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Born Mohawk, raised white, forensic pathologist, Michelle Thomas is trapped between two worlds—this one and the spirit world where the ghosts of those who’ve drowned speak to her. Haunted by crippling nightmares of her own drowning death and erotic dreams of a phantom lover, she strives to make sense of her life. When two suspicious deaths occur at the Lake of the MountainBorn Mohawk, raised white, forensic pathologist, Michelle Thomas is trapped between two worlds—this one and the spirit world where the ghosts of those who’ve drowned speak to her. Haunted by crippling nightmares of her own drowning death and erotic dreams of a phantom lover, she strives to make sense of her life. When two suspicious deaths occur at the Lake of the Mountain Resort, she’s sent to investigate. She’ll face the greatest challenge of her career when her past and her present collide. One of these men is her future, but which one—the rich and powerful Mayor Ron Davies, or Tony Steele, the hydrology professor who may be responsible for his students’ deaths? Charged by the spirits of her Mohawk ancestors to atone for her previous sins by protecting Lake of the Gods, can Michelle solve the murders, save the sacred waters, and fulfil her destiny?...

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Echoes of the Past Reviews

  • Bethany-Kris
    2019-06-17 08:14

    Forensic Pathologist Michelle Thomas finds herself in an impossible, unbelievable situation, dealing with dreams of a past that couldn't possibly be her own, all the while living in a present that inexplicably relates in a scarily similar way to the memories and dreams that can't be hers. While on an investigation of two suspicious deaths of university students that, by all accounts, look like possible accidental drownings, she finds herself torn between two men. One of which, very well may be the dream lover she's been seeing for so long and needs to help her solve the case. With danger lurking around the corner, Michelle needs to figure out which man is really hers, save the sacred waters that were once her home, and try to move on from the fears and dreams that haunt her. But can she do it? Ms. Matthews weaves a wonderful romantic tale loaded with suspenseful themes that keep you turning the pages to get to the end. I read it in a quick two day span, whenever I could get the chance to open up my kindle and immerse myself in this great read. Interestingly enough, the author crosses so many genres here, I think. There's suspense, of course, paranormal elements, some historical thrown into the mix, the romance and contemporary of the day, and it's also very sensual. I wouldn't go so far as to call it erotic, because it isn't detailed in that way, but knowing this author usually keeps things "behind closed doors" so to speak, there was a lot more heat in the story than I was accustomed to seeing from Ms. Matthews, and good on her. I think the story definitely called for that kind of chemistry between the two main characters. And she did it well. Really, I can't give much away about the story without giving a heck of a lot of it away. I was so impressed with the confusion the heroine felt about the two men and choosing the right path to save herself as well as the sprits and the lake. There was a very realistic feel to Michelle's fears, as well. They were well written and the reader feels it. The length of the novel was perfect to tell the story. Things weren't dragged out, and at the same time, things weren't left hanging in the wind, either. Everything, eventually, was answered and explained. As a Canadian, I recognized the settings used and loved that also. It was a big draw in for me. Pick up a copy of Echoes of the Past. You cannot be disappointed by this read, I guarantee it.

  • Shin The Bookworm
    2019-05-22 06:19

    Strange sexy dreams, the ghost of a Mohawk woman, the research about the lake, the investigation about the two students' death, the reincarnation of two lovers who were separated by death in the lake, and the legend of The Three Sisters.... how all these were connected will get you glued on this read. An entertaining, intriguing and definitely a page-turner read with interesting and well-developed plot and characters and woven with mystery, paranormal, suspense, and romance.A highly recommended read.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-18 12:05

    I started this book and was in for a wonderful time. I did not realize that when I started that I was reading a book written about place in Canada. Places that I actually knew. Which blew me away. The book has some lore about the Three Sisters , Corn beans and squash. There is also a mystery that goes along with the lore of the Three Sisters and the lake of the Mountain. The story starts 200 years earlier as two young Native people fall in love and end up being separated and bound to the earth cursed . Fast forward 200 years to the Lake of the Mountain resort where Dr. Tony Steele is have dreams of an indian maiden walking the shores of the lake. It feels so real. He thinks he is hallucinating . After two of his students are killed he is a prime suspect. Enter Michelle Thomas the forensic pathologist that has come to the resort to figure out how they died. They are instantly attracted to each other but there is also another the Mayor Ron Davies . She is to follow her heart but who is it. She also must try and figure out why the students died. All in a days work lol The author really took us on a ride. I loved the fact that Tony and Michelle didn't actually meet each other until a little ways into the book. Sometimes when the two main characters meet off the bat . It takes some of excitement out of the book. Some authors have them having sex by the third chapter. Susanne had them meeting in chapter 6 and then it went from there. But when they do finally find out what their fate is and finally get together it is sweet. The author usually keeps things behind closed doors but this did have some heat between the two main characters. She did show the passion that they had bottled up between them. But, there is so much more then sex in this book and the author keeps it flowing with a intensity and a passion There is a mystery to solve, why the kids died and why the lake is dying. The author really lays the mystery out there. You really wanted to figure it out. I kind a had an idea of what was going on but then you get a left turn, then right again. It kept me turning pages well into the night I just couldn't get enough of Tony and Michelle. The author didn't drag anything out it moved at a pace that will keep the pages turning.I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a good mystery/thriller with a good romance in it . This is the book for you . You will be turning pages through the night . So check it out . It would be a great summer read. THERE IS JUST ONE THING I MUST SAY HOPE YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE WATER. You will understand when you read the book

