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Wonder Woman stars in her first digital-first anthology series!Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City's criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan!Wonder Woman stars in her first digital-first anthology series!Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City's criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan! Collect Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #1-5....

Title : Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1
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ISBN : 9781401253448
Format Type : Paperback
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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-06-14 22:02

    You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.There were some seriously great little gems in this collection, but I just can't bring myself to recommend this to anyone other than a HUGE Wonder Woman junkie. Or maybe as a gift for that special WW fan in your life?I guess what I mean is, I really wouldn't go back and read this for pleasure, but it would make a cool coffee table book.Admittedly, I have odd taste when it comes to what I'd put on a coffee table.There were a shit-ton of authors in this, and a few of them really tried (and succeeded) to come up with a one-shot story...plot and all! But most of them just put a few pages down with different variations on the Grrrrl Power theme. Also, some of my favorite art in this went with some of my least favorite stories, which made it a real mixed bag for me.My favorite was the mother-daughter story Brace Yourself:It wasn't a long one, but it had heart. Hippolyta tells the story of how Diana won the right to be Wonder Woman, but from a mother's point of view. I'll be the first to admit, I kinda swallowed a lump at the end.*sniffle*It's hard to let 'em grow up... I loved the art in Bullets and Bracelets:But the story was shit. Diana is part of some Josie and the Pussycats kind of band, and in between gigs she dispenses justice to a sexist. *throws up behind dumpster*She even tells two guys that she doesn't Dress the Way She Does to provoke (the religious nuts) or impress (the drooling guys)...but because she wants to.Yay!Now shut the fuck up and put on some pants, 'cause I can see your short 'n curlies hanging out of those ridiculous short-shorts.No Chains Can Hold Her was (to me) the worst of the bunch to look at:It was (I'm assuming) supposed to be a nod at the Wonder Woman tales of yore when men were still a superior gender, and the ladies in comics still desperately wanted their opinions. I'll give the author credit for trying to be funny, but it still wasn't all that fun for me to read. Supergirl, Mary Marvel, and Wonder Woman fight off evil aliens. Blah.Morning Coffee had adorable artwork, but the story was just meh.Another Meh is Amazon Princess With 80's Hair Fights a Dragon.No, that's not the real name...idiot.Like I said, some were really good, some were really bad, but most were just ok. I wouldn't want to actively discourage anyone from buying this, but I would suggest that you thumb through it first.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital arc for review.And speaking of...I would list the authors and artists, but I noticed that some of the names were wrong on the covers I read, so I don't want to put the wrong info down.Get this review and more at:

