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An Enigmatic Duke . . .Arthur Alexander DeWolf, the eighth Duke of Westlake, lacks for nothing in life . . . except a woman who will stir his blood for longer than one night. Until fate steps in on his morning ride and he stumbles across Lily St. Aubin, Countess of Worthington.A Desperate Young Woman . . .It is on the worst day of her life that Lily meets the imperious dukAn Enigmatic Duke . . .Arthur Alexander DeWolf, the eighth Duke of Westlake, lacks for nothing in life . . . except a woman who will stir his blood for longer than one night. Until fate steps in on his morning ride and he stumbles across Lily St. Aubin, Countess of Worthington.A Desperate Young Woman . . .It is on the worst day of her life that Lily meets the imperious duke. Helpless and unable to resist, she has no choice but to trust that this dangerously handsome man will protect her and newborn son. But, as trust begins to grow between them, danger lurks ever closer . . . danger that could destroy Lily. And their newfound love....

Title : hint of desire
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  • Lisa
    2019-04-29 21:53

    I was so excited to see that Lavinia Kent had a new book out and I had to grab it and I'm sure glad I did! This was a lovely story of a young woman, Lily is only eighteen but she seems much older due to horrible first marriage, finding it within herself to truly love and trust in another man. The abuse she suffered from her first husband makes this very hard and Arthur is cold and haughty who knows his duty and he feels it is his job to protect Lily and her newborn son and once he makes up his mind to do something, it is done. But even as his feelings grow for Lily (and he shows more of his softer side), her tentative nature proves to be troublesome and as she reveals more of her past, he struggles with how to show her his true desires without scarring her more. Also thrown into the mix is a serious of accidents that soon prove to be attempts on her life and Arthur must find a way to protect her, as he will not lose her now. This was a very moving tale of love and forgiveness, heartbreak and hope. Watching Lily and Arthur fall in love was a slow ride that could have moved a bit faster if they just would have talked with each other openly but based on Lily's past, I felt it worked for this story. I admired Arthur and his devotion to this slip of a lady that stumbled into his life and his acceptance of her son as his own. Lily had so much to overcome and I thought it was handled well. When she finally told Arthur the whole truth, it was the right time. A well written lovely, heartbreaking romance that will make you smile, laugh and tear up. Looks to be the start of a grand new series! 4 stars

  • Tinsoni
    2019-05-06 00:49

    This was a great read. Well thought out and excuted plot. Great character development and the romance between the characters grew at natural pace...the only reason I deducted a star was because Lilly started dragging the revealing of truth to Arthur. Like I understand you had nothing but trauma and terror in your past experiences but seriously what else does he have to do to prove hia worthiness to you? Anyways despite that I enjoyed the book.

  • Mei
    2019-04-29 22:46

    I had a diffcult time rating this book.It was not bad, but I'm not used to this kind of books. The dialogue was good but the story was so-and-so. I suppose that it was to "mild" for me. I understand that the heroine was 18 years old, but really... after everything that has happend to her I would have thought she would be stronger and more mature. Instead she was behaving like a 13 years old. She coudn't decide if she should trust the hero (and I understand why) even if she already decided to trust him by marrying him - a little bit of countersense here. So she decided not to tell him anything and to withhold all the information that could have enabled the hero to help her. Mah... Furthermore, she just looses her train of thought often, i.e. She has been attacked by "bandits" while going to the hero townhouse, but she doeasn't tell that to the hero when she meets him. No, she must tell him that she cannot have s*ex with him because when she smells the brandy she got a panic attack due to her past experiences! That's sooooo stupid!!! And it happens often...Also the hero is not better... He's supposed to be a mighty duke, but he didn't realized, with everything that keeps happening in his home, that there was somebody who was a spy for the "enemy"... He kept writing to the heroine love letters, even if she clearly said that she didn't received even one of them! And he never question why she didn't received them! Umghhhhh...Maybe the way everybody acts, speaks and behave gives a more realistic feel of the period, but I didn't like it! Sorry...

  • M.K.
    2019-05-02 04:09

    The story starts off with a thump and a bang, and with a big squalling cry as the hero delivers a baby in the woods. That worked for me but then my mommy-mind got all sidetracked by the heroine's post-baby behavior. Two days after giving birth, she's ready to take the baby and dash off who knows where. On foot. Without nappies. I remember that the totality of my travel plans was to the bathroom and back, with maybe a detour to the fridge. And her nursing schedule was a fright. A day would go by without feeding her baby. Maybe there was a wet-nurse but still, I remember the girls getting all drippy and plump if--okay, probably TMI, eh? Besides all that, I was distracted by the various typos and editing errors. Still, I read the entire book because in the end, I liked Lily and Arthur, despite my desire to sort out their parenting problems.

