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Jamie Valentine is the wildly successful author of self-help books advocating transparency in every relationship. But when her widowed mother passes away unexpectedly, Jamie discovers her own life has been based on a lie. Angry and deeply betrayed, she sets out to find the truth—which may be in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. Cutting her most recent book tour short, JaJamie Valentine is the wildly successful author of self-help books advocating transparency in every relationship. But when her widowed mother passes away unexpectedly, Jamie discovers her own life has been based on a lie. Angry and deeply betrayed, she sets out to find the truth—which may be in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. Cutting her most recent book tour short, Jamie books a room at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point, just outside St. Dennis.The death of Daniel Sinclair’s father forced him to take over the family inn, and his wife’s death left him a single parent of two children, so there’s little room for anything else in his life. His lovely new guest is intriguing, though, and he’s curious about the secret she’s clearly hiding. But in the end, Jamie and Dan could discover the greatest truth of all: that the search for one thing just might lead to the find of a lifetime—if you keep your heart open....

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That Chesapeake Summer Reviews

  • Alp
    2019-06-06 04:38

    Mariah Stewart always delivers!That Chesapeake Summer is the ninth installment of Chesapeake Diaries series and it was such a delightful read. It was a pleasure to catch up with these nice people and things that happened in the small town of St. Denis.Jamie Valentine is a successful author whose books are about honesty in relationships. After her widowed mother’s sudden and unexpected death, Jamie just discovered that she was adopted at birth. The parents whom she grew up with wasn’t her biological ones. She was so shocked by this earth-shattering news, so she decided to go to St. Denis and find out the truth.Daniel Sinclair is the owner of the inn where Jamie booked the room. He’s been raising his two children alone since his wife died eight years ago. He shouldered the responsibility of caring for his family and the inn at a young age, so he had only a very small room for his own happiness. But the moment he saw Jamie walk into the lobby, he immediately knew in his heart that she was going to matter to him and he was going to care about her.And here, in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay, where Jamie not only found her birth mother but also found the man who had filled her lonely heart with his love, and brought beautiful colors into her life.I liked Jamie as a character. She’s smart, adorable, considerate, and reasonable. And Dan is a very good guy who finally managed to obtain some balance in his life. I loved that they took time to get to know each other and gradually developed their relationship before falling in love. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight but both of them felt the pull toward one another since the first day they met, and that was another good thing I liked about this book.I really enjoyed reading Jamie’s emotional journey. This series has become one of my favorites. If you’re looking for good and heartwarming woman’s fiction books, pick up this series and you’ll never be disappointed.

  • Kristen
    2019-05-27 12:50

    In Mariah Stewart's That Chesapeake Summer, the 9th installment in the Chesapeake Diaries Woman's fiction series, she told us a beautiful heart-warming story that warmed your heart about second chances. For Jamie Valentine, a best-selling self-help author, she recently lost her mother. While going through her mother's stuff, she learned a shocking truth about her birth--she was adopted--which lead her to wonder about her birth parents and a soul-seeking trip to St. Dennis, Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay. While on her trip, she met Dan Sinclair, a widower with two teen kids, in which she fell in love and discovered who was her birth mother with a happy ending and finding a new home of her own.

