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The last person disgraced reporter Faye Lewis wants back in her life is Detective Rob Halliday, the man she blames for ruining her career and breaking her heart. But when she finds an old friend murdered, he’s the one she calls. For the past year, Rob and his team have been hunting the Harvester, a serial killer who ritualistically murders new mothers and vanishes with theThe last person disgraced reporter Faye Lewis wants back in her life is Detective Rob Halliday, the man she blames for ruining her career and breaking her heart. But when she finds an old friend murdered, he’s the one she calls. For the past year, Rob and his team have been hunting the Harvester, a serial killer who ritualistically murders new mothers and vanishes with their infants. What Rob doesn’t need is another case, especially one involving his ex-fiancée. Then Faye is assaulted, and Rob realizes the cases are connected. She may hold the answers he needs to find the elusive killer. But the more they investigate, the more complex the situation becomes. Can they set the past aside and work together, or will the Harvester and his followers reap another prize?...

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The White Carnation Reviews

  • Bethany-Kris
    2019-06-02 15:34

    Faye Lewis, a disgraced crime reporter and one lonely woman since breaking it off with her ex-fiancé who she blames for ruining her career, is trying to somehow work her way back up the crime beat at the newspaper. Her one big chance to salvage her career and the mess her life has become is looming right around the corner. But when a friend's mother is murdered and Faye herself is attacked, both cases link to a serial killer everyone calls the Harvester and Faye's looking like she might just be his next victim. Rob Halliday can't let that happen. I was so lucky to get an early copy of Susanne Matthews' The White Carnation to devour and review. She's my go-to for sweet contemporaries with awesome heroines and great heroes. I had not picked up one of her romantic suspense novels until now and shame on me for that. Ms. Matthews has quite a knack for weaving a fantastic tale, hooking the reader in deep, and then dragging you along for the ride. I pretty much had this book done in a day because I didn't want to stop reading. I had to know how it was all going to play out.The heroine Faye was determined, sassy, and well, a lot like a regular woman. We could all relate to her in some way, I think. Rob, the hero, was the perfect mix of a regular guy with a bit of Alpha toughness under his surface. Their history together was well done and how the author kept it fluttering throughout the plot for the entire book was one of my favorite things. Why? Because despite knowing maybe something wasn't right there, you couldn't be sure until nearly the very end.The story of the Harvester, which is where the plot most circulates, was also a great--if not a little creepy and whoa. Matthews' has an awesome mind and I wouldn't mind taking a trip inside it for a while.All in all, this novel was a top-five romantic suspense read for me this year. A well-rounded plot, strong characters, and great writing makes The White Carnation one of Ms. Matthews finest works. I highly--highly--recommend.

  • Marion
    2019-05-19 10:29

    Very well done Suzanne-I enjoyed this book-first one I have read. A Cornwall writer-be proud!

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-06-12 12:41

    Vikki’s MusingsThis is not the first book I have read by Susanne Matthews, and it will not be the last! Once I read Echoes of the Past, I was hooked, and searched for her entire back list and read all of them. I love her writing style, and The White Carnation is another fantastic read by this amazing author. This is the first book in the Harvester series, and I can’t wait to read the next one, and I am not normally a huge fan of romantic suspense, especially one with thriller elements.Faye Lewis isn’t happy attending garden parties and dog shows, but when she is demoted for writing a story that later proofs false, she is relegated to mundane stories, instead of investigative ones. When she receives a message from her BFF’s mother, she goes to her apartment only to find the woman with her throat slit.In a knee-jerk reaction, she calls her ex-fiancée, Rob Halliday, a detective with Boston PD. He quickly takes over the investigation, even though he is tied up with the search for a serial killer, the Harvester. When Faye is attacked, but not killed, he rushes her to safety until they can find the Harvester.Faye studies the evidence and tells Rob she thinks the Harvester is part of a cult. This starts them on a chase that leads to danger. When Faye is kidnapped, Rob is determined to find the only woman for him. Will he find her in time, or lose her forever? Wow, just wow! This is a page turner from the first page to the last. Ms. Matthews has penned one exciting, suspenseful story. The plot kept me guessing to the end and I couldn’t stop reading. I love when that happens. This fast-paced tale intrigued me, pulling me deeper into the story, riveted to what would happen next.The plot has it all, mystery, thriller, romance, all in one phenomenal read. The White Carnation is filled with twists and turns, a truly compelling story. This is definitely a plot driven stories. The romantic element is a second chance romance, and there is great chemistry between the hero and heroine.For such a plot-driven tale, the characters are well-developed. I particularly liked Rob’s character; he’s a great hero, loyal, protective without being over-bearing, and determined. Faye’s character has a tough exterior, and she’s fearless and doesn’t give up when faced with a horrific experience.If you want a story that will keep you riveted throughout the entire book, then The White Carnation is for you. This is a great start on a promising series. Happy reading!

