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After the Storm of the Century rips apart New Orleans, Adele Le Moyne and her father are among the first to return to the city following the mandatory evacuation. Adele wants nothing more than for life to return to normal, but with the silent city resembling a mold-infested war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, noAfter the Storm of the Century rips apart New Orleans, Adele Le Moyne and her father are among the first to return to the city following the mandatory evacuation. Adele wants nothing more than for life to return to normal, but with the silent city resembling a mold-infested war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normal will have to be redefined. Events too unnatural – even for New Orleans – lead Adele to an attic that has been sealed for three hundred years, and the chaos she unleashes threatens not only her life but everyone she knows. Mother Nature couldn’t drain the joie de vivre from the Big Easy, but someone or something is draining life from its residents.Caught suddenly in a hurricane of eighteenth-century myths and monsters, Adele must quickly untangle a web of magic that links the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors. But who can you trust in a city where everyone has a secret, and where keeping them can be a matter of life and death – unless, that is, you’re immortal....

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The Casquette Girls Reviews

  • Etnik
    2019-03-03 20:02

    5 MIND BLOWING STARS!You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!The Casquette Girls by Alys ArdenBook One of The Casquette Girls seriesPublisher: fortheARTofit Publication Date: October 31st 2013Rating: 5 starsSource: ARC sent by the authorFirst,look at this cover.It's perfection,just like the book.I adore this cover so much,because it reminds me somehow American Horror Story and I love that tv series.And I don't know why but I kept thinking about that show reading this book.I freaking loved it.The Casquette Girls is a paranormal mystery romance YA.And believe me it is not fluffy romance,I wouldn't have rated this 5 stars if it was.Actually I liked the romance here.It did not become a really big deal,and it was fun to read about it.I must say when I learned this is also with vampires,I was less intrigued to read it,because vampires and witches are my least favorite creatures,but I didn't mind here at all.I really liked the way the book is written.It is so unique from others,because sometimes you are lost,at least I was.I liked all the parts of this book,because they completed the story so beautifully.Also the characters.I liked Adele because she was not the typical female characters,and she reminded me Violet from American Horror Story,so of course I loved her.The story takes place in New Orleans after the storm.The main character,Adele who wants to have a normal life.But meanwhile she discovers that she faces some strange powers and also there are a series of unusual events that began a long time ago.Also new people come to her life and everything starts to change.Will she complete the jigsaw that has been going on for so long?I highly recommend this book to every reader,especially if you read paranormal YA.It is a perfection.Pick it up:)

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-03-25 21:05

    4.5Thank you Alys for sending me this copy. Thank you Casey ann books for pushing me to read this! Brilliant book for fall! Supernatural, New Orleans, History! I love it! Cant wait for book two!

  • Althea Ann
    2019-03-12 23:19

    Guilty pleasure alert!I have to admit, as I began this book, I found my eyes rolling several times at the silliness of it all... I wasn't sure it'd be for me. But somehow, as it went on, I found myself continuing to turn the pages... enjoying it more and more. It didn't get less silly, but I was along for the ride.Adele Le Moyne is a high school student whose hometown of New Orleans has been devastated by a terrible hurricane. (Is it Katrina? I'm not sure - there's not mention of "Katrina" at all, and it might be an even-worse storm.) After spending two months in Paris with her rarely-seen mother, Adele is ready to rejoin her father and start rebuilding her home.The destruction she encounters is shocking. Her school is closed down. The streets are empty. But some of her old friends are around, trying to make the best of a bad situation along with her.There are the "teenage" things to deal with: soon, Adele is placed in the upper-crust girls' private school, where her designer duds from France are her only hope of being socially accepted. After school, there's the annoying guy from the coffee shop who unfortunately (?) starts taking art lessons from her dad. And then there are the two drop-dead handsome Italian brothers - who say they're in town searching for lost family members. (ooh la la!)But stranger things are also in the offing. After a bizarre experience at the old convent, Adele seems to be developing a talent for telekinesis. She has to consult with her new friend down at the local voodoo store (who's also a 'cool' girl, AND the mayor's daughter) about whether she might be a witch... and the descendant of old-time New Orleans witches.When we hop back in time to learn more about what happened with those old-time witches - back when young, unmarried girls were sent over from Frances with only the 'caskets' than supposedly contained their dowries - more light is shed on the supernatural events that Adele has become entangled in, back in the present day.Good fun... and, (view spoiler)[ the vampires don't QUITE sparkle. (hide spoiler)]The quote that really captures it all: "Am I going to die tonight? As a sixteen-year-old virgin with only one passport stamp?"Many thanks to Amazon and NetGalley for the opportunity to read. As always, my opinions are solely my own

  • Casey Ann Books
    2019-03-16 18:24

    When I read a book, I hope that I'm taken away to a place far from my own. When I read I book I hope that I cry, scream, gasp, laugh and all that good stuff. When I started The Casquette girls I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping I would feel all of those things and boy did I.New Orleans in this novel is a place of Magic, history, mystery, romance, and destruction. Adele Le Moyne has returned from staying with her mother in Paris while attending Notre Dame university. Adele fled with her father before the terrible storm hit New Orleans that created the most heartbreaking destruction. She's back in New Orleans with her father and its time to start again. However things are some what different now she is back and not just because of the destruction the storm had left in its wake. When she is caught up in a spell that wasn't hers to begin with, When she meets two mysterious brothers who are hiding a big secret, when she finds a diary that will change her life forever.. and when all else fails its time the coven band together to fight evil.Adele is one of my favourite heroines of all time. She wasn't at all two dimensional. I could picture her sitting on my bed and having a conversation with me! she's badass, doesn't take no for an answer and is one brave chick! You can definitely tell that Alys Arden is from the French Quarter of New Orleans, because of the amount of detail and eeriness that she brought to this book. So much so that I am now going to New Orleans next year! it has to happen. There are some shocking revelations in this book! Im not going to spoil it for you people but lets just say it wasn't wedding dresses in those Casquettes.... it was something much more sinister and exciting.Aly has created word images so vivid that it is almost like watching a movie. She takes you for a romp through beautiful New Orleans with an action packed suspenseful event that had my heart facing and had me excited from beginning to end. Don't open the attic door guys. Its locked for a reason. READ THIS BOOK.

