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Elle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way.She loves her first tastes of liberated, naughty sex. ButElle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way.She loves her first tastes of liberated, naughty sex. But she’d better not start falling for her boss—no matter how safe he makes her feel—because while office sex is encouraged, romance is strictly forbidden.Office Toy is an erotic MfMM (3 guys, 1 lucky gal) BDSM story of 8,400 words. This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. For adults only....

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  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-05-30 11:12

    So I was at the drs today without the book I was in the middle of reading but I have the kindle app on my phone so I pulled this amazon freebie up to kill time. So not worth it! I understand smut is just that smut with no real plot line most of the time but this was just lame! I can't tell you how many times I rolled my eyes during my 32 page read. Color me unimpressed. Just saying.

  • Navessa
    2019-06-14 10:51

    Pre-read thoughts:Full review:What’s bound, dumb, mute, motionless and has six balls? (view spoiler)[This main character! *ba-dun dun ching* (hide spoiler)]Okay. So I read this because my friends and my own morbid curiosity ganged up on me and I was helpless to resist (hehe). I figured that if I went into it like a fantasy I would be fine. I’ve read other erotica books with that mindset and its helped to keep my literary pet peeves bound and gagged (hehe). But this is not a fantasy. It’s porn. Plain and simple. The main character’s name is Elle but let’s call her Ellgasm for fun. She’s basically a fourteen year old boy in a grown woman’s body. Either that or there’s a tumor pressing against her hypothalamus. She’s also Bella Swan Ana Steele on steroids. She uses “so” and “um” as commas, can’t seem to form a rational sentence if there’s a penis in a hundred yard radius, is physically clumsy around attractive men and is so passive and just DTF that I started to wonder if this book was actually written by a man in ode to his ideal woman. I suppose we’ll find out if people that give this five stars then get solicited by said creeper. Ellgasm’s mother is crashing at her house because she’s been kicked out of yet another place (look at that character depth!) and the first thing that popped into The Gasmer’s head when she arrived was “HIDE THE DILDOS!!!”. Of course I immediately imagined her frantically running from room to room snatching various sized rubber molds from countertops and kitchen cabinets because when you’re as saucy as this minx you better keep those suckers stashed EVERYWHERE. We learn a little about her mom (the O-Nazi) and her life through retrospective musings as The Gasmer heads into her big blow job interview with Cunningham and Associates for…I think art? Or no, was it something to do with advertising? Crap. Anywho, she gets there and that’s when Brian Cunningham, aka Bravo Cunnilingus, shows up.*cue porno music*FYI, this is on page SEVEN. The next 20 pages are nothing but an extensive sex scene featuring M/M/M/F, M/M/F/M, M/F/M/M, F/M/M/M, Christ, you get the picture, they have a good ole’ time. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cringeworthy, sometimes it’s…oogy. Though the writing was better than I expected, the near-rape and abject humiliation the MC faced at the hands (and penises and tongues) of the misogynists at Cunningham and ASSociates canceled it out. So if you’re looking for some porn, I found you some. Enjoy. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mermarie
    2019-05-19 11:08

    This book makes 50 Shades of Grey seem philosophical. That is all.

  • Glass
    2019-05-19 10:46

    Review from Way Too Hot Books I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this short story. I'm not usually fan of those because they tend to have that unfinished feeling or they are just like this quick, mindless snippets of the bigger picture. It is quite simple - girl comes to the job interview and ends in the middle of the hottest sex of her life with not one man, but three. Shot description - written porn for your lunch break. What Cleo Peitsche managed to do is to make that whole setting believable and erotic. Okay, so maybe it's not that good idea to read it during your lunch break. I just wish that author decided to write the whole novel instead of the short story. I know that there is sequel, this is actually part of Office Toy series, but it's not the same thing for me. It is evident that this author knows how to write scenes that will melt your panties off in five seconds. I hope she will decide to give us something more in the future.

