am I glad that I did! Not only did I get to renew my acquaintance with these men—remember their histories—but I also got to see where they are going and what the future holds for them so that I could say goodbye and give them a fond farewell. I highly recommend a Guards of Folsom marathon to anyone looking for some hot men who enjoy some kinky sex and how they each travel on their journeys, both individually and as a group, to find love, lasting friendships, and personal triumphs alongside their HEAs.It all began with Riveted, a short that SJD Peterson wrote at the end of the Whispering Pines Ranch series because Ty and Blake needed to have their story told. They met such interesting people along the way that a new series was born of men whose home is at the Guards of Folsom BDSM Club. After Riveted, we met Tackett and Micah in Pup; Bobby, Rig and Mason in Tag Team; Max and Aiden in Pony; Jamie and Tek in Roped; and lastly, a short about Gunny and Mac in Mauled. In each of these stories the men involved not only explore their individual kinks, but they also overcome issues such as ADHD. They deal with grief and bereavement. They deal with ageism and self-awareness and the battle involved in rising above the circumstances of birth to become better men.Bound is the continuing story of Jamie and Tek, and begins with Jamie being kidnapped by his stepfather who heads a violent motorcycle club. From the blurb it seems this is the whole book, but the kidnapping is just the beginning and most of the book deals with how Jamie and Tek cope with the aftermath. Each is hurt not just physically but emotionally by the incident, and creating their new normal is difficult for them. The book is written in the same format as Roped in that each chapter begins with a note from Tek’s journal and his insights into what is going on in his head at the time.“There was this ingrained fear and mistrust of anyone who wasn’t Jamie. But with each passing day, without even realizing it, the men at the Guards of Folsom have wormed their way in, and suddenly I am surrounded by friends, not just any type of friend but men I trust with not only my life but the life of what is most precious to me – Jamie.”I have to say that I really would have liked to see all the men have a role in the saving of Jamie; I really think Micah could have rocked the construction worker outfit! However, the book is paced well (except for a little drag through the middle), and it is nice to see all the storylines tied up and the men settled. I loved how all the men come together to support each other, and each have a role to play in setting these young men on the right track and supporting them there. It’s hard to believe they are only twenty-five at the end of the book, with all they go through.You could read this last book by itself and enjoy the story. SJD Peterson does a great job of giving you all the information you need to enjoy it, but I would say read them all. Of, if not all, at least read Roped first so that you get the beginning of Tek and Jamie’s story.I highly recommend this book!Reviewed by Carrie for The Novel Approach Reviews

  • Natalie
    2019-06-24 09:50

    I enjoyed some of this, I just thought it would be more exciting, more poignant or something. There was little to no real tension in getting Jamie back and seemed way too easy. Then there was some dealing with fallout. There was also too much focus on Tek and Jamie's sex life. Then all these solutions to everything just fell into place. Other than brief scenes, there was very little about the other characters from the series. I honestly never got a sense of really close friendship from any of them. Micah and Tackett's moment at the start of the story was never followed up. It all just felt flat and rather boring. Any emotions seemed forced into the dialogue. The sex scenes didn't feel very erotic or passionate. I like several of SJD Peterson's books, but this ended up feeling more like an afterthought.

