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Bestselling author Jillian Talbot has it all--a fabulously successful career, a handsome and attentive lover, lots of friends, and a secret admirer. He calls himself Valentine, but behind his cryptic words hides the twisted mind of a killer. Now this faceless madman is writing the final scene for Jill. It is almost Valentine's Day--almost time to die. HC: Little, Brown....

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  • Darth J
    2019-05-27 16:43

    Continuing my offbeat V-day book picks (like last year's Cupid Doesn't Flip Hamburgers), I've decided that this was going to be my 2016 read. Does anyone remember the early 2000s cheesefest that was Valentine? Well, this book was the source material for that.Honestly, this works better as a movie than a book--a Lifetime Original Movie. Okay, we have a woman who is being stalked by a man from her past, and changes his appearance and studies her in his copious free time. Not only are his methods Valentine's day-related, but the 4 females he's got his sights set on refer to themselves as "the Elements", like they are some cheesy 80s band or something. Something about this book just seems like it was set up to be a Lifetime watcher's ultimate movie, which is odd considering that it starts off like a James Patterson thriller but the pacing falls when the audience is inundated with too many info dumps and backtracking. Also, (view spoiler)[ the hero here is the brother of one of Valentine's victims who has been stalking Valentine the whole time he was stalking his latest victim, but he's gay (and his lover is hinted to have died of AIDs) though he ends up romantically involved with the Final Girl. If this isn't some bizarre Lifetime wish fulfillment, I don't know what is. (hide spoiler)]Like I Know What You Did Last Summer, this was adapted into more of a themed slasher movie with trace elements taken from the book. Also, the movie was the start of the downfall of Denise Richards's career--well, that and the whole marrying Charlie Sheen debacle but we'll always have Wild Things... *wistful sigh*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party
    2019-06-06 12:58

    Much better than the movie...of course, it would pretty much have to be! Really, this is a gripping suspense novel, and the awful movie had nothing in common with it other than the title and the names of some of the characters!

  • David Church
    2019-06-13 16:40

    I am a sucker for watching B horror movies, finding out it was based on a book and then finding the book to read. I never knew Valentine the slasher flick was based on a book until the opening credits. The book and the movie have very little in common besides names. Tom Savage’s book was totally different in a good way, the stalkerish point of view and plot twists (different then the movie) really threw me for a loop. I really enjoyed this – if the movie had followed the book more closely it might have been better.

  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*
    2019-06-07 14:35

    The only reason I read this was because David Boreanez was in the movie and I liked the ending in the movie (even though the rest of it was pretty bad).I might have enjoyed this more without the unnecessary viewpoints (which, apparently, were supposed to add suspense but didn't), the awkward dialogue, and the annoyingly perfect life of the "heroine". Anyway, like the movie, most of this book was pretty bad.I'll stick with David Boreanez.

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    2019-06-02 13:40

    Pretty decent book. Made me realize the fear that a stalker causes. Ending was incredible!

