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Book 2 (This book contains characters from the Assassin-shifter books and is not meant to be read as a standalone) Warning: This book contains scenes of homosexuality, crude language and violence. Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16-year-old Elijah Newman knew who he'd be spending the rest of his life with. The tough guy, on the other hand, was notBook 2 (This book contains characters from the Assassin-shifter books and is not meant to be read as a standalone) Warning: This book contains scenes of homosexuality, crude language and violence. Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16-year-old Elijah Newman knew who he'd be spending the rest of his life with. The tough guy, on the other hand, was not getting that message. Rebuffed at every turn, Elijah does his best to make the middle Salvatore brother understand that their lives were meant to be connected. Suddenly, odd things begin to happen and Elijah becomes more and more convinced that there's a demon inside him. All he can do is try to keep his friends - and the man he's beginning to love - safe from his secret. Two long years have passed since Jaxon Salvatore first laid eyes on the boisterous, beautiful - and much younger - Elijah Newman. Fighting off the teenager with the huge blue eyes has been torture from day one. Now, Elijah is about to turn 18 and Jaxon finally sees light on the horizon for a life with him. But strange things are happening: the teenager doesn't flirt with him like he used to, he rarely hangs out with his buddies and he talks about having a boyfriend. A boyfriend? Things are NOT good. When awful things happen to Elijah, Jaxon struggles to keep the younger man safe and himself sane. From the coast of Washington, to the peak of Mount Olympus, Jaxon will stop at nothing to keep what's his....

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at year s end Reviews

  • Mona
    2019-03-24 19:25

    "I'm going to make him mine."At Year's End, is full of surprises and sweet glimpse of the yummy characters I love, from the Assassin/Shifter series. Its sweet, heartbreaking and an enjoyable read. Mates, I definitely recommend this book and any series related to it."Do you know how hard it's been for me to keep you at arm's length?" Jaxon whispered huskily into Elijah's ear, "I've wanted you so much." "There will never be anyone else for me but you, Jaxon." A lovely and special treat from my bud, Ingela...Thank you xx

  • Makhda
    2019-03-23 23:18

    3.5 stars

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    2019-03-12 17:34

    I have been waiting for Elijah and Jaxon's story for, what felt like, forever. I was not disappointed. There was enough action, giggles, and unexpected plot twists to keep me completed engaged throughout the story. Though there were a lot of the same cast of characters, this truly was rather different from the other books of the Assasin/Shifter and this series. I'm glad I read this.

  • Cory
    2019-03-13 19:31

    Yeah for Jaxon and Elijah! Another good book moving us forward in the series. I love the Salvatore brothers and Jaxon didn't disappoint!I'm really looking forward to finding out more about Killian. Of course, I will read each and every one that comes out! :)

  • Riayl
    2019-03-10 17:23

    I'm not sure I even know how to make sense with what I want to say. First thing I can think of that bothered me is Elijah worrying that he is a demon and afraid to tell anyone about what is going on with him. The problem here is two-fold. He already knows about Skylar, and now he has something similar going on but it doesn't occur to him to talk to Skylar about it, or that Skylar would accept him being different? Secondly, I can only believe that the reason no one has bothered to inform the boys about the truth of their heritage is for author convenience in adding drama. It makes no sense otherwise. If you know someone is out to kidnap and/or kill them you tell them about it so that they know to be careful and might mention the weird things that are happening to them. Eh, I can already tell this is going to totally devolve into a rant. Just tell him that you are interested in him but things can't go further until he is 18. That doesn't even make sense, why can't you date now? And everyone is "worried" or "knows" that something is wrong with Elijah's foster parents, but they just leave him there? I call author convenience again, because otherwise those are some really shitty friends you've got, especially since they are always throwing their money around to get their way anyways, it makes no sense, absolutely none, that they didn't get Elijah fostered with one of the established couples or get him emancipated. I just...I feel like the author is treating me like an idiot or something. That must be it because how else am I just supposed to accept all of this? Then, you KNOW that he is being brainwashed/hypnotized/whatever and you LET HIM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT....YOU IDIOTS!!! OMG, I'm totally foaming at the mouth here. aargh. And the brainwashed/hypnotized exactly did that work? It all seemed kind of iffy to me. Then...he's in danger so how about the two of you GO OFF ALONE on vacation? Of course, with the way this series works, nothing happened during their fun time which would have realistically been the time that someone went after them. You don't think the bad guys have figured out to keep an eye on Riley's personal jet? *beats head on wall*And the underage guys singing and dancing at the club...the more I read this the more it completely beats the crap out of my sense of reality. And since I am feeling rather bitchy, the constant going to the club and singing for each other and dancing and how everyone is soooooo great and sexy at it and they can all sing and the constant "name-dropping" of song titles...I just find it a little...cheesy and high school-ish. But that may just be sour grapes because I don't listen to any of the music mentioned with the exception of one or two songs and don't recognize the majority of the rest of them. But I cringe, I literally cringe, when yet another character goes on stage to sing or dance for their lover/notyetlover/whatever. Really, you couldn't just, I don't know, say I love you? Or buy flowers? Or clean the litter box? (Yeah, I know, I'm hung up on that last one - but really, what truly says love more, buying a handful of sweet smelling roses or the willingness to scoop cat poop?)And the whole storyline has gotten totally out of control. Assassins, then shifters, then magic users then gods. And of course Sabine is Elijah's mother. Why didn't I see that coming? Well, actually, the moment they brought it up, I did. urgh I just...I want to stop...but I also want to see what happens to the other characters I like, but I should stop because I will just get irritated when I read their stories too. *tears at hair*Addiction is an ugly, ugly thing.

