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Mom's Choice Award Winner!Readers' Favorite International Award Winner! Glide gently into the beautiful morning with Baby Thomas and his grandpa. The sun is shining brightly through the wide window and the flowers, trees, birds, and other creatures have already started their day. Brilliant colors of the dawning day wake up the park, and Baby Thomas is ready for a walk. WhMom's Choice Award Winner!Readers' Favorite International Award Winner! Glide gently into the beautiful morning with Baby Thomas and his grandpa. The sun is shining brightly through the wide window and the flowers, trees, birds, and other creatures have already started their day. Brilliant colors of the dawning day wake up the park, and Baby Thomas is ready for a walk. While walking in the park with his grandpa, they see the same things but from a different perspective. Baby Thomas wants to hug the wonderful world around him, but his grandpa has a different opinion. In this book, young readers will easily connect to the wonders of nature and unforgettable characters, playfully interacting with each other. Join happy Baby Thomas and his grandpa for a walk and have a delightful, uplifting morning! Mrs. D. (Olga D'Agostino), author of children's books and member of SCBWI, grew up in western Ukraine, where she finished Lviv business college. She immigrated to the United States in 1992 with her two small daughters and for years worked in her own business. She speaks a few languages fluently and loves reading, writing, gardening, and traveling. Her children's books Carlo the Mouse on Vacation, The Trees Have Hearts, The City Kittens and the Old House Cat, and Carlo the Mouse, Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse, are available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as e-books for most popular e-devices. The full series of Carlo the Mouse and her new books The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet and Who Is Most Important in the Fridge? are coming soon. Mrs. D. lives in Smithville, New Jersey, with her husband, Patrick, and adorable Nyda the cat. For updates on Mrs. D.'s future books, please visit her websites: or

Title : Good Morning, World!
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Good Morning, World! Reviews

  • Renee
    2019-06-10 08:56

    Good Morning, World! is a story told through the eyes of a young child as he strolls along on a sunny day through his neighborhood park with his grandfather. While Baby Thomas sees all that is beautiful in his surroundings, grandpa spins everything in a negative way, leaving him feeling grumpy and tired. Baby Thomas says “Good Morning” to the nearby flowers as they whisper their hellos back, but Grandpa complains that the flowers make him sneezy. Baby Thomas says “Good Morning” to the birds, but Grandpa complains that they are too messy. As Baby Thomas meets another Baby Girl in the park, together they shout out their hellos to the sun, sky, birds, ducks, flowers, and the whole world! Too bad Grandpa (and some other adults) are missing out all the beauty surrounding them.When I was growing up, my siblings and I would spend 90% of our waking hours outside playing and interacting with nature in a large forest just behind our childhood home. We were taught to identify animal tracks in the snow and mud; plant, tend to, and harvest from our large vegetable garden; recognize the song of a bird; and, identify trees by the bark and the shape of the leaves. We were one with nature. All too frequently we hear media reports about the increasing number of hours children spend in front of a screen (e.g., T.V., computers, hand-held devices, and so on). We are really falling out of touch with and losing our appreciation for the nature which surrounds us. On one level, Good Morning, World! is a reminder to literally “stop and smell the roses”. Too often, we take for granted all of the beautiful flowers, trees, rivers, mountains, sunshine, and clouds that we see daily.On another level, Good Morning, World! speaks to how sometimes we focus on all of the negatives, instead of seeing beauty in the things around us. In this book, we see the world through Baby Thomas’ eyes as he greets the flowers, birds, trees, sun, and more. They are a marvel to him, but at the same time, annoyances for the grandfather. I thought the contrast was very well done, but I have to admit that I would have liked to see a slightly different ending for the book. I would have liked to see Baby Thomas have a positive impact on his Grandpa so that Grandpa begins to see the world through Baby Thomas’ eyes. The grumpy, tired grandfather was a bit too stereotypical. I was yearning for him to have learned a lesson at the end.One word about the illustrations: GORGEOUS! This is a beautiful book to hold in your hands and to flip through the pages. The illustrations all fill the full-page, use bold colors, and include many, many details on each page. The book really is illustrated to represent what Baby Thomas sees through his eyes and what he sees is simply beautiful!My Bottom Line: Good Morning, World! takes us on a journey through the eyes of Baby Thomas who sees the beauty in the world as he greets the sun, the ladybugs, the birds, the trees, the clouds, and more while his Grandpa grumpily follows along with a completely different perspective. This book provides an important lesson about appreciating the beauty of nature as well as keeping a positive perspective. Good Morning, World! would make for a great read-aloud book to a school classroom or for a library reading circle as well as a sweet book to be shared between a child and their caregiver (even grumpy Grandpa!) Due to the book’s length and higher word density, I recommend this book for children aged 4 and older.* I received these books free of charge from the author in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Barbara Ann
    2019-06-18 05:05

