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MazeThere are times in life when you have to make decisions that others will neither understand nor forgive. When that happens, then you make damn sure they never find out. But no matter what, you will do anything to protect those you love. Even if it means you forfeit your soul.IvyHe’s keeping something from me. And I’m not sure I want to know because it will forever chanMazeThere are times in life when you have to make decisions that others will neither understand nor forgive. When that happens, then you make damn sure they never find out. But no matter what, you will do anything to protect those you love. Even if it means you forfeit your soul.IvyHe’s keeping something from me. And I’m not sure I want to know because it will forever change us....

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Maze Reviews

  • Paganalexandria
    2019-05-14 18:17

    This is the conclusion of one of my favorite New Adult stories began in The Ballerina & the Fighter. We find ourselves at the same place, right after Maze's epic blade fight. Ivy is overwhelmed by the brutality of her lover's world, but trying to stay as supportive as possible. She knows there is dangerous subtext to everything being presented, but Maze promises to shield her from the blow back. Is that even possible? Pros:1. My book friends already know how I fangirl over dance themes.2. It's great to find a New Adult series NOT revolving around some type of sexual abuse trauma.3. This couple's relationship is fleshed out, and you believe their love is the forever kind.4. The drama and angst level wasn't overdone like many New Adult reads.5. It was interesting to peek inside an Asian underworld, instead of my usual Mafia, and biker stories.Cons:1. The whole books talks about Maze helping Ivy train to make sure she can dance again after her potentially career ending injury. Unfortunately you get barely a page of that in action.2. The one thing I initially loved about this series is the beautiful multicultural cast of characters. Yet by the end, I was trying to figure if Maze would have worked better as an Asian hero.3. I know the title of the book is Maze, but did that mean Ivy's character had to shrink to nothingness? She went from being this dancer phenome in first book, to this girl who just waited for boyfriend constantly to have a purpose. What happened to her career aspirations?Final Thoughts:I was completely going along with the storyline until about the 70% mark, and a couple of head scratchers occurred. Even with them, I had to award the last star for creating a New Adult love story without broken, too damaged people. It wasn't a case of this not being a good book, or not. It is a very enjoyable read, especially for those into Interracial Romance. My debate was really did I just "like", or "really like" it.

  • Victoria Smith
    2019-05-18 21:16

    So I was one of the first to read this as I worked with the author on this project, and I must say I was in tears by the end. This is an excellent conclusion to Maze and Ivy's story. It's a story full of love, heartache, and what one must sacrifice not only for the love, but for the things one believes in. Fabulous job, Ms. Sinclair!

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-04-23 23:02

    Maze- The Ballerina Series Book 2 would make a GREAT Lifetime movie (if they ever bothered to make interracial romances). There's passion, danger, deadly secrets, the sexy swoon-worthy hero, the too-beautiful for words heroine, and of course the Happily Ever After. This wasn't a bad book overall. A couple of spelling hiccups but the action scenes were great and the revelation about a close member of Maze's family was heartbreaking. Yes, Maze gets major props for willing to do anything-including kill-to protect Ivy. Sure, what woman doesn't swoon over that? Sadly, I really just wasn't feeling the characters much, though to be honest Maze was the deeper and more emotionally compelling character (then again, the book is called Maze so of course he'd be the focal point). Still, I hate when heroines get shafted. This tends to happen in romance far too often for my liking. Ivy was weak. Seriously, criminally WEAK. I'm sorry but you don't get to the top of your profession by incessant crying or fawning all over the hero. I waited for Ivy to go through the emotions of a potentially life-changing injury, but instead it was all about Maze. I wanted stubbornness, rage, maybe a little self-pity (okay there was a little of that), then I wanted to hear "Eye of the Tiger" in the background as Ivy worked her caramel-colored butt off back to the top with Maze beside as an equal. I wanted to see a woman who could function independently without Maze as well as with him.And Maze, keeping secrets from the woman you love in the guise of "protecting her" NEVER works. Again, refer to Lifetime movies. If Ivy loves you enough to accept your dragon tattoo and the fact that you fight with swords, I think she'd be strong enough to accept that you straddled two worlds, though you walked away from the shadier side of the street. Still when the stuff hit the fan, you moved heaven and earth to save the woman you loved.I do have one character I absolutely LOVED and that was Dante. If there ever was a loyal, loving, ride or die dude he was it. Seriously, he was willing to kick Maze's ass if he hurt Ivy. Sure it was unrequited love, but there was also deeper friendship and trust. I loved Dante so much that I think he needs his own book. Not to mention he seemed a lot more invested in Ivy returning to dance moreso than Ivy herself.I think both books need to be combined and fleshed out as a longer story. There's plenty to work with, and I would have loved to learned more about the Tong and the Triads as they related to Maze, especially with his mother. I mean really, a white guy heading a legal Chinese organization? How would that work?

