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What goes on tour, stays on tour … or does it?Few people know that socially awkward Adrian Hart is actually rock god Kent Downer, and that's the way Adrian likes it. His privacy is essential, especially now that he has guardianship of his orphaned, ten-year-old niece, Kate. But when the nanny quits in the middle of his tour Adrian finds himself in a bind.Until Libby MylesWhat goes on tour, stays on tour … or does it?Few people know that socially awkward Adrian Hart is actually rock god Kent Downer, and that's the way Adrian likes it. His privacy is essential, especially now that he has guardianship of his orphaned, ten-year-old niece, Kate. But when the nanny quits in the middle of his tour Adrian finds himself in a bind.Until Libby Myles walks into his life.Libby has only ever wanted to become a full-time author and prove to her parents that she can make it on her own. On the surface, the temporary job as the nanny for Kent Downer's niece looks perfect—the pay is fabulous, the hours are short and Kate is a big fan—it's the rock star that's the issue.Arrogant and way too attractive for anyone's good, Kent Downer has enough swagger to power a small city. But when he's out of costume he's different—shy and uncertain. For Libby it's a far harder combination to resist. She needs to find a balance between work, writing and ignoring her attraction to the rock star, because if she falls for him, it could mean the end of her dream. But when a horrible scandal is unleashed—putting young Kate in danger—there's more heat between Libby and Adrian than just sexual attraction. Libby must figure out if Adrian ever cared for her, or if it was all just part of the show …...

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What Goes on Tour Reviews

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-19 20:37

    This was completely enjoyable. Once I started I just couldn’t put it down. I’m a huge sucker for rock stars so I was immediately drawn to this. I loved Adrian/Kent. And he was in a unique situation. After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, Adrian became the guardian to his 10 year old niece. And Kate was awesome. So much fun. Often times in books, kids come off as plot devices that do nothing but keep the couple apart. They are a reason why they can’t spend time together. But in this case Kate was what brought them together. I secretly love it when one of the main characters is an author. It’s like we get a secret behind the scenes scoop of what an author goes through to write a book. And I loved it that Libby got Kate into writing and talked her through writing her own story. My only complaint about this was that we didn’t get to see Libby actually read Kate’s story. I would have loved to see her reaction to it. Overall, this was such an enjoyable book. It drew me out of a book funk when nothing else appealed and I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

  • Sabrina
    2019-05-12 23:58

    3.5 StarsAdrian Hart is a caring uncle who has guardianship over his niece, Kate. He's loving and fun and fun and goes out of his way to make sure Kate wants for nothing. Kent Downer is the complete opposite, he is the quiet rockstar that makes women's panties melt. They're the same guy, though.When Adrian's nanny quits suddenly he has to rush to find a new nanny while Kent is on tour. He finds the perfect fit in Kate's new friend, author Libby Myles. Libby and Kent met while on a talk show and she comforted him when he panicked after the lights went out. It was like fate when the two met up and again at her book signing, and Kate adored her within the first minute. Libby is struggling financially so she jumps on the opportunity of becoming Kate's nanny. She just never realized how hard it would be to keep her hands off the charming uncle/hottie rockstar.I loved this story and how sweet Adrian was with Kate and Libby. He invested everything he had in taking care of his niece and making sure that she wouldn't be hurt in the future like she was when her parent's died. He sheltered her from his life as a rockstar and and gave her anything she wanted, within reason. Which included the new, sexy, irresistible nanny. He didn't want to trust Libby or hire her but gave in for Kate's sake and it was the best decision of his life.I liked the two sides of Adrian, even though we didn't see too much of Kent. He had a troubled past but it made him try even harder to protect Kate from anything that would hurt her. Libby was great with Kate and I liked how she was so patient with Kate's writing and questions. She was pursuing her dream of writing and I loved that she wasn't giving up even when she wasn't the most successful. Adrian and Libby couldn't fight the attraction for long and it was wonderful when they finally got together. This was a great story that had some angst but nothing too over the top. I liked the characters and the sweetness of the story. It was a light read that went by pretty fast. I did want more of Libby's background because I felt like we only got glimpses, but that was my only issue. I thought it was great how this was a story about a rockstar but the celebrity part was pushed into the background and more of the focus was on the normal side of Kent.