  • Georgianna Simpson
    2019-06-16 11:14

    If you love romance, mystery, paranormal happenings, and danger this is a must read!I have been fortunate enough to get to read and review other novels by this marvelously talented author and am pleased to tell you that they just keep getting better and better, although none to this point have ever been anything but fantastic. Echoes of the Past, is another point on the author’s crown.Past lives and memories enter into this wonderful tale of suspense mixed with equal doses of romance, danger, ghosts, and Mohawk beliefs.Tony Steele is a professor/scientist with a team of researchers doing a study on the water from the Lake of the Mountain. He dreams about being with a beautiful Mohawk woman and making love, and much more…he sees her walking along the lake with her blanket wrapped around her. Dream, ghost, mmmm? Then two of his research students turn up drowned but suspiciously hooked together in the same jacket, and the plot thickens and thickens. Hold on tight the ride is just beginning.Michelle is an investigator for her provinces coroner’s office. She specializes in drowning victims. She does this because she can see and talk to the spirits of those who have drowned. She is sent to investigate the drownings at the Lake of the Mountain. She has dreams of being with a Mohawk man and making love, she loves him very much, but her tribe is against it. When she sees pictures of the people at the lake, the professor looks just like the man she dreams about…mmmm.Ok, that’s all the spoilers! You really have to read this marvelous tale for yourself. It’s well written with great characters, twisting plots, sexy, everything a story should be. I love the way Ms. Matthews has intertwined legends, ghosts, dreams, crimes, and even goddesses into a completely thrilling story.Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, have lots of time, you won’t want to put this one down! Enjoy everyone, I certainly did!

  • D. Martin
    2019-05-25 06:03

    Paranormal Forces, Suspense, Superb Realism, and Soul Mates transcending time... July 16, 2014By D. MartinEchoes of the Past weave ancient Mohawk legends into the contemporary world. Mystical land guardians reach from the past and bind human souls in destiny to save a sacred lake. Professor Tony Steele, a hydrologist, discovers toxins in the waters, but someone’s trying to stop him from taking action when two of his assistants turn up dead one night on the local resort’s shore. He’s beginning to question his sanity because an alluring Mohawk ghost woman is haunting him.Coroner, Dr. Michelle Thomas, arrives at the remote province to investigate the puzzling drowning deaths. She possesses a mysterious ability that’s made her a top forensic pathologist. But old phobias, recurring dreams about lakes and two men, revealed prophecies, and her hidden Mohawk heritage are haunting her. Now she must work with two men, who sparks off her fevered past-life dreams— the smooth mayor, Ron Davies, and the abrasive researcher, Tony Steele. Both of them set off her passion. But the men despise each other and have opposing agendas. She’s uncertain which one to trust. Her attraction to them is clouding her judgment and the investigation is spiraling fast into deep treachery and danger.D. Martin

  • Kari Lemor
    2019-06-02 05:01

    I read Echoes of the Past by Susanne Matthews and had a wonderful surprise. I'd actually give it a 4 1/2 stars. The story was different from anything I'd read before and I really liked it. The story had paranormal elements, which I'm usually not big on, but this was more ghosts and reincarnation than vampires and zombies so it was all good. The story was interesting and kept me turning the page far too long into the night until I finally finished it. I just couldn't stop. I typically like the hero and heroine to meet very soon at the beginning and these people didn't meet until chapter six but for this story it worked. They each had dreams and visions of past lives and you could see how it connected to the other and so it only added to the suspense of when they did finally meet. The mystery/thriller/suspense also added to the page-turning quality of the book as the characters raced to find a murderer while contemplating their futures. The added romance was well done and believable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

