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This edition is no longer in circulation.For generations, the Ryhans, ruling family of the Province of Greenwald have been keepers of a sword rumored to possess enough magic to defeat kings. Lord Varthan, a former archduke and betrayer of the king, covets the sword and invades Greenwald. Lady Ceralda Ryhan, daughter of the murdered duke, gains the sword and flees, trustingThis edition is no longer in circulation.For generations, the Ryhans, ruling family of the Province of Greenwald have been keepers of a sword rumored to possess enough magic to defeat kings. Lord Varthan, a former archduke and betrayer of the king, covets the sword and invades Greenwald. Lady Ceralda Ryhan, daughter of the murdered duke, gains the sword and flees, trusting only her white wolf, Trikser-magically bonded to her. Cera needs nothing more to aid in her fight. Jorrin Aldern, half elfin and half human, left his home in the mountains of Aramour to find his human father who disappeared twenty turns before, but finds Cera with Varthan and his shades on her tail instead. His dual heritage and empathic magic will tempt Cera in ways she never thought she'd desire. But can he convince her trust and love can pave the path to redemption or will the epic battle end in tragedy and evil conquer them all?...

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Sword's Call Reviews

  • Amee
    2019-05-23 08:52

    When I first started to read Swords Call I was a little nervous. I was about to take a walk out of my comfort zone, into a book that is a little different then my "norm". I am REALLY glad I stuck with it though because I have fallen completely in love with this world. Ms. Szarek is AWESOMESAUCE! Cera and Jorrin meet by chance and immediately you can see that you are going to fall deep into their lives. There is nothing better in my opinion then a strong female character and that is exactly what Cera is! She is on a mission and nothing or no one is going to get in her way!!!! Okay.... so maybe I lied, maybe there is something better then a strong female and that is a strong hot male who allows that female to be who she is, and THAT is Jorrin. As the half elf half human falls for his true love he will remain at her side as she fights for her family and for what is right. Swords Call is a beautiful love story but it is also much more then that. It brings you into an amazing world that Ms. Szarek has created. A world full of fantasy and magic! There is also a lot of action including some pretty kick a$$ fight scenes. The only thing you will be disappointed in if you read Swords Call is that there isn't more to read right away because this is a story and a world you are going to love! So even if you are hesitant, like I was, cause it is out of your "norm" give it a go, you won't regret it!!!!

  • Jeannie Guzman
    2019-05-20 09:18

    I've read the unedited copy and it was awesome, can't wait for the edited version.

  • Sheila
    2019-06-10 10:02

    The sword’s magical, the wolf is delightful, and the woman bravely pursues her valiant quest. When she meets a quiet half-elf her generous nature compels her to offer him help, but perhaps he’ll end up helping her instead, in more ways than she expects. C. A. Szarek’s Sword’s Call is the first in a series of romantic fantasy novels, set in a pleasingly consistent fantasy world where elves and humans keep themselves to themselves and mixed marriages are frowned on. Social customs of rich and poor, master and servant, ally and foe are all nicely drawn. Backstory is given quickly and smoothly in just the right places, leaving just the right number of questions waiting to be resolved. Why did Jorrin’s father disappear? Who is the mysterious shade? Why didn’t the bad guy win? The author wisely doesn’t answer everything, leaving the reader to ponder and wait for more. But the answers she gives create nicely consistent characters and a believable romance, backed by the traumas of battle and war.For myself, I wish heroines weren’t always so quick to jump to conclusions, and heroes so bad at trying to express themselves. But that’s just me. The romance is fun, built on great dialog, frequent missteps, and occasionally detailed sensual scenes. The swordplay and magic are well-drawn. And different points of view are used to good effect to enhance the action and excitement. The story ends with a nice sense of completion and just enough mystery to make the reader want more, so I hope book two will arrive soon.Disclosure: I won a free ecopy of this novel.