  • Desere
    2019-05-14 19:34

    Most rock-star's faces are so well known they cannot even walk into a supermarket, they will be smothered by fans.So when the rock-star Aiden , in this read hides his real identity it is completely understandable. The privacy of course also helps since he has now become guardian to his ten year old niece, who by the way folks is as cute as a button! However he still does require a nanny to take care of ten year old Kate when he does go on tour, and in this lies his current dilemma, the nanny quits! This is where the read moves onto Libby, all she has ever wanted to be is a successful author, but with that only being a dream on the horizon she decides taking the job of nanny to Kate is seems the perfect solution out of her temporary slump, writing will still be there tomorrow.But her job does not prove to be all delightful song and dance, Aiden is one heck of a distraction and almost impossible to live with. But soon she finds herself not only in his bed but trying to understand why this arrogant man wants her in his bed and his life on a permanent basis, that just doesn't sound right at all. I really enjoyed this read, it was fun, fresh and exciting. The read did seem to start out just a little too slow like it was going to drag out and take quite a long while to get up to speed, but after a few chapters the author really got going and everything started blending very nicely.Books about rock-stars have been done before and most of them show a clear message about how we all need to remember that rock-stars are actual people and not the give the fans what they want puppets. This read was no different, however the author brought the message home with much more intensity, I could actually pick up on just how much emotion the author put into this book. There was also the added message of when someone loves you they do so unconditionally, they accept you for who you are simply because they love you and cannot live with you, do not question it, just go with it. Very heartfelt read, I recommend this read for anyone who enjoys romance reads set against a musical backdrop.4.5 star review " She just got front row seats to the tour of love"

  • namericanwordcat
    2019-05-03 02:36

    This book made me a bit batty I loved the idea of a stage persona for the hero and a shy off stage persona. The hero is great uncle and the kid is great. The heroine is pretty wonderful in personality too. Her writing life is engaging. Then, everything else is fairly lame. The lack of security made me nuts. The lack of complexity in the other characters and meanness was not enjoyable. The sudden I am going to have a 3 week affair didn't feel in tone. And the lack of communication about events as well as the heroine's deep scarring from one love event in the past. So, yeah, Not bad but not good for me.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-04-30 22:57

    A rock star and the nanny... How could I say no? I couldn't. I didn't! And I am quite pleased about that, because I might have missed this sweet little gem otherwise. Adrian Hart values his privacy. Shy, quiet and a little anxious, it's only when he's in costume as his alter-ego, superstar Kent Downer, that he has the rock star swagger his fans know and love. But Adrian isn't just a rock god; he's also uncle and guardian to his 10 year old niece, Kate. When her nanny leaves unexpectedly, he needs to find someone he can trust, fast... That someone is Libby Myles. All she wants is to be a full-time writer. With flexible hours allowing her time to write, and excellent pay solving her financial woes, the job is ideal for Libby. Except scandal comes looking for Kent and Kate, putting all three of them in jeopardy. Can the attraction between Libby and her employer survive the fallout, or will Libby be left licking her wounds?What Goes on Tour was a very fun, very easy-to-read book. It ebbed along nicely, a total page-turner, and was a little different to what I am used to. There is no crazy, dirty sex here. Oh, don't get me wrong, the chemistry between Adrian and Libby is noticeably steamy, but this one is definitely cleaner than most. Claire Boston does an excellent job of tastefully and sweetly bringing these two characters together.She also excels clearly delineating between Libby's attraction to Adrian and her (almost) distain for Kent. It's almost like they're two different people, and that's something a little different. I loved that Adrian wasn't all growly-Alpha-prick rock star without his Kent costume, instead just a normal guy trying to be the best father figure he could be in unique and somewhat heart-breaking circumstances. I would call What Goes on Tour a nice book. The characters were friendly. The story was gentle, relatively simple and very interesting. The writing was great. While I wasn't floored by it in a I-must-have-more-right-now-because-this-is-the-best-book-ever way, I found myself very invested in what happened to Libby, Adrian and Kate. And I was left with a smile on my face when all was said and done, because saying yes this rock star/nanny novel really was an excellent idea. ~ Beth, 4 stars

