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The Little Red Book of Romance brings together all the early writings of author T.H. Dillon in one convenient volume, plus an entirely NEW short-story exclusive to this book! Complete with introductions from Thomas himself, each story now comes to you in a newly revised and updated format. Included are all eight of Thomas Hunter Dillon’s works from The Little Purple Book oThe Little Red Book of Romance brings together all the early writings of author T.H. Dillon in one convenient volume, plus an entirely NEW short-story exclusive to this book! Complete with introductions from Thomas himself, each story now comes to you in a newly revised and updated format. Included are all eight of Thomas Hunter Dillon’s works from The Little Purple Book of Passions, and all four of his works from The Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions. The Little Red Book of Romance brings you an array of sexy and sensual offerings from the erotic and daring, to the paranormal and bold. These are the unique stylings that launched the career of Thomas Hunter Dillon....

Title : The Little Red Book of Romance
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ISBN : 9781490338958
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 286 Pages
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The Little Red Book of Romance Reviews

  • N. Kuhn
    2019-05-23 17:57

    This is an erotic little book. Though most of the stories aren't very romantic, they certainly are sexy. There were a one or two that I felt didn't flow with the book, but the rest were extremely enjoyable! The author takes fantasies that a lot of people talk about, think about, dream about, and made some intriguing stories! Pizza delivery men who meet a desperate lonely customer. Movers thrown together with horny divorcee's and a fan getting her way with their favorite author! This is certainly a sexy little book to get you through an evening!

  • Alisha Stevens
    2019-06-08 14:23

    Having read both of the other Little Books, I really enjoyed this. The intro to each story gave an insight into the author's thoughts behind each story and is not something you always get to experience. By far my favorite of all The Little Books. Can't wait to see author has in store for us next!!

  • Libby Cercasa
    2019-05-17 10:13

    First let me say that this is one of the best, if not the best, collection of short stories that I have ever read. I bought it and read it straight away - couldn't put it down. Yes I have read Mr Dillon’s other books The Little Purple Book of Passions and The Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions and enjoyed them, and yes those stories that were his contributions are included in this book, but I certainly didn’t mind rereading them, plus the bonus story. The combining of the two genres seem to complement each other in a very satisfying way. Oh there might have been a couple of little hiccups but they certainly didn’t affect the enjoyment I received reading the book. It’s definitely a book I will reread many times in the future and I don’t do that often.I especially love the introductions to each story. They give the reader an insight to the thoughts behind each; giving you a greater understanding and appreciation of them.I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the stories but especially “Hysteria”. That, to me, showed everything a writer strives for; raw emotion and expression, and yes I would agree with Mr Dillon’s likening it to poetry. It truly was poetic - I loved it! I still have the goose bumps to prove it.You really must read this. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Mr Dillon writes “…writing is art…and art is free to take any shape or form that it chooses.” And that is what this book is…a work of art!I think you just made it to my favourite authors list Mr Dillon – well done!

  • Emilie E. Faye
    2019-06-05 13:22

    Little Red Book of Romance is a collection of short stories ranging from erotica to a dark trip into heartbreak. The author has taken his half of the stories from Little Purple Book of Passions and Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions and combined them in a single volume with an all-new story meant just for his fans. Another new addition to this volume is the author’s introduction that not only prepares you for each story, but also connects you to the author’s thoughts and feelings behind them.There are some minor errors in the later stories and a bit of awkward conversation* which slowed me down a bit while reading, but otherwise, each story flowed well from beginning to end. (*Characters constantly calling each other by name while conversing when there isn’t much reason for them to have to clarify who it is they are talking to.)I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotica or romance, whether it be paranormal or not. There is a story inside for literally everyone.Overall, the book was good and several of the stories were pretty steamy. I do recommend this be read one short story at a time to truly enjoy the book itself. Mr. Dillon has a lot of potential in writing erotica and romance that shows through in his work. I feel he has quite a long future in this genre and that there is very little he could not accomplish in writing if he was determined.

  • Eva Lee
    2019-05-22 16:04

    Thomas Hunter Dillon is an author who literally takes you by your hand, wraps you in his arms and reads to you personally. Okay, maybe not in his arms, but pretty damn close! His stories range from the highly sensual and HOT to simply romantic. They all have a flavor of their own. May it be paranormal with an erotic twist or your everyday daydream that I for one--wouldn't mind living out! Mr. Dillon has a very unique style of writing that holds you captive until you're finished with that particular story or in my case...THE WHOLE BOOK!I've read many erotica and paranormal authors and I must say; this author is one to watch for. I can't express enough how this new author captures your imagination--leaving you craving more. He has included a story aptly titled FANtasy in which one of his fans shared with him. What author is that thoughtful and generous and creative? Thomas Hunter Dillon, that's who! *sigh*Do yourself a favor, give this author a read! I will not regret it...not in the morning, or later that day...especially later that night all cozy the bed trying to sleep, but instead you pick this little hot book up...