  • Jo-Anna Walker
    2019-06-07 10:15

    First off, congratulations to C.A. Szarek for the release of her first book, Sword's Call in the King's Riders series!!I got asked to do an honest review of this book so here it goes. I absolutely loved it!! I don't usually read fantasy romance books but I'm glad Iread this one. This story has elves, magic, wolves, and a whole bunch of other fabulous things that makes this a world to get lost in.I just love Cera and Jorrin! Cera is a strong female character and she's someone you could look up to for advice or have fighting by yourside. She's definitely one that could take care of her own. With Trik by her, no one can get in the way.Being half human and half elfin, doesn't make life easy for Jorrin. But he meets Cera and together, a new love grows. He fights for Cera and earns her trust by not giving up on her. Jorrin is the perfect guy to bring home to mom and dad. By the end of the book, you'll be falling head over heelsfor him.Varthan is an awesome bad guy that you love to hate. He does unspeakable and horrible things that makes you cringe or cry out in disgust but makes a fantastic villain.There is a lot of action and edge of your seat moments during the last part of the book that definitely keeps you on your toes.If you love the fantasy genre or just love reading in general, read this book!! You won't regret it.Sword's Call is a MUST READ!!

  • Alanna
    2019-06-12 13:11

    Before I start my review I would like to take a moment say my congratulations to C.A. Szarek for the release of her first book! Great job! Fantasy Romance is one of my favorite genres, even though half the time I’m left saying WHAT? So I after hearing about this book about 4 months ago through my book club and reading the book blub as well as being teased with snippets on the authors blog ( I had high hopes for this book to deliver. And boy did it ever!I keep trying to put into words how I feel about this book. WOW! That was my first thought coherent after finishing Sword’s Call, book one in the King's Riders series by C.A. Szarek. I couldn’t put the book down, I was left with goosepimples! And after hours of trying to write a review that’s all I really have! I LOVED THIS BOOK! Loved it so much I’m speechless! I didn’t want the story to end, I want more! I want to write about the work itself but my words seem inadequate. Everything I come up with pales in comparison to this story. It was perfect the way it is. My words will not aid this story in any way. If you want to read an amazing story with strong women, magic, evil and love, than this is a series for you! C.A. Szarek blows this genre out of the water. My only regret is I have to WAIT for the next book! Please pick up your copy of Sword’s Call today, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Kerry
    2019-06-06 11:09

    A must read in 2013!

  • Cecilia Robert
    2019-05-23 08:01

    I reaaaaaaally need this book!!!!

  • Barbara
    2019-05-26 08:51

    Sword's Call, the first book of The King's Riders Series, tells the story of Lady Ceralda Ryhan, heir of the Duke of Greenwald and possessor of a magic sword. She is in danger, being sought by Lord Varthan after he murdered her family, seeking to possess the sword and become king of the kingdom of Terraquist. In hiding, and running to her only remaining family, an aunt and uncle, Cera saves the life of a half-elf named Jorrin who joins her on her trek along with her bond mate, a white wolf named Trikser.Set in the time of Kings and Queens, Knights and Ladies, Cera encounters elves, mages, wizards, and healers along her path to save not only her sword, but the King and kingdom of Terraquist. But, will she find the help she needs, or will Lord Varthan and his evil Shades win? Will Cera find more than she bargains for at the end of her quest? Can she open her heart and learn to trust and maybe even love again?Ms. Szarek has woven a tale of danger, intrigue, power and love in this medieval tale. A bit slow in the beginning, but soon the story began to be filled with drama and was hard to put down. It was truly enjoyable to read. I can't wait to read more of these characters, and see not only them, but the author continue to grow and develop!4 stars.

  • Diana P
    2019-05-25 09:12

    Sword's Call is the extraordinary journey of two young, a human girl Cera and a halfling elf Jorrin. The magical world C.A. Szarek creates is more than wizards, mages and elves, is about friendship, love, treason, maturing and relationships.Cera's journey is not only a geographical one, but also a maturing one many levels: personal, love, friendsip, family. For Cera, finding Jorrin is in a way finding the missing piece, and I do think they have a lot of growing to do together. Jorrin, as fabulous as is, is still young and has his own internal struggle to battle with. Although a man that can be counted on, he is letting Cera to take decisions although not always agreeing with her, he is not the overbearing alfa male that conquers all in his way, and that is why he is the perfect match for Cera.Jorrin has his own journey and processes to take on as he discovers that his path is actually entwined with Cera's.Cannot wait to see what C.A.Szarek has in the future for us and what the couple as an acomplished and fulfilled man and woman have in store for us, as well as their friends....I have my eyes on a couple of them.And of course, very anxious to meet the next Ryhan generation and their adventures.

  • Cayla
    2019-05-31 14:08

    One of the best books I have read so far this year and it will always be one of my favorites in my collection of books. From page one to the last I was traveling with Cera and Jorrin never once did it not have me engrossed in to what was going on and feeling every emotion that the characters did.

