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After the siege at the end of A Victory that Counts, while Liana is debriefed by Captain Nour, Spânu proceeds with his mission. Max’s help can either save or break Liana.A key story in The Impaler Legacy series, a vampire saga like no other....

Title : Casualties of War
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Casualties of War Reviews

  • roxtao
    2019-06-17 16:01

    Atunci cand am inceput sa citesc cele doua povestiri satelit din seria The Impaler Legacy nu planuiam sa scriu si o recenzie, intrucat povestile au un numar foarte redus de pagini. Insa tinand cont de impactul pe care acestea l-au avut, mi-e imposibil sa nu povestesc putin despre ele.Casualties of War este setata intre nuvelele 2 si 3. Iar daca peste Sweet Surrender ai mai putea trece fara sa o citesti (desi recomand sincer parcurgerea ei si nu vad nici un motiv pentru care un fan al seriei ar omite-o), Casualties of War este obligatoriu de citit! Nu este un satelit bonus, in care sa fie descrise evenimente extra, mai putin importante, ci continua actiunea din A Victory that Counts in cel mai neasteptat si incredibil mod! Aflasem ca povestirea aduce o surpriza majora, insa nu anticipasem nici pe departe proportiile acesteia. Pur si simplu rastoarna tot ce aflasem la finalul volumului 2 si da peste cap linistea abia obtinuta. Si asta nu o data, ci de doua ori in doar cateva pagini. Pentru ca primul soc este urmat in scurt timp de un al doilea, lasand cititorii intr-un suspans teribil.Probabil majoritatea cititorilor impatimiti de fantasy au ajuns aproape sa isi dea peste cap ochii atunci cand aud de cartii cu vampiri din moment ce subiectul a fost atat de folosit in ultimii ani. Insa Ioana Visan demonstreaza ca inca se pot crea povesti extrem de originale, chiar si utilizand un subiect ce parea aproape uzat. Autoarea creaza un univers nou, o societate extrem de bine construita si o intriga imposibil de banuit. Dati o sansa seriei, pentru ca in mod sigur nu va va dezamagi, mai ales daca v-ati saturat de adolescente indragostite de vampiri seculari ce aleg sa isi petreaca vesnicia printre liceeni. Este un suflu nou oferit literaturii fantasy, iar cele doua povestiri satelit ma „obliga” parca sa va bat la cap in privinta ei. Chiar nu trebuie sa ratati seria. :)

  • Alina
    2019-05-26 19:07

    Somewhat predictable, but interesting, a good liaison between A Victory that Counts and Order Restored.

  • Renee Deschamps
    2019-06-05 17:02

    Back in December 2013, I was given the book "Impaler's Revenge" by Ioana Visan. Which I read, and reviewed via RI & R on Goodreads. Problem ended with such a cliffhanger I was left with my mouth hanging open and saying "WTH?!? It can't end like that...""Causalities of War" is the 2.5 book of series. HOLY CRAP! I was sideswiped by the turn of events with one of the major characters! I didn't expect the who, I knew the why, or at least I thought I did, but the path they chose to follow has left me begging for a little more quiet time to get into book 3 "Order Restored". I must admit though, the ending of book 2.5, left me wishing it were possible to turn the switch off for emotions and get through tough situations with being clear headed and knowing what is the right thing to do.

  • Marsha Gomes-Mckie
    2019-05-31 22:47

    I was given these books in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal). I liked the idea of a new breed of vampires and the council concept which made for an intriguing read. I felt both concepts were original, kudos to the writer for giving ‘vamps’ a new spin. In all of the books Liana’s character was never really left alone but this one she had periods where she had to stand on her own. Although there were no great battles it brought some vindication and appreciation for her character. This is a strong series and I enjoyed the experience of the books. I like it when I get involved in a story, whatever emotion comes out is welcome.

  • Laura Greenwood
    2019-05-31 19:14

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of Casualties of War in exchange for my review. This is an intermediary story between A Victory That Counts and Ordered Restored.In the aftermath of the events of the attack in Victory That Counts, Liana is brought up on her actions, particularly related to the use of Vampire blood on the Pandurs. Her sense of victory is shortly quashed when she learns that her once faithful guard, turned new breed vampire, Spanu, has kidnapped Jesse. Without meaning to, Liana gets stressed out, and knowing that the new-breeds would want to use her love for Jesse as leverage, she allows Max to shatter another of her beliefs regarding how vampire powers affect the Little Council.Link to GoodreadsLink to amazonAs with the other 3 books of The Impaler Legacy that I've read, I've been shocked by the depth that Visan manages to get to in such a short word count. This isn't a long story (though it is an important part of the series), but the depth really makes you think that it is longer.There are no characters added to the series in Casualties of War, which is quite often the down fall for short stories (as in introducing too many characters). At this point in the story it feels as if I know Liana, Max and even General Nour, which makes this addition to the story quite shocking (poor Liana!) and it means that not a lot of time is needed to introduce the characters.This is definitely a series that needs to be read in its entirety, if you read them as stand alone stories then they just wouldn't work!

  • Diana
    2019-06-13 23:08

    This story continues the second novella of The Impaler Legacy Series. Captain Nour doesn't hesitate to tell Liana after the big fight that he doesn't agree with the tough decisions she had to make to keep her troop safe, but our heroine is determined not to be intimidated by his lecture. She knows she must do everything she can to fulfill their mission before other lives are destroyed. Max is again her adviser and together they try to find a new plan of action, to be one step ahead of their enemies. During the discussion, Spânu betrays them and kidnaps Jesse by helicopter. All Liana's hopes to succeed collapse and she is capable to sacrifice them all and the whole operation to save her boyfriend. Sensing the danger, Max has a solution and uses it to calm her, even if it is a risk and also a method Little Council wouldn't agree nor understand.You MUST read this story before you start the third part of the series, Order Restored, because it contains precious, vital information to understand the plot. I loved this one very much, despite the bad news I encountered about my favorite characters. This is the moment when the stakes are highest and every decision can make them win or lose the battle. I was shocked and sad to find out that Spânu turned against them and Jesse's life was now at risk. It seems that Liana cannot rest for one second, because at her every turn comes another test to measure her strength. Can she overcome this one and save her love and the others?

  • Lyssa
    2019-06-16 22:55

    After I finished book 2, I moved on to book 2.5 Casualities of War. I feel like book 1.5 filled me in on parts that I missed, but I fill like book 2.5 left me with a cliffhanger wanting to see what happens to Jesse! I almost feel like I could've skipped book 2 and just read book 2.5. Still an awesome series that I'll have to continue reading to find out if that "happily ever after" ending happens!

  • Denise
    2019-05-19 17:15

    A short but important interlude, setting the stage for Order Restored with a couple of major developments that will likely prove crucial to how the story continues.

  • Denise
    2019-06-13 20:06

    This quick read is a great intro into Book 3. A cliff hanger that, for me, makes Book 3 a must read. I like how Max is still a big part of this story. I look forward to reading more.

  • Ioana Visan
    2019-06-12 19:52