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Bury Me with My Pearls is a real-life, roller-coaster ride of laughter, tears, and stomach-churning truths by a professional speaker, humorist, and singer who, as Miss South Carolina, represented her state in the Miss America pageant and has been singing, speaking, and writing ever since. Incorporating the analogy of pearls, this book uses humor and spiritual principles toBury Me with My Pearls is a real-life, roller-coaster ride of laughter, tears, and stomach-churning truths by a professional speaker, humorist, and singer who, as Miss South Carolina, represented her state in the Miss America pageant and has been singing, speaking, and writing ever since. Incorporating the analogy of pearls, this book uses humor and spiritual principles to bravely address difficult issues many in her audiences encounter within changing roles, self-actualization, and families.Bury Me with My Pearls addresses the importance of how to guard the countless gifts given by our Lord and that doing the right thing is the right thing, regardless of our feelings or circumstances. It is about trusting God in all things and how he can turn our irritants into to pearls. Bury Me with My Pearls encourages us to develop our pearls, protect our jewels, carefully wear them next to our hearts, and share with others. All of this with a good splash of humor.Explore how to walk in love while pruning the family tree in an environment filled with difficult people and how God's power is released when learning to trust Him, to embrace the lessons being taught, and to grow spiritually no matter how painful. Like the process of the pearl, so many women need to find and embrace their buried treasures....

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  • Timothy Burns
    2019-05-20 11:00

    Pearls of great value start as an annoying speck of sandEveryone knows that oysters create pearls when a grain of sand gets into the heart of the creature, and causes an unavoidable irritation. The oyster responds by coating the grain with layer after of layer of beautiful, opalescent crust. The result of the oyster's trial is coveted by jewelry stores and well dressed women across the globe. The trial becomes beauty, and Jane Jenkins Herlong's book described the bits of sand she's carried, and how God turned these trials into beauty. She will be buried with her pearls, but not until this master of southern humor and story-telling wears them around her neck for all to see.Bury Me with my Peals isn't about death, or jewelry. Jane tells stories of God's creative beauty most clearly visible through the trials. From a bare foot teen to a high heels beauty queen, Jane earned and learned her pearls on her journey from her daddy's share cropping farmhouse to the Miss America Pageant's runway. This book will bless you.

  • Lis Ann - The Indigo Quill
    2019-05-21 08:48

    See full review @ The Indigo QuillThank you Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Jane Jenkins Herlong is a bona fide pearl to add to your strand of inspiration. Very much like Melanie Shankle and Mandy Hale, Herlong brings humor and wit to the scene, even in the most desperate situations. If you're in need of a little perspective, then this book is for you. The book opens up with Herlong's "Mothers of Pearl" where the reader is introduced to the ones who inspired the author throughout her life, planting seeds that grew into [spiritual] fruit that determined several situations in her life.It doesn't take long to get to know Herlong in Bury Me With My Pearls. She is very open, candid, and has no fear of becoming acquainted with her reader. She takes us through several situations throughout her book of stories about not just her, but of people in her life that added to her strand of pearls. Each story is unique, and comes with its own set of problems and out-of-ordinary solutions that will have you laughing and crying along with them. You will take quite the joy ride through this book, and hopefully you will be left encouraged and inspired as well.The format of the book is easy to read and easily organized to fit a busy schedule. Each segment is broken up into chapters and subchapters that are short and sweet, but rich in impact. There are only 8 chapters in this book. You will also find plenty of resources in the back to hook you up with more of Herlong's ministry.The only thing that was missing from my galley was an author bio. It's possible that it's included in the hard copy of the book, but I didn't have access to it at the time. However, I wanted to learn more about the author and was unable to. Definitely, if you need a laugh, some encouragement, and a dose of inspiration (so basically, if you are a breathing human being with a soul), then you need to pick up this book. You won't regret it!

  • Annette
    2019-06-13 13:33

    This woman is a Southern woman. The customs, speech patterns and values are very small town Southern.I love it. I grew up in Texas. And a good portion of what Ms Herlong describes are things very familiar.She writes about life growing up in a small town atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone, and she was related to a good number of the neighbors. She loves the people and the place and the time. That love comes through to the reader.We learn about her family and the things her Mother taught her. And the things that her second Mother, Tootie, taught her are included. And what she learned from competing for Miss America. She shares what she has learned giving inspirational talks to groups all over the south. From those groups she has gathered friends who appreciate what she says.There is humor in her stories. She also tells us stories which illustrate Christian ethics. We are reminded how to treat one another and how to love one another. Even when someone is not lovable, we need to love them, for our own good.In fact most of this book is about learning what is for our own good. We can find peace and happiness in the simple things. These are things like family and laughter and love.The book is difficult to describe other than a memoir which brings the reader into warmth and comfort. Ms Herlong is aware of her strength and her weakness and she shares both with the reader.I recommend this book to anyone who wants a read which is particularly good at Christmas time but would be entertaining at anytime.

