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Part 2 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.The girls are off to a beach house to catch some rays – and if they play their cards right – super hot guys!With drinking games in the name of Gucci, a surprise visit from a very pissed off Zack and hunks galore, Miami is turning into their best stop yet. Not to mention Ciara finallyPart 2 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.The girls are off to a beach house to catch some rays – and if they play their cards right – super hot guys!With drinking games in the name of Gucci, a surprise visit from a very pissed off Zack and hunks galore, Miami is turning into their best stop yet. Not to mention Ciara finally comes up with a way to have her cake and eat it too!The ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun!...

Title : misbehaving in miami
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  • Isabell
    2019-04-23 19:36

    Originally posted on Dreaming With Open EyesI kindly received Misbehaving in Miami in exchange of an honest review by the publisher via Netgalley.Misbehaving in Miami is the second part of the Summer Flings Series. It cannot be read as a stand alone, it's necessary to read the first part Trouble in Tinseltown (Review) to get into the story.After their turbulent days and nights in LA with shopping, star spotting and even a movie premier, the girls (Ciara, Gem and Elle) are off to Miami. Here the fun continues...What will be waiting for them? Fun, partying, shopping, drama and sex.I very enjoyed reading Trouble in Tinsletown but Misbehaving in Miami was even better! With only about 40 pages, this was a very quick read. I couldn't wait to read about the girls adventures in Miami. It's the city of top hotspot for romance, great beaches, nightlife, shopping and recreation. And that's what the girls do.Ciara is turning more and more into my favourite character of the story. She is more likeable to me than Gem and Elle. They are a bit too fluffy for my liking but they give the perfect amount of drama to the story. Ciara is the most grounded of the three of them. For her it's not all about shopping, bars, clubs, hot guys and relaxing by the pool, she wants to explore every inch of the city. Therefore couldn't have been a better timing for Zach to pop up on the doormat to give Ciara the perfect welcomed distraction. Zach is Elle's cousin and they first met in LA. She couldn't stop thingking about him and the hot night they spent together since they left LA. Can it be more than just a summer fling?The plot is entertaining and well thought out. I love how the the girls are jetting from one place to the other. The places bring a little colour into my life for the time I'm reading this story. When I finished it last night I felt genuinely disappointed because I enjoyed the story so much and it was over too quickly. Reading Duffy's short stories make me wish I could just back my suitcase and join them on their trip! I can't wait to get Point us to Paris (which is the third part in the series) in my hand.

  • Ana
    2019-05-06 19:37

    Also posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*'Misbehaving in Miami' is the second installation in the Summer Flings series, a series of novellas about three best friends, traveling the world, looking for fun and adventure.All of these novellas are about same characters, Ciara, Gem and Elle and Zack, dashy cousin of Elle's who's back in this novella too. After what happened in LA (you'll need to read the first part to see what I'm talking about) Cia thinks she'll never ever see Zack again.But he's back, gorgeous, carrying and bit overprotective Zack comes to Miami to check on his cousin and Cia. Seems emotions start to develop on both sides and what started off as a fling might turn into something more serious. I sure was rooting for that.I really enjoyed this part, if I may say I liked it more than the first one because I could see the emotional, sweet side of Cia too, not just her party-animal one. We learn that there are reasons why Cia is different to her friends, and I think Aimee did a great job with this. Going deeper into her character, showing she's not slutty or so spoilt, as she appeared in the first part.I read all novellas in one day, they are fast, easy reads that will appeal to many girls out there. And you know, traveling is expensive and you need a passport and stuff, so it's much cheaper to travel with these girls as they explore the world. Fasten your seat bells, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

  • Agi
    2019-05-06 01:47

    3.5 starsSo, the adventures of the girls continue, this time in Miami. The same as in LA, they are for a mischief, fun, parties and yes, some hot sex.I must say that Ciara really grows on me, I like her most of the three girls. She's down - to - earth and realistic, while Ella and Gem seem to be rather shallow and egoistic. But it also looks like Ciara is opening a little, relaxing and starting to enjoy herself as well. And she has morals which is a great thing!With Zack back at the scenes it's getting hotter than it was and my, oh my, how I like this guy! I would also give up partying with some strange guys to be with him, yes Ciara, I'm with you on this one! Although they promised each other that it's going to be a fling only, my gut feeling is telling me there is going to be something more than that! It looks like it was not the last time we've seen Zack.But I must be totally honest, I have enjoyed LA a little better, it was much more sparkling for my liking. Here for example the scene of the competition in the bar could be so much more developed, could be funnier and longer, for me it has ended abruptly, I have expected some drama with the other group.But, having said that, I still claim that there is more to this book, it has potential and I am sure that the girls haven't said their last word yet. Misbehaving in Miami was a light, easy, humorous and hot short read and I really can't wait for the troubles the girls are for sure going to put themselves into at their next stop. Roll on, Point us to Paris!