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-05-06 03:04

    I had big issues with this one. The set up is interesting with having an American rock star on tour in Australia, who's the loving uncle and guardian to his 10 year old niece, Kate after her parents (rock star hero's brother) die in a car crash. Adrian, who is Kent the rock star needs a new nanny for his niece because the nanny hit on him. Adrian isn't down with that, and after meeting up and coming children's author (or maybe teen author, that part is confusing)Libby, who is near broke even though she has success in her writing, on a talk show (He rubs her the wrong way but the bond when the lights go out and she calms him down because of his fear of the dark), he asks her to be his niece's nanny. Libby accepts because she needs the money and thinks Adrian's niece is adorable, plus she's attracted to Adrian.So Adrian, Libby and Kate become a great unit, but Adrian is always wondering if Libby is using him for the money or her meal ticket where she can get top secret information about Adrian and report it to the tabloids. Adrian has trust issues and can't have anything more permanent with Libby because he lives in Houston, TX and Libby lives in Australia.What Goes on Tour reads like a Harlequin category romance. The sensuality factor is subtle here (love scenes are fade to dark). The writing has a lot to be desired though. Adrian has his moments where his southern drawl comes out, which is stated in dialogue tags or when he says "ma'am" but it comes and go and he ends up speaking more like Libby. Kate doesn't act like a typical 10 year most of the time either. What 10 year old American girl says, "I'm going to take a rest"? Also Adrian is this big rock star but he doesn't have an entourage to speak of, other than his manager of 20 years. Libby is very wishy washy and more of a downer and someone I couldn't figure out. There's a lot of "oh woes me" from her and her past is glossed over and not deep enough.Because of the weak writing that needs better editing, and the fact the American characters don't speak or act American, along with a last minute attempt for drama that puts Adrian in a bad light, What Goes on Tour is more of the lacking rock star romances published.Overall a mundane read.

  • Melanie
    2019-05-21 01:43

    I liked this book! It takes place in Australia. Libby is an author and meets Kent Downer when they're both guests on a talk show. Kent is an American rock star and has no personality when they're in the Green Room but turns on the charm when he's in front of an audience. Something happens during the talk show which reveals one of Kent's fears and Libby helps him get through it.Then we get to know Kent as Adrian Hart who is shy and sweet and takes care of his niece, Kate, since her parents were killed in an accident. Her nanny, Emily, propositions Adrian and quits in a huff when he rejects her so he needs to find a new nanny fast. Libby is able to fill in and, since Kate is already a huge fan of her books, they become fast friends. Libby and Adrian are attracted to each other, but he and Kate will be returning to America soon so what they have is only temporary. Or is it?I liked Libby and thought she and Kate had some great scenes together. She's an author so it was fun to read about that aspect of her life. I also liked how her relationship with Adrian/Kent progressed. It was gradual and took time to develop, especially since they each started out not being impressed with the other one. Adrian's biggest rule was his privacy and when the scandal occurred, he made some rash judgments which affected his relationship with Libby. I was hoping she would fight back more but it made for more drama that she didn't.The plot was more complex than I originally thought it would be and I enjoyed it. There were some twists and turns and I knew how I wanted it to end, but wasn't sure if it would turn in that direction. This book is close to being clean but has a couple of short scenes that might go beyond some people's comfort levels. If you enjoy contemporary rock 'n roll adult romance, this is the book for you!Content: Mild language and a couple of short scenes which has some description of intimacy but nothing too graphic.Mel's Shelves

  • Jackie
    2019-05-06 00:58

    I have been on a kick lately reading contemporary romances and it just so happens this one ticked off 2 faves of mine in the genre, a rocker hero who is from Texas.Kent Downer AKA Adrian Hart or vice versa is one of those talented people whose actual persona could not for the life of him get up on stage and make an audience eat out of the palm of his hand. However once Adrian dons the makeup and clothing changing himself into Kent the rock star emerges allowing the introverted shy man to channel the cocksure attitude necessary for him to sing on stage to a huge crowd of strangers and in doing so make them his for the duration of his performance.This was one of those impulse reads that came about when it caught my eye when free on Amazon, being a lifelong Texan love to read about people or places based on the state as they always resonate with me easily.Not much Texas in the book, Adrian's drawl, a mention here and there of Houston where he lives when not on tour and that seemed to be the sum total.I liked Adrian until he decided that Libby had done something she did not, never gave her the chance to defend herself against his suspicions and in an act of haste cut her loose.Libby was sweet, kind, smart, talented and a complete pushover.Glad she finally allowed her anger to overcome her tendency to avoid standing up for herself and happy that in the end she and Adrian worked things out.Kate Hart was a total 10-year-old with an infectious bubbly personality and a finely honed sense of right and wrong. Reading her scenes filled with her enthusiasm for adventure and heartache from her nightmares made her even more lovable as a character.In most cases of rocker romances there is all out graphic scenes of bedroom antics, in this one sex was mentioned but not described and the slow boil relationship was a nice change of pace.