  • Phaney
    2019-03-17 22:10

    Not feeling focused enough for more than rambling notes. (If you want something more coherent, plus stuff I forgot to mention, you may want to look at Riayl's review, but be aware that it's tagged entirely as a spoiler.)Anyway, here ya go.It’s funny (but not in a happy way) how Jaxon bullies the headmaster to make him magically stop bullying at the school. Hypocrite, yay!Seriously? What kind of school forces its students to procure a college educated parent for an exhibition? That can’t possibly apply to everyone, plus it’s discriminating.Then again I also have long since avoided commenting on the likelihood of underage boys being allowed to sing and shake their butts at a gay nightclub.*focuses on being Zen*Once again the lack of communication is staggering. And appalling.Why not just tell Elijah what is going on? That has got to be less confusing and frightening than how things have to look from his perspective already. Plus he would be a lot more able to guard himself.Jeez. I am so fed up with this tactic in the series. Is it really so difficult to come up with a plot that does not hinge on lack of communication? Or at least create really convincing reasons to keep quiet?(view spoiler)[Luckily in this one they do eventually get around to telling the ones that make most sense.And why, for the sake of all that is holy, does Jaxon have this epiphany that Elijah must be on the bad guys’ radar way after the boy’s adoptive parents turned out rogues? I don’t even…Is this normal? Letting someone graduate in absentia when he’s been missing for long enough to also have missed what must have been all his exams and whatnot? (hide spoiler)]Y’know, I just occurred to me that given the fact that these guys are messing around with deities – they really shouldn’t be calling karma a bitch.Well, considering the history of patricide (and filicide) among the Greek pantheon one has to wonder whether the gods are really that keen on helping their kids survive. I mean if mythology is any indication they’re likely to be the next pantheon, replacing the Olympians the same way they replaced the Titans, the same way they dethroned Gaia’s peers. :PWait, no. No! Aiden is not “over one hundred years old”. Number one, he is dead and that is why he teleports. Secondly, he was alive (and presumably died) way before freaking Wayne was born. And Wayne’s what? Two hundred?Come on, it’s one thing to invent more and more powerful abilities all the time, but at least keep your own story straight.I think – despite the silliness and everything that makes little sense – what saves this book is the relentlessness of the final complication. This one poses a genuinely tough problem and it’s not rushed.Okay it loses points again when Jaxon turns hopelessly melodramatic. However, since this is what triggers the happy ending, I’ll accept it. (It’s still a cringe-worthy moment.) Eh, it’s all mush from then on.On the bright side a lot of dangling plotlines got tied up in this one. Maybe we can move on now.Although… oh god. We’re never going to get rid of (view spoiler)[Sabine (hide spoiler)] now. :o

