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THE GIRL NEXT DOORWhen Melody Evans needed someone to rescue her, she knew that navy SEAL Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was just the man for the job. But afterward, when things got more intimate, she had to write it off to an adrenaline rush. After all, she was looking for an ordinary guy - and Cowboy was anything but. Too bad their encounter left Melody with more than just memoriTHE GIRL NEXT DOORWhen Melody Evans needed someone to rescue her, she knew that navy SEAL Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was just the man for the job. But afterward, when things got more intimate, she had to write it off to an adrenaline rush. After all, she was looking for an ordinary guy - and Cowboy was anything but. Too bad their encounter left Melody with more than just memories...Then Cowboy paid Melody a surprise visit and saw her burgeoning belly. That did it - he had to convince her that they were meant to be together! That he could be as ordinary as the next guy. And he'd do it, too - even if it meant twenty-four-hour-a-day, hands-on contact......

Title : Everyday, Average Jones
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ISBN : 9780373078721
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Everyday, Average Jones Reviews

  • Buggy
    2019-04-21 23:41

    Opening Line: "It was extremely likely that she was going to die"Harlan "Cowboy" Jones is the 4th SEAL to get his story told in Suzanne Brockmann's Tall Dark and Dangerous series. And while as a whole I am loving these well written, addictive stories and their delicious alpha male heroes this one was a letdown. It starts out with a ton of potential; exciting action, suspense, a decent heroine and a larger then life Navy SEAL hero coming to her rescue. Unfortunately Brockmann then pulls out the secret baby card and for the last 3/4's of the book I couldn't stand the heroine, lack of storyline or the ongoing (and going) conflict between them. Luckily we get some great supporting characters and lots of interaction with the rest of Alpha Team 10 to carry us through. When the American embassy Melody Evans is working in is overtaken by terrorists it doesn't take long for the Navy SEALs to come to their rescue however it does take them 2 days to reach the Middle Eastern border and a flight to freedom. During those tense few days Melody comes to trust her daring and charismatic rescuer with her life. Blaming the extreme circumstances on the ensuing week of passion they share together in Paris. However Melody doesn't want a relationship with a hero who risks his life on a daily basis and is never home, she plans on settling down with an everyday, average man. So when Jones gets called back to duty she thanks him for the laughs and breaks things off. And this is when things fell apart; 7 months later Jones gets reassigned to the east coast and because he hasn't been able to forget about Melody he looks her up. Shocked to discover that she's pregnant but being an honourable guy Cowboy Jones dons his dress whites and asks her to marry him. The only thing is she doesn't want him, in fact she's got everything worked out so that she doesn't need him either and no amount of coercion on his part will change her mind. This storyline goes on and on with Melody not giving an inch and Jones setting up a tent in her backyard then doing normal suburban type things in the hopes that she will at least put his name on the birth certificate. He's kind of like a dog waiting to be thrown a bone and this got old, fast. One interesting thing about this story is that (except for one) all of the love scenes are spoken of or thought about in past tense. Now I usually like to be in on the action but this really worked here and I found the memories and sexual tension to be just as sexy as if it were taking place. I just don't know what happened to our heroine because she became very unlikable. Even at the very end I didn't ever and get the feeling that this couple loved each other, I just felt that Jones was going to be in for a lifetime of supplication, diaper changing and begging for sexual favours. So, my least favourite from the series so far, but still a worthwhile quickie romance and I should mention that the entire TD&D series has been re-released (with fancy new covers) and this one can be found in Tall, Dark and Fearless: along with the excellent tortured hero in Frisco's Kid (Tall, Dark and Dangerous #3).

  • Mrs. Badass
    2019-04-28 17:45

    Started off great. I really Loved Harlan "Cowboy" Jones. I thought he was a fantastic Hero. However, I really hate the secret baby plot device, and after the initial rescue at the Embassy, the story just up and died. I really disliked the heroine immensely. I thought she was just stupid. I can't think of another word besides stupid. The way she treats Cowboy. Geez. She made him jump through so many hoops, and he just patiently waited her out. Sleeping in a tent in her backyard for WEEKS. God, I agree with her sister Brittany. I'll take him! I did like the storyline involoving twelve year old Andy.

