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Alternate cover edition of ISBN13: 9781927559017Stillpoint is an emotional and intellectual adventure, that keeps one reading into the wee hours. The reader is immediately drawn into the story and thus begins an unforgettable ride into other worlds, other possibilities.Stillpoint will make you think, make you examine what lies at the root of your beliefs. Some books shiftAlternate cover edition of ISBN13: 9781927559017Stillpoint is an emotional and intellectual adventure, that keeps one reading into the wee hours. The reader is immediately drawn into the story and thus begins an unforgettable ride into other worlds, other possibilities.Stillpoint will make you think, make you examine what lies at the root of your beliefs. Some books shift the way we see the world, even ourselves. This is one of them!Mallard asks: Why are the Palestinians and Israelis still fighting after almost seventy years, what can we do about it, you and me?He suggests we become aware of the facts hidden behind the beliefs and ideology. You’ll not finish this novel in the same place you started. To see with someone else’s eyes brings understanding and understanding itself opens the door to peace.It would be misleading to leave the impression this book is solely about the Middle East. Although a great deal of the story takes place there, it is in fact, a deep exploration of justice and injustice in the perpetuation of conflict. It is about war and peace, poverty and wealth, leadership and service, and what lies behind the fiery violence of religious fundamentalism.What is unusual about the book is that Mallard approaches events from the perspective of the practical wisdom and insight inherent in Zen, Taoism and Advaita Vedanta.In Stillpoint he has fashioned a love story to the great mystery of life, it is definitely a novel worth reading…more than once. A great story with a stunning conclusion....

Title : stillpoint a novel of war peace politics and palestine
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stillpoint a novel of war peace politics and palestine Reviews

  • Michelle Corasanti
    2019-06-02 04:10

    "This novel has got it all; well, all the good stuff, anyway; it introduces advanced philosophical thought in a very accessible way, provides a great introduction to the arab-israeli conflict, and delivers lessons that the reader can't help but learn, and will never forget.Don't be scared though, even when the above is discounted, it still stands out as an amazing story, which could only have been crafted by a very gifted wordsmith.Unusually, it contains a Dramatis Personae, which is a great aid for those of us who have difficulty following a story with so many characters who have various interconnections across the decades.I know it helped me a great deal."

  • Elizabeth (Stuffed Shelves)
    2019-06-17 07:05

    Colin Mallard writes from a different perspective, from a Taoist. You'll be shown the truth behind the Arab and Israeli conflict. This book takes place in the United States and in the Middle East. There are characters from many different generations including the most current situation with September eleventh. Each character has an important role with an important voice. While among the chaos of Palestine and Israel, you can still find a positive message with meaning behind every word. If your thinking that Mallard is going to try to convince you of his opinions on war and religion, you'd be wrong. He simply introduces you to the other side of situations and hope that you can put yourself in someone else's shoes. In comparison most of our lives are much simpler. Do you know all that is going on between Palestine and Israel? What about what's going on in your own county? If you're like me and want your questions answered, pick this book up and take a walk through someone else's neighborhood. The book was a little hard to get into, and hard to keep my attention, so I think this book greatly deserves a 4/5.

  • Steve Flawith
    2019-06-15 09:16

    Stunning... when 2000 year old truths from Eastern philosophy are applied to the current political conflicts in the Middle East the result is this very entertaining and intensely enlightening novel by Dr. Colin Mallard. The book vividly winds across time and place from the USA to the Middle East following high level politics and intrigue in a race to find a missing First Lady and at the same time reveals a completely different and fascinating way to resolve the seemingly endless Israeli/Palestine conflict. Just excellent read for the modern thinker!The origins for some of Dr. Mallard's thinking in Stillpoint can be found in one of his earlier books, "Understanding, The Simplicity of Life". Also highly recommended, very intelligent, easy to read and yes, enlightening!

  • Bennett Coles
    2019-06-01 09:58

    A daring and original take on the Palestinian conflict, Stillpoint tells the tale of the creation of the Israeli state, the tumultuous events surrounding that act, and the decades of fallout afterward. Philosophy weaves its way through the action-packed narrative as author Dr. Colin Mallard presents a truly different view of the ongoing conflict and the people involved in it. His view may anger some while delighting others, but no matter what your opinion going in, this book will make you reconsider what you think you know about Israel, Palestine and America. A great story with a stunning conclusion, Stillpoint should be on everyone's reading list.

  • Pattie
    2019-06-06 09:11

    A new and refreshing look at events in the Middle East with new and exciting solutions if anyone is willing to listen. A page turner, hard to put down, and inspirational at the same time. Go for it - you'll love it! Five stars all the way. I have read other books by this author and they are all well worth reading!

