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BOOK 2 Sequel to The Masseuse Never tickle a sleeping dragon… Past events have changed Ramsey Stone. In place of the warm, loving masseuse now stands a ruthless man with one pressing goal: revenge. No matter the cost, Ramsey will have his vengeance. Jezebel Carter has come to the realization that the man she knew and loved doesn’t exist. Heartbroken and angry, Jezebel is fBOOK 2 Sequel to The Masseuse Never tickle a sleeping dragon… Past events have changed Ramsey Stone. In place of the warm, loving masseuse now stands a ruthless man with one pressing goal: revenge. No matter the cost, Ramsey will have his vengeance. Jezebel Carter has come to the realization that the man she knew and loved doesn’t exist. Heartbroken and angry, Jezebel is forced to give up everything she holds dear because of Ramsey Stone, and even that may not be enough. As Ramsey pursues his vengeance, Jezebel becomes a target. Can Ramsey put his quest for vengeance on hold long enough to realize that Jezebel needs him?...

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The Dragon Reviews

  • Anino
    2019-07-13 12:52

    Ok, so this is my 2nd if not 3rd time, reading this book. IMO, Violette Dubrinsky was simply one of the best Romance writers on the market. Forget about genre classifications, because the Chica was just that good.I use the word "was," because I don't know if she is dead or alive, but I do know this, that this Chick has managed to enthrall her readers with a few superfantastic reads, and then she just closed up shop, by snatching her books from Amazon and other retailers, and not to mention, she shut down her website/blog.Now you may ask, "is Anino pissed"? And I would have to say, "yes, I am incredibly annoyed with this writer."I understand that writers go through sh%t. I do, but please please please at least do your fans a favor, and write a letter stating you're quitting or taking a sabbatical. Because to become addicted to a series of books is an absolute b#tch, when that writer snatches it all away.Overall, I loved reading this one again, because I got to experience a new dimension of Jezebel and Ramsey's relationship dynamic.Giving this one: 5 #ItsSoHardToSayGoodbyeToYesterday#********€€€€€€***********€€€€€€**€*€€******€**********This absolutely has to be one of the top 5 Interracial Romance-Suspense novels of all frickin' time! I don't know what Violette Dubrinsky is obtaining her Grad degree in, but one thing that I do know is this, and that is, that chica puts her heart & soul into a novel and does it with excellence! LaTrivia Nelson & Sienna Mynx need to take some notes from Ms. Dubrinsky, because she definitely has the "goods".... Not only did she produce a well-paced story that had the right flow, but she also did an excellent job with producing characters that were not flat in the least...After reading this book, I'm convinced that Ms. Dubrinsky can hold her own with any writer (IRR and Mainstream)...Giving this one 5 ginormous stars for a job well done!

  • Lauryn King
    2019-06-21 14:03

    Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey! I liked that this book delved deeper into Ramsey. You do not piss off an alpha male like Ramsey Stone and live to tell about it. *Spoiler Alert* This book was much darker because of the death of his niece and him seeking answers and retribution. I love how he was still showing care and concern for Jezebel and the baby throughout the entire book. I love Violette's use of the phrase, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon..." because it perfectly describes the intensity of how far he would go for his family and the people that he cares about. It was truly a roller coaster ride but I just wish it had more romance like the first one. I'm not trying to throw shade at one of my favorite authors, but...One thing that I hated was how Jezebel held on to that same tired excuse of Ramsey being a gangster and she did not listen objectively before shutting Ramsey out. It was never ending with Jezebel and I just wanted her to just shut up sometimes. I know that she had her pride and it took a hit because she opened herself up to Ramsey and that was not an easy thing to do, but come she kept talking and barely did enough listening to her heart, Ramsey or his mother (who was an iron fist with pearls and a strong voice of reason). I love how we had to figure out who the person was that was behind the murder of Lily and it ended with a twist! Good job Violette Dubrinsky!