  • Carmen
    2019-06-24 19:18

    TERRORIST: Now, someone like Batman or Superman, them you don't want to mess with. Because THEY have something you don't. You know what that is?WONDER WOMAN: I can guess. Is it a code against KILLING?Oh, snap! :D Wonder Woman got off some great lines in this collection, to be sure.WONDER WOMAN SENSATION COMICS REVIEWIN WHICH CARMEN EXPLAINS WHY THE AMAZONS ARE FUCKING COWARDS, AND GENERALLY RANTS ABOUT FEMINISMOn the whole, this was a mixed bag. I'm going to treat it as a collection of short stories. Let's break it down one by one.1.) Gothamazon by Gail SimoneThe villains of Gotham team up to take over the city. Who can possibly stop them? Only Wonder Woman! Oracle calls her up and asks if she could please assist.THE GOOD: - The art. (Ethan van Sciver and Marcelo di Chiara). - Wonder Woman deputizing Catwoman and Harley Quinn has her "personal guard," saying "tonight you are Amazons!" and recruiting them to fight the baddies. - Wonder Woman is kickass. - Oracle is a superheroine in a wheelchair.THE BAD: - This joke from the Riddler: When is a dead Amazon like a confused bat?When she's been riddled.Really? Really!?!? I expect more from you, Riddler.5 out of 5....2.) Defender of Truth by Amanda DeibertCirce brings gargoyles to life and turns cops into centaurs and generally causes mayhem.THE GOOD: - The art. (Cat Staggs) - Before Circe turns the policemen into centaurs, she says "Honorable to save them, but don't you know? All men are ANIMALS." And Wonder Woman's all like, "Leave the men alone. Your problem is with me."This was just badass. - Later Circe's got Wonder Woman in a bind, and she's all like, "Aww, poor thing. It looks like I have the upper hand at last... unless you want to call for help? I hear you're quite close to someone SUPER."And Wonder Woman's all:"No, thanks, I do just fine all on my own."Then she kicks Circe's ass.This pretty much rocks. - These four boys are hanging out and talking about Wonder Woman and the little kid who likes Wonder Woman is being made fun of for liking "girl things."Wonder Woman shows up and sets the boys straight, giving the her fan a tiny kiss on the forehead to boot.A little heavy-handed, but I found this super-cute and with a positive message of "awesome stuff is just awesome! You can like any awesome thing no matter if it's labeled as "for boys" or "for girls.""This is especially resonating with me right now as I know two little girls who are very into Star Wars (age 7) and they are getting a bit of flak at school because "Star Wars is boy stuff." BULLSHIT Star Wars is "boy stuff." Star Wars is just awesome. It's important not to gender things that children like - it's very stifling and damaging. Boys can like knitting or cooking, girls can like Star Wars or skateboarding. I mean, WTF, society?5 out of 5. ...3.) Brace Yourself by Jason BischoffGo, if you must, discover new worlds and dangers that will refuse you reprieve. But no matter how far you run, or what evils befall you - I am with you. I love you, daughter. My Diana. Weapon, worry, wonder.Wonder Woman does what she has to in order to be deemed a warrior and earn her second bracelet. This story is notable because there's not a single word spoken by a man in the whole issue, even though we sometimes see men in the background.THE GOOD: - The art. (David A. Williams) - Mother/daughter dynamics. Mother/daughter love.THE BAD: - Listen... does anyone else think that the Amazons are fucking cowards? No? Just me? Let me explain.Perhaps one day, we shall return to the world and retake the yoke of our mission.Yes. So these women can't stand the way society is going (men rule over and enslave women, women have little to no rights.) These women are blessed with the powers of the gods and/or are just basically kickass with great fighting skills.Do they stay and fight? Liberate their sisters? Fight alongside them, whether in battle or democratically, to free them from men's tyranny?NO.They fucking hide on a fucking invisible island (Paradise Island, or Themyscira). So they are living out this "peaceful way of life" and "cultivating their minds" and stuff while meanwhile their sisters are suffering in bondage in "the real world?" And the island is invisible and - also - secret?!!? So women have no way of knowing about it or any way of going there to claim shelter or sanctuary? The Amazons are saying to their sisters out in the world, "Bye! We just can't deal with this shit and patriarchy anymore, so we're going off to live in a utopia with no men. No, you can't come with us. It's invisible and we're not going to tell you where it is. And we're just going to abandon you for hundreds of years to live in bondage and under the rule of men. Good luck with that!"WTF!?!?!? Fuck you, Amazons. If you really cared about women or your "sisters" you'd have stayed. And fought. Fucking cowards.That was a general rant about Wonder Woman, and not against this comic specifically, so this still gets:5 out of 5....4.) Taketh Away by Ivan CohenWonder Woman is tricked into (mildly) offending her gods on live TV. After that, she slowly starts losing her powers. (view spoiler)[This is a trick, the plot of a pathetic rapist. (hide spoiler)]THE GOOD: - The art. (Marcus To)So. I have a lot to say about this one.This TV show host treats Wonder Woman like shit and he's one of those assholes,... you know. He asks her out and she declines.But his reaction when I declined."I see. I'm sure you have more important things to do. Maybe when you're not so... busy."He NEVER stopped smiling, but I could see the anger in his eyes. The curse words on the tip of his tongue. The hate barely masked behind claims of love.This is like real life. Never knowing when turning down a man for a date is going to get you punched, shot at, or stabbed. (Elliot Rodger. Never forget.) This is reality for women. There are a lot of sick fucks with entitlement issues out there. Here's one link: (TRIGGER WARNING FOR THIS LINK: rape, violence against women, assault) It's a little dumb for a guy to be pulling this shit on Wonder Woman, but I'm very glad the author is addressing this issue and attacking it. It wasn't perfectly done here, I would have gone in a different direction with it, personally, but I liked that about this story. - There is a fat black female cop in this story and she is shown as powerful and capable and confident. I rarely see fat people in DC, so this is worth mentioning. - The quote I opened up my review with is from this story. Kickass. - We get to see Wonder Woman in a pretty yellow sundress. - Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah. Also, Cheetah gets some great lines off, herself. For instance, when a copMALE COP: "Agggggh! You broke my wrist, you bitch!"CHEETAH: "Now, now. I didn't call YOU something nasty, did I? But then again, they do say you should never give your dinner a NAME."LOL Too funny. - Wonder Woman is called "whore" and told she's not attractive. Again, stuff women have to deal with all the time. I mean, this is Wonder Woman, so it's not as if this is a realistic thing, but again it's something I like to see addressed, and yet again, I don't think it was dealt with in the best possible way, but this AND the kill-her-if-she-says-no plotlines are ones I think are important.THE BAD: - The part where Wonder Woman looks in the mirror and laments that her "beauty is gone." Horrible job, she's still gorgeous and much more beautiful than 98% of women (if you judge by traditional, white, American media standards).4 out of 5....5.) Bullets and Bracelets by Sean E. WilliamsWonder Woman is in a band and is a role model to the youth.THE GOOD: - The Art (Marguerite Sauvage) - Again, we have Wonder Woman facing stuff likeTEEN BOY 1: "Slut! You're corrupting our children! Go back where you came from!"TEEN BOY 2: "Shut up, man! Some of us LIKE the say she dresses! She's hot!"WONDER WOMAN: "I hate to break it to you both, but I dress this way because I WANT to, but to provoke or impress you. Sorry to disappoint. Thanks for coming to the show!"However, this little exchange that she handled so classily makes her depressed and rather despairing. So she decides to take a little walk through the neighborhood. There she meets two young girls (13?) who admire her and look up to her. She takes them to lunch.Then the guy from earlier at the concert freaks out on her. You know, the usual asshole stuff. "I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that you're so hot,"... touching her without her permission, pulling a shotgun on her because he can't handle getting rejected (she's *#&@ing Wonder Woman, buddy, not sure where you thought this was going to go) - again, important and real themes that I think are important to address.5 out of 5...6.) Morning Coffee by Ollie MastersA cute little story about how Catwoman tries to get a leg up on Wonder Woman, only to be "Curses! Foiled again!"THE GOOD:- The Art (Amy Mebberson)This is pure fluff. I enjoyed it. I have nothing bad to say about this.4 out of 5....7.) No Chains Can Hold Her!This was stupid and full of straw feminism. I hated it. The art is ugly, too.1 out of 5....8.) Attack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman by Rob WilliamsThe Atom blows Wonder Woman up to colossal size so that she can fight the shapeshifter Byth (the Creature of a Thousand Shapes, exiled from the planet Thanagar).THE GOOD: - The Art (Tom Lyle) - Wonder Woman is merciful. Actually, that's one of the things I like best about her, and it shows in almost every story. - The ending is priceless. PRICELESSS, OMG. I won't spoil it for you, but... :D5 out of 5....9.) Ghosts and Gods by Neil KleidWonder Woman and Etta Candy fight Ra's Al Ghul.THE GOOD: - A fat superheroine! I love this! Etta Candy is shown as (in this iteration, at least) confident and secure in herself. (I know other comics have portrayed her as insecure, weight-conscious, and even plagued with an eating disorder in one. Thank heavens that's not here, I would have a stroke.)THE BAD: - The Art (Dean Haspiel) - For some reason Ra's Al Ghul is constantly hitting on Wonder Woman. It just seemed very strange to me. WTF, Ra's Al Ghul? I thought you were smarter than this.3 out of 5....10.) Dig for Fire by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel HardmanWonder Woman travels to another dimension to fight a Big Bad called Darkseid.THE GOOD: - The Art (Gabriel Hardman) - People riding giant dogs. :DTHE BAD: - Not very interesting.3 out of 5....Tl;dr - I found this to be an engrossing and overall pretty stellar collection of comics. It is SUPER-FUN to get 10 different artists and 10 different authors rendition of Wonder Woman. Some are better than others, but that is to be expected. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this.Not available in Spanish.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-06-22 01:09

