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From the Upper Room of Pentecost to Azusa Street in Los Angeles, God has used prayer movements throughout history to change the world. Over fifteen years ago, a group of students gathered for a prayer vigil in Chichester, England—and the prayers they started haven’t stopped. Out of that first meeting came 24-7 Prayer: an international movement of prayer, mission, and justiFrom the Upper Room of Pentecost to Azusa Street in Los Angeles, God has used prayer movements throughout history to change the world. Over fifteen years ago, a group of students gathered for a prayer vigil in Chichester, England—and the prayers they started haven’t stopped. Out of that first meeting came 24-7 Prayer: an international movement of prayer, mission, and justice that has reached Chinese underground churches, Indian slums, Papua New Guinea jungles, ancient English cathedrals, and even a brewery in Missouri.Red Moon Rising is the story of how that movement continues today—and how each of us can be a part of the miracles God is doing through a new generation.Pete Greig is an author, pastor, and the founding champion of 24-7 Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission, and justice. Pete also leads Emmaus Road Church and serves as director of Prayer for Holy Trinity Brompton—one of the most influential churches in Europe—and Alpha International in London. Pete lives with his wife, Sammy, and their two children in Guildford, Surrey, UK.Dave Roberts is a pastor, speaker, and author or coauthor of several books, including the bestseller The Grace Outpouring with Roy Godwin....

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red moon rising rediscover the power of prayer red moon chronicles Reviews

  • Alanawiens
    2019-02-19 23:46

    I ordered this book somewhat by accident - amazon recommended it to me and I put it in my cart to get to my "free shipping" requirement. I remember opening it in a coffee shop in Amherst and the first page had a quote from U2's Electrical Storm, which intrigued me. A book about prayer that quoted U2?The book opened my eyes to how big God is and how he uses ordinary people. It opened my eyes to a whole different way of living for God that I had never heard of in my quiet suburban churches.Two years from reading the book for the first time I moved across the ocean to work with 24-7 Prayer. I'm so thankful God put this book in my path!

  • Traci
    2019-02-20 20:05

    Recommended to me by a 16 year old Irish boy. Easy to read. Adventure. Pray first-then wait and see what God brings about and go where He is working and leading. An Incredible Adventure. It re-Awakened the part of me that is hungering for an adventure. Sometimes we get stuck in a prayer module, type or style and it can feel very boring and rote. This really challenged me, got my intercessory gifting excited again. How many times do we see it modeled in the Bible - 1. Pray first. 2. Wait to see where God is working. 3. Join Him.Let this me the model I follow and the adventure I have chosen to ride!!!

  • Justin
    2019-03-02 01:14

    Wow! I never wanted to finish this book. Only because it is so good and I wanted to absorb as much of it as I could. It has really challenged me to take another look at my prayer life. I need to change and pray more. It causes such stirrings in me.

  • caroline filler
    2019-03-16 21:13

    If prayer, the current state of religion and how movements are born this is a book for you. Love this book.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-09 01:53

    Would that everyone interested in understanding the true heart of "emergent" believers read this instead of the McManus and co. tripe. Inspiring, true and relevant.

  • Jonny Hayes
    2019-03-10 23:58

    This was incredibly sincere. The cover may be a bit too striking, but the Pete's story is gripping.Break a bit out of what you think you know.My favourite extract:"Just as Jesus had spent his time at parties, among the crowds, engaging with the disreputable and apparently non-religious, so today he seems surprisingly comfortable among the crowds of party-goers, the non-religious pilgrims of our time. Prehaps he longs for us to vacate our buildings from time to time, to turn our temples into tabernacles, to become like him, the Friend of Sinners. We are the light of the world, but no one wants to stare at the bulb. We are the salt of the earth, but a whole plate of the stuff will make you sick. The people of God are called to scatter and mix, to mingle and move, to influence from a position of weakness, like a small child in a large family, like yeast in a loaf, like a mustard seed beneath a path." (pp. 227)

  • Leslie Yong
    2019-03-02 18:56

    ‘The adventure of Faith...The Power of Prayer. The story of 24-7 Prayer. It’s a very interesting read on how the author receives the vision and how God open doors for their willingness of heart to follow God’s open door. Very encouraging and deeper understanding of how God’s plan & work at precise timing.

