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Like Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers, Romiette Cappelle and Julio Montague face strong opposition to their budding romance. In their case, a dangerous gang's disapproval of their interracial relationship puts the two in mortal peril....

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Romiette and Julio Reviews

  • Jessica Abarquez
    2019-05-10 22:13

    Reference information: Title: Romiette and JulioAuthor: Sharon M. DraperPublisher: Aladdin Paperbacks Year: 1999# of pages: 320 Genre: Teen FictionReading level: 13 Interest level: 13+Potential hot lava: gangs, violence, kidnappingGeneral response/reaction:This book was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed this modern-day Romeo and Juliet novel. The pacing of the story was perfect because I could not put down the book as I read. Draper does a wonderful job building suspense and describing very realistic scenes. At some points, I did not want to continue reading because I did not want to know how the characters ended up. I know how Romeo and Juliet ends, and I did not want to read that the same fate awaited Romiette and Julio. This was a wonderful adaptation of Shakespeare’s play.Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas:• Trust• Love• Friendship• Gangs• Violence• Ethnicity• FearCharacters:• Romiette Cappelle – sixteen-year-old, African-American girl who has lived in Cincinnati her whole life, her best friend is Destiny, her father works for the local news station, and she falls in love with Julio. Romiette cannot swim.• Julio Montague – sixteen-year-old, Hispanic boy who moves from Corpus Cristi to Cincinnati, quickly makes friends with Ben, meets Romiette in an online chat room, and falls in love with her.• Destiny – Romiette’s best friend, believes in the stars and horoscopes, always searching for her soul mate.• Ben – Julio’s friend, was punched on Julio’s first day, dyes his hair different colors, very smart, but does not show his intelligence to his teachers, unique.• Terrell – leader of the Devildogs, threatening and powerful• The Devildogs – the main gang at Romiette’s and Julio’s high school, their colors are purple and the leaders are the only ones who wear purple hoodies, every member is African-American.• Malaka – former friend of Romiette, runs with the Devildogs because they said that they would make her a member of the gang, helps the police find Romiette and Julio• Cappelle parents – Cornell is the father who is a newscaster for the local news station. Lady Brianna is the mother who owns an African clothing boutique. The father is worried about his daughter and blames Julio for her disappearance.• Montague parents – Luis is the father who had a bad experience with gangs in his younger days. Maria is the mother who is very understanding of Julio’s feelings for Romiette.Plot summary:Romiette has a recurring dream where she is drowning and she hears a voice calling to her. Destiny tries to interpret the dream but cannot get a grasp on it. Julio has moved from Corpus Cristi to Cincinnati and he is angry about it. On his first day, he gets into a fight with Ben. Just when Julio thinks he is going to get in trouble, Ben makes an excuse to get them both out of trouble and Julio and Ben become friends.In an online chat room, Romiette and Julio meet and begin their friendship. They learn that they go to the same school and meet face to face (despite what their friends say about the dangers of the internet). Their friendship grows into a budding romance as they continue to talk and have lunch together every day.However, Julio’s father is not understanding of his friendship with an African-American girl. Luis has had bad experiences with African-Americans and does not want his son to suffer the same loss. Not only does Julio’s father not approve, but certain people at school do not approve either. The Devildogs target the couple because of their interracial friendship. Malaka “warned” Romiette about what the Devildogs were planning, but the couple had no idea how much trouble they would have on their hands.With the help of Destiny and Ben, Romiette and Julio think of a plan to expose the Devildogs. Romiette and Julio had been threatened by the group before and wanted it to stop. However, the plan goes wrong and Romiette and Julio are kidnapped by the Devildogs.When both families find out about the kidnapping, both fathers blame each other. Cappelle blames Montague because he believes that Julio was involved in gang violence. Montague does the same thing because of his past experience with African-American gangs in Texas. Both mothers, however, concentrate on the fact that their children are missing and work together to find them. Both mothers are more understanding of their children’s feelings.Romiette and Julio’s kidnapping made it on the news and the whole town helped in the search. While searching, Cornell and Luis come to terms with each other and become friends. In the end, Romiette and Julio are found and the gang is exposed. Finally, they can live a normal life together.Strengths (including reviews and awards):The characters are updated but still remain true to the Shakespeare version. It is easy to match, the characters in this version, to the Shakespeare version. The story is relatable to teenagers with computers and gangs and such. It addresses the issues of gang violence, ethnicity, and interracial relationships.Drawbacks or other cautions:Towards the end, the coincidence of their names is overemphasized.Gang violence is described in detail.Teaching ideas:Pre-reading:• Discussion on interracial relationshipso How do you feel about them?o Are there still problems now? Or is this issue a dead issue?o Are there still taboos?• Discussion on gangso Have you had any experience with gangs?o Are there still problems with gangs today?o How dangerous are they?• Discussion on family and friends dynamicso How do you get along with your family?o Are there any prejudices your family has?o How do you choose your friends?o Journals to keep personal details privateDuring Reading:• How is this novel similar the Shakespeare play?• Connect the characterso Have a chart with the Shakespeare characters and with the Draper characterso Have the students describe each character (from both versions)o Connect each character during the reading• How is the novel different from the Shakespeare play?o Not in the obvious waysPost-Reading:• Show clips of the movies (1968 and 1996)• Compare and contrast the movies• Compare and contrast the play and the novel