  • Laura Johnson
    2019-05-16 18:56

    Boy, this 2 book series has lots of twists and turns. You have this prima ballerina who falls for this hot MMA fighter. He firsts see his ballerina fly through the air and executes a beautiful "firebird." At that moment he is spellbound by her. Their journey to be together is full of love, sacrifice, lies, suspense, betrayal, and honor. This series would make an excellent "Lifetime" love and suspense movie of the week. Overall recommend read.

  • Ragatnia Clara
    2019-04-24 01:01

    This was a fine conclusion story of Ivy and Maze. In the prequel, we knew how Ivy and Maze build their chemistry and how they rekindle the relationship. But in this sequel, we'd know not just the sweetness of their relationship, but the bitter and sadness in it. I liked their effort to have people they loved safe, I liked the maturity develops in both Ivy and Maze, and I liked the twist. I somehow knew there would be betrayal, and damn it's right. Overall, I really enjoyed Ivy and Maze!

  • Jos
    2019-04-22 22:16

    5 Stars.... Great SequelWow, LOVED this and LOVED both Maze and Ivy:) What a great sequel, a happy and truly heartwarming end for this couple. Oh and the Epilogue....LOVED it!!!!! They both deserved all of the good that finally came their way! PS LOVED Dante, Ivy's Best Friend, he was a GREAT addition to this story!Congrats Ursula Sinclair, I will now be adding you to my favorite authors list!

  • Sandra
    2019-05-03 23:09

    Loved it. What a great conclusion to the story. I wasn't sure about Maze in the first book but he won me over in this book. He loved Ivy so much he was willing to put her in he arms of another man just to keep her save. I loved the twist at the end. I was not expecting that.

  • Fashionista
    2019-04-29 00:04

    Book 2 was really good! Maze is definitely sexy! I can't wait; I'm about to read BOOK 3 about Dante! YASSSS!

  • Kevin Sells
    2019-05-16 22:13

    Nice... really nice. This one carries the story in a nice direction and contains a slick plot twist that will throw you for a loop. There's a couple of glaring plot holes that took away a star for me. But all in all, a rollicking good story.

  • Sandy S
    2019-04-28 19:03

    3.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 27, 2013MazeThere are times in life when you have to make decisions that others will neither understand nor forgive. When that happens, then you make damn sure they never find out. But no matter what, you will do anything to protect those you love. Even if it means you forfeit your soul.IvyHe’s keeping something from me. And I’m not sure I want to know because it will forever change us.•••••••REVIEW: 3.5 stars--MAZE is the second installment in Ursula Sinclair’s contemporary THE BALLERINA new adult, romance series. This is the continuing story of Maze and Ivy, and picks up immediately after the events of book one-The Ballerina and the Fighter. Ivy is a professional ballerina who is currently on medical leave due to an unfortunate accident; Maze is an MMA fighter trained in the Japanese style of blade fighting. When Maze refuses to throw a fight he and everyone he loves will become targets in a gang war to control the Japanese Triad and the Tong. What ensues are Maze’s attempts to hunt down the people responsible and knowing that his future has been pre determined by the people he loves.MAZE is a storyline that focuses on Maze and Ivy’s building relationship as they learn to trust one another following a five year separation wherein Ivy had believed that Maze was no longer a part of her life. Maze’s return to America comes with the harsh reality that everything has changed for Maze and Ivy. As Maze tries to uncover the truth, he will lose someone close in the ensuing struggle for power and control.The secondary characters include Ivy’s BFF and roommate Dante-a fellow dancer who lost his heart to Ivy years before. We reconnect with Maze’s foster father Joe, and his Uncle Tsang –two men whose lives will collide time and time again. Ivy and Shelly’s (book 1) parents face a reality many people have had to endure; Maze’s friend Vin drops in for a drink or two; and the bodyguards protecting Ivy and Maze will lose a couple of their own as they battle with the Japanese mob.The world building follows Maze’s hunt for a group of Japanese assassins, as well as his need to protect the woman that he loves. I did have a few issues with this particular storyline as it pertained to a number of spelling errors and grammar problems-another round of editing could easily pick up the mistakes. The slow build of the storyline was due in part to Maze’s need to ‘disappear’ but in the interval we learn very little about what has happened. Maze’s search for the people responsible for threatening everyone that he loves is pushed to the background throughout the story- we are third party witnesses after everything is said and done.MAZE is an interesting and entertaining storyline about an interracial couple who have issues of trust. Maze and Ivy have both lost people in their lives, and continued threats make it apparent that more losses are imminent and in the future. The characters are colorful and animated; the happily ever after jumps several years so that we get a glimpse into the future for Ivy and Maze.Copy supplied by the

