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London is said to be the glittering jewel of society, a world unto itself—but to Julia Elliston it is a city of shadows. Her life is swiftly dissolving into scandal. And in Victorian society, even a whisper of scandal—substantiated or not—can be the death of a young woman’s reputation.When Julia discovers that Lord Roy Pierson, her guardian and one of most influential menLondon is said to be the glittering jewel of society, a world unto itself—but to Julia Elliston it is a city of shadows. Her life is swiftly dissolving into scandal. And in Victorian society, even a whisper of scandal—substantiated or not—can be the death of a young woman’s reputation.When Julia discovers that Lord Roy Pierson, her guardian and one of most influential men in England, is the father she has never met, she begrudgingly accepts his protection. But Chance Macy’s power is far-reaching as well.Thrust into society as the Emerald Heiress, Julia is the toast of London, a celebrated curiosity. But in reality she’s trapped between the clutches of two powerful men. Aided only by a gentleman whose intentions she prays she can trust, Julia must finally take control of her own fate—but outwitting one’s foe rarely goes according to plan....

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Mark of Distinction Reviews

  • L.R. Teague
    2019-07-15 09:38

    I loved this story (the first and second.) I enjoyed all of the levels and twists. It really had me sucked in! I enjoyed that the main character grew in her spiritual journey this time around. I have a couple critiques which made me just say a brief "Hmmm..."SPOILERS BELOW****I read someone else say this and did, indeed, feel the same way. By the end of the book, I was hoping Edward would just pass away from his illness (Sorry Edward!) and that in the last book Lord Dalry would win her heart...because he sure won mine! He was consistent, protective, loving, ect. Edward was her exciting childhood sweetheart who was her first love and had filled up her past with beautiful memories which she often return to mentally when she was struggling. The thing about Edward to me is that he always came off kind of selfish. Hear me out: he was determined that that was honorable. But it might have been more honorable if he'd released her a bit more and trusted God, like he wanted her to, with their future. Does that mean he doesn't act toward what he wants? No. But he was acting desperate and made some decisions (like the opera) that really compromised Julia. All that to say, I was really starting to root for Issac by the end. The end was abrupt. There's not much else to say about that. It was good content (I'm a fan!), it just happened so fast I was a little whip-lashed. Ok, end negatives. One of the most applaud-worthy points to me was Macy. Oh my goodness! What a character! I loved him. I hated him. I trusted him. I resisted him. Well done!

  • Natalie Vellacott
    2019-07-08 06:39

    This is the second in this historical Christian trilogy. I was persuaded to continue this series by a fellow reader. I'm sorry to say that I struggled with this book even more than the first one but for different reasons. At least in the first book I was engrossed in the story and wanted to know what happened despite the offence caused by the nature of the account. In this second book, I found that I had lost interest and no longer cared what happened to the heroine or anyone else for that matter. I knew that didn't bode well. Nothing really happens in this second book as the main character is caught in a seemingly never-ending dilemma in relation to which man she will marry. The problem, she is already married and has been since early on in book one. Therefore, the whole topic is irrelevant as she is not legally free to marry--she should just face up to her poor decisions and accept the consequences rather than taunt these other men and subject the readers to the monotonous dialogue about it. I have grown to dislike the main character and somehow wish the man she actually desires to marry will reject her. This is probably not what the author was hoping when writing this series. The character is weak-willed, whiny and annoying.I will not give the plot away for those who wish to subject themselves. However, events at the end of the second book caused me to do a double-take. Circumstances have not changed since the first book and yet the main characters follow a course that they had determined impossible by the end of the first book?! It is as if the author expects the reader to have forgotten everything that has gone before or to think that the passage of time changes things. It doesn't.I was told this was a story of Christian redemption. The main character has some sort of religious experience in this book but I would hardly call it a conversion--she doesn't refer to sin, repentance or redemption, only to love and a feeling of peace. Indeed, other characters seem to mark the same feeling as their own "conversion" experience. Yet, becoming a Christian is not a feeling or an experience. It is a decision to trust that Jesus died in our place and for our sin.I have access to the third book in this series but really cannot bring myself to give more time to it.....sorry to disappoint those that think this series is worthy of high praise....The only redeeming feature in these books are some of the quotations amongst the dialogue which I have highlighted as I read them.I can't recommend these books.

  • Jennifer Pritchard
    2019-07-03 12:37

    Book 2 did not disappoint, and I'm picking up book 3 now so I can see how this all ends. Some of the best writing I've seen and I love the time period, characters and plot twists.

