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Five men.One harem.Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males are growing on him and the king is having a hard time picking just one.WFive men.One harem.Drayton Starberg takes his ship to the planet Falla Bray to join a harem in hopes of scoring money to fix up his old space ship. He has to compete with four other human like species to please the king and be chosen to use his DNA for the new heir. Problem is, each of the other males are growing on him and the king is having a hard time picking just one.Who will be the king’s handsome hero?Be Warned: menage sex (MMMMMM), BDSM, rimming, m/m sex, orgies...

Title : handsome hero wanted
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ISBN : 17973209
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 63 Pages
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handsome hero wanted Reviews

  • Ingela
    2019-07-03 13:37

    4 Smut Stars - amazingly cute and fun peppered with filthy steam in 60 pages Maybe this is the dirtiest little story I've ever read ( far). With rosy cheeks and big-eyed surprise (and interest), I couldn't help but be charmed by this sweet story. There were tons of sex, filth, hard w@@ds and it happened everywhere, with everyone and in every possible way. Oh.My.God, my entry and decay in the romantic erotica filth is now permanently - because this was so much fun.It starts like this:‘Handsome hero wanted.Brave in the face of certain danger.Must be willing to get naked with other species.At least six-inch penis required.Fee is's an ordinary day and the human from Earth, the space guy Drayton Starberg, see this temting ad on the screen. Because he knows that he meets all the requirements and also really need some money to repair his own old space ship, he immediately changes the journey to the planet Falla Bray. Falla Bray is the blue planet with pink rivers and colorful forests and those beautiful humanoid inhabitants with light blue skin and blond hair. A unique small planet with only males (‘ nagging women trying to turn them straight.”) and a handsome seven foot tall king, Ranix Ellion Vutta Bray (yes, that's his simple royal name...).The virile and sexy King wants to have a select number of ("hard") males, who meet all the requirements, in his own royal Harem for five days. One of them will then be selected, rewarded extra and that guys DNA will be used to create a new prince in the kingdom Falla Bray. The lucky Drayton is one of five chosen, the only human among four other "hungry" and very h@rny (...ever and always) space inhabitants. One even has two...(view spoiler)[ dicks and four balls!!! (hide spoiler)] and another one has a very slick and useful tail with a very special end.~ Let your imagination run wild ~ This is senseless fun and it's an orgy in male steam, (view spoiler)[licking, sucking, ménage, kink, (hide spoiler)] big desire and lust... But it is also so charming, amusing cute and finally also tender and nicely sweet with a beautiful end to the story. I must wholeheartedly admit that this erotic tale is also pleasurable written and told. All with that wonderful sense of humor and a flirty fun tone. Just perfect for an "inexperienced" M/M erotica readers like me ( any case, when it comes to ménage and orgy-like hot situations). I was stunned and quite embarrassed - but giggled all the time. Glad I dared - THANKS dear Ann (her review) who "lured" me into this depravity.I LIKE - irresistibly cheeky and fun! ~~~~~~~Many book covers amazes me. This story could, for example, had one of those sometimes slightly more corny painted book covers we so often see on M/M books. Or some unclothed colorful men and perhaps a tail bearing sci-fi guy entwined around each other. It would have fitted in so well and given us a hint of the book's contents. But no, this time we get instead a pretty okay cover that in itself is quite nice but far too serious for this funny “filth party”.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Breann
    2019-06-20 06:20

    This was absurdly entertaining. There were tails, a rainbow cock, an alien species with TWO dicks and FOUR balls… let that sit for a minute… okay, a man of feline nature, one who is canine and a king with salty, cinnamon cum. Not to mention all the weeping, oozing and leaking cocks. Dick and cum for everyone!Don’t let my 4 stars fool you. This is strictly PWP. Those stars are purely for the entertainment value of Handsome Hero Wanted. Check out our zany chat of HHW where we talk mpreg, which character Jake Bass would play, and the practicalities of multi-penis beings!