  • Trina
    2019-05-04 01:16

    Received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I began reading this book and then I found out it was book two in a series so I decided to stop reading and read book one first. While you could read this book without reading book one, I suggest reading The Fighter and The Ballerina first in order to have a better understanding of the dynamics of the relationship between Maze and Ivy. Once I finished book one, I immediately restarted book two. What I enjoyed most about this book is that while it is an interracial romance the author does not feel the need to keep reminding the reader of that. The ups and downs of their relationship made the story more realistic, and kept my interest until the very end. I read this book in one day because I could not stop reading. I liked that there was more to the story than just their relationship. Maze quickly became of my favorite male characters. His combination of strength and sweetness make him incredibly sexy. He now on my list of book boyfriends. The chemistry that him and Ivy had was off the charts. I was able to relate to Ivy who I felt was a very strong character that was not willing to give the man that she knew was the love of her life.I highly recommend this book, and I plan to read more from this author very soon.

  • Lakeisha
    2019-05-17 18:16

    Before I review this amazing book, I want to acknowledge that this book was donated by the author in exchange for an honest review. Which I'm very grateful for because I've been waiting to get more of Maze and Ivy in my system.I was scared that Bk 2 would not live up to BK1, but Ms. Ursula Sinclair did not fail me. BK 2 was amazing. I loved that it picked up from where bk 1 left off. Maze and Ivy were so sweet and hot. I felt their love and Maze's protectiveness through the authors words; it felt as if I was there for the ride. I love it when a story takes me along for the ride.I loved how he was willing to change for her and how supportive he was of her. I found it so enduring that Maze -the undefeated underground MMA fighter could be nervous just like anyone else. It made the story more real and also showed another side to Maze. The love scenes were hot and steamy and made me want to switch places with Ivy. This book was all about love, strength, and trust. Maze and Ivy had all these and more. Even though Ivy was scared she kept loving Maze. And Maze would never give his Ivy up without a fight. Sometimes you have to fight for love.Thanks for such sweet, enduring, and fabulous read; it's a great story that made me feel...

  • Brittany
    2019-04-18 22:09

    *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the New Adult Book Club*The second book in the Ballerina series picks up where the first has left off. Ivy desperately wants Maze out of whatever business he's in. Maze wants out of it too, but it keeps shadowing him. The Triad hits closer and closer to home, and the source of all their troubles may be right in their faces. All Maze wants to do is love and protect his Ivy, but that gets harder to do as the Triad threatens everything that means something to him. There's a lot of heartbreak in this book, but we do get a satisfying Happily Ever After. Maze, of course, brings the action, suspense, and lust. Ivy is also dealing with her own troubles. She may not be able to do what she loves anymore after injuring herself. Maze is a great guy despite a troubling past that doesn't want to give up. He puts Ivy first, which is a lot better than what happens in real life. I love these characters and this world that Ms. Sinclair has constructed!!

  • Paulien
    2019-04-27 01:16

    I loved this book more than the previous one, there was more fighting for each other, and this book was a bit more dark than the first one! StorylineI won’t spoil the second book, because you only start to read this one because you loved the first one! But there are secrets, and there are things to happen that you won’t expect, he will sacrifice a lot for her, will she do the same. Will things be allright in the ending? A lot of question, and all the answers are in the book. You will love them! TitleI wished this one was a bit different than it is now. I’m convinced that there were better options. Because I’m convinced that the book is not only about Maze, and not only about Ivy…Cover I loved it, even the cover is darker than the first book, but it was also way hotter. EndingNope, I’m not spoiling this one! I was not expecting all that that's why I'm giving this book 5 stars!