  • Kaine Andrews
    2019-06-01 11:36

    This may be the only time in my life I use the phrase "The movie was better than the book." Yes, the movie has only superficial resemblance to the novel; yes the movie is barely above your typical post-Scream slasher fare. But it had coherence, did not suddenly and without warning introduce characters who significantly alter the dynamic, and had a less tidy, everything-is-okay-now ending. The book is a victim of all three.Don't get me wrong; there's things to like here, IF you're one of my tribe. That is, the folks who get upset when a good idea is presented with terrible writing and are mollified with a bad story if it's told well. Savage's prose is well constructed, flows nicely and is a quick read that doesn't have you wincing every time you see a comma or scrabbling for the thesaurus by the bed. His characters are well crafted - if occasionally stilted - and he gives us vivid imagery to set the scenes.The problems arise with the plot and some of the actions those characters take. It's like he made beautiful puppets, crafted interesting stories for each of them, but forgot to limber them up and check their wires before setting them to dance. They behave in strange ways that don't seem to fit their character types and often have reactions to events that I find completely unbelievable. A prime example is our heroine, Jill Talbot; she's young, beautiful, smart. She's a self-supporting writer who sits happily on the New York Times bestseller list with her four published novels. She dislikes public attention, but accepts it as part of her job. She doesn't hide who she is, has a well-known home, a listed telephone number.This character - who is in the public eye and making no attempts to stay out of it - gets two slightly disturbing Valentines, neither with overt threats and both standard-issue over the counter style. Poor taste, perhaps, but not criminal insanity. She literally seems to fall apart, going to the police, hiring a private detective, and lamenting that the cops won't/can't do anything and nobody believes her. So, let me get this straight. You're an attractive female in New York, who is well known and publicized, and you've managed to do this for years without any creepy fan behavior? Then you get two Valentines and you freak out? A trifle hard for me to accept, especially once we factor in the genre of novels she writes - girl-in-trouble mystery thrillers, but of course! Her research into such matters - which is alluded to during her conversation with the police - should have clued her in to the ultimate futility and probable harmlessness of the situation if not common sense. Yes, WE know, as readers, that someone IS after her... but generally in this sort of work the female lead has something more concrete - dead pets, bloody declarations of ardor written on her building walls, phone calls where they threaten or inform her of what they're going to do to or with her - before going to the authorities and the inevitable "Why doesn't anyone believe me?!" moment.Valentine's identity is properly foreshadowed, and will have you guessing quite a bit, but it's ultimately unsurprising; after the revelation several chapters before that moment that another prime suspect - and likely THE prime suspect, in most reader's minds - is someone else entirely, there's really only one person it can be as the others were either circumstantial at best, already accounted for by this point in the book, or obviously red herrings. Still, it does have at least SOME emotional impact, which saves the book from being utter trash.One last memo from the complaint department, regarding the red herrings. I don't mind red herrings; they make books like this work. What I do mind is having so many, all of them jumping up and down, waving a flag over their head and generally being obnoxiously obvious that it's not them. Then every time one gets crossed off the suspect list, we bring in yet another character, who will do the same. Until we finally learn who the killer was. Just felt shoddy to me.Anyways. If you're desperate for a thriller and see this one lying around, it might be worth a peek. A small one. The language and the pacing might make up for the less exciting aspects. But overall I can't say that I'd recommend this to anyone.

  • J.N.
    2019-05-30 17:45

    I've seen the movie this book was apparently based on, though I remember very little about it. All I know is that the movie is hardly anything like the book.Plot:Although the plot has been done before in horror and suspense, it was nicely executed. I especially liked how the book was split up into the different parts, such as us not finding out more about what happened to the Elements until later on.The plot reminded me a lot of a Mary Higgins Clark novel, but was less predictable than I expected. Setting:The book is mostly set in New York, though there are a few other locations. Although I've never been to New York, it felt very realistic and was easy to picture in my head. Characters:I have mixed feelings about the main character, Jill. On one hand, I liked her because she's a kind of humbled successful author with a quiet life. On the other hand, she could be very bland and had a few obsessive qualities that got on my nerves at times. Overall she was a sympathetic character, though.The antagonist was very interesting, especially because you're not quite sure until the end who he is in the present. While I felt sympathy for his past, he is clearly very psychotic and sinister. There were some scenes where he was downright creepy.I liked the love interest, Jill's best friend, and the private detective who later helps Jill named Barney. And although the antagonist's past victims are dead, the author manages to make them likable despite the awful prank that helped set the killer into motion.Relationships:The relationship between Nate and Jill was believable, but at the same time didn't seem to hold much of a spark. I enjoyed Jill's relationship with her best friend and even Barney better than I did with Nate, though perhaps that is to be expected.Writing/Voice:It was a little hard to get into the book at first, but once I did, it was difficult to put down. Especially during the scenes of the past victims as well as the final confrontation. The writing itself tends to be dry at times, and sometimes confusing as the author doesn't always say right away (or at all) which character's viewpoint we're reading from, but he's a great storyteller. The dialogue for the most part is realistic. Ending:I figured there would be a twist ending, similar to the movie, but it still caught me off guard. I had considered the correct identity of the killer near the beginning, but fell into the trap of thinking it was someone else. It made sense and was believable, so it was an enjoyable surprise.Overall:Overall this was a pretty good read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror/suspense novels, especially fans of Mary Higgins Clark and such. I'd probably re-read this one again one day. 3.5 stars.