  • Georgianna Simpson
    2019-05-18 08:23

    The White Carnation is book One of the new Harvester Series by author Susanne Matthews. This series starts off with a real thriller. Reporter Faye Lewis has lost her place on the crime beat and been demoted to weddings and dog shows. All due to printing some information she should have checked first, causing problems for the paper. She also threw her engagement ring back into the face of her ex-fiancée, Detective Rob Halliday, who she thought had betrayed her with false information. (What do they say about assumptions?) Anyway, that’s the setup.Faye gets a call from her BFF’s mom asking her to stop over she needs to discuss something with her. When she gets there she finds Mrs. Green dead on the floor with her throat slit and the apartment a destroyed mess. Shocked and ill, the only one she can think to call is Rob...and so it begins!I don’t do spoilers, I believe in the complete enjoyment of a good book, and believe me this is one of the best romantic crime stories you will find. I can’t wait for the next one in this series! Okay, well just one spoiler...someone is using exotic drugs to rape women, impregnating them, then abducting them in their third trimester. Some bodies of the mothers are found ritualistically cleaned and posed...they have dubbed this killer The Harvester!Be prepared for great storytelling, emotional ups and downs as the two lovers find themselves drawn back together only better this time around. This is a magnificently crafted tale of intrigue, murder, rape, child stealing and terrorists/fanatics; with a wonderful romance flowing through the whole thing.Susanne Matthews is a talented author with many books to her credit, this new series takes it all to a new level!Grab you favorite beverage, tissues and some snacks and get ready for a really exciting ride!Copy supplied by author

  • William Wood
    2019-06-01 13:43

    Rob and Faye have a romantic history and almost got married, but their relationship has been estranged for over a year.Rob is a detective who loves his job, proud of his reputation and very assured in his effectiveness. Faye is a talented investigative journalist whose reputation has been tarnished and blames Rob for her current predicament. Faye is fiercely independent (independent to a fault) and is now trying to claw herself back to the top her game. When Faye is attacked, however, the first person she calls is Rob.The White Carnation is an entertaining suspenseful thriller with a sick, but meticulous villain obsessed with Faye and with a twisted mission.Just when the reader believes that Rob and his team are on track to capture Faye’s attacker a new twist unfolds like a sharp bend in the road taking the story to a deeper more complex level with the villain attracting a cult-like following even someone close to Rob. Rob sometimes works together with Faye using her investigative instinct and research skills, but sometimes Faye is… just not there.I recommend “The White Carnation” as a thoroughly entertaining read. However, I found that story came to a close too early with the reader assured that Faye was now safe and that most of those responsible eliminated or held accountable, but with some critical strings left dangling. Will the story-line continue? We’ll see.

