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Things in Creswell Springs have been quiet lately. Or so it appears. Appearances can be deceiving. The night I met Gracie Morgan was the night that my life changed forever. I saved her that night, but it feels like she's been the one saving me ever since. --Hawk Hawk didn't just save me that night. He took me home with him and his family made me one of their own. I felt saThings in Creswell Springs have been quiet lately. Or so it appears. Appearances can be deceiving. The night I met Gracie Morgan was the night that my life changed forever. I saved her that night, but it feels like she's been the one saving me ever since. --Hawk Hawk didn't just save me that night. He took me home with him and his family made me one of their own. I felt safe with them and quickly began to fall for the man that was my Guardian Angel. --Gracie The events of that night have not faded from anyone's memory. The Angel's Halo MC delivered their own vengeance against the guys that had hurt Gracie, and the ones that just stood by and did nothing. But they didn't realize they were dealing with a sociopath like Kevin Samson. Now no one was safe......

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Guardian Angel Reviews

  • Jenn
    2019-06-06 11:01

    Well... I enjoy this series but I feel like it lacks something for me. what I liked about this book:1. H/h stay together2. No cheating3. Hannigan brothers4. Bash & Raven's exciting news5. Spider6. Hawk- (hero) what a good and sweet guy.7. Always action, making it a fast read my issues1. Something major is revealed and not once does it come out to the person it should nor is it resolved.2. Too much of a time jump for me at the end when things are just summarized for us. 3. I would have liked the epilogue to be in the couples POV not Jet's.4. The bad guy just didn't do enough for a stalker. For someone so crazy, he sure ended up looking like an idiot at the end.5. Bubbles? Why did she do what she did to Raven? What was the point to that?6. Why was someone else introduced to the story to mess with Gracie? Didn't she have enough troubles with one villain?7. Nothing is resolved or said nicely to the Grandfather situation.So basically, this story, like the others, left holes and unresolved issues.

  • Megan Fall
    2019-06-11 11:44

    Great book, but I can't wait to read Jet's story!

  • Cristina
    2019-06-07 16:36

    Okay, first the book is short. As in really short. Then, we get different POVs from different characters so there's even less story to the main couple. Really? Sorry but I didn't feel the so-called "love" because it's way too short and there's no real depth.

  • Three Chicks
    2019-05-20 17:44

    Review by Lisa KaneThis is the third installment in the Angel's Halo MC series. First we had Bash and Raven and then Spider and Willa-this is Grace and Hawk's story. Grace had previously been introduced to us as the girl who had nearly been raped by Kevin Sampson-a nut job who abused women. Hawk saved her and hasn't really let her out of his sight. He is overly protective but doesn't want to push her for anything more. He's afraid she will leave him-she's smart, gorgeous and is going to be a lawyer. He knows she's too good for him, but he will make her his anyway.Grace is slowly dying inside thinking Hawk is fooling around with the MC's sheep-the women who sleep with the bikers. She needs to get a job, get some independence and get out of living with Hawk. But he has other ideas...There is lots of drama, steamy sex and angst with this story. The previous two couples are in this one too. Plus Jet is out of prison and is actively looking for Flick..and he may just have found her!

  • Kami Dodson-Perry
    2019-06-04 16:33

    Hawk and Gracie met at a frat party. Hawk heard a horrible scream and saved Gracie from being raped by 2 frat boys. The Hannigan's took Gracie in and she had been staying with them for 6 weeks. Gracie was sleeping in Hawk's bed and falling in love with her Guardian Angel. Gracie knew she had to go. Hawk never told her they were anymore than friends. And it was killing her to think he was with other girls.Hawk considers Gracie to be his woman. Although he has not told Gracie that or even deflowered her for that matter. Hawk wants to give Gracie time after what those 2 frat guys almost took from her. Hawk does not want to hurt Gracie in any way.Gracie gets a job, 2 jobs actually. She needs money for school and to get her own place. Hawk goes crazy. Hawk wants to take care of Gracie and does not want her to go.The MC is still having some problems with one of the frat guys that assaulted Gracie. He is a bit of a psycho. Rumors of him burning down the bar or the clubhouse is going around. Then he attacks one of the girls one of the facilities the MC own.Jet is set to get out of jail and his welcome home party is cut short when Raven, Gracie and Raven's unborn child's lives are in jeopardy. I love the story thus far and love the relationships forming between all the characters. Like the Rockers series Terri Anne Browning has given us some very strong characters. First with Raven in the STRONG FEMALE lead. She is a badass in her own right along with her Enforcer turned MC President mate Bash. Then all the Hannigan brothers with all the differences and love for each other.Rating: 3 Stars