  • Cat
    2019-06-07 11:07

    Stillpoint, by Collin D. MallardDavid Tremaine for President!As a busy-busy, hard working American, stuck in living paycheck to paycheck, worried about taxes and feeding everyone in the house, I believe this is a book that we should all read. We don’t really seem to have time to worry about anything but our own lives, but once you start “Stillpoint” you may be as amazed as I to learn that such bully tactics are being used as geopolitical means of ‘deleting’ what doesn’t work for some countries. In this case, the every day Palestinian. For years they’ve been trying to survive after someone came along with a better/heart breaking, sob story and a pressing need for a place to belong. But what happens if you believe you belong where someone is already living and thriving? Well, it appears that one very great country that we so heartily back year after year as a poor, abused, outnumbered and beset at all turns by people that just don’t like them - well, that’s not the whole story. We forget that to build a nation for one people; can often be stealing land from another. Homes, heritage, sanitation, freedom, right to religion and education, right to raise a family in peace… why it all sounds a bit too ‘Columbus’ to me now. This story doesn’t beat you over the head with what Mallard considers right and wrong. He just tells you the other side of what we think we know so well. He points out the pain, suffering and in some instances, acceptance of being put upon and just trying to survive with all your family intact. Terrorists can be freedom fighters, but when you remove all their free speech and hide them away from the world, getting a bit radical may be the only way to be remembered. We need to pay attention now. We need to get our noses out of our whazzoos and start hearing the cries. We need to help because everyone deserves a chance to enjoy liberty and some sense of security.

  • Val Walton
    2019-06-04 09:21

    Stillpoint” is an exciting and action packed novel, which follows the history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict from the 1940s to the early 2000s. The characters are vivid, haunting and unforgettable, some you will love, some you will dislike. “Stillpoint approaches the subject of peace by taking the reader on a journey that leads to understanding and offers productive ways of achieving it; ways to break this endless cycle of violence. Mallard approaches issues of war and peace from a Taoist perspective. He asks the question what causes people to turn to religious fundamentalism and violence? And answers it. The Stillpoint is that place where there is no spin, no propaganda, no beliefs. Only facts: what happened, what is happening. It becomes obvious that resolution of this conflict cannot come about though lies, beliefs and misrepresentation, but must instead, come from the facts, the truth.It is from this place of fact, of objectivity that the reader is uplifted by a glimpse of peace, something that can and will be found.In reading “Stillpoint” the reader becomes aware of why we in the West are increasingly the subject of terrorist attacks. If we want a world that is fair and safe for us we must ensure it is fair and safe for everyone. If you are looking for something different, something which helps you think, helps you see things you might not have thought about, (the assumptions and beliefs we don’t even know we have)—you will enjoy this book. If you would like to understand more about what is happening and why it is happening, this is the book to read; a book which once started is almost impossible to put down.In the interest of openness I should add that I know the author. I met him a few years ago after I read another of his books about peace on a personal level.

  • Colin Mallard
    2019-05-20 06:11

    The following letter arrived not long after the book "Stillpoint" was published. I have taken the liberty of including it. Colin MallardHi Colin, I finished reading “Stillpoint,” a couple of weeks ago and was deeply moved by it. So emotionally moved that every time the news reported on Israel and Palestine it would bring me to tears. My perspective has changed and I now feel as though I can see both sides, not just what we are programed to see, as Israel being the “good guys.Thank you! I am going to read it again.Cindy MawleQuallicum, BC Canada

  • Paddy O'callaghan
    2019-06-09 08:14

    This is a profoundly important book with the power to expose the truth behind the Arab-Isareli conflict. If you enjoyed Michelle Cohen Corasanti's The Almond Tree,you'll love this, and vice versa.It's set over seventy years, two continents and three generations:"Threescore and ten I can remember well:Within the volume of which time I have seenHours dreadful and things strange; but this sore nightHath trifled former knowings." - Macbeth by Billy The Bardbut there's even more to it than that.

  • Lawrence Verigin
    2019-05-18 11:00

    The way I view the situation in Israel/Palestine has changed, because of Stillpoint. Stillpoint is an intriguing story with well developed characters that moves at a fast pace. It keeps your interests piqued right from the beginning and makes you want to keep turning pages to find out what happens next.It's obvious Dr. Mallard has done his homework and offers a plausible perspective.And wouldn't the world be a much better place if the leaders used Taoist principles!!Everyone should read Stillpoint - it changes the way you view the world!Lawrence Verigin, author of Dark Seed

  • Heather Westing
    2019-06-17 09:19

    It's about time somebody looked at the situation in Israel/Palestine with something other than a completely one-sided view. Dr. Colin Mallard doesn't play the usual favourites as he presents a rarely-seen view of the events within the creation of the State of Israel and the political acrobatics that continue to surround the issue today. His philosophical insights would be very valuable reading for a lot of politicians of today - not to mention his book is a darn good read.