    Well that was surprising – a Wonder Woman book that was really good! Sensation Comics Volume 1 is a collection of short stories featuring Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, the most iconic female superhero of them all and, astonishingly for an anthology, there wasn’t a crap story in the mix! I enjoyed seeing a lot of indie creators turning their hands to mainstream superhero comics for a change. Gabriel Hardman in particular blew my hair back with his artwork on the final story here. Diana accepts a mission to rescue a couple of Amazons from Apokolips and thwart a potential invasion from Darkseid. The story’s pretty cool but, man, Hardman’s art was outstanding and made the comic for me. His depiction of Apokoliptian society was industrialised and grimy, the images of its core were hellish, and I loved the way he drew Wonder Woman and Darkseid . The story could be cleaner in its plotting as the ending is a bit tough to swallow - something is dropped down a deep pit and it takes WW several moments before she goes after it, making her catching it all the more implausible. But generally I really liked this story. I think Hardman’s a much better WW artist than David Finch, who’s currently drawing the title. Sean E. Williams and Marguerite Sauvage’s rock’n’roll Wonder Woman was awesome and I enjoyed the cosmic corniness of Gilbert Hernandez’s story which saw Diana team up with Supergirl and Mary Marvel. His brawny WW design was brilliant too - nobody draws the ladies quite like Beto! Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver’s contribution sees Diana become Gotham’s temporary protector after Batman goes AWOL. It’s always fun to see how different heroes handle Batman’s rogues gallery and Diana doesn’t disappoint. While I wasn’t as impressed with the other offerings, I didn’t dislike them either - they were just ok. Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs’ story had a laudable message about being true to yourself, Jason Bischoff and David A. Williams took us back to Diana’s childhood, showing us the determination forming that led to her becoming the greatest of all Amazons. It was also good to see Etta Candy, Diana’s Golden Age best friend, make an appearance in the Dean Haspiel-drawn story. Sensation Comics does a great job of showing us the many sides to Wonder Woman with some entertaining stories highlighting various aspects of her character. Though not sensational, it’s a fine read and, considering how rare good Wonder Woman books are, it’s definitely worth seeking out if you’re interested in/are a fan of the character.