  • Candice
    2019-03-06 15:30

    3.5 StarsEEK! I've been waiting for Elijah's story for what seems to be a long time now. While I liked this, I wanted more of Elijah using his powers. I wanted him practicing more that we could have seen. I wanted more of Elijah and Jaxson together. They were apart too much of this story and I was REALLY bummed about that. I guess I didn't really feel the excitement that I normally get while reading a book about cool elemental powers. Come on, Elijah and the god of fire?! USE IT! Show me! Also, why not just tell ALL the children of the gods who they are?! They are of age (or close to it), why not tell them. Safety in knowledge and all that. I think them being kept in the dark is only going to hurt them. Ryder has an AWESOME power! I can not til we see more of that. Then we have Nate getting people drunk. HA HA! I love it.The thing with Killian was kind of dumb. (view spoiler)[Stone knows what he is, because he was talking to him about being a rat in the tunnels and then a raptor. Why hide now? Unless that was a typo and wasn't supposed to be Stone's name there. What happens when Killian needs to be somewhere else besides with Stone and Stone realizes his dog is gone? (hide spoiler)]I can't wait til Zach's book, too. Love it. Wonder what's up with Ashton?? Interesting...

  • Claudia
    2019-03-02 15:07

    this book was an amazing read... it was an emotional roller coaster and I totally loved it. can't wait for the next one.

  • Caroline Brand
    2019-03-03 18:15

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEIf you are going to read this series I would recommend reading the Assassin/Shifter series first. This is where we first meet Elijah and lot of the other youngsters that I am sure will be featured in upcoming books. These young men are children of the gods and as they all reach their 18th birthdays their powers mature.We first meet Elijah when he is 16 and he attends Camp Pride. He is a quiet and reserved young man in all but one respect. As soon as he meets Jaxon Salvatore he becomes a flirty little imp. Elijah wants Jaxon more than anything in the world and makes a play for him at every opportunity. Jaxon feels the same attraction to the young man but swears to stay clear of him until he is older and experienced more of life, this will prove to be one of the hardest decisions he has ever made.This book starts just as Elijah is approaching his 18th birthday and is coming into his powers. He is the son of Hephaestus and his power is fire. Elijah has no idea what is happening to him but with dark outside influences he believes he is a Demon and a danger to all those around him. He is desperate to talk to his friends about what is happening but is almost paralysed by fear.Jaxon has already decided to claim Elijah as his as soon as he is 18 but the final few weeks are proving to be torture. Not trusting anyone else with his safety Jaxon is also secretly employed to be his bodyguard. When Elijah can’t recall conversations that have taken place between the two of them or events that have happened Jaxon is sure that something is wrong put can’t put his finger on it.The rogues as always are working relentlessly behind the scenes and are intent in having Elijah and his powers as their own. When their plans fail and Jaxon finally allows his true feelings for Elijah out and claims the young man everything looks to be settled. Sadly this doesn’t last long and Elijah and Jaxons happiness is very short lived as they are dragged into a nightmare. With the entire team brought into help the hunt is on but the results are painfully slow. Jaxon is slowly falling apart and his brothers worry he may never recover. Literally dragged from his bed Jaxon has a meeting that literally changes his world and from there the action really starts. In a daring raid he gets back the other half of his soul but this happy event only leaves him with more anguish and heartbreak. All he wants is to keep the most important person in his life safe and to love and be loved but after the events of the last few months it may be too late.This is a great addition to the stories so far and will keep you frantically turning pages. There are surprises in there that will have you thinking wtf!! There is also heartbreaking tenderness for Jaxon. Roll on the next in the series!!! 