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2019-04-19 22:38

    So I loved Trouble in Tinseltown and couldn't wait to get my hands on Misbehaving in Miami. Continuing from Chapter 4 the book is cut up into sections and as such you absolutely have to read Trouble in Tinseltown first and this review will inevitably contain spoilers from that book. Ordinarily I am not a fan of books that have been chopped up but being released as Summer Flings, with fantastic titles and amazing covers it absolutely works here and I'm definitely a fan of how these books are being released. Perfect for the commute, in the bath, before bed, waiting for the tea to cook... They take about half an hour to read so can be read anywhere!Aimée has definitely chosen the two best places to kick off the story. I love LA and Miami and would love to visit them one day. From the descriptions of the city to the fantastic food I was literally salivating and felt as if I was there myself. Ciara, Elle and Gem are out for some fun and once again find themselves in some hilarious situations. Ciara however is still having trouble thinking about where she wants to go in life and there is also the small problem of not being able to get her best friend's cousin, Zack out of her mind. So it's not all fun and games there is a serious side to this story and even after a short amount of time I absolutely love Ciara. She's Irish so wins bonus points for that and there's an air of mystery around her and we are slowly learning more about her.I also found myself feeling jealous of the girls in these fabulous locations and even more so knowing there is more to come. A holiday is just what I need right now but it looks like I'll have to settle for following these three hilarious ladies around the world.With these being short stories I imagine a lot of people will be reading them on the Tube, or on buses and certain scenes will definitely have you hot under the collar. I'm certainly looking at ice cream in a whole new way that's for sure. Again though it's not all just sex and fun the relationship between Ciara and Zack is believable and at times intense and you definitely find yourself rooting for the two of them as we learn more about them and their pasts. As a reader I was screaming for them to get together.Aimée is hugely talented in her ability to have us relate to and care for her characters after just a few pages and to also have us glued to the book after a few pages. So engrossed was I in the story that I was trying to turn the page only to see the book was over. And that's why this just works so well as a serialisation. Like Ciara you are left gagging for more and despite not being a huge fan of Paris I cannot wait to carry on reading the next installment! Not much else I can say to reccommend this book except a short story has to be pretty good to get 5 stars from me and I didn't even have to question giving them to this book.

  • Sophie
    2019-05-06 01:30

    Posted originally Misbehaving in Miami follows straight on from the fun first instalment, Trouble in Tinseltown and though I loved Trouble in Tinseltown, this Summer Flings series is getting even better. Ciara, Elle and Gem’s characters are brought to life here and individually, they all shine a little bit more as we learn more about them. Aimee Duffy’s novellas, so far, are simply faultless. I’m again impressed by how much was packed into Misbehaving in Miami without any of it feeling rushed or unrealistic. Sex, drama and shopping are just a few of the typical things you expect to find in a summer holiday read but Aimee combines that with a lot more in a book which takes no longer than half an hour to read. It’s pure entertainment alongside some brilliant characters which are so easy to take to. Ciara is my absolute favourite of the girls - she’s a little more grounded than the others but can still have a good time. I love the contrast between her and Elle and Gem, they’ve got very different mentalities and although maybe Ciara wishes she didn’t get caught up in their drama all the time, she doesn’t try and change them as people. It feels like a proper friendship. When Zack is back on the scene, I love seeing Ciara’s character develop even more. Actually, there was one particular scene between them which I won’t be forgetting any time soon! Elle and Gem’s personalities come through a lot more in Misbehaving in Miami too. With the involvement of Brandon, Matt and Rye, we’re given the chance to learn more about Elle and Gem by seeing their approach with the guys and the way things worked out. For me, their characters have just as much to give as Ciara’s does and I look forward to more from all three of them in Point us to Paris. Whether you’re off on your holidays or dreaming about going on one, the Summer Flings series is completely worth a read. Misbehaving in Miami was fun, steamy and had me laughing out loud too and the rest of the series is straight onto the top of my TBR as the author really knows how to bring us some great summer entertainment.