  • Sesana
    2019-06-13 01:29

    (Received from Netgalley for review.)This is really an anthology series, each story by a different author. And like (almost) all anthologies, the quality varies wildly. Some stories are really good. Some are really not. Most are middle of the road in quality. The Good: Gothamazon, with Wonder Woman substituting for Batman. It starts kind of slow, but in the end I think it was one of the best stories in the volume. Nice use of the lasso at the end. Brace Yourself, told from the perspective of Diana's mother. I really liked seeing her point of view, and seeing young Diana interact with Athena was pretty cool. Taketh Away, about Diana being forsaken by the gods, even if I wasn't a big fan of the ending. Bullets and Bracelets, with a Wonder Woman who is, for some reason, a Truly Outrageous rock star. I have no excuses, I just loved this and I can't really explain why. Morning Coffee, with Catwoman as guest star. Fun little story. The Middle of the Road: Defender of Truth, Attack of the 500-foot Wonder Woman, and Dig For Fire. Nothing exactly wrong with any of these stories, they just didn't hit me quite right. I actually really liked the last couple pages of Defender of Truth, but the bulk of the story was just ok.The Really Not Good: Only two of these, actually. No Chains Can Hold Her, which is... I don't know, I guess some kind of Golden Age tribute silliness, with Supergirl and Mary Marvel. The art was terrible, the story was a snooze and went on far too long, and the writing just didn't do it for me. Ghosts and Gods, which has Etta Candy. Which I was kind of excited about, until Deadman promptly took over her body and Etta really didn't get to do anything at all. Very disappointing. And Deadman's dialog was just plain awful. That said, I don't really care for the character at all, so that might be partly on me. As a whole, there are more good stories in here than bad, and the art is mostly very good. If you love Wonder Woman, you'll probably be satisfied. If you're not, this won't convert you.

  • Jesse A
    2019-06-24 20:30

    About what you'd expect in a collection like this. Some good, mostly bad.

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2019-05-27 20:29

    ARC provided by DC Comics through NetGalley for an honest review.3.5 Diana Prince StarsThis was an interesting comic. It was comprised of several vignettes by different authors. Some were great and some were kitchy. Which accounts for my scoring.Gothamazon - While Batman is away, Wonder Woman takes over the crime fighting in Gotham. She must fight her frustrations and darker side to peacefully handle the criminal elements. 3.5 starsDefender of Truth - Wonder Woman fights Circe who wants to turn all men into animals. After defeating her, she encourages a young boy to be who he is no matter what others say. It was sort of an anti bullying statement. 2.5 starsBrace Yourself - This one was sweet. The story is told of how Diana as child spoke with and befriended the Goddess Athena, which inspired her future to become a great warrior. How she defeated even her mother in battle to become the greatest warrior of the Amazons. 4 starsTaketh Away - Diana is interviewed about her fight with Circe, by a reporter who also questions her religious beliefs. After shutting him down and telling him her religion is private, she starts to experience lethargy and lack of confidence. Something has happened to her. She thinks the Gods haver forsaken her. It's not until she uses her ability to communicate with animals that she realizes she being manipulated by Doctor Psycho. 4 starsBullets and Bracelets - Rock star version of Wonder Woman befriends two young girls, one of whom can't afford food to eat. She shows them what it is to be a strong woman. 3 starsMorning Coffee - Wonder Woman catching Catwoman stealing from a museum in London, only to discover Catwoman is using her to fight the dragon protector of the thing she stole. Thinking in the fight, she would get away. Even though Wonder Woman is tired and needs coffee, she still outsmarts Catwoman. 2 starsNo Chains Can Hold Her - Aliens try to kidnap and enslave Wonder Woman using some sort of ray to poison her. But Supergirl and Mary Marvel come to help her, but she's manipulated into fight them until the poison is out of her system. They must fight to help each other. I didn't like the drawings at all. Wonder Woman looked like a man in drag and the story was too simple. 1 starAttack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman must grow to 500 feet with the help of The Atom to fight a Thanagarian shape shifter with Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Her compassion for the shape shifter has her helping him instead of imprisoning him. 2.5 StarsGhosts and Gods - Wonder Woman and Etta Candy fight through Ra's Al Ghul's mountain stronghold to retrieve a stolen purple ray device. Didn't make sense to me. 1 starDig for Fire - Wonder Woman is sent to Apokolips by her mother to find two lost sisters and prevent a war. Once there, she finds out that her sisters have lost their way, intend to destroy the planet. Wonder Woman must save the entire planet which also includes Darkseid. They enter into a tentative bargain. 3.5 starMost of these were drawn exceptionally and I enjoyed most of them for the most part. Only a couple I didn't like. But I would read something like this again from D.C. Comics.