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-07-06 10:35

    A Hearts On Fire Review THREE & A HALF STARS--"Handsome hero wanted. Brave in the face of certain danger. Must be willing to get naked with other species. At least six-inch penis required. Fee is negotiable."Are you man enough to answer the ad? Space captain Drayton was.James Cox's "Handsome Hero Wanted" is a fun short story about a space ship captain who needs some money to fix his ship and he answers the above ad to get some. It seems simple enough but what human Drayton finds out is that he is required to be a part of an alien king's harem for one week. He and some pretty cool alien types are selected to fulfill the Falla Bray king on his home planet.And there were some cool alien species introduced. The planet of Falla Bray was interesting enough but some of the species. Here's a sample of the five different aliens introduced: Dusk is a giant alien with double cocks. That's right, two! Side by side! With two sets of balls. Say what? *stares* I know!Or the Falla Bray king Ranix whose semen tastes like salty cinnamon. *blinks* *gasps*And Ashthor, the chameleon alien with the color-changing, sparkly cock and tail that can be a penis substitute. That's right, I'm saying there was more than one tail sex scene, folks! And what's even cooler was the color changing penis...imagine the possibilities!If you read this blurb, it's an orgy of six, hot, virile men. Some with special dick powers and moves. This could be classified as a long one-off, literary porn, if you will. But there's some substance and a cute story to go along with the cock buffet train. The week long stay is a Survivor-like contest of sorts where each harem participant must obey the king's sexual requests. (sometimes there's even extra help: hint-a group jerk off) Orgiastic, light fun with a lot of naked men and their erections to found in this story, lots of stiff pricks and streams of cum.Forget this story ending with a happy ever after (it does), it ended COCKS ever after! ;)

  • Natasha
    2019-07-19 13:10

    I stamp this book with an A+ for dick varietyWho knew rainbow dicks were so appealing?Spoilers.This was read as part of our monthly book read over at Boy Meets Boy Reviews (check us out, seriously). I’m honestly always a little skeptical of short stories that are sci-fi/fantasy. Often enough, I’m not given enough information to really form a good idea of what the universe is like. Alas, this was not the case for HHW for me.I’m impressed JC was able to create a well thought-out universe and display it in an engaging and easily understood way, in such a short amount of pages. Seriously, I tip my hat at you. I had a fantastic understanding of what’s going on, and relatively how shit goes down in said universe. I’d definitely read another book based in this world and probably enjoy the shit outta it.Drayton. Our (maybe) handsome hero. What’s not to like about him? He’s pretty much the gay, slutty version of Han Solo and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?This guy honestly has sperm for days. Days I tell ya! Maybe this is some sort of...adaptation that mankind has undergone and that’s why he can jizz buckets. I dunno. And it’s not just him (but mostly him) and I feel like if any of the other guys came this much I’d just be like, “Oh, it’s because they’re aliens. Whatever.”So Falla Bray is a planet inhabited by all men. All giant, blue, also super horny men. Men that like to touch and jerk and lick and fuck, assumbly. So obviously this planet meets our heroes needs quite well. The king guy is trying to find a mate so make eggies with, so he has these 5 hot dudes come over and have orgies and then he’ll decide who he likes (I should take a lesson from this book before I get married).Let’s go through the characters and how much I liked them based on my own personal bias, shall we?Drayton : A human jizz fountain : C+Ashtor : Rainbow dick : ADusk : Gentle giant with two dicks : BLavender : Sassy feline twink : A+Laydon : Meanie puppy brute : B+Final notes. Please, JC, write another story about Lavender. I’m quite in love with him (sure, throw Laydon in there too) and I can’t sleep at night not knowing more about him. He was perfect.I thought the writing was very good, and I liked the plot. I personally thought this book had a plot, and the plot was lots and lots of sex. I have to rate this book based on what it is.This book was a bunch of sexy alien dudes fucking each other, and you know what? I appreciate that. I sure do. This was great, and I’d probably read it again. Totally enjoyable and sexy read. Also thanks for Lavender.This book was reviewed by myself and a lot of other frickin' sweet people over at our blog. Go check our chat about the book or other reviews at:

  • Ann
    2019-06-22 12:18

    This books has a couple of the best lines in a book ever - 1. "It was time to see exactly what he needed a big penis for."2. "And here they were without any weapons, well, anything other that their hard dicks."Seriously, how awesome is that?I've discovered that after recently reading some seriously heavy books full of angst and drama, Handsome Hero Wanted is a necessity. It's alien erotica at it's finest and embraces all the lovely things handsome heroes can do. Deliciously filthy and very entertaining!**Just finished this one again for Pamela Su's buddy read (YAY Pamela Su) and it was just as much fun this time around. Handsome Heroes for Everyone!!!

  • Justin
    2019-07-13 07:16

    3.5 starsThis was.......entertaining. And maybe a little disturbing.It's PWP at its finest and ended with a HFN for all the men creatures species participants involved.

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-07-20 07:15

    OK, I gotta admit, that was pretty damned entertaining. Total and complete PWP but entertaining nonetheless.

  • Lori
    2019-06-24 06:32

    What can I say about Handsome Hero Wanted? Well, it was a shock to the system, that's for sure. I have a tendency to read books without necessarily looking at the blurb - not all the time, but if I people are talking about a book, I will read it without knowing the foggiest about it. Handsome Hero Wanted was suggested as the first book up for group discussion on the (coming soon) Boy Meets Boy blog. I blithely agreed and even though it was mentioned it was PWP, I had no idea what this meant (porn without plot apparently, for you other uninitiated souls) so my expectations were...well I don't really know what they were, but they weren't expecting what I got.Now sweet, funny, emotional, lots of love, kinda books are the kind I like - you know friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, lovers to lovers - just love really, so PWP it's fair to say is not so much my bag. That doesn't mean however, that this book was not a fun read - it was, you just have to be in the right mindset for it.I'm not going to give the story outline - that's for blurbs (if you read 'em) but basically all you need to know is it has cocks, lots of cocks (in a variety of shapes & colours that are usually unseen outside of an Ann Summers party), and sex, LOTS of sex. If you like these things in your books dear reader, then go forth and read, cos you'll have fun. If you're looking for feels - stay the hell away. If you want cinnamon flavoured cum - read. You want an HEA - stay away. You want pre-cum dripping everywhere - read, you want heart thumping, soul tingling love - stay away. Got it?So I rated it 3 because it isn't my type of book - however it is well written, it is fun and the penile variety alone deserves lots of stars.See what the rest of the Unicorn Mafia thought when we discuss HHW at at Boy Meets Boy Reviews:

  • Angela
    2019-07-17 13:17

    3.5 m/m/m/m/m/m starsBR with the lovely Kat Wants To Be A Glitter Pirate, my cohort in crime in 'weird shit' reads, and gif finder extraordinaire!I need to start off by saying, I don't normally enjoy sci-fi stories. And I can count on one hand the number of books with aliens in them I've read. But Natasha and her 'Boy Meets Boy Reviews" peeps were expounding on their enjoyment of this one, and piqued my interest, so I decided to give it a try. And I dragged Kat with me because she's my 'Mikey', and will try!Turns out, I actually liked it! Big, fanged, blonde-haired, smurf-blue aliens, and all! Kat's review says it perfectly: "ridiculous, but very entertaining".So if you're in the mood for something unexpected and weird, yet fun, you might consider giving this one a try. I know I'm glad I did!