  • Karla
    2019-03-13 21:32

    I know I probably will be the odd one here that does not like the book but at the risk of being boooed by the fans of these series, I have to be honest with my opinion on the book so far & I'm Soooo disappointed with this book & the previous one as well. I had been looking forward to reading these series for such a long time that it feels like such a let down now that I'm reading book 2. Yes I know is a spinoff of the original assassins series which i read a few & was honestly not so impressed by them so it might be my fault in continuing to read an author that didn't do it for me to begin with. That said, I really wanted to read the 12 olympians in particular, I love greek gods mythology books so I was ready to sink my teeth into the series like Helloooo!! Greek goods shifter m/m books!! I'm so in!!! but the sad reality was not so bueno. I found this particular book harder to connect with the MC's & overall characters, this whole book feels like a badly rushed annoying highschool nonsense writting. It's so rushed & underdeveloped, just something about the writting bugs me. I do have to say the premise of the plot is a really good one but the excecution is poorly done. The plot & premise have so much potential & is really sad that it did not get the well deserved work put into it to make it a great book that it could have been & based on these first 2 books to the series I have little faith that it will be the case. I feel like the author tried way too hard to make it a point that yes fated mates shifters & the children of gods are meant to be together after some obstacles & drama preventing them to get together at first but the whole getting there & reasons behind of why they were not able to be together at first were silly & highschoolish. Then when they finally get together is just so forced & rushed & jush bleh! The defeat of the current villans was just so easy & fast like ugh that was it? Don't even get me started on the rest of the silly crap thrown in this book for fillers I can just imagine the overall reasons like "barely legal" boyband? ::rolls eyes:: there are other parts that are like wtf? Why & what's the effing point?? & serious lack of communication & ability to tie the plot together on nonsensical reasons of why things were happening & just ughh bleh trying not to give spoilers. So yeah nothing really exciting about the relationship development or chemistry about MC's. I would've loved to see a fleshier story with more developed characters. There was just something missing in the way the whole story came together it felt just silly, cheesy & just too flat. Anyways I will not go into more details so I don't give spoilers but yeah I'm not following the rest of the series & I'm dropping this book at 80% I just can't take it anymore is too irritating for my sanity & the constant eye rolling might cause permanent damage to my vision. It might be that maybe what I'm looking for at the moment is not what the author has to offer for me or might be a disconnection & lack of compatibility with her writting style & my reading requirements. I say to anyone considering reading the series to go forward & make your own opinion. Maybe a hit for some & maybe a big miss for some others like me but you never know until you try it.

  • Christine
    2019-03-11 15:09

    This one was kinda rough. Jaxon is such a sweetie and to see him hurt like that was so rough

  • Tracy
    2019-03-08 17:24

    I read the Assassin/Shifter series last month, one book each day till I had finished all that was available, I could not put the books down. When I started reading this the second book In The 12 Olympians series it was like reconnecting with old friends/family, I got that warm, coming home feeling! Although there is many characters connected with both series in this book I instantly knew each person was connected too, I was so excited to read what had been happening to each one of them since the last book.In this book the concentration is on Elijah and Jaxon to finally get together after their 2 year attraction. This was as usual a all action read with the continued brilliant storyline! There was a few surprises thrown in that I wasn't expecting and I have to admit to completely loosing control of my emotions a couple of times. Sandrine Gasq-Dion certainly has a wonderful talent, she somehow manages to deliver 5 star reads constantly!I am really looking forward to the next book in this series and am hoping it's time for Stone and killian to give in to their emotions!Highly recommended!!

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-03 15:10

    I liked that the Salvatore brothers all finally found their mates and that we found out more about the necklaces they all wear. I also liked the references to the other Salvatore brothers.What I didn't like was the way the character interactions often jumped around. The continuity just seemed off in parts.I reread Forbidden and Justice For Skylar before reading this one, as I read them so long ago. I'm glad I did because there are just so many characters and situations to keep up with.(view spoiler)[ I really felt sorry for what Jaxon and Elijah were put through by Carl. For them to just get together then have Elijah kidnapped and missing for so long. You knew Elijah was going to hate Jaxon when he was found, but to be made to forget all his friends was really cruel. (hide spoiler)]Not a happy book to read but if you didn't hate the rogues before you would after this one.

  • Lorraine Lesar
    2019-03-20 19:21

    Very mixed feelings about this offering in the wonderful Assassin/Shifter series. Yes, the title is a bit confusing with the "12 Olympians" title, but I can assure you that this book is part of the original series. Now to the reasons of only three stars - the saying of "love conquers all" certainly applied to Jaxon and Elijah storyline, I was OK with that. What I wasn't OK with, is why nobody told Elijah what the hell was going on! it just made no sense to me and because I was so frustrated over this decision, it spoilt my enjoyment in reading the book. I know that the whole series stretches the readers boundaries on the "believable" (assassins, werewolves, warlocks, shape shifters and now demi-gods), but that is the beauty of this series, however, common sense lacked in this book and the "believable" became the "unbelievable". Will this stop me reading the rest of the series? Hell no! I need my "fix" even more now, as this left me unfulfilled. Off now to read "Dirty Ross".

