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For years, fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have burned with one question—what happened to Fire Lord Zuko's mother? Finding a clue at last, Zuko enlists the aid of Team Avatar—and the most unlikely ally of all—to help uncover the biggest secret of his life....

Title : Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search, Part 1
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ISBN : 9781616550547
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Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search, Part 1 Reviews

  • sana°¤°
    2019-05-29 10:08

    Okay, so first of all, GO WATCH THE SHOW IF YOU HAVEN'T BECAUSE YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. It's literally the best thing out there.This graphic novel takes place after Aang defeats asshole Ozai and Zuko becomes Fire Lord. Basically the end of the show. During the show, Zuko visists Ozai and asks him about his mother (Ursa), who was always a mystery throughout the entire show. These three part books are about team boomeraang + Azula and - Toph (she's not in the books 😭) discovering why Ozai banished Ursa and searching for her. This was a fun, nostalgic, funny and emotional read for me. It's original with a mind blowing plot twist at the end that had me SHOOK. I really wasn't planning on reading this (mostly because I totally forgot this even existed atm) but I recently finished my rewatch of the series and couldn't let these kids go so I needed more. And this book was exactly what I needed. Anyways, if you're a huge fan of the show and watched it, then I totally recommend this!!

  • Hannah
    2019-06-13 10:51


  • Fatin
    2019-06-18 07:46

    Update: So, I've just finished it, and now I'm angry because I have to wait for the next one. Some pleasant, and not so pleasant surprises. Confirmed: Ozai is a dickIt was nice to see the group acting like a bunch of kids again. The flashbacks in The Legend of Korra just depressed me, in a good way, but depressed me nonetheless. The secrets revealed only add to the list of questions I have. The revelation was a bit unnerving, and I'm hoping there is a better explanation because it undermines my favourite character's entire arc. But Avatar doesn't generally shy away from some dark stuff (view spoiler)[ so I'm hoping that Zuko is the Firelord's son because there is no way it's okay for him to be the Firelord otherwise. I don't care if he's the good guy, he didn't inherit the throne. (hide spoiler)]Ugh to wait till July now.Questions I really want answered:1) What really happened the night Fire Lord Azulon died? What were the true circumstances behind his mysterious death? And moreover, what hand possibly did Azula play in all of this?2) Was the relationship between Ozai and Ursa more than just the sad tale of a truly dysfunctional marriage or an extenuation of the spiritual struggle between Avatar Roku & Fire Lord Sozin of whom both were descended from?3) Was there any special connection between Lady Ursa and Iroh? Did she make any prior arrangements with him to entrust Zuko to his care should anything happen to her? Was she the one that gave Iroh the ceremonial headpiece Avatar Roku lost during the volcanic eruption in the Season 3 episode "The Avatar And The Firelord"?4) Did Ozai attempt to do away with Ursa following the death of Fire Lord Azulon? And if so, how was his plan thwarted? By spiritual means, perhaps?5) Why can't Nyla smell Ursa?(questions found on Avatar Wiki.)I sincerely hope Azula's reasons for finding her mother do not include killing her so her hallucinations stop. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sen
    2019-05-18 08:02

    2.8 I'M NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. Perhaps it's because I've expected too much prior to reading. Or perhaps the whole (view spoiler)[ Zuko-might-not-be-Ozai's-son(hide spoiler)] thing is...stupid. There, I said it. One thing is for certain though: I didn't fangirl as much as I expected to. Is it that "unfangirl" worthy? No... all in all, it was okay. But my inner ATLA fangirl made me feel obliged to rate it 3 stars. Ahem, is it me or do Sokka and Katara (even Aang) seem out of character? Sokka was snarky for sure, but his snarks didn't feel right. It felt like some of the witty comments were thrown in forcibly for the sake of making Sokka witty. Maybe it's just me...Katara... she was overly bossy. I expected her to react more maturely when Zuko suggested to let Azula join. The characterization of Aang and Katara reflected how they were in Book 1 (not the dynamic characters they were in Book 2 & 3). On the other hand, Zuko's character was quite spot on. I luv'd how he cared for Azula. And heheh, Azula in a straitjacket? Where did that come from? On to the rant about the *gasp* (view spoiler)[ Zuko-might-not-be-Ozai's-son(hide spoiler)] thing. (view spoiler)[ It's quite cliche, but that's alright. However, it kinda takes away from Zuko's symbolic inner struggle between good and evil, which carries the legacy of the struggle between Roku and Sozin. The whole ATLA series takes its time to develop the struggle within Zuko, esp. in Book 3 Episode 6 "The Avatar and the Fire Lord". Now if Zuko is not Ozai's son, then... I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE!(hide spoiler)]And now, I shall wait for Part 2. Cross my fingers and hope it all goes well~! Looking forward to find out wazzup w/ the whole spirit thing. (view spoiler)[ And hope that Zuko is in fact Ozai's son(hide spoiler)][Read on April 1, 2013] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -PRE-READ; JUNE 30, 2012 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2013??!!Must. Have. Patience.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Megan
    2019-06-17 12:08


