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Alex Sheppard likes certain things: sex, parties, and the occasional fight to let off steam. But his wild ways catch up with him when he is put on football probation due to his lacking grade point average. When Mary Trellis offers to tutor him in exchange for a date to her sister's wedding, Alex sees it as an easy ride. She's smart, hot, and all she wants in return is oneAlex Sheppard likes certain things: sex, parties, and the occasional fight to let off steam. But his wild ways catch up with him when he is put on football probation due to his lacking grade point average. When Mary Trellis offers to tutor him in exchange for a date to her sister's wedding, Alex sees it as an easy ride. She's smart, hot, and all she wants in return is one weekend of his company. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems.When Mary propositioned the tattooed and pierced bad boy, Alex, she didn't realize what she was getting herself into. He has a habit of being vulgar and obscene, but she still wants him. It isn't until they are alone that Mary realizes refusing Alex what he wants—her—is easier said than done....

Title : denying the bad boy
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denying the bad boy Reviews

  • AprilA
    2019-07-01 07:45

    This one is kind of hard for me. I actually REALLY liked Alex and Mary. Yes, her name is a drag, but whatever. And I really enjoyed the story and the steam factor. I had an issue and it's a me issue which may not apply to you...I live within the SEC for those not into college sports, that's the Southeastern Conference. Football is king here. Alex is supposed to be the star QB at Ohio State University. I know many Buckeyes. We've played them in a few bowl games and I can tell you one thing, they take their football as serious as any SEC school I know even though they're not within the SEC. He's a senior in his fall semester. There is very little to no life for these dudes outside of football in the fall, but you'd think he was playing intramural for all that it's mentioned. They consistently make plans and do things on Saturdays. For a college football player, much less a STAR SENIOR QB, Saturdays in the fall are sacred and that religion is football. He gets put on probation for grades and they give him till midterms to fix it. That's way too much of the season. This would be big time news. These QB's if they're worth anything are notorious in the surrounding community. They get recognized when they go out. There are articles written about them. They're minor celebrities unless they're really good and then they're major celebrities. If she'd made him some other position like an offensive lineman or something, maybe I'd have bought it. But that wasn't the case and it irritated me. On top of that, I don't think we EVER meet one of his teammates. I thought his roommates would all be teammates, but nope. This too is so far outside of the life of a college football player at a major football program that it was irritating. It's fiction and I'm willing to give a lot of fictional freedom to authors. I like that it's not 100% real, but that really bugged me. So if you're not into college football you'll be good to go. :)

  • CC
    2019-07-01 07:38

    This is a quick read. Good girl lusting after the total manwhore. Disgusting manwhore actually. I get that it is NA. But it is hard to find redemption after deplorable behavior. Granted, Alex knows he is bad for her. But he treats Mary like crap in the beginning and I hate that she went back for more. Have some self respect! For a quick read, it had a decent story but I found it hard to identify with either.

  • (ツ) Hache
    2019-07-03 09:29

    This was a sweet little read. Alex was the perfect book boyfriend.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loved the jealousyit pissed him the fuck off to think of any asshole getting their hands on hereven thinking about putting his dick in another female had the damn thing shriveling up in his shorts. Shit, he just needed tobe with Mary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loved the humorShe lifted her hand in a wave and turned to leave. And like a freaking creeper, Alex stood there and watched her go. Was it wrong of him to want to hope there was a big gust of wind that would blow her dress up?Maybe he should just go home and jerk off thinking of Mary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loved the sexual tension“Make no mistake that I want you.” He emphasized his point by grinding his erection into herHe took his hand and slowly moved it down to rest on her hip. “Like right now I bet your pussyis soaked""if I slipped my hand between your legs you’d let me."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Loved the sweetness“It feels so good, Mary. You’ll never know how good you feel to me.” He pressed his face into the crook of her neck and inhaled deeplyHe wanted her now, and he would always want her, no matter what. He was falling hard for this girl, and he wasn’t about to stop it from happeningOh and the sex was pretty good too.