  • Naoms
    2019-06-01 13:58

    I just needed something to read before going to bed late one night. It was a read now book at on Netgalley and I like Erotica as much as the next person, so I read it.Here's the's ridiculous. I get that when you're writing a sex book, the sex is more important than story. BUT, there is nothing in this story that makes sense. The main character starts as a normal girl and turns into a sex kitten in literally 30 seconds. There is nothing hinted at her sexual preference, it just happens and it's weird. And we're supposed to believe that this normal, college graduate girl is willing to become a prostitute for these guys...just cuz. There, to me anyway, is a big difference between I am doing this, because I love sex with multiple people and I am doing this because I desperately need money. The author did not know which one was the reasoning so instead of a book about a girl who lives her dream and gets to have sex in an office with three guys in suits, we get a girl who really needs money who agrees to be an office toy in order to get a paycheck. That last one is not hot. It's desperate and it's sad.Also, the synopsis hints at some kind of love story, but this book is like 50 pages, not enough for any develpment. I don't even think I know or understand the main character never mind believe that she is in any kind of love with the boss.Also, at one point one of the CEO's of the company pulls out a bed that is built into the wall of his office. Is that not sleazy as all hell?

  • Vishous
    2019-06-06 10:56

    1.5For f's sake, why do I want to read a sequel of this...

  • Dina
    2019-06-11 10:54

    Hahahaha! I'm not going to try and rate this book, because I knew what I was getting into when I downloaded it. PWP all the way down, baby! It was so ludicrous, I didn't even cringe at the sexual shenanigans that would usually make me want to tear my eyes out.Some reviewers cried rape and/or sexual harassment at the way Elle, the "heroine", was treated, but seriously? She loved everything and could have walked away anytime she wanted. I'm very sensitive and unforgiving when it comes to sexual abuse, and let me tell you this: it wasn't any way close to rape, not even forced seduction. Elle couldn't get enough of her new boss and his cohorts' sexual prowess. In fact, she thought that it was going to be the best perk of her new job.If you're interested in some PWP, this is a good one - and it's a freebie, so there's no way it can get better - but if you're looking for an erotic romance, look elsewhere.

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-06-14 10:53

    What a job interview! This is really well written erotica. Of course you will not have a great depth in the main characters. But I suppose this is expected. The book is like 30 pages long and 85% of it is just about sex.Anyway, there is Elle who is a natural submissive and maybe she trusts too much her future bosses and there are also Boss A (Cunningham), Boss B (Jonathan) and a guy who makes a really terrible coffee and seems to be frustrated Elle is around (Nolan).Not much feelings. Everything seems to be clinical and for one purpose. Although it is still weird why Elle was chosen and what is Nolan problem. Who is this guy?

  • Jillyn
    2019-05-23 15:10

    Elle has a very important interview with Cunningham, and it doesn't start well, with the secretary serving her gross coffee and grumbling at her. But when the interview begins, Cunningham gets her out of her clothes to be fitted for new ones, and soon he and three other guys have taken claim to Elle in the office. -----This book is not even erotica, it's porn. So, know that before continuing with my review.Now, let me just say, what?The girl has no personality other than sex deprived submissive, and the men have none other than over sexed successful business men (Ana & Christian, anyone?).This office screens its applicants for not only STDs, but gives psych evaluations to see who best fits into their little "game" of an office. Did I mention that this office has a convenient sex room, fitted with toys, chains, and furniture? Well it does!Elle starts off with reservations, but somehow in the course of one short scene with three men, she becomes the queen of deep throating. That's important too, since all three guys are equipped with XXL sized members. They have to break her in and teach her to sacrifice her comfort for them, and the company. And then it gets a little un-consensual. The boys start preparing her behind and her first, instinctive reaction (for the first time in this random unprofessional orgy) is "No." Instead of stopping or taking that as a red flag, Cunningham shooshes her and continues. All three of these men are also, for some reason, devastatingly good looking and all want this same random girl. I hate to say this, but maybe if it had been part of a full length novel a la 50 Shades, I could have overlooked the scene. But these men are bad examples of Doms, and will give girls the wrong idea about how Doms are supposed to be, instead of fueling them with some sort of fantasy, which I assume was the initial purpose in writing this story.This book is less than 30 pages long, with 95% containing graphic M/M/M/F sex scenes. If you are looking for a short porn, then this is maybe for you. But if you like substance, a bit of plot, and any amount of realism in your naughty reads, this is a big ole pass.Thanks to Netgalley and Pouch Productions for my copy. This review can also be found on my blog, Bitches n Prose.