  • Yesenia Olivo
    2019-06-17 10:54

    I'm not really sure what I expected going into this, but I was still disappointed to say the least.The characters seem like caricatures of their former selves. E.G. Sokka is overly funny, Katara is overly serious, etc. The backstory for Ursa was interesting, as well as the relationship dynamic with Ozai, but the bombshell, cliffhanger ending COMPLETELY invalidates one of the best character arcs/developments of any show I've ever seen, let alone an animated one.I advise A:TLA fans to proceed with caution. On a more nitpick-y note, I didn't care for the panels where the characters are set against the white page background. It looks unfinished and out of place given that it only occurs on pages 20, 35, and 37.

  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    2019-06-02 06:56

    Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Aang was a massive hit for Nickelodeon TV in the mid-noughties, and was followed by a graphic novel The Promise detailing life after the three season TV show, and the followed by a spin-off series, The Legend of Korra. There is also a live action film, but it’s directed by M Night Shyamalan and is pretty fucking terrible – the actors don’t even pronounce the character names correctly.I’ve read the first part of The Search, watched the entire Legend of Aang show multiple times and am currently in my second viewing of Korra. I am a massive fan of Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.I love Gene Luen Yang’s artwork. It really makes me feel immersed in the novel, like I’m watching the TV shows all over again. The use of background action really adds to the immersion experience, and the character voices are spot on to the way the characters speak in the TV show.Well, except for Katara and Aang calling each other ‘sweetie’ but let’s face it, their relationship is mostly in our heads. We only got to see the very beginning, the awkward kisses, in Aang’s show, and by Korra’s he was (necessarily) dead. Seeing Katara and Aang in an established relationship on the page will always be a little strange – also considering they’re so young yet mature. I estimate by the changes in the character models that Aang might be around fourteen or fifteen in The Search.I also love the relationship between the softer Zuko (I have a thing for reformed bad guys) and his certified insane sister Azula, whom I love to hate. It was really cool seeing cameos from Suki and Tai Lee, although I wonder if Zuko and Mai are still together (I was never a Zutara shipper). Toph isn’t in the novel because she’s establishing her metalbending school, but Sokka is and come on, he’s my favourite character. YAY SOKKA!Overall this novel is fantastic for fans of Avatar. I can’t wait to read the next part! I am dying to know what really happened to Ursa, and if the hints dropped in this novel are really true.Thanks to Dark Horse and Netgalley for providing this advanced reader copy for an honest review.

  • Iryna (Book and Sword)
    2019-06-04 06:47

    No, it's cool, it's cool.Not like I need my heart or anything. I am either being overly emotional today, OR, this was just that good??This IS Avatar, so I'm going to go with the second option.The first pages were amazing. Ursa and Ikem? My little heart couldn't handle them!The rest of the pages were just as amazing.I am just blabbing now.To put it simply - read this. Read this NOW.It's quick. It's funny. It has amazing art. It has an amazing storyline. It's phenomenal. _______________________________________________I checked this one out from the library, but I am definitely buying it now to keep in my collection forever.And ever.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

  • Jahanzaib Asim
    2019-06-16 10:11


  • Aleksandra
    2019-06-01 11:44

    Some of the lines were a bit cringy, but the ending tho.