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-07-06 06:46

    ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review. The story of Tek Cain and Jamie Ryan that began with Roped continues in Bound as their past catches up to them. Tek and Jamie both work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club in New York City. A few years earlier, they ran from the motorcycle club they had been involved with from birth. Both their fathers were among the founders, and when Tek was born, it was decided he’d someday be the leader. Born on the same day in the same year, the two men grew up together, and in Roped, they discovered what they felt for each other was much more than friendship. After escaping from the motorcycle club, and the feds that were after them and other members of the club, they started to forge a new life with a new set of friends—the host of characters from the Guards of Folsom series. As this last installment of the series opens, Tek has just found out that Jamie has been kidnapped by Rocco, the leader of their club, and Rocco wants revenge—on both of them. From the blurb, I assumed that Jamie’s kidnapping would occupy most of the story, however, Tek got help from Tackett, Blake, and Max and was able to free Jamie within the first third of the story. The balance of the story centers on the men getting back to where they were before. They do not live a BDSM lifestyle; they just occasionally do rope scenes, but neither man is able to go back to playing after the traumatic events surrounding the kidnapping. They are also concerned that others may know their new location and come after them—others that include the feds or some former club members—and they worry whether or not they should stay in New York. The problem is that they don’t want to leave their friends—good friends like Blake and Max and others who provide friendship and support throughout the story. I liked this story, but like Roped, I didn’t highly enjoy it. I think the bottom line is that I couldn’t warm to these characters, even after two books. I do, however, love the other characters in the series, and they all appeared at various times throughout this book, giving readers an opportunity to experience their emotional growth and changes as well. One issue that bugged me was the lack of follow-up to a scene that occurs early in the story between one of the other couples. Without naming names… (view spoiler)[I had hoped we’d be present for this couple’s announcement to their friends and perhaps for even more. You’ll know once you read it. (hide spoiler)]I’m saddened that the series has ended since it really marks the end of two series: both Whispering Pines Ranch and the Guards of Folsom series. I had no idea when I read Lorcan’s Desire four years ago that I would grow so close to a group of characters, including Ty, the one who was originally cast as a villain. Both are great series, rich in characters that give a wonderful perspective on various forms of the BDSM lifestyle. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning more. This book is a must read for those who have enjoyed this series as it brings closure not only to Tek and Jamie, but to several other couples as well.

  • Katie
    2019-06-27 13:41

    I think I discovered Pup, the fist book in this series very early on in my M/M reading days. At the time, I was still pretty hot-n-heavy into reading BDSM books so finding Pup was a super special treat. It was thoughtful and emotional, showing that BDSM, for some, can be exactly what the mind needs to find quiet and focus. It was not the rip-roaring freaky kink show I'd thought I'd stumbled upon. It was hot, sure...but there was a depth I was grateful to find but hadn't expected.I quickly grabbed book two, Tag Team, which might've been my introduction to M/M/M. It was pretty tame for my general tastes of the BDSM genre. Instead, it was gut-wrenching, clawing out from rock-bottom despair. But it helped to solidify in my mind that threesome relationships are pretty freaking great when built on solid foundations. This was my absolute favorite of the series. (Still is.)Then came Pony and the title alone had me super intrigued and ready for some low-down get-yur-freak-on kinky fun. But, from what I remember, it was also way more of an emotional ride.I also read books four and 4.5 as soon as they were available.Finally, Bound, the fifth and final book of this series was yet another emotional journey. This time, the cradle to grave kind of love. Tek and Jamie, born on the same day, in the same hospital, to the same life in a dangerous world of the scary kind of bikers fighting for survival and trying to find peace and anonymity so they can just breathe free.This was beautiful.But, not my favorite.I had a few quibbles.I'm not crazy about books about established couples--though we get how Tek and Jamie met in book four this was more of a continuation than a book on a new couple as were the first three books. The Big Scary Thing happens in the first 30% then the rest is just moving on and recovering from it. I kept thinking that Another Scary Thing was going to come jumping out when I least expected...and, well, I was a tad disappointed. Also, I didn't recall this from book four, but often found Tek to be a bit on the whiny and pouty side--way too much for me to find endearing or cute from this giant bear of a man.All that aside I can't say I wasn't pleasantly engaged from beginning to emotional nearly tearful end. I was over the moon to finally see Tek and Jamie get their HEA.On the kink side, this was also relatively tame for my sometimes filthy reading tastes. Tek and Jamie don't consider themselves BDSMers. They're just around it a lot because of where Tek works and their mutual friends. They do enjoy rope play but aren't into D/s at all. The sex between them is combustible, so I can't complain. At all. Really. HOT!I enjoyed this book and overall loved this series. Each one, with their gorgeous sexy covers and their edgy titles, was a lesson in finding intimacy, trust, and love and meeting needs by digging beneath the surface of kinky desire.I definitely recommend for those who like some kink on the side of their flawed, beautiful heroes taking an emotional journey.Also posted on

