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  • Astha
    2019-03-16 20:19

    The only two things which made me read this book were:-1.The summary2.And I was stupid enough to trust the summary.This book was like I went into coma replayed my life for a moment then I woke up and again went back into coma.First of all WHATS with the name of the book One Of The Guys like she had hundred of boys lined up for her.She only had 3 boys.This book made me use all my left over brain after reading the book to process what was I reading in the middle of the book.At first it was about Cole and Sams fighting which seamed to be out of place.Then it went to Sams father and her very loving step mother no actually her fathers girlfriend ,then to her dead mother which was sad ,then to her fathers and his girlfriends relationship problems which was her father was abusing his girlfriend and then suddenly the news is on air "the relationship is over".That was heart breaking for Sam.When she plans to move out with her boyfriend, her boyfriend became her ex.That was the most shitty part when marsh comes to know about the fighting he asks her to choose and claims to love her but bails when things don't go his way.It was like i was reading some tragic story with no happiness to be see in the far away lands.Cole the hero was did some good job in the story.His cocky self made this story little bit interesting till the minute his sad story started.It wasn't to long as was not the main protagonist.In the starting he was cocky then he turned lovely,caring and "friend-zoned"just because they both were fighters.GREAT then every body who have girlfriends and wife, husbands and boyfriends should definably change there career or they would be friend-zoned. Cole is a womanizer totally but Sam falls for him instantly so does Cole but Sam is all over the place and has no business in even getting involved with anyone.She is a weak person and easily blames others for her problems .SO she kind of became a character with no back bone.But every body cannot have a back bone.RIGHT.

  • Fran
    2019-03-14 15:38

    The blurb got me pretty excited. I thought it was going to be a big winner but the story ended up being totally half-assed. :( It wasn't believable. At all! Plus the title's just wrong. I was expecting something like Sam was being treated as literally 'one of the guys' and she was being friend-zoned because she was into fighting. But nothing like that happened. I'm confused. Hmm.Maybe I'm still having a Frontline hangover. ;)

  • Roza Dimka
    2019-03-25 21:39

    Should have dnfed it. But noooo my stubborn streak of not dnfing books as much as possible stopped me. Pfffsh so not worth the time I wasted on it.

  • Dena
    2019-03-14 20:20

    So Sam has the perfect life a boyfriend who loves her (marsh) and a family life that seems perfect. That is until Brenda tells Sam she is leaving because her father abuses her. I thought that was shitty. I mean your in an abusive relationship and you allow the adult daughter to continue to live there even though there is abuse within the home. I thought that was cowardly. Sam doesn't believe her father is that way until she tells her father she is moving in with marsh. A boyfriend she has been with for years. Then she is constantly bruised and shamefully hiding it from him. When marsh finds out he tells her that she either needs to leave and never go back or leave him. I thought that was fucked up. I mean he claims to love her but bails when things don't go his way.So she ends the relationship and he moves onto the prom queen (go figure) she moves on to fighting. She sees a gym and figures she can help herself by learning to fight. She meets cole the womanizer and instantly fall in love (gag). I mean the story just spirals out of control there.Sam is all over the place and has no business even getting involved with anyone else. She is self-centered and blames everyone else for her issues. She is weak and a coward unfortunately this is not the story for me. I thought it was a lame story to blame the victim instead of her taking control of her life. She constantly makes excuses for her abusive father. In the end I thought the story was done in poor taste.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-04 16:35

    This book was a great read! A great plot and had great characters. Cole he kinda came off as cocky and arrogant when we first meet him, "I'll be your practice dummy anytime babe." And it was nice to get both point of views of Cole and Sam. Cole he changes through out the book and in a good way, Sam when she's drunk is a hoot, "you know Cole, you're hot. I like you, and I mean really like you. A lot. And I really like these panty droppers. Why don't you and I get out of here and maybe I can drop my..." He's also determined, "I screwed up but don't think this is over yet, I'm not done and I won't stop until you're mine." Now if that doesn't get certain body parts going what does? I'd love to have Trey's story he was another fun character in the book.

  • P
    2019-03-06 22:31

    What did I just read? Such a weird book. I mean I know you have to expect some ridiculous situations in some books and just enjoy the story...... BUT OMG this story was so convoluted. I had to stop reading after this line "My muscles were defined; I saw muscles I didn’t know I had, wow" and after a week of training. A week. I had to leave the book alone and come back to read it later. This story was all over the place. I had to skim so much of it. Sam was eh ok. Cole...... again just ok, nothing really stood out for me about either character. She also "trusts him" after the week. When she's hated him that whole time. So that's another fun part.... Bleh. Only writing the review so I remember I read it and don't get suckered in to reading it again.

