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Holly Thompson’s life changed forever when she received an early Christmas present from her dead Aunt Meg. It seemed that prior to her death, her former foster mother had won the gorgeous private investigator during one of her Tuesday morning poker games. The only survivor of a tragic automobile accident when she was only days old, Holly grew up never knowing who she was oHolly Thompson’s life changed forever when she received an early Christmas present from her dead Aunt Meg. It seemed that prior to her death, her former foster mother had won the gorgeous private investigator during one of her Tuesday morning poker games. The only survivor of a tragic automobile accident when she was only days old, Holly grew up never knowing who she was or where she came from. When Ben Holiday claimed to have a clue about her past, Holly set out on a Christmas road trip in the hope of finding the family she never knew she had....

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road to christmas past Reviews

  • Chris Yorgason
    2019-01-24 21:16

    Enjoyable Christmas story....the kind of story that could be made into a movie on the Hallmark channel.

  • Tarri
    2019-01-31 19:32

    I loved this story. The characters are very likeable and the premise is so different that it keeps you reading until the very last page. Hallmark should make this into a holiday movie, because, while it is kind of a boy meets girl story, it is more the story of Holly finding out who she is while she embarks on a cross country trip to find her family. Holly is a New York based successful advice columnist on the verge of being syndicated. She grew up in a foster home after being rescued from a burning car within days of her birth. After her foster mother dies, Holly gets a visit from Ben, a private investigator her foster mother hired to help Holly find out if she has family. As they travel across the US (Ben doesn't fly), they meet people who help them unravel the clues to Holly's identity.

  • Lorna Collins
    2019-02-22 23:37

    The author wrote an engaging yarn. The situations seemed highly unlikely throughout. I had a problem suspending disbelief. The hero seemed too good to be true. The answers came too quickly and the result were far too pat and predictable. However, I was engaged and the writing was excellent. Daley engages at an emotional level, and that counts for a great deal.

  • Tracy
    2019-02-22 19:22

    A wonderful story that grabs hold of your heart and won't let go. Their adventures as they learned new facts and traveled around the country were so much fun then as one mystery was solved, there was another right behind it. As all the mysteries were solved they fit together like the pieces of a puzzle until it was complete.

  • Jane Firebaugh
    2019-01-26 23:25

    5 Stars and then some!!!The Road to Christmas Past is a beautiful story of mystery, romance and love. I couldn't put it down until I was finished. It's a sweet, heartwarming Christmas story that left me feeling warm and happy. I loved this book and highly recommend it.

  • RO G'ma
    2019-02-05 22:14

    Road to Christmas Past is an emotionally charged and uplifting book written by Kathi Daley. The book is beautifully written, flows smoothly, the storyline is well plotted, and the characters are well developed and relatable. While this isn’t a cozy mystery, it’s a wonderful combination of compassion, friendship, sweet romance, mystery, and discovery and contains no violence, adult situations, or inappropriate language. I highly recommend this book.Holly Thompson is 27 years old and is a successful advice columnist for a weekly women’s magazine who lives in New York City. When Holly was a few days old, she was the only survivor of an automobile accident and investigators couldn’t identify her so she was sent to live in a foster home run by a wonderful woman named Aunt Meg in Moosehead, Minnesota where she stayed until she went to college. Aunt Meg recently passed away and left her home to Holly but prior to her passing, arranged for an early Christmas present to be delivered to Holly by Ben Holiday, a private investigator, who Meg played poker with each week. The present was Ben’s services until Christmas to try to unravel the mystery of Holly’s birth, a DVD made by Meg, and two matching sapphire and diamond necklaces that were found in diaper bags at the accident scene. This book takes us on the heartwarming journey of Holly trying to discover the mystery of her past and figure out her future.

  • Linda
    2019-02-23 20:17

    Kathi Daley's holiday story, Road to Christmas Past, is a romance filled with mystery. At the heart of the story is the message that family is important. Holly Thompson has spent her life not knowing who her mother or family were. In this story, we see the evolving connection between Holly and Ben Holiday, private investigator, who is a gift from her recently departed foster mother, Meg. When Meg dies, Ben sets out on a road trip with Holly to find some answers. Their story takes them through several states as they follow clues to Holly's past. I love the names Daley used for her characters: Holly, Noel, Ben Holiday! So appropriate! This story is a feel good story. As Holly gets her answers, Daley ties everything up with a HEA! This book is well written, has likable characters, and has a nice flow to it.

  • Mari Hinton
    2019-02-17 20:41

    Great book!!What a great story about what is at the heart of Christmas, family. Holly at an Infant she had survived a car crash . When her foster mother passed away she left Holly the gift, Ben a private investigator to help her find out about what happened all those years ago. The adventure they set out on leads them on a path to more questions and love.