  • Lady Heather
    2019-05-14 18:52

    This was really good, but Melody (the lead female) was kinda getting on my nerves. Harlan (Cowboy) Jones was wonderful.I did however, really enjoy reading the H/h's journey of getting to know one another (outside of a hostile situation) and learning about themselves.Now onto book 5

  • Miriam
    2019-04-20 18:48

    Jones is a Navy SEAL and Melody is one of the hostages he rescues. They have a short, intense affair and part. Predictably (because this is romancelandia) she turns out to be pregnant and doesn't tell him. Melody lives with her nurse sister in a lovely old house in a small, pleasant town; she wants to stay there at her job with a local politician and find a normal guy who'll be home every night. But when Jones finds out he fathered a child, he's determined to marry the mother.This is a pretty standard romance plot conflict. Brockmann does a good job developing the characters -- too good, in fact. Melody's objections to marrying Jones are completely valid: he'll spend 11 months out of year away from her, providing little company or help raising the child, she'll be constantly worried that he's in danger, she doesn't want to quit her meaningful, interesting job helping a candidate she believes in get elected governor, she loves her house and doesn't want to move to a navy base where she knows no one, and she knows Jones isn't happy about the idea of marrying her, either. These are objective problems, not misunderstandings. Of course in the end she loves him, so she does marry him, quit her job, and move to be near him, but to me that's not a convincingly happy ending. Given the things that Melody says she wants and cares about, what are the chances she's going to be happy living in crappy military housing waiting around for a guy who will be around maybe 30 days a year? And why is it always the woman who sacrifices everything to be with the man? I'm pretty tired of that message.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-17 01:28

    This book started out strongly and actually finished okay, but in the middle it failed! Melody, the heroine, started out as such a great character, and then deteriorated into such a selfish, whiny, pig-headed b*tch that I never recovered any respect for her. *******Spoiler Alert*******I liked Cowboy, and I respected that he didn't instantly fall in love with Melody, but was willing to do what was right. I dislike the "hidden pregnancy/baby" storyline. There are circumstances where it makes sense, but this one didn't. Her repeated refusal to even consider allowing Cowboy to have anything to do with his own son just galled me. There was some poignancy at the end, but not enough to redeem the heroine or the book in my eyes.

  • Jonetta
    2019-04-23 17:36

    Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was on the SEAL team assigned to rescue three embassy workers from a country taken over by terrorists. Melody Evans was one of the three and from the moment Cowboy showed up, she had absolute trust that he would save her life. Following the rescue, they were inseparable for days until it was time for her to return to her life in Appleton, Massachusetts and she ended it, knowing what they had wouldn't last. Seven months later, Cowboy shows up in Appleton, not having been able to forget Melody. To his surprise, he discovers she's pregnant with his child and committed to raising this child alone. He begins his mission to prove that they need to marry for the sake of this child. There are two stories here, the first and last halves of the book. The first was fantastic, with an exciting operation surrounding the rescue of Melody and her co-workers. It’s always great to see the SEAL teams in action. The chemistry between Melody and Cowboy was powerful and the pages sizzled with that connection. However, I don’t understand why Brockmann omitted Cowboy and Melody's post rescue interlude, granted it was revisited in some detail. The second half was laborious as we waited for Melody to meet Cowboy at least halfway. He made extreme sacrifices and she made him prove himself over and over again. On one hand, I understood Melody's reluctance to succumb to Cowboy since they really hadn't had an opportunity to "know" each other. On the other hand, you reach a point where you commit to try if you say you want the best for your child. Her stubbornness was maddening, to the extent where I almost wanted him to walk away. Bottom line, though, I enjoyed the book even if the second half made it weaker. Cowboy is so appealing and sexy and handsome and…well I digress. I liked Melody but she drove me nuts. Maybe it was the hormones. My rating is based on the strength of the first half.

  • Yz the Whyz
    2019-05-09 00:52

    I finished this in one sitting. I picked the book up just before bedtime and ending up staying until early morning.It's typical, feel-good fluff that I expect from Brockmann's writing style. I like the SEAL hero in this book, and the heroine started out strong for me. However, the reason, I give it only three stars, is that somewhere in the middle I got tired of the conflict. I think the reasons the female was given for not accepting the hero's marriage proposal got weaker and weaker, and although that is probably meant to be, I think it got "squeezed" out far too long.Still, it was a good read, and I did not regret staying up for it.