  • Vanita
    2019-02-24 18:36

    I just wasn't able to connect with any of the characters or the story. I found the story unbelievable and weak. I mean for someone with no background in fighting she (Samantha Montgomery) sure did bring Mr. Champion Cole Johnson down at their first meeting. There just wasn't anything there that indicated she was physically capable. Sure you can show potential but come on! Someone with plenty of training vs someone with little to none...surely it doesn't add up. That was just one of the many things that keep eating at me whilst I read and that's never a good thing. I want to be consumed by a book. I do not want to sit there trying to justify why something should make sense.

  • Madarra Starr
    2019-02-25 17:26

    Wow this book was very poorly written. There wasn't much character development and the story was incomplete. When you write about a sport you should research it not just assume you know how it works. Like fighting for instance you don't just train for one day and then go fight that's not how it works. Fighting takes vigorous training and experience. You also don't go party and drink before of after a fight. I'm a big UFC fan so I know quite a bit about it and this book was definitely lacking.

  • Lyrico
    2019-02-23 19:41

    It has its moments but overall story is implausible. It's hard to believe she didn't leave her father after the abuse. She could've stayed with her stepmother or Marsh. And it's quite unbelievable that her father became abusive so sudden.

  • Khanique McDaniel
    2019-02-28 19:32

    Let me start off by saying awesome cover! Loved the dimensions an positions of the cover models. Girl got attitude in that pose and I could see a Cole Johnson in the pose of the guy.Now, let's get into the meat of the matter that is this story. It was all wrong! It wasn't a terrible story, but it was all wrong. I never believe the love affairs of this novel. Marsh was great so ... what the hell happened there. Cole was willing ... so why the hold up? See the pattern here? -_- They were unbelievable because of the bipolar behavior of one Samantha aka Sam. Before she even has the wind and sails being beaten out of her, she was always a little crazy and on the fence if you ask me.She makes these crazy split second decisions that have me saying ... "Whoa!! Where did that come from?" To be honest, most of this novel was built this way. I was thrown for a loop so many times. I was confused and not at all following the bandwagon.I can't understand her strength or even what kind of fights they were having. She is a timid little thing whose head is up in the clouds, and what has she been doing from 18 to 21? Because it's not school, so what else? There are so many missing chunks in all the characters lives, and their reveals are so lackluster that when they are finally revealed, I'm not as moved as I should be.Anyhoo, Bouncing back to her frail and tiny wrist (that she points out), I can't understand her background training, as it is impossible for her to be fresh off the street, and in two weeks time wiping the floor with even guys, and making a name for herself in the fighting world... yup! queue unbelievable music! Where are they fighting ... Disney Land?? o.OFoundation was needed. While we got some summaries, I just couldn't fathom some of the overnight developments. If she had the basics down, why was she getting beat? Furthermore, what was with her final decision in this novel, and will she ever go to school or find a job? Better yet, where are the other members of this gym and how do they upkeep the place if they are all there is? o.O ... I hope you are seeing my point here, as this all seems like fantasy land to me. Plus I have no clue how these fights are brokered or assembled, heck! not even the characters knew. Are names picked from a cracker jack box?! Help me out here!Sam is selfish. And that is the crux of the matter. She seems to have this goddess complex that everyone seems to allow her to have, except for Marsh, who just gave up on the chase. Don't wanna be a wench here, but why must people always be running this chick down?!Manly men were few in this novel. They were either a blubbering mess, or so mushy that I began wondering if they wore panties and had a menstrual cycle. I swear the women in this novel were tougher than the men. I'm not sure if it's the feminist in Ms. Johnson, or sheer coincidence, but get these guys need some balls!!The sporadic bouts of fits that Sam threw also got on my nerves constantly! I don't know why Cole bother nor why she kept behaving this way. Seeing as how this book was from a dual POV, we have a good estimate as to what's going on in both their brains, and as such, what played out, was just as I said in the beginning ... wrong! Cole was like those love sick ... 'why-can't-you-love-me-instead' guys from the novels we read. C'mon dude! Grow a pair and act like a man and get control of this broad! ... I usually don't speak like this, or need men to act like this, but Sam needed a manly man (even she said so). By the end of this book, I still didn't see one or understand the numerous amount of breaks that were taken throughout this novel.With that being said though. It is bearable. It's not a bad cast, just an annoying female heroine with a goddess complex, and we get to see her life randomly fall apart for a couple of months, as she up her Queen of Sheba level around a guy, who needs an identity, as a love sick puppy or a hardcore fighter in love. You can't be both!If I can put the personality traits of the characters out of mind, and get some sensible direction from this novel, I could love it. I had my moments when I was intrigued, but I also couldn't stand the breaks and unnecessary fights. It's like the whole story line was one big fight. I just wanted it to all come together.It's not be the best fighter story out there, but the characters are fine enough. Still, it's nothing to write home about.