  • Shelby
    2019-07-09 13:36

    Ridiculous silliness but yet I liked it. Straight up PWP, but heck it’s a harem of 5 hot guys all having sex together…I mean, what more can you expect. Drayton Starberg needs to be able to fix his ship. But he’s all out of money and no possibilities on the horizon. He’s got one last resort, answer a want ad asking for men with big dicks to come and join a king’s harem. It’s only a short engagement with a bonus if chosen to be the father to the king’s heir. Heck, why not, what can it hurt he’s always been attracted to men anyway. The paycheck is certainly worth it and a fair bit of sex isn’t anything to sneeze at. Five hot men of various types all left in a room together…well yum right!Let’s list of the craziness shall we...We have our lovely human sexiness personified specimen and then…-- One horny cat alien who is fighting/fucking tooth and nail with…-- One horny wolf alien who apparently likes his kitties just fine.-- One chameleon type alien who not only can become invisible, but has a rainbow colored dick and a tail often mistaken for a second penis…-- (And if the possibility of 2 penis’ isn’t enough) One STUDMO alien with 2 dicks and 4 balls, an apparent case of double your pleasure, double your fun…And last but not least, the leader of our harem of men, our blue god of an alien king with cinnamon flavored cum!*Let the giddy bouncing ensue!* I just had to giggle throughout this whole book. It’s just plain absurd, but in a way that leaves you going yep, don’t know why, but I’m in my happy place. :D I mean rainbow colored penis’! Who isn’t going to giggle at that?There’s no real plot or character development to speak of, but heck in the end everyone goes home happy. And I’m sure with the best sexual exploits tale to tell ever in the history of mankind. And Drayton may even end up with a bonus at the end of it all. You’ll just have to read to find out. ;)If you’re in the mood for some absurd sexy time shenanigans than pick up this book. But please, don’t expect any sort of serious attempts at great literature. This is entertainment pure and simple. 3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 because it made me giggle.

  • Sunny
    2019-07-08 09:23

    I honestly did not know how to rate or review this book, but Breann captured my thoughts exactly.It's crazy, fun PWP.

  • Lena♥Ribka
    2019-07-07 06:35

    It is my second book of James Cox and I didn't like it at all.IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT I BADLY NEEDED SOMETHING DIRTY AND HOT.I don't know if it was because I don't like a ménage, well, I like actually well written threesomes, but if a number of participants exceeds my imaginable limit, it could have an an anti-aphrodisiac effect on me. EXACTLY THAT HAPPENED.Besides I didn't get into that multi-species porn.I know, reading that Falla Bray native, who had skin of the color of the earth sky I should have imagined something like this:But I couldn't delete this image from my head:No, I'm not prude and enjoy from time to time a fun PWP, but it was just not my kind of PWP.Strange that this novel was the cheapest of James Cox on Amazon! It is interesting to know HOW do they determine the pricing?!Could it be that they know that it is not the best one of James Cox?What for a sad coincidence(for me) to find out that my favourite books, aside from some fan fiction, are the most expensive!I will definitely read more of this author, I think I have just read his weakest work. So, I can sit back and relax while choosing my future next read of him.

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-07-09 13:13

    3.5 Stars!This was total PWP but it was HOTT and super entertaining! Think overly large tall but sexy smurf type guy...rainbow c*cks, 2 c*cks on one sexy ass male, feline, wolf, human, forked tongue and a tail with a penis looking appendage at the end of it. If you are looking for meaningful story lines and characters evolving etc... you won't find it here but you will be in for a treat!!

  • Alvin
    2019-07-13 09:33

    Creative and sexy as hell! The short was basically a world that every gay guy would want to go to. Lol! I was hard most of the time while reading it. Hahaha! I liiiked it! :D3.75 STARS

  • Britta ★ Nachteule ★
    2019-07-08 09:22

    What does the average king of a blue male-only alien-race do, if he's in the need of a heir? He sends out an ad into space like this:Handsome hero wanted.Brave in the face of certain danger.Must be willing to get naked with other species.At least six-inch penis required.Fee negotiable.Drayton Starberg, gay space-pilot, gets that ad and answers. After a week in the king's harem the king will decide who will be the father of his heir...If you're in the mood for some great PWP and you are openminded about colour-changing cocks, menages, aliens with tails and doubledicks. This is your book!P.S.: I think I shall check out some more books of this author.