  • Steve
    2019-06-21 00:24

    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.I have no idea what I just read. The biggest complaint I have with this book is the complete lack of continuity from one story to the next. The artist is different in each story, and there is nothing tying it all together.This could have been so much better if it was one continuous story, instead of bits and pieces of a differently-drawn Wonder Woman in every single part of the book. Not recommended at all.

  • Scott
    2019-05-30 22:08

    Randomness.That would be the word for this collection. Maybe eclectic, as well. Don't like one of the stories? No worries - there are ten to choose from, each with diverse artwork and different authors, and all relatively brief. I would disagree with the cover's promise of "timeless tales," but when things work they work, and when they don't . . . ***If nothing else, since I've seen the theatrical Justice League and re-watched Wonder Woman both in the last month I now hear Gal Gadot's distinctive voice in my head when reading WW's dialogue in any DC book.***Stories include -Gothamazon - a nice intro; the Dynamic Duo are temporarily sidelined, so who does Oracle contact to take on a full assault by Gotham's 'usual suspects'? "I'll put your house in order, Bruce . . . and I won't even need a car." WHAM! POW! . . . OUCH!Defender of Truth - the coda, with WW meeting a teased young fanboy, was a sweetly well-intentioned and effective moment.Bullets and Bracelets - WW is now touring the U.S., fronting a Go-Go's-esque rock band. What the hell? But at least she's illustrated like she's playing a bass solo worthy of a 70's funk tune a la 'Love Rollercoaster.'Morning Coffee - WW 'crosses the pond' to take on Catwoman. The story was slight but the artwork was adorable.No Chains Can Hold Her - Ever hear of bodybuilder Nicole Bass from 'The Howard Stern Show'? That's how WW is drawn here. Disturbing.Attack of the 500-foot Wonder Woman - Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Atom are on hand to assist in taking down a rampaging monster reminiscent (at first) of a 50's sci-fi B-movie.Dig For Fire - the longest, and most serious in tone, in the collection; also a good way to round out this collection.

  • Stephen
    2019-05-31 03:19

    I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.Sensation Comics volume 1 is something new and different from DC Comics. It is a collection of the first 5 issues of Sensation Comics. These comics do not fall into any of the DC continuities (not Pre-Flashpoint, not New 52, and not Convergence). So, they are not constrained by any set of events or any required timelines. Each story feels like it has a lesson or is making a statement about some important real world ideals. Subjects include issues like religious tolerance, respect for others, being happy with who you are, doing things your own way, and the value of persistence and perseverance. There are a lot of great empowering messages for girls and women. If you want something that is just good comics that also happen to impart a little wisdom, this is for you.