  • Deborah
    2019-07-15 08:46

    Wonderful.Mary is a good girl she doesn't sleep around, she works hard both in and out of school, she tutors and she hardly ever goes out. Alex is the star quarterback, he drinks, a lot, he's quickly working his way through all the girls on campus and he's falling behind in class. Could any two people be more different, in fact the only thing they've got in common is a very strong attraction to each other, but when fate throws them together when Alex needs tutoring and Mary needs a date to her sisters wedding will they make the most of the situation.I read and really enjoyed 'Giving it to the Bad Boy' I liked Alex's character so I couldn't wait to start this book but I have to say Alex wasn't what I expected, I knew he was a popular quarterback but I was surprised by all the drinking and sex and the way he viewed women as disposable, I assume because of how he was with Kiera and Reese, that's not to say I don't love him because like I've said before who doesn't love a bad boy and we all know that all a bad boy needs to make him complete is the love of someone special and talking of special Mary I just loved, she's been through so much and emerged so much stronger.Wonderful

  • Heather in FL
    2019-07-04 07:27

    This is the story of Alex, the big brother of Kiera from the first story. He's a college student, playing quarterback for his football team, but his lack of studying (aka partying) has made his GPA drop such that he's on probation. Good thing he just met a tutor, Mary, that he can't stop thinking about. And she happens to need a date for her sister's wedding, so they're bartering. He tries to turn her off him, even though he wants her very badly, because he thinks he has nothing to offer. She calls him on his BS because she still needs the wedding date. And, of course, they get closer. It was kinda sweet to watch Alex fall. It was cute to watch him admit that he'd never taking a girl on a date. He hadn't had to -- girls dropped their panties for him on a regular basis. He's willing to work for Mary, though. Anyway, sweet story of opposites attract with an abusive ex thrown in.

  • Linda Sims
    2019-07-17 06:29

    LOVED ITAlex Sheppard is the star quarterback on the college football team a bad boy through and through. He's had plenty of women, but just for sex, that's as far as it goes for him. But then he's put on probation from the team because his grades have fallen.That's where Mary Trellis comes in, the total opposite of Alex, and so far off his radar she's not the sort of girl he gets together with. One of Alex's friends has been tutored by Mary and gives Alex her number.Wow, I absolutely loved every word of this. Even though it's not a long story it's packed with detail. I loved Mary, she's been ill treated in the past and now she stands up for herself. Alex he's the star here for me. Alpha doesn't quite cover it. He's moody growly and beyond sexy, with his possessiveness and dirty talk. He's to die for. The two of them certainly set the pages alight. A must read.

  • Crystal Feaster
    2019-06-25 06:32

    I loved this book great addition to the first although I was a little disappointed when Reese and Kiera were only mentioned and didn't make an appearance in this book but I liked Alex a lot he was seemed to be really hot and pretty cool I liked Mary (very old fashioned name yuck!) but she was made to sound thinner than a size 16 a rounded belly my ass a size sixteen is pretty big I wear a size sixteen so let's be realistic here she sounded more like a size 10 to me or something

  • Layla
    2019-07-14 09:44

    3-3.5 stars. It was alright, but definitely not as good as the 1st book.

  • Yessenia Andaverde
    2019-07-07 06:44

    Este libro me gustó mucho más que el anterior. Claro, es raro pensar que una chica preferiría quedarse endeudada con la universidad a dejar que sus padres le paguen la carrera, pero, ¿quién soy yo para juzgar? Ella quería ser independiente, bein por ella.Ok, Alex es el hermano de Kiera del libro anterior. Y es mucho más interesante que ella. Claro, es del equipo de fútbol, súper guapo y popular, y una leyenda ahí donde va. Pero así son casi todos los protagonistas, y estos son los que me gustan, así que sigamos. Ahora está Mary: hija adoptiva de ricos, madre que la juzga y le dice que hacer, que nunca es suficiente, padre distante y desinteresado, hermana bridzilla que es una perra y la hace sentir menos a cada oportunidad y ex-nocio que la agredía verbalmente y la engañó con su mejor amiga pero que quiere regresar. No es de sorprender que quiera alejarse de todos ellos y vivir su propia vida. El único problema es que ya se acerca la boda de su hermana, y como le están poniendo gorro para que lleve una pareja, de preferencia su ex, decide pedirle a Alex que la lleve y finja estar enamorado de ella.¿Por qué? No es porque quiere que se mueran de celos. Para nada. es para llevar a alguien que no es de su mismo rango social, tatuado, chico malo, y restregárselos en la cara y hacerlos sentir incómodos. Alex es lo que sus padres nunca aceptarían, lo que lo hace perfecto. Solo tiene que ayudarlo a pasar una clase y evitar enamorarse de él.Por us parte, Alex sólo quiere pasar esa clase para mejorar su promedio, jugar fútbol, y que el entrenador ya no lo odie tanto por ir a la mitad de los entrenamientos con resaca por beber el día anterior. Y meterse en los pantalones de Mary, claro.Pero chispas empiezan a volar, y obviamnete, Alex mete la pata. Pero es Mary la que tiene que lidiar con su familia, con su ex, y con un chico al que tiene que ver casi todos los días pero que le hizo daño.Sip, sí que me gustó este libro.