  • Mary
    2019-07-08 07:29

    Mark of Distinction is the second book in the Price of Privilege series, and though the author recaps some of the events in the first book, this is really not meant to be a stand-alone book. Seventeen-year-old Julia Elliston is now under her father's protection. The rich and powerful Lord Pierson is determined to bring his illegitimate daughter into society and use her to further his political connections, so he brings her to London where she becomes the "Emerald Heiress," the curiosity of polite society. Lord Pierson expects her to marry his protege Isaac Dalry, but Julia still pines for Edward Auburn, her childhood sweetheart. And of course, Lord Pierson's archenemy Chance Macy follows Julia to London, demanding the return of "his wife."So, this is Christian fiction, and whether you read this because it is Christian fiction or in spite of it will naturally affect your opinions. Having read the first book in the series by accident, I was intrigued by the plot, and I carried on with this book to see how some of the threads resolved. I hoped that the author would allow Julia to mature and become a stronger heroine, but alas, it was not to be. Julia, unfortunately, is very biddable and though we are told she has a temper, she rarely ever shows it; instead, she cries and hugs her arms to her stomach. Over and over. Interestingly, she has captured the hearts of three (!) different men though we are told she is not very beautiful, worldly or talented. Why do they all want her? Who knows! She wants Edward, though, that is for sure. Edward the Reverend is very pious and also very boring. He just can't compete with Lord Dalry, who is handsome, kind, and charming, and part of the problem is that Julia's love interest is not really in this book. Until the last few chapters, Edward and Julia share no scenes together and therefore do not speak to each other or communicate with one another (unless of course, you count the part where he sends her his copy of the Bible). By the time Edward makes an appearance towards the end of the book, I was already rooting for Lord Dalry, so I kind of hoped that Edward would succumb to his fever or something just to get him out of the picture. (Cruel, I know, but he is only a character after all.)The ending of the book felt rushed and a little convoluted. Julia finally takes action, but it didn't feel authentic to her character or the direction the story was going. She put her faith in the one character who deserved it least, the conflict with Macy was way too simplistic, and the resolution was much too easy. She got what she wanted but it wasn't very satisfying. I guess I needed a show-down...a duel! With pistols or swords, some blood and guts, an f-bomb or two.

  • Monica
    2019-07-15 07:24

    I'm very very disappointed that I invested so much time, energy, and emotion into this book. I wanted to love this series, and the first book kept me on the edge of my seat; not knowing what Julia's back story was and the tantalizing relationship she was developing with Mr. Macey - it was very nail bighting! But by the middle of the second book I just felt exhausted and as a reader I was lost without a real direction to turn to. Once I found a path to support the ending comes and is like a huge mudslide wiping you out. Not once did I like Edward and because of his religious commitment in the first book I always envisioned him as off limits. Every time Julia wandered her way back to thinking of him I wanted to rip my hair out in frustration. My mantra while reading these first two books was "she's only 18... she's only 18... she's only 18..." There is no other explanation behind her idiotic decisions, teenage brooding sessions, and over all confusion of her surroundings... it was painful! Not at all a loveable lead. One ends up liking the supporting characters so much more, and for them alone I finished this book. I think for that reason the ending was so upsetting. I spent my time rooting, not for Julia, but for Isaac & her father, only to have my heart broken in the end. I couldn't celebrate in Julia's happiness because I really couldn't care less about her feelings.I initially really did like the story, but I kept hoping that Julia would grow and develop from her experiences. During this second book it felt like she was growing, if slowly, but in the end all of that growth is just yanked back. Like I said before, I really just couldn't be happy for her. I enjoyed everything else about Dotta's writing, but I wished she would have clearly steered the reader towards who to love. For both books now I have ended up rooting for the wrong man - first Mr. Macey and then Isaac - both the wrong choices according to Dotta. My heart was broken at the end of this book - not in a mournful way due to a death, but in a way that I just couldn't accept Julia's backwards attitude. Edward was her past, and I thought the point of her story was to develop from that and move on... not run charging back into it. Overall I'm very impressed with Dottas writing style and the world and characters she created, but I really wished she would have written Julia differently. I suppose I am just used to a strong female lead. Julia had so much potential to be one, but falls flat.

  • Ane Mulligan
    2019-07-11 05:43

    Mark of Distinction is as good as Born of Persuasion as you're ushered with Julia into London's society. Rich in history, filled with intrigue, and told with Dotta's lyrical voice, it's one of the best books I've ever read. It's on my Top Ten for 2014 List and my All Time Favorites. I believe it's destined to become a classic. Novel Rocket and I give it 5-stars.