    This new book by Mrs. D is a study in contrasts. The young generation versus the old, the optimist versus the pessimist and realism versus make believe. This story is dedicated to Baby Thomas and his grandfather Patrick, who are the models for the two main characters. At the end of this story, Mrs. D provides summaries and links to both her current books and those projects that are in the planning stage so that we readers know what is in store for us.The setting is a comfortable family living room. Baby Thomas is playing on the floor while Grandma is watching from her chair as Grandpa is snoozing on the couch. When the baby gestures toward his stroller, Grandma places him in in and urges Grandpa to get up and go out for a walk to the park on this beautiful day. Grandpa reluctantly begins pushing the stroller, but the look on his face tells you he is none too happy.  On the other hand, Thomas is glowing with smiles and happiness as he engages with the world around him.The author personifies all the forces of nature. The sun, the clouds, the trees and the wind have exquisite faces exemplifying their emotions. In addition, the author sprinkles her sentences with alliteration examples like “silly stroller” and sounds like “croak, craake. As they journey on, Grandpa complains with analogies comparing the sun to a boiling pot and  the sun baking us up like cupcakes.The park is too noisy, the path is too crowded, the skies too buggy, his shoes got too dirty and so on. Baby Thomas sees nothing but the positives as he greets the frogs, the birds, the wind, the lady bugs and the passers-by. Thomas enthusiastically greets the little girl and her mom that they meet on the path. The little girl feels as Thomas does; her mother is too busy talking on the phone all the time. When Thomas and his grandfather arrive home, Grandma is surprised to see that Thomas is still not sleepy, while Grandpa heads straight to the couch to resume his nap.The illustrations by Eladziem are masterfully done and provide a study in contrast as well. The personifications look like human faces expressing emotions. Grandpa’s facial expressions are priceless. You want to hug and squeeze Thomas because he is so cheerful. The pot belly on Grandpa and the I love my Grandpa shirt worn by Thomas are great personal touches. Throughout the story, Eladziem alternates between pages drawn realistically in vivid, bold color, and soft nature scenes done in muted pastel colors.It is wonderful to see the beauty of the world expressed through the eyes of a young child. How often we adults forget! Take a look at this exquisite book with your young child or grandchild and give yourself the opportunity to remember!

  • Olga Guseva
    2019-06-16 12:09

    Smile and the world will smile back! How simple it is! I must admit, I am the biggest fan of Mrs. D’s stories. I love them and have purchased all of her published books, but this new release was a huge revelation. Good Morning, World! is one of those beloved books that children, parents, and grandparents must read together. In her book, Mrs. D. shows us two generations and their view on life from different perspectives. She introduces us to the wonders of nature in the most beautiful way, through the eyes of a child. This book, like a magnet, drew me into the world of Baby Thomas, who is in love with the beautiful world around him, and his grandpa, who once saw the world the same way as his grandson, but somehow forgot about the beauty surrounding him. Through Baby Thomas and his grandpa, Mrs. D. explains that grown-ups, no matter how old they are, should look around more often and take an optimistic approach toward our connection with nature. Our mood will lighten dramatically if we connect to nature the way children do. We should be more optimistic and get pleasure from simple things, such as the world around us. This simple story made me rethink the way I spend time with my children and my attitude toward life. A great lesson for every parent! I hope everyone who reads this story will take a healthy approach toward their children and how they spend time together. We often forget about the natural healer, nature, and do not enjoy what God has to offer. This beautifully illustrated book brought back many memories about my grandfather and our walks in the park. He was not always happy, but I was. I laughed when he tried to feed a squirrel and it bit his finger, when he jumped through the puddles, grumbling about the rain and wet shoes. I loved every minute I spent with him, no matter what mood he was in. I did not expect that such a small children’s book could bring out so much warm emotion and memories, and touch me so deeply. It is difficult to be happy every day, but this book shows us to look for the simple things in life, just as children do. Reading this book, I felt much better. Happiness is all around us; we just must open our eyes to see it. As always, Mrs. D. sends positive messages not only for children, but for grown-ups as well. I am profoundly grateful for another wonderful book, which any child, parent, and grandparent could relate to. I read this book many times, and my only wish was that this book would never end. Mrs. D., you created a wonderful book. I hope parents will not miss the great opportunity to read this inspiring story with their children. The artwork in this book is absolutely amazing! Looking at these colorful illustrations, I felt as if I was reliving my childhood again.