  • Kellie Maddox-Ward
    2019-04-27 02:50

    Claire Boston has literally smashed it out of the park on her debut novel. I saw the cover and thought HOTI read the description and went hmm I’ll give it a go. I’m sooooo glad I did. I for one gladly put my hand up as a groupie. Give me a bad boy rockstar and I’m putty in his hands. This book was not like that. And you know what? I liked it so much better for it. Adrian Hart is shy, awkward and afraid of the dark. His Alter Ego Kent Downer is everything he is not. And everything he needs to be to go on stage every night and become a rock god! As soon as he is home though, the make up comes off, the clothes change and he is just “Uncle Ade” to his beautiful 10 yr old niece, Kate. Kate’s parents died a few years ago in a car accident and Adrian has guardianship of her. She is on tour with him and his best friend/manager George. The Nanny on tour with them leaves leaving them stuck. Enter broke Author Libby Myles. She meets Kent at a TV Station and helps him when the lights black out. The next day she meets Adrian and Kate at her book signing. Kate is a huge fan! They end up at coffee and well things just go from there. Yes there is chemistry but no they do not just jump into bed together. Remember Adrian is socially awkward? Anyway! Everything they do is for Kate. But when someone threatens to take Kate away from Adrian things start to turn sour. Adrians past comes back to haunt him and he starts to blame and push Libby away. I won’t say much more than that about what happens but I will let you know we get a HEA. And it is pretty sweet! So all in all I liked this book. A different take on the rockstar life.

  • Nathaly Alvarez Jimenez
    2019-05-15 22:35

    What Goes on Tour nos cuenta la historia de Adrian Hart, socialmente incomodo quien es actualmente la estrella de rock Kevin Downer. Adrian le gusta su privacidad, por eso mantiene a su alter ego separados lo mas posible del otro. Y tambien para proteger a su sobrina Katie. Pero cuando la niñera de su sobrina lo abandona en mitad del tour, Adrian no tiene ni idea como resolverá esto. Entonces Libby Myles entra en su vida, y se ofrece para el trabajo, Kate la adora y parece adecuada ¿que impide a Adrian contratar a Libby? ¿La atracción que siente hacia ella? Primero vamos a decir que los protagonistas son insoportables, la trama es cliché y la sinopsis promete una estrella de rock arrogante en tour y no nos da nada de eso. Estoy decepcionada porque esperaba una autora valiente e interesante que conoce a un arrogante cantante con un pasado oscuro y un alter ego bastante tranquilo, pero no. Nos dieron a la débil patética Libby y al tímido desconfiado Adrian, así que se pueden imaginar mi disgusto mientras leía. Lo único que se salva de esta historia es el personaje de Kate, porque es adorable y siempre esta ahí alegrando cada vez que Adrian o Libby arruinan algo.

  • Kristiej
    2019-05-23 02:51

    I was kind of disappointed with this book. It started out great and if it had stayed the way it started I would have rated it much higher. I love the idea of the hero in essence being two different people, the rock god he plays on stage and then the shy rather awkward person he is in real life. But alas, the book went downhill after the good beginning. I didn't really care for the heroine. I found Libby to be a bit bland and quite a bit of a doormat. And Katie, the niece didn't act like a 10 year old in any stretch of the imagination.And I'm afraid Adrian worked his way down my hero list when there was a misunderstanding and rather than wait for an explanation, he treated Libby like crap. In fact I didn't find he treated her all the great all the way through the book. He just seemed to use her when he needed her 'nanny' services and then ignored her when he didn't.While other may enjoy this book, sadly for me, not so much

