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Strangers in reality, inseparable in dreams…After years of suffocating under her boss’s scrutiny, whale biologist Zoe Morgan finally lands a job as director of a tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Success Down Under all but guarantees her the promotion of a lifetime, and Zoe won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way. Not the whale voices she suddenly hears in heStrangers in reality, inseparable in dreams…After years of suffocating under her boss’s scrutiny, whale biologist Zoe Morgan finally lands a job as director of a tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Success Down Under all but guarantees her the promotion of a lifetime, and Zoe won’t let anything—or anyone—stand in her way. Not the whale voices she suddenly hears in her head, not the ex who won’t take no for an answer, and especially not the gorgeous figment of her imagination who keeps saving her from the fiery hell of her dreams.Gavin Cassidy hasn’t been called to help a human Wyldling in over a year, which is fine by him. Still blaming himself for the death of his partner, he keeps the guilt at bay by indulging in every excess his rock star persona affords. That is, until he’s summoned to protect Zoe from hungry Fyre Elementals and learns his new charge is the key to restoring order in the dying Dreaming. He never expects to fall for the feisty Dr. Morgan…nor does he realize he may have to sacrifice the woman he loves to save an entire country.*This book contains graphic language, sex, and some violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18....

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inhale Reviews

  • Kat Kennedy
    2019-05-13 17:57

    I met Kendall Grey in Kara's chat and resolved to try and read every author who attended since they were all fabulous people. Inhale was my maiden voyage into this endeavour and came with a strong recommendation from my dear friend.I purchased a copy and eagerly sat down to read. I applaud Grey on her imagination and unique world-building. Also her research and attention to detail gets a credit. I wasn't able to finish this novel despite rather liking both of the main protagonists and generally appreciating the magic system and society she created.I had to stop reading though because I found the writing very difficult to submerge myself in. It felt like every third sentence was doused in jarring, uncomfortable metaphors and the similes were not a great improvement.Of course, the first odd bit of writing to really catch my eye was on page 19 - not a great start:"Or innocent people woke up dead."Someone in the comments mentioned a Cordelia quote from Buffy.(Image is from Coalitiongurl.tumblr)If anyone remembers this episode, Giles' reaction to that comment was my exact reaction to the line above.And if that had been the worst of it I would have gotten the hell over it and gotten back to reading and trying to submerge myself in the world and narrative. But it wasn't."The implications rushed like a runaway bowling ball on a pre-ordained path to a game-winning strike. For the opposing team.""The Sentinel's body convulsed, her fear producing more Fire. Like pulling spaghetti from a steaming pot, the jackals dredged out the last few red sparks and fought over them with bared teeth."These are the examples that most stick out. It's not that they're horrible but, to me, they felt craftless and cumbersome in the text. There was an awkward, rough quality to the prose that made it difficult for me to connect to the writing.When I realized how hard I was working to try and enjoy the story, I mostly gave up. For this caliber of novel, I expect to be swept away, not to endure a hard slog against the current.Goodness, now I'm doing it too! Signing off before it spreads and gets worse!

  • Giselle
    2019-05-15 20:58

    Creative, original premise? Check. Engaging characters? Check. Hot sex? Triple check. Do I have your attention yet? I was wary at first when I saw there was talk of whale biology in this book as I have no knowledge or grand interest in the matter, but then I heard about the hot sex but I kept seeing such wonderful reviews that eventually convinced me to give it a try. I can say I'm really glad I did because this one is packed full or originality with a fast pace that never lets go, and the whale aspect actually managed to intrigue me. The world building itself had me a bit confused during the first quarter or so, trying to decipher this new paranormal world of dreams and elements. But I eventually caught on and found myself quite fascinated by the whole thing. We're dealing with the four elements; an elemental imbalance in the Dreamlands is causing people to have nightmares, essentially affecting their moods or, worst case, getting them killed. It's all fairly complex with a lot of information to take in, however, Kendall makes it work. In no time, it all ties together and we're left with an immensely creative world that is brilliantly built. There's no skimping on the characters either. We've got Zoe; whale biologist, dreamer, independent butt kicker. She's someone who knows what she wants, and tries her hardest to get it. She doesn't need anyone to sling her along, or to point out the obvious, especially when it comes to Gavin. And who's this Gavin? He's the sex-on-a-stick rock star that appears in her dreams to, well, rock her world. Though, unbeknownst to her, he's real. Very real. The romance is undoubtedly hot and steamy, but it's also realistic. I could feel their emotional attachment, especially when Zoe finds out he exists outside her dreams - a powerfully written scene vibrating from the emotional dilemma. These two protagonists are wonderful; perfectly flawed and easily loveable. Not only are these two full or life, the side characters are equally captivating, from the trustworthy mentor to the sexy villain. They all play their own distinct part in this elaborate universe, and they play them filled with charisma. It only adds to the already enthralling storyline. A unique paranormal lore with a touch of fantasy, the plot in Inhale is constantly on the move. Since we go back and forth from the dream world to reality, as well as from Zoe and Gavin's POV, there's no stagnancy in here! If we're not learning about their world, we're taken into epic fight scenes, or quests to unmask the prophecy they were given; ultimately trying to restore the elemental balance before it's too late. As far as self published books go, this is one of the better edited I've read - I was even surprised when I saw it was self published about 20% through. The writing is beautiful and flows smoothly with virtually no typos. If you're serious about Urban Fantasy novels that kick butt - I highly recommend this one!--For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-04-22 18:17

    I don't know if I can read this book now after THIS!!! burned some bridges Kendall Grey! Calling your readers stupid = no me likey.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-02 23:11