  • Tanya
    2019-06-13 10:36

    Quatrième de couvertureJill Talbot est une femme comblée. Auteur de polars à succès, elle a rencontré l’homme de sa vie, Nate, l’artiste peintre de qui elle attend un enfant. Son bonheur serait parfait si un inconnu ne la harcelait en lui envoyant des lettres de menaces et des cadeaux bien inquiétants.Qui donc est cet homme qui signe ses lettres et ses messages du prénom Valentin? Veut-il seulement faire peur ou est-ce un dangereux psychopathe?Bientôt traquée, épiée, menacées, Jill en perd le sommeil. Surtout quand elle apprend la mort de ses trois meilleures amies de collège, toutes trois assassinées un jour de Saint-Valentin. Jour noir et fatal qui se rapproche…La fête des amoureux pourrait bien être la dernière qu’il lui reste à vivre.Mes impressionsCe roman a été une très belle surprise pour moi. Je ne m’attendais pas du tout à un livre aussi captivant. L’histoire est intéressante et pleines de surprises. Le texte est bien structuré et l’intrigue est bien intégrée à travers tout le récit. Le texte est fait de façon à suivre Jill ainsi que son entourage en plus de nous montrer les réflexions de l’homme qui la harcèle. Le tout ce lit très facilement et est relativement facile à comprendre malgré plusieurs événements et informations très inattendues.D’ailleurs un film a été réalisé à partir de ce récit, mais j’ai eu l’impression que c’était un navet…à vous de juger.

  • Kelly
    2019-06-11 15:50

    Very creepy! And the reason it is so creepy is because the stalker scenario can, and does, happen in real life. I don't want to give anything more away than what you can read in the book summary, so I will just say that I do definitely recommend this one. It's a fairly quick read, and has a killer ending! (no pun intended) If you enjoy feeling creeped out, then be sure to read this one late at night while you're home all alone - bonus if it's a stormy night, with the wind howling outside your window and the sound of rain beating against the roof. But if you don't want to scare yourself, then do the opposite lol, and be sure to close the blinds. I know I will probably be looking over my shoulder the next couple of days for potential stalkers. They could be anyone - a complete stranger, or the guy lying next to you in bed at night. And they could be anywhere, hiding in the shadows or standing behind you in line at the supermarket. You just never know.... (lol)

  • Keith Chawgo
    2019-05-20 15:36

    This book was bought by Hollywood to make a stalk and slash thriller in the early 2000's. Please not that Hollywood kept the title and some character names and through the rest away which, to be honest, is good for the book because this book is far better than the film.The book is not a stalk and slash book nor would I genre it as horror. it sits firmly in the murder and suspense shelf.It is a very interesting and fun read that will keep you guessing until the very end. The characters are likable and it is well written. The ending surprised me which is always exciting for a book of this ilk.If you are looking for a good old fashion mystery story along the lines of Mary Higgins Clark, it wouldn't hurt to read this. A great fun read with enough red herrings and twist and turns to keep anyone intrigued and entertainedGive it a go. It is well worth the cost.

  • Ash Paeth
    2019-06-01 15:05

    This is a definite favorite of mine. I read this in high school (long before I ever watched the movie) and I loved it. It was poignant, at parts funny and thrilling. It's quickly become one of my favorite books to reread, which is saying something for me because I have so many new books to read, I hardly have time for old ones! I would definitely recommend for those who are into thrillers and mysteries.