  • Mee
    2019-02-28 22:04

    I just finished this book and . . . oh gosh. My dad’s at home right now so he probably thinks I’m all hopped up on drugs.Okay, I’m going to try to make this review more review like than a crazy-fan-girl-I-think-I’m-going-to-die rant. I don’t know if that’s possible. I’m still reeling in from this. -DEEP BREATH-The first time is always unforgettable - and get your minds out of the gutter, that’s not what I’m talking about. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to re-watch a favourite movie again for the first time? The magic of "the first time" is kind of ruined when you can anticipate everything that happens. The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden is one of those books you finish and close, wishing that there was a way for you to read it again - for the first time. So the book is divided in three different parts and I’m going to try reiterating my thoughts on the story without any spoilers. Part I You’ve cracked open the book and you’re read to just dive in because you’re dying to learn what the mysterious blurb on the back is referring to:Seven girls tied by timeFive powers that bindOne curse to lock the horror awayOne attic to keep the monsters at bay But Arden teases you, she dangles that golden carrot in your face while leading you into the water. We don’t know right away what this curse is or who these seven girls are, let alone what monsters are being locked away in said attic. Instead, we’re introduced to Adele Le Moyne, possibly one of my favourite YA character ever. She takes us on a tour around New Orleans, after the storm, and we get pulled into the city because it’s impossible not to love the city with how she describes it. There are freak and random incidents that happen throughout this part but you kind of brush it off because well, it’s a city trying to repair itself, no duh there’ll be stuff happening around that wouldn’t normally occur.HA! As if anything in this story is accidental – Arden lures you with that golden carrot so far into the water, you’re already dead before you know you’re drowning. You don’t know it just yet, but the storyhas begun. So we begin part II.Part IIOh my carrots I can’t even tell you how much I adored this part – I loved reading the diary entries! This might earn me a slap in the face but I think I liked Adeline more so than Adele in this part because every time we were brought back to the present, I kept thinking, ‘oh my gosh, what else happened to Adeline?!’ But it wasn’t only Adeline that caught my attention in the diary, the “Ette” triplets as I called them in my head, Cosette, Lisette and Minette, were as captivating as Adeline described. I don’t know if Arden made Cosette the way she did on purpose, but as a reader, I was drawn to her more so than the other two sisters. (view spoiler)[so it totally killed me when I reached the part where Cosette ended up being the only “survivor” of the triplets because Lise had to kill Minette to well, stay immortal. Oh the feels! :(((hide spoiler)]Anyhow, so in the second part, everything starts unravelling and you realise holy mother shit, WHAT IS THIS?! Remember up above when I said she lures you in quietly? Yeah, this is when you realise it. Part IIISo now the characters know about the curse and the vampires so things are really starting to pick up. I love the magic that’s woven in the plot, it’s not overwhelming and just right. I loved seeing Désirée just dive into the magic her grandmother has passed down to her and how the two of them (view spoiler)[and Isaac (hide spoiler)] worked together to find a way to deal with the vampire problem. This part was definitely action packed! I loved seeing Adele grow throughout the book and she turned into a kick ass heroine! I think Emilio put it perfectly with this quote; It seems just yesterday you were that little lost duck in Paris. Speaking of Emilio, can I just say how much I hate love triangles? My heart just can’t take it!! I am SO torn between Isaac and Nicco! Okay, I lied. I love and hate love triangles. I hate that I love ones that are done well. It’s as if I enjoy having more angst in my life. Who has an edge right now for me? I’m going to say . . .Nicco. DON’T KIL ME ISAAC FANGIRLS! I don’t know why, there’s something about him that’s got as much as a hold on me as it does for Adele. There was something that Issac said at the end of the story that caught my attention and I cannot wait to see what he was trying to tell Adele before he was interrupted. I had an inkling when Nicco and him were speaking in the club but gah, I cannot wait to actually hear the full story of what happened there. All in all my review does not do this story any justice. There are twists in the plot that makes it so when you think you’ve got it figured out, you realise you really don’t. There are so many loveable characters in the story – Ren was just hilarious! – and the antagonist! I can’t decide if I love them more or the coven! There was something about them that you hated and loved at the same time. I’m probably due for a check in an institution because I still can’t help but still like Gabe despite what he did. I thought it was so evil but almost . . . delightfully so. I can’t wait for the sequel to The Casquette Girls so I’m definitely going to be stalking Arden’s fan page for sneak-a-peeks and any other goodies she may send our way. Definitely recommended for readers that are looking for a different paranormal story with a splash of romance! Last gif just to sum up my feels because there’s no way I’m making one of myself doing this; ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Donita Luz
    2019-03-14 19:24

    I wanted to like this more than I did. I really do. The blurb sounds amazing and intriguing enough for me to pick this book up. I wonder why MC's and romance have to fuck everything up for me. I don't know if it's just me, but the romance department of some of the YA books I've read lately annoys the shit out of me. It's just so frustrating and disappointing."I felt very tiny, like a pawn in a life-size game of chess where the stakes were real. How many wrong moves have I made, unaware that I was even a player?" I have no idea what this story is about when I started reading it. I was pleasantly charmed and intrigued with the setting of the book, but aside from the characters and romance that pretty-much put me off, I also didn't appreciate how the story is so eventful but still make the story somehow drags. A storm has almost swept the New Orleans apart. The damaged was bad, so bad that the government turns a blind eye on what's happening of the place and when the initial news and excitement has died down, it's like people of New Orleans was left to fend of themselves, which I find utterly ridiculous. The place is just starting to get on their feet after the nasty storm, if it isn't bad enough, dead bodies after dead bodies are found in the streets drained with blood and the government and even the media has decided to let them deal with their problem. Its like New Orleans was temporarily removed of the map to conveniently cater the story. There goes your world building. But to its credit, the book made a very good job at advertising New Orleans because it got me really intrigued. I fell inlove with New Orleans and the introduction of the Casquette girls. I think that it's amazing and unique. I even started looking through google images what New Orleans look like and to know more information about the Casquette girls and the writing was great! That's pretty much the reason why I stick with the story, all other thing was a turn off for me.The story started out so great, then the MC suddenly met 2 mysteriously sibling hot guys and another 1 in a cafe. the story started to freaking dragged i struggled not to actually start reading backwards to just know what will eventually happen. I also think that this book is quite a hypocrite. I mean, it is so strongly against to the idea of sparkling vampires(which is ridiculous), but have no problem making the vampire blush and have flickered heartbeat in this book. Well, I guess if the author wants their vampires to blush, sparkle or have a heartbeat, who am I to judge?This book had a great potential and superb writing. If unnecessary romance doesn't annoy you, then by all means don't let my review scare you away from reading this book.

  • Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽
    2019-03-22 18:04

    Putting this aside at 11%. It seems like there is potential here, but it's not keeping my interest enough to want to continue right now. Besides, reading funk and all just means it would be worse if I tried to keep forcing myself...Previous post:Free with Kindle Unlimited, or $1.99 on September 17, 2017. I saw the word vampires and I was sold.