    Inhale is the first book in the Just Breathe series by debut author Kendall Grey. Zoe Morgan, whale researcher and advocate, haunted by the tragic events of a past research trip, heads to Australia with her team for the opportunity of a lifetime. Gavin Cassidy, Australian rock star and Sentinel, has spent the time since his last partner’s tragic death in a haze of booze and sex. Doubtful of his ability to ever be an active Sentinel again, Gavin is happy to stay in the Realis, away from the responsibility the Dreaming requires of him. But the Dreaming has other plans and when these two damaged souls together, their fate and the world’s is changed forever. Okay. This review is going to be so, so tough. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to write this review in a concise, cohesive manner without fan-girling all over the place, and it’s a tough job. When Grey sent me the book, I was so curious, based on the synopsis, that I had to open it up right away. I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. I mean, what is the “Dreaming” and the “Realis”? And what the heck is a Sentinel? What they are, what the entire concept is, is the inventive, invigorating shot in the ass that the urban fantasy genre needs. I know you probably want or expect me to explain what exactly Inhale is about. Truth is, I can’t even begin to explain the world the author has created. And…I don’t want to. But, WOW, what an amazing concept! I want each and every reader to go into Inhale like I did, with no preconceived ideas, no one over explaining and telling you what to expect. Just dive in and prepare to be blown away.Lest you think I’m a tease, I will share what I can about Inhale. The characters. Let me start with Zoe Morgan. What an amazing heroine. I want to be Zoe when I grow up! She’s pretty much a badass, a scientist who spends her life researching and protecting whales. How freaking cool, right? She is willing to take on anyone and anything to protect the creatures so beloved to her. But, Zoe has her fair share of problems, too. Raised by her emotionally distant, impossible to please scientist mother, Zoe feels as if she’ll never be good enough. Combine that emotional damage with the loss of a baby whale and a disaster of a relationship with her boss, Zoe is ripe for redemption. Despite the fact she is down, Zoe never becomes pathetic or whiny. She keeps moving forward, bit by bit, inching towards her future. Which leads me to Gavin. So help me, I want a Gavin Cassidy of my own. That man… Just thinking about him has reduced me to sentence fragments! I can’t think of another fictional guy lately who has gotten under my skin quite like Gavin (and that’s saying a lot because I’m constantly falling for the fake guys). Gavin is layered and complicated. On the outside, he’s swagger and sex appeal. I mean, seriously, what’s hotter than a tattooed rock star, an Australian one, no less? Can you even imagine? But when you get to know him, when the author takes you inside his head, that’s when the real Gavin Cassidy truly shines. Because, for as much appeal as he has on the outside, the heart of Gavin will make you fall in love. Yeah, he's sexy and he knows exactly what to do to make almost any woman melt, but he always has a sweet, tender nature inside of him. The man has a gooey soft center. Honestly, what is sexier than a man who can literally have any woman he wants, but wants the woman who stands apart from the rest; the one who can stand toe-to-toe with him and take on the fury of the Elements? Any good adult urban fantasy must contain smoking hot chemistry between the lead characters, in my opinion. Kendall Grey delivered. When Gavin and Zoe were together, simply talking or working together, it was lively and fun. But the chemistry between the two? Good gosh. Let’s just say, I had to fan myself off after reading some of their more “invigorating” scenes. Check. Mate. Here is the gist of what makes Inhale such a stand-out book: plain and simple, the writing. As much as I loved the concept, and the characters, what really blew my mind was Kendall Grey’s ability to immerse me so fully into this world that I didn’t know or understand, and she made me care. I fell in love with the concepts of the story, I was invested in the outcome. Readers (myself included) are constantly harping on the issue of showing vs. telling. Never once in this book did Grey rely on using the character words to do her work. She did a brilliant job of using each word to convey what the reader needed to know. The characters never said “I feel”, they didn’t have to. There was never a question of their thoughts or feelings, not with amazing lines like this:“He ran the backs of his fingers down her cheek, and pity pin-balled inside his rib cage until it knocked a hole through the floor of his stomach.” That right there is gorgeous, poetic writing, plain and simple. Gavin doesn’t need to say a word describing his feelings. With a line like that, what more is there to say? Each paragraph of every page contains a beautiful gem like that. It made reading the book a wonderful, sensory-filled experience that I feel so lucky to have had. Inhale is rich and intricate, but not overly complicated. The story is woven in such a magnificent manner, with little pieces coming back together in ways that I never expected. The story stole my attention, and my emotions. I loved the characters, their inner working, their relationships to one another. I only talked about Gavin and Zoe. But Inhale contains many characters, good and evil, who will make you smile, shake your head, and scream. I had no idea how the story would end. I knew, that as the beginning of a trilogy, the ending wouldn’t be completely water tight. It had to be open-ended to some extent. And, to be sure, there is plenty more story to be told. But I was shocked by the complete and satisfying manner in which Grey ended Inhale. As a reader, I was elated and completely satisfied, and hungry for more. . I haven’t been this excited over a new series in quite some time.Favorite Quote:(I had a terrible time narrowing me selection down. The writing is beautiful and funny, with tons of worthy quotes to choose from.)“Water Elements or not, when the Dreaming called, he came running like the bitch he was. Or innocent people woke up dead.” “He’d face an army of Fyres by himself, walk into the bloody sun if he had to, but don’t ask him to hold her. He’d never be able to let go.”*I received a copy of Inhale from the author, in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Karina Halle
    2019-05-17 22:25

    Inhale was one of those books I knew I'd eventually end up reading. 1) It had great reviews from bloggers and reviewers whose opinions I trusted 2) the author herself is just an f-bomb of awesomeness in one cute package 3) I had an obsession with whales when I was younger and 4) Sex is good. I mean, I heard there was a lot of sex in this book.And there was just enough (frankly, there could have been more) but let's discuss that later.First of all, major props to Grey. She took four years to write this book and it shows. Inhale is one of the most detailed, well planned and flat-out imaginative books I've read in years. The way she combines Aboriginal myth with a modern setting is a huge undertaking but it is one that's taken well. I lived in Australia for a very brief while, even spending some time up at Hervey Bay where the story is set, and Grey did not skimp on the research.For those who want the summary, I suggest reading the blurb because it's kind of hard for me to summarize. Essentially it's a tale of balance in two parallel worlds - the world in which we dream, the one in which we live. Good and evil are on a seesaw and creatures of the elemental worlds must find the key to restore an even keel to the two connected realities. Got it? Well, read it, it'll eventually make sense. I really liked our two main leads, Zoe and Gavin (as they are known in Realis, or "the real world") and Muse and Perfect (as they call each other in the dreaming). I could relate a lot to Zoe and though at times I didn't really connect to her (I guess all her water didn't really reach me), I liked her as a person. Gavin? Aaaah Gavin. Not only is he my dream man in real life (Realis? Whut?), but he's...yeah that's all I really had to say. Rock star, tall, dark, handsome, tattooed, pierced, smoker (I know, I know) with emotional issues and balls of steel. I also appreciated all the supporting characters, from the vile evil that is the sizzling Scarlet to the bad boy Sinnder to Zoe's spunky bff. Oh, and Yileen. Yileeeeeeeeeen! I love that man. And then there's the sex. So much hype about the sex! I don't know what I was expecting, erotica? It's not erotica. It's just very hot, very sexy and very real. The sex scenes were extremely well done and I would imagine only the most prudish or sensitive types would find them offensive. They were sexy, not raunchy...and you know, I kind hope for the envelope to be pushed a bit in Exhale *rubs hands together*Why wasn't Inhale as 5 stars "Perfect" as Mr. Perfect himself? Well, it took me awhile to get into the book due to the fantasy world, which was naturally quite complicated, even with what little knowledge I had of Aboriginal culture. Probably because of this, I had a hard time connecting to the characters while they were in The Dreaming. And that does take up a hefty part of the novel. The stuff that happened in Realis made more of a connection for me...maybe because it was "real"? Also, I didn't particularly like Zoe while she was in the Dreaming. I can't really put my finger on why, maybe I detected a hint of arrogance there that didn't exist in the real world? Then again, f*** it's a dream and we can be whoever we want to be (for the record, I can be a major bitch in my dreams. Just saying).But those, along with some more extra-metaphorical prose, were somewhat minor quibbles. At first I had issues with the length of the book as it felt long at parts, but by the time it was over I was left with a huge smile on my face and excited to get to Exhale. Who cares how long it took to get there if the end result is awesomeness?If I had to pick one word to describe Inhale, it would "saturated." Inhale is saturated with love, loss and sex. It's saturated with colors and beauty, with good and evil. It's a richly told tale that rewards the patient reader and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to soak up something a little different.

  • Delphina
    2019-04-22 01:17

    This is not my review, I will write it up tomorrow, but I just have to shout: THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ!!!!!!!*************************************************************************OK, so here is my actual review. I was just to stinkin' excited not to post a comment when I finished it, but way to tired to form coherent sentences with anything close to decent editing skills.I was not exaggerating my love for this book. When I decided to review this arc, I was expecting to like it. The premise was different and the buzz was good. I never expected to absolutely love it. This story of love and fate and balance and becoming the person you were meant to be was beautifully woven. Normally, here is where I say, "I'll tell you what I liked about it", but with this review I need to say, "loved" about it:*I have always loved whales and felt they held a kind of "magic" for lack of a better world. I really enjoyed how Kendall blended the science and fantasy in this story. I do not know how to tell you exactly what I mean here without giving spoilers, but I believed.*The characters were not perfect or always likable, but you cared about them and understood their actions. It was fascinating to see such well developed characters as not only they saw themselves, but as others saw them. The way Zoe and Gavin saw each other was so completely different than they saw themselves and so completely different than I saw them. *The authors use of language was amazing. Different characters have different dialects and slang and they stayed true to their voice throughout the book. The story takes place, for the most part, in Australia, but has characters from elsewhere, making this exceptionally impressive. Ok, that statement may not be true. A lot of the book took place in Dreaming, but the base was Australia. Either which way, the characters held their voices. *The blend of aboriginal lore with the science made for a very unique story. The amount of research that went into this novel must have been immense.*This book beyond had the "I can not put this down" factor. I felt myself anxious to find out what was on the next page. This was in the action scenes as well as the interpersonal scenes. I can not tell you why without being spoilery, but the scene at Shaggy's had me on the edge of my seat.*If you are worried that with all my talk of science and lore that there would not be some heat, have no fear ;).*The ending. It was a complete story, but left enough open to make you want more. *The profits from this book and all of the books in the trilogy are going to whale education programs!!!!!!I can not even tell you how much I am anticipating the next book in this series. I almost wish I had not gotten to read this one early because now I need to wait extra long to read the next book. Speaking of this being an arc, because of that I can not comment on what the final editing and formatting will be like, but they seemed really strong in the copy I have. Kendall, If you read this, please release your next book tomorrow. Thank you ;)This is not a YA read and I do not recommend it for those under 18. One of the main characters is a rock start so you see some of that world as it, unfortunately, is and the main characters do express their feelings and attraction for each other.