  • Staci
    2019-06-25 10:51

    As I did with the first of the series, I've got mixed emotions about this novel. The main character, Julia, is not very likable. On the positive side, a peek into the life of the upper crust is incredibly interesting.

  • Alcieta
    2019-07-16 10:24

    Whoa. This book is so textured and rich and beautiful I hardly know how to put forth an opinion. This second book was the very same level as the first in my esteem, which is pretty rare for a series. So much happens here! I felt myself panicking to savour every little bit, and every time I returned to it, even to read one chapter, I found something new to love about this story and these characters. They inspire me in my own writing!I keep being surprised with these charming scenes--Isaac running the household on Christmas? Making Roy into a footman? paah. I am smiling too much. The humour and light-sided elements of the novel are as wonderful as Dotta's weave of severity and darker circumstances into the story. Both enthrall, and I love every conflict here.Jessica Dotta's writing is masterful. I've never read a historical more persuasive or richly-toned, nor as gorgeous in structure and execution. This series exists at the peril of any attempt to write historical that goes after it; that is how high my estimation has reached. It has already ruined a good many historical novels I've tried reading since! It's hard to put up with the same stories I've read over and over again with differing characters, and especially in Christian historical, it's tough to break from the mould and formula that sells (though I can't imagine why it does, with how cheesy and well-worn its structure is). When I pick up a book, I instinctively challenge other authors to meet the quality of this blessed series with its complex, multilayered characters that each fit into the plot with such perfection of pacing and tone... even the villains are rendered so delightfully! I love living in Julia's world, although she herself is perhaps the weakest character, I can't bring myself to hate her. She is flighty, to be sure, and changes her mind at the drop of a hat, and is frustratingly swayed by little to no evidence in her regard for others, and she is a difficult character to define. One moment she is meek and silent, the next rushing out to aid orphans, offering her kindness to strangers. I liked the scene where she met Evelyn, for example.Anyway, I'm so sad to be done with this book! Waiting until next spring will be torture, but I'm so looking forward to learning what happens, and especially more about Mr. Macy's past! (I want to read a novel of his backstory, really, there's certainly enough potential there!) I'm glad we at least finally learned the reason for his obsession with Julia. I also loved how this book handled spiritual aspects:"The idea of love won me. I could never follow the God of my vicar's making, but this—this made me yearn. The thought of a God who waited patiently, hand outstretched, eagerly anticipating me... that thought undid me."Not cheesy or overwhelming, but moving. And gorgeous, with Dotta's prose. This book is a confection of beautiful writing worth studying. Bless Jessica Dotta, for not being afraid to break the historical mould and tell a story from the heart whose emotion bleeds off the pages; whose art is carefully tended and meticulous, each word and sentence placed and executed with care. I appreciate that so much and will now go off in a manner of incoherent happiness~

  • Reet Champion
    2019-07-11 09:39

    Julia Elliston's world has fallen apart. Her rediscovered father has whisked her away from a husband she believes has murdered her mother and now she is, in effect, a prisoner. Though her father has seen fit to reclaim Julia it has been done with a bit of deception. A new background is constructed for her and Julia must act the part or risk destroying both hers and her father's reputations.There has been a bit of a negative response in regard to this trilogy. So much in fact that I had almost put off reading it. Many readers have said that they liked the author's style but found the whole story rather dull. Admittedly it does drag in some instances but no more than some of the books I've been reading lately (perhaps even less). Personally I loved it. It isn't so much action-driven as it is character. Don't be fooled though, there is plenty of action to go around. We are introduced to a vast array of flawed characters who have seen better days. It seems everyone is trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and only succeed in making matters worse. Julia, for example, can be downright irritating with her naivete and impulsiveness; but she is only human and even if never outgrows such ways we need only remember that such people do exist and this allows us a peak into what it is like to be them. The air of mystery keeps readers in suspense and ever-guessing what will be around the corner. The story was nicely done and I really don't know that I've encountered anything quite like it in its genre.For a second book of three I had a little bit of trouble understanding some things, but as with all things, in time I was able to organize the details and characters. A cast of characters would have been a welcome addition. There are still some unanswered questions that presumably are answered in book three, which I look forward to reading.I did feel that there was far too big of a love octagon (no, that is not a typo) going on, but hey, you've got to take the good with the bad I guess. Though the last page could have done without. Super uncomfortable reading.DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received a hardcopy of “Mark of Distinction”  provided by the publishers Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for our honest

  • Carol
    2019-07-15 13:46

    More of the same from the previous book although this second installment is good. I think that this story could have been encapsulated within two books not three. What I learned from this book could have been written in two chapters and I found myself skipping pages to force the pace along. I tired of this young women's reticence to stand up for herself and her friends who had risked so much for her. The little she does do towards the end was unimpressionable. Also the way the author introduced more men falling for an unpolished teenager irked my understanding of the why. My interest lay with Macy who was so full of understanding for this troublesome heroine and waited patiently for her to come to her senses. I will read the final book in this series but hope for more than what was in this book. The first book in this series was excellent this one was o.k. and hopefully the last will be as good as the first; I hope........