  • Julie
    2019-05-30 09:28

    That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart is a 2015 Pocket Books Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and as an XOXpert- The official street team for XOXO After Dark.- (and a big thanks to Edelweiss for the digital version)- in exchange for an honest review. This book is just the right kind of book to take along for a day at the beach. This is light reading, but there is such a sweet spirit about the book which gives it substance and depth. Jamie is the author of a wildly successful string of self help books based on the importance of truth. But, when she discovers her own life has been a lie, she sets off on a journey to discover her true heritage, which leads her down roads she never would have traveled and to a place she can really call home. Dan is a widowed single parent, running an Inn at St. Claire's Point, a job he inherited after his father passed away. Living at the inn with him is his mother, Grace, who is recovering from an accident that has left her wheelchair bound for the time being. When Jamie arrives at the inn, there is an immediate spark between Dan and Jamie, and Grace knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that this new guest is going to become someone special to all of them. But, Jamie has serious issues to contend with and Dan is still trying to come to terms with the circumstances of his wife's death eight years ago, and the responsibilities of running the inn and raising two children alone. However, the chemistry between them is quite strong and the two seem magically drawn to one another. Will they be able to resolve their issues before Jamie has to leave Chesapeake? The underlying theme in this story is truth and lies. Why do people lie? Keep secrets? What does the truth really consist of and why is it so important? Jamie will have to learn a new way of dealing with truth now that she finds her life was built on the lie of omission and everything she thought to be true was indeed false. But, she learns that it's not all black and white and sometimes the truth is complicated and are there are many variants to the truth as well. Jamie's character is strong and lively, she brings the little Inn to life when she arrives, giving Dan food for thought about his obsession with running his business, the way he approaches parenthood, and finally allows him to face all the guilt and anger he feels about the way his wife died. He will learn to let go of the painful past and fight for what he wants... which is Jamie. Jamie is just what Dan needs to add some spice to his stagnant workaholic life. I enjoyed watching him open up and relax with Jamie and I liked seeing the effect she had on him and his family, and the effect he had on her too. But, of course the most poignant part of the story is the real reason Jamie is in St. Dennis and the truth she seeks from one special resident there. With the help of Grace, who nearly steals the show with her special gift of having “the eye”, Jamie will have the courage to seek the answers she needs so she can begin an new chapter in her life. You might want to keep some tissues handy once you reach the last couple of chapters. The long buried secrets that come to light are not at all the bad thing some think it will be, and much good comes from finally releasing those secrets and letting the truth set them free. So, while people do have selfish reasons for keeping secrets or for telling lies, sometimes people have good reasons to keep things to themselves too, but the burden can be just as great. So, there are some deeper thoughts to ponder upon while reading this book, but for the most part this is just a delightful story of second chances and finding peace and love in the most unexpected ways. This was an enjoyable read and I do recommend it to those who enjoy light women's fiction especially, but also to anyone looking for a great summertime read. 4 stars

  • Lesa
    2019-05-21 04:53

    Nothing says summer like escaping to St. Dennis, Maryland with Mariah Stewart in her latest Chesapeake Diaries book. This year, she sends an author on a life-changing trip to St. Dennis in That Chesapeake Summer.Jamie Valentine is a bestselling author, a media star with her books about leading an honest life. But, she's only a mourning daughter as she cleans out her parents' house following her mother's death. It's then that she discovers she may have built her entire career on a lie. She uncovers a letter from an attorney in St. Dennis, congratulating her parents on her adoption as a newborn. When she confronts her only remaining relative, her aunt confirms that her father wanted to tell her, but her mother could never bring herself to reveal the secret. At thirty-six, she doesn't know who she really is. While she waits for the state to respond to her request to open her records, she heads to St. Dennis to see what she can discover.What Jamie discovers is the Inn at Sinclair Point, Grace Sinclair, the owner of the local newspaper who knows all the town secrets, and a man she could love. And, she discovers a charming town of unique little shops and welcoming people. But, will they still welcome Jamie Valentine if she uncovers one of the town secrets?Grace Sinclair, with her unusual gift of knowledge introduces us to this story with her diary entry. The characters and the setting are appealing. There's always a problem, and a romance. So, welcome to St. Dennis, where the townspeople invite us into their historic town. It's a place for healing and romance. That Chesapeake Summer is as delightful as all the previous entries in the series

  • Heather
    2019-06-12 07:43

    This is the ninth series in the Chesapeake Diaries series. While most of the other books in this series build off of each other making it better to read them in order, this one would work just fine as a stand alone novel. In fact, having read all of the other books in the series, I almost felt as though the limited interaction with the other series characters made the book feel as though it were the first in the series rather than the ninth. However, this in no way diminishes the book itself, I'm just saying if you haven't read the others in the series you will not feel lost.Jamie has only just recently lost her mother. In cleaning out the house, she comes across a secret that will forever change her life and possibly the lives of others. So while her aunt wants her to leave the secret alone, Jamie simply cannot ignore her new reality. To search out answers, Jamie heads to St. Dennis where she meets Dan, the owner of the inn. Dan is a widower and father to two teenagers. Up until meeting Jamie, Dan had never realized just how much of his life he devoted to the inn and never taking time for himself. However, he knows Jamie is hiding something and worries about getting involved with a woman that has the potential to hurt him in the long run. I really enjoyed reading about these wonderful characters and I couldn't help but feel sorry for Jamie in the way her life so radically changed. In true St. Dennis fashion, with a little help from Grace, the resident psychic, there was a happily ever after for everyone.