  • Genny Moore
    2019-05-04 01:52

    Cute little romance novel. Leaves you wondering though...Do Navy SEALS take their dress whites EVERYWHERE with them? "Gee, I'm going to an unnamed country to rescue hostages, better take my dress whites!" or "Going to go see a girl I had relations with and want to get lucky, better take dress whites!" (I figure there must be a top secret government laundry bag in their somewhere to keep those uniforms white and unwrinkled!)

  • Amafle
    2019-04-19 01:32

    Me gustan historias como esta en donde los hombres no temen llorar.

  • Anita
    2019-05-17 17:38

    The beginning and the ending are 5 star. The middle... lacked a lot for me. Overall it was a good book, not as good as the previous books, but still a good book. I especially liked that in this book SB wrote about the actual SEAL mission.Melody is an Administrative Assistant for an Ambassador in some armpit middle eastern country whose government has been overthrown. She and two others are being held hostage and SEAL Team 10 Alpha Squad is sent to the rescue. Cowboy Harlen Jones is tasked with the convincing the hostages to go. Melody instantly trusts Jones, the other two have their doubts. Melody and Jones really, really hit it off and end up spending the next 6 days in bed. After that Melody says had a great time, so-long to Jones. Fast forward 7 months and Jones decides that he still has a thing for Melody, contacts her, she rebuffs him, he shows up in her hometown and she is...very pregnant. Jones does the math and decides it is his baby. The rest of the book Jones is trying to get Melody to marry him.

  • Amy
    2019-05-01 23:52

    I almost put this book down half-read because I disliked Melody so much. She was fine in the beginning, but her deciding she knew more about Harlan's feelings than Harlan got to be really, really annoying and repetitive. The only reason I kept going was because because it's part of a series.

  • Monique Atgood
    2019-05-17 00:40

    When parrot breeders have a pair that won’t mate, they take them out of their warm comfortable cages, put them together inside a dog carrier, and drive them around in a car for about a half hour. When the birds go back inside their familiar cage, they will immediately dive into the nesting boxes, and furiously begin making babies.Same thing for people. Put two people who are attracted to each other in a scary, “I’m gonna die!” situation, have them rescued, then their first inclination is to imitate the parrots. Some might say it’s ‘embracing their 2nd chance at life’, or finding a way to ‘alleviate the adrenalin overload’, but the fact is, near death experiences bring out the lust in people.The heroine and the hero experience this phenomena, when he as a Navy Seal rescues the heroine who was a hostage in an embassy that had been taken over by terrorists. They experienced it for six days to be exact, and enjoyed it throughly. Problem is, the heroine discovered after saying her ‘good bye and good luck’ speech that she had a baby on the way from the ‘life celebration’.The hero missed her, and went to visit the heroine in her hometown, and discovered to his shock her condition about 7 months later. He, being a real HERO and a decent man, immediately got on his dress whites, visited the town jeweler to buy a ring, and proposed marriage. Then he got the shock of his life. Heroine didn’t want to marry just for the child. She had some IMO convoluted thinking that she needed normalcy in her life and didn’t want to spend her life worrying about whether her man would come home from a mission or if it’d be in a body bag. She was also correctly worried that all the feelings she had about the hero were only based on sex. She thought they wouldn’t have a relationship or relate to each other, since they’re only experiences together were a) in utter terror- convinced they were about to die, or b) in the sack. This is where the novel veers into standard romance territory, and they grow slowly to trust and love each other.The first third of the book reads like a suspense book, with daring escapes, knife fights, and danger everywhere. The last 2/3rd of the book, have the feel of a Harlequin. Admittedly, the hero flubbed up his initial marriage proposals:1) “It’s just that, well, let me put it this way. I can think of far worse things that spending the rest of my life married to you.”2) “I’m not going to marry you,” she interrupted. “I don’t want to marry you!”His voice rose despite his intentions to stay calm. “Yeah, well, honey, I’m not that excited abou tit myself.” He took a deep breath and when he spoke again his voice was softer. “But it’s the right thing to do.”3) “Mel, you gotta marry me. This isn’t just about you and me anymore.”Finally, he came up with:QUOTE:(Hero explaining his feelings)“I found out today that wanting and needing aren’t the same thing. Need’s a lot about sex, isn’t it? Not really. Because today I needed you more than I’ve ever needed anyone, and you were there for me.” He forced a smile. “And what do you know? We had our clothes on the entire time.”I enjoyed this book. It’s sleek and has just the right amount of action and romance, so I can see why it’s one of the author’s most popular books.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2019-05-12 23:44

