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What if you thought you had it all figured out, and then just like that, nothing was as it seems? This is a story of determination, perseverance, and faith. This is a story about making your dream come true, despite the odds. This is my story. ...

Title : One Mother's Journey: Creating My Family through In Vitro Fertilization
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ISBN : 1490883975
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One Mother's Journey: Creating My Family through In Vitro Fertilization Reviews

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-05-27 14:57

    This is a wonderful aide to anyone going through, thinking of starting or friends and family who want to support a couple going through IVF treatment.The minute details from the glossary that this couple learnt and researched that the hospitals don't inform you about.The emotional stress and damage when you pay and it fails only for your need of paying for yet another round of treatment to reach your desire. Your need.It's told openly and honestly. There is nothing worse for a couple who want a baby to be told there is something wrong with the anatomy of one of the partners.We sometimes fail to see that the urge to have a family is something males feel too. Focusing mostly on the female. I saw a friend go through IVF so when I read the chapter on The Wait. The words I remembered echoed what this lady Prudenti started to explain.Retrieving the nine eggs does not promise that all will be able to be fertilized. This is AFTER the numerous injections she had to go through even leading up to the retrieval.Prudenti thought it was, so, she went to the beach with her friend feeling quite composed and hopeful. Whilst there she receives a call. They informed her of how many of the eggs had been fertilized. Only four.Having assumed that all the eggs would fertilize it came as a huge eye opener to her.Then she was told that there was no guarantee that they would make it to the transitional stage. In writing the honest and informative account with no stone unturned makes this a vital asset to anyone considering IVF.The hopes, the realities, the pitfalls the burdens.And your relationship needs to survive the journey as do your strength, finance and commitment.I was glad to receive this book in my post mail.

  • Grady
    2019-06-15 17:46

    ‘Today is the day Marty and I will conceive our children and this will be the start of our beautiful family’New York author Jennifer Prudenti is a marketing professional who has worked in the music business, publishing and television. Her major achievement – in her eyes – is the successful birthing of twins by In Vitro Fertilization and that is the theme of this immensely readable, instructive, at times hilarious, and touching book ONE MOTHER’S JOURNEY.As informed as the general public is about Planned Parenthood, birth control methods, adoption, fertility medications, the pros and cons of at-home birthing versus the various techniques of in hospital deliveries and nurseries, types of nursing etc, few know the facts and process of in vitro fertilization. This book not only makes that comprehensible, but it also allows couples who desire a family to follow step by step the frustrations of encountering the need for IVF and the stages and details of the process. Jennifer makes that very clear – with some valuable insights from her husband Marty. Before entering the story of the book the reader should be aware that Jennifer has provided an outstanding Glossary of all the medical terms she uses throughout the book. For example, and for those for whom IVF is shadowy. Jennifer writes ‘IVF – In Vitro Fertilization - a viable alternative to for those of us who cannot have a baby without assistance. With this an egg and sperm are fertilized manually in a laboratory dish, and once the fertilization is successful the embryo is physically inserted into the uterus.’ Jennifer relates her experiences with her reproductive organs prior to coming to the subject matter of the book – her experience Chlamydia infection, an ectopic pregnancy treated laparoscopically with concurrent intra-abdominal bleeding – all leaving her with the concept that normal pregnancy and childbirth was now only a dream. To gain the flavor of how well Jennifer writes, she states – ‘I knew at age 25 that I would never be able to conceive a child without the direct medical intervention of In Vitro Fertilization. This information was relayed to me following an ectopic pregnancy that I experienced that nearly cost me my life but in the end cost me both Fallopian tubes. When I first learned of this complication, I did not fully grasp the full implications, and since starting a family was not exactly on the top of my list, it was not something that I paid close attention to. Now, fast-forward 13 years and my husband, Marty and I are anxious to get started on our family. I met Marty more than ten years after this occurred, when I was about 36 years old. By that time, I had of course survived a series of failed relationships and reached a point where I was mentally ready to settle down.’ And from this point on comes the story – a journey really with every step of the process of IVF described in detail clinically and emotionally (each chapter includes a postscript written by husband Marty) that resulted in the birth of their twins Sophia and Michael by C-section. All of the ups downs of this successful IVF production of beautiful twins is shared in a manner that makes this fine book a primer for any couple considering IVF. Jennifer (and also Marty) write very well, making this clinically informative book a warmly entertaining novel. An absolute must read for all couples in similar straits as well as for all readers who simply love a fine book!