  • Brooklyn
    2019-07-21 11:55

    An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.The final book in the Guards of Folsom series, this book is the rest of Tek and Jamie’s story. The Motorcycle Club they left behind has finally caught up with them at the club and Jamie is kidnapped. The story starts out with each pairing from the previous books in the series getting the call that Jamie has been kidnapped and their help is need to find him and bring him back. So we get a glimpse at each relationship before the real meat of the story begins.I thought that this book would focus on the kidnapping and the coming together of all the characters from the series working together to get Jamie back. But I was wrong. The kidnapping/rescue was just the beginning. The rest of the book focuses on the aftermath. They both struggle to move on after what happened. And although they don’t live the BDSM lifestyle, they work and play in it. The other characters are present in the story in that they help Jamie and Tek get past it. They provide friendship and support, something that was severely lacking in their lives until they left the MC gang and found the club.I’m so happy to finally have the story. When I read Roped, I was so confused. I couldn’t understand how it tied into the series, because the BDSM club didn’t even enter the picture until well into the second half of the book. And we were left with not even a solid HFN ending. I knew there had to be more to their story. So I was thrilled to finally get the rest. And I like how Jo combined it with the rest of the series’s characters to let us get one last look at how everyone was doing and to say good-bye to some characters we grew to love, not only from this series, but from the original Whispering Pines Ranch series. There was some lag in the middle of this book where it seemed like the story got a bit stagnant and sex was used as a filler, but the beginning was extremely fast paced and the end was comforting. So all in all, it was a good read.

  • Federica Lemme
    2019-07-10 11:00

    I was very happy when this series began and now so sad it’s coming to an end. I fell in love with Ty and Blake in the book “Ty’s Obsession”, all the stories are wonderful and sweet, but my favourite so far is Tag Team. Having said that, the whole series is about genuine, absolute friendship that these men share. And in this last book we have a beautiful example of how they can be together when one of them needs help. The way the author integrates the characters from previous books is really appealing, especially as we can see what they were doing the day that Blake calls them because Jaime is in danger. Of course it goes without saying, that all of them rush to offer help, none of them thought twice, that is the foundations of true friendship that they have. Personally, I would have liked the first part of the book to have had more detail – Jamie was too easily rescued, to my way of thinking. We get to see how Jaime and Tek try to get on with their lives, with of course the help from their friends. Jamie and Tek relationship is really strong and beautiful, they are really soulmate. They have lived all their lives a world full of violence and danger, it’s amazing how sunny they really are. Everybody’s lives changed at the end of the book. It’s seems the closing of a circle. They’ll take different roads, and even if this is a little bit sad not to think of all of them together at the club, it’s also exciting thinking of how many other adventures they can have, and that maybe the author will tell us.I’ll really miss these men, all of them, but thank you SJD for this wonderful journey!**** The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in Exchange of an honest review.****https://threebooksovertherainbow.word...

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-07-15 12:46

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsBound is the final book in SJD Peterson’s wonderful Guards of Folsom series. I have been following this series since the beginning and loved each book that features the various couples who are part of the club. This book take a little bit of a different direction as rather than following a new couple, it continues Tek and Jamie’s story that started in Roped. It opens after Jamie has been kidnapped and we are thrust right into the excitement as the men gather and try to figure out how to rescue him. We can really feel Tek’s pain as he deals with Jamie’s kidnapping and his own feelings of failure that he didn’t protect Jamie. We also get some nice scenes where Tek realizes how much of a family he has built in New York and that these other men are willing to almost anything to help him get Jamie back.I kind of assumed that the kidnapping would be the main focus of the story, but it actually resolves pretty early on. I think that made sense, because honestly I am not sure I would have wanted to see the guys separated for the entire book. But it did take some of the intensity out of the story as the major conflict is over quite early and the rest of the book deals with much more minor issues as we follow along in the aftermath. I enjoyed seeing Tek and Jamie begin to move forward and the way that their love and connection with one another helps them get through things. But I did feel like the story didn’t quite have as much focus after things return to normal.Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