  • KIM
    2019-02-17 23:15

    I enjoyed this book and would recommend. Although there was the obligatory romance, I truly enjoyed the characters and warmth of the main storyline of a young woman's search for a missing piece of her life.

  • Caroline Magsaysay
    2019-02-14 20:31

    A cozy readThe plot had a few surprising twists. A little too long with a predictable ending. If you like cozy mysteries with happy endings you will like this one.

    2019-02-01 23:40

    This was one of the best romance books I have ever read. I loved the way the story progressed, taking me right along with it.

  • JanieR.
    2019-01-24 22:13

    Family matters, was the theme in this story, I️ loved it!

  • Rebecca Konik
    2019-02-21 20:35

    Merry ChristmasWonderful story! Loved the journey and the characters, and the beautiful scenes on the road. Thank you Kathi for the story of Christmas!

  • CathyInboden
    2019-01-31 15:23

    i don't usually like romance books. But this one I did like. It was well written. The more I read the more I wanted to read. i really liked it.

  • Mary E
    2019-02-18 23:38

    i loved this storyI liked the characters and thought the story was great. there were lot of twists and turns which kept my interest. the descriptions of the scenery and cautiously situations made me feel like i was there.

  • Jennifer Ritter
    2019-02-11 16:41

    Road to Christmas Past by Kathi Daley is a very well crafted tale of logos, mystery, discovery, and romance. Holly Thompson was brought up by her foster mom, whom she simply called Aunt Meg. Although Aunt Meg opened her home to many, Holly was different. Holly was brought to her when she was only a few days old after a terrible accident had killed the adults she was with. She was rescued by a passing driver and the adults and car were burned beyond identification so Holly had no information about her background.When Aunt Meg passed away she left her home to Holly, now a successful magazine advice columnist verging on syndication. But it seems the home was not the only thing Aunt Meg left Holly, she also left a most unusual Christmas gift, Ben Holiday. It seems that Aunt Meg's final gift is to be to help Holly discover her origins and Ben, a private investigator, is just the one to do it. But there is just one drawback, Ben won't fly so they crisscross the nation in his Range Rover to discover much more than Holly's origin. In a delightful and poignant tale of self discovery, Holly finds so very much more than Aunt Meg would ever have expected and fills the hole in so many hearts, including her own. This is a Christmas story unlike any other I have read. I found it hard to put down and was sorry when it was over. I do recommend this book,

  • Laura Reading
    2019-02-05 19:13

    The further down the road you go, the more you will fall for this story.Holly knew Aunt Meg was not biological family but that did not mean she wasn't as close and as caring as any biological mother could be. Noel may not be Holly's real sister, but what they have is probably closer than most sisters bonds. Family comes in many forms and sometimes can even be formed in ways that surprise a person.As the story opens, Holly has a good life. She is living in New York, has a job she really loves and an assistant that is really more like a partner, making her job even better. Regardless of the miles between them, and differences in lifestyles, Holly and Noel are still as close as ever. The only sad spot is that beloved Aunt Meg had recently passed away. So it is a MAJOR surprise when Holly releaves a Chrismas gift from Aunt Meg.This gift is what sets Holly off down the road to finding out more about herself, and about family she never knew she could find. The road is both a physical and an emotional one. What start out as very weak clues to Holly's true past, get built up bit by bit, like rolling a snowball. It does't hurt that she has a gorgeous and intelligent investicative P.I. by her side, the gift from Aunt Meg.This story is not only a delightful mystery, it takes the reader on a roller coaster of an emotional ride.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-01-28 16:23

    Road to Christmas PastBy; Kathi DaleyRoad to Christmas Past is the first romance story I have read by Daley. It has mystery in it , but nothing like the cozy mysteries Kathi Daley is known for. I absolutely loved it and would love to see a series written on this story and the characters. I do want to say that when your start to read Road to Christmas past have you plenty reading time , because it kept me up, way in the night trying to finish it. When I started it I did not want to put it down till the end. Holly received a handsome and gorgeous man as an early Christmas present at her door from her aunt Meg. Ben tells her that he is hers that her aunt won his time in a card game. Holly grew up in a foster home. She now thinks she may have a sister. This story is mostly a road trip going through different states and all of weather.One place leads to another . Can Holly find answers to her questions? What about Ben , can Holly trust him? Can he help Holly?