  • Dee Price
    2019-04-30 20:04

    All hell breaks loose after Maze refuses to throw a fight for the Triad. He's being followed, Joe gets shot, and Ivy's life is threatened. Thinking that the best way to protect Ivy is to stay away from her, he breaks up with her for good. But he quickly realizes he made a huge mistake when Ivy turns up missing, and Maze comes to the realization that the threat he faces stems from close to home.As you can guess from the title, this book is all about Maze. Even after Ivy suffers a career ending injury, she appears to be just a sidekick in this story. I did enjoy learning more about Dante and his fierce loyalty to Ivy. This book was ok but parts of it were a bit unrealistic (like a caucasian running the Triad), and there were numerous spelling errors once again. I think these books should have been combined into one solid book with a little more empahsis placed on character and plot development.

  • Mary Lou Hoffman
    2019-05-03 22:12

    Series: Ballerina # 2Category /Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance/ Multicultural Romance Received from: Ursula Sinclair (in exchange for an honest review)Tour arranged by: Read Between the LinesRecommended for: 18+ due to sexual content and violenceGrammar/editing: ungraded / received as an ARCThis is the second in the Ballerina series and they do need to be read in order.Maze’s only concern is to keep Ivy safe, but he to do that he may have to break her heart. This second book is better than the first. There was heartache, tears, fears, cheering, screaming, and more tears, but this time of happiness. Ms. Sinclair has produced a fitting end to the story of how Ivy and Maze began their happily-ever-after. The epilogue was soothing and beautiful.I understand that Ursula Sinclair is a pen name. This series was the first of her books I have read. I look forward to reading more on both names.

  • Chris
    2019-05-10 19:00

    3.5 starsSo I read the first book, and it was difficult for me to get into the story and Maze (even though I liked both things) because the writing was repetitive and at times clunky. Clearly, Sinclair took the criticism and feedback and produced a solid work of immense improvement! With that said, I really did like the writing this time around and the story kept me engaged. Admittedly, the story was predictable and the direction was obvious, I enjoyed the twinges of suspense and action in the story. To me, it was a pleasant change to just pure romance through and through.Again, I can't stress enough how much I think the writing has improved from my perspective. Keep up the fantastic work!*I received a free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Martha
    2019-05-09 19:13

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is not a standalone book. In order to understand Ivy and Maze you need to read the first book. I did not care for the first book, but I did like this one better. I thought that the plot was paced well and progressed naturally throughout the book. I liked the twist that was thrown in toward the end and thought that I should have figured it out before it came because there are hints along the way, but it still came as a surprise. In addition, I liked learning more about the characters and their struggles. It was nice to see the relationship between Ivy and Maze grow and to get to explore what each of them were thinking because of the alternating narrative. Lastly, I appreciated getting to know some of the other characters slowly.

  • KBeautiful1
    2019-05-05 02:05

    What an amazing ending to a 2 book series arc. The unconditional love between Maze and Ivy just so amazing.The twists and turns, the joys and sadness, the love and betrayal was all in this story. I was gripping my Kindle like crazy lol!!!I love they way Maze fought for Ivy, I love the way that Ivy was the only one for him and there would never be another. When he said to her, "Even In My Death I Will Love You!" Let's you know right then and there that nothing could ever separate these two.Ivy's love mirrored the same. This was no one-sided love affair, Ivy loved him for life and through death. Their HEA was absolutely complete. This is definitely a must read. "The Ballerina and The Fighter" is Book 1, Author Ursula Sinclair did the damn thing in writing the conclusion to Maze and Ivy's story.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-19 01:21

    By May 7thI receive this book for an honest review. Maze is one hot man, there's nothing I can say to due him justice. He is just yummy!This book was really good and I enjoyed it. The first one was amazing but this one is also up there in ranking. Maze and Ivy have a very amazing story and I'm glad I was able to read it. They had to fight to get there happy ending and I'm so glad they did! Ivy was sweet and amazing maze was sexy and protective. Those are just a few word to describe them. Maze proved he would do anything to protect Ivy, there were time I felt ivy needed new emotion or bitchyness you could say but overall it was an amazing book, it had all that you would expect form a great book an more. I recommend both books.

