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"Visola, please. Instead of launching thousands of nuclear warheads, will you just cry and let me hold you?" "No, thanks. I like my original plan better."Visola has been stricken by the death of a loved one. She will stop at nothing to get revenge on the people responsible--and their entire country. She commits herself wholly to her mission, forsaking her husband, children"Visola, please. Instead of launching thousands of nuclear warheads, will you just cry and let me hold you?" "No, thanks. I like my original plan better."Visola has been stricken by the death of a loved one. She will stop at nothing to get revenge on the people responsible--and their entire country. She commits herself wholly to her mission, forsaking her husband, children, friends, and home. Vachlan is tormented by her absence, and sets out to try his best to find her and convince her to come home and stop her obsessive and destructive behavior.Aazuria sets out on a rescue mission to retrieve her husband's missing brother and find out more about the mysterious man called Leviathan. However, what she discovers might be more than she can possibly handle. Aazuria must push aside her complicated relationship with her husband in order to focus on protecting her country and her loved ones.At the bottom of the earth, Varia and Glais are living in peaceful solitude, far removed from all the troubles and terrors of modern society. However, they will both soon find out that being around people and civilization does have its benefits, and they are not quite as grown up as they thought......

Title : Maelstrom
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ISBN : 9781494969172
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 330 Pages
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Maelstrom Reviews

  • Sam
    2019-06-18 23:30

    With the death of someone Visola loves she embarks on a one person war with America. Not letting anyone know where she is she goes after key people in the CIA, not caring who she kills to get to them. The way it is written you feel all of Visola's emotions as she goes through them. You feel her loss, pain, anger, hatred and even elation when the plan goes right. But when confronted with a small scared child we see Visola become human again and I was glad because I did not want her to become a totally heartless killing machine. We get to meet the man called Leviathan that had everybody worried about at the end of book 5. Once upon a time Visola was in love with him and Aazuria was to marry him. His real name is Prince Taranis of Atlantis and I like him so much. He seems to be a perfect match for Aazuria. Once again we get Trevain who wants to have his cake and eat it too. He tells Elandria that he chooses her. They both say they love Aazuria so much then they call her a statue who is cold as stone and have a laugh. While Trevain is with two wives he doesn't want anyone near Aazuria so it is one of my favorites lines in the book when Trevain meets Taranis and says he is Aazurias husband and Taranis looks at him and says "Her part time husband, right?" All I could do was laugh and say out loud YES! It's about time someone said that to him.If I had to write about everything I loved about this book it would probably be as long as the book. Needless to say this series just keeps getting better. There were twist, turns, and parts you just didn't see coming. Her characters leap off the pages and make you feel like they are real. I don't know how Nadia does it but please don't stop and if it helps to get book 7 written I will gladly come do your shopping, cooking, cleaning and errands. I simply love these mermaids.

  • Monica
    2019-06-23 01:31

    Maelstrom was an excellent book! I don't want to spoil anything at ALL in this book. All I can say is, Princess Aazuria, Trevain, and Elandria may actually find peace and love after all...Visola....well, I absolutely love her....Vachlan....poor bastard....a must read for any fans of the sacred breath series!!! Of course, I just can't wait to see what else Nadia has in store for us in the next book!!!!

  • Jennifer Prescott
    2019-05-28 01:48

    Oh. My. Goodness!! So much happens, it is hard to describe other than "A Must Read"!! Definitely ideal to read the books before this in the series. I loved " spending more time" with Visola, I just wish it wasn't for such a terrible reason. Aazuria is swept away on an incredible journey, and *everyone* has so many balls in the air. I am **really** hoping that Ms. Scrieva continues this is breathtaking! Incredible!

  • michael osborne
    2019-05-26 00:42

    Where does it go from here?When I started this i didn't think of it as something that would hold my interest i was mistaken when I got to the end of the first book i had to read the next and so it went.All six books were just great the story line kept me commit my back for more they had a bit of romance a lot of adventure and action not a bunch of over the top sex just a good read all the way through.

  • Lucinda Reeves
    2019-06-22 19:33

    Great series Loved It!!The entire series was an awesome read. I stumbled on this series by accident and couldn't have been happier with the find. I loved all the characters.I was quite disappointed that book seven wasn't released!

  • Krystal Buckley
    2019-06-09 03:00

    I've just read all 6 books back to back and I love them I love the world Nadia Scrieva has created for her mermaids. Visola and Vachlan are amazing I love their relationship even more so now with Ivory and Ronan! I am also loving the prince of Atlantis he is very funny in a jerky way but still funny.There are a couple of characters that are getting more and more infuriating as time goes on though.... Trevain! Started out as a hero but now has sunk in my estimation... Elan I want you... Zuri I want you... Elan Zuri Elan Zuri Elan Zuri. Make up your mind!!! And Elandria all meek and mild wanting not to hurt her sister ... Until Trevain steps closer to her then boom suddenly she turns brazen and full of confidence and is ripping his clothes off! I do love the siren thing though very cool!

  • Taylor
    2019-06-12 23:40

    I loved this series SO much and I will miss it. Unfortunately, this will be the last book I will be reading in this series. I loved the whole family, each character with their flaws and strengths. The world built around all of these lovely mermaids. I felt like this series started strong and had its up and downs, but was good overall.Visola will always be one of my favorite characters of all time.

  • Mayme
    2019-06-09 22:47

    In love In love I recommend this series to anyone and everyone! I've become so attached to the characters and I an obsessed with this book. I definitely think it was the best of the series and it never ceased to surprise me. This book takes mermaids to a whole new level and explores the kind of a true warrior broken by tragedy. I could go on forever praising this series and it still would not be enough.

  • marsha Hall
    2019-05-27 23:51

    What a book!!!I am extremely happy I decided to buy the four book bundle on special. this book totally blew me away! I could not stop reading. I just kept buying the next, then the next.... wow! what a talented author. For anyone who appreciates great penmanship and a good plot; You won't be disappointed! I can't wait for the next in the series.

  • Nicole Burnap
    2019-06-08 02:51

    Loved it!Loved it!very easy read finished all 6 books in a little over a week. Can't wait for book 7 to continue the story line. Easy to get into the story with Zurich & Viso.

  • Adela Cornes
    2019-06-12 23:43

    IntenseMaelstrom was really hard to put down. Fight scenes were so intense, you didn't know where it was going next.Can't wait until book 7 Poison Waters comes out.I loved this whole series, I bought it just for something to read, and ended up buying the entire series.

  • Shizuo Heiwajima
    2019-05-24 19:43

    From what I see this book is amazing and I can't wait for the chance to hold it and read it. Love it

  • Emily Lecates
    2019-06-10 22:47

    blown away once again! totally can't wait for more books. Nadia you're an awesome writer!