  • Ellen Wood
    2019-02-27 18:55

    Very inspiring and interesting book about the 24/7 prayer movement!

  • Robin Peake
    2019-03-17 00:50

    Fire-in-belly-lighting stuff.My mind is popping with possibilities for a 24/7 prayer room in the estate we live

  • Rob Markley
    2019-03-01 22:03

    The flippant tone grated at times. Helped me get my head around the 24/7 prayer movement which I've heard of but never seen. Gave good spur towards prayer in my own church

  • Jes McGrew
    2019-03-06 17:55

    I absolutely fell in love with this book! I read it when it first came out and God used it to inspire, challenge, excite and grow my life of intercession/prayer! I need to reread it again.

  • Mike Eccles
    2019-02-25 20:49

    A fascinating insight into the spread of 24/7 Christian prayer centres around the world starting from a single prayer meeting in the South of England. An amazing on-going miraculous movement.

  • Andy Groark
    2019-03-12 22:46

    Influenced me very strongly. Prayer changes things, I believe that... But while there’s truth contained in the pages, where is a matter of faith.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-06 00:01

    This book is worth the time it takes to chew through it. Every chapter leaves you challenged and empowered to meditate on and use the power of prayer. It's set up as a story following one man with one God-sized dream- to see the Church revive the century old practice of praying 24-7. He doubts his own abililites and the abilities of his fellow men, but once he takes that first step of faith, he sparks something not only to be seen by him but to be felt all over the world. It's beautiful, humbling, and necessary to see what God is doing all around us, even when we have a hard time looking beyond our front door.

  • Bethel Library
    2019-02-27 21:55

    Love the open-arm approach of this ministry. Pray first, serve second. Expecting God to direct and empower everything that is worth doing. A timely read as Gurnee churches gather to pray for God to direct us in loving our own community. From the book's introduction:“This book is about a prayer movement; 24-7 is catalyzing intercession and mission all over the world, and anyone can join in. ... A nameless, faceless army meets God on its own in tiny prayer rooms from Alaska to Australia and emerges with a fresh resolve to help people discover Jesus and the timeless message of His life, death, and resurrection.”

  • Victoria
    2019-02-24 21:12

    I was informed about the 24-7 prayer movement over a year ago when Missionaries from France talked to the youth group in which I help lead. It was so interesting to see the various prayer room pictures that they shared. I decided to search out more information on it and finally got a chance to read this book! It was good and had some great background history as well as examples for what God has done across the world because of the movement. It would be really wonderful to get one of these prayer rooms in my own church.

  • Annie
    2019-03-22 01:46

    im reading this book for a second time. changed my life as a high school student and really shook me to read& learn about what 24-7/hour prayer is and how it is impacting individuals and societies in different cities & countries all across the world. God is stirring up a hunger in His people to encounter Him in a real and intimate way through prayer and the receiving of healing and freedom. This is connecting human hearts with God's heart to see cities& countries saved and revived; then to love and worship Jesus& build up the Body.The preparing of the way for the 2nd coming. (:

  • Erin
    2019-02-24 20:14

    The story itself is amazing and inspiring. I found many of the individual tales of sacrifice to be a part of this movement a challenge and a nudge towards action. But as far as the overall book goes, there were just so many individual stories of how God made this movement happen that about halfway through I started to struggle with the flow of the book. The overwhelming proof of God's hand in this process is certainly what makes it great, it just made it hard for me to keep up the pace. Still recommend it for sure.