  • Stacie
    2019-06-10 09:53

    Good Morning, World! inspires us to stop and take notice of the glorious world around us and to recognize each day as a gift. Baby Thomas is eager to welcome the new day, but grandpa isn't in a welcoming mood. That doesn't keep Thomas from greeting everything and everyone with a big smile. Grandpa complains until finally returning home to take a much needed nap. Baby Thomas doesn't mind, he's has collected enough "good mornings" to brighten his day.Baby Thomas is a darling little boy who looks at the world with fascination. Everything he encounters only adds to the magic of his day. Baby Thomas teaches us to celebrate each new day with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. The vibrancy of the day is depicted in the bright and colorful illustrations which bring warmth to the story.I highly recommend picking up a copy of Good Morning, World!

  • Kirstin Pulioff
    2019-06-01 05:47

    This was a charming book. Following the differing perspectives of the Grandpa and the child, this book is a wonderful reminder about the importance of a positive attitude. I LOVED the joyful wonder in the child's perspective, and cringed as I recognized some of the grandfather's. What I love about all of Mrs. D's books is that they share a message. They teach the adults as much as the kids. This message in particular touched me. It is a reminder about seeing from the eyes of a child. Exploring the world with an open mind, an open heart, and enthusiasm. Life is full of blessings, and sometimes we forget to notice them.Thank you Mrs. D for another 5 star children's book.

  • Alinka Rutkowska
    2019-05-25 10:52

    "Good Morning, World" by Mrs. D. and illustrated by Eladziem is a great reminder for the main character's Grandpa and for us readers to appreciate the wonderful world around us and to try to look at it with the eyes of a child. The author invites to live our lives being full of wonder and admiration for nature. As you read along, you will certainly be able to change your thinking into a more positive one.Alinka Rutkowska, award-winning author of Maya & Filippo Look for Whales

  • Rosie
    2019-05-27 08:02

    Five shining stars for this sweet tale! "Good Morning, World!" written my author Mrs. D is a story readers young and old will enjoy. Grandpa finds the world outside more trouble than it's worth when he takes he grandson for a morning walk. Grandparents will enjoy reading this with their little ones as it's a perfect time to talk about how not everyone see things the same. They will even laugh and giggle at the contrasts in this tale.Baby Thomas see the world in a whole new way. The illustrator has captivated beautiful images that will hold all readers attention. The smiling flowers, the grinning trees, and so much more.

  • Bobbi Capwell
    2019-05-20 11:52

    Baby Thomas is a ready for an adventure outside but his Grandpa is asleep. Thomas has to figure out how to get Grandpa up from his nap. Baby Thomas finally gets Grandpa awake! Grandpa is not real happy about the upcoming stroll in the park. Baby Thomas says “Good Morning” to every living thing he passes from the flower, birds and even the sun. Everyone notices that Grandpa is not as spunky as Baby Thomas during the walk. Poor Grandpa does not want to go on the walk-it is hot, the flowers make him sneeze, it is a bit windy and the animals and insects are just pests!Mrs. D writes the story so well that you can feel the Sun and breeze on your skin as you join Grandpa and Baby Thomas on their walk. The illustrations are so on point that you can see why Grandpa is such a grouch and why Baby Thomas is loving the stroll. It is hard to say which one is my favorite character: Grandpa or Baby Thomas. Baby Thomas is so excited to see the outdoors and all of his “friends” while Grandpa is not happy but we all know he used to see the world like Baby Thomas does now. We need to definitely be more like Thomas when we feel like Grandpa. So, often we as parents and teachers forget to look at the world with young eyes! This is a perfect book to once again see the beauty thru their eyes. It took me back to the time of sitting in my Mema’s lap and listening to her stories. It is great for older children too. It is an incredible way to teach the importance of image both in words and pictures. I love the images created when the Grandpa is talking about the things they both see-“The sun is baking us like cupcakes!” yet Thomas doesn’t mind at all. Grownups and children of all ages will love this book because they can all relate to a similar adventure that they all have had with their family! I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Kitty Muse Book Reviews
    2019-05-29 07:11