  • DivasoftheSerengeti_Lioness
    2019-07-18 06:46

    What can I say about this book; pure literary genius, that's what! Violette Dubrinsky has producted another genius 5 (plus some) read. The Dragon is a great follow up to the Masseuse. This story has a great plot that grips you from the first page to the last page. The storyline flow is perfect and character interaction is flawless. I went through so many emotions in this book and stayed on the edge of my seat. I could actually see myself as an observer in the background of this tale (movie anyone?).Jezebel and Ramsey are a perfect match for each other. There are obstacles that they need to overcome, but in the end it is well worth it. Jezebel is a woman that was use to her independence but was drawn into the world of the Dragon aka Ramsey Stone. Ramsey is a man who will do whatever he has to to take care of his family and those that are close to him. There is passion, love, lust, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, heartbreak and happiness all rolled up into a masterpiece. You should most definitely pick up this read asap and add it to your library. Don't sleep on this read or this author. We highly recommend this book. If you did not read the Masseuse, be sure to pick up that one first to understand this followup. Tell everyone you know to pick it up. You will not be disappointed!!!! Tasha, Divas of the Serengeti Book Club

  • Tina
    2019-07-21 09:48

    I don't think I am the intended audience for this one. I do like this author she is a great storyteller. But this book just didn't completely work for me in the end.The entirety of the book has us all mired in this criminal underworld. It is claustrophobic and for much of the book Jezebel is utterly powerless. She had no agency whatsoever. I could somewhat put up with the story of Ramsey's redemption. But I had to sit through Jezebel's inertia to get there. Full Review at Booklikes

  • Deloris
    2019-06-25 06:59

    I love Violette Dubrinksy is one of my favorite writers and I love Ramsey and Jez this book is good but different from the first story. This book is more serious and dark we get to know who The Dragon really is and he is lethal we learn more about his family. Ram is sexy in this book but he is so attentive with Jez's pregnancy its cute the questions he asked at the doctors exams were comical . I enjoyed reading this book and I hope I get to read more about this group of characters.

  • Ese
    2019-07-12 09:00

    I like the first book more than the second one only because I like the blossoming of their love. I LOVE Violette Dubrinsky. Her writing and the details she puts in her books always make me Happy.I am a huge fan of Korean Culture and so I enjoyed this book thoroughly and would recommend it has great action and great fiery romance from Jezebel and Ramsey... I love alpha males .. so I am super satisfied with this book

  • ☆Monica
    2019-07-09 08:57

    This sequel was so good! I just finished it and want to read it again because it is that good. Thank you Ms. Dubrinsky for such great story and beautiful ending. Usually sequels do not measure up to the first but this one did. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a quality story. This not just an interracial love story but a story of a love that we all want with some action and mystery thrown in. Well done

  • Nikki
    2019-06-23 06:47

    love the ending! thank goodness no cliffhanger! jezebel and ramsey are a perfect match. and i'm going to stop here because i don't want to give anything away. you cannot go wrong in reading both books. i'm a new fan of violette dubrinsky. well done!

  • Karen's Bookshelf
    2019-06-28 06:10

    In this sequel to The Masseuse, Ms Dubrinsky does it again. The Dragon was a thrill ride from beginning to end. This story has it all, romance, betrayal, and a lot of drama. The chemistry between Ramsey and Jezebel proves that true love, no matter what comes along, will not be denied.

  • Pam Smith
    2019-07-14 10:01

    Now I so wanna see Vince happy wit Lilah lol. This was an awesome end to an amazing story.

  • Leslie
    2019-06-20 14:09

    This book was so much less impressing than the first. Almost a let down. Writing was still good but it went to far into another genre and less about the progression of the relationship in a real way. It was almost a "no come back from this" type of story for the characters....