  • Mariloli
    2019-05-18 03:01

    Umm, empieza muy bien, buen argumento, personajes, pero luego me ha parecido lento, dando vueltas una y otra vez sobre lo mismo, no entendia porque ella no se sinceraba, y al duque me habria gustado decirle: Chico, piensa un poco, ponte en su lugar. Y luego la trama del malo me ha parecido simplona. La serie sigue con los amigos del duque, yo no la voy a seguir.

  • Belinda
    2019-05-10 00:45

    I read this free book and it was fantastic! The story was full of mystery, sexual tension and love. I really liked how the author gave us shared conflicts and tormented souls. The background of the story begins when as a small child Lily was introduced to her hero who would ever be a part of her future. Her mother and Lily were a guest of the Duke of Westlake's wife who she shared a friendship. Her mother was a beautiful woman and a widow. But things change when the Duke's son, Arthur a lad of seventeen is smitten with the widow. He confesses his young heart and is rebuffed which leaves him sad. His father is outraged by the incident and beats his son with a riding crop. Arthur is struck on the face which causes him to have a scar. Lily later on comes to rescue Arthur from his father's wrath when she accidentally pours a chamberpot over his boots. When the Duke raises his hand to strike the child, her mother runs out of the house to protect her daughter. The Duke curses both the mother and child and tells them to get out of his house.Arthur is stunned and overwhelmed by Lily's devotion. She tells him she couldn't let the Duke hurt Arthur and thus begins the love of two people who were meant to be. You will have to read and see how Arthur and Lily find their way back to each other. Simply wonderful!!

  • Gurminder Vinod
    2019-05-15 20:09

    Found it difficult to finish this book. This was the first book I read by Lavinia Kent and it has left me with no inclination to read anything more from her. The h can only be described as a victim - and there is absolutely nothing else to her character. The H - is a Duke - and well, that's it. The doctor tells him that the 'h' has been brutally beaten (whipped) and that the scars indicate that the beatings happened sometime back. However, rather than suspect the 'h's' husband (as the doctor does) - he continues to believe that some ruffians administered the beating a few nights back. One begins to think this is a really stupid and ineffectual Duke.The h and H never seem to complete a conversation - he walks out midway or something occurs to distract them. So minor misunderstandings are boringly stretched out. The ineffective attempts to consummate the marriage are really not worth even mentioning here.You are left wondering how a supposedly powerful Duke's household can be so badly managed: his wife (the victim) is nearly poisoned and no one thinks to enquire how that could have occurred. The matter is dismissed. The letters he writes to her from London - never get delivered - but that doesn't worry him or anyone else. No enquiry is initiated. At the end it is revealed that one inconsequential maid (who you never encounter in the book and whose name comes up only at the very end) is responsible for this. How does she manage to intercept each and every letter that the Duke writes to his wife? Is the mail not handled by the butler? She even manages to drug every servant in the Duke's household - so that the villain can get his hands on the child and h. This goes on my 'wish I hadn't wasted time reading it' list.

  • V SB
    2019-05-22 21:45

    I really really wanted to like this book. The synopsis was great but somehow the hero Arthur Duke of Westlake gave me whiplash with the way he acted.. Our heroine Lily Worthington was right- you never know which man was going to show up - the duke or Arthur... sheesh!

  • Natasha
    2019-05-12 01:44

    I like a strong duke who uses his power and influence to protect his woman. Great hero!