  • Artemis
    2019-06-20 03:05

    First review of 2016!'Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1' is a smash. From all the mixed reviews I'd read about it, I didn't know what to expect when I decided to buy it at the spur of the moment. But I'm glad I did, because, if nothing else, the whole volume containing 10 standalone 'Wonder Woman' issues is hella fun. It's just what the world's most famous superheroine needs in this day and age, in my opinion. Let's get right down into each issue!1. 'Gothamazon' - Wonder Woman beats up Batman's Rogues Gallery in Gotham. What's not to get excited about? With solid writing and characterization, as expected from Gail Simone, it explores Diana's role as a warrior of truth and compassion when fighting in a place like Gotham city. It also features Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and Harley Quinn temporarily becoming Diana's Amazon sister. I only wish it could have been longer, and not the only issue by Simone.2. 'Defender of Truth' - Contains Wonder Woman fighting Circe, and a critique on gender norms (especially when it's ingrained into children at such a young age). It has a great, much-needed message that boys can like whatever they want: Don't succumb to the peer pressure of socially-constructed gender expectations. There are no such things as "girl's" or "boy's" things. The dialogue is hilarious too.3. 'Brace Yourself' - A touching mother-and-daughter story. It basically retells Wonder Woman's origin from Hippolyta's point of view. She sees her daughter grow up, and deals with the realization that young Diana will one day have to move on from Themyscira into the big wide world.4. 'Taketh Away' - The main thing to note is that in this story we see Wonder Woman dealing with self-esteem issues. Or at least, that's the subtext. As a world famous icon, she is forever criticized for her looks, her crime fighting techniques, and religious beliefs - predominantly by men. These things are bound to take a toll even on someone like Wonder Woman, proving that no one is made of stone, nor should they be expected to be perfect. She is as vulnerable as everyone else. And with Wondy being viewed as a paragon for all women, she gets the brunt of all the gender-biased shit real women deal with in their every day existence. The patriarchy is dangerous like that. But the message in the end about believing in yourself when no one else will is powerful and extremely relevant today. 'Taketh Away' also stars Cheetah, and apparently Diana can talk to animals. Furthermore, it has the best artwork of the bunch.5. 'Bullets and Bracelets' - Wonder Woman is the lead singer of a band. Hey, why not? The art is nice with pretty pastel colouring, and the female friendship storyline is super-sweet. Like 'Taketh Away', it also criticizes male-entitlement, and highlights its dangers: How it can turn very violent very quickly, something that real women fear all the time. So 'Bullets and Bracelets' isn't all kiddie fun, but it’s another short modern take on Wondy and her role as a feminist icon (and really, as a pop star in the mainstream she would be facing sexist remarks similar to that of a superhero).6. 'Morning Coffee' - A personal favourite. It's so funny and cute! Wonder Woman vs. Catwoman in London - a genius setup! At first I wasn't so sure about the artwork, but it fits perfectly with the story. There's little dialogue and that only makes it better. Plus there's a dragon. Yep, a dragon. This is the stuff comics were first dreamed up for!7. 'No Chains Can Hold Her' - Yes, it looks like it was written and drawn by a ten-year-old. But that just adds to its charm. All the classic, retro-age stuff you'd expect from the mind of a ten-year-old boy are here: Aliens! Spaceships! Lasers! Mind control! Other dimensions! Alongside Wondy are Supergirl and Mary Marvel, and it's nice that they start off fighting and not trusting one another but then team up against the real enemy. Supergirl is a teen who's a little naive - and who keeps mentioning how her male counterpart cousin is teaching her how to be a better superhero - but she's cool, temperamental and doesn't take being literally tossed around in each panel lying down. The dialogue is laughably cheesy, like an after-school special for six-year-olds. The artwork is an eyesore - with Wonder Woman's Popeye arms and Supergirl's hair changing from blonde to brunette in her last few panels. But I got used to it. A nostalgic fever dream is how I'd best describe 'No Chains Can Hold Her'.8. 'Attack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman' - Another favourite. Wonder Woman is turned into a giant by one of the Atom's devices in order to fight a Godzilla-like shapeshifter from Hawkman's and Hawkgirl's planet, Thanagar. I didn't like the art, but I really liked how Diana's lasso of truth (plus her invisible jet) was used once again; the bizarre story-concept becomes unexpectedly sad, and it delivers a heartwarming message that's present from the beginning towards the very end.9. 'Ghosts and Gods' - Again, not a fan of the artwork, but there's Etta Candy! Though I wish we could have seen more of her as herself instead of possessed by Deadman. His interactions with Wonder Woman are interesting, as their origins and belief in each of their gods are at odds with one another (her belief in her Greek gods is also challenged in 'Taketh away'). But they still effortlessly put their differences aside, and the duo fight the ancient evil of Ra's Al Ghul. I really wanted to see more of the friendship Diana and Etta share, however, and not another story where the Amazon princess is partnered with a man. Mostly, 'Ghosts and Gods' is action-oriented, good-vs-evil, Saturday morning cartoon fun.10. 'Dig for Fire' - The final issue, and unfortunately my least favourite. It has the worst art - at least with 'No Chains Can Hold Her' I can see what the flip is going on! 'Dig for Fire' is dark and murky - gritty for the sake of it due to its sci-fi apocalyptic content - and at one point it full-on looks like Wonder Woman has a beard. It also has a downer ending - I can see where they're going with it, but it's just rushed, and closes way too fast. Maybe I'd understand it better if I knew more about Darkseid. But oh well, the cover art variations are gorgeous.Simply put, 'Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman' is pure action-packed awesomeness, with each issue containing a writer's take on a superheroine I'm growing to love more and more, and on first-wave, second-wave, and modern feminism. It's both a good introduction to Wonder Woman for new comic readers, and a fresh start for older fans. Not all the stories are perfect, nor are the vastly-differing styles of art. But the old school charm - hit or miss - won me over. Regardless, all the stories do a good job of acknowledging who exactly Wonder Woman is and what she represents in the past and the present. Some even mention that she is an ambassador as well as a superhero and a princess!Enjoy!Final Score: 4/5

  • J
    2019-06-02 23:08

    3.75 starsThis is a Wonder Woman short story collection written and illustrated by various people. All of these stories focused on Wonder Woman's strongest attributes (like her humanity, restraint, kindness, bravery, strength, etc.). Some were much better than others in terms of artwork and plot. My favorite was "Gothamazon," the first issue, by the creative team Simone/Van Sciver/Hi-Fi. Overall, this was a fun and heart-warming comic, even though some of these issues could have been left out for the sake of length. I would easily recommend this to Wonder Woman fans.