  • Terri
    2019-06-16 13:04

    Jill Talbot is a best selling author, living the life she wants with the man she loves. Then she starts getting harassing cards and gifts and her past actions are threatening her present.I loved this book because it kept me thinking I knew what was going on, only to find - I didn't really. That's a major skill in a suspense writer. Loved the whole ride!

  • Jessica
    2019-06-16 16:51

    I think I got through the first 10 pages before I realized the book was crap.

  • Vanessa Cubillo
    2019-05-23 11:35

    When you play with a guy's heart, sometimes he'll turn into a psycho and kill you.

  • Meg Frank
    2019-06-02 13:48

    I hated the main character half way through it and wanted her to die. The ending saved it from being a total waste of time but the writing was pretty bad. He cannot get into the mind of a woman. His female characters really rang hollow. And most of it was totally implausible. Maybe I did totally waste my time.

  • Janita Finley
    2019-05-23 15:42

    I loved this book. Tom Savage is an excellent writer. Starts off great, and keeps building. You can't stop reading!!!!!! His endings do not dissappoint!!!!!!!!Love his books! I know he took a hiatus from writing, I hope he is back now because he is wonderful at his craft!

  • Miranda Moore
    2019-06-01 12:38

    [Review coming soon]

  • Tessa Ingram
    2019-05-22 13:39

    This book was incredible. I started reading it after finding out the 2001 movie with the same name was based on this novel. I've never read Mr. Savage's work before and now I can't wait to read another one. Well-paced, great tension, and the ending thrilled me! So great to finally read a book with a satisfying ending after so long! I'm returning this book to the library tomorrow and I encourage all my friends to pick it up.

  • Chris
    2019-06-01 17:57

    Very smoothly written but it all felt really familiar - maybe because it was written twenty years ago. I'm just not sure about the big twist, either.

  • Brittany
    2019-06-01 11:35

    I vaguely remember the movie, Valentine, with David Boreanaz. I wanted to read the book, however, so way back when I found a used paperback copy. I'm just now reading it, sadly.What a shame that I've waited so long to read this! It was an absolutely amazing read. I really like novels that start with a prologue and give an idea of what you're kind of going to be dealing with throughout the rest of the novel.This is a story that I think a little bit of everyone can relate to: whether you're on the side who got picked on a lot, or the side that did the bullying on those less fortunate. You just never know what someone is dealing with in their home life, you don't know their mental stability and they could very easily seek revenge. Actions and words hurt.I was completely shocked at the turn of events towards the end. I honestly did not see it coming. Along the way, I was piecing together little tidbits of information, and I thought I knew who Valentine could've been, but... the end completely tossed me overboard.There were moments where the story chugged along rather slowly, but the plot and content wasn't boring or irrelevant to the story. I'm not entirely crazy about mystery/thrillers like I used to be, but this is one of the best I've read in a really long time.Now let's see how the movie holds up...

  • Jaimie
    2019-06-11 14:04

    Jillian Talbot is a successful suspense novelist who lives in an apartment in New York City. Her life is going great until she begins to recieve Valentine's day cards from someone known simply as 'Valentine'. Under the case of trying to find the culprit of the threatening cards with the haunting messages inside, Jill gets the help from a detective and has to look back on a past that she was hoping to forget. I loved this book so freakin' much. It was fast and suspenseful and I couldn't wait to get to end so I could find out who the mysterious man was that watched Jill's every move. Although the reader already knows who it is, he's taken on a new identity which will have you thinking all the way through the book up until the shocking climax. I was completely blown away by the ending. It was a brilliant twist and I literally gasped as I read it. I recommend this book to all those who enjoy a quick suspenseful read. You'll fall in love with a lot of the characters and you will be rooting for the heroine as it gets nearer to the end.