  • Jodi Ciorciari-marinich
    2019-07-13 06:44

    This is the last book in the guards series and I loved it. It is the final installment in Tex and Jaime's story as well. The opening was great because it shows us all the guys and where they are right now before the call comes in. They all come together because Jaime has been kidnapped and they want to help Tek get him back. I loved that even though Tek is used to working alone he accepts their help and they get him back. The chemistry is always hot before Tex and Jaime and this story is no different. I have to say I enjoyed the ice cubes. The trust and love between these two was breathe-taking. They have been thru so much but come out the other side still having each other. The birthday present Tek gave to Jaime made me tear up it was so perfect for them. Though this series is over it is just the beginning for these men and as the boys said it, they will always be the guards of folsom... Reviewed by Jodi Marinich from Alpha Book Club.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-06-21 12:47

    Ahhh, I'm so sad that this series is over! BUT, it was a perfect, lovely, hot, sexy, sweet way to end it. I love that it included all of the couples from the previous books and we got to see them continuing with their HEA too. And Tek and Jamie *happy sigh* I just love them so. I loved the beginning, and I'm kinda glad that the drama was not dragged through the whole story. We really got to see them cope, heal, and start their new life together. Also, I LOVE that we found out about the entries from Tek before each chapter, that was just very well done when it was all put together. I remember thinking it was weird in the 4th book since it was just like out of nowhere. And I loved the last 2 chapters - love, love, love. Like I said, I'm sad to see this ending, but I look forward to what comes next from this excellent author!

  • Angie
    2019-07-08 08:34

    ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Inked Rainbow Reads Review Team~5 stars for this M/MI am so sad to see this series end, I have read and loved each book. We got to see all the couples again, catch up with them and see them come together once more as a family to help Tek get Jamie back and then with the aftermath. I loved Tek and Jamie, they have such a special bond and so much love for each other, you can feel it ooze off the pages of the book. I love how these men have gone through so much, and will still do anything and everything they can for each other and how they both want nothing more than being together. It was bitter sweet that the series ended but I think it ended well.

  • Blackmermaid
    2019-07-02 07:50

    I have been anticipating this continuation to Roped! I was surprised and a little sad to read that this is the last one in the series when I first read the blurb. This book really wrapped up everything nicely! I really loved the vignettes about the rest of the guys, especially Tackett and Micah's. The ending was superb and I will truly miss all of these guys :)

  • Farrah
    2019-07-17 07:36

    2.5* rounded down

  • Love is Love Book Reviews
    2019-06-22 12:57

    Originally appeared on Love is Love Book Reviews.3.5 Hearts rounded up because the series as a whole is outstanding. While this book isn’t nearly the strongest in the series (Pup, anyone?), it is in many ways a fitting the end. Before I go any further, Bound is NOT in any way a stand-alone story. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, especially Roped, do yourself a favor and go back to the beginning before you try and tackle this one. I promise you won’t regret it.I love all of the Guards of Folsom characters and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone, but I wish the check-ins with everyone had been integrated into the Tek/Jamie storyline rather than the individual snippets. While we are on the subject of the characters, the subs from the previous books get short shrift here. They all could have been given more substantive contributions to both Jamie’s rescue and recovery. For example, Mason would have been the perfect person to help Tek/Jamie after their anxiety/ panic attacks. I know Max is a shrink and all, but still.Bound is framed in the blurb to be the story of Jamie’s kidnapping, but it isn’t. Not really. It’s more the story of Jamie and Tek’s recovery from the kidnapping and that’s not a bad thing, just not what I unexpected. As in Roped, Tek’s journal entries killed me dead. The love, devotion, and heartbreak were manifest in every entry, but it was Jamie’s final contribution to the journal that closed the book on Tek and Jamie for me. I’d have been happy if the story had ended right there. The rest was unnecessary.I lived each and every one of the events written here, but to read about my life through your eyes was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Each time I read it, I would come to this blank page and it mocked me, the story unfinished. But perhaps that was the point. Our story didn’t end the day you gave me your journal. It was simply yet to be written.The BDSM in this one is pretty superfluous and unlike the other couples, Tek and Jamie have never lived the lifestyle 24/7. Their rope bondage kink is actually off the table for most of the story. I honestly think Tek could have used an extended period in submission where he could learn to lay down his burdens and responsibilities for a little while. I have to admit that the sex got a little repetitive by the end, but it was still pretty hot.Jo Peterson is a talented writer and a master storyteller. Those skills are laid plain on each and every page of all five stories in the series. A fitting end to a phenomenal series.The cover is excellent as are all the covers in the series. Clean and simple with an urban feel that is evocative of the story and definitely a Cover Love.