  • Danielle
    2019-06-04 10:57

    FIVE 'YOU'RE MINE' STARS!This is the third book in the very talented Terri Anne Browning's Angel's Halo MC series. Ms. Browning is best known for her fan favorite Rockers series, and there is a reason why she's a best selling author. No one writes a bad boy quite like Terri Anne Browning does. She has masterfully created very bad boys with a sweet side that emerges when they meet their mate. This series, while a bit grittier than her Rockers series, is no different. She's created a club of bad boy bikers who do whatever needs to be done in the name of their club, but also manage to pull off handling their "females" with exquisite care. I love that this series has a bit of a crossover with the Rockers, and I'm anxious to see that play out. This book has everything you've come to expect in a Terri Anne Browning story - bad boy alpha males, strong take no BS females, overwhelmingly steamy passion, a solid love story and a great plot. This series is off to a fantastic start, and I'm excited to see where Ms. Browning will take it. One of the thing I love about her writing is that she definitely doesn't shy away from the hard stuff, and she's given us that in Angel's Halo.This author is one of my favorites, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I stalk her FB for news of a release. I'm always excited for anything she writes, but this book has pushed Angel's Halo to the top of my mist anticipated Terri Anne Browning releases. It's well written, exciting, sexy and sweet. She's always been an auto-buy author for me, and this series has become a favorite for me. Well done, Terri Anne!

  • Julie
    2019-05-27 09:56

    We've reached Hawk and a Grace's story in this third instalment.We had been previously introduced to Grace when she had been attacked and nearly raped. The MC saved her and Hawk took her under his wing and has virtually never let her out of his sight since that day. He wants to make her his, but for once in his life he's got to go slow and learn patience. He doesn't want to scare her off, but she's going to be his anyway.Grace doesn't know what is going on, she's going crazy in side for Hawk, he is so kind to her, but he must be fooling around with the women at the MC's bar because he doesn't touch her, sexually, just holds her, protectingly.Grace decides she needs to get s job and to earn some money and independence, and move out of Hawk's home. He doesn't see it that way though.I think, so far, Hawk is my favourite Angel's Halo MC character, his tender care of Grace was at times...yes...a little over the top, but also can I say 'sweet'. May be Grace is rubbing off on him. Not.Lots of drama and excitement and Jet is finally out of prison, I can't wait for his story, will he find Flick?

  • Donna Sweeney
    2019-05-25 09:43

    Hell yeah! Hawk and Gracie.... perfect. Carn't wait for Jet and Flick. Then god damn, Terri needs to write about a girl with green eyes and brown hair for one of these MC beauties. We do exist as a combination. Just putting my grumble out there. I keep reading about blondes and redheads... us brunettes are heroine material!!!. I really do get carried away with my book boyfriend enthusiasm and what their girlie's look like. I probably need to get out more

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-05-29 11:40

    Entertaining, but a bit jumbled with the POV changes. A couple of plot points were tied up a bit too quickly for my taste and the ending seemed a bit off to me.