  • laura m
    2019-06-16 18:45

    I find this book is similar to Valentine movie which I saw 15yrs ago which is nothing to wonder about since I just saw someone wrote it was source material for this movie. I have no will to see the movie again (let it just stay in my teen years!) but the book was pretty good. In fact, not knowing about the aforementioned fact and not looking at the publishing date I first thought it was one of those lame cliche copycat books and pretty predictable at that but the ending redeemed the book pulling it from designated 2 to 4.5 stars! and 4.5 just as some earlier parts were a bit clumsily written as to lead the reader on to think exactly the opposite of what was happening.sorry if this spoiled it a bit for those remembering the movie well but I didn't think it was enough to warrant to classify this review under spoilers though!really a good read everything considered, glad I stumbled upon it 15yrs later and would recommend to friends as well!

  • Liv
    2019-06-08 16:37

    This is one of the only books that had me creeped out at parts. I looked over my shoulder at times, turned the lights on when I was at home by myself and even sometimes, when the wind made the house creak in certain ways I thought of the detective in Dimorta's house....Well done Savage, you managed to scare me and keep my heart racing from the fear. And that ending! WOW! I was NOT expecting THAT. What a twist. I'm afraid to watch the movie though because I feel it will be too different from the book. We'll see (wow, I just looked over my shoulder again :P) Thanks again Savage, it's happy books for me now...for a while. :P

  • Sheila
    2019-06-03 13:43

    This was my first time reading this author but definitely won't be the last. This book really creeped me out. I read a lot of murder mysteries but this one involved being stalked. I seem to handle serial killers better than stalkers. The MC was in with a group of popular/mean girls in college who played what they considered an innocent prank on a male classmate on Valentine's Day. Well this man NEVER forgot the prank and now for each Valentine's Day one of the group is dying. Scary book. I give it 4 stars

  • Ryn
    2019-06-12 18:44

    This book was insane. I've read Scavenger by Savage before and this was the same type: the books themselves are pretty average, but the endings blow your mind. Jillian T. is a famous author who is being stalked. In simultaneous povs, the author introduces the villain, sketches the reason for his killings, and describes how Jillian is connected to the killer's story. The ending takes all your deductions about the book and flips them around. Savage is brilliant writer.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-24 11:43

    I really enjoyed this book, and I really liked how different the novel was from the film. I've always liked the cheesy movie, but this was much more sinister and suspenseful. I had hoped things would end up a bit differently, but I had it figured out pretty early. There were still a lot of surprises though, and the characters were a lot more sympathetic than they are in the movie. Overall pretty enjoyable.

  • Dani
    2019-06-11 10:44

    This was a very suspenceful book! The twist at the end had me guessing the whole time! Turned out I guessed the killer correctly, but it wasn't an easy spot! The characters were believable and had me drawn into their desires and emotions.The only critisism I would give is that I found it a bit hard to realize who we were following. There was a lot of "she went _____" without clarifying who "she" was.All in all, a good book.

  • John Lery
    2019-06-05 15:43

    This book is a perfect one to read. I really can't put the book down. Every page is making me hooked up into the story. Its flow, its arrangement, its intensity and everything in it makes me go through all the way. The thrill and terror is terrifying and exciting!Each character were dealt harmoniously.Also the way Tom Savage concealed and revealed the connections of the characters were magnificent.

  • Jodi Berkebile
    2019-06-14 11:48

    I picked this up at a local second hand store and read it for on of my 11th grade English Reading Journal projects. The teacher thought it was a kind of dark book to choose but let it go because we were told we could read whatever we wanted. I thought this book was great, a page turner that I didn't want to put down. At times I got so into it, it seemed real! I would definitely recommend this book!

  • JG
    2019-06-12 10:47

    This is one of my favorite horror/ suspense books. I was shocked when the killer was revealed because Tom Savage has me fooled the whole time. A great story of love and revenge. I read the book before the awful movie rendition came out. The movie was a huge disappointed as always. You cannot compare the two.