    It started well, with a first chapter or prologue, action-packed and showing lots of potential for great interactions between Melody and Harlan. However it all went to the drain from the second chapter onwards.This second chapter started 7 months later when he tried to get in touch with her, got rebuffed, went there to see her and realize she's pregnant.Of course, what did he do? He immediately offered to do his duty, that was getting married so that the baby would not be illegitimate - that particular trope in contemporary romance irritates me to no end and from an author whom I know to be modern and open-minded as Suzanne Brockmann, this was even more disappointing. On the other hand, Melody (sorry, I can't call her the heroine, as I ended up blowing, puffing and getting angry every time she appeared on a page) decided that she wanted only an everyday guy as her husband, so she refused the marriage offer. And also she felt like a beached whale and he could not possibly really want her because she had unwillingly trapped him by getting pregnant. She refused ALL discussions until the very end, way way too late. And even when she should be delivering her baby, she ended up behaving like a stubborn spoiled child willing to have all her tantrums realized. There's only a few scenes that I liked in this book, which related to the Fincom training program and to Andy, the 12 yo just arrived in the foster home. The one that showed Cowboy's reaction to the child's trying to buy cigarettes and beer really made me smile.Last thing, except for this first chapter/prologue, there was NO action, no suspense, no nothing, but bad romance between a not-too-bright but nice guy and a stupid idiot. Honestly that was one of the only 2 TDD books I had not read before and I really could have done without.

  • Marielle
    2019-05-10 22:42

    This is a fast read (1 afternoon) and so far my favorite out of the four books in this series i've read. Miss Brockman sure knows how to write good heroes. I really loved the beginning in the ambassy. And I also really liked that in this story there wasn't a proposal after the couple having known each other only one week during stressful time, like the first books in this series. I don't really apreciate the secret baby card, but I do like it that they got to know eachother for an extended period of time. It felt more real than the other books in this series i've read. Reading the reviews for this book, I realized that the realistic aspect I liked, was just what seemed to put some other people off. It may not be typical romance stuff that Melody didn't want Jones because he wasn't a regular guy. But let's be real, it's no fun to be married to someone who is away most of the time and no fun for kids to be moving around all the time. So it's entirely understandable that she resisted him as long as she possibly could. She wasn't whining, she was being strong like she would have to be to be married to a guy that could die at any time. With respect to the baby. I can forgive het for not tracking him down in the beginning. But when he did call her, it was wrong to not tell him then. And it wasn't necessary for the story. But as i've discovered, miss brockmann's heroines aren't as well developped as her heroes and therefore I rarely care for them like I do for the heroes.

  • Anja
    2019-04-27 22:26

    This was different. The book before Frisco's Kid was already different, but this one was different from the different, which doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. I really liked Frisco's Kid and this one started good too, but I have too admit forced some annoying things on me through the course of the story. Well, you got thrown into the story right away and I thought we gonna experience the whole rescue mission, throughtout the story Jones and Melody would get together. BUT instead we got the get together in the beginning and through the rest of the book we got the back together. Which - again - wasn't bad at all, but at some point it got a bit repetive and the whole "Marry me." and "I can do this alone." thing got annoying.This book was published in 2004, it's the 20th century, there's no reason to marry someone just because there's a baby is on the way. It's not the right thing to do as Jones and every other SEAL claimed it to be. The baby can have a name and father without a piece of paper. But even if I can understand Melody that she didn't wanna marry a SEAL, but forcing Jones out of the responsibilty was stupid too. Yes, you can raise a kid alone, but this guy wanna be father so take it.Besides that nothing really happened in the book, besides the long journey of them getting back together. In the end Melody obeyed to the SEAL living they lived happily ever after being married with a kid.

  • Melinda
    2019-05-01 20:33

    My opinion of the story hasn't changed since I first read the book about 2 years ago - the heroine Melody was needlessly and relentlessly stupid about Jones, the SEAL who knocked her up after rescuing her from terrorists. But I liked the narrator Maia Guest's treatment of the characters, and - maybe it's the moon - found myself weepy near the end when even he gives up on himself and her, and walks away. This is another of those frothy bits of fluff - short and sweet and satisfying (except for when you want to strangle the stubbornly stupid heroine). Yeah, he comes back and they finally get married and have a HEA - what did you think?? It's not romance unless they get the HEA!