  • Susan Keefe
    2019-05-26 20:58

    For most of us women having a baby is something we naturally want, and assume it will just happen, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.In this frank and detailed book the author, Jennifer Prudenti, with timely insertions from her husband Marty, take us on their quest to be parents. Throughout, they lay bare their thoughts and emotions for us to read, in the hope that it will give others guidance and that it will help to full in some of the questions which others are wondering about, or may have forgotten to ask.Jennifer’s story starts very openly as she explains how, as the daughter of a loving mother, all she wanted was a daddy, and how, like many before and since, she turned to boys to get the attention she craved from males. This yearning, and the consequences of it took her health and body down a tragic route which eventually led her to need In Vitro Fertilization, or as it is commonly known IVF.Happily married, all Jennifer and her husband Marty wanted was a family, however, this was not to be – well not easily, as you will read. The path they took was a hard one, IVF. Jennifer explains in detail the various procedure, and tests which she endured, and the life she led dancing to the rhythm of her body clock, and the routines which had to be followed. The unfortunate disappointments, the emotional rollercoasters, and everything being swept aside by Jennifer’s strong feelings that she would be incomplete as a woman, and a wife, without being a mother, despite Marty’s protestations of the opposite.Along with following traditional guidelines, she found herself trying alternative medicines and remedies. They changed clinics and doctors, done whatever they could until, finally she was carrying her babies.For many, from then onwards is a natural path, set in stone, but for others (myself included), this is just the beginning of months of fears and worries. Unless you have experienced it no-one can understand the feelings you go through just to get to the magical 28 weeks when baby is ‘viable’, however the author does a very good job, as it certainly brought back memories for me.As the title suggests this story does have a happy ending, but then as they say in films, this is only the beginning of Jennifer and Marty’s life as parents. I am a true believer that no-one can prepare you for parenthood, of course, the love you feel when you see your baby or babies for the first time, but also the emotional toll, sleepless nights, worries when they don’t sleep, the list is endless. As parents all we can do is our best, and of course hindsight is a wonderful thing.This story is one which needed telling, not only because Jennifer and her husband thought so, but also to give hope, information, courage and the strength not to give up to the thousands of couples out there who strive to have a family of their own, whatever it takes….

  • Cassandra
    2019-06-01 15:38

    While I personally believe that with so many babies in the world today that is misplaced or does not get to live more than a few days because of the circumstances, that we should adopt and foster instead of play with IVF. Forcing bodies that would not be otherwise pregnant to go through the pain and trials. This author chose to go through it and came out on the better side with success. The book is well written.

  • Pamela Gossiaux
    2019-06-13 18:44

    A Mother Shares Her Personal Story About In Vitro FertilizationThere’s probably nothing that tears at a woman’s heart more than when her desire to have children is fraught with uncertainty and difficulty. What should be a natural, joy-filled rite-of-passage can become a source of stress very quickly, especially if she has to turn to In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF. IVF is when the sperm and egg are fertilized manually in a laboratory and inserted into the woman’s uterus to grow. There seems to be pressure to produce family, says Jennifer Prudenti in her book “One Mother’s Journey: Creating My Family Through In Vitro Fertilization”. And yet at the same time, there’s this taboo that silences women when they need to share the most. According to Prudenti, IVF just isn’t talked about—among families or between other women.Prudenti starts her book off with her story and why she can’t conceive, followed by the excitement she faces as she prepares for IVF, a procedure she is sure will work. Except it doesn’t. Not the first time. Or the second. As she watches her and her husband’s savings dwindle, she begins to wonder what they are doing wrong and if they will ever have a family. Prudenti candidly and honestly shares her fears, frustrations, reactions to the hormone injections, interactions with family, and finally, the silent struggle that she and her husband endure—something couples who have not been through IVF can’t relate to but should educate themselves about. And the worst part of all, is that the doctors don’t even share enough information with a woman so that she is 100% certain of all the steps involved.“I quickly learn that I need to educate myself on the process because the doctors simply do not tell you all of the minute details of the IVF process. You need to ask a ton of questions and do independent research,” says Prudenti in her book. Interspersed throughout the book are her husband Marty’s thoughts, because men go through this too. Prudenti, a New York writer and advertising executive, has written what might be the only personal “diary” on the shelves of a woman’s experiences with IVF. Part information manual, part journal, part self-help book, “One Mother’s Journey” is a book every couple who is going through IVF should read. Not only does she cover the emotional, physical, financial and medical challenges of IVF, but she includes a glossary of terms in the book.This is a book that would be great for family members and friends of those going through IVF, as well as a great resource for doctors in clinics to hand out to women who are about to undergo the process. Prudenti and her husband Marty are now the parents of two beautiful twin children, Michael and Sophia, and proof that some difficult journeys are worth taking. A very inspiring story.