  • Helen
    2019-04-23 23:45

    This is a great story it had me from the start and I just fell into it. Libby Myles is an author and wants to write full time and Adrian Hart is an American rock star singing under the name of Kent Downer and they meet on a TV talk show but Adrian has had a dreadful childhood and is very shy he also has custody of his 10 year old niece Kate who he has bought on tour to Australia, Libby helps him through a problem during the show but she leaves before he gets a chance to thank her so when Kate wants to meet Libby they turn up at a book signing Libby has and Kate and Libby hit it off. And when Kate's Nanny leaves Libby steps in to help but a scandal erupts and the sexual pull between Adrian and Libby gets stronger.This is an emotional sensual story and I loved it I highly recommend this one you won't want to put it down. The characters add so much to the story and it shows what a good love can do :)

  • Karen
    2019-05-18 03:57

    Cover & title images of the rock & roll life, right... ah not in this one, a neurotic rock star, an unloved struggling writer & child dealing with grief, mistrust drawing courage from a character she's developing.While interesting I felt for the most part emotionally detected from the characters.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-05-22 01:52

    Originally posted at Hart aka Kent Downer, is a Texas born and bred rock star whose social phobia and an abusive childhood forced him to adopt a different personality for the stage. This personality is suave, sexy, and confident in all the ways Adrian is not. Touring in Australia, Adrian finds himself in a bind when his niece’s nanny comes on to him and then quits when he refuses to sleep with her. Enter Libby Miles.Libby Miles, a semi famous youth author, first meets Adrian when they are scheduled on the same talk show. Adrian’s fears manifest during the show and Libby helps him stay grounded. They meet again at a bookstore signing and a friendship develops between Libby and Adrian’s niece, Kate. Circumstances a line and Libby becomes Kate’s nanny while Adrian finishes up his tour.Libby and Adrian fight their attraction to one another, citing employer/employee conflicts but soon decide to give into fate and indulge in one another until the tour ends. When a scandal breaks, blowing open all of Adrian’s closely guarded secrets, Libby finds herself on the outside looking in. Can Adrian see past his mistrust or will he push Libby and her love out of his life?What Goes On Tour is a mild romance contemporary about a socially awkward rock star and a semi popular youth author. The book has a strong Mills & Boons feel to it with decent if not heavily developed characters and a simplistic storyline. Predictable from the first page, the story has most of the necessary aspects to ensure you are casually entertained to the very end. While the story had a nice flow and is well written, it wasn’t an explosive romance that elicits reactions across the emotional spectrum. It’s…nice. Nice characters, nice situations, nice off scene sexual relationship. Slow to start, it isn’t until the last quarter that we see the author dig a little deeper into her characterization and storyline to give us the drama I wished we had seen throughout the entire book.The story is riddled with benign day to day scenes that don’t allow for the reader to connect to the protagonists past an entry level. The connection is told to us but not shown. The progression to love wasn’t fully explored on paper and left me feeling ambivalent. Adrian and Libby are interesting in their own rights but spend too much time second guessing themselves and each other. I did enjoy the time spent on the mechanics behind Libby’s writing career and the explanations behind Adrian/Kent metamorphosis. Both have trust issues but Adrian’s childhood and fame causes him to lay a lot of his issues at Libby’s feet. She is guilty until proven innocent. There is a faint “woe is me” attitude that permeates the story, leaving you feeling slightly sorry for the couple but also wanting them to take charge of their lives and stop being so complacent. The romance is so subtle, you aren’t really sure there is one until you see them in bed together. Sex scenes are off scene.Secondary characters add to the story but take from the romance. Kate, Adrian’s niece, is an exuberant child whose voice is too reminiscent of the adult writing her. The fact she holds so much power is determining if Adrian and Libby will even have a relationship was disconcerting. George, Adrian’s manager, holds Adrian’s ear and career in the palm of his hand but seems to drop the ball a lot when the scandal rears it’s ugly head.The ending wraps everything up and gives the readers what they wanted-a happily ever after. While I’m sure many will love this simplistic low key romance, I’m afraid I needed more oomph for my buck.Rating: C

