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Gameknight999 loved Minecraft, reveled in building fabulous structures, playing on servers, creating custom maps, but most of all, he loved to grief. As the self-proclaimed King of the Griefers, Gameknight played the game for himself at the expense of everyone else, keeping the list of his friends in the game short, extremely short. But when one of his father’s inventionsGameknight999 loved Minecraft, reveled in building fabulous structures, playing on servers, creating custom maps, but most of all, he loved to grief. As the self-proclaimed King of the Griefers, Gameknight played the game for himself at the expense of everyone else, keeping the list of his friends in the game short, extremely short. But when one of his father’s inventions teleports him into the game, Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure within the digital world of Minecraft. Unsure if he would respawn if killed in the game . . . maybe he’d just disconnect . . . or maybe he’d really die . . . Gameknight must play the game with all of his skill and knowledge in order to avoid the sharp claws of zombies and pointed fangs of spider. While living out this terrible and painful adventure, he discovers the most well-kept secret about Minecraft, something not even the programmers realize; the creatures within the game are alive! His emergence into the game triggers a war that threatens to consume all of Minecraft and possible the physical world as well. Gameknight must fight through the electronic world, with his new NPC friend, Crafter, and his only user friend, Shawny, as he fights epic battles, the mobs on the server seeking to destroy everything, stuffing out all life, everywhere. Gameknight is the key to salvation for all the electronic lives in Minecraft and possibly in the physical world as well . . . or maybe he’d not the key at all, maybe he’s the fuse to destruction....

Title : invasion of the overworld a minecraft novel
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invasion of the overworld a minecraft novel Reviews

  • Mark Cheverton
    2019-02-26 21:24

    If you love Minecraft, like the 10 million players out there all over the world, then this is a must read. You'll fall in love with the characters, Gameknight999, the king of the griefers, the wise and knowledgable Crafter, Shawny - the strategist, and of course you'll love to hate the evil villain, Erebus, the Endermen King. This is an epic tale of exciting battles, sorrowful losses and adventures yet to be told. You won't be disappointed.

  • Ezra
    2019-03-11 17:10

    i loved this book not only because it had a good storyline, but the part when he defeated Erebus the Enderman. and crafter was a nice villager and shawny was gamenight's only friend.

  • Kayin Hammond
    2019-03-14 18:31

    I loved this book, it's about a kid that gets sucked into Minecraft.The kid used to be a greifer but then he changes to be nice.I recommend this book to people who like Minecraft.ReAd It!

  • Gabriel
    2019-03-18 15:35

    IF U LIKE MINECRAFT U WILL LUV THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • FeralynnH.
    2019-03-17 15:10

    The main Character in this story is GameKnight999. He is a normal player from the real world that got teleported into Minecraft.

  • Chrisd
    2019-03-04 17:16

    Over the previous two weeks, I’ve been reading a Minecraft novel called Invasion of the Overworld by Mark Cheverton. I enjoyed all the quality features of this book including reading about the survival strategies of and consequences faced by the protagonist, Gameknight999. Friendship is a key in this book and is mentioned frequently throughout this novel. Invasion of the Overworld is a unique book that is entertaining for Minecraft fans of all ages and I would surely recommend this book to any player of the survival strategy computer game.This book explores some of the challenges people face when they cheat. A twelve year old boy whose minecraft name is Gameknight999 is a troller and a hacker. These activities are a form of cheating. Gameknight999 faces many challenges throughout the book due to his cheating, including his biggest challenge of all, which occurs when he gets sucked into Minecraft from one of his dad’s complex inventions.The novel presented basic survival skills along with a great storyline. For any newcomer to Minecraft that loves reading and would like to get into Minecraft, I strongly suggest reading this book. This book teaches the ins and outs of surviving in Minecraft along with the effects of trolling or hacking.Friendship is a topic that comes up repeatedly. Ultimately, friendship issues cause Gameknight999 to want to take back all the bad deeds he has committed. At the end of the story when he has to make a trap to save the village, almost no one will help him because he had victimized them. They would rather he suffer. Gameknight999 must have felt sorrowfully about the mischievous things he had done and probably wanted to make friends with his former victims.After reading this book, I would rate it about 4 stars for the reasons discussed above. Friendship is a big key in this book along with survival skills and consequences of cheating. This special book proves the statement “cheaters never prosper” throughout the whole book. I am extremely excited for the sequels Battle for the Nether which is coming out in 2014 and The End which is being released in 2015.