  • Pamela Su
    2019-06-29 09:13

    Hilarious, utterly ridiculous and fantastically fun!I loved reading this! Every moment was made of pure awesomeness. A harem to end all harems.Also, our hero really needs a plumber for his continuous leaking.

  • Heather
    2019-06-25 05:30

    How in the world do you ever rate something like this. We all know that no one reads this for its intellectual plot lines. We read it for the rainbow penises and tail penises. We read it for the double manhood. We read it for the forked tongues. Oh. Last but not least the King Smurf and his cinnamon cum. I have to say I kinda had a what the heck moment at the end. So was not expecting that ending at all! WTH!!! Needless, totally worth the $1.99 at kobo with their 1/2 off sale. :P

  • Nico Jaye
    2019-06-29 08:08

    That was...interesting. o_O

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-06-28 09:30

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsDrayton is looking for a high paying job so he can fix his old space ship, traveling to Falla to try out for an unspecified job looks promising. He is slightly surprised about what the job entails but really needs the money, so he strips off hoping to be chosen for the harem of the Falla King. He has to compete with four other species to see who will be chosen to help produce an heir, but the attraction felt between all the men might make it difficult to follow the rules.Okay that was, wow, just let me catch my breath, damn that story was hot. Drayton needs money fast so he answers an ad, he ends up on Falla competing to be the one chosen, but getting to know the other members of the harem has him being less interested in winning the kings eye and more interested in one of his fellow competitors. This is a really hot story with multiple interesting characters, Drayton, Ranix (King), Lavender, Layden, Dusk and Ashthor, each male is unique and sexy and they all certainly burn up all the pages.This is a perfect book if you are looking for sci-fi flavoured erotica, steamy sex scenes and a hard-on on nearly every page. Drayton finds much more than he was looking for and I have to say he is a very lucky man, this is definitely the book to read if you want to overdose on hot sex.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-07-02 10:14

    ★★★☆☆½ Drayton answers an ad calling for "Handsome Hero Wanted" as he's on last nickel and his spaceship needs repairs. The king of an all-male planet needs the sperm to create a new baby prince and that's about the extent of the plot. This sexy read had five different aliens (view spoiler)[one with a double-dick! (hide spoiler)] (Drayton was the Earthling) competing to be chosen by sexy times with the king and each other and a few Fallas as well. A light, fluffy read.

  • Emily
    2019-06-24 06:32

    I'll just say to start, I'm not usually a big menage fan, especially when you add more than 3 people, as characters can get left out, issues arise, etc. That being said, I had to give this book a try, because I'm a huge sci-fi fan. And how can you not want to give the book a try once you read the blurb? But somewhere along the way, a book that I though was going to be so-so turned out to be way better.The setting was great, but the characters stole the show for me. I enjoyed getting to meet the king and all the men in the harem. To say they were colorful characters would be an understatement. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say, I can't wait to read the future books in the series to revisit these characters (cough *Lavender* cough). Now, pay attention to the warnings, because when it says orgies, James Cox delivers. Now, often too much sex can ruin a story or get boring, leading to me skipping sex scenes, but I didn't run into that problem much while reading. Sure, some scenes were a bit repetitive, but they actually did somewhat further the plot, leading to the twist ending I didn't expect when I started reading (not giving any spoilers away, so if you want to know, you'll have to read the book).All in all, this was a fun, light read that made me laugh and kept me entertained. If you're looking for something light and fluffy or if you're looking to get all hot and bothered, I would definitely recommend giving Handsome Hero Wanted a read.