  • Maria Kaye
    2019-03-25 00:14

    Let's review this! :D***5 witchy stars***I said it once and I'll say it again, this book was freaking amazing! The book tells the story of Adele Le Moyne. Her and her father are forced to evacuate their homes when a huge storm -- referred to as "The Storm" rips through New Orleans leaving death and destruction everywhere. Washed up houses, broken families, nothing is left untouched. Soon after their return strange unnatural things start happening to Adele, new mysterious faces join the french quarter and dead bodies start turning up -- deaths unrelated to The Storm.Caught suddenly in a hurricane of eighteenth-century myths and monsters, Adele must quickly untangle a web of magic that links the climbing murder rate back to her own ancestors. But who can you trust in a city where everyone has a secret, and where keeping them can be a matter of life and death – unless, that is, you’re immortal.----Well. Has the book piqued your interest yet?! The book was interesting, this was my first witch centered novel (I think) and I loved every bit of it. I was so fascinated by all the stories (even if they were made up) of New Orleans, the history, the integration of the casquette girls (which in fact were a real thing!) and also the paranormal aspect of the book.The build up in the beginning was slow, Adele's character, she was very.. annoying in the beginning due to her denial. Ugh, she went back and forth believing she had powers to thinking she was crazy. But after she accepted what she was the story finally kicked off! After about a quarter of the way I found it so hard to put the book down, I just wanted to keep flicking the pages to find out what happens next. Alys Arden does a great job at foreshadowing hints to add to the mystery surrounding Adele and The Storm.The characters were all very likeable, there is a love triangle in the book. I didn't really mind it since it was done well. I really liked Nicco and Isaac! And Gabe! And Sebestien and every other freaking character in the book. Each had their own personalities and were different! Even the bad guys were kind of likeable. It was such a perfect set of characters for the book. I don't know what else to say, there were a lot of twists, a lot of secrets get uncovered and shit gets crazy by the end of the book. I should also mention that this book is sort of told in two POVs, one being Adele in present time and the other being Adeline (Adele's ancestor).If you love YA paranormal books with witches, heaps of mystery, great characters and plotline then read this! READ IT!

  • Patricia Eddy
    2019-03-18 18:56

    ***This review was originally submitted to Author Alliance.***I admit, I don't read a lot of YA. Why not? Well, because so many times the teenage characters have so much angst that I just can't get through it. That said, the description of The Casquette Girls really spoke to me and I decided to take a chance. Wow. I am so glad I did. The Casquette Girls is technically a YA Paranormal Romance. The main characters are all sixteen to eighteen years old. If you're looking for a book suitable for teens, this is a good candidate. There's no sex, no swearing, and only limited violence. That said, there's a whole lot else going for it that will keep you engaged even if you're well north of thirty. I wish I could summarize the story for you. I want to. But there's just so much to it that any description I could possibly make would pale in comparison to what the book was - near perfection. First of all, the book takes place in New Orleans right after Katrina. The author does a fantastic job of capturing the horrors of post-storm life while not delving deeply into some of the political aspects of the issues that happened in Louisiana. You'll feel for the characters who had to return to storm ravaged life and you'll learn how the city's undefeatable spirit kept it going when it seemed like all was lost. Next, the vampire narrative is incredibly well done. The story bounces back and forth between Adele's ancestor, Adeline's diary and present day and it does so nearly seamlessly. All too often, these flashbacks can be too drawn out and slow, but in The Casquette Girls, they are incredibly important and very well done. Just as you're wondering why we need to read all this history, the author shows you exactly why you're reading. There were parts of the climax that took me completely by surprise and that is rare. The author left me wanting more, but not a lot more. I don't want another book (well, unless there's another threat to neutralize), but I'd love to read an epilogue or check in with these characters five years in the future to see what happened after all of the...drama. Superbly written and edited, this is a book that will hold your interest from the first page to the last. Each character is important. Each is well defined and well crafted. The ending is thrilling and nearly perfect. This is definitely one of the top books I've read in 2014.

  • Maggie
    2019-03-23 16:00

    The Casquette Girls is not your ordinary teen paranormal romance story. The main character, Adele, is not your typical YA character. She is far more complex than that. Yes, she acts childish at times and is ruled by her hormones, but there are more layers to her, and she is a character that uses her head. It's probably why I found the ending quite unexpected - because it didn't end in the way you would expect a YA novel to end - but it felt right because it fit Adele's character perfectly. The book started off a little slow and took a while to reveal the main plot, but during that time it painted a hauntingly beautiful picture of a post-storm New Orleans that just made me fall in love with it. I could actually see myself walking down the streets Adele called home and feel her pain as she witnessed the destruction. The other thing I didn't expect were the nature of the vampires. After Twilight, the YA paranormal genre has been inundated with 'tame' vampires that fall in love with the main female character who's too stupid to run away. Not in The Casquette Girls. While there are a few romances springing up, and a lot of confused feelings, Adele never forgets who it is she is dealing with. These vampires are anything but tame, and are probably more terrifying because they pretend to be nice to get what they want. Bram Stoker would have been proud of these vampires. Then there are the mysteries. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realise you have barely scratched the surface and there is another mystery to uncover. The final mystery - the big one - was able to retain its secrets right till the very end. I usually pride myself in being able to guess the outcome of a story. I am happy to say that I couldn't guess this one at all. It made for an interesting and unique reading experience for me. If you want to read a YA paranormal romance without any sparkly vampires in sight, this book is a must. You won't be disappointed.

  • madamereadsalot
    2019-03-06 20:22

    3.75 I quite enjoyed reading The Casquette Girls. It's been ages since I last read a book with vampires and witches & it was a fun read. The beginning was a bit slow to start, but I am not really one to mind it much, bc I think it is good for creating the introduction to the story, build up the action parts and make the story feel more 'realistic' in regards of character development and story development. (I usually have troubles if there is too little explaining, so I prefer a longer introductionnto the story.)I enjoyed getting to know a bit about New Orleans and how it is switched between present day with our main character Adele and past 'Nouvelle Oléans' with Adelaide. I also liked Adele as a character and Desirée and especially Issac. A character that seemed too cliché for me tho, was Niccolo. As well as the love triangle. I have to be honest, I like some kind of conflict in the romance department. I like if the protagonist has to figure out things regarding their own emotional state. I am not a fan of Insta-Love. But neither a big fan of love triangles. And there was a bit of both in it for me. But still, I am rooting for one particular character. And for the other, I feel like there still is more to discover on background info as to why they acted the way they did. Overall I am very interested in seeing what this talk of Saint-Germains curse is all about. And I very much enjoyed reading especially the last 100 pages, as it felt like this would be an amazing, actionpacked movie scene. I also was a big fan of the side characters introduced such as Bastien! I hope they'll play a bigger role in book 2.