  • Rachel McMillan
    2019-07-09 10:26

    This book is a master class in foreshadowing. It is an integral part of the full scope of the series and a passionate cog in the wheel that turns this insanely clever plot into motion. It is heartbreaking. The more I spend within this series' world, the more I am a victim to perspective and hindsight. Characters I thought unsympathetic are seen through the lens of a lack of agency. Characters who seemed sympathetic are undercut with motive and the merry-go-round of society spins around a woman who is little more than commodity and unwilling pawn. This re-read has convinced me that this is not Julia's story, rather Isaac's and it is his narrative that links the chain between these disparate characters and this layered world.

  • Ashley
    2019-06-29 13:25

    This book frustrated me a bit: I felt characters never got to finish conversations without jumping to conclusions or being interrupted, and the main character didn't use her voice much. Some of her actions were so contrary to her entire thoughts/purpose/action I was really confused with the author's plot choice/or Julia's (main character). And the ending wrapped up quickly (Like within 2 pages) and left one of my new favorite characters without a happy ending: hoping the 3rd book somehow reconciles all of this. This plot didn't move as fast either as the 1st: but when do sequels in trilogies ever measure to the first book?

  • Marija
    2019-07-14 08:45

    This series is AMAZING!! I could not put down this book. It is well written, and she understands the time period. She draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You go through a myriad of emotions. One of my favorite series to date.

  • Carla Miller
    2019-07-18 10:32

    Awesome, Jessica Dotta has done it again! more please!

  • Tanya Masiello
    2019-07-13 05:36

    I can't believe I have to wait a year for the next one.

  • Cara
    2019-07-08 10:36

    This book. This series. Sigh. I still don't like Julia. And I still love Macy. Now I love Isaac too. And I wish Edward would just disappear. Which means I finished Mark of Distinction completely unsatisfied. Is the author doing this to me on purpose?I should start by saying there were certainly elements I liked about this book and I for the most part I enjoyed reading it, thus the reason it gets 3 stars from me and not 2. It was how I ultimately felt at the end that resulted in its not getting a higher rating. And it is on these points I will elaborate. I have many thoughts, so buckle up.Julia remains a passive observer in her own life. And while she has been through a lot, her actions are so selfish that I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her. It truly makes me wonder why Isaac seems to care so much for her - because he seems genuine (not just putting up a facade to promote his career or benefit from her inheritance). What reason does she give him to continue being so loving, protective, considerate, and loyal? It is the opposite of how she treats him 99% of the time. She makes little effort to really get to know and understand him and gives no thought to his feelings, ultimately crushing him. Even if she thinks her true love is Edward, how can she treat Isaac that way? How can a heart that thinks it knows what it means to love then treat another honest heart that way? She is just so self-absorbed. It makes me not like her character.Edward was largely absent from this book, which was fine with me. (I agree with the review I read that said it would have been better for his character to die of his illness. Sorry - the author did too good a job of making me love Macy and Isaac and portraying Edward as a childhood fancy.) Julia did spend a lot of time pining for Edward throughout this book, which I will even allow her - she is unhappy and longs for happier days. But what I want to know is, where did all of Edward's convictions go? He just married a woman he had married off to someone else in Born of Persuasion. Seriously - weren't we supposed to see him as the upright, moral character? Wasn't he the one supposedly serving as a spiritual mentor to Julia? But because he really loves Julia, his principles are now tossed out the window? And what does he have to base this on? Memories of the carefree days they spent as children? (because everything that has happened since Julia reappeared in his life has been filled with drama and pain) Yeah. Ok.I am left a little confused over how Lord Pierson feels about his daughter. There were glimpses of affection - some kind of deeper feeling, certainly a backstory). But it was never really explained or explored. And in the end he throws her out of his life (honestly, not that I blame him). I really do see a lot of Pierson in Julia. When Isaac says she is a lot like him, I have to laugh. Spot on.The most interesting parts of this book to me were the parts that involved Macy, and we didn't get too many of those. I was very intrigued by the story Forrester tells about his background. But then I think to the night he cares for Julia after Eramus attacks her (was that seriously realistic? I mean the attack, not Macy's response, because oh my heart, that was a favorite scene. ❤️). Macy's comments when she seems to be sleeping made me smile. I can't work it out in my own mind what his feelings are for her. While somewhere in the past she was just part of his revenge, over time has he really come to care for her? Is the story of redemption his? Could it be true what he told Julia in book 1 that he has a dark past but he is not that same man anymore? Or is he really so cold and unfeeling and just a great actor when it comes to his tenderness toward her? Or maybe both? I had hope until I got to the last 20 pages. This is killing me.I devoured this book because the story line has such potential. But when I got to the end, I felt like much of my time had been wasted watching Isaac try to win Julia's affection, watching Lord Pierson lose his temper and hide her away, and listening to Julia bemoan her life. The most action occurred in the last 30 pages and the last 10 disappointed me. I am, however unable to not complete a series I have already read 2/3 of, and I am the eternal optimist. So I will finish it. I just need to know. Maybe Ms. Dotta will pull out a miracle in book 3.