  • Smith Barney
    2019-06-28 07:34

    Not one of Cox's better brain farts..(typed w/my utmost affection). But then again, I am undoubtedly tainted by my enjoyment of his Quietly into the Night and Heart of a Hero series. And so far..(in my self-important opinion) nothing else of his seems to be comparable to them (for me).♥.

  • Marte - Thunderella
    2019-07-03 11:09

    *** 3,5 blushing stars *** Warning, a spoilerish review!----------------------------------------------------"Name?" the voice purred to him."Captain Drayton Starberg."The Falla made a note on the screen. "Please remove your clothing so I may measure your penis."----------------------------------------------------Uhm.... okay!Sci-fi PWP, indeed! Oh gawd, I blushed all throughout this story. Yes! Me. ROFL!-------------------------------------------------------------- Handsome hero wanted. Brave in the face of danger. Must be willing to get naked with other species. As least six-inch penis required. Fee is negotiable.--------------------------------------------------------------Captain Drayton Starberg is answering an ad in the universial news column from the planet Falla Bray. The King there need some, uhm... help. Drayton is in dire need of some money otherwise his ship, his livelihood, his life will literally fall to pieces.Five men - one ad - one week.--------------------------------------------------------------It was time to see exactly what he needed a big penis for.~Drayton~--------------------------------------------------------------....or two penises....Now, that's like two for the price of one!Oh, did I mention this guy can turn himself invisible? Has a forked tongue? And a tail with a penis looking appendage at the end?--------------------------------------------"I am Asssthor." He stood. "I believe your kind would call me a chameleon and ... that is not a penis on the end of my tail that you're staring at, but it makes for great penetration."--------------------------------------------Cue... *blush* LOL!!....or one belonging to a feline-looking man with pointed ears and fangs.......or one belonging to wolf-ish man....Ah, the age old cat versus dog. LOLThis was all kinds of ridiculous, yet highly entertaining! God damn, these we one bunch of horny men. Stiffies and pre-come all over the place. They wear kilts as well (you know, easy access ;)It was a bit much of a good thing. But it was so over the top, that I couldn't help but fan myself, blush, laugh, sigh and enjoy it to the end. -------------------------------------------Damn but this was going to be the best adventure ever!~Drayton~-------------------------------------------The good things:- five very horny men- six-inch cocks- all kinds of good looking cocks- cinnamon flavored spunk (eh..yum?)- dirty, ranchy sex anywhere and with anyone (kind of)- fun and flirty tone - "Asssthor" and his tail- the King- the cock aura reading- illuminating tattoos when cuming- "normal" orgies and jerk off orgies - a shattered egg (Huuuh??!! What the...? ROFL!)- "a cockily ever after"The bad things:- five very horny men- six-inch cocks- all kinds of good looking cocks- cinnamon flavored spunk (eh..yum?)- dirty, ranchy sex anywhere and with anyone (kind of)- fun and flirty tone - "Asssthor" and his tail- the King- the cock aura reading- illuminating tattoos when cuming- "normal" orgies and jerk off orgies - a shattered egg (Huuuh??!! What the...? ROFL!)- "a cockily ever after"Yup, it all goes into the same good/bad category. All this in just 60 pages! :DDamn, this should have been a Frisky Friday read! Maybe the next ones, yes? :D

  • Elsbeth
    2019-07-10 11:13

    SciFi PWP… hmmmmm Enlightning!!This was one disturbing book!!On a planet Falla Bray is an ad posted in search for a “handsome hero” for delivering a heir for their planet. Handsome hero wanted. Brave in the face of certain danger. Must be willing to get naked with other species. At least six-inch penis required. Fee is negotiable. This is a planet with only men, so the insemination should be interesting.Five men are chosen to participate in the King’s harem. A very blue King!!!We’ve got:* Assshthora, a chameleon with also a long tail that ends in the shape of a penis that can do interesting “things”* Lavender, a feline* Layden, half wolf* Dusk, with two dicks* The MC, Drayton, our human boy from planet Earth.And then we get a big orgy-fest!!!(view spoiler)[HA, use your imagination!!(hide spoiler)]And one beautiful HEA for Drayton. Drayton going to the sunset with his beloved Dusk, our two-dicked man!!Drayton fell to his knees with a permanent smile on his face. Those beautiful erect shafts before his parted lips. “And that’s all that matters.”The End["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Bev
    2019-07-20 10:33