  • Anton
    2019-06-05 09:02

    Love the art as always, and the characters (that's a given)! So excited to be starting the next Avatar comic book series after reading The Promise! I am glad I found out that there is an order to read the graphic novel series in, otherwise I would have not understood some of the references this volume made to the events in The Promise trilogy. Was interesting to have Azula back in action, and to see the new way in which her mind has been twisted. I feel like this series is going to make her a much more complex character than we are led to believe she is from the animated series. Looking forward to it! Also: THAT ENDING!!! I really wanna read the next part in Avatar The Last Airbender: The Search series!4th read for the TBR Takedown 3.0

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-06-06 07:58


  • SJ
    2019-06-05 07:43

    ARE. YOU. FREAKING. KIDDING. ME?! We have waited SO long to find out what happened to Zuko's mother, and this book just feels like someone is trolling the ATLA fandom, merrily laughing in the shadows at our continued consternation as more questions are raised than are answered and a possible plot twist is raised that, if it turns out to be true, will seriously cause me to try to think up arguments to reject the canonical legitimacy of these comic books. And if it's NOT true, well then, that will just support my trolling theory.(view spoiler)[This whole "Ozai is maybe not really Zuko's dad" thing had BETTER NOT be true! Because it would completely undermine Zuko's struggle between the good and bad inherited from his granfathers Roku AND Sozin as seen in ATLA episode "The Avatar and the Firelord," and because it would make his claim to the throne illegitimate, and most infuriating of all it INFANTILIZES the whole story, as if a character like Ozai can only represent ONE thing and if he's bad then a "good" guy like Zuko must not actually be related to him, (as if we're forgetting that the reason Zuko was the best character on the show was because he was complex, both good and bad!) If the parentage twist turns out to be true, then Zuko really shouldn't be Firelord, but we know from Legend of Korra that he does remain in power, so does that mean we're gonna go with a "but he's a good guy and Azula's crazy so never mind laws of succession"??!! I mean I just CAN'T if this is true. So I REFUSE to believe it, and if it is proven false in The Promise: Part 2 or Part 3, then I won't be "glad" so much as "less angry."By the way, what theories do we have about this blue wolf spirit? It's connected to Ursa's boyfriend somehow since it appeared to him first... (hide spoiler)]I want to give it only one or two stars, but I'm giving it three because it's doing a very effective job of eliciting strong emotions in me, (mostly RAGE!), which is a mark of good storytelling, and the art is pretty good, (main compliant it the eye color of the royal family looks a little more yellow and a little less golden than on the show,) and I'm just so damn happy to have another piece of the ATLA universe, even if it is hopefully a very misleading segment.

  • Megan
    2019-06-12 12:08

    This was so awesome! I loved seeing the old gang back together (except Toph, but she is off being her badass metalbender self). As I was reading it, I could hear their voices in my head and my heart started to ache for the TV show that I grew up with. AND THE ENDING!!!!!!!! Why can't Part 2 come!?!?! Talk about a cliffhanger! It has left me reeling and squealing and acting like a total fangirl.Now, it's time for me to go on an Avatar bender. Excuse me while I completely immerse myself in Netflix.

  • Sonja ✧ Badass Wanderer ✧
    2019-05-24 11:54

    4.5/5 starsThe Search: Part One is amazing! My brother and I flew through it! This ATLA graphic novel felt even more like the TV show than The Promise did.The Search has:• fast pacing• Azula• Iroh ♥• Zuko as a small boy. He is just too adorable!• background info on Ursa(!), one of the most mysterious characters in ATLA• and a SHOCKING PLOT TWISTI'm off to the next ATLA adventure. . . . Yip yip!"Family is in essence a small nation, and the nation a large family... In treating his own family with dignity, a ruler learns to govern his nation with dignity.

  • Jessamyn Leigh
    2019-06-16 03:49

    Daang these really don't hold back.

  • Macarena Yannelli
    2019-06-07 05:47

    La madre de Zuko es una de las incógnitas más grandes de toda la serie está bueno que le den lugar en algún momento