  • Julianna
    2019-06-20 11:55

    overall this was just an ok read for me. went kind of quick and just didnt love it.1st read - 12-6-17

  • Hot Stuff Book Reviews
    2019-07-19 07:35

    Find more on the blog: https://hotstuffbookreviews.wordpress...I decided to read this book because I have already read the first one. But in this series, the books can be read as stand-alones. The characters are different in each books.It’s a fast read as it’s not a long book, but I’m a little disappointed to be honest. I think the relationship between Alex and Mary is not fully developed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad and the chemistry is there, but I think I miss some characterization.I would have loved to actually see things unraveling between Alex and Mary and more often than I’d like, it wasn’t showed. Maybe it’s because I’m always a sucker for details when it comes to how a relationship is evolving in a book, but the thing is that I’m left wondering which means that I wasn’t fully into the story.I know that this book is supposed to be more on the erotic spectrum than the romance, but I’m disappointed that it’s at the cost of having a full, complete characterization. At least, that’s how I feel.Though, I do like how Mary and Alex are around each other, mainly in the beginning. It’s not original, but it is well-done and well-described. I really liked the first part.I’m saddened that the ending is not more developed and is over so fast. I think the resolution is too fast and more told than showed. It’s an issue I have with a lot of books and it’s leaving me with a bad after-taste every time. A dozen of more pages would have been welcomed.Who has read this book? What do you think of Alex? Don’t you think that Mary felt different half in the book?

  • Dar
    2019-07-08 09:39

    Damn I love those bad boys - and when they are as sweet as Alex, there is absolutely no hope!!Alex is in his last year of college, he has partied his way through, and had more than his fair share of women through themselves at him, and who was he to say no? He never felt anything for any of them, until he interrupts one of his roommates tutoring session and sees Mary, and even stumbling drunk, he feels for herProblem is, Alex knows who he is, and Mary is way too good for him, Despite what he thinks, he can't help his attraction, and makes some moves towards her. She, like most other women, has lusted after the star quarter back. She is overwhelmed by his attention but when he lays things on the line to point out how bad is for her, she is inadvertently hurt by his comments. He is sure that is the end of ever seeing her again, but she is better than that, and follows through on her tutoringAfter some time, she reverts to a little more easy-going around him, and he can finally apologize for his actions. They make up and make out and it is HOT! She still has to face her sisters wedding, and her family, and her ex, and while she is secure with Alex, there is still a few more obstacles to get through before things can settle to a normal and relaxed state!

  • Angel
    2019-07-10 08:31

    Well my sister was talking all about this book and got me interested. This book was kinda interesting than the cover looks but funny at some parts of the story when the main character is being an asshole. Well this book was about a dude name Alex who is a quarterback on the football team in college. Girls seen him like a famous football star and he takes that advantage and sleeps with them. So far every thing is going good in his life until he slacks off and his grades start to drop down. Then he get on probation from the football team. And that's were a girl name Mary comes in and helps tutor him. Mary wants Alex but doesn't think she is pretty enough and assumes he would never like someone like her. But Alex like Mary and Mary likes Alex. They finally give in to their feelings(Lame) and the story goes from there with emotions. In the end, they end up with each other and there families have problems with it on the side. This story had good parts and boring parts of the story. I didn't like the emotional side of him and between each other.