  • Amber
    2019-07-11 09:35

    Its been forever since I read the rest of this series but I finally finished it up. I went into it with very few expectations since I barely remembered the characters. What I found was a nice bounding book between Tek and Jamie after they both go through a traumatic experience. Much of this book dealt with the two finding their feet again not just after the kidnapping but realizing that they no longer have to be on the run. There is a lot of sex in this book but it does have a good mix of character interactions as well. I think that I really need to go back and re-read some of this series to truly appreciate some of the book.

  • Tammy
    2019-07-11 09:02

    So sad to see this series end.I really liked seeing all the other guys and catching up on their lives. Tek and Jamie aren't so much into the BDSM aspect of the club. They just like what they like and go with it. They trust each other and deal with the aftermath of Jamie's kidnapping. The ending was so very well done and explained how each couples lives were changing and where they were going. Very well done and I loved it!

  • Brittany
    2019-07-14 12:39

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO FUCKING MUCH!!! all the characters from every book were amazing, but my favorite couple was without a doubt Tek and Jamie!

    2019-07-14 08:53

    Great end to a real good series..

  • Tetkaripli
    2019-07-18 13:02

    3.5 stars

  • FantasyLiving
    2019-06-26 09:40

    2.5 HeartsI think this was a case of “it’s me, not you”. I’m really not sure at what point this fell down for me.Jamie and Tek are settling into their new life until their past comes back to claim retribution. Tek is frantic to find Jamie and while he is searching, with the help of all the members of their group, he can’t fight the panic and flashes of what life would be like without Jamie in it. WIthout Jamie, there would be no Tek.I have read all previous stories in this series, and enjoyed every one of them. Some more than others, of course, but they’ve all been interesting, and I’ve enjoyed the journey. This one though. I really don’t know. The story didn’t grab me. Or rather, the first part of the story grabbed me, but then it fizzled out. I don’t know if it was the amount of drama in the story that turned me off, or the amount of sex. Weird, for me, but there it is.The flow was fine, and I liked a lot of the interactions between all the other members of the group. I enjoyed reading more about how strong Jamie’s and Tek’s relationship really is. They were made for each other, and it is good to see their unwavering loyalty to each other. It is definitely something special and rare. I think the best part about this couple is there is no drama within the relationship. It’s solid, and they work together to ensure they are both whole as individuals and as a couple. All the drama is external, they have complete faith in the love they have for each other. I want them to have a long and happy life together, and the character building in the previous book shows that they will be happy together forever. So where did this go wrong for me? I really can’t say for sure, and I totally own whatever demon possessed me and changed the way I felt about this book. For those who have read the other books in the series, this is definitely a closer book, and if you’re invested in the series, I would encourage you to read it. For me, I think I could have stopped at the last book, and felt okay about it all. I did enjoy the little snippets of “where are they now” with the previous characters. I’m a huge Micah and Tackett fan, I will never deny it, so I always get perky when Micah makes an appearance and gets sassy enough for Tackett to intervene. Mason is still a dear-heart, and I was glad to get a glimpse of how he is progressing in his healing. For whatever reason, this book didn’t work for me the way I had hoped, but I am sure it will work for others who have enjoyed this series to date. There are definitely some hot scenes, some exciting action, and some beautiful moments between Tek and Jamie. And as with the previous book, there is Tek’s journal entries to get a true glimpse into how much Tek adores Jamie, as well as his darkest fears, and deepest wishes. Recommended for those who have read the previous Guards of Folsom stories. I would not recommend trying to read this as a standalone.