  • Swankivy
    2019-06-07 10:11

    Well imagine my delight when I found out we were FINALLY going to explore the abandoned plot line of Zuko's missing mother!While I'm a little disappointed that the overused "peasant was whisked away to marry a prince" trope got used here, it at least did so in style, and one relationship I hadn't thought about before came up here: Zuko and Sokka talked about having sisters. It was really touching to see how Sokka's antagonistic relationship with Katara is really an expression of love that they engage in consensually, while there is nothing at all good-natured about Zuko's relationship with Azula. She exploits this all the time, and he is so easily manipulated that it irritates me, but I have to remember he has no positive family relationships to find his roots in (outside of his bond with his uncle, which is also complicated). (Seeing Iroh babysitting the Fire Nation and declaring a national tea appreciation day was super special, too.) I guess it makes sense that Zuko comes across as naïve as he scrapes for some kind of inspiration to lead his nation forward, and that family honor stuff has always done a number on his guts. He'll never be free of it.Even though Toph isn't in this book (booo!), it was nice to see her mentioned, and it's nice to see that the metalbending school is very popular. Makes way for the segue to the next animated series, with a metalbending police force. Also, it's cool to see Aang and Katara's relationship developing, and the bit with Ty Lee pointing out that she still hasn't lost her fear of Azula is a nice callback. It kinda irritates me that Azula, who was so completely undone by her own ambition and power in the animated series, is so competent (though maybe occasionally prone to misjudging the abilities of our heroes), especially after being institutionalized for so long. From how they present it, Azula is heavily restrained all the time in her institution. She shouldn't really even have much muscle strength by now. But she's always been a determined lass, and I guess she wouldn't have much to do but plot.I'll look forward to finding out what happened to Ursa, what they're going to do with that big revelation at the end of the book regarding Zuko's parentage, and what other nonsense Azula has up her sleeve.

  • Kristen
    2019-05-27 09:51

    I fricken love these graphic novels.I've always been super curious as to what happened to Zuko's mother. So this is a series that I'm very excited about. The characters were still great in it, though that whole "sweetie" thing still kills me. lol. Toph wasn't in this one, so I missed her witty sayings, but at least Sokka was there to give us several laughs.What was mostly interesting about this one is that Azula is a big part of it. And it's fun watching her because she's still pretty insane. I'm interested to see if they find their mother what will happen to Azula? Will she go even crazier? Or will her mother be able to bring her back to the sane world? I don't know. Azula was pretty evil even when her mother was around, so I'm not sure what will happen.There was actually quite a back story on Ozai and Ursa's relationship too. I always wondered how a sweet person like Ursa ended up with an evil Fire Prince like Ozai.Oh boy! That ending! What a shocker! I did not see that coming until the last few pages!! (view spoiler)[ Zuko is the son of Ursa and Ikem??? What???? Wasn't the point of Zuko's indecision about what side to be one explained because he was related to both Firelord Sozin and Avatar Roku? That totally just blows that all out of the water! But it also explains why Zuko and Azula are so very different, even though they were both raised by Ursa - until she disappeared anyway.(hide spoiler)]Overall I loved this book as I did the others in the Promise series. If you're a fan of Avatar, this is a must have for your bookshelf. And I'm still anxiously awaiting the second season of The Legend of Korra!

  • Michelle
    2019-05-26 06:04

    I liked the Promise because it was Avatar. However, the Promise lacked the depth of the TV show. The search is different. It felt like it was going somewhere unlike the promise. It answered questions and gave us some new ones. I guessed the ending, but didn't think that they would do it. When I read the last panel I was likeand when I read that the next book wasn't coming out till July I was like.

  • Raha Shirley
    2019-06-17 09:55

    Siriusly It's the best.We always wanted to know.We always asked for answer.And this... This is the answer!It starts When firelord Zuko with his close friends and his mad sister, Azula starts a journey to the past to find his lost mother! But basicly its full of flashbacks of royal family of the fire nation's life which means Search is full of Zuko's past, don't miss this for anything!

  • Ree
    2019-06-11 07:09

    2.5 starsNeither loved nor hated it - it just didn't grab me.

  • Ashley
    2019-06-08 09:44

    Ahhhhhhh! This was one was so much fun. It got all the characters voices just right. And Zuko's mom flashbacks! And what!!!!!?!?

  • Immacolata
    2019-06-02 03:45

    WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???!!!can we talk about Iroh and his tea appreciation day?!BRILLIANT!i really liked Zuko's mother during the show,even if she hadn't a big part.i'm really happy they wrote a story about her.the only thing i miss in this is good too see Azula and her lightenings again.and lets not talk aboutTHAT ENDING

  • Zohal
    2019-06-01 10:07

    Wonderful! Loved the art, the characters have the exact same feel as the original show and the plot line is intriguing! :) I've missed these characters so much and am so happy the world is continuing to be expanded through these comics. :D