  • Shaly
    2019-05-26 11:33

    2.5 StarsI'm not sure why I keep giving this series chance after chance, oh yeah I's because of all the FALSE five star reviews I keep seeing! Those freaking things keep throwing me and I keep thinking that this series is going to get better but in reality I think I'm reading a different book from everyone who keeps praising this damn series because these books don't get better... I wished they did, because I can see the potential, I really can but they always fall so very short! I didn't like book one, thought Raven was too young and immature, she proved it over and over again. Book two was marginally better but not by a long shot, this third read more about other characters than I did about Hawk and Grace. I liked that the author had both characters POV, it gave me a better understanding of where they both were mentally, but this author gets too off track with the POVS of other characters as well. It makes the readers lose focus after a while with so many cooks in the kitchen.Like that whole Harley thing? WTF was the point in that? Why go after Grace when she already had the whole Samson thing going on? That situation made no sense. Also, why was Samson attacking randomly when his beef was with Grace? Why bring Bubbles into it? Why would Bubbles attack Raven if her beef is with Willa? What eventually happened to Bubbles? All of this makes no sense to me, there was no rhyme nor reason for all of this! There were too many unanswered questions in this book, too many things happening that shouldn't have happened, too many things that were just plain stupid. Like Bash beating the ever loving hell out of that plumber just because ONE of his fingers touched Raven. She handled it just fine by breaking it, but why call him and make things worse, things like that just didn't make any sense to me. The whole situation between Grace and Trigger was never explored further, we know who he is to her but she is never told. Why? Why not tell her, let her decide how she wants to deal with this new information. I swear if I read the word 'fudge' or 'fudging' one more coming out of Grace's mouth I don't know what I was going to do! She can say the word 'dick' when it comes to fucking Hawk but she can't cuss at any other time! Give me a fucking break! You are a grown ass woman, stop acting like a damn child! If you can sleep next to a strange man hours after a near gang rape and continue to do so for months afterwards then you can cuss like a fucking adult...moron...In any case, for some reason all these five star reviewers had a problem with the Epilogue being from Jet's POV, but I thought it was better that way. It took less time, it kept in tune with the author using other characters besides the main ones POV and it sets up the readers for the next book, Jet and Flick's story; which I guess ties in to that rock star series this author has going on. I'm just about done with this series, the women are just to young, naive and immature. The author tends to leave to many unanswered questions and creates scenarios that are ridiculous and unnecessary.

  • booklover4life
    2019-05-17 09:48

    4.5 Stars!*** I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!***This is 3rd book in the series, and it is my favorite. Hawk and Gracie are my favorite couple, and their story is incredible. More than any other couple in this series, I feel like these two best embody true love at its finest.Gracie is just adorable. She's kind, considerate, forgiving, funny, innocent, and sweet. On the other hand, she is also tough and fierce in her own way. She has been through a lot in her life, but she has managed to overcome everything that has been in her way. Although she was doing fine on her own, she truly came alive when Hawk and the rest of the Hannigan's came into her life. Hawk saved her in more ways than one, and it is easy to see how she could fall for him. Hawk is strong, capable, and can be extremely brutal when someone messes with his family. Reading the previous books, he seems to be the one who was willing to show his emotions more. Meeting Gracie changed him. Though he has never been much of a "gentle" man, being around her makes him want to take care of her. To treat her with tenderness and make her feel special. He had been enraptured with her since the minute he laid eyes on her, he just took his sweet time claiming her. It was great to see how these two let down their walls with each other. They found comfort, safety and love like they had never experienced before. Although these two butt heads over Gracie's desire for independence, they found a way to work through their problems. They found a love that was obvious to anyone who looked at them. This book saw more action, and it also revealed some long held secrets. I felt like it was the right blend of the MC life versus a love story. We were introduced to some new characters, and saw the return of some old ones. The last few chapters of this book had me swiping my kindle pages faster and faster. I was anxious to know how it would all play out, and I was extremely happy with the ending. I thought it was played out perfectly. This is a really great series, certainly nothing less than I would expect from this author. She has a way of creating a world full of crazy but lovable characters with interesting stories. You can't help but become invested in them. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the Angel's Halo MC. Go one-click!

