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In only a few months, comic book artist and local novelty, Dellia Sanchez, had been nicknamed a blood sucking “chupacabra” by her hoodie loving classmate. Of course, she had punched him in the face, and tackled him at the principal’s office. Her objective was to keep everyone at a distance, and up until now, she had done a good job. Her dream for the future entailed a loneIn only a few months, comic book artist and local novelty, Dellia Sanchez, had been nicknamed a blood sucking “chupacabra” by her hoodie loving classmate. Of course, she had punched him in the face, and tackled him at the principal’s office. Her objective was to keep everyone at a distance, and up until now, she had done a good job. Her dream for the future entailed a lonely life in Antarctica, with a life-sized replica of her superhero Mr. Jalapeno to keep her company. A slow death and excruciating death would follow it, and then she would eventually become victim of a Penguin buffet. This is until she meets the golden-haired football player of her dreams, because every YA heroine needs her stereotypical, misunderstood athlete. So, join our hero on her quest to love…or should I say, join our anti-hero as she runs away from her first true love. Follow the most unlikable, young woman you’ll ever have the displeasure of reading about, and pray that at the end, her total hatred for the whole world won’t have soured your soul. Maybe through her journey of self-discovery, you’ll find that your cold heart has started to beat again....

Title : the love story that shouldn t have been
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the love story that shouldn t have been Reviews

  • Ashley
    2019-06-03 06:51

    Sixteen year old Dellia is an angry, depressed, an suicidal girl, with too much to say and a hatred for people. Seriously, she will punch you in the face, and insult you in the most awful way to push you away. She is borderline unlikable and throughout the whole book she has a sense of entitlement that i couldnt stand. And then it all made sense. Dellia was a victim of society and I couldnt hate her anymore. the description for the book makes it sound way too serious and from the first few pages of this book, its obvious that its anything but that. Dellia's voice is strong, and its her comedic voice that shapes the whole novel. This story is told through her view point, so every last embarassing detail is told, and it creates an endearing character. I love the way this character is almost an antagonist, because it shows a raw and flawed character. It makes her real, and her pain becomes the readers. There is empathy because we know her darkest thoughts, and her hope, and we wish her the best. This book is realistic, but in a way also ties in fantasy themes with it. Its quite ironic since Dellia hates anything related to love and cheesy movie stuff, but all of it starts happening to her. Its hilarious to watch her suffer through her first love, and her innability to have any sort of civil interaction with any human being. Its a breath of fresh air compared to all the love at first sight stuff that surrounds the ya market today. There is no insta love here, just an agonizing fall for the main character. very "PRIDE AND PREJUDICE" AND "I WONT SAY IM IN LOVE" from HERCULES. Seriously, I kept singing that song because it reminded me of Dellia. I had to watch hercules right after reading this as well.The issue of self harm is properly addressed here, and what makes this book interesting is the use of deep emotion. Instead of just telling us that the character is suicidal, Melissa lets us into Dellia's brain and gives us a reason why. I cried, and I laughed, and I fangirled, because the idea of a sarcastic and cynical girl falling in love with a boy just as mean as her was way too cute. I didnt see the pairing coming, even though I saw it coming. It makes no sense, but it was so subtle that even when there were hints, I was just as oblivious to it as Dellia. I love the way none of the characters in this book are perfect, and I love the way this book ended. A fairy tale ending, for a very deserving character.

  • Ana
    2019-05-19 07:02

    2.5 Screamed at you stars...I love the premise of this book but the execution was wobbly at best. If some time was taken to fine comb the story, edit out the insane amount of grammatical/spelling errors, and tighten up some of the details about each character, I would rate this 4 stars maybe more.Pros: I enjoyed following Dellia through her hard hitting teenage years. The story represents high school feelings very appropriately and we finally see a story about a teen female who isn't all boys and makeup. She deals with depression, suicidal tendencies, and disease that comes with body image problems while coming off as an evil chupacabra that has a cheese filled center. its interesting to see the dark side of teen-hood and kept me reading until the end even with all the cons...Cons: This book needs major editing, sentences such as:"if Peter sees me like this I am sure I to die" or "I want to seem him blush""I try my best to keep my sanity the in presence of everything that bugs me"become persistent and present on almost every other page.Also words are spelled incorrectly such as isle being used when aisle should have been or were instead of we're. Was this book translated from another language originally, therefore all the broken English sentences? (I genuinely would like to know). I obviously know what is being said but it really messes up how involved I am with the story line since it stops me from reading mentally correct the sentence then continue. Overall loads of potential but in the end I had to mentally correct too many sentences as I read and I lost focus on the characters/story.The verb "screams" is well over used...who screams right after covering a friends mouth to keep them from waking someone else? I'm sure there is a better verb to be used in many of these situations.

  • Cynthia Lam
    2019-05-18 04:55

    The overall story line resembles a classic shoujo manga meets American flavored Degrassi. Basically every mentioned character have their issues which ultimately gets our angry heroine into forming life changing connections. Dellia is not a likable character but she's bold and as good as you can get with her own tragic past and self harming habits. She has a terrible case of trust issues and self denial that she buries under her loud personality. She grows on you in her sarcastic humor, fast fists and personal growth.Other than our main characters being more messed up than most it's that addicting teen romance formula that any manga reader or 80s movie fanatic can predict (but can't resist). Be warned, there are many cheesy poetic moments that require some mental breaks to just finish cringing over all the second hand embarrassment (like at least 30 min worth). Perhaps it's intentional since Dellia constantly mentions just how much she hates those types of scenes, just like she hates love.

  • Ilhem Lahouma
    2019-05-20 10:16

    i really liked this book i just couldn't put it downi like that the main characters are diffrent than your avrage ya characters .dellia's character is somehow relible . i could see myself in herthey all have problems in this book but in the end they fight them and over come the problems to be the best version of themselves .i enjoyed melissa's writing style .i love how diffrent and quirky it is .i the end this book gives you somethig to thik about by treating a prble that is hardly foun in other ya books . this book made me feel better about myself and reminded me of the strugles some people have to go throught .

  • ayy
    2019-05-31 06:19

    i like this book an enjoyable story u get really into it