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At a time when marriage equality has become a political and social hot topic, MOVING IN: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage is an expose on relationships and renovation. The story shows that, no matter same or opposite gender, there’s one in every couple who likes to make things look pretty and one who’ll walk across a newly cleaned kitchen floor in muddy shoes to see the resAt a time when marriage equality has become a political and social hot topic, MOVING IN: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage is an expose on relationships and renovation. The story shows that, no matter same or opposite gender, there’s one in every couple who likes to make things look pretty and one who’ll walk across a newly cleaned kitchen floor in muddy shoes to see the results. MOVING IN features the tale of Bruce and Scott’s freshman year of happy homemaking, during which time they: learn how to operate a lawnmower and that they shouldn’t; debate whether to go to the emergency room after their 1929 oven burns off Bruce’s eyebrow; invite a fugitive over for a beer; and almost strangle each other with Christmas lights. As they say, marriage is made in heaven, but then again, so is thunder, lightning, and hail. This book is fun from cover to cover and will definitely make you feel better about your own relationship. Grab yourself a glass of wine and settle in to your side of the bed for a good read. But be warned, you’re about to be told to keep the laughter down....

Title : Moving In: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage
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Moving In: Tales of an Unlicensed Marriage Reviews

  • Alicja
    2019-06-18 01:50

    Rating: 3.5/5 Note: I received this book for the purpose of review from the author through a giveaway. Regardless of how I obtain a book I am committed to providing uncensored thoughts in my reviews (probably because I have no idea how to censor myself).Summary: This is a memoir of two city boys taking on a house renovation project in the country. Of course it results in entertaining misadventures.Review: Ordinarily, this is a book that would have been thrown onto my huge to-read pile for it to get lost in the sea of books forever. I’m glad it didn’t because it is hilarious (just don’t read in public if you snort while laughing, unfortunately, taken from a personal experience since I read most of it at the beach). I can’t come up with a better way to describe it than a modern, gay version of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (from the 50s show I love Lucy). Bruce is cheeky with a sharp tongue that gets him into trouble and a proclivity for the dramatics. Scott is the level-headed, sensible one, well, unless he’s driving. This memoir grants us access into the first year of this city couple owning a run-down house in the county, including a peak into their neighbors, renovations, and their relationship.Some chapters achieved genuine emotional depth. “The Gift” made my eyes tear up, the emotion was conveyed impeccably (and I loved the pictures). Some of my other favorites, “Oh, Christmas Tree” and “Coupon Clipper,” also had something profound to say though the humorous circumstances and commentary. However, I wish more chapters pushed for, well, more depth. There were some chapters where I felt the comedy served to keep the reader emotionally detached, not letting us in far enough; lacked the intimacy that would allow the reader to connect more with the personal in a meaningful way.However, that said, this is the perfect book to spend the afternoon with curled up on the beach. It is an extremely funny, lighthearted read and the breaks between chapters give the perfect excuse to go for a swim or pick up some ice-cream before diving back into the memoir. It is definitely worth picking up.

  • Laura DeLuca
    2019-06-12 19:06

    My husband and I are seasoned renovators living in (and renovating) a 1901 house and I love to read, watch, or just talk about renovating! Especially old houses. So when the chance to review Moving In came up, I jumped on it because frankly it sounded hilarious. And I wasn't disappointed!Moving In isn't just about renovating and the things that go wrong (and right!) but the trials it puts on relationships. Bruce and Scott have a lot of arguments through the renovation process but come out just as committed, if not stronger. I really enjoyed all the tales - getting to the house with the U-Haul, the hot tub, the pergola, the wild animals, the antique stove, the bees in the kitchen, the terrible roofers, the garage sales, and all the gardening. My husband and I both grew up out in the country and are no strangers to the wild animal adventures. We both long to get back out there and this book just fuels my imagination about finding another old house (preferably Victorian) to restore - although my husband would prefer we build new! I also enjoyed reading about Jasper, because I have a special love for dogs.While I laughed my way through this book, I really appreciated the last chapter, The Gift. Bruce recalls meeting the original matriarch of the place and was able to show her what it looks like now, while she was able to show him with pictures, brochures, and post cards what it looked like when she and her husband ran it as a resort. We got to have a similar experience; back in 1997 when we completely gutted the kitchen - the first time - one of our neighbors, who has lived next door for many decades, brought us a surprise: an elderly lady that had grown up in our house, who saw all the big orange renovation permit signs in the windows and was curious to see what was going on. They came over and we gave a tour of the house. She described to us how it looked when she was there; which was vastly different (and certainly explained some oddities of the house!) from the many changes that had taken place in between her family leaving, others moving in and changing things, and us now. I wish she could see it now; we've done a lot more to it since then!I enjoyed Bruce's writing style so much I am really looking forward to getting more of his books, especially his new one in the works, and one that is already available, The Bedtime Book for Dogs.*** Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review. Review written by Anne for New Age Mama***

  • Sharon
    2019-06-08 03:05

    I was absolutely thrilled to receive this book. I have many gay friends that only want what is allowed to others. Namely, marriage rights. This book only solidifies the fact that all people should be happy and live their lives the way they want to without government interference. If you think that you will pick up this book and be transported to a life that is foreign to you....then forget it. This is a typical, everday marriage. Great book. Recommended.*Book obtained through Goodreads giveaway*

  • Lesley
    2019-06-23 03:17

    Delightfully humorous!!!! Just what the doctor ordered for readers who desire a good Hoot.... Bruce, Scott and Jasper: A match made in heaven! As in the verbiage of Oliver Twist, "More please."

  • Richard
    2019-05-31 20:16

    This is an entertaining piece of fluff for fans of The Beekman Boys.

  • Octopus
    2019-05-26 01:19

    I could not get into the story. Another memoir I've tried to read that I couldn't get into and I think I've learned my lesson.

  • Phil Ogden
    2019-05-31 21:08

    Great book, hilariously funny - but woefully short, I finished it in two days and would have loved to still be reading it!!

  • Bruce
    2019-06-10 20:00