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For one week each autumn, Mick Dowd is hired to disinter the bones in certain sections of his local cemetery to make way for the new arrivals. As the time approaches for him to dig up those of his own late wife, strange rumours regarding his involvement in her sudden death seven years ago gradually begin to resurface....

Title : A Skull in Connemara - Acting Edition
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ISBN : 9780822216650
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A Skull in Connemara - Acting Edition Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-03-01 16:02

    A Skull in Connemara is playwright-director Martin McDonagh's second play in his Leenane trilogy - three unrelated plays set in the same Irish village. It follows Mick Dowd, who each year disinters bones from the local cemetery to make way for new arrivals. When he's forced to dig up the remains of his late wife, questions arise about his possible involvement in her death.What I enjoyed about A Skull in Connemara is exactly what I enjoy about all of McDonagh's plays: morally corrupt characters, the banality of small-town life highlighted with humor and irony, morbid humor, razor sharp dialogue. I mean:MAIRTIN: What kind of questions, Mary beag?MARY: Questions about where did he put our Padraig when he dug him up is the kind of question, and where did he put our Bridgit when he dug her up is the kind of question, and where did he put my poor ma and da when he dug them up is the biggest question!MAIRTIN: Where did you put all Mary's relations, Mick, then, now? The oul bones and the whatnot.That's pretty great.Anyway, this isn't one of McDonagh's stronger stories. His characters aren't as well-developed as usual - the relationships between them and their motivations remain hazy, and the result is that I'm just not as invested as I'd like to be. In typical McDonagh fashion, his characters are all distinct and wacky, but none here are as memorable as Katurian from The Pillowman or Padriac from The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Maybe the right cast and the right production could breathe some life into this. I enjoyed reading it well enough, it was an entertaining enough way to spend an hour, and the final scene was definitely thought-provoking, but there was a certain lack of gravitas that McDonagh usually is able to incorporate into his black comedies. The biggest problem here is that the stakes in this play are low and they feel low, and I know McDonagh can do better.

  • Paria
    2019-02-23 17:26

    جلد دوم از سه گانه ی لی نین.نمایشنامه ای در چهار پرده و با چهار شخصیت. داستان پیرمردی که موظفه استخوان مرده هایی رو که سال ها پیش دفن شدن رو از خاک بیرون بیاره و نابود کنه. مردی که شایعاتی بر علیهش وجود داره مبنی بر اینکه سال ها پیش باعث مرگ همسرش بوده...مک دونا نمایشنامه نویس فوق العاده ایه. این کتاب هم بنظرم زیبا بود. البته جلد سوم این تریولوژی، "غرب غمزده" رو بیشتر پسندیدم.

  • Mostafa
    2019-03-06 15:04

    کمتر از بقیه کارای مک دونا دوسش داشتم!

  • Chista Rasouli
    2019-02-25 18:27

    به‌نطرم ضعیف‌ترین نمایشنامه‌ی مک‌دوناست.

  • Parastoo
    2019-02-24 17:27

    از مجموعه نمایشنامه‌های منتشرشدهٔ مک‌دونا همین یکی مونده بود که ازش خوشم اومد.

  • Nazanin Banaei
    2019-02-27 20:13

    زیاد دوسش نداشتم، مک دونا افتاده رو دور تکرار. همون خشونت و همون طنز ابزورد. هیچ حرف تازه‌ای نداره.

  • Akemi
    2019-03-17 23:08

    Hilarious, weird, and whacky. It's funny how distinctly Irish it is- I couldn't read it without hearing Irish accents in my head. Similar to Synge's Playboy of the Western World, I think if I saw this play put on I would come out thinking "What the hell was that all about?" That was my basic impression after I read it (granted I finished it around 2 AM, and the final scene is creepy enough to freak out anyone at that hour). For me, the main/most interesting point was the concept of truth- did Mick kill his wife? Is he insane? Does everyone just want to believe that he's a murderer for the scandal of it? I personally think he did not kill her, but he does seem just a tad insane, particularly at the very end.These quotes are totally insignificant, but also completely hilarious:MICK: I was never a man for bumpy slides.MICK: If you'll not be liking my skull-battering ways you can be off with you.

  • Payam
    2019-02-25 15:07

    Martin McDonagh always makes me laugh. Not with funny dialogues, but with the weird and uncomfortable situations he forces his characters in to.A Skull in Connemara has a lot of annoying circumstances that I enjoyed watching characters struggling with.Scene 2 was one of the best scenes McDonagh has ever created. P.S to dear Persian-translated-version-readers:The translation definitely ruined comic dialogues. Makes it so unfunny and lame.