  • Iris Bratton
    2019-07-19 13:48

    3.5/5STARSThis book isn't really necessary, but it was an enjoyable read.I really liked this book! It held my attention due to the intrigue and mystery surrounding characters. This book has you second-guessing your opinion of characters, unsure of their true nature. The writing is great and the character development is well done. There are several intense scenes that are so gripping that I honestly had to take breaks while reading because I was holding my breath for so long as to what would happen next. What I like about this book was the positivity towards religion. It was refreshing to see that type of perspective as it's not one very common in literature. Although it felt a little forced, I appreciate it for what the author was trying to do. It goes against the grain a little bit which makes it very unique. So overall, it was a very fun read!Although I was captivated by the setting, characters, and drama, it really didn't do anything to drive the overarching plot. I felt like a lot of the book was used as filler to make this series a trilogy. Basically, you're reading through 300 pages of Julia being "unfairly locked away" really to kill time until the last 30 pages which are the most pivotal to the story. I'm not sure if the author did this so you would empathize with the protagonist, but I just felt the majority of this book didn't do anything to help the story along. It wraps up too easily after all of these moments of helplessness with Julia. All I could think was: Well that was convenient. It really felt like a waste of time to read through all of this when her biggest trouble was resolved in literally 3 pages.Speaking of Julia, I still don't like her. She's still very juvenile minded. The entire books consists of her whining about things that "are not fair" (that's a literal quote from the book), and she continually blames others for her own problems because she refuses to fight for herself. She isn't proactive in changing her circumstances. I don't pity her. Frankly, I was mad that she gets what she wants. In my mind I'm screaming You don't deserve it!, which I don't think I'm supposed to do. You're supposed to like the protagonist, right? Or your at least supposed to see the character develop by gaining wisdom and growing strong from what they learn. But you don't get that with Julia. She creates this illusory wall around herself and hides behind it rather than facing her problems. So because of that, I feel she doesn't deserve any reward. You have to work for what you want, and Julia was not a good example of that. At least you get consistency in her character. (Okay, so I may be a little angry with her because my "ship" for her crashed and burned in the end in such a way that was really cold and cruel.) I do, however, need to give Jessica Dotta props for creating great characters that you can really hate and really love. She develops them so well that I feel invested in their lives. She creates really complex characters. And best of all, she knows how to make a good villain.Despite all of the cheesy moments, the characters I hated, the total waste of time I felt after those last 10 pages, I still think this book was really good. It's a guilty pleasure series of mine. Was it flawed? Yes. Should I be ashamed of reading such a cheesy novel? Probably. But I still had so much fun reading it! This is definitely a book that you can finish in one day. Although it has several problems, it captivated me 'til the very end.Based on the setting, story line and writing style, I would recommend this book to readers who enjoyed Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte or Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I guiltily enjoyed every minute of this book and I'm excited to see what the final installment will hold.