  • Kim Gugino
    2019-05-06 21:08

    Pure torture; the book is so cliche. I skimmed the last third of the book (something like the first sentence of each paragraph) and still knew what was going on. Young adult lit. should provide more for its readers.

  • The New Maria
    2019-05-18 01:30

    It seemed like a really good idea, and Draper is a very good author but kerplunk! This book was a failure. It is very sexist (e.g. when Romi and Julio go missing the men do all the actual searching while the women give the men coffee and take phone calls.) I also thought it was very cheesy the way they kept on using Spanish in the book. I have Hispanic friends but they either talk fully English or fully Spanish, not a mix of both. It was like she was trying to teach you Spanish. and also their way of talking. "What's up, girlfriend?" "Girl, he so fine!" "You was out cold." "Hey, I been chillin' out in the woods all day-you know what I'm sayin'-nothing else to do." Gag! And she kept on using the work "OK" which is good once in a while, but since the word is capitalized it got annoying and stood out on the page. What ever happened to alright?I hated the way Romiette depend on Julio for everything. I wanted to shake her and scream "You are your own person!" And ***SPOILER*** of course it had to be Julio who saved them, while Romi was busy drowning. And speaking of the end... Can you believe they didn't die?!?!?!?! If you are going to knock of Shakespeare at least do it right! Jeez. It was cheesy and sexist beyond belief.

  • (B) Archer at KIPP
    2019-04-24 01:35

    School was as boring as always, that’s what 16 year old Romiette thought before she met Julio. Julio, an angry 16 year old that recently moved from Corpus Cristi, Texas is forced to attend a local high school (which he hates a lot) were Romiette goes to school. Romiette and Julio meet and its love at first sight. There's only one problem, Romiette is African American, and Julio is Hispanic (which doesn’t go good with their parents). People start to talk about how Romiette and Julio are dating and not everybody has a positive opinion about it, especially when word gets out to the school gang. Then their fate is twisted and they wonder if they will make it or if they will end up like William Shakespeare's star crossed lovers. I loved this book because I also read Romeo and Juliet and this book was totally different.Another reason I liked this book was because it's a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet that has stuff we can relate to.

  • Klah-Rih-Sah|♥|↵
    2019-04-24 02:27

    Its even better than the old version! If you liked the Shakespere version you will loveeee this one! Its a story about a smart African-american girl who falls in love with a dumb mexican boy. They met over internet not knowing that they went to the same school.! But the problem is.....there parents dont want them to be together because of their different customs and race. This story has about the same settings and causes as shakesperes. They each think that the other had dies and he kills himself not knowing that she is alive. The only difference in this story is that its modern first of all and in this story they are both thrown into the lake because there friends and family discriminated each other and are stuck in a dangerous storm and he saves her from drowing.!

  • Aby
    2019-05-08 04:09

    I had to read this story for middle school summer reading and I hated it when I'm actually an avid reader. I mostly read YA fiction so this book felt not only short but empty.Dialogue is off. I am Hispanic and I never talk like Julio, who seems to be teaching a spanish class using a basic Spanish word every other sentence he says. I know that Destiny and Romiette are African American but the corny way they keep saying 'girl' or 'girlfriend' to refer to each other feels forced. Also, there's too much dialogue and no description in this book. The author keeps telling you things but doesn't elaborate or show. In my opinion, Draper took the easy way out for everything. She had big Bard shoes to fill and fell short. For instance, she cared about her characters in the wrong way. Instead of making them different and distinctive, she made Julio and Romiette the same person and in Ben and Destiny's weirdness, they were sorta the same eccentric character too. Everyone talked the same, there was not a way to differentiate. So Draper cared about them enough to not kill them off and give them a TOO GOOD HAPPY ENDING but not enough to give them personalities that are unique. Also, Romi is said to be independent but at the end, she is saved by Julio anyway. And no one getsto slowly meet who Romiette is. Right at the beginning, Draper takes the easy way out again and basicsly spells out who she wants Romiette to be in a thinly veiled diary entry that feels like a character profile.I didn't like this book and I LOVE books. Just imagine a kid who hates reading having to swallow this book down. They might never read again. Romiette and Julio is far from the story that has survived ages. It's the type of story that if I even remember it by next year, I'll only remember how much OK was written in it.OK?OK.