  • Benjamin
    2019-03-20 22:13

    ***SPOILER ALERT*** Have you ever played a virtual game so much that you feel you are in the game? For Gameknight999, that’s not a feeling. It’s reality. Invasion of the Overworld is a book by Mark Cheverton, and is a Science Fiction book, since you can’t really get transported to a virtual game in a computer (yet). My opinion on this book was that I didn’t like the way the story was told. It had a good storyline, yes, and a large vocabulary of words, but it wasn’t exactly told in a way I would accept. It’s hard to explain my feelings, but it was still a very good book. This book is taken place in present day time, and in Gameknight999’s basement and Overworld of Minecraft. In the Overworld, the story mainly takes place in Crafter’s village. After trolling and being a cruel person in Minecraft, Gameknight999 is sent to the digital game after accidentally turning on one of his father's inventions. He is able to survive a night, but he yearns for answers. He travels to a nearby village, and there they tell him to see the Crafter, and Crafter explains everything. Gameknight is a “User-that-is-not-a-user”, and has triggered all the mobs in Minecraft to attempt to grab more XP (experience) orbs from killing users and villagers so they can go up to the next server, closer to the Source. The Source is something that will allow Minecraft Mobs to travel to the real world, and take it over while killing everyone in the process. Gameknight is the only hope against it, so he must fight, since all the villagers arms are linked together. Crafter leads Gameknight to a place where all the objects in Minecraft are crafted. He tells to everyone that Gameknight will lead them, but Gameknight isn’t so sure, so he gets angry and breaks a crafting bench while a villager is still working, allowing him to use his hands. Then, since they are able to fight, Gameknight calls for his only friend, Shawny, to teleport to him. He does, and he is convinced of what is going on, while Gameknight is informed that Minecraft blocks you from everything once you die. Shawny puts defenses around the village strategically, and the next night monsters attack, led by the leader of the endermen, Erebus. The monsters are finally defeated, but not forever. Gameknight tells Shawny to build a trap to fight and defeat the mobs on their server once and for all. Shawny needs Gameknight to lead the mobs to the place of the trap, and Crafter comes with, against Gameknight’s will, but not before naming Digger “Crafter”, an NPC who's wife was killed by Gameknight. Crafter is now a normal NPC, but Gameknight still calls him Crafter. They travel until they reach the trap, until they are almost overwhelmed with monsters. Shawny somehow gets many Minecraft users to help them, and they fight the thousands of monsters. The first trap is broken, so Crafter sacrifices himself and destroys all the mobs. Again, the second trap breaks, and Gameknight follows his friend and sacrifices himself. Just when he thought he was dead, Gameknight spawns in another server with Crafter because they were overloaded with XP, but Crafter warns Gameknight there are still many more battles ahead. That was only one server. This is a person vs. society type of story, since Gameknight999 has to go up against Erebus and his army of monsters. Ina sense, it could also be person vs fate, since Gameknight999 is part of a prophecy that was triggered by him. In my opinion, the theme is to be good to other people, and they shall be good unto you. Something I noticed is that the title is related to the book because the book is about a gamer named Gameknight999 who triggers a prophecy that starts an invasion or siege of mobs that attack Gameknight, his friend, Shawny, and all the villagers and animals. The title is “The Invasion of the Overworld”, and since the Minecraft world is called the Overworld and since monsters are attacking more than usual, it is an invasion. The third person point of view in this story helps the story because the narrator is able to use more descriptive words, and I am also able to see the main character how he is when others see him, just like when it shows the main character in first person seeing their friends or enemies. It gives you different feelings toward the main character when you see how they are from the outside and not from the inside, or vice versa. In the book, I was surprised near the end when all those famous YouTubers and Minecrafters came to help Gameknight. Gameknight is a hacker, modder, an griefer who would bully others for his enjoyment. I knew that the YouTubers and Minecrafters were there to save Minecraft and not help Gameknight, but I was just surprised by the fact that they would listen to him. An interesting and useful thing I learned in the book was that if you are nice to others, in the end it will pay off. When you are mean to them and you treat them unfairly, it will all add up in the end, positively or negatively, you choose. The actions you do now affect your actions and others reactions in the future. I would give this book a 4 star rating, because as I said in the first paragraph, I didn’t necessarily like the way it was told. It was very good, but I’m just noticing now that one of the problems was the fact that the important and dramatic (feelings) parts went by a bit too fast, and I didn’t have time to take it all in. I would recommend this book to people who like Sci-Fi books, books with battles in them, and gamers, since this book is about a game; Minecraft. This was a very good book indeed, but think about the future - there are Virtual Reality filters (Oculus Rift), and there could be a turn in technology. You could experience games - for real.