  • Eve
    2019-06-06 20:08

    Thoroughly enjoyed these eclectic tales of Wonder Woman. The first half of the book's stories are by far the best, but all of them were enjoyable. It was nice to see veteran WW writer Gail Simone leading off the collection and in Gotham no less! The artwork quality followed along with the quality of story, with the better being in the first half. The retro WW story with Supergirl was not to my taste but still made me smile and giggle. A nice addition to any graphic novel collection and good for readers new to this character. Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC.

  • Emma
    2019-06-19 19:15

    This was the second Wonder Woman trade I have read. I don't know a whole heap about Wonder Woman, but these short stories made her out to be really cool. I preferred the first half of this trade over the second, but I appreciated the variety in styles & stories. 'Bracelets & Bullets' was my personal fav!

  • Diana
    2019-06-17 19:13

    Gotham story - 4 starsdefender of truth - 1 starbrace yourself - 5 starstaketh away - 5 starsbullets & bracelets - 5 starsmorning coffee - 2 stars no chains can hold her - 1 star. Couldn't care for this one. attack of the 500-foot w. woman - 2'5 starsghosts and gods - 1 stardig for fire - 2'5-3 starstotal is like 3 stars for this one :) It was a nice read, tbh

  • Kristen
    2019-06-14 01:08

    What we have here are a bunch of Wonder Woman short stories. They're generally pretty good. Some of them are amazing, others are kinda cool, and some are okay. That's what you get with a bunch of different artists and writers. But overall, I really like this book. If you're looking to get an idea of what Wonder Woman's about, or you want to see how different people interpret her, this is a decent place to start. If you already love Wonder Woman, then definitely get this. Personally, I would have bought it just for Gail Simone's story (her version of Diana is my absolute favourite).

  • Dan
    2019-06-20 03:05

    T he beginning 2 stories were decent 3 stars. But the rest I didn't care the strange art and stories.

  • Simon Farrow
    2019-06-13 20:14

    A real mixed bag, some of the stories were really fun with some lovely artwork, while other's were dull, trod over old ground and didn't really bring any thing fresh to the character at all.

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2019-06-09 03:16

    It is unclear whether these are original stories or re-imaginings of stories that first appeared in the original Sensation Comics, either way they are exciting and a ton of fun. Presented in the old format of comics where only one to three issues contained a storyline, the stories are otherwise unrelated. Some feature Wonder Woman as an adult, some as a child, some as an established superhero, others flashback to her time on Paradise Island. Each story arc has different writers and illustrators so WW is given different looks, some as we would expect and one I found very unsettling (she looked more like Arnold Schwartzenegger). The only thing that put me off were the PSAs dropped in about three times altogether. Perhaps this is in imitation of the original Sensation Comics, if so I'm sure I would find those campy and out-dated, but the modern PSAs here are incredibly heavy-handed, eye-rolling, preachy and could be offensive if you don't agree with them. That brings my rating down to a four, otherwise I was completely captivated by the stories which included a host of popular (and not so popular) villains and a few cameos from other superheroes. Delightfully enough one of favourites appeared: Deadman!

  • Andy 117
    2019-06-04 00:28

    Gail Simone leads an anthology series; bearing the name of classic Wonder Woman, but forward-thinking in almost every respect - this is a celebration, not of the character of Wonder Woman, or any specific era of hers, but of what Wonder Woman represents, of what she means to people, from the authors and artists contributing, to readers all over the world.It's very good.

  • Morgan
    2019-06-03 20:24

    In this comic, you get a variety of tales and art styles... Which can be a good AND a bad thing. I found some gems in this collection (with lots of girl power moments!) , along with some meh-reads as well. Same applies to the artwork... Overall, Not the best comic I've read, but worth a read if you are a Wonder Woman enthusiast. 2.5 Stars

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-05-27 22:00

    Fun! So what we have here are a series of Wonder Woman one-shot stories by various creative teams. As with any anthology, some of these are great, and some are merely good. Overall, I think my favorite was the story by Gilbert Hernandez, which is every bit as quirky and fun as one familiar with his work would imagine.

  • Guts Reads
    2019-06-01 02:30

    This compilation is pretty sweet. I love the opportunity to get a feel of Wonder Woman through the eyes of different authors and artists. A couple of issues briefly mention some awesome topics, too.

  • Hannah Heath
    2019-05-27 02:03

    Some of these stories were very good (the one by Gail Simone in particular), but others were completely horrible. Some were 4 stars, some were 2, so I'm averaging and giving 3 stars.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-31 00:28

    I'm really enjoying this series... lots of fun Wonder Woman stories.

  • Will
    2019-06-23 21:24

    This book was okay. The two best for me were "No Chains Can Hold Her!" by Gilbert Hernandez and "Dig for Fire" by Corrina Bechko and Gabriel Hardman. "No Chains" was pretty funny, just like a good gag should be. In this story, a muscle-bound and brainwashed WW fights Supergirl and Mary Marvel. A lot of crashing into each other and things blowing up. Very stylized. Loved the creativity."Dig for Fire" was this book's best drawn story, and easily its most compelling. Hardman also draws in a way that makes the action very clear, so you can tell what is happening very easily, which is not always the case in this collection. The pictures are large and detailed. I found myself looking the drawings longer than the other stories in this book because there was so much to look at.But other than these two, I wasn't real impressed. It would be nice to read a comic and not feel like I'm being lectured to.