  • Lynn Rush
    2019-05-13 17:57

    I got to read an ARC of this book coming out next year. I love Zoe and Gavin's story. Kendall Grey does a fantastic job of weaving a complicated, engrossing, and creative story. I love how raw Gavin is. He's genuine. Screws up with the best of them, yet that's what makes him so real and dare I say lovable. Zoe's brilliant. Her passion for her beliefs is enviable, yet she's vulnerable, too. Kendall Grey finds a nice balance there. The world Kendall created is complex yet understandable. I love all the different aspects of the elements in her stories, and I can't wait to see more books on a specific elemental in particular...but I'll let you read the story to guess who I might be thinking of. Inhale is a pretty steamy story, so beware. But one thing I have to note is-->I didn't feel like sex was the plot like some romances. It fit with the characters and the story line. Nicely done, Kendall. Can't wait until this is released for everyone to read!!

  • Wendy Darling
    2019-05-03 19:04

    Whale biology? Hot sex? 5 stars from trusted friends? Proceeds to whale research? *flails*

  • Isa Lavinia
    2019-05-13 19:00

    Some of the most overly descriptive, flowery prose I've ever read, and I inflicted Twilight and Fifty Shades upon myself, so that's saying something! Every other sentence has a simile or metaphor in it, I swear I've never read so many "like"s in my life:"Her chewing gum popped like miniature gunshots.""red roses scattering like broken bones on the pavement""Scattered fragments of noise pulled together, like metal shavings to a magnet.""a half-eaten packet of Tim Tams littered its insides like guts from a dissection gone terribly wrong""it chucked his consciousness like a hunk of beef into someone else’s nightmare""The heavy emotions—the Water—driving the song scattered him like disconnected puzzle pieces.""The neon white eyes of inky Shadows watched him from nooks within the rocks, beckoning him like Red Light District prostitutes.""The implications rushed like a runaway bowling ball on a preordained path to a game-winning strike. For the opposing team.""guilt washing over him like an acid bath""Like pulling spaghetti from a steaming pot, the jackals dredged out the last few red sparks and fought over them with bared teeth.""That delicious concoction of anger and lust pounding inside his veins was the purest she’d ever tasted. Like top grade nuclear fuel topped off with a triple shot of espresso."his smug, patronizing expression dug under her skin and poked at her last remaining nerve like a ten-gauge needle""Smearing the residual gore into her flesh like body lotion""The sudden influx of feeling wound her up like a pair of paddles on a flatlined heart.""Zoe’s heart dropped like an elephant at the mercy of a tranq dart."I could go on, but I'd be here forever.A lot of it could have been cut, I meant it when I said it was overly descriptive. Adjectives and useless bits of info weigh down 99% of it until the reading flow has slown down to a bog.Seriously, some of these tidbits were not only useless but had me stop reading to try and figure out how they were even possible:"tipping her shoulder into a flirtier angle" ...what would that be?"With his free hand, he yanked the tie away from his neck. A button popped off this shirt.""Or innocent people woke up dead." ...say what?"A long, hot, breathy moan clinked his loop earrings together" ...w-what.Then the flowery stuff:"Blurry streaks of red sliced open the dusk, eviscerating the air.""Water bled from his soul until it was dry.""his harsh, jagged edges would never sit flush with her smooth and straight lines.""The tears called out to him in silence."The bare bones of the plot aren't bad at all, if you look past the Gary-Stue ("tall, dark, and disgustingly gorgeous" rock-and-roll superstar with magic elemental powers) and Mary-Sue ("fucking beautiful" scientist who talks to whales) protagonists, who meet in their dreams and are meant to be.I would have given it 0 stars if I could but it deserves the 1 star because it was well-researched (and, as a scientist, I appreciate that) and the story was original and had potential. If about 200 odd pages of descriptions and similes had been cut (the dream world didn't help any) it could have been an enjoyable read. As it is, I ended up skimming most of it.I read as a hobby, I like to read. I read to distract myself. But this? This felt like work.

  • Ren Warom
    2019-04-29 00:06

    Okay, shall I tell you all that this book is rather naughty? I could, because it is. I could also tell you that it is much like a bag of Cheetos, or a tube of pringles, you start munching away and, even if they're not your favourite flavour, suddenly you're at the end of the tube or the bottom of the bag and you want more. I could tell you that, because that would also be true. This book is an amalgam of tasty treats rolled into one, written with a light and talented hand and more-ish as all hell, it's filled to the brim with beautiful whales, fabulous ideas and wonderfully drawn characters. The heroine, Zoe Morgan, is a feisty lady and a half, she cares deeply for her whales, for her friends, and she doesn't take shit from anyone, I liked her a great deal - not your usual sap masquerading as a firebrand this one, she's full on hardcore without ever losing her femininity. Our hero, Gavin Cassidy, well, he's not only a scorching hot rockstar, he's sensitive, heartbroken and, deep down, a really decent guy, not to mention rather bloody good in the sack. In effect, he is a delicious treat of a character, who adds serious calorific value to every page he inhabits. Thank you, Santa... I mean Kendall :P Joined by wise Yileen, sassy Adriene, and power-hungry Scarlet, Kendall's cast are a truly terrific bunch, well written, fully rounded and pretty much kick arse and there's no vanilla in this bunch, not one of them pulls their punches! I have to say, however, that my favourite character is, to all intents and purposes, a side character, who we didn't see nearly enough of; the exceedingly delicious and enigmatic Sinnder. He can go pyromaniac on me any time he likes... :PTo round up this warbling pile of inadequate babble (I need more coffee and less yelling spawn), Kendall Grey's Inhale, weaving folklore into urban fantasy and combining it seamlessly with marine biology is, quite simply, marvellous. My only reason for four stars is that I found the beginning chapters a little confused, though not enough to inhibit my enthusiasm for reading - the vivid descriptions and great character interactions kept me 100% in the game. After about 22% or so, I felt the confusion lift and the story rocketed off, from that point I was utterly drawn in by the unfolding events, to the extent that I've informed Kendall that I *must* have an ARC of Exhale as soon as it's available as I want to know what happens next!Tagline for reading this book, especially the steamy bits, should be: 'Don't forget to Inhale...'

  • Cody
    2019-05-04 00:58

    My Thoughts:Okay, let's just get this out of the way now... Inhale is fan-fuck-tastically A-MAH-ZING!!! (Were there enough exclamation marks there? I don't feel like there were enough exclamation marks there. Here's a few more: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Seriously. Amazeballs. Zoe Morgan, the (or I guess ONE of the) protagonist, a passionate whale biologist who is plagued by past events, is a tough-as-nails, balls-to-the-wall kind of girl. The amount of depth to Zoe lends to her feeling like a very realistic character with enough depth that you become instantly attached to her. The hero of the story, Gavin Cassidy, a rock star haunted by the death of the woman he was sworn to protect, is trapped by his rock star lifestyle from feeling anything and therefore unable to tap into his true potential. That is, until he meets Zoe. Once they encounter each other, he is stirred to life and we watch him turn into a fierce and protective warrior as the story unfolds. Even through all his badassery, I found myself rooting for him and urging him along (probably doesn't hurt that he seems like a smexy BAMF).Kendall's writing is evocative and intriguing to the point where you actually feel what the characters feel, and your breath catches when theirs does.  The imagery in her story telling is so thorough and clean, I felt as if I was right there with Zoe and Gavin. The plot line was well developed, and while it leaves enough open at the end to flow smoothly into the sequel, there is enough resolution to feel like my thirst was sated. The landscapes, both in Realis (reality) and the Dreaming (dream world), were crafted so beautifully, I was literally aching to be able to visit both. This story was so rich, I almost needed a glass of milk to wash it down after. If I had a rating scale of one to five stars (or whatever), I would have to give Inhale... SIX!! Well done, Kendall Grey, my straight girlfriend-wait, that doesn't sound as unique as you calling me your gay boyfriend does... **shrugs** oh well. Keep up the awesomesauce work, and I will be making note to preorder the sequel, Exhale, as well.