  • Erin Greeno
    2019-05-04 01:55

    I usually love Brockman's navy seal boys. I like to think of the tall, dark, and handsome series as "troubleshooter lite". But this book just annoyed me... No wait melody annoyed me. I also didn't think Jones reaction upon learning she was pregnant was realistic. I would have been pissed if I was him. And she never apologized for trying to completely cut him out of his child's life. She was rude, mean, and heartless. She had no reason to be so against him or his desire to be in his child's life. I still enjoy the series... Something I can read for a quick navy man fix. I'll probably read the the rest of the series but in honest this series will never match up to Troubleshooter!

  • Yancee9
    2019-05-07 18:36

    2.5 stars. Almost stopped at 70%, but pushed through. Yes to Harlan Jones! No to Melody! Stupid, stubborn, defensive heroine. In one part, she gets mad?! at the SEAL for shouting orders at her while he tries to take down armed burglars: "Melody had just stood there, staring at him. She hadn’t even ducked for cover. She just stood there, a target, ready to be knocked over or shot full of lead if that bastard had gotten hold of his revolver." Get me out of this book please. 2 stars up to 80%. Bonus star for a strong finish and the Andy and Harvard supporting characters.

  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    2019-05-08 18:28

    Bukan Pria Biasa memang tentang bukan pria biasa... tentang Harlan "Cowboy" Jones sang Navy SEALS yang terkenal playboy, namun akhirnya bertekuk lutut saat mengenal Melody dalam sebuah episode pembebasan sandera... Pertemuan singkat yang ternyata "membuahkan hasil" tanpa disadari Cowboy, berusaha ditutupi sekuat tenaga oleh Melody. Saat Cowboy mengetahuinya, sekuat tenaga pula ia berusaha merebut kembali hati Melody. Penokohan yang kuat dan cerita yang sederhana namun dijamin bikin penasaran... Navy SEALS series memang harus di- "collect them all"... :)

  • Lola
    2019-05-02 19:50

    This book is really sweet. It is true that most of the book they weren't together together, but still.. I could understand the reasons and because of it it felt ok.

  • Lynne
    2019-05-07 18:52

    I loved how dedicated Cowboy is to marriage, but Melody is a bit over the top about refusing.

  • Hina
    2019-05-13 23:47

    3.5 Stars!

  • Anna Marie
    2019-04-22 20:46

    I love this book. LOVE this book. And at the same time? I despise this book. It's the STUPIDEST book. But I keep reading it, and reading it...We have Melody, who is smart and strong and spunky - who is in a Middle Eastern hostage situation at an Embassy. She disguises herself as a man. She talks sense to her fellow captives. She complies with all military orders. She walks MILES in new shoes - bleeding at the heels, and not making a noise. Then she gets knocked up, and is suddenly SOOOOOO helpless, she needs a big, bad SEAL to get her crackers, for the love of Pete. When the SEAL (that she wants GONE) enlists her sister's help in letting him stay (and up close and personal, at that)... she doesn't leave. She would *LEAVE*. She'd walk. She wouldn't let anyone cow her. Except she's not herself, after the first two chapters. Which DRIVES me CR-AZY.But...! I love Jones. Ugly as shit (Costner handsome? That's a totally incongruous statement...), but SO relentless, he made me fall for him. I'd rather fall for Nils or Senior Chief or even Karmody, but noooo. I have to like Jones. I irritate myself for liking this MESS of a book. Which is... good. It's a good book. Aside from the strong/weak flip-flop Mel is. I like this book.

  • Romance
    2019-05-18 21:37

    I loved this book the first time I read it. I still enjoyed it this time around but not as much. I think it bogged down too much in every day monotonous life. The first time I read it I thought the heroine blew hot cold and while this I think at times she was stubborn and arbitrary, I could see the logic of not wanting to be tied to someone just for the sake of propriety. However, she wasn’t in love with someone else and marriage to him would make her life as a new Mom easier so it was like she protested too much....