  • Miriam
    2019-06-08 12:14

    Fantasy world,elves,knights,magic,kings and Queens. It has it all,a complete new world and a fab love story . I really wish the next one would be out now.

  • Shan
    2019-06-11 11:51

    This is an entertaining story, and normally I don't enjoy the medieval type setting, but I liked it here. I listened to the audiobook of Sword's Call, and I enjoyed the narrator. She has an accent that works with this type of story. I'd recommend listening! Ceralda is in hiding because there's an enemy that has killed her family and is in search of her and a magical sword she has. She helps out a half elf, half human, Jorrin, and the two join forces to help each other. There's also an attraction between the two, but they have trouble getting past some things. The romance is sweet, and definitely gets sexy! The scenes aren't super detailed, but they do have some spice. There is some adventure that I loved, but I would've loved more of it. There are a lot of POV's and I think it would've been nice to have less. That time could've been spent on the journey that Ceralda is on, and that would've added more adventure. I liked Ceralda, but man oh man! she makes horrible decisions. She says she has a "plan" during one of her more stupid decisions, but really she didn't have a plan. She also jumps to conclusion too quickly, so that shows her immaturity and naivety during those times. I still loved the connection between Jorrin and her though. Jorrin has his moments too, but they are young, so they are bound to make some mistakes. The story is interesting and there's a lot going on, but the author did a great job of pulling it all together. I look forward to the next book! This one is a complete story, and it looks like the next one features new main characters, but still has characters from this book, so I'm excited to see where the characters go!

  • Nicole B
    2019-06-04 14:51

    This was a great-quick listen. This audio takes you on a paranormal adventure with a young human girl, her white wolf, and a half elf-half human. The author did a fabulous job developing the characters and the narrator, with her beautiful accent, conveyed the emotions well. Not only did I find her convincing as the main character but her performance of the male character did not deter me from the story. She pulled off the strength, fear, authority, and determination with the nuances of her tone while still staying true to the characters age and circumstances. I was engrossed from beginning to end. It’s a book about bravery, friendship, betrayal, trust, love, but mostly of believing in yourself. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from this narrator and listening to the next audio in this series. I would recommend this audio to anyone who enjoys a fluid, fascinating paranormal Audio that will sweep you away to a far off land.

  • Lynn Z
    2019-06-12 10:13

    I received this audiobook free for an honest review. I was wondering if I would like this book, judging from the cover. I thought it might be cartoonish. But, it wasn 't. It had a lot of thrill and suspense to keep the reader/listeners attention. The narrator did a great job with the personalities of the characters. Looking forward to the next books.

  • Tracy Fritts
    2019-06-02 14:14

    Good storyWonderful story and well written. I enjoyed reading about the characters and I look forward to reading the next story

  • Jan
    2019-06-07 10:19

    Another beautiful cover that lured me in. This was very disappointing and just not for me!!

  • Lex
    2019-05-30 11:07

    It took me forever to finish this book. There are so many problems with characters and plots and it just felt like the author was trying to cram too much in to one book. All the characters are great people nobody has an issues with anyone else so she had to force the conflict to try and make it interesting. If she hadn't they would have been married by chapter 10 and lived happily ever after!! And so by the end of chapter 15 her best friend would have also. The villain in this story didn't make much sense. (view spoiler)[ I didn't understand the sword fight and that could very well be because I actually sword fight and so when Varthan is fighting with one of the guys and 2 people go to check on the health of someone else instead of joining the fight killing him and then making sure everyone is alive, I was confused. When the fighting is described I just imagine them flailing around at each other and no one knows what they are doing.(hide spoiler)] The majority of the plot lines are wrapped up in one sentence lines thrown in the middle of other descriptive paragraphs. And so many things aren't explained at all that I got really frustrated, a lot. If I could give half stars it would be a 2.5 because I managed to finish it but I almost didn't care enough to. Unfortunately, I bought the second book at the same time and so I will likely read that one as well just to torture myself. The copy of this book came with the first chapter of the next book and I'm already finding issues.