  • Melinda Ross
    2019-06-12 04:11

    Second chance love takes on a new dimension in the latest novel by author Susanne Matthews, where she weaves a story about reincarnation and long lasting love. Michelle and Tony dream of each other even before they meet in person, and that’s because their souls have mated more than two centuries ago. Now fate has deemed fit to bring them together again, but things are not as simple as they seem. They are both involved in a complicated murder investigation, which puts not only them in danger.The story is fast-paced and has a good plot, well-developed and well-researched, with just the right amount of technical details to make it plausible, but keep it from being boring. And even though I would have liked more suspense, I would say it’s perfectly balanced. From all this author’s work, this book is my favorite so far!

  • Lauren
    2019-05-29 05:13

    This was the first book I read by Susanne Matthews and it was excellent! A tale of murder, love, and the Three Sisters legend. Doesn't get any better than that folks. Two students turn up dead after finding toxins in the Lake and Michelle is called in to investigate. The deaths look rather suspicious and are ruled murders. Then she meets the man of her dreams literally, Tony. Both have been having the same sexy dreams about each other. (Can we say fb status, complicated. lol.) Now with that rolling around in the back their heads, they have to work together to solve not only a couple of murders, but find who was destorying the Lake. I enjoyed every bit of this story and will read more from this author.

  • Rick
    2019-06-02 11:16

    First, I am a critical reader. Second, I am a voracious reader but not in the Romance genre. I tell you this to lend weight to my opinion of this novel by Susanne Matthews. The story pulls together an ecological warning, deceit and deception, and brings a legend to life. The story draws you in from the first page, so be careful, as you will not want to put it down until the last sentence is read. The characters are well developed and the plot is woven with skill. This is a great read for a rainy Saturday afternoon or one of those lazy Sundays where you want to be somewhere else. Echo's of the Past will take you somewhere else and entertain you if only for a little while.

  • Giselle Marks
    2019-06-03 09:54

    Superlative “Echoes of the Past” by Susanne Matthews moves fast creating a whirlwind of entwined mystery and romance, with some strange goings on. The death of two of Professor Tony Steele’s students in a suspicious manner brings together coroner, Dr Michelle Thomas and Tony Steele leading them on a dangerous journey of discovery. They are old souls, but are they destined to be together? Susanne Matthews’ writing is as crisp and enthralling as ever grabbing the reader and drawing him on to the conclusion. A thoroughly enjoyable read that I could recommend to any lover of mystery or romance.

  • V.L. Locey
    2019-05-28 04:07

    A wonderfully written romantic-suspense story that kept me flipping pages. The plot is incredibly tight and well-paced, allowing the mystery and the romance to grow. I found the leading lady a pure joy. She was smart, strong, and one tough cookie! Her leading man was equally appealing. The sex was sensual, not erotic or explicit, which should appeal to readers who are more interested in the mystery aspect of the book. Overall Ms. Matthews does a superb job and I look forward to reading more from her.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-06-05 09:10

    Oh, my goodness, what an amazing book. It grabbed me from the first page and held me enthralled to the last. At times, I sat in my chair grabbing the arms with my brow furrowed with the intensity of the story. It was as if I was right there going through the scenes with the characters. I received this book from Secret Cravings E-Book club in July and wasn't sure I'd enjoy it. Was I ever wrong. It's the best book I've read in a while. If you enjoy a great romance with plenty of suspense, then this is the book for you. I'll be looking for other books by this talented author.

  • Iris Blobel
    2019-06-03 10:57

    I come across Susanne Matthew’s books when I started reading her weekly WIP posts on her blog. Her idea to write stories about Native Americans mixed with a little paranormal had me hooked in no time.I choose the book ECHOES OF THE PAST as my first book by Susanne because of the same title as one of mine.AND I WASN’T DISAPPOINTED.The story flows beautifully, the mystery is well researched, and the paranormal elements believable. All in all a great read.

  • Francene Stanley
    2019-05-26 10:54

    With its intriguing plot, great writing, just the right amount of sensuality, and plenty of action, what more could you want in a book? Each action draws the reader into the scene so well they feel as if they are part of the story.I loved the past life links to the two main characters. The dream aspect of life really makes me wonder if we've known loved-ones before.

  • Christy Newton
    2019-05-24 09:07

    Susanne Matthews knows how to spin a tale that will keep you reading well into the night. While this story started a little slower than some as far as the hero and heroine being together it just kept getting better. The plot was unlike anything I've ever read, in a good way. This is my favorite of hers so far.