  • Nichole ~Bookaholic~
    2019-05-19 20:58

    Not only will I not buy any of her books....I don't want the free one's anymore either.....below is what this author posted to her blog then removed. The full text of the rant was copied by others before it was removed, I foun the full text here. Selling Out 101 with kendall greyPosted on May 15, 2013 by authorsforlifeSelling Out 101I self-published an urban fantasy trilogy last year. I spent four years writing it. I poured all kinds of money, time, and energy into that bugger. I did everything “They” tell you to do: blog tours, paid advertising, securing reviews, professional editing and cover design, book signings, pimping, pimping, pimping. I put way too much cash into making my books as perfect as they could be.They tanked.Okay, they didn’t really tank, but the output wasn’t remotely proportional to the input. I viewed the series as a bomb, despite good reviews and positive feedback from readers. The books just didn’t do what I needed them to do. They didn’t make money.So, I went through all the stages of grief, and in the end I got angry. Anger is a great motivator for me. I looked at what was hitting the tops of the bestseller lists: Contemporary. New Adult. Erotica. None of my preferred genres. But I was so driven to prove to myself that I didn’t suck as a writer, I did something I swore I’d never do.I sold out.I wrote an erotica book.It kicked my UF series’ ASS in sales and rankings.Go effin’ figure.Some hard truths came to light through this process. The biggest revelation was that as authors, we have to decide whether we’re in this business to make art or to make money. We can’t have both. Very few authors make art that sells. Commercial viability does not lend itself to artistic endeavors, and vice-versa. If New York doesn’t want your book, then you’re probably too creative. If they do want it, then you’re marketable. New York publishers run a business. They don’t give a shit about art.Apparently, they have something there. Readers generally (don’t throw stones—I’m referring to the masses here, not individuals) don’t want art either. They want easily digestible, bite-sized nuggets of warm fuzzies. They want simplicity. Art is neither easily digestible (you sometimes have to chew on it for days to filter meaning from it) nor simple.I made $10,000 in two weeks off my new erotica book STRINGS. Nearly three weeks later, I’m selling over 100 copies of the book a day. And this piece of trash never even cracked Amazon’s top 100. Imagine how much I’d have made if I’d busted open THAT list. My beautiful, artistic, deep JUST BREATHE urban fantasy series? Well, I’m still in the hole there if that tells you anything.I spent exactly two months plotting, writing, editing, and publishing STRINGS. The JUST BREATHE Trilogy? Four YEARS.My total production cost for STRINGS was under $500. I’m embarrassed to reveal how much money I poured into producing the three JUST BREATHE books.How did I transform from nobody to Somebody? I sold out.And you can too!Or not.I know it’s depressing to hear that in order to find success, you may have to compromise your principles. I’ve come to grips with the fact that in the current market, trashy smut sells, and urban fantasy does not. Tough shit for me. If you want to sell books, you have to feed the market what it craves.You can be noble and stick to your guns and say, “Screw that! I’m gonna keep writing what’s in my heart no matter what!” Fine and groovy, as long as you accept that this guerilla mentality of badassery won’t pay your bills. More power to you for upholding your principles!For us artists who want or need to make a living at writing, there is a silver lining. Once you’ve done your part to feed the reader machine, and you get paid ridiculous amounts of money for publicly shaming yourself and lowering your standards, you’ll be armed with the power to write what you want. Once you’ve built your readership, there’s a good chance many of your readers will follow you into your preferred, artsy-fartsy genre because they like you. Yes, you may have to compromise and write more sell-out books along the way to feed YOUR machine, but the beauty is that you can do BOTH and make it work.Compromise: The name of the game for writers in the New World Order of Publishing.So, who do you write for? Yourself or the market? How far are you willing to bend to achieve your dreams as an author?

  • TSDavies
    2019-05-16 01:24

    Indie author Kendall Grey's debut novel Inhale, still in ARC, is already climbing the must read Romance novel of 2012 and it won't be out until May!Some of us were lucky enough to be on that special reader list and I already had an idea of what to expect from her short story in City of Hell Chronicles: Volume 1 (London Calling). It was one of my favourite stories in the anthology and she set the bar high for herself.Inhale is an urban fantasy (First of three in the Just Breathe Trilogy) love story set in Australia. To say it simply, hottie rockstar Gavin meets hottie whale biologist Dr. Zoe Unfortunately, it's all a dream.Or is it?I'm not going to go into the plot too much, as not to spoil a story that deserves to be enjoyed properly from beginning to end. I will say, though, that of the many types of magic systems in fantasy books, this one was unique in it's connection between the elements and emotions. When fire is involved, you know things are getting hotted up. And in Australia, you expect things are going to get a bit wet! (I mean with the whales of course!) There's a bit of earth-moving and no shortage of hot air (yeah, I mean you, Randy) . All of nature's forces are at work for these two, and some of them are trying desperately to keep them apart. This book is absolutely fantastic and in true Kendall Grey style (as any Twitter follower knows), it's full of colourful language to punctuate the tense but pleasing plot line. The writing is excellent, the story moves forward at a pace that keeps you glued to the book. Good luck putting this one down.Warning: Much adult content, coarse language, violence and steamy sex. That's right, ladies. Grab your bonbons and snuggie blanket. It's going to be a long night. 5 Stars on Goodreads - go add it to your MUST read list.

  • Isalys
    2019-05-03 01:19

    You guys, I am so happy to be dedicating a whole week to Kendall and the EPICNESS that is her book, INHALE. I'm talking stoopid-happy over here!! As part of our "Month of Indie Epicness", I've been fortunate enough to read some really incredible books...but INHALE has surprised me the most. Its ingenuity and complexity is beyond anything that I expected. This will be my attempt to write a cohesive review about a book that makes me want to fangirl like a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, lol.Our heroine Zoe Morgan is a whale researcher and advocate. She has dedicated her life and career to educating and protecting the majestic Humpback Whale.Haunted by the loss of a baby whale during a previous trip, she now has the chance to redeem herself by directing an expedition to Australia.Gavin Cassidy, our hero, is an Australian rock star and a Sentinel. A Sentinel is a warrior and protector of The Dreaming, an alternate world controlled by Elementals. After the loss of his partner, he became imbalanced and dedicated himself to the life of a debauched rock star. No longer trusting himself or his abilities as a Sentinel, he is contented to stay in Realis (the real world)...that is until he gets a really big assignment. Zoe and Gavin's lives become entangled in a way that neither expected or understood and I'm so glad I got to be a part of that ride.Zoe is so admirable! Raised by a cold and emotionally-distant mother, a failed relationship with her boss and the loss of that baby whale have really taken a toll on her self-esteem. However, her commitment to her whales is her priority and her strength. She is a fighter!Gavin *hubba hubba grr baby* is just delectable! As the lead singer of a popular band, he is the picture of strength, confidence and sex appeal. Little does the world know that it's all a facade. He still struggles with the death of his partner, does not trust himself to protect Wyldings and has to practically beat Scarlet off with a stick (a Fyre Elemental with an agenda). Sidenote: Bitch is lookin' for a beat down! *gives her evil eye* He is the ultimate tortured hero!I loved all of Zoe and Gavin's interactions. From talking, to working or fighting together, to doing other stuff *wink wink*, they simply oozed chemistry! They were lively, fun, and smexy as hell!I'm not sure it's possible to describe this book without giving away too much. There is just so much to it! I have no doubt of the power of each character. Humility, strength, humor, manipulation, mystery; these are all part of the cast. But beyond the larger than life characters, the fascinating world-building, the do or die plot, what really shines is Kendall's writing. She has a talent for completely immersing you in a strange and vibrant world. These places she created are unlike any other I've read but I never felt lost or confused. It's her talent as a writer to guide us through her story and she did so beautifully!As for the ending, well done! With this book being part of a series, it had to be open-ended enough that it leads into the next but satisfying enough that we're not left frustrated. I finished the last line, grinned like a goof and then scolded Kendall for toying with me like that!This book was Urban Fantasy at it's finest!ORIGINAL REVIEW ON BOOK SOULMATES.