    My second read from James. This one's MC was Drayton Starberg, who responded to an advert showing on intergalactic TV. The advert read as follows:- Handsome hero wanted. Brave in the face of certain danger. Must be willing to get naked with other species. At least 6" penis required. Fee is negotiable. Drayton was pleased to say he met ALL the requirements of the ad. 4 stars from me for this very likeable, light hearted start to the series.Drayton flies to the planet of Falla Bray in his knackered spaceship, the money promised in the ad is obviously badly needed for repairs, and as he says 'It was time to see exactly what he needed a big penis for'. What he found on the planet was probably more than he bargained for - 'The streets were lined with barely clothed blue men. It was a gay man's paradise.' What he didn't expect was to enter a competition for a position in the King's harem, and to lose his heart to another of the competitors. I'll leave this one here, book 2 is already lined up on the kindle.

  • Shirley Williamson
    2019-06-22 12:20

    Absolutely love this series by James Cox! I started reading them a little backwards as this is book 1. He is one of the most entertaining writers I have ever had the privilege of reading. Drayton is a Captain of his own ship that is in need of repair and he is out of money so he answers an ad for a Handsome Hero. There are some unusual requirements but not terrible and when you need money, you need money. He lands on the planet Falla Bray. There he goes through a series of tests if you will to be one of the 5 men picked to become part of the King's harem and at the end of the week, be in the running to be picked as the Hero to father the King's heir. The harem consists of Drayton, Dusk, Ashtor, Lavender, and Layden. All from different planets, all with unique individual traits. There are rules that must be followed and lots good hot horny sex! I will not give away anymore spoilers but I will say keep a dry pair of panties around and Dusk pulled at my heart strings! James Cox has a true gift of turning you on and making you fall in love with his characters! BUY!

  • Petronella Ford
    2019-07-21 07:37

    Well if you like a bit of menage, non human and tail play then this is the book for you. I thought it was fantastic. It could have tipped over into sex with no plot but the author kept a cool head and this was one hot fun read. Off for a cold shower :-D

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-06-29 07:31

    Pretty much just multi-species porn but a good, hot read. All five harem men were sexy in their own ways but the double dicked Dusk won in my book.

  • Julio Genao
    2019-06-30 10:12

    thank you to ann for the birthday gift!

  • Serena Yates
    2019-06-27 11:35

    The need for money can make people do all kinds of things, and in this story, Drayton needs urgent repairs to his space ship, and he pretty much has no alternative but to respond to the strange ad. An ad asking him to join a king's harem on an all-male planet. The idea had me somewhere between intrigued and amused, but as the story unfolds and the full extent of the strange situation is revealed it quickly changed to amused and impressed with the heat generated by the five contenders in the harem.Drayton is an adventurer, pretty much his own man, and does not like following orders. He'll grit his teeth and do as he's told in this case, so he can get the money, but he isn’t comfortable. Nor does he like to stay planetside too long, he needs to go back to his ship. The temptation of the four other contenders keeps his attention for sure. Each comes from a different alien species and has wonderfully different male, um, characteristica, and much fun is had by all as they explore what each can do and in which different combinations they can pleasure each other.If you're looking for heartfelt declarations of love, or an intricate plot, this is not the book for you. However, if you like your stories on the erotic side of the spectrum, if you think you'd enjoy reading about six very different male specimens figuring out the best configurations for one orgy after another, and if you're looking for a read that is unabashedly trying to get you hot and bothered, then you will probably like this short story. . NOTE: This book was provided by Evernight Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.