  • Paula
    2019-04-23 02:31

    "Romiette and Julio" by Sharon M. Draper, is about a teenager named Julio who moves to Cincinatti, and a girl Romiette who is scared of drowning in water, and of fire. Julio doesn't like, and gets into a fight with a boy named Ben, but ends up being friends with him. Then he meets Romiette in a chat room in the internet, and he finds out that she and him go to the same school and they decide to meet in lunch and Julio gives Romiette a flower. Then Julio starts liking Romiette and she starts liking him too. Then they both start hanging out and the gang in their school named the Devildogs, don't like that 2 races are being mixed, and they tell Julio and Romiette to stop it or they'll teach them a lesson. Then their parents meet and don't realy get along with each other. Both of them are worried about what the Devildogs told them, and try to escape. Suddenly, the Devildogs stopped Julio and Romiette and took them inside a car, and drove them where there was a boathouse near a lake and left them there, to teach both of them a lesson.Since both of them were left there, tied up, they couldn't get out and there was a storm. They tried to get out of the boat, but they couldn't, because they were in the middle of a lake, and Romiette couldn't swim, because she was afraid of drowning. Then they were able to untie themselves, when suddenly a lightning hit their boat and it caught on fire. Julio and Romiette had to get out of the boat or else they would die, so they jumped off the boat and into the cold water. Romiette couldn't swim, so she drowned but Julio pulled her and got her out of the water. While carrying her, he fell on some trees that had fallen down, but he stood up and carried her to where it was safe and they both of them slept together. The next day, Julio and Romiette's parents found them together, and both of their parents were glad that they had found them. My critique of this book is that, I realy enjoyed reading this book because it's about 2 teenagers who can't be together because of their different races. I would reccommend this book to people who enjoy reading books on things that happen in real life. I also enjoyed reading this book because it talks about how they have problems with gangs in their school. I would give this book four stars because it is a very interesting book about 2 teenagers.

  • Henry Sandiford
    2019-05-22 02:25

    This book was probably the most terrible book I have ever read. The theme in it is how race should not matter between people. The author mocks Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo and Juliet" very poorly. She exaggerates what she thinks teenagers think and do. The characters in the story are almost as fake as Ken and Barbie. The writer's style tries to be hip, cool and young. I did not like this book and I suggest for other people to read the actual play rather than this terrible piece others would call a book.

  • Ally Doerman
    2019-05-10 22:21

    Romiette is a 16 year old black girl, whose mother owns a very popular African culture shop in Cincinnati. Julio is a 16 year old Hispanic boy who just moved to Cincinnati from Corpus Christi, Texas. Despite going to the same school, Romiette and Julio meet in an online chat room, where Julio shares the woes of his new life in Ohio, and where Romiette makes him feel more alive than he ever felt in Texas. After meeting in the lunch room at school for the first time, Romiette and Julio begin talking online every night and eating lunch every day. Their relationship sparks the interest of the local gang, The Devildogs. The Devildogs are angry with Romiette that she would even think of socializing with someone of a different race, let alone actually dating one. Romiette and Julio make terrible decisions throughout the entire book to make The Devildogs look stupid, like playing music and dancing like idiots on the table in the lunch room when The Devildogs were trying to intimidate them. A teen would NEVER do that. These stupid scenarios also, lead to horribly thought out revenge taken by The Devildogs. The dialogue used throughout the book between the teenage characters is so completely unrealistic and laughable that it was hard to even finish the book. The slang used is completely outdated and even then, its doubtful that teens even used to talk that way. The gang violence is also laughable. If this was a real gang, Romiette and Julio would have been in a lot more trouble than they were. Its highly unlikely that a real gang would consist only of high school students and that not a single cuss word was used during any of the confrontational scenes in the book. Overall, the book was a horrible depiction of what life is like in an inner city high school and the relationships between teens, and teens and their parents.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-26 04:06