  • Janeiowa
    2019-05-19 07:51

      ★★ 1/2. starsI've read the other books in the Chesapeake Diaries series and enjoyed them.  This one--not so much. The characters were hard for me to care about. Jamie's constant whine that her life was a lie and a fraud got on my last nerve.  She didn't know she'd been adopted!  If nobody ever told her, how was she supposed to know?  Why is that on her and how does that make her achievements a lie?  The male character, Dan, gave new meaning to the words "jerk" and "rude."   The characters and the plot just didn't work for me, so the book I'd looked forward to was a huge disappointment.  Dan's concerns about why Jamie was in St. Dennis just didn't make sense.  There is a HEA, but it just didn't seem believable to happen in such a short time.

  • Patty
    2019-06-13 10:47

    That Chesapeake SummerByMariah StewartKey characters...and what is going down with them...Jamie and her Aunt Sis...and Jamie's newly deceased mom are very important characters in this book. The secret that Jamie discovers as she cleans out her parents' home is one that can truly alter the rest of her life. Jamie is not capable of just letting this secret go. So...she decides to spend a month in St. Dennis at a quaint and lovely inn. This will allow her to rest, to think about her life and to determine her future choices. St. Dennis is also the key to the mystery that her parents never shared with her. I am trying not to be too confusing but I really don't want to give any of this book's just too good and it's best if you just read it and find out on your own.What I thought about this book...I thought that this book was so refreshing! Jamie is a successful writer and it is her hope that her time spent in St. Dennis will help with her newly acquired writer's block. She meets the inn owner and his lovely mother, Grace. Dan is surly and protective of his feelings...but slowly a simmering relationship begins with Jamie. Jamie is still determined to unravel the truth about her life...the question is this...will St. Dennis provide her with the answers?Why you might want to read it, too...This is just a sweet book filled with fun and early love and just a bit of mystery. If this kind of summery book is your "cup of tea" you should truly enjoy this one. I know that this author has written other Chesapeake books but this one was fine for me as a stand alone!

  • Michelle
    2019-06-10 04:38

    Copy provided by author in exchange of honest review[image error]In the 9th series of the Chesapeake Diaries, Mariah Stewart reunites her readers back to St. Dennis, Maryland with her newest installment That Chesapeake Summer. In this quick, light yet touching summer reader, Ms. Stewart pulls her readers with a heroine quest to finding the truth and love.Jamie Valentine is a successful author of self help books and that emphasizes on the importance of truth. So what happens when she uncovers a family secret, that leaves her reeling and questioning on what is the real truth. In the search for the truth, it leads Jamie to St. Dennis, Maryland where she meets Daniel Sinclair, a widowed single parent running an Inn. In a quest for searching the truth answers, will Jamie be also finding an unexpected romance?That Chesapeake Summer was the perfect summer read to get lost in. In this beautiful and endearing read, readers will get lost in this charming and heartwarming story of Jamie and Daniel and the unraveling of family secrets. I loved that author gave readers a realistic tale of emotions and characters.[image error]Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages:: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...

  • Shoshanah
    2019-05-25 11:33

    I may not read a ton of romance series, but have been reading this one and have been having fun with it. I've enjoyed pieces of every single one, but this one has been my favorite so far out of all the ones I've read.I think a lot of that is because the romance felt real. Yes, you knew who was going to fall in love. And yes, the did have somewhat cheesy professions (self-help author and the owner of an inn). But the relationship made sense and they didn't fall in insta-love.Plus there's a bit of a mystery that I appreciated and took me a while to figure out. Once I did though it made complete sense, that I really should have seen in coming. Definitely a great addition to the book for me.Since this is the 4th book I've read of the series, I loved getting to see all the supporting characters. As cliched as I know this is going to sound, these books really feel like you're back home catching up with old friends. I still have 4 books left of the series to read, at least till next summer with the 10th comes out, and I can't wait to read them. Especially knowing that the next ones I'll be reading are about the ice cream maker, cupcake baker, and wedding planner. Talk about the perfect romance novel professions, right?4.5/5Disclosure: I was provided this book from the publisher. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-06-13 06:47