  • Mackenzie
    2019-04-23 02:58

    Arthur DeWolf, Duke of Westlake was taught from a very early age that duty and responsibility are EVERYTHING. A serious child, he took it to heart growing up in his parents' stern household. One of the few times he let his emotions get the better of him (over a woman), his father became so enraged he cracked a whip across Authur's face leaving a scar. Lily St. Aubin, Countess of Worthington, spent some time as a child at Westlake's estate since her mother was friends with Arthur's mother. Lily always crept around in the shadows watching the world around her. She developed a huge childhood crush on Arthur and when she feared Arthur's father might hurt him again, she tried to protect him. The consequences were that she and her mother were forced to leave. At age 18, Lily finds herself in a cruel and heartless marriage. Her husband, Worthington beats and verbally abuses her. At an almost full term pregnancy, she tries to break free of her cage and ends up running towards the cliffs on their estate. Worthington ends up going over the cliff and dying. Scared and in shock, Lily wanders off in the woods. Arthur, the 8th Westlake, has put all of his lessons to use. He runs his estates with precision, makes sound investments and proudly carries on the Westlake title just as his father taught him to. Unfortunately, ennui with life seems to have set in and not even women hold his interest for very long. During a morning ride, he finds a woman in the forest near his house in labor. After delivering the baby, he takes her back to his house and insures her care. Lily is like no woman he has ever met. At first, although she realizes who he is, he doesn't recognize her. And still the fascination with her and her son begins to grow, causing him to have to step outside his ordered box. "Accidents" keep happening to Lily and then when he finally does learn who she is, he decides that she is safest with him. The way to keep her safe? Marriage. He had to get married anyway and Lily brings a new element to his home that he wants to hold on to. Lily and Arthur have a long journey ahead of them. The refusal to talk about feelings, the abuse that Lily has suffered through, the obligations that Arthur feels he has plus the pressure of keeping Lily and her son Simon safe, all contribute to confusion and the ups and downs that the couple encounters. There were moments in this book that seemed to slow down. And at times I also felt as if the main characters lacked from greater insight into their personalities. I think I understand in Arthur's case where he seemed so two dimensional as part of his personality was being so in control and rigid. The secondary characters, mainly the Nanny and Arthur's aunt were full of color and life and really added to the story. There was also a good closure to the end of the story which was heartfelt and wrapped the story up nicely. This was certainly one of the better free Kindle reads that I have downloaded.

  • Callixta
    2019-04-29 03:02 de CallixtaLavinia Kent est une auteure douée à l’écriture très soignée qui a publié quelques romans mais avait un peu disparu ces derniers temps ; Elle revient avec une nouvelle série qui sera auto-éditée et qui commence avec un roman grave et sombre.Tout commence par une scène dramatique : Lily une jeune aristocrate titube sur un chemin, sur le point d’accoucher après avoir poussé son époux du haut d’une falaise. En fuite, perdue, elle passe sur le chemin du duc de Westlake qui va lui porter secours et même l’aider à accoucher sur le bord du chemin. Emue, touchée par cette jeune femme avec qui il a des liens sans les avoir, il ba la recueillir et vite comprendre qu’elle est au cœur d’une histoire complexe et sombre et que sa vie pourrait être menacée. Il va la prendre sous son aile.Ce roman est loin d’être parfait et souffre de certains excès mais touche par la sensibilité de son histoire. Nous sommes très près du mélodrame avec Lily qui a accumulé les malheurs depuis sa tendre enfance pour culminer dans un début de vie adulte cauchemardesque qui lui fera connaître le pire. Son histoire se dévoile peu à peu, ainsi que son enfance car tout ce qui s ’est passé est complexe et a des liens avec le héros.Cette façon de raconter l’histoire maintient un suspense très intéressant tout au long du livre. Les malheurs de Lily sont par contre un peu mal dosées et elle passe de nombreux jours alitée ou blessée y compris dans le livre car elle multiplie les accidents et les problèmes. Lavinia Kent aurait dû un peu mieux maitrisé ses effets !Le héros rattrape cependant beaucoup de choses. Il est d’une grande patience. Il fait partie de ses personnages renfermées, qui dissimulent leur sensibilité. Il a connu son lot de problèmes et assume avec hauteur ses fonctions de duc ; nous connaissons fort bien ce type de personnage que le poids des responsabilités rend mutique et grave. Il est cependant une aide pour la pauvre Lily et va peu à peu sombrer dans ses filets. Lentement, il va se rapprocher d’elle, faisant tout pour comprendre ses peurs et ses traumatismes.C’est un bon roman qui évoque des sujets lourds et complexe et qui est très centré sur le couple formé par Lily et Westlake. Hormis les exagérations dans le mélo qui aurait pu être tellement plus subtile, le livre est touchant et surtout très bien écrit. Nous attendrons la suite de cette histoire dont nous devinons déjà les héros à travers d’autres personnages de ce roman. Cela devrait fonctionner au mieux.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-21 20:58