  • Shannon
    2019-03-17 22:30

    I think this may be my first 5 star rating for a Sandrine book. I find them highly entertaining no matter the fluff involved. Only this one didn't seem fluffy at all. It was heartbreaking. God, the crap Jaxon had to go through to be with Elijah was just too much. I actually got very teary during one part. Had to get a tissue and everything. Solid story line and love story with angst thrown in. The last five percent threw me back into the stuff I expect with these books but the rest was so freaking good I'm keeping it at 5 stars. My favorite of her books to date.

  • Nikko
    2019-03-23 22:09

    Sorry but this wasn't my favourite.. Too angsty if u know what i mean... But i will still follow these series no doubt about that...

  • Marion
    2019-02-27 20:25


  • Rachel Richardson
    2019-03-20 16:12

    Another great add to the series. Elijah Newman and Jaxon Salvatore are the sweetest couple. I have been worrying about Elijah for awhile now so this book had me on the edge of my seat and in knots wanting to know what was going on. Yet again another surprise and exciting story for the couple. More questions pop up and I can't wait to know more.

  • Lily
    2019-03-22 23:31

    This was a good addition to the series.

  • Shelby
    2019-02-24 20:15

    *singsong voice* Jaxon and Elijah are together!!! *giddy dance* *happy dance* *dancing all around* Jaxon and Elijah are together!!! So Elijah’s been one of my favorite characters for bloody well ever and I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for Jaxon to claim his man. Finally I get to put these two in my happy place.Elijah Newman fell for Jaxon Salvatore the minute he first met him at Camp Pride almost two years previous. Since then his life has gone a little crazy, his foster parents are awful, theirs a seemingly friendly wolf often spotted in his backyard, and apparently he’s developing powers to light things on fire. Elijah’s just trying to get through high school and survive even as strange things are happening around him.Jaxon can hardly wait. A little more than a week and Elijah will finally be eighteen. He made a promise to himself he’d let Elijah have his childhood and it’s been torture keeping his hands off the younger man. Watching from a distance as Elijah’s been struggling, knowing that things aren’t right in that house, just makes things worse. Now it’s clear that Elijah’s missing time and isn’t remembering things he should. Something is definitely up and Jaxon’s determined to get to the bottom of it all and claim his man.I love, love, love these boys! I think I would have loved this story if nothing happened as long as Jaxon and Elijah ended up together in the end. I mean I’ve been waiting for this for SOOOOOOOOO long! I felt so bad for both of them with the crazy rogues making their lives beyond difficult. Poor Elijah stuck in that nasty house with those nasty awful people. I wanted to just wrap the boy up and protect him, I can’t imagine how lost he was feeling with all of the messed up head issues. And Jaxon…well Jaxon is just sexiness personified. Tattoos and bikes and oh my YUMMY!I absolutely loved Elijah’s relationship with Caden and Kellan too. They are the sweetest adoptive fathers and I really felt like they cared about Elijah and just wanted him to be safe and happy. Of course growly overprotective Caden is just adorable. I loved how at times Elijah is still the young guy who can get pleasure from the simplest things or from the smallest kindnesses from his friends, yet at other times he’s got more maturity that one should at that age.So I love the fact that Elijah is coming into his powers and all, as are the rest of the Olympians, but I wanna see him really lay down! I mean his phoenix is cool and all, but for all the nasty torturing stupid rogues got away with I wanted to see Elijah really get down and kick some offensive ass. Though Ryder’s first experience with his powers was awesome! I cracked up at his shock and fierce entertainment with it all. Of course the best part was how Jaxon deals with Elijah’s fears and his powers. He’s just so patient and watching the two bumble around things just warmed my heart. Their misunderstandings were so cute.On top of everything we’re getting a little bit more meddling from Gaea and the gods on high…this could get interesting. :D Adored the explanation with Sabine! Love seeing her tied in to the entire story. She’s always been fun and around and this quirk provides so much entertainment when thinking of the past. (view spoiler)[If I had one itsy bitsy complaint it would be that Petey and Carl died a little too easily for my taste. The discovery and recovery of our death and destruction scythe came around so quickly and then all of a sudden the arseholes were dead. Good riddance and all, but I’m a blood thirsty little wench. (hide spoiler)]I still absolutely adore this series. And while I would probably say 4.5 stars overall, I’m rounding up because my heart is happy and I got the ending I’ve been wanting for a long, long time. All the Salvatore brothers are settled and happy and it’s wonderful! Of course I’m already anticipating the next match up in both this series and the Assassin/Shifter series. I’m the little child gleefully clapping her hands together and bouncing up and down. Thank you Sandy for another fabulous book and for giving my adorable Elijah his HEA with the only man who could ever deserve him and make everything better.Oh, and I just giggled endlessly over that ending with Killian. PRICELESS!!! I can’t wait to see what twisted pranks the boyos manage to pull together over that one.