  • Stacy Sabala
    2019-04-21 22:48

    Book Review- What Goes on Tour by Claire BostonLibby is an author and promoting her latest book. She meets Kent, the world famous American rock star on a talk show. It didn’t go well and is surprised to see him as his normal self, Adrian, when he brings his niece to her book signing. She gets invited by his niece, Kate, to the concert that night. Libby is excited to see the behind the scenes of a concert. That night Kate begs Libby for her help in writing a book. Libby, of course, agrees which leads to a job as Kate’s nanny. Libby is excited to have the job that allows her to write and hang out with Kate. Her only hesitation is Adrian. Libby is attracted to Adrian but she wants to be professional and can’t let her feelings go anywhere, besides he has made it clear that she will only be with them for the rest of the tour.Adrian is also drawn to Libby but his top priority is Kate. When they give in and start growing closer, a person from his past goes to the media. His tour erupts into a media circus with all sorts of negative press. Kate becomes his focus and his trust in Libby is shaken. Their lives blow up with the promise of never being the same.This book was a great read. The characters had a lot of depth. The storyline focused more on the characters during the rock tour instead of the rock tour itself. In fact the concerts were only mentioned really in passing except for that very first one. The storyline centered on what happened in the time around the concerts. The characters were normal people with their own issues. I liked how the reader saw them in the behind the scenes setting instead of in your face rock star fame. The author did a unique job of writing around most of Adrian’s fame as Kent. I really liked that aspect of the story. The point of interest was different from most rock star stories that concentrate on the fame. I give it a 4 out of 5.

  • Tracy
    2019-05-18 20:40

    This was a cute story. I say a solid 3-3.5 stars for me. I enjoyed reading it. It's a perfect "put you in a good mood book." This was not a hot and steamy rocker book; the physical relationship is implied, but not detailed in this story.Adrian (the shy guy) / Kent (the make-up covered arrogant rocker) has taken on the responsibility of guardian of his niece after her parents died in a car crash. Libby, the children's author, is broke and finds the perfect opportunity to earn some good money while still able to write her story by being a nanny for Adrian. A very slow relationship starts between these characters. Both wanting to make sure they were doing what's best for Kate.This is a very light read, most "issues" that arise are anticlimactic and quickly solved. Each character has their own personalities, although some were not so realistic and definitely not stereotypical. Our rocker was not a parting womanizer. He was a Texas boy, although some of the dialogue was not very "Texan" or American for that matter; I had to take a double take on some of the wording but it didn't take away from the story. Libby was cute, although one broken heart made her put up her guard. I never really got a feel for why her heart was broken in the first place, never heard anything about the ex that should have made her fall in love in the first place.I liked the story and found it a nice change from the hardcore bad boy rocker novels that are out. *ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

  • ***Cheryl***
    2019-05-08 02:37

    This isn’t your typical bad boy rock star romance read that I expected it be but what I got was a rock star who was portrayed as real man who is a family man first and foremost. The book is about Libby who is young adult author and Kent/Adrian who is rock star by night and guardian to his 10 year old niece by day. When Libby and Kent first meet on a TV show there is an instant connect between them. The pair later run in to each other again when Adrian takes Kate (his niece) to a book signing Libby is holding. Libby quickly finds herself becoming friends with both Adrian and Kate and when Adrian is in need of nanny to look after Kate, Libby offers to help out as she needs the money.This was a very quick paced read and there was lots and twists in the story that keep you hooked throughout. I love both Libby and Adrian’s characters. Adrian has been through a lot and it great to see the way he cares for Kate. He always puts her first and being the rock star second. It was also good to get an insight into life of an author through Libby’s eyes. I thought this book very refreshing read with a great original plot that made a change from your bad boy rock star romance read. The book is very well written and flows really well. This is a standalone book with HEA.Overall an enjoyable, light-hearted romance read. I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Christine
    2019-05-06 00:42

    I was really excited to read this one, but it was not what I hoped it would be. I really liked Libby. I did not like Adrian. I really hoped and thought that his “attitude” would change but after 55%, but it did not. He was not likable. Adrian hires Libby as the nanny for Kate. Libby thinks it is the perfect job since it will give her extra money and also the time to write her book. The story is very simple. Libby is sweet and kind and at first I thought Adrian would be perfect for her too since he is also quiet and shy when he is not playing “Kent, the rock star.” However, after a while I discovered Adrian, in my opinion, is just not a nice person. I did not like how he always thought the worst of Libby no matter how many times she proved herself to him. I felt like she was always being tested. I was hoping after a while, after she proved herself time and time again that he would believe her even after those false reports came out. However, it did not make a difference. Therefore, it was hard for me to feel connected to them as a couple. The premise of the story was interesting, but I think the whole story could have been executed better. The romance felt forced. I think Libby deserved better. The relationship did not feel right. A copy was provided by Momentum Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mary-Lynn
    2019-04-30 22:58