    Afrodyt's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWhile I enjoy reading just about any book, anywhere, I can honestly say this particular story is an ideal beach read. That Chesapeake Summer is a sweet, easy page turner that reminds you of warm breezes, sand under your toes, and summer romance. Jamie Valentine is a self-help author who takes great pride in always advising others to be open and honest in their relationships. Life was good for her, even after the death of her mother Jamie did her best to carry on the traditions in her family home. Going through her parents’ belongings Jamie comes across an envelope that changes her life forever. Everything she thought she knew about her heritage was a lie. Her parents had lied to her. How could she continue to tell others to base their relationships on honesty when her entire relationship with her parents was the exact opposite? Determined to find out the truth, Jamie digs into her past and finds herself at a small inn locate in a small town called St. Dennis. Daniel Sinclair is the owner of The Inn at Sinclair’s Point. Left to run the business after the death of his father, Daniel is dedicated to his work and is always busy taking care of things. To make things even more heartbreaking, Daniel lost his wife 8 years earlier and was left raising his two children who are now teenagers. At least he has a little help. His mother, Grace is always around and she seems to have a certain sense of things when they are about to happen. She immediately senses that changes are coming and that past items hidden are about to resurface. We soon find out that those changes include a woman that finds her way to The Inn at Sinclair’s Point in search of some answers. This book was such a sweet and realistic read. The characters are honest and easy to identify with and although there are some heartbreaking moments, the overall vibe of the story is lighthearted and happy. I really enjoyed the tension between Daniel and Jamie and the love, hate relationship that builds between them. Daniel is often defensive and Jamie is always quick to offer advice which can create an atmosphere of annoyance between the two. It adds for some interesting dialogue but provides moments of honesty that allow their relationship to grow. The more time they spend together, the more they begin to open up about the hurt they have each dealt with. This enables the reader to better understand why Jamie feels so strongly about honesty and why Daniel often hides his feelings. When Daniel finally realizes that perhaps things need to change in order for him to have the life he wants, Jamie takes off leaving him wondering what to do next. The question is: should he go for the girl and abandon the Inn that has taken up so much of his life, or wait for her to return in hopes that she feels the same way about him that he does for her?Between the honest characters, the sweet love story, and the funny insights of a journal writing clairvoyant, this read will be easy to pick up and difficult to put down. “That Chesapeake Summer” is refreshing and will give you those warm fuzzies we all enjoy. Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Diana
    2019-06-13 07:30

    original post at: http://ramblingsfromthischick.blogspo...Mariah Stewart is one of those authors that I think I’ve read but I’m not sure. But I’ve heard about her and know that she is a very versatile writer. A good friend of mine lent me some Stewart suspense novels to read and she also writes romance. I’m a little conflicted on this book but I really liked it. The only reason I didn’t give it a four star is because, for me, this is more of a women’s literature type book than a romance, although there are romantic elements.First, the author. Stewart has a gift for writing, hands down a great writer. Generally, books that are very descriptive bore me and I have to read a fast pace novel in between. When I started “That Chesapeake Summer” I was hypnotized with how elegantly she described the different scenes and how smooth the story flowed. I was on chapter four before I realized that I still had no idea who the hero/ love interest was in this story. But nonetheless, I was captivated with Jaime Valentine, her now deceased mother, her childhood, the secrets that surround her family and their home. I loved that I could feel Jaime’s frustrations and her fear in disappointing her mother if she did not plant the flowers she left behind because of her heart attack. Stewart is able to make the reader feel emotions with her scenes without us even knowing. She really is an incredibly eloquent writer. I also, intensely felt Jaime’s disappoint when a mundane task leads her to discover a very heavily guarded secret surrounding her life.Moving onto the heroine, I really liked Jaime. I felt like I was going through the motions with her. I felt like I was participating in the story and we were on this adventure together. When she meets Daniel Sinclair, immediate sparks fly, but because they really irritate each other. Although they find the other attractive neither is interested in looking for a romance and they actually don’t really like each other. I really liked that the author took her time developing their relationship.This is the difficult part that I struggled with. Dan and Jaime have interactions throughout the book but they are secondary and not the focal point of the book. I would not consider this a romance story just because two people will fall in love. The real purpose of this story, in my opinion, is that Jaime is rediscovering who she is and reevaluating her family and her history-er sense of self. In the mean time she happens to meet this irritating owner of the inn she is staying in and falls in love. But it’s not the driving focus of the story. I think the story would have been able to go on without the romance. So keeping this in mind, I really liked this book. I liked reading Stewart, I liked the fictional world that sucked me in and I liked the hero and heroine. Although this is the 9th book in the series it is easily a standalone and very enjoyable. I also plan to read more by Stewart and find her to be a very gratifying author.