  • Jill
    2019-04-30 17:32

    Fun, sassy and full of adventure, Misbehaving in Miami continues where Trouble in Tinseltown left off. This summer flings series is already becoming one of the best stories I have read this summer and I am so impatient I find it hard to wait for the next one. If you haven't read Trouble in Tinseltown then you really should.The summer flings series follows 3 friends, Ciara, Elle and Gem on a summer of travelling and fun, before settling down to working life. I love them all, with Elle and Gem having a bit more money and being a bit flightier than Ciara. That said, my favourite character is Ciara because she is a bit more down to earth, knows the value of things, and seems a bit of a deeper character (so far anyway).The high jinks in Miami are even better and funnier than the first installment. The girls continue to party and have fun, meeting some hot young guys to help them along the way. I loved Zachary returning as the guy interest for Ciara. I really want them to become a couple.I love the way this series is written. Each part is only about 40 pages long, but it feels meaty and loads happens without feeling it is all just being lightly touched on. Aimee has a great way to delve into the characters and bring them to life really quickly. Their escapades are hilarious, yet believable. I feel like I want to jump on a plane and fly out to join the gang and go travelling and having the time of my life with them.It looks like the girls are heading off to Europe and Paris next and I can't wait to catch up with them...goodness only knows what they will be up to....but I bet I will love finding out!!

  • Jane Hunt
    2019-05-08 22:28

    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+'Misbehaving in Miami' sees Ciara, Elle and Gem determined to enjoy the full beach and bar experience. Ciara has left a little of her heart back in Tinsel Town but her friends won't let her brood. Her ability to drink with the best of them wins Ciara the undying gratitude of her friends and the chance of some extra holiday spending money.Our Oxford graduates eager for new learning experiences enlist the help of three beach hotties to further their education. Zack in all his furious glory gatecrashes the girls' impromptu pool party with their new friends. Zack addictive attraction for Ciara continues... The ice cream scene is definitely a must read.There's shopping, steamy sex and sun in this episode of 'Summer Flings' and an enticing taste of mystery...I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.5* Review:Trouble in Tinsel TownAimee Duffy

  • Samantha
    2019-05-10 00:32

    This is the second in the 'Summer Flings' series and I must say my favourite so far. I felt in this instalment we get to know Ciara really well, and she is still the girl I feel I connect the most with. This novella starts just as Trouble in Tinseltown finishes. We begin at chapter 4 and continue the journey the girls are on. I am really loving how this story has been broken down into chunks, this is something that I am not normally keen on, I feel though it really suits the story. I enjoy discovering a new place along with the girls in different novellas. Ciara is a brilliant character, she is likable an d believable. I still feel that I don't kbow Gem and Elle as well as I should. I am hoping that as the series progresses their characters will be developed. I feel that out of the three girls Ciara is most like me, she is on holiday and although short is enjoying the guys, weather and bars. She also wants to explore these beautiful places. She is also still thinking about Zack, Elle' s very handsome cousin. She cannot believe her luck when he shows up in Miami. These novellas do have to be read in order, there are spoilers if you reaffirm out of order. It also cannot be read as a stand a lone. I cannot wait to read the next in the series. I would like to thank Aimee for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Deborah Mingle
    2019-04-26 21:24

    Aimee Duffy is a awesome writer and very funny this is the 2nd part to the summer fling series and its just as good as the first its witty ,funny,all around great story and i am sitting on the edge of my seat for the next part that is due out this most diffidently a series of books i plan to own i have fell in love with the three friend doing there last Hoo Rahh since graduating college backpacking around the globe so to speak before real life sets in . We met Ciara Bree and her two best friends, Elle and Gem and Elle cousin Zack who hooked up with Ciara in Trouble in Tinseltown. Will he show up in Miami ? gotta buy the book and see . OK I'm gonna give you a tidbit more the girls find them selves in a bad situation again who will bail them out of the mess they have gotten themselves in now ?, They enter a drinking contest to see who can drink the most the team who wins gets a Gucci bag and 1000 dollar gift certificate . If this don't smell like trouble waiting to happen what does i laughed through this whole book . Thank you again to Aimee Duffy and HarperCollins UK, Harperimpuse for the honer of ARC read for my honest and heart felt opinion a total 5 star read from me.