  • Alex
    2019-03-04 18:19

    I enjoyed this book because I love MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Gameknight999 and Crafter saved one server from the people on the server. If Gameknight999 and Crafter hadn't saved the server, the people on the server would be kicked out of Minecraft.

  • Andrew
    2019-03-11 19:17

    A heartwarming tale of danger and redemption, and crafting. Leo made me read it.

  • Scott Hayes
    2019-03-07 15:30

    Invasion of the Overworld is a typical Minecraft book. Even though the plot is ok, it still has that sort of feeling it won't be that good. One of the strengths is the character development. Even though the plot may be bad, there has been some good character development. The big example of that character development is Gameknight turning from a griefer in chapter 1 to the one who helped defended the village in the middle of the book. One of the major weaknesses is the writing. The writing isn't that okay, as it looks a bit unprofessional and some minor grammar errors that you can ignore. I should say I give the book an OK rating. I can recommend this to the younger Minecraft fans, as they don't care about what they could give other than "Oh, Minecraft" and just slowly read it. I wouldn't care about reading the series after all as this may be what I wasn't expecting.

  • Noah
    2019-03-19 20:23

    This book has a fairly intense start through the first two chapters. The main character has several stereotypical gamer traits. He engages in griefing, teasing, sabatoging, and other game play forms of bullying. There are several uses of the word “damn” and a few noticeable grammar errors. This definitely has a first print run and a bit of a feeler to see if there is a market for more. It appears that the author intends this book to be part of a series. He has an invitation for readers to send him images of Minecraft scenes that the correlate to various scenes in the book. I think that is a cool idea. There is also a request for feedback from the readers. This book should be fine for readers as low as grade 7 or perhaps a strong grade 6 student?

  • Mason
    2019-03-01 15:22

    Since maybe 35% of my life is Minecraft, I read this book! I was browsing amazon when I came across a book called invasion of the over world by Mark Cheverton. I had never heard of this book or author so I decided to give it a try. and it was worth it! in this novel it is about a player named Gameknight999 who likes to play Minecraft, especially griefing other things people have made in the game. But one day his fathers creation sends him into the game itself, he was actually in Minecraft! Now he was suddenly put into a journey to save Minecraft with his friends Crafter and Shawny, and all the villagers in the game! I loved this book and I will maybe read more books by this author, and if Mark is reading this, GOOD JOB MARK!!! :D

  • Andrew
    2019-02-28 22:08

    This book is amazing i mean amazing i got so hoked so fast and i read it every day and it was not like i had to read it i WANTED to read it it was so realistic that it fellt like the story was happening around me it sort of like a 3D movie. so the book was about a kid and he loves grifing houses in mine craft then by mistake he turns on a dissembler that his dad made and it sucked him into mine craft. the book is so much better then how i said it or explained it. so if you like this book the other books are going to come out in 2014 and 2015. ps. If you think mine craft is weird and a wast of your time i still want you to read this great book.

  • Grapeseed22
    2019-03-13 15:24

    Yes! I love minecraft! I love this book too! very addictive! very fun! can't wait to read book 2! battle for the nether!

  • Jessica
    2019-02-27 20:05

    The author needs a better editor. Whoever did this missed A LOT of errors. This felt like a rip off of Tron and the Matrix to me, I thought it was cliche and shallow. My son loved it though, he would give it 5 stars, and I guess that's the authors target audience so my opinion isn't worth much to him.

  • Laura
    2019-03-21 20:22

    We read this for family book group. For kids who LOVE Minecraft, I would give it more stars. For adults... the writing is not good. Nate didn't finish and didn't like it while this is one of Alex's favorite books. Alex said he liked the suspense of the books, which prompted us to talk about other suspense books he might enjoy.Book group was held on the beach and dessert was brownies.

  • Raevyn Oswald
    2019-02-25 17:16

    Bad writing (although the grammar was good, the actual quality wasn't), but a good story and moral. It's not my favorite book, but I gave it to a relative (that's high praise from me). I will be continuing the series.Read in summer of last year (2015), and again in December 2015.Recommended ages 12+ for fantasy violence and a bullying main character.

  • Diego Valenzuela
    2019-03-16 21:09

    This story is about a griefer named gameknight999 who was sucked into the world of minecraft, and now he needs to save the people living in minecraft. This is one of my favorite books by far. I would recommend this book to a person who likes minecraft

  • Matthew Zelayandia
    2019-03-17 17:22

    I like this book because it is about a kid who got zapped by an invention his father made. I recommend this book to a person who likes minecraft.