  • Centoria Coffil
    2019-02-28 22:12

    OMFG!!! I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! I cried so much, but I incredibly pleased with the outcome.

  • T.M. Smith
    2019-03-22 16:32

    Elijah Newman has known that he wanted Jaxon Salvatore since he first laid eyes on him at Camp Pride when he was 16 years old. But the sexy Salvatore has done nothing but push him away. Jaxon knew Elijah was his mate as soon as he saw him. But Elijah was so young that Jaxon wanted him to live first, have a life and have friends his own age. With Elijah’s 18th birthday fast approaching, Jaxon makes a plan to make his move, only to learn that Elijah may have taken his advice to ‘find someone his own age’ to heart; and it’s breaking his.With Gaea and Gods making random appearances, and more of the Olympians coming into their powers, The Skull Blasters team is running out of time. Protection of the youth is their top priority and James assigns a shifter to protect each of the youngsters that they’ve identified thus far. Protecting Elijah is not just instinct for Jaxon, its second nature. And every time the rogues slip past him their grip on Elijah gets stronger, forcing Jaxon a step back and infuriating him even more. Ultimately, can Jaxon protect his mate from the rogues? And if we’re being honest, who’s going to protect Jaxon if Elijah loses control of his untamed ability?As with all the stories in these two concurrent series, Gasq-Dion brings all your favourite characters into the mix. The past collides with the present as well in this instalment, as we learn more about the Olympians pasts and their purpose as a whole in the battle to come. We learn more about the Salvatore brothers and the meaning behind their necklaces. One of the darkest stores to date in twenty something books; bonds are broken, love is tested and lives are at stake. Ah but the main focus of this story, the love story of Elijah and Jaxon. Le Sigh! Fans of this series have watched these two dance around their attraction to each other and play grab ass with not so subtle innuendos and sultry stares for several books now. Their love story has been a slow burn throughout, and their book is a testament to that fact. Nothing comes easy for these two, they’ve been through a lot to find each other, and they have so much more to endure. I will tell you that when they do finally come together its very trial and error, much like their relationship has been to this point. But they are so smoldering hot and sexy that they set the pages on fire, literally! This is by far my favourite M/M series and I highly recommend it to anyone that is listening, and anyone that can read, because obviously you’re reading this. So go read this series!

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-10 20:35

    I am really disliking the main plot of The 12 Olympians series so far. Book 1 was a "meh" 3 star read for me. And this book is barely making a 2. It's such a huge disappointment. The characters' dialogues are juvenile, stinted and lack detail. I also really hate it when characters act illogical and in a clueless manner when faced with obvious FACTS. If the reader can figure out what's going on but the characters are running around like idiotic fools, it doesn't make for an enjoyable read. For instance, (view spoiler)[at 70% Elijah has had several attempts on his life by this point by Carl and he and the other children of the gods are being guarded (haphazardly) by the werewolves/assassins/shape shifters, but yet, but he insists on following Skylar out to his car without a guard saying what could happen to two children of the gods? Kidnapping! Mind fucking! Death! Which are all things that have been attempted before AT THE CLUB!!!!! He knows as well as everyone else that Carl is after them. And his bf/bodyguard, Jaxon, tells him (after having to think about it *bangs head on desk*) to hold on that he'll go out with them; BUT he has to go physically tell Justice (his brother) he's going out to the parking lot with them. Seriously??? He could have told Justice telepathically. They talk this way to each other all the time. Across oceans even. But in NOT doing so this one time, it allows Elijah to be kidnapped by Carl. At this point, I wanted to throw my Kindle because the plot and execution of it was so lame. Jaxon, his brothers and the entire werewolf/shape-shifter turned out to be the most inept bodyguards ever. I was barely able to finish this book.Also this story suffered with the overused tropes of non communication-miscommunication, and the running away instead of talking things out. B.O.R.I.N.G. And I was totally squicked by underage boys (Barely Legal boy singers/children of the gods) performing at a gay club, shaking their assess, touching themselves on stage in a sexual manner which in turn riles up the libidos of the grown men in the audience (including their future mates) who try to attack them. Did this really have to be a plot device? The story would be so much better w/o it. (hide spoiler)]