  • Bethany
    2019-07-16 11:28

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Born of Persuasion which is the first book in this Price of Privilege series, last year; and was so excited to continue Julia's story! I'd become a fan of Jessica Dotta with Born of Persuasion which was her début novel, and was impressed with this novel as well! With the cliff-hanging ending that both Born of Persuasion and Mark of Distinction had, I now eagerly await the final installment, Price of Privilege which the final book in this exciting and unique trilogy, which reminds me of Downton Abbey, Jane Austen and Jane Eyre's style and time period!Along the positive sides of this novel, the first thing that comes to mind is the lovely writing style. I feel like some authors write because they are good at telling stories; and other write because they have the gift of beautiful writing. I can happily day that Jesica Dotta truly possesses both of these qualities-and both at such high levels! I've never really read an author who has such a fantastic way with words, but also can share such a wonderfully thought-out out plot in an intricate story/trilogy. The writing style is just amazing. It's very classic in the fact of the descriptions and how they are described in such elegant ways. The story-line is so well thought-out, all the different twists and turns were such surprises and the character development was incredible; as some characters start out being either good or bad, and then all the sudden you start to re-consider your view of them. This author just has such a true talent for both writing and story-telling, and I believe that this series is such a true gem!I think that this was such a wonderful second novel in this trilogy. Questions from Born of Persuasion were answered, but there were also new questions that arose that make you eager for the final novel! At first I feared I'd have a hard time getting back into the story and remembering all the characters (sometime it can be a bit tricky keeping them all in order), especially since it had been a year since I'd read Born of Persuasion, book number one. While I did find it easier remembering all the characters than I originally anticipated, I do think it was still at times tricky remember who was who and the events that played out in the previous novel. While this in some ways was mostly due to my long-term memory, it was still a bit tricky. But after about a quarter to half-way through the novel things got easier to remember as the characters came up and references were made to the previous happenings.Along that note, I did feel like there was a bit of dragging in this novel too. For a period of time Julia is basically under house arrest of sorts since her father forbids her to go out in public, so for a while there isn't terribly much happening since she stayed home all the time. However I don't think the slow bits were a big deal for me. I did notice them but they didn't hinder my reading pleasure and didn't really get in the way of the story for me.Over-all, I really enjoyed this novel and look forward to the final installment in the trilogy! Anyone who enjoys the writing style and descriptiveness of classic books, or those who enjoy Gothic fiction that is similar to Jane Austen and Jane Eyre will love this exciting and every delightful novel! However I will say that for anyone who is interested in this series, it is definitely, without a doubt one of those series you have to read in order for things the make sense. But once you do I'm sure you'll enjoy this novel just as much as I did!D I S C L A I M E R :: I received a complementary review copy of Mark of Distinction from the publisher for the sole purpose of this review. I was not paid to write this review or promote this book. All thoughts expressed in my review are completely my own, honest and unbiased.

  • Judy
    2019-07-11 07:43

    I want to go on record by stating this set of books "Born of Persuasion (Price of Privilege, Book 1)," "Mark of Distinction (Price of Privilege, Book 2)" and the third, "Price of Privilege (Price of Privilege, Book 3)" are some of the most amazing books I've ever read. To use the term "spellbinding" is to put it mildly. I just finished the second and third book in the series.In this second book of the series, I must confess to being somewhat disappointed in some of the monotony within the storyline, however, once you read the third and final book, you will better understand the foundation being laid within the pages of this second book. It's necessary to have the full realization of the pressure being brought to bear upon our heroine, Julia, during the time she spends with her father, Lord Pierson, and his protegee, Isaac, the man he intends for Julia to marry.Those who were intrigued by Mr. Macy in the first book will most certainly feel his presence in this second book, but very little interaction transpires between him and Julia even though he continues to call her wife and has spies continually watching over her from near and far. Although there's not enough of Edward in this book, his presence is felt and further insight into his character, including morality and integrity, but most of all - his abiding love for Julia - are further made clear to the reader.Setting Mr. Macy and Edward aside, the primary focus of this book is on the relationship between Julia and Isaac as they are thrown together nearly every day with Isaac continually providing a buffer for Julia between Julia and her father, Julia and the High Society she's been thrust into, Julia and her own fears and insecurities. The man is as smooth as glass, having been brought under the mentorship of Lord Pierson from an early age after the passing of his own father. He knows how to handle the gruff, rude, controlling Lord Pierson better than anyone else. Julia, however, is a fish out of water and comes close to losing what is left of her soul after being under the extreme pressures - first of her mother's passing and the mysteries surrounding her death, then making very poor choices such as marrying Mr. Macy, then, her part in the misunderstanding between her and Edward, and currently, her father's treatment toward her which borders on cruelty. When she places herself under her father's protection, his plans for her bring about further pressure as she's thrust into the limelight of London Society as the "Emerald Heiress" - the name she's been given because of her father's emerald mines.The reader cannot fully appreciate Isaac and his role in Julia's life until Book #3 which I just finished. I must confess I feel like a horse that has been ridden hard and put away wet so to speak, or as my mother would have said - a wrung out dishrag. I know that doesn't sound very flattering, but if one is to judge a set of books by how emotionally drawn out and how intensely engaging the characters and storyline are, then that's a fair description of my emotions right now. The story within this set of books will stay on my mind and in my heart for years to come.I'm off to read some lighter fare in order to help me regain my balance.Review by Judge Tabor