  • GraceMyBookSnack
    2019-04-29 23:21

    Vividly Brilliant!As the first book of the Just Breathe trilogy, Inhale proves to be an urban fantasy book not to be missed! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started reading Inhale. All I knew was that the story had whales, a rock star and takes place in Australia. Cool! I love each of those things separately, let's see how it all comes together.Introducing us to a parallel world called The Dreaming, Kendall Grey creatively weaves the lives of Zoe Morgan, a passionate whale biologist, and Gavin Cassidy, a rock star-tatted hottie. In reality the two don't know each other as they live their separate lives. Zoe is in charge of a whale tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Gavin is uninspired and trying to survive his rock star life. They meet in their dreams and the story just takes off from there! Not only did the story come together, each chapter leaves you wanting more! The ending left my heart racing! Kendall Grey has written a brilliant story that I think will appeal to many people. Do you like strong heroines? Zoe is a woman on a mission and not afraid to fight for what she wants. Do you like rock star heroes? Well, Gavin is swoon-worthy as he shows off his guitar skills, as well as his protective nature! The author beautifully and vividly brings to life the classical elements of air, fire, earth and water in her imaginative world building, includes the spirit of Aboriginal lore and gives a voice to the gentle, giant creatures of the sea. So if you're a fan of whales, you'll enjoy this one too! Plus, the author is donating all profits from the sale of the Just Breathe trilogy to whale education.Like I said, urban fantasy and paranormal romance fans, don't miss out on this one! Be prepared to be whisked away into this story and then go tell a mate about it! Inhale by Kendall Grey is available May 1, 2012. Book 2-Exhale is expected to come out in June 2012.

  • H.K. Savage
    2019-04-29 00:02

    Inhale by Kendall Grey- Coming in May 2012From the first page I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed in this book. The characters were off and running right away. The right balance of lovable and flawed, everyone in here is multidimensional. I’m so happy there are going to be more books coming and I’m already begging the author to be one of those lucky enough to review it first. Gavin is an Australian rocker, Zoe a whale researcher. While awake, both are busy dealing with regular issues in Realis (that’s the dayside of reality to newbies). Then, when they sleep, they enter The Dreaming where there is a war between the elements. The Fyres have gotten into The Dreaming and are feeding themselves by tormenting humans as they sleep. If they don’t kill them, they leave the humans deeply psychologically disturbed upon waking. It is up to the Sentinels to send the hellish Fyres screaming from The Dreaming and rescue humanity before Australia falls. All the while Zoe is meeting this mystery man in her dreams she believes they are just that, dreams. It isn’t possible, she thinks, for all of these crazy things to be anything other than her own neurotic fantasies. But it isn’t until she believes that Zoe can help to unlock the final weapon that will help the Sentinels turn the tide in The Dreaming. Insight into the world of the elements and Sentinels is fascinating and not overdone or over the top. Grey also handles the switches between The Dreaming and Realis very well, easily flowing between the two just as we might slide between the veil ourselves.

  • Fathima
    2019-05-15 18:23

    4.75 stars !!Jesus jumping on a pogo stick !!!! This book is IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY OVERLOAD (in an awesome way ) !!!!I'm sooo in love with Kendall Grey , the woman is just too good to be true ! WOW WOW & WOW !"Oh shit. He was gonna— The kiss stole her breath, sent her soul flying like the little wooden bird that had brought them together despite the boundaries of time and space and logic. Hot blood flooded her cheeks, palms, gut. His breath mingled with hers. The delicious taste of his mouth and the scrape of metal against her lips transformed her into a puddle of melted Jell-O. How was she still standing? Oh right. He was holding her up.Inhale is the story of Zoe Morgan , a whale biologist and Gavin Cassidy , a Rockstar . The blurb pretty much says it all . But I'm just gonna run it down for you simple . The Dreaming is the place where we all go to at night once we fall asleep . So does Zoe . But something isn't right in 'The dreaming' . Its under attack . By whom you ask ? By the Fire Elementals . They are the bad guys , hell bent on destroying 'the dreaming' completely , thus making 'Realis' - our real world- a playground for them to play on ! Only Zoe and Gavin can stop these elementals from destroying 'the dreaming' and keeping the Wyldlings i,e people like you and me , safe . But there's a teeny weeny tiny problem . Gavin is also a Sentinel , a protector of sorts of the dream realm and cant get himself involved with a wyldling . So he tries his best to avoid Zoe at all cost . But that seems too unlikely to happen . Whats gonna Gavin do now ? How can he convince Zoe to help him out ?? But most of all , how will he keep his heart from falling in love with Zoe Morgan ??The cover of this book is downright breath taking !! I believe that's Dr Zoe Morgan on the cover surrounded or covered by her element , the water ! Its unique and refreshing ! There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this book . Firstly , this book is so unique and different ! I havn't read anything like it before . Dreams have always been my area of Interest . Everything about them is intriguing . Many a times I too have felt that when we dream our astral body projects us off into another dimension and we meet people and see things that we might have never seen or met before . Kendall uses the exact theory in her book . The world she creates known as 'The Dreaming' is beautiful and mysterious . The idea of creating your own dream or morphing exisitng scenarios and situations has been perfectly executed . Going picnicing in a whale's stomach , turning yourself into a tree , swimming in the ocean along with whales , living in water bubble ..... oooh I could just go on !! Kendall has done extensive research on whale researching and it shows in the story . The things Zoe and her team go about doing is definitely on a professional level ! Hard work payed off if you ask me ! I really enjoyed learning and reading about it ! Secondly , Gavin and Zoe !!! Oh my god ! I loved them . Gavin is a sad soul . He has lost his balance i.e his water element after losing someone he really loved . But that changes after he meets hisMUSE.. She changes everything for him . Making him stronger and emotive like he's never been before . In the 'Realis'he is a rockstar complete with tattoo's ( which seem to come alive from time to time ) and a lip piercing ...God thats uber sexy. This was Zoe's first thought;s on meeting him for the very first time :"He stepped closer. His dark blue eyes sparkled under the fading light of the sun. People like him weren’t real. They were larger than life, living on covers of magazines, walking across movie screens, or playing songs on sold out stages. Fans camped out for tickets to see faces like his."I sooo agree with ya girl .... * sighs*Zoe , oh boy she cracked me up like it was the freakin fourth of july !! Head strong and ambitious , she was just amazing . For Zoe at first , Gavin and the dreaming were just some cooked up figments of her imagination . But later as the story progresses , she stars understanding the seriousness of everything around her and how its all connected in ways she couldn't even imagine . There were some pretty nice and some pretty nasty characters as well . The most hated of them being Scarlet .. Lord I hated her with every gut ! Uggggh :/ This was most abso-fuckin-lutely a page scorching read ! Definitely a Mature YA ! Mr Perfect and Muse definitely knew how to get their heat on !! I totally recommend this book to everyone ! Its not something that you would read on a regular basis ! Very different and filled with awesomeness , this could definitely make it onto the big screen . For 0.99 cents , its a sure gold ! PICK THIS ONE UP RIGHT NOW !!