  • Jen • Just One More Page
    2019-05-28 05:59

    Review for all three parts under the cut.(view spoiler)[SECOND COMIC OFFICIALLY DONE!Part one: FUCK IT ALL AZULA ESCAPED. AND IS ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITH EVERYONE. UNBOUND. OH MY GOD. And WELL WHADDYA KNOW OZAI IS AN ABUSIVE PIECE OF SHIT EVEN TO HIS OWN FAMILY. WHO KNEW. And also - HOLY SHIT PLOT TWIST. WHAT THE WHAT. ZUKO’S - WHAT. AHHHH. These were REALLY TESTING MY RESOLVE TO READ THESE SLOWLY.Part two: WAAHHH. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. IT’S SO CLOSE I CAN FEEL IT. I was fully expecting this part to be just as hard to read as The Promise part two but NOPE! It revealed more of just how terrible of people Ozai and Azula really are (not like we didn’t already know) and that was about the hardest of it to get through, but otherwise-! PROGRESSING STORY AND SO CLOOOOOSE. I can only IMAGINE how this must feel for someone who’s never known all this and has been into the series for years. I’ve only been a fan for a few weeks!Part three: WOW WOW. PLOT TWIST OF THE PLOT TWIST. HOLY CRAP. AND FUCK AZULA. I WAS LIKE GAAHHH WHEN SHE JUST RAN OFF I AM MORE THAN READY TO SEE PROPER VENGEANCE AGAINST HER IT HAD BETTER COME SOON CAUSE GAHHHHHHH. And I honestly can’t wait to see if anyone will make the grand revelation that family doesn’t mean SHIT. Your family is who you choose, and nothing less. Just because someone is a blood relation does NOT mean they’re your family or need to be treated with mercy or respect and I’m going aliuSHDLIUASHFLIUHD that no one yet seems to get this. BUT. OTHERWISE. THIS WAS GREAT and it’s SO GOOD to see it Zuko-focused and to let him have some *closure* for once and MAYBE HE’LL BE A GOOD FIRE LORD NOW? ????Overall, massively drama filled and MUCH MORE PERSONAL than The Promise, and mostly satisfying and reassuring that maybe Zuko FINALLY got what he needed to find peace within himself. (THE ‘MOSTLY’ IS ONLY CAUSE FUCKIN AZULA.) It didn’t really lead smoothly into the next and final comic like the first one did, so I have no idea what it’ll be about! Likely that’ll be a good thing? :o Everything still held the exact same flow and feel as everything that came before it, so-! Comic three incoming! (AND I CAN ALMOST START WATCHING KORRA)(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Rose
    2019-06-11 07:52

    Another amazing story in the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic series. I always love revisiting the characters and their respective adventures through this series, and this was no exception. Zuko's faced with a mighty task with respect to his family - having detained both his father and his sister and dealing with the weight of not knowing where his mother is. However, Azula takes the opportunity to escape, revealing information that may be key to finding out where their mother is. Reluctantly, Zuko enlists the help of the usual gang (minus Toph, sadly) to follow the trail, but there are some bumps in the road.I loved the established backstory on Zuko's mother in this work, and the overarching story has a great blend of action, tough situations and humor. Beautiful artwork as well. The story leaves me wanting more considering the revelation at the end, and I can't wait to pick up the next part.Overall score: 5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Dark Horse Comics.

  • Samrat Dey
    2019-06-17 03:47

    While the art and the characterization are great as usual and consistent with the show, the introduction of a new character seems unnecessary. Moreover, said character is related to a major plot twist which, unless it turns out to be an intentional red herring, has the potential to spoil many of the moral messages of the original series. Still, the story is gripping and unfortunately proceeds slowly, with a shocking cliffhanger which reveals the twist and increases the reader's appetite for part 2.

  • Elevetha
    2019-05-19 08:07

    The first installment in The Search series is already better than all of The Promise parts combined. It's good stuff, folks. Totally called the plot twist though.