  • Toni Felton
    2019-06-08 16:05

    In this book we are in the world of Magic and Knights, where Wizards live and so do Elves. Cera and her bond mate the white wolf name Trixter are on the way to her family home with a magic sword that only she may wield when she comes across Jorrin, a halfling elf. They have an instant connection but no trust as humans and elves live separately as elves have every reason to distrust humans. Cera is a sword wielding hell on wheels as she has been trained to be part of the King's Riders, part of the King's Guard but she is on a mission to her home as her family has been slaughtered and some may still be held hostage. Jorrin is on his own mission to find his Father who has gone missing but soon they find that their journeys are intertwined by fate. I really loved many aspects of this story. There was constant tension between Cera and Jorrin as they could not get past their misconceptions and assumptions. I love strong female leads and we have that in Cera. We also have great villain whom is tracking them that creates much tension along the way. There is also a lot of swordplay and in the end a great love story. This is not a YA. I stayed up all night reading this book! I cannot wait for the next in this series!

  • Jess F. (From Me to You ... Book Reviews)
    2019-05-28 13:56

    "3 out of 5 stars! Ceralda (Cera) is out for revenge. Her whole family has been brutally murdered while she was away and now she is on the run with hope of killing the man who murdered them along the way. While on her way to her Uncle's castle, Cera meets a half-elfin empath named Jorrin, who decides to help her accomplish her quest. They grow very close during their journey. Yet, are they willing to open up to one another for good or will they muddle up the best thing that could happen to them? Also, will Cera be able to exact her revenge or will her courage falter?I was familiar with Ms. Szarek's writing style prior to purchasing this novel when it was on sale. I found that when it comes to this novel I enjoy its plot, the world everything was set in, and the characters. However..."Read more of my review and TWO TEASERS here:

  • Marie
    2019-05-21 08:08

    I won this book in a giveaway.Medieval Adventure RomanceThe quest, the journey, the love interest, the misunderstanding, the HEA its all in this book. We start off discovering the hero, heroine and her quest to vanquish the evil that has abused and murdered her family. Powerful swords, magic and a little help from others gathered along the way make this an interesting read. The "bad" minions turned good (well, more abused than bad) finds a special place in my heart reserved for those I want to smother in affection. He finds a home with the hero and heroine as do many of their friends from their journey. Love the HEA where she gets to train the archers. Looking forward to more from this author.

  • Faith
    2019-06-13 08:06

    This was a fantastic book, I loved the main characters, and several of the secondary ones as well!Adventure, romance, paranormal, there's not much this book didn't cover, but in a good way.It's very detailed and descriptive, without being overwhelmingly so. You will be cheering on the 'good guys' and greatly disliking the 'bad guys'!I love a good book where I can love the heroes, and love to hate the villains!I'm very much looking forward to the next book, and seeing what comes next. This was my first book by this author, but I will be sure to read more!

  • Denis Savage
    2019-06-03 11:04

    I am halfway through and feel like I stepped into a bad romance that has felt over the top. Clearly, I undertook something that was simply not a right fit for me. I prefer the subtle nuances of romance where we build up to something. This was force fed and took away from the plot line in a way that made my focus drift. I started and finished another book but now am resigned to finishing this to see where it takes me (especially since I already have the second book in the series). Will update at the end. This is the stance at 47% complete.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-28 13:21

    To many writers of this genre have fallen into the rut of writing works that become so emotionally crushing, that the story losses it's audience to emotion, rather than allowing the reader the escape into a good story. This work harkens back to great writers like Lois McMaster Bujold, and is reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs, though easier to read! I found this book to be entertaining, pleasant, and hopeful in its tone. As the first book by C. A. Czarek, it's a great introduction to her writing, and is a refreshing work that is just fun to read!

  • Katie
    2019-06-03 10:57

    All right, so I'm not dignifying this with a real review. My students can write better than this. It wasn't the editing, but the ridiculous narrative quality. Too many trite phrases, inconsistency in the world, an annoying hero...and on. Not my cup of tea.

  • Danny L Walling
    2019-05-21 15:18

    ABOUT TIMEAbout time an author wrote a book that has a happy ending. Great characters that you fall in love with and a story that will make you read it until you finish, I did. I hope book two is as great.

  • Shaineinok
    2019-06-16 07:56

    Poorly written boring fantasy. Who has time for that when there is so much better out there. I quit midway through and returned book 2 unread.

  • Marya
    2019-06-03 09:59

    Poorly written fantasy - I deleted 'Love's Call' (book 2 of the series) without reading it.

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-06-14 15:09

    Great story. It kept me wanting to read on.

  • Tracey
    2019-06-02 14:12

    Really enjoyed this book. Could not put the book down. Can't wait for the next installment

  • Rachael
    2019-05-27 09:56

    an enjoyable read with great characters. i look forward to the next book.