  • Noelle Pierce
    2019-04-30 18:15

    It's taken me two days to write this up, and I still can't seem to form coherent sentences about how much I loved this story. OverallPreorder it now. Seriously. It's that good, and you'll want time to savor it before Exhale comes out. I finished it, wanted the second, and I'm still thinking about it. That's the sign of a great story with great characters—it affects us enough to keep us thinking about it, long after the book is closed. I get the feeling this one will still be affecting me in weeks. CharactersSpeaking of characters, I loved the names chosen for each of the major players. I'm a big fan of names that mean something more than just picked out of a baby names book, so score another for Kendall! Now, let's talk about the four characters I thought made this book. Zoe – she was mostly badass, except when it came to whales. Then she became a softy. There were a couple of places I wasn't in 100% agreement with her reactions, but overall, she was a strong character. You get the impression she's important through her DNA, not just coincidence. Sure, there's a prophecy bit, but she's not a random player in the prophecy—her background and family history seem more than random. I look forward to hearing more about her ancestry, especially with little hints Kendall gives throughout the story. At least, I hope I wasn't reading too much into them. *grin*Gavin – Where can I get me one of him? Seriously. A sensitive old-soul, who looks like a bad-boy rocker? Sign me up.Scarlet – This character had the potential to be two dimensional, but instead, she was larger than life. I daresay, she stole the show.Yileen – I loved this character, though I had trouble getting a good handle on what he looked like. He was wise, cryptic, and gave each of the other characters just enough information to whet the appetite, but never too much. A mix of Yoda and Dumbledore, this character is wonderful.WorldbuildingOne of the reasons I wanted to read this book is because my own story deals with elementals. I'm always interested in how others write their characters, if they're similar, and Kendall does a phenomenal job. She takes not only aboriginal lore, but the traits of the elements themselves and weaves them together seamlessly. While reading, it's easy to forget that these are fictional characters, in a fictional world. (Again, where can I get a Gavin of my own??). Much of the book takes place in the Dreaming, and such an abstract concept might have been difficult, but Kendall writes it so well, I felt like I was seeing it on screen. The whole book has a cinematic quality to it, but as anyone can tell you, movies so rarely capture the magic one finds in one's imagination during reading. My dreams are vivid, but I wouldn't consider myself a lucid dreamer by any stretch. I've always envied those individuals who can alter their dreams at will, and I love that Zoe has that ability, even before she realizes her experiences are more than a random dream. WritingThere were a few times I wasn't sure about the meaning of a particular metaphor, and others (rarely) where I felt the writing was overdone, but any annoyance I might have had when reading these were forgotten in less than a page. This is not to say anything negative about this style of writing—it's just not my preferred style. Will it stop me from reading books 2 and 3, or any other story she writes? Hell no.Final thoughts While my overall recommendation is "What are you waiting for?!" I'd like to mention that Kendall's strengths lie in the worldbuilding and characterization, which are tightly linked throughout. Not once did I get pulled out of the story because something didn't work for me in terms of character motivation or magic. The elaborate world of Elementals, Wyldlings, and Sentinals was so well thought out and planned that it informed every character's move. Nothing seemed "thrown in" to answer a question, or to fill a gap. Suspend belief? No. After reading this, my beliefs went far from suspension and transformed.

  • Amy Fournier
    2019-04-24 19:18

    I know that in the overview it states that this book should be for 18+ but I want to just say again that this is not a YA novel. It is definitely and adult read. Now I will tell you that I absolutely loved this book!! It was unique and action packed. Oh, man was it!! In more ways than one. I thought that the character connection was awesome and I loved how independent Zoe is. I am actually kind of at a loss for words after finishing this book. Go figure, I almost always have something to say.Zoe is a super talented whale biologist. She absolutely loves whales and is conducting research. She really wants a great promotion and she will work her ass off to get it. Her ex who also happens to be her boss is a total freaking tool and she is trying to prove to him that she deserves to get the job. She has been through quite a bit in the past few years and the current job she is on means everything to her. She is determined, funny, but a bit emotionally insecure. I really felt a connection with her. She was a character I could relate to. How she felt at certain times came through so clearly in the writing. Gavin is just dreamy!! Oh, the hotness!! He is in a band called Just Breathe. He is also a Sentinel and must keep the peace in the Dreaming. He starts off reckless and out of control. (Though super swoon-tastic) and then when he is assigned to protect Zoe, who he names Muse he starts to get his elements back in balance and realize that many she is exactly what he needs. She is also what the Dreaming needs too. He is appropriately named Perfect by Zoe. He meets her in the Dreaming and helps her with the task she has set for herself and with...other things.Onto the hotness!! OMG this book has some steamy scenes. I was wishing I was the one dreaming of Gavin aka Perfect. Holy hell that sounds like some awesome sex! The chemistry between them was just perfect. That is all I can say. Besides the super hot stuff between them, I liked how they really were falling for each other. It wasn't just a physical thing. They just have that connection. I know that it's part of the elemental thing, but also you can feel them really falling for each other. So there really is a story in there too lol!! There are the Elementals who feed off of the Wylding (which are the humans) In the Realis (or real world) the need to have skin contact to absorb whatever element they are taking. In the Dreaming it is a lot easier to get what they need. The only problem with that is, Elementals aren't supposed to be in Dreaming. It is the Sentinels job to keep guard and protect the Dreaming. Gavin has not been called to a job since he lost his Water after his partner died. Now he has to protect Zoe. She also happens to be their only hope. He is afraid to get close to her because of what happened with his partner, but it's impossible to keep himself in check around her. I just loved this book. I was a bit confused right at the beginning when learning about the Elementals, Wyldings, Realis and Dreaming, but once I got past that part, I was hooked. This book was like a super awesome roller coaster ride!! I want to get in line and ride it again and again. Not only was the main story great, but I loved the secondary characters too!! This book is the total package. I need the next book right now!

  • Sharon
    2019-04-22 19:11

    More of my reviews @ www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comInhale was kindly provided to me by the author Kendall Grey in exchange for my honest review and is the first book in the Just Breathe series.Dr. Zoe Morgan, a whale biologist and activist is plagued by an event of a past research trip gone wrong and has landed a job as Director of a whale tagging project in Hervey Bay, Australia. Gavin Cassidy (sigh) is the lead singer in a rock band and also a Sentinel – a protector of Human Wyldlings from Fyre Elemental attacks in the parallel world of the Dreaming. Strangers in reality, inseparable in dreams… Describes the relationship between Zoe and Gavin perfectly. Zoe as a main heroine was wonderful; she was determined, sassy and took no rubbish from anyone. She is also a Wyldling, able to hear the whales and could be the key to restoring order in the Dreaming. Gavin certainly lived up to the bad boy, rock star image; he is plagued by guilt and blames himself for the death of his partner and doesn’t feel he is suited to his Sentinel role. The emotions were written well and you felt a connection to both characters and can’t help but root for a happy ending for both despite the possible outcome of them being together.I really enjoyed the premise of Inhale; it was refreshingly unique and written in a way that was entertaining and believable. I won’t go into the plot to avoid spoilers but Ms Grey takes us on a fantasy adventure between the realms of the dreaming where things aren’t as they seem as well as the reality of Realis.The mythology, fantasy and folklore elements were a strong presence and captured the complexity of Inhale perfectly; Ms Grey has certainly put a lot of work in this story. The concept I found to be fascinating and entertaining.I absolutely adored the Australian setting, being a Sydney-sider myself it was great to see the references to places I actually know of and the way Ms grey described the beautiful Hervey Bay location was perfect.Each of the secondary characters, from our villain Scarlet a Fyre elemental to Adriene, Zoe’s amazing best friend and even Gavin’s mentor and friend Yileen were all engaging and enjoyable to read about.Ms Grey has a wonderfully vivid imagination and has weaved an incredibly compelling story, Inhale flowed well and was written beautifully; each of the characters were realistic and likeable despite their flaws.Overall, Inhale is a wonderful, enjoyable story that left me wanting more; Ms Grey wove a deep and complex tale that kept me captivated from start to finish. Inhale has mature themes so definitely for the older reader.Book 2, Exhale has an anticipated June 2012 release date.

  • Barbara Jean Byrem
    2019-05-02 19:21

    INHALEIndie author Kendall Grey is proof that there is no coincidence. Everything happens for a purpose and most things are more connected than we know.Ms. Grey has taken Urban Fantasy to new heights with Inhale, combining science, fantasy and folklore to weave a tale that feels frighteningly real. After all, everyone dreams, right? You will wish you could dream up Gavin Cassidy, but you will need to take him along with the night creatures of The Dreaming and their desire for your elements.A modern take on the mythology of ‘Elementals’, Ms. Grey does not disappoint in her world building. Her characters as so multi-dimensional you cannot help but become engaged in their struggles. The story is fast paced, and I found myself having a hard time putting it down, except when I needed to catch my breath. The sex is hot. Very hot. But, it does not overtake the plot, nor is it gratuitous. Fortunately, most of the book takes place on or near the water, so everybody has the opportunity to cool off.The first in a trilogy, Inhale ends nicely, but leaves the reader anxiously awaiting more. I highly recommend this book to the adult reader who enjoys Fantasy with a very real feel. I suspect Ms. Grey is an author to keep a close eye on. Her writing abilities and imagination far exceed what one might expect from a ‘first time full-length’ novelist. I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more from Ms. Grey. At least, I hope so.