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-07-13 07:54

    4.5 Heart Review by DanielleThere is no denying the fact that I am a huge fan of Miss Peterson’s writing as I am also of this wonderful series. So I was very excited to finally read this latest (and last) installment.Bound starts of with a bang, a wonderful insight in the lives of all the couples leading up to how they find out the news about Jaime’s disappearance. I have to say for me this was one of the best parts of the book. The way Miss Peterson rounded things up and showed us a peek in the life of the couples, was truly fabulous.This follows in the rest of the book The friendship and family they created is soothing to a person’s soul. The way that was portrayed was a very wonderful and left me with a comfortable feeling.But…yes, there’s a but…this story is about Tek and Jaime and while I love them together and gladly read about that, I was surprised with the timeline of this story. Jaime being saved is pretty early in plotline and for me came unexpectedly, because it felt like ok what now? What follows is a lot of trying to work out issues and a lot of sex. Miss Jo sure knows how to write a good sex/love scene but for me there was definitely something missing. On a personal note I like, especially in a monogamous relationship, that there is no condom interruption and for some reason I couldn’t stop noticing the yes condom, no condom scenes, also because they have been together for a long time, again as I said a personal note but something that really distracted me for a reason.One of the best thing in this complete series is the different ways of looking at the BDSM lifestyle. Where Tek and Jaime do not live the specific lifestyle but are very connected to the club obviously, we get a nice look into the rope-play they both do like to make use of on occasion. The insight is especially interesting after Jaime’s kidnapping they both seem to struggle with the trauma that comes with this. SJD Peterson is a master in pointing out the various ways of the different couples and their approach to the lifestyle.As I mentioned before I loved the interaction with all the former couples as we see the family they’ve created which all comes down to a very satisfying, comfortable round-up in the end of this book. Like in Roped, there are little pieces from Tek at each chapter and the last one, lets just say it was that piece that got me choked up. That decided for me together with the ending to bump up the rating by a half because it was fitting and well thought out Overall I can only highly recommend this series because each book has its own unique story, yet makes a connection in very different ways.This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Jaycee
    2019-07-18 11:52

    Review by Jaycee for BOOKS 'N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS,*purchased on Amazon.com3.5 StarsGuards of Folsom readers were first introduced to Tek and Jaime in the very gritty and very intense, “Roped”, Book 4 of the series. I suspected at that time, that we had not heard the end of them, because MC’s and Feds don’t just tend to let bygones be bygones. I was delighted that their story would also serve as a conclusion to this really quite stellar series.The action begins quickly, with the coming together of the Folsom Club members to aid Tek in freeing Jaime from the wrath and sadistic clutches of their former MC. Interestingly, they do dispatch the MC rather nicely and with a surprising minimum of fuss, and the bulk of the story is then the post trauma adjustment to their new reality.While not the course I expected the book to take, particularly given the graphic proceedings in “Roped”, I was nonetheless engaged by the post-trauma angle. Many stories we read tend to gloss over the aftermath of upheaval and damage done by personal violation, and so to see the sequelae prominently and honestly scrutinized is pleasing. In addition, these proceedings allowed, though in an ultimately accelerated time jump, an organic and realistic conclusion to the lives and futures of all the Guards of Folsom and their subs.I did find it somewhat surprising for all the previous content about MC (Crimson VIII) intolerance to homosexuality and theft from within, that the much-feared retribution came from only the #1 and #2 of the Club. I was under the impression that the “examples” such as Tek and Jaime should have been, would have been made with a much bigger and more dramatic show-down. In addition, the Feds whom the guys spent the last two years looking over their shoulder for, not only never materialized, it seems the Federal radar was never targeting them. While it wasn’t mentioned as such, at least not specifically, one wonders if Blake and his contacts might have had something to do with all of those records being expunged. I found this…oversight, I guess?, to be something of a hole in an otherwise tight series for me. Not a fatal shot by any means, just a bit of a scar.“Bound”, while mainly about Tek and Jaime living a past behind and navigating a new future, also serves a a tying of loose ends for the completely wonderful Guards of Folsom series. I can not recommend this book and this series enough. It is deeply emotional at every step of the way, the characters and their “lives” resonate, and its one of those worlds a reader can return to time and again to be with friends…