    This book is a pretty cute adaptation of the classic Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. Even though it has MANY cheesy lines (some of which don't make any sense at all...), it was an enjoyable read.Pros: Romiette and Julio are SUPER adorable together. Even though they are people from different backgrounds, it's nice to read a story where they can put aside their differences so quickly and fall madly in love with one another. If only love were that easy! Their best friends are also a nice addition, giving a little extra spice to the story. Even though the ending isn't like the original play, I'm glad it ended they way it did.Cons: Ugh... it definitely could do without the cheesy lines. A lot of the one-liners that Draper put in there don't really make much sense. I know they were meant to be "cute" and "nonsensical", but they just ended up bothering me. If Draper would to write how kids were to really talk, rather than putting a bunch of flowery language that NO normal person would use, then it would have been all right.... Maybe even deserving another star.Judgement: Yes, this is a cute book. Yes, it's based off one of my favorite stories of all time. Yes, I would recommend it to someone who likes cheesy books. No, I would not recommend it to the serious reader. If you are looking for a serious romance novel, then don't read this book. If you want some light reading to pass the time between then and your next book-buying binge, then I totally recommend it. I would suggest buying it at Half Price Books, though. 3/5 stars!

  • Dene' Barthell
    2019-04-28 03:06

    i thought this book was very good. i could understand this book more than i could the original romeo and juliet. i could also relate to this book more because it is in modern-day whereas romeo and juliet was not. and the characters in romiette and julio had to go through what many kids go through.

  • Naomi
    2019-05-09 03:33

    This is really goodi think it is a good book because it has a twist to it. it is about two teens that fall in love. its really good. girls u would like this especially

  • Rachel Lee
    2019-05-18 23:20

    Title: Romiette and JulioAuthor: Sharon M. DraperPublisher: Simon Pulse Year:1999# of pages:320 Genre: FictionReading level Interest level: 9th-10th gradePotential hot lava: Gang ViolenceGeneral response/reaction: I thought this book was a very simple read and it kept my attention. Reading this book as a college student, I thought the romance was a little cheesy, however it stayed very true to what most high school relationships consists of. Sharon Draper did a good job bringing in aspects of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that maybe students reading the original wouldn’t really understand. For example, the astrology aspect and dreams played a huge role in this novel. In the original play, Shakespeare acknowledges that the stars write someone’s future, but how many 9th or 10th graders are going to pick up on that the first time they read it. I really enjoyed the characters, I thought that all of them developed and grew throughout the novel. I feel that Romiette is a strong female character that students can relate to. I also feel that Julio is a positive male character that boys could relate to. With that being said, I felt like this book would be good for readers at all different levels because it is written in a way that everyone could follow. The chapters are short which makes for an easy read for stronger readers, but for lower level readers it allows them to not be overwhelmed with drawn out chapters.Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas:Relationships (girl/guy, child/parent, spouse/spouse)FriendshipGang ViolenceDreamsConsequences of one’s ActionsInterracial relationshipsCharacters:Romiette Cappelle- a modern day Juliet. She is African American and a bright and successful student. She is very outspoken and independent, and most respect her for that. She is the daughter of a news broadcaster and a local merchant. She quickly becomes the love interest of Julio.Julio Montague- a modern day Romeo. He is Mexican American and the new kid in school. He is very handsome and a smooth talker. He is seen as an outcast because he is new and has a hard time making friends. He hates everything about the city and wants to go back to his home in Texas. He is Romiette’s love interest.Destiny- a modern day Nurse and is Romiette’s best friend. She is very concerned with finding her true love/ soul mate and believes that horoscopes and the Scientific Soul Mate System will help her achieve this. She is Romiette’s confidant and would do anything to help her.Ben- is Julio’s best friend and first friend he makes at his new school even though the first day they met, Julio gives him a blue nose after punching him. He is the comic relief in the novel and expresses himself but the close that he wears and coloring his hair. Devildogs- the African American gang who will do anything to intimidate and make sure that Romiette and Julio know they do not approve of their relationship. They wear purple and are the first gang in their high school. Plot summary: Moving to Cincinnati was the last thing that Julio Montague wanted to do. He hated the cold and the lack of scenery the city had to offer and was dreading having to go to a new school with people he didn’t know. His parents forced him to move because of the increase gang activity in Texas. Romiette Cappelle is 16 years old and has school on her brain. She keeps having a dream that she is drowning and hearing a voice that she’s never heard before. Her best friend, Destiny, is determined find her soul mate and while she’s at it find Romiette’s as well. Romiette and Julio start talking online and getting to know each other. They finally decide to tell the other where they are from and notice they go to the same school. They decide to meet during lunch and as if it was love at first sight they began to form a deeper relationship. Romiette and Julio’s relationship catches the unwanted attention of the school gang the Develdogs who try their best to intimidate the two to break up. When this does happen, they go to greater lengths and threaten them with a gun in the woods one day. Romiette, Julio, Destiny, and Ben come up with a plan to catch the Devildogs threatening them. This plans goes awfully wrong (Ben’s car breaks down and unable to trail them) Julio and Romiette end up tied on a boat floating in a lake during a horrible thunder and lightning storm. Julio and Romiette are able to get untied, and Julio convinces Romiette to get out of the boat. Unable to swim, Romiette is terrified and when lightning causes their hands to separate she finds herself living her dream and is sure she is going to drown. Julio is able to find her and drag her to land where he finds shelter under a fallen tree and holds her so their bodies stay warm. They are found and alive and the Devildogs are punished for what they did. Unlike the original Romeo and Juliet, these star crossed lovers live at the end. Strengths (including reviews and awards):“Draper has given readers a pair of intriguing, unusual protagonists with the sort of real thoughts and feelings that will make this interracial story satisfying.”—BooklistYoung Hoosier Book Award (IN)Drawbacks or other cautions: Violence, Racial issuesTeaching ideas:∑ Have the students pair into groups to interview different characters from the story and write a newspaper article∑ Have students write letters to the character of their choice, offering advice or opinions of decisions the characters made throughout the novel∑ Have students watch West Side Story and have a discussion to the similarities between the novel and the movie∑ Do an anticipation guide∑ If you were the author, how would have had ended the novel. Offer an alternative ending.∑ Have a discussion about Gangs in the student’s school. Do they exist? Are they a problem?