  • Alba
    2019-04-23 23:39

    Originally posted on: L.A. (read my review here:, the girls, Ciara, Elle and Gem, head to the east coast, where there's another mansion from grandpa waiting for them. The girls, especially Elle and Gem, are ready to party again and have a great couple of days in Miami and Ciara, always the cautious one, is ready to throw caution to the wind and is happy to tag along and have some fun too, it's a shame that Elle's gorgeous cousin stayed in L.A. Or maybe not...Following the style of the first book of the series, Misbehaving in Miami is a fun quick read that will take you to the sunny and glamorous Miami but also to other hidden gems of the city. If you are stuck at home for the summer, this series is the perfect way to see the world. I can't wait now to read about these girls in Paris, our next destination, because they always manage to have the craziest adventures and make me laugh a lot. And I'm also curious to see how Ciara's love story develops.

  • Erin
    2019-04-22 00:40

    This is the second book in Aimee Duffy’s Summer Flings series and we rejoin the the girls on their summer tour this time in Miami, Florida.Florida is one of my favourite places, if not my very favourite place, on earth (that I’ve seen so far). Having said that I hated Miami when I visited it so I was looking forward to seeing it through different eyes in the story!The girls are in Miami on the next leg of their tour and following on from the first the glitz and glamour of LA has transformed into the glamorous nightlife of Miami. This time around the girls are joined by a group of guys who flirt their way into their Miami time and their fun vacation takes a hot turn!There was a moment where I started to become uncertain about the friendship between the three girls but I think that was just the heat getting to them!Zack makes a surprise appearance which I was hoping for as I really felt like him and Ciara had a connection in LA so it was great to see that rekindled in Miami. I’m crossing my fingers for them for the rest of the series!

  • Vicki - I Love Reading
    2019-05-12 17:23

    The girls are off again, in Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings, Book 2) on the next leg of the round the world trip. And Poor Miami has to learn to cope with them. Again as this is a short story, i'm a little bothered about giving away to much, but again-- just brilliant.A Great fun read.Misbehaving in Miami continues on from where Trouble in Tinseltown finished. So with the girls in Miami, we just know that all they can have is fun, nothing will go wrong will it? And what is more fun than a drinking game, how can that be bad. And it can't be difficult to do with an Irish chick on side can it............ get reading and find out just what happens.I'm hoping to read all the books in this series, and as they are all just short stories, once finished, i will have to read them all again but back to back, just to get the real feel for them again.

  • Sienna Logan (Lost to Books)
    2019-05-18 18:17

    More reviews at Actual rating 4.5 As the second instalment in the Summer Fling series, Misbehaving in Miami was just as enjoyable as the first book. It's a bite-sized story that moves at a fast-pace, only focusing on the main events and has a little bit of humour, fun, flirting, and romance thrown into it.I'm so glad Zack featured in this instalment and I can't wait to see what happens next. There still isn't much background on Elle and Gem but, once again, their attitudes and care free manner make for a fun read as the girls travel around on their holiday.One thing I would say is I hate that they're so short as I have the whole series on my iPod. I have to stop myself from reading them all in one go!

  • Cindy
    2019-05-19 20:40

    I liked summer fling #2 even more than the first one! Once again, the three best friends manage to have a great time while misbehaving in Miami. Since this is only a 40 page short story, I don't want to spoil what all happens. But you can be assured, it is another funny and steamy book.Ciara is really growing on me. She is the most down to earth of the girls and very likable. Not to say that I dislike Gem and Elle but they come from a completely different background from Ciara.Looking forward to their next trip to Paris. I recommend this as a fun summer read but think it is best that they are read in order. Enjoy!* Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-05-06 23:24

    I liked this second one in the series a little better than the first. Perhaps because this had more romance whereas the first was a little more chick lit all girls togetherish.We move to Miami for part two and while there are no celebrities and Rodeo Drive we do get to admire the hotties on the beach and tour the more interesting parts of town.Things are getting a little more complicated here with Gem and Elle keen to hook up with some local talent while Ciara's mind is still on Zach.There is some foreshadowing going on in this story which I suspect will lead to trouble later. But first we have to leave Miami and head for Paris. This is some trip.

  • Kim
    2019-04-19 00:40

    Another short story in the Summer Fling series which make perfect summer reads (only 40 pages). It follows the girls trip to have a beach side holiday in Miami. You get the feel of a girls holiday with all that entails- with the love interest from the first book featuring again. They will make perfect beach reads or that short story you need to fill time waiting for appointments knowing that you will have the next countries episode waiting for you.Lovely, fun read.Received with thanks from Net Galley

  • Katherina
    2019-05-07 01:36

    I always worry when I read the follow up of a great book like the first one in this series, will it be as good as the first one or will I be disappointed? No reason to worry in this case, Misbehaving in Miami has the same funny flirty feeling of the first book, but there were also some more romantic and serious (Elle's behaviour makes me wonder...) undertones. My curiosity is picked ... bring on the third book Aimee!