  • Amin
    2019-03-08 22:21

    نکته خاصی نداشت و من را هم جذب نکرد. از آن روایت هایی که در نهایت آدم از خودش می پرسد خب که چی! و وقتی حرف از ترجمه باشد سوال اضافی پیش می آید که چه ارزش خاصی در اثر وجود داشته که مترجم را متقاعد کرده تا آنرا برای مخاطبهای جدید هم قابل دسترسی نماید. به نظرم این روزها که دسترسی به محتوا برای مطالعه افزایش پیدا کرده، انتخاب اثر خوب حرف اول را می زند

  • Justin
    2019-03-03 20:02

    The best of the trilogy. I was laughing out loud throughout, despite myself, despite the content. It felt honest and sincere and approachable, even considering the trademark brutality.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-26 23:22

    Mick (50s)Maryjohnny (Mick’s mother, 70s)Mairtin (teenager)…a troublemaker, cooked a hamster in biology classThomas (Mairtin’s brother, 30s)…a policemanSummary: Mick’s job is digging up graves that are seven years old, getting rid of the bones to make space in the graveyard. His wife has been dead for seven years, so it is time for him to dig up her grave. Father Welsh has hired Mairtin to help Mick. Mairtin asks what Mick does with the bones…Mick first tells him that he crushes them to dust with a hammer, and then to appease Mary he says that he puts them in the bottom of the lake. When asked about how his wife died, he insists that he was driving drunk (she also drunk) and that she had no seatbelt on. Thomas, however, says that perhaps she was dead before he drove into the wall. When they go to dig up her grave, her bones are not there. Mick starts crushing some skulls. It is revealed that Mairtin either dug her bones up or knows who did because he mentions her rose locket. Mick enters the next scene covered in blood, tells Mary and Thomas that he has killed Mairtin. Mairtin enters later with a crack down his forehead, but certainly not dead. He claims that it was a drunk driving accident. He later reveals that it was Thomas who dug up her grave. Thomas smacks Mairtin in the head with a mallet. Lying, murder, drinking, old grudges, family drama. Did he murder his wife before driving into a wall or did he not? Goes unanswered.

  • Priya
    2019-03-16 19:25

    What didn't I learn from this book? Well, actually I learnt this is better (much better) as a play than as a book. Mainly because, despite long-term immersion in the Irish way of speaking, the reading voice in my head does very little justice to McDonagh's dialogue. I would also say this is best read at one (or a few) goes instead of, as I did, over the course of a year. There are bingo-playing old grannies, feuding siblings, wisecracking (or, rather, morosely swearing) gravediggers (or at least one of those) all hanging out and living their lives in a small Irish village. It's part of a trilogy (the middle one I think) but there's no need to have read the other books to read/enjoy this. I'd recommend this but it's probably better to wait for the play and go see it. Or buy an audio book version. Unless your Irish voice-in-the-head is better than mine.

  • Greg
    2019-03-02 22:22

    This play centers around an Irish man, whose job it is to exhume bodies from an overcrowded cemetery. He digs up the skull of a woman he was accused of murdering years before. The play is filled with dark humor, and is loosely a mystery play.See my other reviews here!

  • K.m.
    2019-03-02 23:17

    From its back cover description, this would seem a very morbid play. In actuality it's less explicitly macabre, and more unnervingly commonplace (albeit a commonplace involving grave-digging and skull smashing). The ambiguous ending had chilling potential that would probably be enhanced in seeing the play.

  • Alane
    2019-03-22 19:29

    Wow! Read a review in the Post. I have no background in Irish drama at all. But this was amazing. Funny, strange, sad, and odd. And since it is a play, I read it in under 2 hours. Would love to see it performed.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-12 18:07

    Pretty good, but not really a good ol' shocking ending.

  • Jeff
    2019-03-19 20:12

    McDonagh has crafted a pitch-black, shaggy-dog of a play that is at turns laugh-out-loud funny, shocking, and emotionally affecting.

  • Marc
    2019-03-17 15:28

    3.5 good, some suspense

  • David
    2019-03-07 21:19

    Another winner. Great dialogue, and some very entertaining and occasionally disturbing reversals. I'd love to see this staged.

  • Nick
    2019-03-08 22:31

    It's short and brutal and funny.