  • Judy Collins
    2019-06-13 05:44

    A special thank you to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Stunning cover; perfectly matched for a fun summer beach read! As always, love catching up with the gang in quaint St. Dennis, and with THAT CHESAPEAKE SUMMER (Chesapeake Diaries #9)there is a lot going on at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point, just outside St. Dennis, with two souls connecting. A charming, heartwarmingand captivating read with an enchanting town, keeping you coming back for more. Always a good mystery, new friends and a budding romance. As always, we begin and end we Grace and her diary, to keep us abreast of the latest and greatest of the town’s gossip and events. Of course she dreams of something big coming and she always pulls out the Ouija board to see if any of her friends, like Alice from the other side can shed some light on the subject. She is especially excited to see her son, Daniel may have found a possible love match. Jamie is a successful author of self-help books; however, when her mother passes away unexpectedly, Jamie discovers her entire life has been based on a lie. Now she is obsessed to find out the truth which may be in the small town of Chesapeake Bay. As she cuts her previously planned book tour short, she books a room at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point. Daniel Sinclair’sfather has died and he has taken over the management of the family inn. After his wife’s death, he is left to as a single parent taking care of two children. Of course, with the inn and the children he has no time for a social life. There is always intrigue,mystery, emotion, and complexity with new faces coming into the town (BTW, all the characters which visit have an interesting past). Daniel thinks Jamie is hiding a secret and he is intrigued, and there may just be more with romance in store for these two. I have readall the books in the Chesapeake Diaries series by talented Mariah Stewart, and they always brings out the wanderlust, making me want to pack my bags and head north to this charming town.Yes, agree with someof the others about the TV series. Since Debbie Macomber's Cedar Covewas such a hit on Hallmark (returning 7/18/15), and upcoming Sherryl Woods' Chesapeake Shores series is coming to Hallmark Channel in 2015, as well; makes sense for Mariah Stewart's Chesapeake Diaries to follow. Let's keep our fingers crossed! JDCMustReadBooks

  • BeaCharmed
    2019-06-18 10:26

    3-3.5 stars As I was reading this book, I realized that I’d read an earlier book in the series and it happened to be the book for Daniel’s sister Lucy. However, you can jump in with this book without having read any of the prior stories. We meet other people in town and while it’s clear that some had their own stories, this story doesn’t depend on or spring off from any of those.Jamie discovers that much of her life and what she thought she knew has been a lie, but she only discovers if after her mother’s death. Her father died years ago so she can’t talk about it with her parents. She turns to her aunt and then begins to track down the truth. She’s torn between wanting to know and feeling as if she’s somehow betraying her parents. She heads to St. Dennis to find answers and figure out her life. As if she didn’t have enough to deal with, she’s stuck on her next book. She was already having trouble with it and the events in her personal life are starting to affect her writing.Stewart gives us a heartwarming story about families, loss, acceptance and second chance. She handled Grace’s situation with sensitivity and care. I did find Grace’s paranormal gift to be convenient, too much so at times. It wasn’t a large part of the story but it did stretch believability.The book is marketed as a romance but it’s women’s fiction first, and romance second. In fact, the romance is subtle at first and I wasn’t sure it was going to lead anywhere. Then without warning it picked up both steam and speed. I’d have liked more development especially as Jamie was in a vulnerable place emotionally with her mother’s death and the changes that brought about. It felt like a rebound romance only instead of getting over a guy, she was getting over some huge emotional upheavals.Despite that, I enjoyed the book and the setting of St. Dennis. I love a well-done small town series and at nine books in, the world is well-developed. It feels both real and realistic. The little details add up to paint a textured picture and the people are pleasant but not perfect. St. Dennis is a fun place to hang out for a few hours and I wished I could join Jamie on her bike rides. I wanted to borrow a bike and go for a ride. Jamie was a mix of naiveté, worldliness, compassion, impulse, and nosiness. She was really nosy, never minding her own business. I can see why Daniel got annoyed with her. But then, he could be high handed. :D“That Chesapeake Summer” was sweet, charming, emotional, and a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

  • Kari
    2019-05-20 06:24

    That Chesapeake Summer is the 9th book in this series and only the third that I have read. The thing that I like about these books is that they really do hold up well as stand alone books. I have never felt like I was missing any back story when I have picked one up. St. Dennis is a town that you can feel comfortable dropping in any time to meet up with old friends or make new ones.I enjoyed this one. Jamie Valentine is a famous self-help author who, upon her mother's death, find out she was adopted. Her parents never told her. She has a few clues and sets out to St. Dennis to find out the identity of her mother. There she stays at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point and quickly becomes integrated into town life. Through Grace's help, she sets out about figuring out who her birth mother might be. I did like the clever way that Grace helped her figure it out. I also had to admire Jamie for pursuing it as she did. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to do it.The only thing that didn't sit too well with me was the relationship between Jamie and Dan. I kind of felt like it was really fast. I would have liked to see them interact more than they did in the book. Don't get me wrong, I was rooting for them, but I wanted more.If you are looking for a good summer beach read this year, I do recommend this one or why not start at the beginning of the series with Coming Home?