  • Debbie
    2019-07-20 13:34

    This was a sweet love story. Alex is a college football quarterback also known around school as a manwhore. When his grades drop and he's put on probation for football, he gets Mary to agree to tutor him. From the minute he sets eyes on Mary he wants her. He's never had that reaction before so he tries to fight it. Mary wants Alex but doesn't think she is pretty enough and assumes he'd never like someone like her. She's not your typical skinny girl. They finally give in to their feelings and the story goes from there. Add in some family drama too - but you do get a nice HEA.Warning, there are a lot of grammatical errors. Words are added to sentences that make no sense; he is used when she should be used; words are misspelled; this book really needs to be proofread and errors corrected. Especially considering it was a little pricey for the quality and the length of the book. The story itself was cute though, and the characters very likeable.

  • Amber
    2019-07-12 07:49

    I enjoyed this book a million times more than I did with the first book in this series the first book was just like reading a teenage drama unfold with 18-19 year olds + adult content if you took the sex out of the book if was basically a YA novel and I really didn't connect with the characters ... I however LOVED this book and as Alex did have a small part in the first book it was nice to see him all grown up .. I loved when Mary took her gloves off and just let everyone get what was coming to them that was a FANTASTIC dinner party though I do wish that when the prick cornered her at the car she had crushed his balls or stun gunned him that would have been fun!! Alex pounding the crap out of him was really good though I think he should have broken a few more bones .. ;) before he stopped lol

  • Sari
    2019-07-19 08:34

    Saat awal baca ga ngeh klo Alex adalah kakak dari heroine di buku satu krn jeda baca yg buku 1 dgn buku ke 2 tdk berdekatan. Dan juga dibuku 1 digambarkan bahwa Alex sang golden boy yg mendpt beasiswa kuliah krn jago dlm bermain football, bahkan digambarkan semua org baik pria maupun wanita mendewakannya. Namun dibuku kedua ini kok hanya sekedar bad boy yg cuma hobi party, mabok dan free sex. Gw suka karakter Mary yg walo terkesan lemah, kuper dan sering diremehkan. Tapi dia bisa survive dan jadi wanita yg kuat dan mandiri. Gw suka dia bukan tipe plin plan. Alex pun ga kalah keren ketika sudah mulai menyadari perasaannya thd Mary, dia lgsn berubah dr bad boy menjadi good boy just for Mary. Siapa yg ga mupeng n bikin cw2 ngayal coba.Pokoknya gw suka dgn series ini, kedua2nya memuaskan. Rekomen utk dibaca.

  • Kym
    2019-07-16 10:30

    I actually liked this one more than the first book. It made me laugh more than anything. It was sweet in a dorky kind of way and ended just the way it should have. To be so short, it is very detailed and gives the imagination exactly what it craves. I loved the dynamics between Alex and Mary. Alex seems more like a Dom with a hidden sensitive side. Every time he took control of Mary, i could see her melting right before my eyes. It's sort of crazy, they never really have that big blow up like Reese and Kiera. All that is between them is resistance. Each refused to move forward for their own personal reasons. The only thing is that neither could stay away for long. They were constantly being drawn back to each other.

  • Sarah
    2019-07-12 08:36

    This book ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. I was surprised to find out that Alex was on the football team, and seeing that that was the main reason why he needed tutoring one might think that that would be more important to mention than the fact that he fights a lot? But, he does get into a heck of a lot of fight's so what do I know? The only thing that I felt like I missed in this book was that moment when Alex goes from 'this is just us fucking' to 'for me it's you babe'. There wasn't really a moment when that switch was flipped, one moment they were just going at it then fast forward to the next scene and he's saying that she's the only one for him. Any who a solid 4 stars!

  • Julissa
    2019-06-23 11:29

    Wonderful addition to the first. This book totally proves the point that even though all woman know better , somewhere deep inside us we could all be attracted to bad boys. Or in Alex's case that good looking jock who's a total ass hole. Though to be fair deep down he really wasn't and Mary was able to see that. Mercy me the sex scenes had just the right amount of dirty talk. A big ole football/ MMA trained beast falling hard...sigh nothing betta. Really hope the third one's about Kash. Now there's a hot ass tatted boy I'd like to see on his knees ( Evil grin).Pretty short so I recommend these as an in between read if you need a break from a long series.