  • Rachel Kirtlan
    2019-03-12 19:57

    Wow. What a journey this book took me on. I absolutely adored all the complex history that was woven within the story, and how the characters tied in with one another. Set mainly in the French Quarter of New Orleans after a horrific hurricane, simply known as the Storm, it follows a teenage Adele Le Moyne as she returns to her city to find almost everything destroyed.Man, where do I even start with this book? Basically, I loved everything in it. There. Review done, yeah?Okay, for real now. The legends in this book are so intricately wound, that it’s hard not to feel completely submerged in them. I loved how the past and present was so expertly connected, and how it was slowly revealed throughout the book just how related it really was. The pacing of the book was excellent, as I was constantly on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next little morsel of information to be revealed (while still trying to make my own guesses (which were often wrong…)).All the characters in this book were amaaazing! As it got further into the story, more bits of information about many of the characters were revealed, leaving a whole lot of really developed characters. That’s another point, actually. Quite a few things that happened earlier in the book that seemed a bit random, out of place, or even completely pointless, totally ended up making sense later on, which shows a lot of writing skill, so I applaud Arden for that.This book had such an intriguing storyline that it was very hard to put down. The paranormal element mixed really well with the urban setting, and all the past/present links matched up perfectly to create a truly exceptional story. This is a really well-constructed book that any reader can easily love.*I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

  • Forever Young Adult
    2019-03-25 22:14

    Graded By: JennieCover Story: Christopher Pike Would Be ProudBFF Charm: YaySwoonworthy Scale: 6Talky Talk: Straight up avec une touche paranormalBonus Factors: New Orleans, Southern GothicRelationship Status: Cemetery CompanionRead the full book report here.

  • Ebony
    2019-03-12 00:19

    I read this originally on Wattpad. I downloaded it onto the iPhone app, and wasn't exactly over excited to start the book - to me, it sounded interesting and was left like that. One bus ride home from school, I tuned everyone out and started reading Alys Arden's The Casquette Girls.I could not put it down.The world building is fantastical, without being over the top. Some of the plot in the was disappointing, not due to the writing or technicality of the book, but due to the fact that the damned characters wouldn't do what I want. It's a love hate relationship going on here. One thing that I especially appreciate about this novel is that while it is a romance (there are romance elements in it), it wasn't the main focus of the story, and was rather a nice little side story.Have I mentioned how much I love New Orleans? It's an amazing place, this just makes it more amazing. I also love that here we have a writer who isn't afraid to push boundaries by mixing up separate legends from a town. I also love the inclusion of the actual french language, and the quirks of the people that supposedly live in this town.The Casquette Girls highlights both the good and bad, bringing together a truly believable middle ground with much room left for exploration. I'm not willing to comment on the technicalities of writing, because as I mentioned, I had read it on Wattpad, and as such I imagine that it would have been revised greatly during the editing process.

  • Emma Leech
    2019-03-15 00:10

    I have bought a lot of books of ebooks, some from famous authors, many self published. With both there is always an element of risk, though admittedly with the self published the risk increases, as you may discover a hidden jewel or feel you have wasted your money. Happily this one shines in the darkness as brightly as Adele does in the darkened streets of post hurricane New Orleans. She is everything you want in a heroine, brave and resourceful, putting her heart on the line... sometimes at the risk of her life. New Orleans is described in such a way that you can not only see it but taste it, smell it... I want to go there so badly after reading this book! There are unexpected twists and an ending which will surprise and possibly shock you but never disappoint.There is a clear hero in this story for me, though I know others disagree, the mark of a good story when you feel the need to argue about it surely? So take a look and decide for yourself... who's team are you on?

  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    2019-03-17 00:09

    The fact that Nicco calls her 'bella' really adds to the whole Twilight thing.