    All of nature outside of Baby Thomas’ window is singing the praises of the day, and Baby Thomas wants to join in the chorus. But Grandpa is tired, and unhappy that he is the one who has to push the stroller to the park.Baby Thomas pays no attention to Grandpa’s grumblings, as he greets all of the wonders around him. The sky, the sun, the clouds and the trees, animals, insects, and happy people all return his smiles. It is a day of wonder for the little boy.Not so for Grandpa, who finds the trip almost unendurable. The sun’s too hot, the wind’s too… windy, and the animals and insects are pests. Too bad for him, because when they finally arrive home, he still has only the grumpy disposition he left the house with earlier.However, Baby Thomas has a hatful of happy memories.How soon we forget the simple pleasures of everyday life. This book points up the joy a little child can find in what we adults would consider the mundane. In our day-to-day hustle and bustle, we take for granted the things that are around us, instead of focusing in on the little things that make life so beautiful.This is not only a terrific book to read to a toddler, with its beautifully-drawn pictures, but it is a gentle reminder to adults: to step away from our own little universes once in awhile, and see the world through the eyes of a child.Every one of Mrs. D.’s books have been a joy to read. Bravo once again, and keep writing!

  • Patricia Kemp Blackmon
    2019-05-27 11:05

    Baby Thomas wants Grandpa to take him for a stroll outdoors. First he must wake up Grandpa from napping. So Grandma comes up with a plan. Are you curious as to how they got Grandpa to wake from his nap?Grandpa was not to eager to go for a walk, he thought it was to hot and the flowers made him sneeze. Baby Thomas did not notice the heat of the Sun in fact he told the Sun, flowers, birds and every other living thing he past, "GOOD MORNING!" and they greeted him back with happy smiles and salutations. But they also noticed how grumpy Grandpa was being on their walk. If you were to ask me I would say Grandpa didn't get a long enough nap. This darling story of Baby Thomas and Grandpa was like I was taking a stroll along with them. The authormust have pulled some of this story from a family experience. With her very creative imagination she must have been very tuned into actions and reactions of Baby Thomas. Then there was Grandpa who was very vocal and animated so she undoubtedly knew exactly what to write about Grandpa. Too funny!This book is a must read!I highly recommend this book.I rated this book a 5 out of 5.Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author for review. I was in no way compensated for this review. This review is my honest opinion.

  • Murielle Cyr
    2019-06-09 10:46

    Good Morning, World is Mrs. D's third picture book and more is on the way. It is a story depicting two contrasting perspectives: the old and the young, the joyful and the fearful, new beginnings and end of journey. It is also presents a sad commentary on man's disconnection with nature. A couch-potato grandfather is coaxed by his wife to take their grandson for a stroll in the park. The young child's joy at seeing all the different birds, butterflies and flowers is cut short by the grandfather's fears of imagined dangers. How much more energetic grandfather would be if he also connected to the beauty and joys of nature? The colourful images are precious and reflect with detail the young child's enthusiasm as well as grandfather's unease. A terrific choice for the parent seeking a fun book to read to their young child.

  • Janice Spina
    2019-05-18 04:50

    What a sweet story by this talented writer as told through the eyes of a child and his grandfather. The child's innocence and joy is apparent in every page as is the negative comments and thoughts of his grandfather. The disparity between them is displayed in a flowing manner easy for children to understand. The illustrations are just beautiful and ever so colorful which are delightful to look at. They compliment the story and will enthrall children as they listen or read along. The author makes the reader appreciate the joy of the child in experiencing the stroll with his grandfather. Mrs. D captivates her readers with endearing tales as she creates a world as seen through a different perspective sure to delight both children and adults. I look forward to more fascinating books by this exceptional author.

  • P.J. LaRue
    2019-06-10 07:06

    Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Good Morning World is a wonderful children’s picture book. When Grandpa takes Baby Thomas for a stroller ride, Baby Thomas is lucky to enjoy nature, animals and everyone he meets. But Grandpa sees the world differently, so he isn’t a happy person. Good Morning World has creative illustrations that tell the story in vivid color. While the book teaches children to be open to meeting new people, animals and even lizards, it also teaches that friendship is right next to you, if you accept others. Finally, the book also teaches children to have a positive attitude.I highly recommend this lovely book for young children.

  • MultitestingMom
    2019-06-07 04:41

    What a charming book of comparing generations and reminding us how children see the world! The illustrations are bright, colourful and sweet, and the story is so well written that it feels as though I am walking right beside the baby and grumpy Grandpa who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning! Thank you for a lovely book, Mrs. D!Hugs,@MultiTestingMom

  • Joanie
    2019-05-19 11:49

    Great Book! Kiddos love it!