  • Felicia
    2019-05-09 20:04

    I really enjoyed this dangerous and intense love story. Maze was a total badass. Loved it. And the way Ivy stood by him made me love them even more. I enjoy reading love stories where the heroine meets a 'bad boy' and doesn't try to drastically change him. Chace Crawford as MazeJessica Parker Kennedy as Ivy

  • Cat Parisi
    2019-04-27 19:20

    The continuation of the story Maze & Ivy. Maze is dealing with family history & secrets, which is trying desperately to seperate himself from. He wants to be with Ivy more than anything, but he thinks she's safer away from him. Maze is also struggling to know who he can & can't trust anymore. Will their relationship survive the secrets he's keeping and how many times will Ivy take being pushed away? Ivy is also dealing with an injury that may end her dance career. Suspenseful story, kept me guessing as to what would happen next and if Maze & Ivy would get a "happy ever after"*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

  • Cazzyyvon
    2019-04-25 21:13

    I got a few chapters into this book before I realised it was clearly book two in the series. So I stopped and read the ballerina and the fighter and then carried on where I left off. I really enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters, which was genuine and believable. I thought the storyline was unique and kept my interest up throughout. The found the coverage of Ivy's dancing situation to be thoughtful. Overall a good read and I will be looking out for more writing from Ursula Sinclair in the future. I really appreciated the opportunity to read and review this. I received this book in return for an honest review.

  • Missy
    2019-05-10 19:54

    An excellent finish for this series.The passion and love between Maze and Ivy is still sexy but they are both strong willed individuals so there are still many clashes ahead.We learn so much more about Maze's dark past and current ties that all leads to deadly trouble and heartbreak.I loved Ivy's strong character as she deals with Maze's past and present. She really helps him overcome his hurdles to make their future. And poor Maze has a lot to deal with as he makes sure Ivy is safe even if it means his life....he is such a sexy badass!There is so much action going on, it is like a TV drama but you get to feel the emotions involved in this amazing read.

  • Daria
    2019-04-30 19:10

    I didn't really like the first book so I don't really know why I picked up this one. It definitely shouldn't be read as a stand alone because the basis of the mcs relationship is made in book One when they meet. Here it goes on to describe how they live together with the threat of the Asian mafia over their heads. Honestly I just wasn't into this story. It didn't keep my interest and I found Ivy really annoying. Her character was whiny and passive. I like a stronger female lead. I received a copy in an exchange for an honest review.

  • Randi
    2019-05-03 17:58

    I was asked to read this book for an honest review of it. When I agreed to read it, I was unaware that it was the second in the series (I didn't see the book 2 when looking at the listing) That being said, I felt this book really didn't need the first one. I wasn't lost completely in the reading. It was a good book. It took a while to really get into it but when it took off, it really took off and kept your attention. There were a few surprises that I wasn't expecting. The characters were well developed and kept you wanting more.

  • Randi
    2019-05-14 01:18

    I was asked to read this book for an honest review of it. When I agreed to read it, I was unaware that it was the second in the series (I didn't see the book 2 when looking at the listing) That being said, I felt this book really didn't need the first one. I wasn't lost completely in the reading. It was a good book. It took a while to really get into it but when it took off, it really took off and kept your attention. There were a few surprises that I wasn't expecting. The characters were well developed and kept you wanting more.

  • Lynwen Rees
    2019-05-12 21:55

    I kindly received this book for an honest review. I didn't realise until i began it, it was the second in a series, this aside however I quickly picked up the thread of the story and the history between Maze and Ivy. I probably didn't quite establish the rapport with the characters i would have if i had read the first book and found at times I was losing interest. The story itself is good and well written but i have to say i personally like more grit, it didn't quite capture me in the way i want when I am reading a book and i cant put it down.

  • Ndulgent Bloggers
    2019-04-21 18:08

    This love story could be epic, spanning years of these characters' lives, if only there was even more depth. As is, it's a beautiful story though with interesting characters that a compelling story line. There's love, loss, heartbreak, illness, suspense, betrayal and redemption. Those are some powerful elements. READ FULL REVIEW: http://guiltyindulgencebookclub.blogs...

  • Hez
    2019-04-24 23:57

    Finally finished.... Great read. It didn't disappoint. It was sad to know that the one Maze thought was family to him, wasn't. I just thought that story of the way Joe died was too good to true. I read somewhere (can't remember) that there may be a next bk. If there is, I'll gladly read it. Probably even one for Dante. I always like to read about the little ones who joins the family. Shelly crouching like her daddy. Too cute.