  • A.Z. Green
    2019-03-24 00:24

    The Casquette Girls is a work of art. Yup. Nice and simple. I could leave it at that if I wanted to and it would encompass everything I feel about this novel, but that a review would not make. So here we go.What makes this book so special? It's ability to suck you in? It's colourful collection of characters? The richness of architecture, history and urban legends? It's intelligent, mature and enticing narrative? All of those things and so much more. The novel is so well written and full of intelligent vocabulary, yet I didn't feel like the words were too flowery or big for me to stomach. The author has a way of drawing you in and not letting you go. I read this novel very quickly considering I didn't have enough hours in the day. I read it in three. But I could have easily read it in one had I just locked myself in my room and shunned all worldly responsibilities. The characters in the novel are diverse and interesting. Each one of them has an individual voice which I applaud any author that can achieve because it isn't easy to write a novel with a big number of characters and to keep the reader intrigued by each of them and to remember each of them. That's hard. But Miss Arden makes it look like child's play. She does it so well. And one of the things that I really was surprised at was that the diary entries by Adeline were keeping my attention so much I didn't want to go back to Adele's narrative because I was so glued to Adeline and her story. Diary entries tend to be a break from the narrative that we're more interested in. The narrative that covers the main plot of the novel. A diary usually just helps to explain the situation in the present. But the diary entries in The Casquette Girls held their own, and were a strong presence in the novel. I loved the unearthing of secrets, the historical scenery and the suspense and possible chance of a romance. I want to know more about Adeline and Gabriel and what happened to them that turned them from a possible relationship to mortal enemies. It is basically touched upon and you can fill in the blanks yourself, but I didn't want to. I wanted to savour each moment, each bite (pun most definitely intended). That's not to say I didn't absolute * heart *Adele's narrative. She's funny, mature, conflicted and strong. She's likable straight away and her inner dialogue is fun to be around. I enjoyed her growth in character from this lost little girl in Paris pining for her Emile * retches * (more on him later) to a young woman with telekinetic abilities alongside the power to create and control fire, who stands up to dangerous, unnerving vampires (who long to be free and want to use her) and stubborn, bitchy witches (who turn out to be not so bitchy but give her a hard time realizing it). Oh and then there's the pesky crow who mashes up her face on her first night in New Orleans and seems to have a creepy habit of stalking her. I liked how this all unfolded and how we learnt who was who and their secrets. The first time we meet Isaac, he's like this grumpy, opinionated pain in the ass (kinda like me :D ) who sits in the cafe Adele works at. I didn't expect anything to happen when we were first introduced to him. I just thought Miss Arden was painting a picture of the characters in the city. It then slowly came to light that this guy would play a big part in the book. I did realize early on he was SPOILER ALERT...... The crow. And I liked how Adele gave as good as she got. He deserved to be given a taste of his own obnoxious, grumpy medicine. Then Adele bumps into Niccolo and Gabriel, the two gorgeous, Italian brothers who claim to be searching for their family. Well, that's kind of true. And she does kind of bump into them as well. She finds them in a store, lifting a fridge for the old owner. I liked the owner despite him having a small part. Miss Arden's magical prose helps to make us like a guy we meet for two seconds. Anyhoo, I digress. These two brothers introduce themselves. Gabe, the dramatic, flirtatious fella with the blond hair. And Nicco the dark, quiter, serious and observant type, who I can imagine if I was in Adele's shoes, would just look at me and I'd melt into a puddle on the spot. So these two hotties clearly are not all they seem and I said to the author very early on that though readers are usually Team Nicco or Team Isaac, I was wondering where all the Team Gabe fans were at. And I was routing more for him in the beginning, but I held back because I knew there was something fishy about him. No guy can be that charming and not have this Mr Hyde, psycho side to them. Not in a paranormal novel. Where they are probably vampires. And I was right. :D Just read it to see. But none of Nicco's or Gabe's faults come close to the nasty pr*ck that is their other brother, Emilio a.k.a Emile. This guy is a douche. And yet, Miss Arden still manages to give him layers by making him care about someone. That someone would be giving too much away. I'll leave that spoiler for you guys to read. And I guessed about his love interest's secret too, but that's not to say Miss Arden's twists didn't keep me guessing. They most certainly did. And I loved every minute of it: not knowing what was going to happen next. It made a change from the predictable plots in YA fiction.So the modern and historical plot lines were fabulously delicious and filled to the brim with urban legend and lore. The plot was also woven with true historical events and rumours. Les filles a la cassettebeing one of them. There truly were girls with caskets who sailed over toLa Nouvelle-Orléans to marry the not so pleasant locals who mainly consisted of lawless thugs. And it turned out that they did have caskets that were meant to be filled with their dowries such as gowns and household items but when they were opened, they discovered the caskets were empty. Now either the king screwed them over, or they were robbed at some point during their journey, or there really were vampires who used them to travel overseas. Now I know which one I'd prefer to believe, just for the awesomeness of it. Miss Arden cleverly used true events to create a supernatural world. The Storm that devastated New Orleans, the caskets, the attic in the convent that truly was nailed shut by nails blessed by the Pope. And the author just let her imagination wonder and create a beautiful piece of literature. This should be famous, and making movies. Twilight ain't got sh*t on this.I'd also like to add that despite the magical, supernatural plot of this novel woven meticulously into historical events and modern events, this book is a beautiful tribute to the events that unfolded during and after the Storm a.k.a Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. The author clearly loves her home town and this novel is a work of love. I've read previous reviews about The Casquette Girls that made a similar point. The Casquette Girls is for the people of New Orleans. But to add to that, I'd say this novel is meant to be for everyone outside of New Orleans as well, so we can get a glimpse of just what it was like. I didn't know much about the Storm, or how life was for those left behind. I could only imagine. But Miss Arden allowed me to see, and whether what she narrates as Adele is something she has experienced personally, I felt honoured to be privy to her experiences (Adele's and/or the author's). It cut straight through my heart, and the whole way through this novel you couldn't stop yourself from being emotionally invested in it. Now when I see a picture like this:I understand its meaning and it breaks my heart. It's so poignant and yet, for the ignorant it just looks like graffiti on a door. To understand the code, read this article: I rateThe Casquette Girls5 out of 5. I'd give it more if I could. It was that wonderful. And I can't wait for the sequel The Romeo Catchers, to come out. Oh and, in case you were wondering... (Alys certainly was, seeing as I've been teasing her about it)... Guess whose Team I'm on... :) Favourite QuotesI had loads of favourite quotes which I'll probably add more when I read the book again. Yes, I'm definitely planning a date with it again. So for now, I've got a few that I remember solely because I laughed so hard I had to stop reading.“One Hurricane Es-pec-i-al,” Blanche said, dropping a single plate with a mound of eggs dripping in gooey cheese, and a mysterious powdered-sugar-dusted log. “Bon appetite.” He placed a fork next to each of us, not knowing we only needed on.“Wow, Blanche, you really outdid yourself.”“This really is... special,” said Nicco. “Always, baby.”“What is this?” I poked the long lump of fried dough. “A Twinkie?”Blanche opened his mouth - “No Twinkie jokes!” I yelled.He mimed zipping his lips. “Yeah, baby, that's a fried Twinkie. You know that shit'll survive the apocalypse.”“This way!” He walked us around the church. Where an illuminated statue of Jesus cast a fifty-foot shadow on the back of the Cathedral. I guess the Church thought Jesus deserved a generator?I tried to gauge Isaac's interest. Like everyone else, he was hanging onto Ren's every word. I had to force back a smile as I watched his fully engrossed profile.“Psst. Adele, come take a picture of me in front of the statue, but wait until some other people are behind me so it proves I was on the tour.”“Come on, Desiree, it's rude. I don't want to distract Ren.”“Oh, please, that statue of Jesus could start twerkin' and Ren wouldn't break character.”

  • Erin Kelly
    2019-03-17 22:00

    I loved the New Orleans setting and riff on the history and legends of the city. It took awhile to get to the meat of the story, and it is long. It totally pays off though, and I will definitely be reading the next book when I am ready for a good long read. 4 stars

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-03-17 16:04

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE CASQUETTE GIRLS is a fascinating and haunting paranormal YA novel. The plot starts off a tad slow though once it gets started it really moves. It's a tale that takes some of New Orleans' more famous ghost and vampire stories and gives them an even more sinister bent. I loved the setting as its a city so entrenched in mystery and has its own very colorful history. The description of the French Quarter and its ghost stories were so vivid I could smell the beignets at Cafe du Monde and recalled the creepy feeling of walking around the Quarter during a vampire tour I took last year.The story switches between a city still reeling from the after effects of Hurricane Katrina and the early days of New Orleans. I could really feel the devastation of the characters trying to pick up after Hurricane Katrina cleaning out their homes and starting their lives over again in a city they love. The connection between these two times was cleverly interwoven into the fabric of a haunting tale of murder, betrayal, magic, and family.At the center of this story is Adele who comes into her powers by accident which unravels the plot. She spends a bit of time denying that she has powers which is understandable but once she becomes comfortable with it and tries to find out about where her powers come she really shines and shows off just how brave and clever she is. I loved getting glimpses of the past through a diary Adele reads about some of the Casquette Girls who came to New Orleans in the 1700s. I would have loved to spend more time with the 1700s characters but since the stories of the past and present are so connected it didn't really matter what time period the book was being written from in the end. The vampires were evil and with so many good reformed vampires out there in fiction it was kind of nice to have vampires be the monsters they were meant to be. I enjoyed the vampire plot and seeing how Adele and her friends are able to foil them...sort of...I tend to be extremely picky about YA novels and as a result don't read that many due to my dislike of some of the tropes that show up constantly. THE CASQUETTE GIRLS was one of those YA books that piqued my interest enough with its setting and interesting story that I just had to see what it was about. I'm so very glad I did not skip past it! It drew me in and I was enamored with the story from start to finish. It's not only masterfully written with a compelling paranormal mystery but it really brings out the haunting history and character of New Orleans both in the present and in the past. There are some loose ends which I assume means more books and that is a very good thing as I'd like to return to this world.