  • Marissa
    2019-02-07 19:42

    Kindle Copy for ReviewHolly Thompson always thought her parents died in a car accident that she survived when she was born. Little did she know her life was about to change months after the person she thought was her aunt died and left her a gift. Her aunt had won a poker game and won services of a private detective for a month as he knocks on her door before Thanksgiving.Ben Holiday comes with information about her past that she never knew as they head out on a road trip trying to find clues to her past. Little does she know that this trip will give her a new family and her chance to find love. That she will end up continue her aunt tradition of providing a foster home for other children who need help.It is a nice heartwarming journey for the body and soul with the backdrop of the Christmas season. This is a bit different than Ms. Daley present stories but it is worth the read.

  • Jeanie Jackson
    2019-01-25 19:12

    What a wonderful journey of mystery, friendship and discovery! I am fairly new to Kathi Daley's books but I enjoy them greatly so I was looking forward to spending time with new friends in Road to Christmas Past. It was nothing like I expected and yet everything one can expect from Ms Daley, warmth, friend, fun, and of course a complex mystery. The trip was as much focus on Holly and Ben as in discovering her background, since I love getting to know characters in books, it was perfect for me. Road to Christmas Past was written so beautifully that I loved it even more than her other books that I have read. The pace was broken up with action throughout so if character novels are not your thing, you should still enjoy the mystery of the missing baby that sends them chasing across the country.

    2019-02-04 23:39

    What a suspense filled heart warming story Just in time for the holidays KATHI brings us a winter love story. Once upon a time a very young girl , uncertain of how she fit into her familymade a vow to one day adopt children so they would never feel alone and neither would she. Five children later , some from her tummy others from her heart , and many more that were a partof her forevermore life , read a beautiful book , wept. laughed , and loved . This book led me on my happy journey through the years recalling the events that brought my vow to fruition. Thank you KATHI DALEY, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MY HOUSE TO YOURS.CAROL

  • Taryn
    2019-02-18 18:16

    Touching ReadKathi delivers a wonderfully touching book that will get you in the mood for the holidays. Follow as Holly learns some truths about her birth and searches for who she really is and where she belongs. Will private investigator Ben be able to help her find the answers she is so desperately looking for? I felt an array of emotions as each new chapter connected me in different ways to each character. It was an awesome read that tugged at my heart strings and had me believing in the spirit of Christmas.

  • Kim
    2019-01-25 15:29

    OMG, I love Kathi Daley's cozy mysteries but I absolutely loved this book. It kept me guessing and you never knew what was coming up next. I don't like to write much about the story but it was one of those books that I didn't want to put down because I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Kathi Daley is a great cozy mystery writer but I wish she would write more of this type also because she's just marvelous.

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-02-15 15:30

    This story started out as a shocker- what a "mystery!" I loved going on the adventure with Holly and Ben. It's a great holiday read. The yellowstone was described so well that I want to add it to my bucket list. I like how the book was set up by daily chapters- the date and day listed per chapter. AWE!- a very sweet ending and a shock or two getting there- great twists and turns that made this book a cozy Christmas read with lots of heart.

  • Patricia
    2019-02-07 22:36

    I really enjoyed this story. The story line was well written and kept me interested till the very end. I love Holly and Ben together and love the story with Bobby. All the characters were written well and easy to connect with. I hope to see more from Holly’s story, maybe digging even deeper into her family history with a few more twists.

  • Marijo
    2019-02-05 18:17

    I never got a chance to read it when it arrived. I bought several to give as gifts last year & had an extra one. I gave it to my aunt whom now lives with us. We read them at the same time. It was fun to talk about it after. Wow!!!! What a special man... Great story and with an extremely happy ending. Thank you Kathi!!!

  • Judy
    2019-02-13 16:41

    This is the first book I have read by author Kathi Daley. I enjoyed it and loved the main characters. The story is a little bit mystery and a little bit romance. All in all, it was a feel good read and had a good ending. I even teared up a few times while reading this book. Looking for a cozy read? This book is for you!

  • Rachel
    2019-01-27 15:25

    A cute story that solves a mystery, starts many a relationship both familial and romantic, and helps the heroine find herself along the way. The characters were relateable, real, and showed real emotion. The storyline was intriguing while the tale itself was compelling. I did find a few details far fetched, but really enjoyed the story overall.

  • JoAnne
    2019-02-08 20:40

    A cross-country adventure and heartwarming romance. Its all about knowing who you are, family, and where your future takes you - a journey in which Holly, with the help of Ben, is trying to discover the mystery of her past and her family roots. Along the road to discovery, the story has many twists/turns, surprises, mystery, and romance. A story you don't want to miss.

  • Lynn
    2019-02-07 16:14

    Christmas pastOh. My. Gosh! This book was so ......just oh my gosh! I couldn't put it down. I got so wrapped up in the story I had to see how it went. Wonderful writing, wonderful characters, kept my interest the whole time. This author is so talented. Highly recommend.