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-03-08 17:40

    Reviewed by Whit@Shooting Stars ReviewsOne Of The Guys is about Sam having some major changes happen in her life. After he father completely changes and hurts her, she decides to learn how to fight. At the gym she immediately locks eyes with the handsome Cole. He is also a fighter at the gym, and is instantly captivated by her. These two go head to head as soon as they meet and sparks fly.I liked the fact that Sam was a girl who was learning how to fight. That is what drew me to the story in the first place. However, I didn't really like Sam. Some of the choices she made drove me nuts, and had me confused. Also some of the things she does with Marsh her ex frustrated me as well. I however did like the rest of the characters. Cole was so sweet, and just wanted to be there for Sam. I felt bad for him sometimes, Sam didn't treat him very well in my opinion. Over all I will say I didn't really like the book. I just wasn't for me. I didn't like Sam at all and that made it hard to enjoy the rest of the book. And another thing that ha me majority confused during the book was how the sense of time was portrayed. At the beginning of the book on chapter one it says "two months earlier"Then in chapter two it says "present." But the "present" part actually happens before Chapter Ones "two months earlier." And there where a few more instances like this where something happened two days before but the character say it happened th night before. That drove nuts and had me majority confused at the beginning. Other than that the girl fighting part was awesome. But I was disappointed with the rest of it.

  • Diane
    2019-03-21 16:40

    The story was good. It was a bit confusing as the book started with 2 months before telling and then went with present time but that was not correct. The 2 months actually fell after the present section. I know that sounds confusing but I cannot really explain without giving away the story. I will say that it is like if I started a story with 2 months before.....I was fighting with Dillon and he and I broke up then I switch to present time and I am with Dillon and the part were we break up comes within the present time not two months before. Hope that helped. There were typos and grammatical errors but I still liked the story line. I have seen some harsh reviews for this book but in my opinion it was a good story. Samantha is a girl who grew up under the impression all was peachy in her life. She is 21 and has been with her boyfriend Marsh since her freshman year in high school. Circumstances change and Sam finds herself on her own and needing some self-defense. She goes into a gym looking for some assistance and she finds a group of people who want to help her. Cole gets to her but Sam is hiding secrets. She has to decide whether to trust or run. As in all books this one may not fit everyone.

  • Patrycja
    2019-03-12 16:30

    It's sounds awesome! I need a book with kick ass heroine, alpha male and sexual tension! I hope this book has all three. Samantha (Sam) Montgomery's life changed in an instant. One minute you think you know someone and the next they are a stranger. When forced to make a decision, she ended up alone. All. Alone.One step inside a gym was all it took. It was all she needed to get her on her feet. An escape in the ring. She was more determined than ever to move on, to forget her home life, to forget the guy she left behind. Until she saw those blue eyes.Cole Johnson wants nothing more than to spend his time training and dominating in the ring. It's what he's good at. It's what he does. He has no desire to be entangled in a relationship. But one look at Sam and he's gone.Walls will be broken down, trust will be earned and love just may conquer. Or is she just One Of The Guys?

  • Tereza
    2019-03-22 17:32

    The story was good. I enjoyed the chemistry between Cole and Sam. The supporting cast brought a lot of interesting and funny situations in the story. I think the author could have spent a lot more time on developing Samantha's character then her relationship with Marsh. I think too much time was spent on their relationship. We have no idea what Sam's life pre-Cole was. Did she attend school, where are her friends why is she not working, what was she planning to do with the rest of her life with Marsh. Even at the end of the book you are still left wondering what she will do with the rest of her life???It was a good read!