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2019-07-09 06:49

    Title:BoundAuthor: SJD PetersonSeries: Guards of Folsom, Book #5Publisher: Dreamspinner PressRelease Date: March 14, 2016Genre(s): M/M BDSM EroticaPage Count: 304Heat Level:5 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:Tek Cain & Jamie Ryan work at the Guards of Folsom BDSM club. After two years on the run from their old motorcycle club and the Feds, Tek & Jamie are finally able to relax and enjoy their new life in New York City. But the past won’t stay buried, and when the MC resurfaces, it’s Jamie who pays the price. Tek and the rest of the members at the Guards of Folsom must work together to get back one of their own.In this, the final installment in the Guards of Folsom series, everyone must come together, bound as one in their quest to find Jamie and bring him home once and for all.“He grabbed Jamie’s hips in both hands, ignoring the sting of pain from the wound, and pushed Jamie down at the same time he thrust up, hard.”5 emotionally gripping stars! This book was more emotional than I had anticipated……Tek and Jamie are finally settling down with their new life in New York City after being on the run from their old MC and the Feds. Now working at the Guards of Folsom BDSM, they think they are scott free and ready to live their lives. That is until, the MC shows up and Jamie is forced to take the brunt of the abuse, or pay back if you will. Tek not willing to go down without a fight, gathers all the other members of the Guards of Folsom, to get Jamie back. Can they get Jamie back before it’s too late??This book was emotionally gripping and will leave you on the edge of your seat. You will scream at your kindle while you’re reading…..You’ll want to fight with Tek to get Jamie back and cry with Jamie during his captivity. To say that I enjoyed this book would be a complete understatement. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club

  • JustJen
    2019-07-06 12:53

    Review by The Blogger Girls.This story begins by quickly catching up with everyone from the previous books which helps bring everything back. As we are seeing what each couple is up to, they get the call about Jamie being kidnapped, where they all end up reconvening at the club to formulate a plan on getting Jamie back.The kidnapping was definitely a factor in this story, it wasn’t nearly as big of an issue as I was expecting. It isn’t terribly involved and is taken care of pretty fast. Instead, the story focuses on Tek and Jamie’s lives together. They’ve been together and there for each other from a very early age, managed to escape the clutches of the motorcycle club Tex was supposed to take over and are now just trying to live peaceful lives.The struggles are mainly within themselves, trying to get over their pasts and allowing themselves to accept that they do, in fact, deserve to be happy and safe. They are also learning that they have a new family now with the guys from the club, which is solidified by the way they all stepped in to help with Jamie’s rescue. They’ve only ever really had each other to rely on, so it is taking a bit of getting used to for them.Tek and Jamie aren’t really into the BDSM scene but they have begun to explore a bit of kink with each other. When they begin to continue their exploration, Jamie’s ordeal gets in the way, and they then have to work on getting that back as well. But, it doesn’t take long for them to not want what happened to get in the way of their own happiness together.Throughout the story, we see Tek’s journal entries giving a closer look into the feelings behind everything that’s happened in their lives. It all comes together in the end with an emotional and touching scene that ends one chapter in their lives but opens a new door as well. These guys are very sweet, very clearly in love and have been for a very long time. There is no doubt they are perfect for each other, and through everything they’ve been through and any changes in the future, there is no doubt they will persevere and come out stronger than ever.While I wasn’t blown away by this story, it was very enjoyable and a really nice end to the series.

  • Natosha Wilson
    2019-06-22 08:38

    I think this is a perfect ending for a wonderful series. SJD did another amazing job with bringing everything with all the characters to front and center and then did an amazing job with the next chapter in their lives. It may be the ending of a series but it is just the beginning of a be chapter for all the characters of the Guards of Folsom.I love how in this final book in the series even though primarily based around Tek and Jamie, it was truly about all of the characters of the guards of Folsom. All of these may not be family by blood, but they are family in the way that it truly love and loyalty to each other. They are what a family really is.When Jamie was in trouble they all came together with no questions asked and dropped what they was doing to have each other's backs. They were together through thick and thin, and no matter were they all end up, that will be the way it will always be.I am sad to see this series end but I hope to see more of the characters in future series by SJD. Not sure if that will happen but one can hope.By the description of this book, one would think that it is about getting Jamie back from those that was out to harm him and Tek. But I have a different belief in what this book was about. I believe that this book was about love, faith, forgiveness, letting go of guilt, moving in from the past, looking forward to the future, new beginnings, and above all.....the true meaning of FAMILY!!!!! That is what this book represented to me and I think it was written just beautifully. Another amazing book SJD and a series worth being so proud of writing.Was given this book by inked rainbow reads for an honest review