  • Lizz
    2019-05-28 03:25

    This is great. It's a collection of vignette stories by several different writers and artists, rather than a longer arc, and I actually liked just getting little snapshot stories. Some are bright and happy and fun, others are darker and more serious, and by the end you get a really good grasp of Diana as a character. If you're looking for something to whet your appetite and introduce you to the character before the Wonder Woman movie, this seems like a good one.

  • Adan
    2019-06-04 19:20

    A pretty good anthology of Wonder Woman stories with some strong feminist messages. I enjoyed most of the stories, but especially the ones by Sean E. Williams and Marguerite Sauvage, Ollie Masters and Amy Mebberson, and Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman.

  • Stacy
    2019-05-28 00:17

    Like any anthology, a couple of not-for-me stories, but generally fun and entertaining. Great if you'd like to check out a range of one-shot interpretations of this classic character!

  • Vendela
    2019-06-16 00:12

    Most of the 4 is Gail Simone, but I like the rest of the stories too.

  • Lizabeth Tucker
    2019-06-03 20:22

    An interesting, if widely divergent, collection of tales of Wonder Woman. The talent in both art and story runs the gamut of fantastic to awful. If you can get it at discount, go for it. But to be honest, it isn’t worth the full price. 3.35 out of 5.“Gothamazon” by Gail Simone (writer); Ethan Van Sciver & Marcelo di Chiara (artists). When the villains of Gotham band together to take out Batman, Oracle must call for help. Wonder Woman must learn how to combat these unusual criminals. Luckily both Catwoman and Harley Quinn are ready and able to give advice. The artwork is marvelous, crisp and clear, so well-defined, simply beautiful. A quick, almost AU story. The idea of Diana learning to defeat the Gotham baddies in her own unusual way is well thought out. 4 out of 5.“Defender of Truth” by Amanda Deibert (writer); Cat Staggs (artist). Circe is causing havoc until Wonder Woman arrives to save the day. She also takes a moment to help a young admirer when he is teased for liking her (boys have to like boy stuff, not girl stuff). The art is not as crisp on the previous story. In fact, it is quite blurry in spots. The story was extremely sparse. The best scene was probably with the boy. 3 out of 5.“Brace Yourself” by Jason Bischoff (writer); David A. Williams (artist). This is an adorable look at a young Diana’s life and how she trained to become the woman we know. The determination and cheekiness on the child’s face was well drawn. 3.5 out of 5.“Taketh Away” by Ivan Cohen (writer); Marcus To (artist). After some unfortunate remarks about the Gods on television, Diana finds her strength and powers gone. Great look at Diana’s inner strength. Good art, reminds me of the styles of the 1970s. 3.5 out of 5.“Bullets and Bracelets” by Sean E. Williams (writer); Marguerite Sauvage (artist). Diana as a rock star. A little preachy, a little weird. Art is not as refined. My honest reaction to it was more Josie and the Pussycats than Wonder Woman. 3 out of 5.“Morning Coffee” by Ollie Masters (writer); Amy Mebberson (artist). Wonder Woman is called to London to help stop Catwoman. Very simplistic artwork, yet it is quite engaging. Poor dragon, gets beat up for just doing his job. 3.5 out of 5.“No Chains Can Hold Her!” by Gilbert Hernandez (writer and artist). Okay, Wonder Woman on steroids. Diana fights cheesy killer robots and lizard-like aliens. Story and art majorly suck. Sorry, Gilbert, but it does. Even the Original Wonder Woman art wasn’t this horrible. 2 out of 5.“Attack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman” by Rob Williams (writer); Tom Lyle (artist). Byth of Thanagar is tearing Gateway City to bits. Wonder Woman, Atom, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman must save the day. Not too bad. Decent art, good story. 3.5 out of 5.“Ghosts and Gods” by Neil Kleid (writer); Dean Haspiel (artist). Well, here’s a current Arrow villain, Ra’s al Ghul, fighting Wonder Woman and Etta Candy in their search for a stolen purple ray device. They are joined by Deadman, a murdered circus performer who has been directed to help balance justice. Actually, the artwork in this tale reminds me quite a bit of early Wonder Woman, particularly the 1950s-1960s. Not a bad tale. 3.5 out of 5.“Dig for Fire” by Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman (writers); Gabriel Hardman (artist). Diana’s mother has directed her to travel to Apokolips to search for two missing Amazons. An exciting tale and great art to accompany it. Well done, a great finish to the collection. 4 out of 5.