  • Liz at Fictional Candy
    2019-04-20 21:02

    What a wonderful and unique story! I’ve not yet read anything like this book, and it was a fun change to venture into the Dreaming (our dream-state). In fact, every night I go to bed I hope to find my own Gavin waiting there to rescue me! Ahem, no luck yet…This story is about Zoe, and she loves whales. She has such an affinity with them, its almost as if they speak to her. And even better, she’s just gotten a job in Australia tagging them along with her team. Perfect. But just before she’s to leave for there she starts having these crazy dreams. And in these dreams is a man. He doesn’t have a name, but hey, that’s partly what she likes about him. He’s hot, tattooed, pierced, and he is all man – and even better, he is totally into her. Am I the only one reaching for some warm milk to get to sleep a bit faster?Gavin is a Sentinel. Sentinels are tied to the elements of earth, air, water and fire. His job is to keep the elements balanced. But now Sentinels need to protect us regular humans (Wyldings) in our dreams. Because if you die there, you die in real life. Fyres (fire elementals) are finding their way into the Dreaming and are wreaking havoc in the worst way.Ok, so maybe I don’t need that milk afterall… Gavin’s next mission is Zoe. Everything about Zoe is a mystery to him (including her name!), but somehow she ties into the future safety of the world. Hey, no pressure here Gavin. Just go save the world with little to no information. Easy peasy!This book had some really fresh and fun ideas. I’ve not read any books that mainly take place in our sleeping mind. Everything felt so real. It helps that Zoe is a lucid dreamer and that there is a chemistry between our two main characters that could make the ocean boil. Oh yeah, talk about tension! But even aside from that the scenery was beyond gorgeous and it really felt like a place I’d like to dream about myself.There were times I was a bit confused about the elementals and who had what powers and certain beings having multiple powers… it became a bit much for me. The beginning had a lot of information and at times it was a lot to soak in. But once you got the hang of it and figure out the hierarchy of everything it was just like riding a bike. But all of that was totally worth it because in the Dreaming anything you think of can just be. I mean, you are dreaming afterall. Kind of makes regular life outside of your sleep not quite compare! ”Her sudden self-consciousness melted his heart. Did she have any idea what she did to him? Damn, she tore him down and tied him up inside. “This book had a lot of interesting aspects, not to mention a slow building romantic tension that will leave you hooked and waiting for the next book. To torture you even more, Gavin knows that Zoe is a real person out there in the world. Ahh! It was killing me! I was happy and sad and anxious all at once! I found myself racing to the next scene with them together, I couldn’t get enough. I definitely recommend this book. And even more awesome---- Kendall Grey will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face. So definitely put this on your “To Buy” list and help the whales <3

  • Erin Danzer
    2019-05-12 01:18

    First of all, I have to say... if you love Urban Fantasy and don't mind very "adult" novels, this is the book for you! There is a warning label on this book for a reason. But, all of it works together. The prose is amazing. The way Kendall writes grabs you by the throat and drags you in. I feel she did a great job at explaining the world she created in the Dreaming, Realis and the Elementals. There's even a glossary at the end for those who can't quite keep it straight. :) I fell into this novel from the beginning and got irritated every time I had to leave it.Zoe Morgan is a great protagonist. Despite her extra X-chromosone, which accounts for her awkwardness is social situations and dyslexia, she is a strong woman who's had a hard life recently. She knows what she wants and strives to get it. She loves the whales and has a preternatural connection to them, something she does whatever she has to to fight for their safety and protection. She has a great crew and friends in Adriene, Dani and Elizabeth.Gavin Cassidy is a swoon-worthy hero. Though flawed by his years of debauchery and drinking, he steps up and becomes a man when needed. As the story goes on, we find out he's more than just a broken Sentinel and rock star. And Zoe is the one who can piece him back together.I love the diversity of characters in this novel. Kendall did a great job on researching the various people (Aussies, Aboriginals, etc) and each character that is introduced stands alone as a strong individual. My faves other than the MCs are Scarlet and Sinnder. Scarlet is such a bitch, she's the perfect villain and Sinnder... well, really what more can I say? He's smoking hot! I can't wait to read the rest of this trilogy to see what happens with these characters next!Overall, I would give this book more than 5 stars if I could. I've been waiting to read this book since meeting Kendall and it exceeded my expectations in every way! Like I said up top, if you love Urban Fantasy and don't mind graphic language and situations, this is most definitely the book for you!

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-12 23:23

    Let me first start off by saying that this book is not one I’d normally pick up and read. It’s not that I don’t enjoy some good paranormal/urban fantasy storytelling. I do. I just don’t typically enjoy “adult” targeted books. You see I am a “young adult” enthusiast (i.e., twentysomething) who prefers to avoid growing up by living vicariously through self-obsessed, naive teens who still think adulthood will hold the keys to all the wonder in the world. (Side note- Only occasionally do I find characters that fit this bill in YA lit. Most times the characters are more mature and insightful than I am.) Still, when I was given a chance to read INHALE, the first book in the Just Breathe series by debut author Kendall Grey, I jumped at it because I had heard a lot of great things about and it didn’t disappoint.Grey has created memorable characters within a fantasy world of the Dreaming and Realis that’ll leave you wanting more with every turn of the page. Her female characters are strong and self-sufficient, not those damsels in distress types who need men to save and take care of them. The men appreciate these strong women and admire them for their strength and assertiveness. If anything Grey’s characters are some of the best representations of modern gender roles and the two main characters, Zoe, whale researcher, and Gavin, the lead singer of a popular band, represent them perfectly. Throw in sizzingly sexual chemistry and these two leads will leave you wanting a cold shower after every meeting. That does not mean the characters aren’t without flaws but it is these flaws that make them endearing and relatable to the audience.Combine all this with hot Australians and a fresh take on the fantasy world and readers will be delighted with this modern novel by an indie debut author. A definite must read for anyone a fan of the paranormal/urban fantasy genre.

  • Avid Reader Amy's Reviews
    2019-05-16 18:56

    My Thoughts:I really enjoyed this book. It was action packed and romantic. Kendall Grey did a wonderful job of creating both a reality world and dream world. Her writing was very smooth, so you could easy jump from both settings and not be lost. Her characters were well written and could stand alone. I had a hard time puting the book down, but a girl's gotta sleep sometime. What I really loved about this book:Gavin. Sexy, sexy Gavin. What's not to love? Mysterious, Lead singer in a rock band, Hero and did I mention sexy? (: He is one you want to help and end up falling for in the process.Scarlet. She is a Fyre Elemental and the villain in this series. Why do I love her? Well she will do anything to get what she wants and will not let anything stand in her way. Even if What she wants is Gavin.Adriene. Zoe's BFF. Adriene is no non sense when it comes to Zoe. She makes sure no one messes with her BFF. She also understands Zoe's connection to the Whales, where as others may think she was crazy. The Whales. At times they were that star of the book. Kendall leaves a message in the story that they need to be saved. Hard to believe that such beautiful creatures are hunted and are now endangered. Kendall is donating the profits for the sale of Inhale to Whale Education. Was there anything I didn't like? Yeah, the fact that I don't have the next book yet. But I guess I have to wait. I am a little impatient, just a little. Overall great story. I loved every minute of it. The end was even nice and lets you know that more is to come. Great job Kendall and I look forward to reading more of this series. I recommend this to anyone who wants a great read.