  • Kate Fleissner
    2019-03-10 22:35

    I've been playing minecraft since the day it came out. It came out on May 16, 2009. So, I've played for almost 9 years. I got this book when I was maybe 10 and I remember reading it and waiting to get the next book. A couple weeks ago I couldn't figure out book series to read and I saw this minecraft book on my bookshelf and I was like "I never finished the series, so I'm going to re-read it again." I really like this book a lot. Any minecraft fan would love this book.

  • Rachael
    2019-03-12 15:35

    This wasn't all that bad. Cheverton is a decent author, and not afraid to use "big words". The story has a clear good/evil conflict, and a character who has growth towards virtue. It was a fun story that caught us all up in it, even though no one in our family plays minecraft (yet, at least).

  • Maximilian Lee
    2019-02-28 23:23

    I usually rate all minecraft books 5 stars. I rated this book 4 stars because it only is about the overworld. I think the Author very clever with the story because he made someone in the story, not telling the story (Gameknight999).

  • Charlie Greco
    2019-03-23 16:29


  • Brandon
    2019-02-23 20:15

    I thought that it was good and would read again

  • Logan Maas
    2019-03-23 23:30

    it was super good gameknight and crafter who ever knew villagers could talk in minecraft

  • Salimos
    2019-03-17 19:22

    Salim BennisEnglish 5(1)Good reads #2Invasion of the Overworld is an exciting novel written by Mark Cheverton. The story takes place in Minecraft where the main character, Gameknight999, lives with his family. The story begins When gameknight999 kept annoying and embarrassing people in minecraft. A problem arise when his dad told him not to play minecraft on his computer but he did. The problem is when he heard his dad coming, he stressed and made his cup of water fall on his dad’s inventions which made him go in another world which was minecaft. The first thing Gameknight99 had to do was to explore the world and realize that he was not in a dream but he really entered minecraft. Next, he needed to make friends to survive and build houses to keep them safe even though he always trolled people. Finally he found friends, made a team and started making supplies to survive.In order to escape from the minecraft world , Gameknight999 dad needed to make an invention to help his son get out of the world of minecraft. Lastly, his father took him out of minecraft and thought him a lesson that when his father tells him something he should respect it and he learned that he needs to stop trolling people in minecraft because when he was in minecraft he needed help from them.The main character of the novel is Gameknight999. In the beginning of the story he was a mean person and at the end he learned his lesson and became nice.Gameknight999 treats the other characters meanly. Gameknight999 grows and changes throughout the story. At the beginning of the story, he was a mean person who kept trolling people, but because what happens, Gameknight999 becomes a more respectful person. From the actions of the main character, the reader learns that you should always respect your family because they’re always right. All of this made the plot of the story because there is a lot of events. The most exciting episode in the story is when he enters minecraft because the adventure starts. However, the most disappointing moment in this story happened when he lied to his father. I would recommend this story to everyone who likes minecraft, 5-7 grader. I think that these students would enjoy the book The Invasion of the Overworld because the book mainly talks about minecraft and lessons about life.

  • Anthony
    2019-03-21 16:06

    Minecraft, the famed terraforming, cubical game made by Notch, and now managed by Mojang, is played by YouTubers, children, and even celebrities! But one person who loves Minecraft more than anyone is GameKnight999, who loves playing on servers, making buildings of his own design, and cares for the NPCs of his worlds. But the one thing he loved doing on Minecraft more than anything, is to grief. Ruining the experience of other users for his experience to be better, and sometimes just for his amusement. But when one of his dad's far fetched inventions brings him into the game, he needs to start fighting for his life, dodging the deadly claws of zombies, avoiding the fangs of spiders, and swinging an iron sword at other users. And there is a secret that even the programmers of Mojang don't even know..... The NPCs are alive! Every enderman, zombie, iron golem, spider, even every skeleton in the game are living beings, that are shooting, killing, speaking beings that are hellbent on getting as many experience points as possible before they die, so they can move up to the next server plane, until they reach the Source, where the core of Minecraft exists. And as anyone could have possibly guessed, if the core is destroyed, Minecraft is as well. It is up to GameKnight, his villager friend, Crafter, and an entire army of villagers from across the server plane to stop the horrifying, red-eyed, lanky demon that is Erebus, self-proclaimed King of the Endermen, from killing the villagers of the server and moving up the pyramid of servers, to destroy Minecraft. The amount of mystery will keep the reader rolling through the book right until the end, such as the mystery of how GameKnight's father's digitizer works. The way Mr. Cheverton uses the element of surprise is very interesting. For example, he surprises the reader with the fact that GameKnight is now stuck in the game. Mark has given us limited details of the war between the villagers and mobs, which adds an element of speculation amongst the readers of the book. With these elements of war and a cliffhanger, this piece of literature created by Mark Cheverton is sure to appeal to all readers and Minecraft players!