    What a nice story - and not your typical rockstar romance - as the hero's not tattoed, nor does he jump from groupie to groupie or abuse drugs or alcohol. This rocker - Texan Kent Downer - has an alter ego in shy, mild-mannered Adrian Hart who keeps his off-stage persona a secret to protect himself and his 10-yr old niece Kate.While on tour in Australia things go south with Kate's current nanny, leaving Adrian & his mgr/bff George in a bind. Enter Libby Myles, a children's book author promoting her latest. Currently strapped for cash as a struggling writer she takes on the temporary position of nanny to Kate during the tour which would also allow her time for her writing.But then it all hits the fan when the former nanny makes public accusations that expose Adrian and consequently Kate.Well written & edited, with great characters - especially the feisty matchmaker Kate. This is not a swoony steam-filled romance but rather an endearing tale of an atypical rockstar who overcame his abusive childhood - and his adorable, capricious niece who lost her parents in a tragic accident - and the road they take to become a true family. *4 Stars*

  • Heather in FL
    2019-05-15 00:59

    The premise to this one was interesting. Rock star and author are both guests on a talk show. The lights go out, and the author recognizes that the rock star is having a panic attack, and she's able to help ground him, without making the panic attack known, until the lights come back on. She leaves before he can thank her. He leads a double life. His stage persona is confident and outgoing, but his off-stage persona is a shy uncle with sole custody of his 10-year-old niece. I'm not sure how simply makeup can make him look so different that he can walk around and not be recognized, but OK. This is fiction. Anyway, it turns out that Kent/Adrian's niece loves Libby's books, so he finds her signing the next day so they can meet and he can thank her. And somehow, she becomes the niece's nanny for the two weeks they'll be in Australia before returning home to Texas. As much as they try to keep things platonic, there's chemistry between Adrian and Libby, and they have fade-to-black sex. And when things get complicated, Adrian jumps to some major conclusions and things get rocky. It ends in an HEA and doesn't take a super long time to get there, but it's sweet.

  • Carrie Stevens
    2019-05-07 21:04

    ~*~My Thoughts~*~A 4.5 Star Romance I was so glad i requested this book of NetGalley. It's awesome!! Definitely not your typical rock star story and that was refreshing. The characters in the book were great Libby was an awesome character who awesomely didn't have anything i couldn't stand about her. Adrian was awesome he was such a shy little nerd that it was endearing lol. And i have to say Kate was probably my favorite character i adored her she was such a great character. Okay now the reason this wasn't a 5 star read is because I wanted more romance between Libby and Adrian. To me it seemed like it took forever for us to get there. Now not saying i didn't enjoy the forever lol the book was definitely interesting enough to keep me reading to get to the romance. All in all a great read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-22 03:48

    Review featured on www.books-n-kisses.comI really enjoyed this book. It’s story is different than what I imagined it would be from the synopsis. The characters are very well formed and enjoyable to read about. The different sides of Adrian/Kent were interesting but the side of Adrian is the one that the reader will fall for. He is sweet and shy and yet has a heart of gold. Libby has a maternal side that is so adorable. She has also been hurt before so she is a little gun-shy. Kate is a great character too (even though she is written as much holder than 10) she steals every scene she is in. I look forward to more stories by this author. Maybe a second in the series about George? Disclaimer:I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kim Person
    2019-04-28 21:44

    A sweet fast read for me! Different than your typical rocker reads and if you know me if it's about rock stars i.e. music than I've got the book! Very well written and held my interest from the get go!

  • Nicki Edwards
    2019-05-21 19:46

    Fabulous book by debut author Claire Boston. I was interested to read a book published by Momentum and I must say I'm super impressed with the quality of this book! Well done Claire on a terrific romance.

  • Eli Diago
    2019-05-16 20:04

    3.5 estrellas

  • Vani
    2019-04-30 03:36

    Bastante bueno para pasar el rato ^^

  • Liz
    2019-05-04 00:51

    It was ok.. I did finish the whole book. Not enough steam for me at all.