  • Roxanne
    2019-05-24 08:39

    Bury Me with My Pearls is a perky humorous reflection of the author's life beginning as a child in low country South Carolina and continuing throughout her adulthood. She uses the analogy of pearls to illustrate different seasons in ones life. Beautiful pearls that every Southern lady has to have. Those pearls in our life are ones that God has created after, for many women, many trials and tribulations. The book is filled with numerous hilarious accountings of events that occurred in the authors own life. She then shares how God worked in her life for good, and, thus, can work positively in others lives. This book was cute and funny. The stories did make me laugh. It was light-hearted, a feel-good book. Quick read. I did feel, however, that the flow was choppy. I thought there was a disconnect throughout the book as the author told story after story and tried to connect real meaning to the stories. For me, it needed more balance. Overall, the stories themselves are well worth the read. I received this ebook free from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina's in exchange for my honest review.

  • Terra
    2019-05-23 08:33

    This is a very funny book filled with tips on leading a more joyful life, encouragement in difficult situations (which the author calls “dark pearls”), humor involving being a beauty queen and a true Southern gal, and handling sad family situations. When she faced a family member who hates her, she prayed, cried, and believed at first that by acting as a Christian the relationship would heal. When it didn’t she shares “mend your fences before the stampede” and learn to establish boundaries for safety. Many of her anecdotes paint funny word pictures, like when she rides in a parade as a beauty queen, on the hood of her mama’s car, and falls right off. She is quick to laugh at herself and give us the giggles.

  • Donna McBroom-Theriot
    2019-05-20 10:02

    Being a Southern girl and someone who wouldn't be caught dead without her pearls, I just had to read this book when I saw the title. Not familiar with this author, I was enthralled by her ability to make you laugh and cry and then laugh again.Jane Jenkins Herlong is an amazing writer and I loved the way she wove scripture into her stories and ended each story with a moral lesson. You will be inspired by the book and maybe even a better person for having read it. I highly recommend reading Bury Me With My Pearls and it's worth every one of the five stars I'm giving it.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. See more at

  • Phyllis Freeman
    2019-06-08 15:52

    Bury Me With My Pearls by Jane (Jenkins) HerlongIf you are looking for a book which will instruct you in the Christian walk and give you a chuckle on the side, my recommendation is to read this book.The author understands the woman who has excelled in the world’s view and still feels the need of God’s wisdom and guidance. Truth is shared with gentleness. “Our life’s work should be crafting a strand of pearls that represents all the fruit of the Spirit,” she states. Through stories and humor, Herlong enlightens us so our pearls shine and reflect God’s glory. I’ll read and refer to this book again. I was given this book free for my honest review.

  • Jessica Bernard
    2019-06-11 10:44

    Bury Me With My Pearls was a pleasant surprise - not being what I had initially anticipated from the drawing's description! As I began reading, I found myself laughing audibly in my livingroom within the first 2 pages. After reading the series of short stories about Jane Jenkins Herlong's life adventures I feel enlightened. There are various ways to look at and deal with things - things that will become pearls along your strand. Your life, truly, is what you make of it! Thank you for such a great read.

  • Beth
    2019-05-28 12:47

    James 1:2-3 says “Count it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” Jane Jenkins Herlong uses humor to teach spiritual truths. I don’t often laugh out loud when reading a humorous book, but this one had me cackling quite frequently. I even had to interrupt my husband’s reading so I could share some of the funny incidents. This book shows us a wonderful way in which we can use humor in the face of trials and to laugh at ourselves. The scripture references at the end of each vignette fit each perfectly.

  • Debra Oehlberg
    2019-06-08 15:43

    Being a true Southerner, I loved this book. I enjoyed reading about living through life experiences as a true lady with grace. I was kind of irked about the Debra in the book being the beauty queen irritant, as that is my first name (SMILE!), but the point was well-taken that we should take others' successes to move forward to make our own. Good for all ages, although I think that women would enjoy more. The humor made me laugh and enhanced my mood.

  • Diana
    2019-05-21 09:38

    Wisdom delivered with Southern grace, charm and humor. This enjoyable book will have you laughing at situations that we can all identify with. Well, maybe not the being in pageants part- but the types of people she encountered there and in everyday life. Even toxic family is a chapter in this book. A cup of tea, a warm fire and you have a perfect evening read that may even help you with a situation or two of your own. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

  • Sally Harvey
    2019-05-28 15:38

    I enjoyed reading this book. I got lots of chuckles and it really made me think about how I react to certain situations.It made me realize that life is what you make of it through our own reactions. You can be angry or just use humor to make the best of things.Jane Jenkins is making the best of live.

  • Hyacinth
    2019-06-08 10:57

    This book was so good! The pearls of wisdom peppered with so much laughter was just what I needed. There was so much truth in this book. t There were times I just had to exhale and nod my head in agreement. I will definitely read it again and again!

  • Tianne Shaw
    2019-05-29 16:38

    I received a copy vis First Reads. This book will give me constant leads to speaking jobs I do. It will be well read and used. Loved it so much I read a bit a day to give me a break away to think.

  • Mrs. Cubby Culbertson
    2019-06-17 08:41


  • Meaghan
    2019-06-03 09:38

    This authors stories were so endearing and her message very clear. I loved this book!

  • Kathleen Mixon
    2019-06-16 11:32

    I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone that likes short stories that have good messages.

  • Sweetpea
    2019-06-10 14:43

    I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads Program in exchange for an honest review. Inspiring and humorous, a great read.