  • Katy McCracken
    2019-05-04 01:14

    Reference information: Title Romiette and JulioAuthor Sharon M. DraperPublisher Simon Pulse Year 1999 # of pages 320 Genre FictionReading level 13-15 Interest level 13-15Potential hot lava: Gangs, kidnapping, guns (never fired), racial prejudice, gang violence.General response/reaction: “‘And I can’t help thinking how close it is to the Shakespeare story—sort of,’ added Julio. Romi laughed, ‘I don’t even think Shakespeare could have imagined this one!’” (Draper 319).You’re right, Romi. Shakespeare imagined something better. And Julio, my friend, your story was no where close.As a huge fan of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I was greatly disappointed in this book. I was expecting the story to be closer to Shakespeare’s play, including similar characters such as Mercutio (“A PLAUGE O’BOTH YOUR HOUSES!!!” Ben was sort of close), Friar Lawrence (who was especially significant in the original plot by marrying the lovers and setting up Juliet’s “death” and the tragic fate of the play), the Nurse, Benvolio, Paris (“He is a man of wax!”), and so on and so forth. But there was no such satisfaction; no deaths, no fight scenes, no poison, no Capulet party, no “A PLAUGE O’BOTH YOUR HOUSES!!!” (haven’t I said that already?). There’s no feud to threaten the lovers, no tragic suicide that turns mortal enemies into brothers. This is NOT Romeo and Juliet. I know I can’t expect this complement to the classics to be exactly like the original, but I was hoping for at least some of the same events to be retold in a decent way. But this chatty, drawn out, honey-sweet fairy tale ending version of Shakespeare’s classic changes the story from a famous tragedy to a writer’s tragedy. The author did not succeed in making me care about any of the characters and I was actually hoping that Romi and Julio would kill themselves and put me out of my misery (call me evil, but at least that way it would be more like the play). The Montagues and the Cappelles, the mothers and fathers of the protagonists, were less than interesting and too much like one another; the flat mom characters were so alike they could have been clones. The biggest disappointment was the gang in the story, the Devildogs, who came off as laughable and ridiculous; nothing but empty headed kids who practice getting out of a car in perfect formation and staring at things they don’t like (sure Terrell, Romi and Julio are scared for their lives because you and your boys stared at them in your purple hooded sweatshirts! You must be real tough. Purple is the color of fear!). What’s worse, their idea of “teaching someone a lesson” is to put them in a boat. Shudder shudder. Compared to the Greasers in S.E. Hinton’s classic, the Devildogs are bunch of shivering puppies. I don’t think I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s not Romeo and Juliet. Just because two characters in a story have “forbidden love” don’t assume that they are a modern Romeo and Juliet— if there isn’t a obvious tension between two groups of people (families or gangs or whatever) and the “star-crossed lovers” don’t kill themselves and live happily ever after, then the lovers are just classic character wannabes.