    2019-05-20 01:04

    2.5 stars. Didn't finish after page 120. THis book isn't horrible or anything. The author seems like a competent person. The story itself was nice. It was a nice, unique idea. But it followed the exact same outline of so so so many other romance novels I've read: Where it's dual point of view and the characters are just "immediately and inexplicably drawn to eachother for reasons they can't explain" but they can't give into their feelings for one another because of reasons, x, y, and/or z so every time each of them has a romantic thought about the other (which is every chapter) they have to immediately berate themselves for it and talk themselves out of liking the other or thinking about the other. Over and over and over and over. I am so so so so so tired of this same MO in romance novels. Please authors, change it up for goodness sake!!!! When there is dual point of view writing and the characters are both essentially thinking the exact same things, the book becomes so repetitive. And I've seen it done so many times and I'm always so baffled by an authors choice to do it. Plus, the writing is also very explainy. Meaning, the author makes sure both characters over explain every feeling they have in every situation and over emphasize the points the author wants to get across instead of just letting the story speak for itself. The flow also feels unnatural as does the chain of events that happens in getting Libby to the point where she becomes Kate's nanny. It felt way to author contrived and things happened too perfectly for it to feel realistic. Or maybe it was just so incredibly generic that I was longing for a more interesting path to how Libby would become part of their lives instead of the obvious route that was taken in which everything in Libby's life lined up so perfectly for her to be able to take the nanny job. I wish there would have been just something to make the story more real. Give it more depth. I'd give some suggestions as how this could be accomplished but this review is already kind of long but if the author just put a little more thought into it and dug a little deeper creatively I'm sure she could have made this part more interesting. Find a way to have Libby come into their lives in a way more round about way. But the main reason I ended up not finishing was because this story is so incredibly boring. I tried to keep going for several chapters thinking that things would pick up but they just are not picking up at all. It's way too mundane. Nothing interesting or exciting is happening. Add that to the fact that both Libby and Adrian are also very very dull characters and I just decided to stop. They are both nice enough characters and all but they are both just not interesting at all. At first I thought that Adrian would be interesting. He started out that way but the more you get to know him the less you really want to know because the author didn't do a great job at writing him being two different characters-the rock god and the regular man. Neither have enough personality to distinguish the two from one another so he just comes across as a dull, generic character that dresses in rocker clothes and makeup and performs in concert once in awhile. There is a good base story here if the author could just go back through and change hints up a bit. Shake things up. Don't take the most obvious path.

  • Francisca
    2019-05-10 01:04

    3.5/5.El hecho de que uno de los personajes principales del libro tuviese un pasado tan oscuro que no lo haya convertido en alguna especie de monstruo o un tipo anti relaciones que sólo quería lastimar a la gente hizo que el libro ganara puntos por sí solo. Me encanta el hecho de que no sólo se haya centrado en la historia romántica que comparten los personajes, sino que la autora se haya dado el tiempo de relacionar a cada uno de los personajes, mostrándonos una parte de cada uno de ellos y dejándonos ver cómo iban formándose los lazos entre ellos.Adoré a Kate, es una niña dulce, inocente y frágil. Sufrió tanto a una tan corta edad, pero aún así, mantiene una luz que logra iluminar a cada una de las personas de su alrededor. ¿De Adrian/Kent? Pensé que sería el típico chico malo que coquetea con todas y se acuesta con sus fanáticas, pero no fue así (gracias por eso, un punto más por originalidad).Nada que decir. Es un libro fantástico, no uno de mis favoritos, pero sí uno que disfruté leer y que está escrito de una forma diferente a los actuales. Sí, definitivamente la lectura fue agradable y no repetitiva.

  • Bec
    2019-05-16 20:57

    Sorry, just didn't like this book. The characters were stereotypes and very cardboard, and the storyline contrived. It was essential for the premise of the book that the hero be a performer, but the author showed no knowledge of the music industry or even about a rock concert. Did he have a band? According to the book, the rock star just travelled with a manager, no mention of a band or backing musicians. Not believable or authentic in any way. At the start, the rock star changes to his other persona to avoid fans, but later he returns to the hotel 'in costume'. I think I hated that phrase 'in costume' more than anything in the book. That man was not a rocker as I know them . The concept just seemed like jumping on a bandwagon with no knowledge of the industry . I like stories that have some authenticity to give a foundation for the fantasy bits that every good book needs,. I'm afraid this book was like a bland short story for a women's magazine from the 1960s. I won't be reading any more by this author.