  • Nicola
    2019-02-27 22:18

    I was waiting for this book from the moment I first met Elijah and saw how he felt about Jaxon. I admired Jaxon for waiting and trying his best to allowing Elijah to have some freedom and experience life. Not everyone would have done that. Both characters really affected me on an emotional level and I am relieved and excited to finally see them come togther.Having read the previous books and seeing their relationship progress, a lot of things came to light and I understood what was happening finally. I really believed that Elijah had a new boyfriend though I was sure he was connected to the rogues. I was sort of right but I was still so far off the mark. The extent Petey and Carl had gone through to get close to Elijah and the amount of time and effort they put into their plan was astounding. I am so glad that they were dealt with. But of course there are still people higher than them and I am dying to know who they are. I don't want to say too much and give the book away but I will say that I loved that Sandrine finally gave the other gods more of a physical presence rather than just talking about then. It made them seem more involved than just Gaea visiting. Sandy also connected Sabrine to the others in a way that was not sexual. I always felt she was more than just that woman who said the right thing at the right time. Finally I felt that the level of drama, love, and sex was well balanced. Some may have wanted more but I was very satisfied. They didn't just plunge into it but took it a step at a time. I can't wait for the other books now especially Ross and Zach's books. In the beginning of this book Zach made a comment that really helped me understand the possible horror Brock is putting him though. Brock must have guys going in and out like crazy :) You can't write fast enough for me Sandy. When's the next book coming out? Until it does, I will be rereading these religiously :D

  • Monchari S
    2019-03-17 19:19

    I wished this Olympians series was set as a complete new series (well, considered I'm one in Percy Jackson's world). I'd be so happy in reading. But along side with the shifters?'s a bit too much for me.The gap between the Shifters and the Gods is too big.As much as I love assassin-shifters series and its extended stories (series?)I couldn't help feeling the story has gone a bit too far.And now our beloved assassin-shifters' status and jobs seem to be only watchdogs and bodyguards.'Cause there's no way Shifters have a place between Demigods and Titans' battle.They even cannot stand to only one demigod's power even if they wanted to, and it's a bit sad..(T_T)I really missed the simple scope of the original series.Cool and efficient assassins (-shifter or not) fight against the bad guys. Trying to make this world a bit better place as they can, and we can feel them and imagine them in real world.Actually, it's the big reason I became a fan of the series.I've imagined the books would be kind of vary different original missions and involved the couple which will be mained in the event...and it had only stayed like that since [A Marked Man] until [Russian Prey], and again for [Into the Lyons Den] and [The Nik of Time]. However, I still rated the book 4 stars, cause whether you like the whole scope or not, Ms.Sandrine's books are always an enjoy reading, especially if you've been following the series from the start.One important thing I learned after finishing this book was that before smacking any fly you have to look very carefully at it...very very carefully !! (big laugh)With all of my said incongruity, I'm so looking forward to Stone's story !! (laugh) (and Nate's too☆)But----most of the most of my looking forward is Matty and Kane ❤❤❤ I love Matty a lot!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆A veeery long wait, though ..hahaha.