  • SavageGrace
    2019-03-09 22:26

    I would actually love to know what happened to Marsh and Adryian. I did actually like Marsh, despite him being such a fool and not fighting for Sam like he should have. What annoyed me though is him being dumb enough to love a girl who is such a blatant opportunist, manipulator and most likely a gold-digger. Asking him out so quick, moving in in no time and then - surprise, surprise! - a pregnancy "scare"? How obvious does one have to be? What an idiot you are, Marsh! LOL Would love to see the girl dumped and Marsh groveling to Sam - but her setting him up with someone deserving... and I don't think Adryian the Annoying is it.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-06 16:43

    Could have been so much better. The author had no concept of a timeline. The pregnancy was only about 4 months, start to finish. The breakup with boy #1 was sloppy, childish and after two weeks he was with another. He was going to propose. I guess she really wasn't the one. And the fighting? Bullshit. She walks into a gym, never having thrown a punch, and she is put into a fight with a experienced fighter in a week. Oh and she wins a fight against a man as well, after a few months of training. It could have been a contender. Instead, don't pay for it.

  • Gabriella
    2019-03-15 23:47

    The blurb got me pretty excited. I liked the fact that Sam was a girl who was learning how to fight. That is what drew me to the story in the first place.There wasn't much character development and the story was incomplete. I wasn't able to connect with any of the characters or the story.It's not be the best fighter story out there, but the characters are fine enough I think the author could have spent a lot more time on developing Samantha's character then her relationship with Marsh.That's it for now...

  • Genney Blass
    2019-03-20 16:35

    3 stars. Okay, first what the F....., did I just read. This book had more what, really, dayum, wow. Wait, huh. Babygirl needed to get her knots lose, but she just was still a child in a woman's body who still didn't know what she wanted. I did have to finish the story, because what she put that sexy MMA Fighter Cole through, I said ENOUGH with the BS. She was wrong from the stupid speech she told him, WTF! How dare her call her ex and not Cole like I said, a very f-in confused story. Again I apologize to the author and the reviewers if I have offended anyone with my review.

  • P
    2019-03-11 16:24

    I thank the author for an original story line and the attempt to incorporate a strong heroine and an mma story. With that being said, I agree with some of the other reviews that point out that more tweaking could improve the story. It did seem a little fast for her to be a mma power fighter within only a few short weeks. And some other parts of the plot didn't seem very realistic either. A little forced. It also feels like the book just ends with no real purpose.

    2019-03-01 18:40

    This book was just ok the writing style was very confusing at times and very repetitive I did like cole and his sister Rocky and trey good characters but Sam drove me nuts broke up with lovely boyfriend for something silly and then moved on to cole and started doing stupid stuff with him it was beyond annoying but the supporting characters kept me reading in the end they got there HEA I just wasn't that invested

  • Tracy Lundy-Munn
    2019-03-26 23:42

    You know it's a great book when a girl kicks a guys ass in the ring;)). Loved the storyline and thought the book was very well written. The characters were AMAZING and you instantly fell in love with them!! Loved that this was one book with no cliffhangers and additional books. This book just had a happy ending!!!

  • Priya
    2019-02-26 15:28

    I am on ch. 6 and so far the writing is very amateurish. The subpar writing makes it very hard to connect with the characters (ex. It's hard to like/connect with a character who's 21 years old but acts like she's 16). I may pick it back up in the future, just to see where the story heads, but for now I'm putting it down.

  • Hijinee Martinez
    2019-03-14 23:41

    omg...i loved this book...i wish there were more books with women also doing the fighting...i like when us girls kick some ass too...not only the guys...i hope another one comes out...this was amazing...and i feel like their story isnt done yet...

  • NatLuvsBooks
    2019-03-19 17:24

    It had a promising storyline but it didn't develop the right way. A little more tweaking and the book could be great.

  • Tia
    2019-02-23 21:23

    I've never heard of Ashley Johnson before this novel and I'm really glad I have now. The novel was great, almost perfect for sure. I will definitely be getting a hold of her other novels.

  • Vaeza
    2019-03-07 18:46

    only got to 15%. back story way to long.

  • Jessica Donaldson
    2019-03-13 20:36

    Too all over the place. Could have a better ending, but it isn't that bad of a book

  • Sherrie
    2019-02-24 17:34

    loved this book cant wait to read more x

  • Karen
    2019-03-26 19:43

    Absolutely loved this book!! Cole is OMG hot and Sam is sexy as hell!!! I absolutely recommend this book to everyone! the best part is no cliffhanger!

  • Vasya
    2019-03-18 23:36

    Full of mistakes and not entirely coherent either. Dnf for me.