  • Amy
    2019-05-30 15:27

    Okay, I'll admit that I wasn't excited about starting this one. The title just didn't grab me. But, I was wrong to doubt it. Matthews built a suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat plot with twists and turns and surprises. The one thing I didn't care for (besides the title) was how quickly Faye seemed to have blamed Rob for the past tragedy that led to their breakup. That she would believe the worst of him when they were so close to getting married bothered me. But I really liked Rob and rooted for him, and since he wanted Faye back, I wanted him to get her. And eventually, she admitted her own shortcomings and that made me like her more. Outside of the reason for the breakup, their relationship--their re-finding of one another--was very sweet and believable. The crux of this story was the suspense though, the mystery. Who was killing pregnant women? Who killed her friend's mom? Were they related? And what about those white carnations that Faye kept receiving? In the end, I was hooked on both their romance and on the larger mystery of the Harvester. Sadly, though Faye and Rob's story gets a proper ending, the Harvester does not. But then again, that's why this is book 1 so I will look for the next book in the series and hope that I will see more of Faye and Rob as the intrigue continues! I would definitely recommend this book to those who like romantic suspense but also to those who just like suspense, as it is the driving force of this story.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-05-22 08:14

    Reviewed by AubreyBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThe White Carnation was a fun read. It read very fast because as the reader I wanted to know what was happening next. I always like these kind of stories because I try to figure out who the killer was and see if I am right. I was quite shocked to find out that my guess is wrong. I really liked how I was kept guessing and that I needed to keep turning the pages.Faye is an awesome character. She is tough as nails and really knows what she wants. What happens to her has her in shock and makes her evaluate her whole life. It makes her reevaluate her relationship with Rob. Seeing him protect her allows her to see him in a new light.Rob is an interesting hero. He is stumbling and doesn’t quite know how to proceed with his feelings that have not diminished for his ex-fiance Rob is a guy we all want in your corner. He quickly realises what he needs to do and how he needs to solve the cases.I really liked this shorter novel and will be looking out for more from this author. The quick pace and dialogue make it an enjoyable read. A definite read for anyone that like hardcore romantic suspense books.

  • Linda Smith
    2019-05-27 12:20

    Hold on to your hat. It's going to be a scary ride. Our heroine, Faye, is a newspaper reporter trying to redeem herself after submitting a defective story. When Faye discovers the murdered body of her best friend's mother, she is reunited with her ex-fiance who is a Boston homicide detective. Faye blames Rob for giving her the faulty information that led to her career downfall. But sparks still fly between these two and she needs his protection after she realizes that she is the target of a rapist/psychopath. This is book one of The Harvester Series so the nightmare will continue. And I expect to be in line for the next book. Susanne Matthews kept me on the edge of my seat. Be careful not to read her books too close to bedtime or they will invade your dreams.

  • Laura Hannaway
    2019-06-18 09:40

    An incredibly tense and gripping thriller and a lot more gritty and disturbing than I was expecting. It kept me compulsively turning the pages, and I was fully invested in the characters, their romance and the outcome of the story. The only things that I thought weren't outstanding were the rather abrupt conclusion (it came out of left field with very little warning) and an unexplained piece of stupidity on the part of Faye and Rob towards the end of the story that I thought was out of character for them. Other than that I thought this was excellent and it'll have me sleeping with one eye open tonight!

  • Melinda Ross
    2019-05-31 09:23

    I know I say this every time I pick up a book by this author, but this is definitely Susanne Matthews’ best book and has all the features of a bestseller. Fast paced, well rounded, with a perfectly polished plot, Faye’s and Rob’s story kept my heartbeats pumping and my brain alert. Being an author myself, I couldn’t help admiring S. Matthews’ technique and, even though I kept searching for fractures of logic in the sequence of events, there wasn’t a single one. This book is truly unique. I count the days until the sequel will be published!

  • Black Butterfly
    2019-05-27 15:24


  • stephabo
    2019-06-10 09:25

    This book had good suspense. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is is because it wrapped up too quickly in the end, but since I see the title The Harvester #1, I have a feeling this series is not over yet.I like a good suspense novel with romance combined and this held my attention.

  • Christy Newton
    2019-05-31 08:22

    Susanne Matthews has suspense in the bag! A fast-paced page turner with an intricate suspenseful plot. As with all her books, this author provides us with great detail throughout the story. This book has it all… even a twist I didn’t see coming. Excited for the next book in this series. Matthews has become my go-to author for suspense!