  • Becky
    2019-03-16 23:18

    *I read this book for my Around the Children's Section Challenge which can be found here: www.undeniablylibrarian.wordpress.comI was touched when I discovered that the author of this book, Mark Cheverton, was inspired to write this series after his son had been bullied on Minecraft by what we call “griefers”, people who like to ruin the game online for other players by destroying what they create. Our protagonist starts off as a griefer, but over time begins to realize how much hurt is he causing, and sees the error of his ways. The message Mark Cheverton wanted to get through to the audience, that players on Minecraft should consider the consequences of their actions while playing the game, is crystal clear. I think kids who have experienced bullying online will certainly see this book as a reflection of those experiences.Despite the strong messages presented in this book, it suffers from poor writing. Here is the sentence that bothered me the most as a reader; “…Gameknight pulled out flint and steel and started striking it. He wasn’t sure when he’d gotten the fire maker and didn’t care.” Are we sure it was Gameknight999 who didn’t care and not the writer? This was a crucial point in the plot! Without the flint and steel Gameknight would not have been able to set off the TNT and save the day. But instead of adding the flint and steel into the plot at any time before this, we opted to ignore it all together and acknowledge the fact that it was just thrown in there for the sake of convenience.This book is intended to target young lovers of Minecraft, and it fulfills this niche. Those who aren’t familiar with Minecraft however, will be completely lost. I’ll admit that even I did not understand any of the references made towards popular YouTube stars and videos. (And I follow a lot of gamers online!) I would still recommend this book to Minecraft lovers who are ready to give this chapter book a shot.

  • Sarah Sindorf
    2019-03-09 23:12

    Resenha no blog, escrita por Sarah Sindorf Gameknight999 é um jogador de Minecraft muito bom. Ele tem os melhores equipamentos e sabe muito bem como usá-los. Infelizmente, ele também gosta de destruir o jogo do outros, detonando construções e matando outros jogadores em servidores online. Arrumando muitos inimigos e não se importando com ninguém, ele tem uma grande surpresa quando acaba de alguma maneira acordando dentro do jogo, sem nada no inventário.Preso no mundo que ele ama, mas sentindo dores e fome como no mundo real, Gameknight999 acaba descobrindo que há várias coisas em Minecraft que ele desconhecia, e que seus atos no passado eram muito graves. Agora ele precisa ajudar esse mundo e retornar ao seu. Como gosto do jogo Minecraft, fiquei interessada quando vi esse livro nas livrarias, mas li sem nem ter visto a sinopse antes, então foi uma surpresa saber que era um menino que acaba dentro do jogo, quando eu esperava que já começasse com o jogo como mundo. No prefácio o autor nos fala um pouco de como conheceu o jogo e o que o motivou a escrever esse livro, e achei interessante sua abordagem sobre trollagem e bullying.O livro é voltado há um público mais novo, de crianças e pré-adolescentes, mas eu gostei da leitura. Gameknight999 é um menino novo e um pouco mimado, que sofre bullying no colégio, mas que no jogo acaba praticando bullying também, trollando jogadores e não se importando com ninguém. Quando cai no mundo novo, ele percebe que não conhecia aquele lugar onde ia toda hora e que precisa defender. Quero muito ler os próximos livros para saber como essa história vai se desenrolar mas não quero falar muito mais para não dar spoilers pois o livro é curtinho. Link:

  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    2019-03-14 17:11

    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog of the Overworld is a fun ode to the Minecraft game - featuring adventure, humor (ah, the unibrow NPC), and enough gamespeak terminology to keep any fan happy. Although the writing is not quite to professional level, it is still an entertaining read. This really is a 'by a fan for the fans' type of book. My 10 year old daughter loves Mincraft and I enjoyed reading her chapters every night before bed. She kept asking for more and not wanting to go to sleep.Gameknight999 is a dilettante - he's modded himself to full diamond armor and weapons and enjoys griefing other players and NPCs with his prowess. But that all changes when he is transported into the game. What was once blocky spiders suddenly are vicious, hate-spewing, clawed weapons of death - and he doesn't know if he will return to the real world if he does die. So begins GameKnights adventure in high resolution Minecraft - learning that monsters can be dangerous, NPCs have feelings, and 'griefingA' probably isn't the way to go.This really was the perfect book to read to my daughter and she enjoyed playacting the scenes from the book every afternoon (there was a lot of NPC village saving). So I would say this is a recommendation for fans everywhere.Received as an ARC from the publisher.