  • Dráusio Gonçalves
    2019-03-10 01:53

    Pete Greig tells the story of the 24/7 prayer movement. One of his inspiration to start it off was the Moravian prayer meeting which lasted for 105 years. Pete's story is amazing and I really liked the way 24/7 involved a huge number of young folks all over the world. The movement not only brought more prayer and faith into people's life but also planted new churches. I really recommend this reading and if you no nothing about this movement get ready to be impacted.

  • Pammu
    2019-02-21 01:14

    This book reminds me of the Book of Acts in the New Testament. The writing style, admittedly leaves much to desire, but that shouldn't really be the focus. The writers of Red Moon Rising chronicle the faith and perseverance of people who desire the world to be a better place. This book is no doubt inspiring. The writers don't try to bring attention to themselves, but the stories they tell are powerful and full to the brim with a passion that can change lives.

  • Karen
    2019-02-28 17:46

    Great read for people fascinated by how God can work his perfection through imperfect people and the power of prayer when it is heart-felt with a strong desire to see and know how God works in our lives and in the lives of others. Easily going to be a great 2nd, 3rd and 4th read as God consistently reveals himself on a deeper and deeper level using our own lives and the lives of others to move us forward.

  • Jeremiah
    2019-03-17 19:52

    This book is amazing and led to a passion for prayer within my life. I have a well worn copy with me almost at all time because I refer to it so much through daily conversation. Shortly after reading this for the first time I set out as the youth intern at my church and we ran a 24-7 Prayer week that went awesome and the Spirit really moved! Since then I've run 3 prayer rooms and helped with countless others and am getting ready to start 4 weeks of prayer at my current church.

  • Rachel McKinney
    2019-03-16 19:45

    Red Moon Rising is primarily encouragement to live out faith, and to seek out the face of God. The seemingly redundant accounts reinforce the idea of "seeking" without becoming a "how to" or another piece of "Emergent" tripe. If you are ever heading down to a House of Prayer, or a prayer retreat, this is a good piece of not too heavy reading that will definitely encourage someone looking for something a little deeper.

  • Dave Johnson
    2019-02-24 01:50

    it started good, but just said the same thing over and over. i told people to just read the first half and then put the book down. it tells the true story of how people are responding to a move of God through prayer. these 24-7 prayer rooms are springing up--literally--around the world. on every continent. the problem that i had is one that i have with a lot of christian books: they are so boring! i lost interest after a while, so this book took longer to read than it normally would.

  • Ann Thomas
    2019-03-20 17:52

    Truly inspirational. So great to read a book by someone who isn't a super-Christian. Pete Greig confesses he has trouble with prayer and often didn't know what he was doing as 24-7 prayer became a phenomenon, but God used him anyway. And life wasn't a bed of roses while all this was going on either. That means there is hope for any of us.

  • Andy Gee
    2019-03-15 00:52

    Still an essential read I read this book over a decade ago and came back to it wondering if it would still have the same impact on me as it did as a teenager. Suffice to say the stories, encouragements and scripture based teaching are as radical as ever and it filled me with hopes d encouragement for the journey.

  • David Mark
    2019-03-09 23:13

    This book makes a passionate call to holiness and radical submission to Jesus. Pete Greig has a personal and relatable writing style that he uses effectively when describing both his own spiritual journey and those of others throughout history. The poem "The Vision", which is included in the book, is particularly inspirational and memorable.

  • Bethany Park
    2019-03-05 01:54

    This book really sparked the desire to run the race to win for Christ in my young 20's. I highly recommend for all those who think they are alone in the race, or struggle with being "different" because you want to live righteously and whole-heartedly for God in a decaying world that teaches you to live otherwise.

  • Mic
    2019-02-27 23:09

    Sometimes this book can lead to left field, but the basic push is to get a generation praying. What I loved about the book was the call to not only pray but to act. That seems to be lost in translation to the majority of 24 hour prayer ministries today.

  • Poppy Williams
    2019-03-09 19:08

    I LOVE this book. It's the story of how the 24/7 prayer movement got started in europe. It's amazing to see what God will do when we just offer ourselves to him. If you're interested in books on prayer, add this to your list!