  • Nancy
    2019-05-18 01:26

    Add me to Team Cowboy. He was almost too good to be true. But dang Melody got on my nerves - she was with him for 6 days and how many times did she have to say "she KNEW him well enough to know this wasn't what he wanted". Give it up girl - any man who will camp out in your backyard for weeks deserves a chance!!!

  • Arch
    2019-04-21 01:28

    In my opinion Harlan "Cowboy" Jones was Suzanne's first draft of Sam(Texas, nickname, navy seal, wanting to do the right thing and marry Melody, because she is pregnant) But of course, he is not my baby Sam Starrett.

  • Gisela
    2019-05-09 23:50

    3.5 stars

  • Sandra Patiño
    2019-05-13 17:53

    Una entretenida historia, voy por la que sigue.

  • ♥ Vonda M. Reid ♥
    2019-05-17 01:43

    Overall Rating: 3.90Action: 3.2 / Emotion: 3.5 / Romance: 3.2 / Sensuous: 1.3 / Suspense: 2.7 // Laughter: 2 / Giggles: 0 // Tears: 1 / Teary: 0Everyday, Average Jones: 3.90:While this book showcased Brockmann's {1} excellent storytelling skills, {2} her ability to write superb, interesting, fun dialogue, and {3} creating intriguing, well-written characters, this story just seemed to drag at times. Although Brockmann had plenty of entertaining side story events running through the plot, the fact that Melody was constantly rejecting Cowboy just got old and tiresome.Hero: 3.9:U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Harlan "Cowboy" Jones, Jr.: Although this hot, muscled, handsome, charming, SEAL got to strut his stuff in the first two chapters of the book, his personality was not as multi-faceted and well-developed as I would have liked. He was the only one working towards a happily-ever-after ending.Heroine: 2.1:Melody "Mel" Evans: Originally revealed as a quick-thinking (disguised herself as a man), intelligent (compared to her fellow hostages), brave (facing her demise by writing a final letter to her sister), and stalwart (doesn't complain on the two-day trek through a war-torn county) heroine, but her repeated rejections of Cowboy made her unlikeable.Story Line: 2.5:Although the details about the people inhabiting the small, gossip-ridden town of Appleton, Massachusetts was entertaining and the inclusion of twelve-year-old Andy Marshall into the story helped, the unexpected pregnancy troupe is just not my cup of tea.Action: 3.2:The book opened with an excellently written, entertaining action scene. The rest of the book revolved around Cowboy's everyday efforts to convince Melody that he was an ordinary enough guy for her to consider his marriage proposal.Emotion: 3.5:Even though there were tearful and laugh out loud moments, Brockmann failed to deliver that strong, deeply emotional connection between her readers and the protagonists that she usually brings to her stories.Romance: 3.2:The romance aspect of the story floundered, even though Cowboy managed to spend an inordinate amount of time with Melody despite her tendency to run and hide. The romantic aspect to the story was, basically, generated by Cowboy's and Melody's desire for the other as they remembered those six sexcapade days they spent together seven months ago.Sensuous: 1.3:The sensuality in the book was revealed through Cowboy's and Melody's memories about the heat and desire that flared between them during those six days they spent together. Brockmann did a great job of giving readers that degree of sensuality required in a romance book through those remembrances . . . because the one actual on-page love scene was very understated and, literally, in the dark.Suspense: 2.7:Suspenseful moments were briefly inserted into the story, but mostly this was just a Contemporary Romance story.Secondary Characters: 4.3:The book was greatly enriched by the appearance of several well-written, intriguing secondary characters added into the story. The interesting characters from Appleton included: {1} Brittany "Britt" Evans, Mel's sister; {2} Andrew "Andy" Marshall, the foster boy that lived next door to the Evans; {3} Estelle Warner, gossip extraordinare; and {4} Peggy Rogers, Estelle's sidekick. The members of Alpha Squad, in all their male camaraderie-type interactions, included: {1} Captain Joe "Cat" Catalanotto; {2} Lieutenant [Carter] "Blue" McCoy; {3} Senior Chief Daryl "Harvard" Becker; {4} [Luke] Lucky O'Donlon; {5} Wesley "Wes" [Skelly]; and {6} Bobby [Taylor]. A more in-depth, detailed, spoiler-ridden review of Everyday, Average Jones appears at Wolf Bear Does Books.

  • NV
    2019-04-18 22:51

    Good storyGood story with the amazing Seal team. Great to catch up with everyone and see how their lives are changing.