  • Grampy
    2019-05-27 07:57

    Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“Good Morning, World!” by the mysterious Mrs. D, is a classic childrens’ book. The illustrations were rendered superbly, in brilliant and vivid colors, by Eladziem. This is not another “A-B-C” book, or “1-2-3” learner. In fact, what this book teaches best is reading! I find it noteworthy that the text seems geared to an older audience than do the illustrations. That arrangement is ideal for when an older sibling wants to read to “the baby”. The older sibling will not feel as if he or she is being “talked down to”, and the younger “baby” will be totally focused on the pretty colors! Mrs. D. has crafted a superb children’s book in “Good Morning, World!” The entire story revolves around Baby Thomas being pushed in his stroller by his Grandfather through the local park. Baby Thomas is a very cheery, happy little boy, who shouts out a “Good Morning” to everything he sees, including the sun and clouds, trees and flowers, frogs and lizards, birds and puppies, joggers and mommies. Meanwhile, Grandpa is a disgraceful excuse for a Grandfather. Rather than cherish time with his young Grandson, he gripes about everything, even to the point of griping about things that aren’t even happening, such as the imaginary crocodiles sunning themselves along the trail! Mrs. D. has published a very realistic story. It is not imprudent to assume she called upon real people to use as the role models for this story. For the sake of the child, I hope she has exaggerated Grumpy Grampy and his lack of affection for little Thomas. However, as written, this book provides an exceptional opportunity for teaching children about attitudes and the choice each of us has, to be happy or dismal. Baby Thomas, not yet able to walk, is dependent on adults to push him in his stroller when he wants to go see all the sights at the park. He has been overwhelmed by all there is to see and hear, and chooses to be abundantly happy about it all. Grandfather, on the other hand, can see only that which irritates him, and chooses to complain and gripe about all the various nuisances, which – he thinks – exist only to irritate him. I’m going out on a limb to say that – in my opinion – Mrs. D. intentionally made Grampy Grumpy, to focus on the choices made by both Grandpa and Baby Thomas; choices made in identical circumstances, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. The lesson really is a very good one for teaching to children while they are still too young to even realize you are teaching them something. The vibrant, compelling illustrations perfectly complement this story, providing much opportunity for teaching numerous other facts, such as having the child find the frog, or the sun, or the flowers, or the ladybugs. Mrs. D. and Eladziem work very well together, in producing an all-around great story book for stimulating young brains and teaching them concepts.

  • M.M. Hudson
    2019-06-16 05:55

    At first I thought this book was meant to be for babies and a picture book. The summary seemed to lend itself to that fact and the bold, beautiful, and colorful photos. The sentences and the words "Good Morning" throughout the book were also repetitive which also leans itself towards this conclusion.What this book really is, is a simple book to read to children or a book for the beginning reader who would still need help with words. Every other page is filled with paragraphs and not just a few simple words. In addition, I would think that a younger child who is being told he or she is a "big girl or boy" would be somewhat turned off by the main character being a "baby".Having said that though, I find the story to be cute and annoying at the same time. Here is an adorable little boy named Thomas, who is having the adventure of his life enjoying everything in his world. At first you think that he is old enough to be actually talking to the flowers, dog etc. However, you find out later that in truth, his is a little fantasy world wrapped up in real world things. Grandpa on the other hand sees the world as a major problem. Everything he does from the time he wakes up until the end of the walk with Thomas is a bother. He does not seem to even interact much with Little Thomas which is a major annoyance for me. I think that is too bad because Thomas is having such a good time and Grandpa could have easily been drawn into his world. This of course is author prerogative.I give this book 3 stars because I did like the book even with the issues I had with it but not enough to give it higher.Note and disclosure: In all fairness, this book was awarded the Mom's Choice Award. This review was 100% my own opinion based upon the reading of the book. My opinion may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

  • Geena Bean
    2019-06-16 09:53

    Mrs. D delivers a brilliant and charming story with two characters; a grandfather and child. She showed us the world being viewed through both eyes and opened mine through the deliverance of two very different perspectives. This message truly moved my heart because it shows us that life is filled with beauty and blessings in all disguises. It also demonstrated the benefits of having a positive attitude and outlook on life. Sometimes, we are too busy to discover all of the incredible things around us but Mrs. D. surely reminds us all about our wonderful world and everything we should take time to admire and wonder about. I look forward to sharing more of her books with my nieces and nephews!!

  • Kate Larkinson
    2019-05-30 10:08

    A lovely little story that celebrates the wisdom of the young while highlighting the wastefulness of those that are less present in a gently humorous way. Grandpa sees the worst in everything and doesn't enjoy his walk, baby Thomas sees the wonder in everything he encounters and has a wonderful time, his friend's mother spends a lot of her time on the phone and misses out on most of the experience altogether. Wisely demonstrates how we get back what we put in!

  • Mrs. D.
    2019-06-04 04:50