    Lavinia Kent is an author I started to read from her first début in 2009 with `Talent for Sin' [here are my thoughts on that series and my review of 'What a Duke Wants'].She has impressed me with her grasp of regency society, her smart plotting and entertaining dialogue. Her books are sensual and never overtly sexual, while her characterization of every player she introduces are three-dimensional and intriguing, and so `in my face' that I tend to get very emotional while reading. If an author writes a character or a situation which engages my emotions, I think they achieved their goal. Even in the situations where I could wring a heroine's neck for acting stupid!This book, the first in her Desire Trilogy, she opens the heroine's story with her at the edge of the cliff looking at her husband's dead body down below...and I was hooked!From the first scene, this story grabs you and never lets you breathe easyIn Lily St. Aubin, Countess of Worthington, she gives us a heroine that is complex and yet easily liked. Her life's story is hinted at from the start, but once she voices it, we are struck dumb by the rawness of her ordeal and our rage at her enemy.Arthur Alexander DeWolf, the eighth Duke of Westlake is a man born and bred to his heritage. He's exactly what his father wanted him to be: strong of will and reserved in his emotions. Honor is always something he'll put front and center and love, affection are only words that he's long forgotten the emotions that go with them. He doesn't suffer fools gladly; is revered and respect by one and all, and when he meets Lily, he's filled with boredom of what his life has become. He never expected that one person would come to mean to him so much that he'd forgo everything he'd ever stood for.There's so much to recommend this book and I'll start with the love story that was so well told, it made me cry! There's plenty of intrigue and mystery, some really well written sensual scenes, villains galore, and secondary characters that'll make you laugh out loud, especially Lady Smythe-Burke, Gertrude and Nanny.One other thing I noticed with this book. At the time I got it, it was FREE [regularly priced at $1.99] and I assumed it was a short novella but once I got it I noticed it had 4899 locations. That in no way is `short'! Worth more than its price and I am frankly baffled by it...Mel for b2bFREE through Amazon.

  • Crazychriss889
    2019-04-29 22:46

    Her last marriage was different from everything she’s ever dreamt of. He doesn’t even want to think about marriage. When he rescues her, this will change and he will do anything to show her how great marriage can be.Arthur is our Duke. He’s pretty gorgeous. Sure, at times, one might argue that he has no idea what a husband should do and the way he deals with our heroine’s insecurities is at times slightly cruel (even though it’s certainly not intentionally done). Still, I like that he wants to solve all problems for her but really think that he should have involved her a bit more. Anyways, nice character.I think it’s really great the way she faces her insecurities in the end and I love that she really and honestly trusts Arthur even though she has every reason not to. I also think that she as a mom is just plain awesome.Arthur’s aunt is absolutely freaking amazing. I love her monologues. She’s just soo much fun.The plot has a bit of suspense in it but it’s not like we don’t know who the culprit is. I mean, sure, we don’t know everything or the motives but still…Writing style was good. There were some mistakes, however. (words that were left out, or words that should have been omitted) 

  • Autumn
    2019-05-10 19:47

    Lots of errors in this book that I found distracting. Aside from that, the story was just okay. The beginning was my favourite part - I don't know a lot about childbirth but the author wrote the intro really well; it was exciting. Arthur seemed so stiff and rigid that I understand why Lily was uncomfortable around him sometimes. I would have felt the same. His character was stuck between being so rigid and then being very charming. It was strange. Lily's character, however, I really liked. She is a teenage girl who has just gone through an awful marriage, gave birth, and is very scared because of everything that's happened to her - so it makes sense to me that she's not "strong" at first (which I noticed some people complained about). It takes a lot of time for her character to grow and realize that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore; again, this makes sense to me. How can you be strong when you've gone through so much?

  • Tara
    2019-04-24 23:46

    Lily's character in the first part of the book aggravated me due to the fact that she barely had any dialogue. She was always too afraid to talk or somehow lacked the words to express what she was feeling.I try to remember that the main character had a terrifying past but I still had a hard time getting past her not having anything to say. Second, Arthur aggrivated me too. His behavior was almost despicable. He should understand what she was going through and shouldn't have been so concerned about his own desires and have to leave her. What kind of man does that? However, once I was able to get past these things I realize that this is actually a very sweet story. I would have preferred an earlier love scene, but I can understand why the author felt the need to wait. I would say overall good read for a rainy day.

  • Georgie
    2019-05-20 21:13

    It's not that this was an awful book, but I don't care for books about victims, and the heroine's victimhood is ladled on in dollops - never certain of her mother's affection, no settled home, no father, unsympathetic relatives, rape, abusive marriage, teenage pregnancy, homicide in self-defence, suave pursuit by a murderous brother-in-law.... She might have had red hair and freckles too, but I'm fairly sure she didn't worry about being overweight. So that's one small relief. All the hero has to do is save her which he does in the standard escalating triad of: the drawing-room defence against nasty people, marrying her to protect her, and finally (of course) rescue from a pistol-wielding villain. It's all competently told, but I do prefer backbone and a soupçon of humour. It's not you, it's me.