  • E.
    2019-04-25 20:17

    4 1/2 stars. Inhale is the entertaining fantasy novel that introduces the talents of Kendall Grey to the world. It is my impression that she has written shorter works but this is the first full-length book which amazingly is part of a trilogy! Despite the somewhat familiar use of beings called Elementals (Fyre, Waeter, Aer and Erthe), the author creatively melds an alternate reality called Dreaming with experiences in the real world (Realis). The Elementals are "ancient creatures ... that thrive on hybrid elements created by humans...who are always hungry."Engaging characters ensnare the reader on a breathless ride to free a trapped whale (I loved the repartee about inheritances while Zoe and Adriene struggle on the water) then drag one into the morass of emotions of Gavin and his daily fight to regain equilibrium both in his role as a musician and as a Sentinel. The enigmatic aboriginal Sentinel known as Yileen provides clues and his own brand of assistance but the ongoing struggle will require the efforts of many to try to protect humans from the depredations of the Elementals. Sizzling love scenes are intermingled with those that vividly conjure up the vast ocean and the fascinating cetaceans that travel through that medium. A mysterious nemesis lurks in the background of the real world even as an overt attack is being orchestrated in Dreaming and Zoe will have to learn how to cope against both even as she strives to determine who her allies and enemies truly are. A great start to the series introducing a talented author who is unselfishly donating her profits for Whale education.The book is to be released in early May, be on the lookout for it!

  • Book Chatter-Cath
    2019-05-02 01:08

    I absolutely love the premise for this book.A new and exciting race of paranormals that embody the elements and enter the dreams of humans.It is a story and genre that is right up my alleyI'm afraid Inhale didn't quite hit the mark for me.I felt that the first 1/4 of this book was over explanatory and quite disjointed, and instead of helping I found the extensive background and Sentinel history bogged me down and I struggled to make my way through without skimming over the pages.And strangely, I felt like I was reading book #3 or #4 in a series and that I was missing something.Once I made my way through those first bumpy chapters though, I found the story took off and I was really engaged.I definitely enjoyed the characters.Gavin Cassidy is a gorgeous, pierced and tattooed rock star who's 'muse' for writing music has left him. He fills his time with nameless, faceless groupies and copious amounts of booze.Zoe is studious, faithful, and an advocate for saving her beloved whales.Cheated on one too many times and in need of a change she travels to Australia in the hope of outrunning her nightmares, and stumbles upon the much younger 'Perfect' in her dreams.There are some really well written bad guys and gals too, and like I said the characters, setting and story are great; I just found the storytelling in the beginning lacked flow and a sense of cohesiveness.All said and done, I'm definitely putting book #2 Exhale on my to-read list because despite the few hurdles to begin with I enjoyed Inhale very much.A very respectable 4 Star read.

  • Rachel Firasek
    2019-04-19 21:13

    Let me start, by saying, "I have wanted to read this book since about a year ago when Ms. Grey posted some lovely teasers on her blog."Now, I have read it and it was everything I expected it to be and more. Basically the story line is this: A whale enthusiast and researcher finally is awarded the chance at a lifetime--to head her own team. While under the pressures of tagging enough whales for her research, she finds herself falling to her pillow each night and drifting into a world with even more problems than reality.A rocking hottie from reality is a sentinel (guardian) in her dream world, but she's never met him in real life. Now, slipping between reality and her dream state, she'll help him take on the dangers of his realm while balancing those in hers. Kendall Grey is a master of the subtle metaphor and wraps symbolism into each scene. I loved her dreamstate even more than her reality and had no problems slipping back and forth between the two. I know, I know. Whales? Well, I thought so too, at first... but, when you realize that these aren't just whales, but iconic figures for a higher purpose, you'll fall for them as much as I did. Truly! Truly, loved this book. Oh, and Gavin is a mega hottie without being over the top "___hole." And Zoe is a heroine to love. Do not miss out on this read!

  • Midu Hadi
    2019-05-08 19:22

    What I liked:The title- even funnier when I found out the name of the band. Well edited & the writing flows smoothly Intriguing concept, linking dreamworld & emotions to the four elements Healthy amount of time was taken to develop the attraction between the MC into something more serious. Scarlet & her violent nature were my favorites. What I didn't like:How Fire was bad & the rest of the elements good. I finished the book in one sitting & look forward to reading the next one. Also reviewed at:Shelfari

  • Smash
    2019-04-26 02:16

    Read review At Smash Attack Reads! Smashtastic Entertainment Quickie: Wicked world-building, intriguing characters, and action-packed plot. Plus a sizzling romance that puts your own sex dreams to shame!Interest in the book: Isa from Book♥Soulmates hooked me with this one while she planning her Month of Indie Epicness event in April. Kendall was the only featured author I had not yet read so I had to rectify that. Once I learned it involved dreams and whales and elementals, I was SOLD!World-building: WOW! I am wicked impressed with Kendall's world-building skills! The world she has created is intense and it took me a while to acclimate to it all. In this world, you have the Dreaming (dream world) and the Realis (real life). You also have Aers, Wæters, Fyres and Erthe elementals. These elementals have different functions and personalities, but we get a major dose of the Fyre elementals, whose personalities are exactly what you imagine: passionate, fierce, dangerous. The elementals feed off of the Wylding (humans) in the Realis, but need skin contact in order to absorb elements; their life force. In the Dreaming, it's an entirely different ballgame. However, elementals aren't supposed to be in the Dreaming. When they invade the Dreaming and mess with the Wyldlings therein, the seriously mess up the Balance. As Kendall states here: "Though the Dreaming is the collective unconscious of the human race, events that transpire there affect people in real ways." In other words, an elemental might suck the real life right out of a human! Therefore, Sentinels, beings with equal parts of water, air, fire and earth, have to guard the Dreaming and protect the vulnerable Wyldlings.Confused yet? I was! But tell me that isn't damn interesting? It is seriously original and really sucks you in to the possibilities of it all. Wicked impressed, I tell you!Characters: Gavin, our hero, is an Australian musician with tattoos and a lip ring. Rawr! I do love me some bloody fun Australian colloquial language.  The use or arse and bloke had me smiling. Anywho, Gavin's conflicted about his past and struggling to go on with life when he meets our beloved heroine, Zoe, a whale biologist. Their encounters are anything but normal. Gavin is a Sentinel, and first meets Zoe in the Dreaming. Needless to say, their lives intertwine and their connection becomes undeniable. Gavin has lost his way and Zoe is just the spark to bring him back online. *waggles eyebrows* Note: See my favorite quote below. Gavin is full of protective spirit and when he regains his passion, his fire made me sweat! I absolutely loved watching his transformation. He has so much potential and I am excited to watch his growth. All of his growth. ;) Zoe is one hell of lady! She is fiercely passionate about her job, but her past experiences have taken a toll on her ego. She struggles to regain herself, though you would never be able to tell that from the outside. Zoe is admirable for standing up for her beliefs, regardless of the consequences.There are other characters worth mentioning: Scarlet and Sinnder, Fyre elementals up to no damn good. Scarlet is one hell of a bitch, wrapped tightly in leather and fuck you. She is behind a master plan of which Zoe stands so firmly in the way. And of course, Scarlet has history with Gavin, but she is not yet ready for it to be considered history. She is out for blood. Scarlet is so easy to hate but she added such steam to this story. While I'm not a fan, I am totally digging her role and its effects.SINNDER! Ha. Oh my. *fans self* Sinnder is Scarlet's lackey, or so she thinks. As Kendall described him here: "Sinnder’s an enigma. You just don’t know what the hell he’s about, what his goal is, or whose side he’s really on." I completely agree, as you never truly know his motives. His way of dealing with Scarlet and her unwanted advances towards him is sooooooo sexy. I love those scenes the most! Um, kitchen scene, anyone! Woot! He is just sexy without even trying. He bleeds sex. He is a Fyre, after all.Whoa. Hot. The kind of hot that could make a woman feel like she needed a month-long vacation in a nunnery after one night with him.Um. I have located my local nunnery. #JustSayingLasting Impressions: THE ENDING! THANK YOU FOR THAT ENDING, Kendall! And um, all the other in between stuff too. I cannot wait to pick up Exhale and continue on Zoe and Gavin's journey. And experience more Sinnder! And get scalded by Scarlet!Favorite Scene:"I'm not finished with you yet," she whispered, dragging her hips up, down, squeezing her inner muscles around his cock. It was like fucking CPR. Brought him right back online.I may have written this note in my Kindle: "That's what I'm fuckin talkin' bout, right there! #SmexyTime"