  • Monica
    2019-07-06 10:10

    This book starts right after "The Masseuse" leaving no time between which I really liked, becuase it flowed from the last book and it would be easy to jump into the story even if you never read the first novel.Where the first novel was more about romance I really felt that this story really focused more on the crime aspect and KJRS need for revenge. The mystery/suspect element was not without it's highlights, but overall didn't work for me. There were questions--who was responsible for Lily's death and why, I thought it was very intriguing to hear all the witness accounts and try to solve the mystery for myself as moved from one person to the next; gathering names and evidence.We got introduced to some new family members and learn so much more about the one's that we already know that I really found myself lost in the mystery. And the ENDING, girl, it got me. I had no idea it was coming and was so excited when it did!As for the romance between Jez and Ram was different as well; sometimes veering sophmoric, but who's relationship doesn't go there sometimes? I did find pregnant Jezwas a little annoying, but in the end she found her way and we get to read some amazingly good love scenes.My only critique is that I was disappointed that the setting of South Korea wasn’t described more; would have loved to a flavor of the scenery, culture, and food.Overall, Mrs. Dubrinskt brings the fire, ALWAYS, so buy the book!

  • oshawnteexo
    2019-06-24 09:00

    I'm happy with the endingTrials and tribulations is all I can say about this sequel. Ramsey and Jezebel needed all of the strength they had in this book. As oppose to the the first book where there only issue was Ramsey traveling a lot. This book is all about patience and understanding. A lot has gone down with Ram and Jez they're been the brought through the wringer. I'm surprised they still had their love for each other with all of those trials and tribulations. All the betrayal taking place all the lies. It was hard for me to read because I really wanted them to get over their differences from the beginning. This book is a roller coaster it has highs and lows. So much happening between Ram and Jez and even the other side characters. In the end I was satisfied with how things ended up between the two main characters.

  • Norma Smith
    2019-07-04 08:05

    The story of Ramsey Stone and Jezebel Carter was a great read in love's saving grace. The book the Dragon was my favoraite of the 2. The twist and turns in this romance story was worth the ride. Ramsey is a man who loves hard and will do what's needed to be done to protect the ones he loves. Jezebel is a strong willed woman who loves the dragon who she fears and loves at the sametime. If you want a great romance to bite your teeth into start with the Masseuse to see how Ramsey and Jezebel find love and lose love. will Ramsey's need for vengeance be too much for Jezebel. Will Ramsey lose his true saving grace. Violette Dubrinsky is a great writer so download these 2 books for a great read.!! A five star.!!

  • Icy
    2019-07-03 09:54

    I loved the first and thought the second would have me just as much. Before I was half way done I was contemplating putting the book down for good. It was lagging and I was so tired of Jez. How could someone supposedly be so smart yet so stupid. You're are asking questions but general question to where no answer answered anything just made more questions. I just wanted to shake her and yell "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU". I forced myself to finish this because I paid for it. I love when a book has you on your toes, more happening. This was just blah. Yes finding the pig was awesome that was the only thing I liked. I love this author though and can't wait to start another book by her.

  • Kim
    2019-07-04 06:50

    This book lost a bit of steam for me coming off of such a high from the first book. I just didn't like all the distance between Ramsey and Jezebel. I understood it was necessary for the plot to seem feasible, but a lot of that fire was missing. Ramsey didn't feel like a mob boss to me. He seemed like he was just playing a roll which he kind of was since he really wasn't into that job. He wanted his life with Jez more, so the whole boss thing wasn't completely believable for me. The outcome was good and I'm happy we weren't left with another cliff hanger. I am still interested in these characters so I wouldn't mind reading more about their story.

  • Natasha
    2019-07-19 06:49

    It seems that a lot of people are gaga for Ramsey Stone. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I just had a hard time with what he became after (view spoiler)[his niece was murdered (hide spoiler)]. I understand family loyalty but it went a little far for me with (view spoiler)[killing people and kidnapping innocent women and children (hide spoiler)]. As the book went on, I didn't really understand why Jezebel still loved Ramsey. (view spoiler)[His lifestyle, which he hid from her and lied to her about, put her, her sister and her baby in danger. (hide spoiler)]This portion of the story seemed to be more about Ramsey's (view spoiler)[ retaliation for his niece's death (hide spoiler)] than any real romancing or wooing of Jez.