  • Jody
    2019-04-30 23:04

    3.5 stars. This is the first in the Desire Series in Regency England. The story begins with the Countess of Worthington, Lily St. Auben, out in the middle of the night in her nightgown looking over a cliff at her dead husband. She is running away through the night and in labor when she is "rescued" by the 8th Duke of Westlake, Arthur. Lily is only 18 and had been forced into marriage at 15 by an uncaring guardian, her uncle. She is abused by her husband and spends a horrible 3 years with her husband before his death. Eventhough Lily is only 18, I still found her to be immature for her age and very weak. I also had a problem with the duke and his inability to communicate. Can't you just talk to each other? They also mentioned that Lily found the duke to be two different people, but it was never really explained in a logical manner. Otherwise, an interesting historical romance.

  • Nes
    2019-05-23 00:09

    Sweet knight in shinning armor storyLily and Arthur are great leads, both are in a turning point of their lives, one due to tragedy, the other from restlessness and maturity. I really liked how both slowly and sweetly fell in love, as well as resolving personal and emotional issues.You get a glimpse of the next book's protagonists. Will be looking for following books by Ms. Kent

  • Amanda
    2019-04-26 19:47

    This book has just the right balance of everything. The duke is afraid of love, but he's not mean. Lily is afraid after her abuse, but it's handled well - not let go too soon, but not carried on to the point of ridiculousness, either. And there's a sweet baby! Oh, and I loved Arthur's aunt! I can't wait to read more from this author.

  • Megan
    2019-05-14 21:47

    "The child of the man she had just sent tumbling over the edge of the steep outcropping to his death." Wow, what an opening. The book was an interesting read but unfortunately I found all the errors a little distracting. Fortunately my mind filled in most of the blanks, but I had to do a lot of mental editing between missing & misspelled words.

  • Kathleen Crowell
    2019-05-11 02:55

    I enjoyed this romance. The evil brother-in-law was really a non-event to me, but I liked the pace of the book and how it introduced the characters of the next book in the series without over-doing it. There were a ton of typos--not the fault of the author, but just in case so editors/proofreader are reading! Great to read on the snow day we just had!

  • Wendy Tavenner
    2019-05-09 00:45

    Loved, loved the book!! Lily thinking she killed her husband ran for her life!! Arthur the Duke of Westlake found Lily very pregnant rooming the woods. He then had to deliver her baby. As Arthur tries to put the pieces together, he realizes some is trying to kill Lily and her baby!! To protect her he marries her. So much happens that this is such a fabulous read!!

  • Evelyn Rivera
    2019-04-28 04:14

    i really enjoy the story line it hgave the reader everything in a historical romance. The way the writer brings the charcter to live with the many twist and turn within their life was great. However, I must say that the end was a little rush for me.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-19 22:55

    Even though I spent most of this story yelling (in my head) at the female lead to "TALK ALREADY!" and the male to "SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THE WOMAN!", the reasons why they were acting like this was in line with their characters and the time period. I would like to read more of her stories.

  • Joyce
    2019-05-14 04:05

    Kent has done it again. Her magical ability to weave a most interesting story with mystery, romance, emotion and intrigue teases the reader to continue reading to discover the outcome. A most enjoyable read.

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-05-02 03:03

    This story started out great and I couldn't wait to see where it was going to lead. Towards the middle it started to read slower and didn't move forward much. I enjoyed the ending and was glad there was tension and problems there to make it feel more of a conflict before the happy ever after.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-04-25 02:50

    This was an altogether strange read for me in the sense that I could never quite connect with any of the characters. There was emotion in the story, but none of it seemed at all relevant or timely. A lot of it felt rushed, while other parts seemed to drag on forever. Utterly forgettable.

  • Kbee
    2019-05-22 04:11

    Really liked this one. Good story. Aunt was pretty funny at times. Lilly & Arthur were at sometimes hard to figure but they did find themsef at the end. One thing that stop me from giving it 4 stars was the editing, it does need a good proofreading.

  • Doreen
    2019-05-09 22:54

    The story starts with a bang - or at least a death, and a birth. The tension is maintained at a high level for the whole book, and though on looking back there might be a niggle or two about the characters or plot, while you are reading you are carried along with it all.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-05 00:54

    I liked this book, but it didn't quite cross the line into really liking it. It had a fairly interesting plot and it moved along well. The characters were just enough to keep me reading and I liked the slow build up of the romance. I got this as a Kindle freebie.