  • Leigh
    2019-03-26 16:58

    5 stars out of 5I can easily say I was recommending this book long before I had even finished it, when I was barely halfway through it. This is the kind of book that within the first 50 pages you know you have been lucky enough to find something amazing. If I could say anything to Alys Arden it would be the following:Fangirling out of the way, back to business. The Casquette Girls is the story of a teenage girl headed home to New Orleans after a super-storm that the reader will be able to compare Katrina to. I find this to be a great plot device since that storm is so much a part of our cultural knowledge that expanding it to the proportions needed for the plot is very simple. Before she even makes it home, our heroine Adele starts seeing things beyond the norm and they intensify in both severity and importance as the story progresses until the fate of the entire Crescent City hangs on her decisions. The ride is amazing, the storytelling is spot on, I loved every minute of my experience reading this. I also enjoyed that it was a standalone, though I will freely admit to wanting more stories both from Alys Arden and from this group of characters. When the story ended I sat on my couch at 3am for a few minutes like this:To say that I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who asked would be an understatement. If I had more than 5 stars to give, I would give them to this book. In short

  • Cátia
    2019-03-18 21:14

    For more Reviews click HERERating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars*I was provided a eARC by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI don’t even know how to express my feelings about this book. While I was expecting to like it I didn’t knew that I would love it as much as I do. I haven’t been in a fantasy mood in the last few months and to be honest I don’t remember if I ever read a book with witches. Let’s just that now I want to read more books that feature witches.The story starts when Adele and her dad are back to New Orleans. New Orleans was affected by “The Storm” two months before the start of the book leaving death and destruction all over the place. After their comeback strange things start to happen that are related to some myths about New Orleans that are told in the book (myths that are not real IRL) and to Adele’s ancentors. I loved everything about this book and now I want to visit New Orleans because of the way that Adele talked about how the town was before “The Storm”. The characters where amazing and I even loved to hate the bad guys. You know that a book is really good when you actually like the bad guys. Adele was an amazing main character but I also loved Isaac, Nicco, Desiree and all the other characters. Another thing I loved about this book was the romance mostly because it wasn’t the main focus of the book. Yes the romance was there but the author was able to assure that the romance wouldn’t steal the spotlight of all the other things happening. There was also a love triangle. You might know that I normally don’t like love triangles but you know that it’s a good one when you can’t even choose one of the guys. While many secrets have been revealed there are still a lot of things that we still don’t know and I’m really excited to read the second book and find out more things about what happened.The only reason why I’m not giving 5 stars to this book is because in the beginning was a little bit too slow for me. I know that is a really important part of the book because we have the world building and all the background story but it really took me some time to read that first chapters.Overall, this is an amazing book that has everything. I loved the mystery surrounding the whole thing, the characters, the romance, everything. And you can really tell that Alys Arden knows New Orleans French Quarter because of the way she described it. If you’re looking for a good urban fantasy series you should definitively try this one. I know that I can’t wait to read the second book of the series.

  • Orlanda Machado
    2019-03-13 16:25

    Original Blog Review: https://myescapebookscoffeetea.wordpr...My Instagram: Twitter: this book on The Book Depository: Rating: 4.5 Stars* The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect less than that, I will always give my honest opinion, like it or not *Honestly ? I think this book was really interesting and the subject of this story was really captivating !I gave to this book 4.5 Stars, which means I gave it 4 Stars on Goodreads, the reason why I didn’t give to it 5 Stars is pretty simple… I think that the beginning of the book, besides interesting was a little slow, maybe the Part One of this book could be a little smaller and it would be perfect, in my opinion of course, maybe for some people it is just perfect like it is.This book has 3 Parts which is pretty amazing because it makes the book even more insteresting. The Part 1 is kind of a description of the main character’s life so you can go into the story without any problems, it describes Adele’s life plus new people that she knows while you’re reading this book, some strange things happening, but nothing too extreme… just simple things here and there explaining you what’s going on in New Orleans at the time. The Part 2 of this book focuses still on Adele of course because she’s the main character but the plot starts getting better and you start learning new things about the characters and about the history of Adele’s family and there’s a diary in the story, a really old and interesting diary with many entires that you’ll love to read if you decide to read this book (and you should). The Part 3 of this book is more about the vampires and about magic and new revelations… basically it is the part with more “action” and with more information for you so assimilate. If by chance I had something against Adele in the rest of the book this third part just changed my mind and I totally started liking her more than before, she gets really mature and she turns herself into a “badass” which is pretty amazing.There’s something in this book that I normally condemn, and that is the love triangle going on in this story… I am not the biggest fan of love triangles (and you already know that from my other reviews) but this time I didn’t hate it that much, because I actually liked one of the “points” of that triangle, and that little and beautiful part of the triangle that I liked was Isaac. Isaac for me was the best character in this book, he was better than Adele and much better than Nicco, I am really sorry Nicco fangirls but even Isaac being a little shit sometimes I love him anyways… he’s funny and I loved everything about him, I mean, who wants Nicco when has Isaac right ?! – oh, and by little shit I meant, irritating boy at some point in this book, maybe that’s why I liked him so much, because of his “annoyance”.Overall this book was really good, the plot was fantastic and there are a lot of twists in this story which makes the book even better. I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO READ THE SECOND BOOK, I need to know what happens next, I really need too and of course that I will be doing the review of the second book as soon as I get it so if you like me and if you want that review… do you want to give the book ? (muahaha, kidding loves).I recommend this book to everyone who is into Paranormal Romances or even if you’re not into this genre just give it a try because this book is really amazing.