  • Bekah (WillBakeforBooks)
    2019-07-08 08:29

    In Born of Persuasion, Julia Elliston dealt with one blow after another. Starting right where it left off, Julia manages to escape from Macy by running to her birth father, Lord Pierson. He announces her as his legitimate daughter and she is thrust into society as the Emerald Heiress. As she loses a piece of herself every day, she quickly she realizes that she has only replaced one prison for another. In this stunning sequel, Julia must decide how far she is willing to go to fight for freedom.I can’t even explain to you how much I love this series. I was slightly worried about the sequel not quite living up to the grandeur of the first, but there was no reason to be concerned. Mark of Distinction was pure perfection. The alluring characters, lyrical writing, magical setting, heart-pounding intrigue, and riveting plot are just a few of the things that made this book wonderful.Though not as humorous as the first (probably because we didn’t see Mrs. Windham as much), Mark of Distinction still made me laugh and I can’t even tell you how many times I smiled while reading it. Even my sister mentioned that I looked so happy and content as I dived in chapter after chapter. There’s something so special about a book that has the ability to tug your heartstrings in so many ways that you feel everything from joy to pain. I felt Julia’s heartbreak…her despair …her guilt…her hope…her love.I was especially pleased with the character growth. Julia goes from being bitter and angry to strong and determined. She comes to realize that in order to gain all, she must surrender all. The profound truths contained in this book astounded me. I know that a lot of the analogies will stay with me for a while yet. I also appreciated the fact that while I learned a lot about faith while reading, it wasn’t preachy at all.Jessica Dotta is a literary genius. How is it possible for one to be so captivated with every single word in a 432-page book? As I read the end, I found myself wanting to pick it up and start all over again.The Price of Privilege series is an absolute gem. Mark of Distinction is easily among the best books I’ve ever read. I don’t know how I am going to wait for book #3! Please, read this series! You won’t regret it.**I received this book free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own.

  • Jasmine
    2019-06-24 09:30

    Another excellent book from Jessica Dotta!Oftentimes the second book in a series just doesn't quite live up to its predecessor. It's almost like the author pours everything into the first one and has little leftover. Mark Of Distinction was totally the opposite, Jessica Dotta has spaced out her storyline and character development perfectly. I liked book one for the quality of the writing but I enjoyed book two even more.I have to admit that I didn't always exactly like Julia in Born Of Persuasion, she seemed to be self absorbed and very naïve. In Mark Of Distinction she starts to mature, gaining in understanding and compassion. I really liked watching her grow and how the author delved into how Julia's past affected her actions and thoughts. This is much the story of young and innocent girl caught up in the machinations of powerful men bent on accomplishing their own ends. There are two truly good men that try to help her, and honestly, I found myself divided on who I hoped she might marry.Once again Jessica Dotta has written a detailed story full of complex characters. A story that pulls the reader in and holds them captive until the very last page. This book will keep you coming back for more and in the meantime wondering where the plot might twist next.Mark Of Distinction is not a quick read. It is over 400 pages, but it is very well written and every page is worth taking the time to enjoy. In many ways the writing style and the story reminds me much of Jane Eyre, and as a fan of the classics, I find that to be an excellent feature.Don't miss any of the books in the Price Of Privilege series, both Born Of Persuasion and Mark Of Distinction are excellent reads!(I received a copy of this book from the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are entirely my own)

  • Tammy
    2019-07-21 08:49

    I wasn't sure if this book, Mark of Distinction, was going to be a slow read since it more in the style of Jane Austen or Emily Bronte and it's more of a historical.regency.type of mystery.But as I began reading I was caught up in the life of Julia Elliston who lives during the Victorian Age. Victorian Society could be quite vindictive and scandal could be brought upon a young man or woman at just the mere touch of a hand or lip. Rather dire!Reading about an age gone by and how young ladies were taught to be ladies but men were not always gentlemen brings quite a twist to this story! The dresses, the gossip, the great walls of mansions, the romance! Only the beginning!I like Julia,even though she seems, at times a little to doe eyed. However, as the story progresses Julia seems to come into her own.The men might be influential but it seems as if it is the woman who actually has the last word and must make her place in society.Julia is the Emerald Heiress. Wow! Interesting! And this title makes her a great target.Who can be trusted and will Julia trust herself to make the "right" decisions?!?!If you love a good mystery mixed with historical romance of, then this is the book for you!As for me? I loved this story! *This book was provided for review by Tyndale*