  • Cassie Doran
    2019-05-22 11:38

    Jamie is an author who writes self help books about being honest in all your relationships. Both parents are dead die, so she goes to her family home to clear it out. While clearing it out, she finds out she was adopted. She then starts questioning everything. Everything she knows is now a lie. So she tracks down the lawyer who finalized the adoption to get some answers. After he proves to be no help, she travels to St.Dennis, Maryland in which her birth mother apparently still resides. Until she gets news that her birth mother signed off on unsealing her birth records, she decides to search on her ownDan is a widowed father of two who takes over the family inn after his dad dies. Eventually Jamie and Dan's become entangled. Will love blossom between then?Jamie and Dan's interactions at first are not pleasant. She mistakes him for someone else and thinks he's a miserable human being. He thinks she should keep her nose out of things that doesn't concern her. But she ends up becoming to two people he cares about. They can't seem to get away from each other. You meet different characters along the way and St.Dennis sounds beautiful. including a woman who has a sixth sense. Some people claim there are spirits roaming a house. Very cute read

  • Ann Lorz
    2019-06-11 06:47

    I will admit that I love this series. I enjoy the characters and the town they come from. You can't help but wanting to visit. Of course with each new book I do. A must read for those that love that small-town feel in their books.

  • Jen
    2019-05-19 05:24

  • BJ
    2019-06-03 12:44

    Another good read in this series!

  • Melinda
    2019-05-29 11:24

    Awesome as usual. Felt like coming home

  • Michele
    2019-06-02 07:27

    Visiting my friends on the Chesapeake; comforting.

  • Pavana
    2019-06-15 05:52

    This is my first book by Mariah Stewart and I’m hooked. I loved the plot, the characters and the writing. The book was more about Jaimie’s search than the romance. I felt more engrossed in her search than the love story of her and Dan. But that said I loved the plot. I devoured the book and was very curious to know what her search will reveal and how she will find out. There were many characters from previous books of the series, but I could read this book as a stand alone. I will now look forward to reading other books of this series.

  • Juliewheatcox.Net
    2019-06-11 07:36

    ThIs rating may be unfair, but this one was a little disappointing after reading the other great books in this series.I mainly missed the town being a bigger part of the focus. This book was centered on Jamie's angst of finding out she was adopted, then her search for her birth parents. The romance not only seemed secondary, but didn't really account to much until the end of the story.To me, this book was just too easy to put down.

  • Roberta Kolar
    2019-05-20 10:36

    Old friend, newer seriesI first started reading this author in her FBI series. It was nice to see a lot of these characters move on and get a life that was somewhat removed from the murder and mayhem. Always enjoy her books!

  • Eva
    2019-05-29 05:30

    I enjoyed being in St Dennis again...once you have started reading this series and get to know the other characters with the focusing of one after another...this time it was the story about Dan and Jamie.

  • Tina Alosa
    2019-05-22 07:31

    Love this whole seriesPlease write faster Ms Stewart! I'm almost caught up and will miss these characters if I can't visit them again...

  • Crystal Karre
    2019-05-28 09:31

    Love this series!!