  • Jess the Audiobookworm
    2019-03-22 16:26

    4.5 ★ Audiobook⎮ Story-wise, this audiobook ranks somewhere between 4.5 and 4.75 stars. Certain elements of the story deserve a 4.75 star rating, like the world-building/atmosphere development and the use of culture to enhance the richness of the tale. For me, that was the best part about this story. I wasn't at all shocked to find out that Alys Arden grew up in New Orleans because she wrote about the city and its culture(s) with the knowledge and ardor that can only come from an insider. The way she continuously described the city and its layout invited to the reader to mentally walk the streets of La Nouvelle-Orléans with the main character, Adele. I also relished in the numerous French phrases scattered throughout the book. They definitely added a lot to the story's overall atmosphere and reflected New Orleans' je ne sais quois most appropriately. A working knowledge of the French language would be helpful while enjoying this story. But don't worry if you haven't got one, you probably will have by the end of the book!My other favorite aspect of the story was its legendary basis. This is a fictitious story, based on a real legend. The fille à la cassette (Casket/Casquette Girls) did actually exist and have been the subject of much lore, especially in Louisiana, since the 18th century. That fact acting as the backbone of this novel is what sets it apart from other vampire fiction. I frequently bemoan the (over)use of vampiric characters, specifically vampire boyfriends because I feel that they are often unnecessarily and indiscriminately thrown into a plot (any plot) for cheap thrills. This practice, especially in young adult fiction, had very nearly soured my opinion on vampire literature altogether. That's why I owe Alys Arden a debt of gratitude for reminding me that vampire fiction can still be enjoyable, when done correctly. Arden's vampires struck me as more "Prince Lestat" than "Edward Cullen", darker, meaner, and more dangerous. You know, like an actual vampire. Excuse me, but they aren't meant to be cuddly. That, combined with the New Orleans setting, was very reminiscent of the CW's hit show "The Originals".The characters and the romance put the story more on the 4.5 star-ish side of things. Adele (the MC) struck me as a tad bit vexing and as someone who consistently failed to see what was right in front of her face, sometimes making my "suspension of disbelief" hard to sustain. I actually preferred Desirée (in the female side role?) to Adele. I was fine with the other characters, except Isaac (bleck!), and very much enjoyed the cultural diversity they represented. There were hints of romance, some of which I was into and some of which I was not. I'm very, very peculiar about how romances are written and my usual stance is: Leave it to the Romance-genre writers. I didn't start this audiobook looking for an epic love story, vampire or otherwise. I wasn't terribly taken with the suggestions of romance in this story and, thankfully, Arden was kind enough not to put a romance in centerstage. Narration review: Kate Rudd is a consistently great narrator. I've lost count of how many of her audiobooks I've heard, but I've come to consider her a "sure thing" for pleasing narration. She certainly had her work cut out for her narrating this audiobook, with the many bits of foreign languages strewn throughout and with such a diverse cast of characters. I'm happy to report that she handled this all with aplomb! This was a very positive listening experience, but I do think this series would have benefited from a few audio enhancements (sound effects, etc.), similar to what I have heard in the Caster Chronicles and The Raven Cycle audio series. ♣︎

  • Stephanie Swint
    2019-03-09 16:15

    In Alys Arden’s book ‘The Casquette Girls,” New Orleans has been decimated by a hurricane and most of the city is evacuated. Only a few brave souls have returned. The roads and electricity are still down, and continued challenges getting milk, meat, and fresh food. Help is promised but slow, and all the dead have not been cleared from the condemned buildings and houses. There are few Police and First Responders. Looting, and crime in general, is mounting, and a rash of murders are occurring that don’t seem to be hurricane related.This is the town, Adele Le Moyne, returns to with her father. Her father runs a well known and well patroned bar in the French Quarter. She is a 16 year-old brunette, who works at a bakery of repute and goes to a High School for the Arts. She has just returned after a forced evacuation that landed her with her mother she has not seen since she was young. She is desperate to stay in New Orleans and not have to live with her mother. This is young adult fiction, and it is paranormal YA that includes vampires, witches, and werewolves on the fringe. Arden does a fantastic job of describing New Orleans and is able to juxtapose the city pre-hurricane and post hurricane. My real rating is a 3.5. I did enjoy it.To be honest, I am a bit weary of teenage paranormal romances, especially ones with vampires. I also, however, did read ‘The Twilight Series.’ They are not my favorite books but I enjoyed them for what they were. What got my attention here, however, was the intriguing tie in to the historical story of The Casquette Girls. I wanted to see what Arden did with it, and she did pretty well. At one point in the book I got a bit unfairly annoyed and felt my eyes rolling back in my head at the romance, but I had to remember this is about a teenage girl. A big part of being a teenager is dealing with your feelings of attraction in a generally awkward manner. It comes with the territory. Is she attracted to a vampire? Yes. Is she attracted to a witch. Yes. The story’s main focus, however, is not on romance but on a young witch coming into her powers with a rash of murders that relate to the story of the infamous Casquette Girls. The minimal romance is just a bit of frosting to an intriguing mystery.If you are unfamiliar, The Casquette Girls were orphans from France Louis XIV sent across the ocean to marry the young men of means and aristocrats he had enticed into settling New Orleans. La Nouvelle-Orléans up to that point had been settled by criminals and prostitutes. The name “Casquette Girls” came from the fact that the trunks or baggage that carried their dresses and dowry were in the shape of burial caskets. The Catholic Church came to the city to set up schools specifically for young women of any race at the same time. Their convent was the home to The Casquette Girls until they could find suitable marriages. As you can imagine this was not the safest of situations for young girls.I am trying not to give spoilers but I will say this. The book is fairly well written. I enjoyed the modern and historical story of The Casquette Girls. I was pleased that Adele is not a frail girl in need of saving. I will say there was a point I got disgusted and nearly abandoned the book when I thought she was going to be “saved by the vampire,” but was pleased with how Arden resolved the story. I recently read an article that many young YA heroines are white brunettes because blonde’s are too trite and girls of other ethnicities too risky. I can’t speak to that but I will say there does seem to be a trend, and yes this book does have a young brunette heroine. Overall, I think Arden did a good job, and I would recommend it to teenagers or an adult in need of light reading.

  • Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    2019-03-04 19:56

    The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden is a mixture of genres in a way. It has a little bit of historical fiction, a good bit of urban fantasy/paranormal and a healthy dose of modern disaster. This is billed as Young Adult but I found that while it was about a high school aged girl, it didn't feel young. There was very little swearing and it was good clean writing but it didn't feel watered down. It was wonderful and spooky and beautifully written.Adele is coming back to the Big Easy from France after Katrina wipes it out. She sees the destruction and horrors that have wrapped around the city and is struck by the stillness of it all. She keeps saying that she has never heard it so quiet and how eerie it is. The creepiness factor is in the book from day one and it really set the tone. People are dying, the water lines on the houses are high and there is mold everywhere. You go on a tour of the broken New Orleans with Adele and you can truly feel her despair.The modern market has been inundated with stories where the vampires and other preternatural beings are no more terrifying than a puppy. They may have a hint of danger and show their teeth but you never really feel threatened. These characters are different. They are vengeful and have lived far too long to not be bitter and disenchanted with human lives. The hurricane coming through was just the opportunity they needed to burst free and start terrorizing the villagers, so to speak.Another aspect that I really enjoyed was that Adele was never really alone in her fight. There was always someone there, even if she hardly knew them, to help. Her new relationships are strong while the old ones seem to fizzle out. Adele definitely grew as a person in a perceptible way throughout the book. She was not the only one that changed as well. It seemed that everybody grew up as they confronted their wrecked home town and the creepy-crawlies that were out to get them.Finally, the part that really hooked me with this book and kept me reading was the historical aspect of it. Written like a diary, it captured so much more than flashbacks or secondhand stories or accounts. I had never heard of the casquette girls of New Orleans but it was a wonderful way to introduce history and flavor into the story. It made it so much more than just a modern fantasy story but took it back in time as well and gave it a past.5 out of 5 stars. Wish they had called the hurricane by its actual name instead of calling it "The Storm".Full Review on my blog