  • Kristin
    2019-07-15 11:42

    I just read Masseuse and Dragon in one day. Ms. Durbinsky has placed herself solidly on my favorite authors list. I've read other books that she's written but these two are by far my favorite. I don't normally like strong stubborn women, but I found myself drawn to Jezebelle because underneath all that she was still a woman and she made no excuses for being a strong one. I also loved Ramsey, considering he was the head of a crime family, with Jezebelle he remained the same caring, loving man he was before his status was revealled. Jez and Ramsey complimented each other as a couple even when they fought and I was sad when the story ended. Amazing story...amazing author! 5 stars!!

  • Keisha
    2019-07-07 06:51

    It has been a while since I have picked up a book that was not PNR and even longer since I have grabbed a book and did not want to put it down! Dubrinsky has won me over, did I mention that I am not into mobbish/gangsta books? A few things grated on my nerves, but I could see those things happening though I didn't like it. Great twists and turns. I liked the complexity of Ramsey. I also liked that we were finally able to have all questions answered. Great adult story, adult situations, adult language was actually kept to a minimum ( I was surprised, in a good way ). I would read this book again.

  • Christine Johnson
    2019-06-21 12:06

    Excellent read!After reading the Masseuse I couldn't wait to download this book. And I'm so happy I did. I couldn't wait to finish reading Jaz and Ramsey's story and to see what happened between them. Both of them tried to push the other away. Jaz tried to push Ramsey away because of who he was and the lies he told. Ramsey tried to push Jaz away to keep her safe but the love they had to one another wouldn't allow for them to be apart. If you have not read the Masseuse or The Dragon you should.

  • Bonnie
    2019-06-23 14:05

    How far will you go to protect your family and loved ones? How far would you go to protect your family from your family? This book answers that question beautifully. Ramsey is a very determined man who will stop at nothing to protect his family even when it came to protecting his family from his family.5 delicious stars for a beautiful ending.

  • Mspraise50
    2019-07-14 10:03

    This is a 2 book series which was a real page turner. Love conquered all in the end because that is what true love does! Jezebel Carter made Ramsey Stone work for her love and he had to change in order to keep her in his life. Excellent read, would highly recommend this series to anyone who loves, drama, mystery, intrigue, action in their reading!

  • Zinzi
    2019-06-30 05:57

    Ok. I officially like this author!! This book was a great read. Wasn't too fast paced and not too slow either. Short, but great series. I hope there's a novella or something, that gives us a glimpse in their lives after the dragon.... This makes want to keep reading IRR books. This author is so good at writing them, so I'll keep reading them.

  • Connie
    2019-07-07 06:02

    Wow! This book has everything except a dragon! It has family drama, love, romance, gang wars(Double Dragon), murder, kidnapping, betrayal and revenge. The story is interesting and fast paced. The characters are well-developed and engaging. Totally shocking who the real "bad-guy" turned out to be! I really loved this two part series!

  • Tona
    2019-07-08 07:41

    Excellent book!I really really enjoyed this book. It had a little bit of everything. There was mystery,betrayal, murder, heartbreak and romance, all set to an international backdrop.The characters were fully developed, exposed and explored. I didn't want it to end.

  • Victoria
    2019-07-07 09:03

    ok this book did not have the same feel as thefirst. I believe they could have been combined and not released as two stand alone books. this was a (3.5)... read for me.. some of it seemed forced to make up the story.....just an okay read for me.

  • Karen
    2019-07-09 11:55

    Loved it!!! Wondering if there is going to be a book about Vince or Delilah????

  • Avril
    2019-07-16 11:53


  • ReadingWonderland
    2019-07-21 11:57

    I can't tell you how many times I've read this book along with part one. This book and author is seriously under-rated.

  • Ladyamelia
    2019-06-21 07:54

    This was just as good as the first book, with a bit more suspense and drama thrown in the mix. And of course, there was a nice amount of steamy love scenes. ;-)