  • Vikki
    2019-05-30 10:00

    This is the first book I've read by T.H. Dillon and I was impressed. LRBR is a book of short hot stories but what I really enjoyed was the narration by T.H. before the stories. I loved that. I love to read about how authors come up with ideas for their stories. Next thing That I thought was amazing was how easily the words flowed through the pages. Easy to read and well written. LRBR has romance, erotic romance (done right) and paranormal romance which leads me to my favorite short story from LRBR. What Haunt's Her. Being a paranormal romance junkie, I was intrigued by this story. Holly a young single mom has the ability to see the future but can't quite figure her ability out at first. All she knows is she has dreams (premonition)of things to come in the future. James her now boyfriend helps Holly read through her dream journals and they discover together that all of her dreams she has written in her journal have come true. But, Holly isn't the only one with abilities. LRBR is a great read and you will definitely be entertained. I was:)

  • Butterflies, Books & Dreams
    2019-05-31 12:13

    I've got to start off by saying WOW!!! If I could give this book 9 stars I would. When I had read the original stories in LPBP, I was impressed by few, but not all. Now I see as to why. There was a major writing style difference between the two authors. I now know who I favored in LPBP & glad to see the two authors venture out in their separate ways...I wish nothing but the best for both...I had not read LBBPP only because I was afraid of being disappointed with some the of the stories as I was in LPBP...I must say, I LOVE the stories in LRBR...Each and EVERY one of them...This author has outdone himself on this one...From the cover, to the edits, to the writing style...Thomas Hunter Dillon has grown since the release of his first book...I love how the introductions were added to these stories, giving a little insight behind each one...MY favorite story is the title 'FANtasy'. (Thanks Thomas, I will now be investing in a whirlpool.)As always, Thank You for the amazing stories! ♥

  • Anne Conley
    2019-06-16 15:56

    This book was not what I expected at all. I was under the impression it would be erotica, and some of it was, but not the majority of it. It was a collection of short stories that span genres, including paranormal and erotica, each with an introduction from the author. It was a good book, but my favorites were by far the paranormal, even though the author explains that he believes paranormal to be a weakness of his. I enjoyed his treatments of the genre, in that they were real-life paranormal, if that makes sense, although one scene in DWOD seemed a little forced to me. Almost everybody has had weird, unexplainable experiences, and that's what the author wrote about. Mr. Dillon is creative and has a sense of humor with his stories, most involving an unpredictable twist at the end. I would really like to see him take a couple of the stories and develop them into full-length novels. Personally, I think they could be great.

  • Starla
    2019-06-14 12:11

    This is the first book I have read by T. H. Dillon, and Oooh, man! I couldn't get through the Your Present in the beginning without fanning myself. He definitely knows how to make a woman melt! My favorite story is the first one in the book, Therapy, such a tease!!! I recommend this to any woman who loves erotica reads! I could go on and on about this book, but I'll leave it up to your imagination! Pick up this book and read it! Definitely make sure no one is around!

  • Scott & Tiffany
    2019-05-20 15:56

    WOW!!!!!! I can say that I really have never read any Romance novels written by men. All the one that I read are by women and please let me say I WAS IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! From the first story he had me on my toes all the way to the very end. I will be reading any other book's from him and CAN'T wait till his next book! Anyone if your looking for a great read THIS IS IT!

  • Jen
    2019-05-25 17:08

    I really enjoyed the stories. My favorite part is how personal Mr Dillon makes them before each story. When you read them you feel more envolved than a normal story. And boy are they HOT. I think the author did a great job even when he didn't have the experience in paranormal. If I need a good hot erotic, story I know which book to go to!!! Definitely a must have book!!!

  • Denise
    2019-05-26 11:15

    I didn't read the previous books the stories were in so I got to read them for the first time. Loved every one of them! I have no patience for waiting so I started in the first 30 seconds of getting it, but I loved it!I liked the thought behind the story before beginning each one. I will be re-reading this one over and over!

  • Stefanie
    2019-06-09 12:24

    I read through these stories not totally sure what to expect. I enjoyed most of the stories. I was not able to read the Christmas one though because I can't stand when body parts are refered to as foods or whatever. It just has me laugh and is not sexy in the slightest. I absolutely loved the author's intro to each story they offered a wonderful input into the story.

  • Anny hernandez
    2019-06-05 12:03

    this is the first book I read about author Thomas hunter Dillon and what can I say I love it from the beginning to the end this book had me blushing love the way this book is with the different short story love it love it cant wait to read more from this author I recommended for u to read it and enjoy it as much as I did author Thomas hunter Dillon did a great job with this book

  • Tabitha Willbanks
    2019-05-17 13:16

    I loved this collection of short stories. The author introductions were unique and set the mood for each story. I would highly recommend LRBOR to anyone. It's the perfect mix of generas, and has something that everyone can enjoy.

  • Heidi Van BookAddict
    2019-05-20 15:59

    Again, I'm not usually a fan of short stories but liked most of these and wished they were longer. There was only 1 out of the bunch that I couldn't finish. Can't wait to see what else TH has in store for us readers.

  • Nola Arganbright
    2019-06-03 11:01

    A wonderful collection of Romantic short stories. The author begins each story with his thoughts and feelings on the story. I felt cherished in "The Present" and important as a reader in "FANtasy". Stories that range from Erotic to Paranormal. Come and enjoy the warmth and fun.

  • Heidi
    2019-06-01 10:01

    Again, I'm not usually a fan of short stories but liked most of these and wished they were longer. There was only 1 out of the bunch that I couldn't finish. Can't wait to see what else TH has in store for us readers.

  • Mark
    2019-05-18 18:16

    I got this when it was being offered for free sometime ago and despite this not being the type of book I usually prefer reading, The Little Red Book of Romance was enjoyable, well written and descriptive and took just a little while to get through.

  • Maryann Hawkins
    2019-06-08 17:18

    not bad was interesting to read romance from a male point of view

  • Heather Collier
    2019-06-07 14:20

    I really liked reading this collection of short stories and I have recommended it to several people :)

  • Missy
    2019-05-31 15:17

    Oh my Good God! SQUEEEEEE Y'all need to give me a minute to calm oh my.....hubba hubba hubba.Hot and sexy quickie stories, sure to make ya moist down under! ;) 5 Rock Hard Stars

  • Tanya Conaway
    2019-06-08 18:01

    i absolutely loved this book the short stories are fantastic Thomas hunter Dillon really does an outstanding job giving us the male prospective in his writing can't wait for the next one!