  • Kayla Manderville
    2019-04-28 23:12

    Romiette and Julio is one of the best books for teens everywhere to read! The book is based on Shakespeare's classic play, Romeo and Juliet with a more urban twist. The story is about two teens Romiette Cappelle, a 16 year old African-American girl who loves her city of Cincinnati and has a strong fear of water and Julio Montague, a 16 year old Hispanic boy who would rather die then to continue to live in the likes of Cincinnati and return to his home in Texas. However they meet in an online chat room just like any other teen does now a days, but Romiette's best friend Destiny is not sold! She warns Romi that she might get catfished or Julio might be some old guy like on Dateline waiting for his time to prowl. Not only does Destiny have her doubts about the situation but so does Julio's father. After having bad experiences with black people, Julio's father is completely against any form of communication between Romiette and Julio. Family drama with teen love on the line, now I am interested in reading Romeo and Juliet seriously this time around.As the spark between Romi and Julio continues to grow, a black gang called the Devildogs are not as excited about their budding love as I am. They continue to hassle Romiette and Julio and try to threaten them into not seeing each other because Julio is not black. As an attempt to solve their gang related dispute, Romiette, Julio, Destiny, and Julio's friend Ben, a kid with a bright personality and colorful bight hair to match, decides to catch the Devildogs harassing them all on camera to share with the news. However, everything about their plan goes wrong and Julio and Romiette end up getting kidnapped by the Devildogs.When their parents find out that their children are missing, immediately Mr. Montague and Mr. Cappelle blame the others child for the mess that they are in. However, it was up to the mothers to mediate the situation and prove that no one is to blame. While searching for Romiette and Julio, the cops refereed to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet to see if they in fact killed themselves because of their forbidden love just like in the story but was soon denied when they found the Devildogs and evidence that Romiette and Julio were thrown in the trunk of their car.After searching for a long day, they found out that Julio and Romiette were sent down the Cincinnati river and fearful they might have drowned because of Romiette's apparent fear of water. Have been searching for two long gruesome days, while looking in the forest where Julio and Romi might be, Mr. Montague and Mr. Cappelle where sitting on a log talking about the situation and apologizing for everything said until they saw a shirt sticking out from under the log. Out of great belief that they found their kids, they throw the log up and saw their children laying next to each other unconscious and cold. When taken to the doctors, it was found out that if they were not together huddled for warmth, they most likely would have died due to hypothermia.All goes to show that no matter where you find love, who it is with, and how many people do not support you, love will always prevail.

  • ♥MRS.
    2019-05-16 01:12

    i really loved this because its like romeo and juliet. but in this book it talks about these two love birds that meet by a chat room. they dont know if they go to school together. they find out by seeing each othert in the lunchroom in high school. romiette always had theis dream that she would drown and die but this guy calls out her name but she dont know who it is because its drak and scary. but later she founds out that dream comes tru ans knows the voice who calles her name. romi is a african-american and julio is latin. they think their going to be great friends. they like each other but julio's dad doesnt think is ok because he had some trouble in the past. but he thinks that he is wrong bout her. they both get involed in a little gang promble. but romi and julio and thier bestfriends ben and destiny help them out because the purple gang were the baddest gang in the city.they decide to do a plan and make them pay for what they are doing and tell the city that they really do have gangs. but they never knew what really would happen. so they went out with there plan. but something went wronq the gang had something for them. the purple gang kiddnapped them and took them to a lake near to the woods. but ben and destiny did never think it would get this far. so they went to the cops and to the mom and dad to let them know. but it was to late because the gang already did a bad thing. they put romi and julio into a boat and send them out into the lake. romi ans julio didnt know what to do because romi dont know how to swim but julio would never let nonthing happen to her. but she was so afarid that she would die and drown. but they didnt they found their way out of there and found a place to rest for a min. but the mom and dad for both sides were realy worried bout them. that didnt stop them there. they look for them until they found them.they both fall in love with each other and lived happen and never let no one but them down. they always thought that they would end up like the story of romeo and juliet. but things happen different.i really liked this book. and hope that you guys read it and enjoy it like i did=)