  • Rebekah
    2019-06-05 07:42

    After reading the first page I felt immediately relaxed and excited about this first part. Where ‘The Promise’ failed in so many places ‘The Search’ seems to have side stepped them. The pacing was good, characterization was generally good, and the plot interesting and realistic. Can’t wait for the next parts!----Warning: SPOILER Review----The very first panel had me intrigued. I at first took Speaker 2 to be Ursa beginning to tell her story to Zuko, speaker 1. On further reflection it might be just as likely that the other speaker is Azula; both of them really need to find peace with their mother’s story. However it seems like Ursa is only talking to one person, so my money is on Zuko. But clearly the writers decided that having Zuko spend 2+ books looking for his mom, finding her and then spending the entire last part telling her story would just not work. So I really like how they have interweaved the two stories. It definitely adds some more suspense.Ursa I find her story really interesting. Where she is from makes sense and I love the little ‘Love Amongst the Dragons’ tid bit the writers connected. I’m still a little confused as to why she agreed to Ozai’s proposal without a fight or anything; I feel like something was missing there.Did they threaten her? She seems a lot more worried when telling Ikem to leave then what seems warranted from what we know. Obviously ‘fire prince’ and all that but she definitely looked afraid not just sad.I am a little confused over the letters Ursa is sending. Has she never expected a response? That wouldn’t be completely unlikely I think, her motivation may be mostly letting her family know how she is doing and knowing it would be too dangerous for her to receive responses. Which still leaves me confused as to why she put names and important secrets into letters when she wasn’t getting any responses. Especially when she kept the masks hidden. It seems a little reckless.Ikem I like him. It seems kind of obvious to me that he ends up going to the forgetful valley or whatever its called and gets stuck there. The panels of him growing a beard and whatnot make it seem like he was there for years. While of course he has suffered heartbreak that seems very extreme, especially since his clothes are all dirty and torn. And the wolf has something to do with it too. Hmmm now I’m wondering if the wolf and valley are there soemhow on prupose as a safeguard for Roku’s descendents? While some people have pointed out that it maybe isn’t correct that he preposed to Ursa since she is the magistrates daughter and thus probably hiring ranking than him I think that assumes he is some sort of peasant or common worker. It seems more likely that since he has enough free time to be in a play he might be from a well off family like merchants or something. Also back water town; probably no one cares that much.Ozai So he came evil huh? There has been so much spec that they loved each other at first but that is clearly not the case. Maybe some affection did grow between them but clearly not much, every image we have of Ursa from the show is of her looking sad so I think her backstory fits so far. Also this explains some of Zuko’s ‘mine mine!’ possesiveness towards Mai in ‘The Beach’. Clearly he was just trying to be his father; though I would guess it was unconsciously done here. I also didn’t realize how older than Ursa he must be. He looks like he’s in his mid-twenties to thirties at least while I wouldn’t peg Ursa any older than twenty. So I think at this point he has already solidified a lot of his character into the evilness we know today.Zuko All I have to say is this: lil’ bitty Zuko, cutest thing ever or cutest thing ever?!?Ok that’s not all I have to say. Is Ikem his real father? I highly doubt that. That would undue way too much of his character arc and I think Bryke is way too careful to do something like that. Is it a great way to sell the book and create a suspenseful plot? Absolutely. And it even makes the search all that more pressing. Before it was ‘We have to resolve family issues!’ and now its much bigger than that.Azula Which is why I think that Azula is absolutely setting Zuko up. That letter was just way too obvious. While she is crazy and delusional she’s not stupid. I think her craziness only makes her miscalculate her plans since she adds in factors that aren’t actually true, like her ravings about Ursa. So she isn’t up to snuff per her usual but she is certainly still dangerous. As others have pointed out the letter Ozai reads and the one Zuko reads don’t have the same number of folds; small observation but could point to the fact that they aren’t the same letter or Zuko’s has been tampered with. It’s also a little weird that the letter sounds like she is responding to Ikem or saying something she said previously. This is not a ‘hey we have a son’ kind of letter but a ‘hey remember our son?’. If she’s already written to Ikem telling him this why hasn’t Ozai seen that letter already? Or maybe that could explain why the letters are different; the one Ozai is seeing is the ‘hey Ikem we have a son’ and the one Zuko has is just another one, that would still of course show that Ozai is not his father.What I think is interesting about Ikem possibly being Zuko’s dad is what it reveals about his birth. If there is confusion on his parentage either he must have been born within the first nine months (or eight? all this talk of him being born struggling, did everyone just assume he was born early when he wasn’t?) or so of their marriage or he has a very bad sense of when his parents got married vs when he was born (not uncommon, I still have to really think to remember the year my parents got married. Also while this could be easily disproved back in the capital (‘Sir your parents were married for two years before you were born’ ect) that would be harder to do in the wilderness and if all Azula wants is for Zuko to be distracted from another of her plans (like kill Ursa so that her delusions go away and so that Zuko doesn’t find out that the letters she burned actually show that he’s not Ikem’s son?) that’s all she needs). I think the biggest point in ‘The Search’s favor is that I have been able to easily ramble on for over 1,000 words about what is going to happen next while in ‘The Promise’ all I could say was there’s obviously not going to be another war and where is Iroh anyway?