  • Ansu
    2019-06-12 16:51

    I feel like this series is getting worst as the series progresses. I am not a fan of TAB rocker series so when I started reading the Angel's series, I feel in love with book 1 hoping I would get the bug that my GR readers are feeling.Sadly I am not feeling this series anymore and I am now praying that Jet and Flick's story will bring this series back on track.Firstly as a MC they are pretty mellow and way too laid back and the bad guys got the jump on them. Where was the bad ass biker dudes where your enemies are afraid to mess with you?.Gracie was a disappointment to me. I did not like that she compared Hawk to her abusive father and was doubting him. While we on the subject of fathers, why did Trigger not tell her that she was his daughter?. Her use of the fudge got to be so annoying I wished she would use the right word then it would not be so annoying.Sadly this is not a book I would recommend to anyone as it had nothing to it to make me go WOW drop what you are reading and read this or even say read this next. This book can sit awhile, wait until your library has it.

  • Deb B
    2019-06-08 12:47

    love this series, a bit gritty and a bit sweet. Terri Anne Browning's stories do not disappoint. love the little bit of a crossover with "rocker" and cannot wait to read Jet's story. The only let down for me was that the Trigger/Gracie element did not follow through .... no doubt, it will be in another book in the series, I was just expecting it here in Gracie and Hawk's book (16/3/15)17/2/18 have always loved this series. very well written, characters you will love, and great storylines. back to the start as the latest book in the series has just been released. no hardship in this decision .. it is easy to enjoy every word.the stories are a bit cliched, perhaps even very cliched but there is plenty of background action to keep the story moving and sweet romances that are fought against and hard won but the HEAs do creep in at the end

  • RCK
    2019-06-08 10:54

    SPOILERS: I've been looking forward to reading this one!! While I did enjoy it I do wish it was longer.. Felt kinda rushed/short to me! Hawk and Gracie are great leads! I believe the nxt book in this series is of Jet and Flick! I hope I like Flick, because it was mentioned afew times in Hawk's POV how he blamed Flick for alot and possibly Jet getting more time in jail because of a "favour" she asked of him. I hope she doesn't come across as a selfish heroine! Hoping Raider and Quinn get their own book soon and I really hope its not a love triangle with Colt!! I hate alll love triangles and tend to avoid them but the fact it might be 2 brothers bothers me most!

  • Yvonne V (Naughty Professora)
    2019-06-13 11:00

    Third book in this series focuses on Grace, the girl who was nearly raped at a frat party, and Hawk, the second eldest Hannigan brother who saved her. Story was good, with Grace trying to find herself and define the growing relationship between her and Hawk. Grace discovers her connection with the MC and one of the Originals. A little bit of drama and angst, but nothing gut wrenching.Raven and Bash, as well as Willa and Spider have updates. Ending is not a cliffhanger, but sets up the next book that appears to be about Felicity and Jet.

  • Nikki Costello ***Crazy Cajun Book Addicts Blog***
    2019-05-26 13:54

    Another enjoyable read from Terri Anne Browning this is Hawk and Gracie's story. We already know why Gracie is living in the Hannigans house and her feelings for Hawk from the previous books in this series but will she have the courage to tell him how she feels and will her feel the same, and how will the reappearance of Gracie's worst nightmare effect the Angels Halo MC.***ARC received for an honest review***

  • Leona (Books Inside The Keep)
    2019-06-15 09:35

    Disclaimer: I received as an APC courtesy of the author in exchange for a honest review I felt that Gracie and Hawk really dominated to storyline and then they didn't when Flick and Jet's crap started to bleed onto the pages.

  • Fiona
    2019-05-21 10:34

    4/4.5 stars

  • Jackie Woodburn
    2019-05-28 09:41

    Another brilliant book in an amazing series.This is the third book in this series and is another brilliant book . We meet all our favorite characters again as well as getting to know others better .This one is based on Hawk and Gracie's story ,which we know some of all ready as we first met both of them in book one ,but this one is now present time . We are learning how Gracie is coping after her near rape and how she deals with being part of the mc . Also how her and Hawks life is together , which seems at first friendship based but could it be more ? Could Hawk really love her and be her lover ? Could they become a couple and make it ,as serious problems are thrown their way ? Can't wait for Jets story .