  • Eri (Airy Reads)
    2019-03-23 19:04

    I don't know why, but when there's something French, especially food, it just looks absolutely lovely. Hello macarons and mille feuille anyone? This book felt like one of those delightful pastries, beautiful to look at and felt absolutely wonderful to sink into. It's set in New Orleans, a place that's linked historically with the French, which makes it all the more suiting that this book reminded me of pastries. I have never read a book like this before, and I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I tend to avoid paranormal books, but after hearing wonderful things about this book, I read the first few chapters and fell in love.The book starts off with Adele, the main character, and her father returning to their beloved New Orleans in the aftermath of The Storm, which ravaged the area. We get to see the city through her eyes and it's easy to see how much she loves it, despite the strange events that seem to undermine the efforts to rebuild the city. We meet some very interesting characters throughout the book including Nicco and Gabe, Desiree and Issac, Ren and the twins, even her mother. They all play a role in the great mystery that is hinted at in the blurb, which unfolds beautifully over the course of the book. The book is split into three parts, and while Adele is the main character, Adeline, her ancestor, plays a vital role in the book as well. Her journal entries that are introduced in the second part are key to unlocking the Pandora's box that Adele stumbles upon in the book, and they are delightful to read, with charming mentions of triplets Cosette, Lisette and Minette, in addition to Marassa Meanwhile in the present, the magic is finally revealed, and we find out that in this city where dead bodies are appearing at every turn, nothing is quite as it seems. Vampires and witches are mentioned, and there is centuries old magic at stake for Adele and her new friends. While all of this danger is occurring, there are glimpses of the city New Orleans, with its rich history and steep traditions. I can't really say much more without spoiling the plot, but there are some magical moments in the book that just add to the charm of this book. By definition, this is a paranormal book, but it's also romantic and historical, and above all, it's a book that managed to surprise and delight me with every turn. It's terrifically long, and Alys Arden's writing is enchanting. P.S. Bonus points to Alys for mentioning LA and describing it perfectly. :)

  • Charlotte Ashley
    2019-03-04 18:03

    The Casquette Girls isn't a paranormal teen romance. I mean, it has teens, it has the paranormal, and it has romance - but it is so much more. This is an epic story of friendship, family, epic power stuggles and secrets that sets strong characters against the backdrop of a world which is incredibly rich and detailed, in part because of Arden's fantastic world building, and part because of the crazy history of New Orleans itself. The Casquette Girls has everything that makes turning the page worthwhile - snappy banter, an engrossing plot, cute guys and revelation after revelation, but at the end of the day what sets this book above others in its niche is Adele, the protagonist, and New Orleans itself. Adele is one of those characters that sticks with you - a strong, smart, independent and quirky teenager who is a bit of an outsider, but at the same time is possibly the coolest teenager ever. Her New Orleans - the post-"Storm" French Quarter, complete with a paranormally-infused 18th-century back story - is a character unto itself. The paper copy of the book has a wonderful map which is incredibly helpful if you're not familiar with New Orleans, but the histories and stories are told in tantalizing detail. Everything that happens seems to be rooted in the history and the culture of this vibrant city, a city too unique not to live on, even after a major battering by the Storm - not to mention the other, more paranormal threats. Adele is almost an embodiment of this crazy city, and so it is absolutely organic that she should come to be its protector when the madness and mayhem begins. History, heartbreak, family secrets, monsters, magic powers and mean girls - this book has pretty much everything. Highly recommended!

  • Bèbè ✦ RANT✦
    2019-03-21 18:08

    The Casquette Girls is hands down one of the best books that I have read in 2015. Filled with mystery, fantasy, romance, and magic, I couldn't put it down. Taken place in New Orleans after a huge storm destroyed the city and left so many families stranded, it also shows a different side of magic that's hidden in the broken windows. “And when all was done and all was said, we sat silently staring at the moon's reflection on the rippling river, soaking it all in. The differences between people, cultures and times. The monsters. The myths. The heroes. The victims. The love and loss. Loss and love.”Story begins with Adele Le Moyne returning from living with her mother back into New Orleans to stay with her dad. And just because her wardrobe improved, doesn't mean that she isn't still the same girl that had to leave her house when the Storm started. Struggling with the destruction around the city that she knows so well, Adele witnesses way too many strange things that should not happen. Even being able to move things without even touching them starts to wake her up. When she meets two brothers that are even stranger than anything she have seen, her life would be changed forever. “In the words of the great Monsieur Baudelaire, 'The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn't exist.”I loved Adele, I really did. Although she seemed to be naive and a little too immature for my taste, I learned how to appreciate her personality and view on the world. The book had a good pace, was entertaining, and will make a great read on those cold windy days!

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-03-17 22:14

    Adele Le Moyne returned to New Orleans after The Storm had wrecked havoc in their place. Everything seemed eerily strange the moment she and her father got back to their house. A crow bit her arm, a dead body found inside a car, window shutters and moving stakes, what the heck was happening in French Quarter? That was just the beginning. The rest of the book - it was pure magic, pure awesomeness, pure horror and suspense. A new breed of vampires caught my attention this time, and these vamps weren't anything like those that sparkled under the sun. That was sheer stupidity, if you ask me. In Casquette Girls, vampires are cunning, terrifying, unrealistically real.The rest of the story was utterly perfect and captivating. It opened a lot of doors filled with questions and mysteries. I don't want to spill everything about this book, but trust me, you will find yourself clamoring for more. It's fabulously written with characters I love. The mysteries deprive you of your sleep and you would end up frustrated because you won't be able to rightly guess the mystery behind all these.Alys Arden sure is one hell of a writer, she's too good to be true! I love a book that let's me escape from all my daily realities and jump into a completely different realm. I love a book that makes me forget about other books, and Miss Arden definitely delivers. I tell you, she's the next big thing!

  • Isabella
    2019-02-25 17:00

    Best book EVER!!!!!The plot is woven perfectly! Ms. Arden's story had me hooked, I wouldn't drop it until I was done.Adeline is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!! The way she sorted the diary and the story, just...... Aaaaaaaaamazing!!!!!! I love how she describe Cosette, Lisette, and Minette. I was just about to destroy the book when, she killed Minette, so Lisette would live! But I realized the book was a library book, so I had to keep on reading.Adele is another one of the best characters I have ever came across. Fire magic just grips me, unfortunately, any book that has a character with a talent for fire magic, won't let me leave. Her intelligence is cunning, she always knows what to do, if given the right information. I love all the characters so much, that if I go on I'll become even more Ms. TMI .But I must at least mention Nicco!People just give me permission for one more rampage!? Plz!Okay, so here it goes!Nicco=Best Vampire Ever! (Sry Edward :( good run!) I can't describe him either way.Now I'm done WITH the characters!Plot is sooooooooooooooo brilliant, the story always has a reason.Now I have NO MORE WORDS! So I have to go. Bye. And anyone who has read my review but hasn't read the book. Still READ THE DANG BOOK!!