  • Aja
    2019-04-29 02:16

    The book I recently read is Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper. This is a take-off of William Shakespears’ book Romeo and Juliet it has a very powerful message which is where ever you go in life there are going to be obsticals in your way.This book is based on an African-American and a Texan-American. And the trials and tribulations that they have to go through to show there true love for one another. The way they met is similar to the way my boyfriend and I met in real life, over the internet. He was on a teen chat room trash talking Cincinnati after his parents forced him to move there do to his problem with gangs in his other school. What he did not know was that “Afroqueen” the person we later find out to be Romiette and “Spanishlover” the person we soon find to be Julio would be soon going to the same school, and share a common interest in many things. This book had me captivated from the moment I picked it up to the moment I put it down in all reality I have read this book at least 5 times but the last time I read it was early 2008 and missed reading it. This is my all time favorite book ever and I would definitely recommended it to anyone actually if you like reading realistic fiction books then your going to love reading this book. This book can teach people a lot and the one thing that I learned which is extremely sad is that bullys and gangs there going to be around for a long time and frankly I do not think there is anything that anyone can do about it. A lot of brave people put there life at risk each and every day and try to stop all of this violence from happening in the streets that way hopefully you might not have to pick up your life and move millions of miles out of state because you are scared for the well being of you and your family. Out of all the books, I have read this month this has to be the best one. I have also this month read the book First French Kiss: And Other Traumas by Adam Bagdasarian. This book was too inspirational but it didn’t give me the same message as Romiette and Julio which was to never let anything or anyone stand in the way of you and your love.

  • Tenzin Nyima
    2019-05-13 00:24

    Have you ever felt like you have met your soul-mate and also felt like he/she will save you from everything? Well, in this book called Romiette and Julio, by Shron M.Draper,the main character, Romiette had the same feeling toward julio, a new transfer student from texas, when she first met him. Romiette has a nightmare about fire and water and hears this strange voice of a person right before meeting julio for the first time. I recommend this book, because it has a big great twist at the end, so you have to read till the end. Its very intersting and fun to read. For example, as Rommiete and Julio starting talking a lot at lunch, but they soon find out that not everyone likes them begin together. At first I thought it was because she is an African-American while he is a Hispanic, but as I read I was wrong. It was totally not beacause of that. It was cause the "Devildogs" thinks that Julio is in a gang from Texas that were their opponent. Also not only that, their are bigger twists but i don't wanna spoil the whole book for the people who are intersted. I also recommend this book because I think most people will like reading this if they liked the Shakespeare's play "Romeo & Juliet." This book is almost and kind of the same as Shakespeare's play. In both the book and the play,the characters fall in love but people around them doesn't want them to be. So, they come up with a crazy plan and have a big twist at the end. Some people might not like this book because the story line is kind of a same as Shakespeare's play but in the modern times. For most people I think they don't like reading the same kind of books that they have already read. One thing for sure is that the ending of this book and the Shakesphere's play is totally different. I totally recommend this book if you are really really into Shakespeare's play, and because it's very fun and interesting to read, like i have mention earlier. If you haven't read this, you should definitely check this book out.

  • Qian
    2019-05-17 22:15

    Romiette and Julio $5.99/$8.99CANSharon M.Draper ISBN 0-689-84209-0 Sixteen year old Romiette Capplell is an African American teenager living in Cincinatti, Ohio. Unlike other teenagers Romeitte is very satisfy with her own life except there is one thing that trouble her the most. A terrifying dream where there is a unknow voice that keeps on calling her," Romiette! Romiette!" The voice seems very distanced, but somehow it's very familiar that it reach the depth of her heart. It is this voice that jerk her mind back to conscious from drowning. Meanwhile Julio Mantague is also a sixteen year old Hispanic teenager who just move to Cincinatti with his parents due to the presence of heavy gangs at his previous school. Julio was force to attend a local high school which he thinks that his life couldn't getting any worse than that when he was already targeted by the gangs on the first day of school. By the coincidence of online chatting, two young teenager's life are intercepted. As love sprung between these two youth, what is waiting ahead for them to face? If you like romance literature or novels that are written by Shakespear, this is the book you can not miss. Romiette and Julio by Sharon M.Draper, the author uses the problem of racism to underdevelope the conflicts and romance between two helpless teenagers. This book also enlarged the hideous facts within the teenagers society that was hidden from the adults world and made us see things from different prospective. As you read along the book you definitly will be attract to it by the curiousity of whether or not the new version of Romeo and Juliet would follow the path of Shakespear's literature at the end? Well, read for yourself to find out.