  • Peter Baker
    2019-05-26 10:05

    Stillpoint, a griping novel that tells the story of life on the ground, in the Middle East at the end of the Second World War. The setting is based on actual events that took place after the forming of the state of Israel. A fresh look, a hopeful look, of a conflict that doesn't seem to have an end. A new look at an ancient way of seeing.

  • Susan Vickers
    2019-05-28 05:22

    I enjoyed this book.It was exciting and i enjoyed the way the perennial teaching were interlaced through out the story.Such simple concepts, ones that could revolutionize the planet if they were heard. Waiting for the next one......

  • Gordon Giesbrecht
    2019-06-08 05:13

    Hope and optimism, the two words that first come to mind after reading Stillpoint. Some fascinating characters on both sides of the ocean. Men and women who take the time to think before reacting. Nasir a sufi mystsic, once a Palestinian guerilla, offers words of wisdom throughout. In real life he reminds me of Nelson Mandela, without the mysticism, who as a young militant employed force against an oppressor only to learn over time that violence only begets violence. Peace is only possible through mutual understanding. To believe that the USA could elect a President like David Tremaine, a philospher, a man of peace, a man open to discussion and one brave enough to admit mistakes. It gives one a feeling of hope for the future of our planet.In betwen all these good feelings is a story that moves easily from North America to the Middle East, bringing in characters that ably display all sides of the ongoing conflict in Palestine. The desire to know what will happen to these characters makes the book difficult to put down. A very enjoyable read.

  • Randy
    2019-06-17 10:21

    'Stillpoint' utilizes a fictional account in order to stimulate thought about the dynamics which surround the Palestinian question. It does this in an interesting way, one which incorporates the machinations of governments and the effects various policies currently have and have had on many of the lives being lived within the geography. Tensions are experienced by the reader as characters find themselves in difficult and dangerous circumstances. ‘Stillpoint’ demands focus and in several instances I found myself pushing forward, not wanting to stop reading. There are lessons within this novel and they can be found in the framework of much of the dialogue (a particular strength of the author Colin Mallard) which, generally, I found to be believable and non directive. I don’t want to write anything that might be construed as a spoiler alert. Suffice to say that this novel is an important literary contribution. Its appeal is to those who wish to better understand the world and the heartbreak that can consume and affect the trajectory of a life and how it is lived.

  • Tress.backhouse
    2019-06-09 10:00

    This is not a book for bigots!' Because we live in the west. and are affected by the sometimes violent reactions of people of different cultures ,to our dominant position in the world, resulting in Terrorist attacks. which are a not unnatural results of anger and refusal to see any way to deal with people of different faith and outlook.I n this book of interesting hypothesis. Not only is the President pf the United States his own man, but he puts into practice the best principals of his ,presumably Christian Upbringing.On the other side we are given a portrait of a man with the best understanding of life which he has learned in another tradition. Other characters fill out this theme into a highly readable novel, which might give us all a reason to think about the world and the situation that we are in.

  • Dhwani Swadia
    2019-06-18 11:24

    Rating: 3.5Read full review here: book is quite interesting, as in, it takes Israel – Palestine conflict, but looks at it from a totally different angle.The book tries to go behind the conflict and examine the root cause of the war, to analyze why after all these years, the war still goes on. But unlike other works on this topic, the book has a third angle, America. And what are the concrete ways and steps that America can take to bring peace in this region.The characters are of different ages, who live in different areas and different time frames. This helps the reader understand the conflict in the much better form.

  • Kate Jones
    2019-05-26 10:20

    This is a fascinating book with an atypical perspective on the Middle East conflict. Colin puts the reader in the midst with characters of humanity, who express their hopes for the future through their pain, inner conflicts, values of family and community, and grace, and who at the same time express joy at the beauties of life. You may like this book, or not, depending on the opinions you hold of this old dispute. Either way, it will expand your knowledge of it and prod you to further consideration of just how this conflict could unfold.

  • Sam
    2019-06-15 12:19

    Try as hard as I might I just could not get into this book. Sometimes that happens and this was one of those times. The writing style was good, I may not be in the mood to read this type of genre. I will try reading this again at some other point in time and I may like it. I received this book from LibraryThing Members Giveaway.

  • Eileen Holmes-ievers
    2019-06-01 11:16

    A well-written book that did keep my attention. However, I felt the ending was a bit unbelievable and "easy" - hence the 3 stars. However, if all our world leaders thought and acted like at remained the world would be a better place.

  • Marni
    2019-06-01 07:18

    This is a novel that reads like a group of short stories linked together. I loved reading it and the author's insertion of quotes as well as the glimpse of lives that could have lived in that time period.