  • Mocha Haven
    2019-02-26 17:12

    Wow. Thus far, The 12 Olympians series has me coming back for more. Who can resist elements such as gods, werewolves, shifters, bonds, titans, warlocks, assassins, love, justice, and family all typed up in one little book? *shrug* I can't. Although, same as in the (Assassin/Shifter series), I'm find it difficult to digest the aspect where men are attracted to boys. I realize the we have discovered that Skylar and Elijah were actually a year older than they knew and that desires are suppressed until the 18th birthdays. Otherwise, I say that I truly enjoyed this read. The bond between Jaxon and Elijah was touching. No matter what the rogues did to Elijah to suppress his memories, his phoenix knew who Jaxon was. There's a club scene with Olivia and Ryder singing Say Something by A Great Big World that made me re-read twice before proceeding onward. Touching. That's all I will say. I'm trying to spare you of the spoilers.Of the 12 Olympians, it is Ryder, Skylar and Elijah who present like true brothers. It's something about those three. It started at the camp ( Summer of Awakenings ), it was solidified when Elijah said that Skylar and Ryder were like his older brothers. I don't know. Maybe I'm reading more into that then what the writer intends. OR, maybe that all apart of the unfolding of the series. *shrug* We'll have to wait and see.I purchased the book just after it was released. I begin to read immediately. I can't wait until the next installment. This is gets 3.5 stars only because of the boys to men element. Otherwise, I recommend this book.

  • Alma Pagan
    2019-03-11 23:18

    There are so many ways to be abused, for years Elijah Newman has sampled up front and personal some level of hell on Earth. The worst is the feeling of being trapped and knowing that no one absolutely no one in your home, wants or loves you. Even though he is a teenager he knows what his heart wants and that he would do anything for it. Jaxon Salvatore is tough, kind and just way to cool the fact that he is also gorgeous and sexy as hell riding his motor cycle never came to his mind. Much! Sometimes you have to wait for what you want and Jaxon Salvatore has patiently and painfully waited for over two years for one bratty, impossibly flirty, trouble making adorable Elijah to be of legal age. Every time Jaxon looks into Elijah’s blue eyes his bones just turns into useless goo. It just does. All the time he spent keeping a safe distance from the boy waiting for the day he turns into a man; may have been compromised. Elijah is dating someone and that someone is not him…hell no! Elijah is freaking out and confused not to mention keeping a really big scary secret from his friends. Not to mention his dream man is finally giving him the time of day he always wanted. Elijah knows that his secret is wearing heavy on him and getting harder to hide; making a bad situation worst. Who does he trust who does he turn to? Jaxon only wants one thing in life more than his next breath and that is Elijah; even if he has to fight for what he wants against Elijah himself.

  • Book Junky Girls
    2019-03-13 15:07

    We've all grown to love Elijah and his over the top attempts to get Jaxon's attentions for the last two year. Something else has been going on with him though and now we get to find out just what that is as he finally gets his story told.Jaxon has wanted Elijah for 2 years but has been waiting for him to turn 18, now that he has though somethings now right and suddenly Elijah has a boyfriend!?!? Is he too late to get his guy or is there more going on than he knows?Elijah has been beat down in spirit but he's always able to pick himself up. And I just lined him throughout.Jaxon is a stubborn ass, he had his heart in the right place, but it might have cost him. He's an aplha sweetie though and I love him.Their story has its share of ups and downs and you'll definitely need tissues on occasion. I loved seeing more of the storyline unfold throughout his one and seeing some shocking developments.

  • Ruthie Taylor
    2019-03-18 17:21

    "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is the second in Ms Gasq-Dion's Olympian series. It really needs to be read after the first in the series, and probably even better if following the Shifter/Assassin series as many characters start their story there. The story picks up where Justice for Skylar ended. This time it is the middle brother, Jaxon and Elijah that take centre stage. It is another lovely tale of protective love, misadventure and reconciliation. Add to that the hotness of all the mated protagonists and the reader gets one heck of a ride. The writing is slick, the plot is sound and the humour sweetens the violence. I'm off to read book three ...

  • Lisa J.
    2019-03-07 20:28

    I've skipped around in this series. It took me a minute to get reacquainted with the 2 million characters that make up this assassin/shifter/gods universe, but once I did, the book flowed easily. The books in this series have been hit or miss for me. This one falls squarely in the middle. I'd read a couple of the previous books that introduced Elijah and Jaxon, so I was familiar with their back story and was curious to see how they'd finally get together. Elijah is only 17, and he seems very young to me throughout the story. His being in a boy band didn't help matters (although I found it amusing). Jaxon patiently waits for Elijah to turn 18, so he can claim his mate. Even after Elijah turns 18 (after much buildup) and he goes through some trauma, he and Jaxon still seem mismatched in the maturity department. In the end, although I found both MCs to be likable, I had a hard time buying them as a couple.