  • Katarina
    2019-05-17 22:45

    Love this series and must read the rest of the books.This one picks up where the other one leaves off. So there is continuation, but can also be read as a stand alone, because the location changes and makes this into it's own story.I need to read more about these girls and their summer fun. Escapism at its best

  • Tracey
    2019-04-22 19:22

    This time Aimee Duffy jets us off to Miami. Now Ciara, Elle and Gem, are really getting into the party scene. With an hilarious drinking game and a surprise visitor, book two adds a little extra heat and loads of fun in the sun!

  • Laura
    2019-05-08 01:18

    Second in the series and continues the story of the girls on their travels. This time the girls are in Miami where they do more partying and flirting with hot guys and Elle's cousin meets up with them again

  • Aurelia Rowl
    2019-05-17 20:19

    3.5 starsI'm finding the instalments a little tricky to get into, and a couple of the characters still grate on me, but this is another fun read from Aimee Duffy.

  • Lisa Bentley
    2019-04-27 19:21

    So we have moved on from Tinseltown to Miami and the girls are still getting into crazy hijinx.In order to win a bag and Bloomingdales vouchers, Elle, Gem and Ciara get themselves into a drunken mess which brings Zack to their rescue.Zack and Ciara decide to have a quick fling but can either of them do it without getting hurt? And with only a few days until the girls go to Paris will Ciara and Zack be able to say goodbye?Misbehaving in Miami is speedily setting the tone of what we are coming to expect from the Summer Flings series. What is great is that we are starting to really engage in the Zack and Ciara relationship. We want them to be together but we can see all the obstacles (and miles) in their way.I am really enjoying the Summer Flings series. I feel good reading them, which for me is no greater compliment.Misbehaving in Miami (Summer Flings, #2) by Aimee Duffy is available now.For more information regarding Aimee Duffy (@AimeeDuffyx) please visit more information regarding Harper Impulse (@HarperImpulse) please visit

  • Gabriella
    2019-04-24 21:25

    These are becoming my guilty pleasure reads.

  • Chris
    2019-04-21 20:34

    So Ciara has a problem. I can't figure out if it is her friends who just drink or her fling who thinks lecturing her about her behavior is a good thing.

  • Aimee
    2019-05-16 19:18

    *Sneak Peak*In the one bar they’d found with air conditioning, Elle had fluttered her eyelashes and gotten them table service, which meant they didn’t have to brave the crowds of perspiration to get a drink.When the bar tender brought them the next round, he handed Elle a sheet. ‘For you, angel.’Ciara grinned. ‘You seem to be attracting a lot of tweens on this holiday.’‘Shut up!’ Elle said. ‘Anyway it’s not his number.’‘Lemme see.’ Gem grabbed the piece of laminated paper. The excited glint in her eyes had Ciara on edge.‘We’re so entering!’ Gem said.‘My thoughts exactly,’ Elle agreed.Oh no, what had they planned this time. ‘Entering what?’Gem slapped the sheet down in front of her.Ciara’s first reaction was to laugh. They couldn’t be serious, a drinking game? They’d get ploughed by the regulars. But then she saw the grand prize being offered to the group still standing. A limited edition Gucci beach bag – masterfully crafted, the most beautiful thing she’d seen with baby pink leather. And it was practical too. But that meant…‘We’re entering,’ Elle said. ‘I want that bag.’Ciara quickly scanned the rules. Everyone in the group entering had to buy a massive jug of either mojito or Caipirinha. The first table to finish and still be standing would get the bag – and possibly alcohol poisoning.Of all the stupid things to do...‘I’ll get a mix and we can share,’ Gem said, leaping off her chair.‘Wait,’ Ciara grabbed her arm. ‘Have you two lost it completely?’‘Dear Ciara,’ Elle said on a sigh. ‘Gucci is calling. And anyway, we’re newly ex students and we have an Irish girl on our side. This will be a walk in the park!’‘Or a trip to the emergency room to have our stomachs pumped,’ she argued.