  • Zrinka Jelic
    2019-05-31 09:33

    Great book! Wonderful romance (or 2nd time romance) some hot sex, suspense, and soul searching. What else would you want in a book? Wasn't sure about ending, felt a bit abrupt to me, but I'm assuming this will lead into the next book. All in all, you owe it to yourselves to read this story and be thoroughly entertained.

  • Dolly Sickles
    2019-05-27 14:31

    I love any story that has an investigative journalist as a key character. And an investigative journalist who’s been demoted because of scandalous happenings? Ohmigod, count me in. Faye Lewis is foundering in the society pages of the Boston Examiner, despondent as her IQ plunges with every story she writes about dog-show judges and their patrons.Until eighteen months ago, Faye’s life was all smooth sailing. She was a top-notch investigative journalist with a great newspaper, with a sharp mind and killer instincts. Engaged to the handsome detective Rob Halliday, who met her after she’d been stabbed while covering a story. Theirs had been a combustible introduction that had burned bright and hot … and ultimately out.Out of the blue one day, she gets a call from her best friend’s mother with an urgent request to visit: “I wouldn’t bother you, but I can’t think of anyone else who could help me.”And we all know how that goes … DON’T GO! But Faye’s able to work in a trip to Lucy’s apartment on her way home from covering a society assignment. Her biggest cheerleader at the Boston Examiner is Jimmy, a young photographer. But she’s got another cheerleader of the secret admirer type, who has taken to leaving her a single white carnation (her favorite flower) from time to time.Since covering an engagement tea didn’t require a photographer, Faye goes alone. Armed with the carnation to share with Lucy, she heads to Lucy’s apartment in Boston’s wealthy Beacon Hill neighborhood. Bad luck shadows her like a cartoon rainy cloud overhead, and she is nearly knocked down when she’s walking up the stairs. It’s too bad she didn’t take a photographer with her because she arrives to a gruesome crime scene: Lucy has been murdered.The first person Faye calls is her estranged fiancée, Rob. Since the two haven’t spoken since their very public split, he knows Faye is desperate for help. History has a way of smoothing out the rough spots. Under normal circumstances, Faye would’ve happily gone the rest of her life without speaking to Rob again. He probably would’ve been just as satisfied, though we learn that there’s MUCH more to the story of their breakup than either actually realize—so it’s good Fate intervened. Because while it seems obvious that the lives of a homicide detective hot on the trails of a serial killer and a smart-as-a-whip investigative reporter on the crime beat would intersect, what’s less obvious is that the two could actually exist with harmony.As it becomes evident that Lucy’s killer has Faye in his sights, AND the killer is likely the serial killer known as the Harvester, Rob and Faye are forced to work together to stay alive.Isn’t it funny that logic would be the thing that tips two characters over the edge to fall in love again, not emotion? What a great twist. There’s another great twist with the overall plot that will make you think about my Tarantino and Coulter allusion. What befalls the women in this story is not what you would ever expect.*This review was originally published at Heroes & Heartbreakers:

  • Winter
    2019-06-17 08:33

    What a twisted and sadistic plot. It was great. Just my kind of book.Wallowing in her own pit, Faye Lewis is trying to regain her status as a top-notch reporter when she stumbles on the gruesome murder of her best friend's mother. While trying to cope with this, in strolls the last man she wants back in her life, Detective Rob Halliday. Rob is in deep with The Harvester case and running into Faye this way was not on his list of things to do. But Rob is a protector if anything.Things get ugly for Faye, as she's drugged and attacked, and things go downhill fast for both. The case for The Harvester heats up, but creates more questions than answers. Faye learns she's been the target of a twisted stalker and soon finds herself in more danger than before.All around a good book, with a nice plot to carry over in the next two books. The only thing I would have changed--but this is the action junkie in me--was to actually see the ending play out.I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tbabe001
    2019-06-14 15:25

    Faye is such an idiot , stupid brainless girl, the hero deserved better.She dumps the hero without giving him a chance to explain For something a toddler would know was a set up.

  • Ramona Maynard
    2019-06-02 08:25