  • Samantha
    2019-05-29 06:51

    Summary from Goodreads:"Jamie Valentine is the wildly successful author of self-help books advocating transparency in every relationship. But when her widowed mother passes away unexpectedly, Jamie discovers her own life has been based on a lie. Angry and deeply betrayed, she sets out to find the truth—which may be in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. Cutting her most recent book tour short, Jamie books a room at the Inn at Sinclair’s Point, just outside St. Dennis.The death of Daniel Sinclair’s father forced him to take over the family inn, and his wife’s death left him a single parent of two children, so there’s little room for anything else in his life. His lovely new guest is intriguing, though, and he’s curious about the secret she’s clearly hiding. But in the end, Jamie and Dan could discover the greatest truth of all: that the search for one thing just might lead to the find of a lifetime—if you keep your heart open."My Thoughts:I love the cover of this book! Doesn't it just make you want to sit outside in the sun and read? This really was a great summertime read that I couldn't help but adore. I've read another book in this series a year or so ago and have meant to get back to this series every since. This book reminded me exactly why as I got to visit and fall in love all over again with Chesapeake Bay. Now this is a town that I want to go visit!! I've read this series completely out of order (starting in the middle and then now a few books behind that) and I can honestly tell you that it hasn't affected my enjoyment of these books in the slightest. I'm sure I'm missing some of the character's back stories but that just means I have something to look forward to. I found myself easily immersed yet again into the lives of the residents that live in this small town. And now I can't wait to read other books and get back to it once again!In this book, Jamie comes to Chesapeake Bay in the hope of finding answers to questions she never really knew that she had. I'm deliberately being vague here so I don't spoil anything for other readers, but suffice it to say that she comes to this small town with the hopes that she will come to terms with everything surrounding her mother's death and the secrets she has uncovered. The story really focused on Jamie and her trying to come to terms with finding that everything that she thought she knew was based on a lie. A lie when her entire career has been centered around how important the truth really is especially when it comes to relationships. I loved watching Jamie struggle with all of really helped for me as the reader to connect with her. I liked that there weren't always easy answers because that is real life. She knew with both of her parent's being dead that she wasn't going to get all of the answers that she wanted and needed. Her coming to terms with that and moving on felt very real to me. The relationship that developed between Jamie and Dan was sweet but a bit rushed. They start off disliking each other (this is my favorite type of romance) but for me their developing romance just felt secondary to the rest of the book. I liked it but for me that wasn't what kept me reading. Instead it was Jamie finding the answers to some of her questions in Chesapeake Bay that was what really compelled me to keep turning those pages. And the ending really tied the storyline up perfectly for me!Overall, this was a really great summertime read that I enjoyed. Will I wait this long to visit once again Chesapeake Bay? No! I love the small town feel of these books and found myself wishing that I could actually visit a place just like this. Especially with that ice cream shop! It sounds delicious. This is one of those books that you could read in one afternoon by the pool and it would entirely be worth it. I would recommend this series to women's fiction fans easily. This is part of a series but in my opinion you can read them in any order. I can't wait to read more!Bottom Line: A pleasurable read that made me wish I had read more from this series sooner!Disclosure: I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher. Thoughts are my own!

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    2019-06-04 05:32

    One of my favorite summer romance series, has got to be the Chesapeake Diaries series, by Mariah Stewart. Set in the seaside town of St. Dennis on the eastern shore of Maryland, it has been a true delight to watch the people move into town for various reasons and find love among the idyllic seaside. Who wouldn't in a wonderful charming place like that. Now in her 9th novel in the series, That Chesapeake Summer, highlights Jamie Valentine, a best selling author of "honest" self help books from marriage to parenting, to life to relationships, she prided herself in always taking the honest way through those relationships. Now on the verge of deciding what to do after the recent death of her mom, she has to make some choices on what to keep and what to toss or giveaway. Not all of her parents things will fit into her small place and she knows it will take some time to get through sorting it all out. What she didn't plan on what discovering the life you have led for 33 years has all been one big lie, as she uncovers that she has been adopted. But what can you do with a long lost letter she uncovers from an attorney in St. Dennis, a long time friend and attorney of her father, or adopted father now. However since both of her parents are now dead, she can't get the answers to the questions any adopted child wants to know. Like who her real parents are for one. She can only hope that the adoptions laws have changed and she might be able to find a birth parent to pose some questions to and that hunt must begin in St. Dennis and with a phone call to Curtis Enright to see if she can find out anything. When she hits a snag, she takes time off from a book signing tour to head to St.Dennis in hopes of uncovering who her birth parents might be. Staying at the Inn at Sinclair's Point is just what she needs and takes 30 days off to search for answers. What she doesn't expect to find is an arrogant, rude and handsome Daniel Sinclair, who she runs into when she least expects it. Is it fate or is there something more there than meets the eye even though it seems Daniel can't stand to be in the same room with Jamie! But like a great mother can do, she manages to soothe things over between Jaime and Daniel, but in this case, Grace truly has her work cut out for her. And things are about to get intense!I received That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart compliments of Simon and Schuster Publishers for my honest review. Aside from a free copy of the book, I didn't receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. Oh how I love coming back to St. Dennis, and this is definitely a contemporary romance that can be read as a stand alone, but in order to know the history behind all the people you will meet here, please pick up all 8 novels. I love seeing Mariah continue this series, and have all of her books on my shelf. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I only wish I was reading this at some quaint seaside resort watching people go by and dreaming of a wonderful romance that is slowly being woven on the pages of this one. Romance lovers will not be disappointed in the slightest. Hands down truly a winner with 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. Best part is there is more to come!!!