  • Sonja van der Merwe
    2019-06-30 13:31

    Even though this book had a slow start for me, it started coming together at the halfway mark, then got hot and steamy, then so edgy and interesting that I couldn't stop reading and ended up sugary sweet in the end!!! I must just say, after meeting Alex in the 1st book...who he turns out to be in his own book is not what I expected at all!!! They way he gave Reese shit.. not cool.. coz they are actually so much alike!!! Wonder is the next book will be about Darcy and Mica... that could be interesting coz Darcy is a total tart!!LOL!!

  • Marie
    2019-07-14 07:32

    RedeemedWhat did you like?Alex was a jerk. Plain and simple. I'm glad that he beat the crap out of her ex, he deserved it. It's a happy ending all around and I'm hoping that the guys from the gym are next in the series. Mary is a strong woman and I really enjoyed her putting Alex in his place, again and again. What did you not like?Despite enjoying the story, the relationship between Alex and Mary felt a little rushed.Would you recommend this book?Absolutely, can't wait for the next book.

  • Jessica Gomez
    2019-06-28 11:39

    Like I said before. I am reading the ebook version. Let me say, it was incredibly erotic. I had to take a cold shower a couple of times. Five stars for that! Alex was an asshat. Ass%#*#. To be precise. But what do you expect? Apparently he's had everything handed to him. I liked the Mary character in this book. Wasn't you typical innocent with that name. She has a backbone. I love that. I loved the way this was written as well. I have no complaints. Very hot. I will gladly add this to my always reread list.

  • Loz
    2019-07-09 11:40

    I really wanted to like Alex the typical football star manwhore. Such a douche! When he wasn't being Alex the tosser, he was hot, unfortunately you've got to read so much of him being a prick before getting to the good parts of him - which seemed to happen overnight. Gone is the sexist, using man-slut; with thanks to rich-girl pretending otherwise Mary (boring name) and her size sixteen body. Didn't love it, didn't hate it, kind of liked it. Predictable.

  • Randi
    2019-07-21 08:31

    Great storyYes, this was a great story, there were grammatical errors, more than a few. The story was steamy, but predictable. I prefer a strong heroine and Mary was so so. I hate when they mention a woman's size in here, especially when I feel that the size they mentioned is more or less someone who is very overweight. Just one of my pet peeves. A woman with curves to me is someone around a size 12, I feel a size 16 can be construed as obese, unless that woman is very tall.

  • Eva Luna
    2019-06-28 05:45

    Wow, I absolutely loved every word of this. Even though it's not a long story it's packed with detail. I loved Mary, she's been ill treated in the past and now she stands up for herself. Alex he's the star here for me. Alpha doesn't quite cover it. He's moody growly and beyond sexy, with his possessiveness and dirty talk. He's to die for. The two of them certainly set the pages alight. A must read.

  • Sheila
    2019-07-06 13:30

    No es un libro excesivamente original, aunque soy muy fan de los que usan un lenguaje tan crudo en todo momento.Los personajes tienen mucha personalidad, aunque la historia de amor es precipitada y sale de la nada. Aunque ella me ha enamorado.No es necesario leer el libro anterior para disfrutar de este.

  • Png
    2019-06-26 11:46

    Having read other books with the same formula, I found it lacking a bit. The romance was a bit fast-paced and forced. The chemistry was there but it just needed a little tweaking here and there to fully enjoy the storyline. I liked the main characters and wished there were more dialogues between them. All in all, an ok read but not bad read.

  • Running Sekret
    2019-06-27 10:35

    Solid 4 stars.I enjoyed the plot of this one much more than the first, even though I liked the hero of book book 1 more than Alex in this. Alex and Mary's story just flowed much better, and I loved that the author stayed true to Alex's nature. He evolution was was written at a perfect pace.Good read.

  • Veronica Franco
    2019-07-15 11:28

    I love this kind of book´s because i can read them fast an be happy at the end, the characters stay with me but they dont leave me hangover or else definitely a must read ... and hoping to hear more from the guys ...

  • Kellie
    2019-07-06 12:35

    I've really enjoyed this series by Jenika Snow, and whilst I liked the first book, I loved this one!Ms Snow is quickly becoming a favourite author of mine and I realllly hope she adds to this series.Can't recommend these books enough.