  • Margaret Chind
    2019-07-20 10:46

    Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama. The next novel in the trilogy is the Mark of Distinction. I read part of this one and listed to the rest as an audiobook and it was again enchanting and entertaining with each new chapter. (I thought the narratored was well chosen, and I'm really picky when it comes to audiobooks!) Continuing the story and plot right where the first novel left off, more mysteries and secrets are revealed and more endearing characters are introduced to our dear heroine Julia's daily life.This story is filled to the brim with entertaining London society culture. It is well written and the story flows so well that I hardly notice how much time passes as I'm enveloped in the story. While I would recommend reading this series in order, it would still be an enjoyable read if you had to start here. I can easily see wanting to recommend wanting to cuddle up in a cozy spot to just read the weekend away with this series.This review was originally posted on Creative Madness Mama.

  • Kelly Klepfer
    2019-07-11 08:24

    Jessica Dotta’s second book in the Price of Privilege series is one of those books you want to curl up with, closing the world out. I was fortunate enough to have a virus that kept me home from my day job a few days. Oh, the tale of Julia and the men in her life kept me company and my mind of my symptoms.I cannot wait patiently for the final installment. Oh, the unresolved questions, the unscratched itches, the unsatisfied curiosity. How does Julia’s tale resolve? Dotta is an artist. Her word art is lush and rich. Scents, sounds, sights come to life as Julia discovers exactly what is required of her in a society that is almost as foreign to her as it is to the reader.Mark of Distinction is full of frills and flourish as Julia is introduced into society and attempts to take her place in an environment that is wary and watchful, waiting to find a juicy morsel to grasp hold of and send her and her father to societal ruination. Scandal is a breath away, lurking, hiding, waiting. And Julia is fully aware of just how scandalous her story is.Must have final book soon….

  • Michelle Griep
    2019-06-30 08:25

    When people ask me who my favorite authors are, Jessica Dotta is always one of the first names that pops out of my mouth. Why? Because her writing is painfully beautiful and her stories pierce you to the soul. Mark of Distinction is all that and more. This is the second in the Price of Privilege series. If you've not read the first, yeah, you could still read this one and come away with a story, but it won't mean nearly as much. Do yourself a favor and just pick up all three books.Now then, as for this second installment, you'll get to know the scrumptious Isaac Dalry much more up close and personal. You'll find out who Mr. Macy really is (yeah, he's still one of my all time favorite characters, as sick as that is). And you'll alternately want to slap and hug Julia. Her father, too. Well, mostly slap, that is in his case. The ending did feel a bit rushed, mostly because I dearly wanted to see it played out in detail. Don't worry, I won't spoil it. Let's just say it's what you hope for.If you love Victorian intrigue, snatch this one up.

  • Tamra
    2019-06-30 09:27

    So I devoured both Born of Persuasion and Mark of Distinction in just a few days. I'm so disappointed I have to wait a year to read book 3! You know it's a good book when you find yourself gasping and laughing out loud. Was laying out by a hotel pool when I gasped and said "Oh No"... Everyone around me asked if everything was ok? The only thing lacking was the ending which seemed rushed and I'm not sure if I'm happy with this outcome. I was torn between the love triangle.... And not quite ready for this rushed outcome. With another book on the horizon, I'm sure this isn't the last of the triangle. Hurry Book 3!!!!

  • Alex
    2019-07-15 13:23

    I have read the first book and was sucked into julia's world, that i just could not put my tablet down . Lol jessica's writing gets you to become intimately aquainted characters from julia's position . I felt as if i was right along side her running , worrying ,crying and laughing right along side . Even though his past was tainted.what can i say, you definately have to read this book. I cant wait till to read the rest in the trilogy. :DDefinately,my new favourite author right next to jane austen.

  • Shannah Mauney
    2019-06-20 06:39

    Jessica Dotta is a master storyteller. The events and character development seem so natural. The story was nail biting, fast paced, and packed with intrigue and suspense. The ending was so unexpected, but I wanted to shout for joy! I absolutely enjoyed the story and cannot wait until the third, and final book comes out! Read my full review:

  • Sylvia Poole
    2019-07-11 06:48

    This book is AMAZING!!! Absolutley could not put it down once I started it. It draws you into her life like your living it. Can't wait til the 3rd book.

  • Cassie
    2019-07-16 12:36

    I am completely blown away. An amazing book!1st read: June 20142nd read: July 2016