  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    2019-05-23 06:28

    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimIt’s been awhile since I’ve read Mariah Stewart and her Chesapeake Diaries Series. In fact, the last book I read was book six, The Long Way Home. In my mind, I was a little afraid to miss two books in the series. I didn’t know if what I missed was going to factor into book nine. Luckily, it didn’t, but couples from previous books are mentioned and some actually make appearances.Starting with page one, it was like coming home. Grace Sinclair, the owner of The St. Dennis Gazette newspaper and patriarch of the Sinclair family is still writing in her diary, conversing with Alice (who has crossed to the other side), and still having sensory premonitions. “I have a strange feeling that something big is about to come our way. It’s good and it’s not so good, both positive and negative. I sense something that’s been hidden for a long time about to resurface, something lost but found, it’s going to affect several of us in different ways.”That Chesapeake Summer is a wonderful story of discovery and determination. After the death of her mother, Jamie Valentine stumbles upon a secret her parents kept from her that forces her to question her whole life. She starts to believe that she herself and her life are both frauds. Jamie travels to St. Dennis, Maryland, the one place she thinks she will find answers. She doesn’t expect to be welcomed into the St. Dennis fold like she is. She doesn’t expect to make the friends she does nor does she expect to find love.Daniel Sinclair eats, sleeps, and breaths the Inn at Sinclair Point. He’s been running it for almost twenty years, since his father passed away. He takes the responsibility of providing for his family very seriously, to the detriment of his own life and happiness. For eight years now, he has been a widower raising his teenage kids with the help of his mother. Daniel thinks he’s happy and has everything he needs until Jamie shows up and forces him to look at his life.Once Jamie discovers what she set out to find, she isn’t prepared for the emotions that overcome her. She isn’t sure what to do with the information and she isn’t sure her heart will survive. When she unexpectedly bolts from St. Dennis, Daniel is going to have to decide if he is ready to move on with his new life, one which includes Jaime or simply go back to the way things were.In classic Mariah Stewart style, she brings readers a story of what friendship, family, and community are all about. That Chesapeake Summer shows that while your life may contain secrets, those secrets don’t have to define who you are. Sometimes fate leads you to the right place at the right time, to find what you have always wanted and needed.I’m definitely looking forward to returning to St. Dennis and the wonderful characters of this series.**Received a copy from Pocket Books in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**

  • Crystal
    2019-06-11 12:24

    I just love a good small town romance series. They are one of my very favorite books to read. Mariah Stewart's That Chesapeake Summer is a great small town romance story. I found an instant bond with Jamie Valentine. This poor girl has been through so much. The loss of her mother and a very hidden secret is just about too much for her. Jamie sets out to find out more about the family secret and ends up in St. Dennis. It has been a while since I have had a chance to read any of the Chesapeake Dairies series but I loved catching up with old friends that I remembered from previous books. Jamie booked a room Inn at Sinclair’s Point that is owned by Grace Sinclair's family. Grace is a lady that you want to get to know in St. Dennis. She knows all the ins and outs of the town as well as all the gossip and stories. Grace is one of those fun characters that I loved catching up with to see what she had been up to since my last visit to St. Dennis. Dan, Grace's son, runs the inn. He runs a smooth ship and makes sure that everything is taken care of. He takes care of every aspect of the inn and feels the weight and joy the responsibility that comes with it. When Jamie checks into the inn, Dan is the one to delivery her suitcases to her room. There is instant fireworks between these two and not all of them are the good kind. There is chemistry and there is also a flare of annoyance. Dan is a single parent of two teenage kids. A teenage daughter that is adorable and sweet with the usual issues of a teenage girl. Jamie bonds with Dan's daughter right away which causes more tension between Jamie and Dan. I loved watching Jamie interact with the kids and Grace. They form an interesting relationship that brings great joy to them all.I enjoyed watching Dan and Jamie get to know each other. There is a nice touch of drama between these two along with a great attraction and sweet romance. That Chesapeake Summer is one of those books that kept me flipping pages. I could not wait to see what might happen next or what secret might be revealed. Overall this is my kind of story. There is a nice romance, some lovely friendships, a little mystery, and charming characters. I will be looking forward to the next release from Mariah Stewart. She has a lovely writing style. I was completely engrossed in this story from beginning to end.I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on That Chesapeake Summer.