  • Sophie (Blogger)
    2019-05-08 21:41

    After spending time in Los Angeles, the girls next stop is Miami where the weather is hot and the men are hotter. To understand what is going on you have to read the first book in the series as it give you a bit of background on all of the three girls and their reason for this summer trip. Otherwise the story may not make so much sense. You can see my review of Trouble In Tinseltown here.Ciara had a fling with Zack who just so happens to be Elle's cousin but leaving him back in LA, she never expected to see him again until he shows up in Miami, surprising her. Ciara isn't looking for anything serious, she just wants some summer fun before going back to her life at the end of their trip but Zack is getting more and more harder to resist. Elle and Gem are more focused on the shopping part of the trip than the men, as they both come from money they don't have any trouble splashing cash on things they want but Ciara is more sensible with the money she does have. There are a lot of small issues that Ciara develops throughout this part, her feelings for Zack and the fact that she doesn't want to turn into her mother as she has tried hard to follow her own path but now she doesn't know what to do. Misbehaving In Miami is exactly that, three girls misbehaving in Miami having fun and flirting with cute guys who make great entertainment for all of the girls to have in the marvellous Miami. With fantastic shopping, dazzling clubs and three best friends, it is clear that this is going to be a memorable stop on their summer of fun. If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Misbehaving, Surprising and Flirty.

  • Arielle Deltoro
    2019-05-12 01:24

    Review originally posted on my blog www.livinglifewithjoy.comMisbehaving in Miami is the second part of the Summer Flings novella series. In this novella, we continue the story of three best friends Ciara, Elle and Gem as they make their way to, yup, you guessed it, Miami! The girls are ready for some more fun on their around the world vacation and Miami is ready for them to soak it all up. We start to see the differences between the three girls in this novella. Elle and Gem are happy to do nothing but relax by the pool and shop during the day and party at night. Ciara wants to explore and see things, not just sit around by the pool. She likes to be busy and gets bored easily. Will the girls be able to compromise?This was a cute story filled with fun, laughter and a bit of romance along the way. Who doesn’t love a good summer fling? Ciara finds herself running into Elle’s cousin Zack yet again. She’s beginning to wonder if she really wants this fling of theirs to have a time limit and wonders what will happen when she realizes that she might not want the fling to end. Can she overcome her relationship issues and get past her biggest fear of turning into her mother?It’s tough to know that some people have hangups about turning into their parents and that they can let it keep them from opening their hearts to what could be a truly wonderful relationship. There are so many things that can go wrong in life and there are never guarantees, but is that reason enough to not even try? Will Ciara ever be able to get past her fears and settle down in a relationship that lasts longer than a fling? Next stop on their world-wide Geek Tour is Paris!

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-05-12 21:23

    Well the girls have moved on from Tinsel Town, and are now in Miami. There are some fantastic descriptions of Miami, that took me right back to my trips there last year. Having been on holiday to Miami, I think was partly what made me really want to read this part, and I wasn't disappointed. Elle and Gem are up for some more casual encounters with the male kind, and it seems like that and drinking to excess are their only motives for this trip round the world. They are entertaining but so far fairly shallow characters that provide great entertainment. Ciara on the other hand is clearly going to be the star of the series, I feel we are getting far more of her background so far, and the chemistry between her and Zach is undeniable. I loved the scenes between Zach and Ciara, with a special mention to a section featuring ice-cream, where I was really feeling like I was Ciara, reading it.. With lots of booze, sun and muscle men on offer Miami is an entertaining short story, and a lovely second part in the overall Summer Flings series. I have always enjoyed Paris as a city, so will be interested what the girls get up to in Book 3, Point Us to Paris.

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-05-13 23:45

    To be totally honest with you I'm really not enjoying this series. I'm not keen at all on heroine Ciara and her friends Gem and Elle. The plot is pretty simple but effective, and I think if it was just one whole story it would work so much better. The parts are far too short and It's just all too quick and samey so far. I want thorough descriptions of Miami, I want to see the sites as well as seeing Ciara and Elle's cousin Zach at it. I need and want depth and suspense. A mini series should be just as gripping as a normal sized book, and just as gritty. I just need more out of it unfortunately. I don't think i'll be carrying on with this series.2/5

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-05-09 00:26

    ***ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***Meh...this was like one book chopped into pieces and if you want a satisfying conclusion, you will need to read all the I was really disappointed...I thought this was going to be a serial - with each part focusing on a beginning to end story for each of the girls and not just a quickie. I could not relate to any of the characters so I really am not vested in trying to read the other parts....sorry.