  • Djg
    2019-05-24 13:46

    May be my favorite of the series so far. Hawk is clearly a perfect hero, total former man-ho and completely celibate after meeting the h. She is his from the get go. There've been 2 previous books and no hanky panky and they don't get it on until well into this story.Hats off to the author for keeping my interest in their story while drawing out the sexual tension. Love the side stories that are going. Up next, Flick is going to have to do some damage control for me to forgive her for her disappearing act and justifying it. We'll see but so far I'm super duper liking this series.Spelling and grammar are apparent, no denying. Editing is needed but doesn't affect enjoyment.

  • Djg
    2019-05-29 09:48

    May be my favorite of the series so far. Hawk is clearly a perfect hero, total former man-ho and completely celibate after meeting the h. She is his from the get go. There've been 2 previous books and no hanky panky and they don't get it on until well into this story.Hats off to the author for keeping my interest in their story while drawing out the sexual tension. Love the side stories that are going. Up next, Flick is going to have to do some damage control for me to forgive her for her disappearing act and justifying it. We'll see but so far I'm super duper liking this series.Spelling and grammar are apparent, no denying. Editing is needed but doesn't affect enjoyment.

  • Lana Simpson
    2019-06-12 10:01

    good read i must change rating to 3my only issue is why did Trigger not come forth to meet his daughter? that's not natural after the circumstances in which he lost her ... uncle jack did no favors😈to gracie or trigger. maybe hawk was involved in that decision? when gracie was in hospital after harley i waited for it but never happened. to me, this BOOK IS NOT FINISHED. I WILL BE WAITING 😧

  • Kim Richards
    2019-06-09 13:43

    FantasticI was absolutely captivated with this book, from the first page to the last page I was pulled into the story.Twists, turns and surprises await within the pages and what surprises some you will see coming and others with truly shock you. But they all help to made the book one he'll of a read.This series is getting better with each book and I am so looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-23 16:56

    Hot,sexy,hotOoh my the heat passion sex family yep that's how descibe it so so so good I'm am so in love with thos MC hotness Hawke and Gracie yes.. ? Raven and Sebastian yummy as always , willa and spider seriously i can't praise this series enough so good and there love for there women is feirece get a copy πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀❀❀❀❀

  • Jenna
    2019-05-30 11:37

    I've waited for this story from the very beginning! I adored this story which was mainly about Hawk and Gracie. Their story was so sweet and seeing Gracie's growth through the books was awesome. A lot of past storylines close up but there's still a major one hanging open that I'm ready for the next book!!

  • Stephanie Beasley
    2019-05-21 16:54

    Guardian Angel Angel's Halo MC Book 3Wow I'm Sooo loving this series!! I love the back & forth between the peoples points of view. Loving this storyline!! Think everyone is getting angry at Flick! I really hated to see what happened to the Bar. I really want to know about Colt & Jet & the other brother!! Sooo sweet about the baby!!

  • Tera Chastain(Co-Creator of The Book Bistro)
    2019-05-23 10:42

    MC loveI think these two are my favorite .. Hawk and Gracie ...adore them as a couple ...really enjoyed their story and catching up with the rest of the family ...I'm so looking forward to more ..already one clicked the next one .. Recommend reads!!!

  • Sarah Scott
    2019-06-03 09:52

    Not sure if this one was shorter then the other books but I felt it didn't take me as much time to read as the other 2. Books are good fast reads. However I still have an issue with the multiple POV. Just wish we could read about the 2 main characters and not everyone else too.

  • Carla
    2019-05-30 16:40

    Loved itOnce again Terri gets the balance right showing all the different characters in this m.c loved the way hawk was with Gracie, and trying to help her on the sly. Great work Terri can't wait to read the next installment

  • MistiLong
    2019-05-19 10:53

    Hawk and GracieHawk a new VP to the MC and Grace an innocent law student have been in the books since book one when he saved her at a frat house. This is mostly a book about them finally admitting they want more with also some revenge included