  • Rhayna
    2019-05-22 00:12

    This book reflects on the Romeo And Juliet story. Its just like the movie and the book. Julio and Romiette have fallen in love and can't be together because of the rivalry between violent gang members. Like in the actual book when Romeo and Juliet try to escape in this book they try and do the same thing. They both attended the same high school in the book and they were from different backgrounds. It wasn't the family who wanted them to be together it was a violent gang called the Devildogs and and this was all due to them being from different places. Julio was Mexican and Romiette was an African American girl. They ended up escaping because they didn't want to deal with what was occurring to them and the violence that was going on with the gang. They thought that by escaping everything was going to be fine but it didn't turn out like that. There were people looking for them when they had escaped and they had found them. They were broadcast on the news and everything. Even though they went through a lot of things they still stayed together alive. I compared it to the romeo and Juliet book and this one was a little better because there was a happy ending because they both survived instead of dying. I don't like books that end with sad endings so this was a better story then the original version.

  • Kyle
    2019-04-25 23:23

    To begin with, I am a huge fan of Young Adult novels. However, I found reading "Romiette and Julio" to be one of my worst experiences with a book thus far in my life. The problem I had was not that all too familiar plot because this was a modernization of a very well known story. No, my problem came in the dialogue and the characters. For one thing, almost the entire book is dialogue. There is very little description of what is going on or how the characters are feeling, and what description there is is just told to the reader. Instead of describing a character to let us know that she's scared, the character says, "I'm starting to get scared." Instead of describing a character as crying, another character says, "Here's a tissue, stop drying." Up until then, I had no idea that she was even upset.Other than the dialogue, my main issue was the characters. There is absolutely nothing that makes one character distinct when they are speaking. This is a huge problem for a book that is 90% dialogue. You could change the names around in the sparse "Julio said" or "Ben said" dialogue tags, and I would completely believe that that was the person saying whatever the particular line happened to be.

  • Ms. Wu
    2019-05-22 03:23

    Genre: FictionTags: teen romance, gang warsLexile score: 610LBook review: Sharon Draper's Romiette and Julio is a well-composed storyline about two modern-day teenagers. She uses suspense to keep the reader engaged throughout the novel. While it was well-written, I was not able to make as many text-to-self connections due to the generation gap between myself and the characters in the story. However, I still recommend this book for teenagers.Plot summary (spoiler alert!): In the beginning, the two main characters meet in an online chatroom. The two characters are from different racial backgrounds, but they started to interact and mingle at school and developed feelings for each other. However, they were warned against dating each other by the dominating gang at the school. The story reaches a critical point when Romiette and Julio are kidnapped by the gang. Their lives were at risk and their families were extremely worried. In the end, Romiette and Julio come out alive, with a stronger relationship and with hope for a more peaceful environment.

  • Meg
    2019-04-29 01:21

    Racism, gangs, humor, true love... you name it, this book has it. So Romeo has been changed to a girl's name, Romiette, and Juliet has been changed to a guy's name, Julio... Why not? The mystery, and great story telling starts from page one. And, you as the reader worry for the entire story if this imitation of Shakespeare's work will be 100% true to the original and end in tragedy. You pray that it will not since by the fourth chapter you absolutely love all of the characters.Am I going to tell you ahead of time if it will? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!Read it for yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and maybe just maybe, you will understand why Shakespeare created the classics that were created for all generations and Ms. Draper could be the spinner of tales for your generation!

  • Julie
    2019-05-13 00:20

    This book is a really great book its suppose to be romantic at the beginning but in the middle its scary a little I highly recommend this book! This book is basically about a young man who moved from Texas to Cincinatti. His name is Julio and he hit someone named Ben on the first day they became then Julio went online chat and met Romiette. There's a gang called the Devil Dogs or also known as The Family. That's does not like Julio because history between texas gangs and theirs.

  • LiteraryDragonsRock
    2019-05-01 23:20

    I really enjoyed this book! It was a tad gooshy, however, not overly sweet. I've become a Sharon Draper fan this month. I think that she really understands adolescent kids! I found her DVD clips to be warm and entertaining!

  • Savanamariesaffold123456
    2019-04-27 00:12

    this book was very romantic

  • Vania
    2019-05-12 04:17

    I had to read this book for school and i have to admit i really enjoyed it.

  • Jeshua Calvo
    2019-04-26 23:29

    truly inspiring what a couple has to go through just to stay as couple that falls in love

  • KhayLa
    2019-04-24 22:16

    This book rocked my sox!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua
    2019-05-21 01:22

    im reading this in my EDGE class its good