  • Dαɴιjα
    2019-06-07 13:00

    Oh, smut, how I've missed you. It feels like an eternity that we've been apart. After a squeaky clean young adult book, I needed my dose, therefore: Office Toy. Now, I'm not going into the probability, or lack thereof, a chance of anyone having that kind of an job interview, or anyone agreeing to go through it. No, I'm looking at this as a dirty, kinky fantasy, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. One girl looking for a job, one powerful man offering it if she'll submit to him and his two colleagues (only three men because, as they said, they're taking it easy on her the first time).Some special company they've got there.And you see where this is going... Her body was ready, their bodies were ready, and they went for it. One thing's for sure, I had an enjoyable late-night read.

  • Jill
    2019-06-07 13:56

    This was is the beginning of a set of "instalment" read books. Hot and sexy we have Elle applying for a job at an advertising company, only to be offered that job and more....Three delicious Doms introduce Elle to a world that she has never experienced before and I have to say I was pretty addicted. It was pretty hot, if you have a liking for bdsm and ménage...then this might be for you. I went out and bought the rest of the series because well I was sort of hooked :) I definitely want to see what other delicious things can happen between these four.

  • Chrissy
    2019-06-09 16:00

    If I were to sum up the essence of this little book in one statement, I would steal straight from the Goodreads blurb, I think. (By the way, did you know that your BLURB can be rated X?! I think this is a first for me, as a reviewer, and probably an experience that may encourage me to rethink my rule of reading nothing about the book prior to starting it).Anyways, back to the book blurb. This one little sentence says it ALL:Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way.No, you didn't just read that wrong.We meet Elle, on page one, when she describes to us her current living situation. Her one-dimensional, overbearing mother has barged into her home, which is an inconvenience to Elle because it means she has to run around at the last minute to hide all of her dildos and sex toys.Um, what?So, then Elle gets ready to go to a job interview for some kind of marketing or atsy position -- not really even sure at this point -- and then all hell breaks loose. Literally.Now, apparently Elle is perfect for what comes next, because she divulges on just page THREE that she stares at anything male and wishes that he would drag her into an alley and rape her mercilessly. Oh, no worries, little princess, your dream will soon be coming true...As part one of the interview, this big bulging man whore, Cunningham, demands that Elle turn around, take off her clothes, and let him examine her and measure her with a tape measure. By page NINE, we've already descended right to PORN.All of the sudden, Cunningham's two friends come in and then proceed to pretty much gang rape Elle, at which point she says the following:This was the best job interview she'd ever had.Um, WHAT?So, Elle looks longingly at these men and wishes that two of them would enter her mouth simultaneously. So, they do -- and go on to nearly CHOKE her, which she (of course) quite enjoys.At one point, when things go OVER THE TOP X-rated, Elle finally says NO, to which Cunningham demands her to SHUSH and continues on with the gang rape scenario.Not once did anyone acknowledge ANYTHING in this JOB INTERVIEW to be sexual harassment or RAPE -- instead the book concludes with Elle getting the job and joyously proclaiming that she would enjoy as much free sex as she could possibly get in the position.I'm just .... at a loss ... for words.I really have nothing to say. There was NOTHING redeeming about any aspect of this story.If you like poorly written, raunchy, gang rape porn, definitely give OFFICE TOY a shot.Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this story for review purposes.I guess.

  • Jamie
    2019-06-02 11:02

    Pure porn. No story beyond girl want job and has participates in a gang bang in place of an interview. This is by far the most sex-crazed woman ever! The summary is the story. The only story aspect is her mother moving in and that the front assistant does not like her (at least until he screws her). The is no romance. Just a crap-load of insane lust. No character depth, no personality with anyone. This isn't even hot. It is weird. There is no flow to anyone's behavior. Seriously I wonder if the water was drugged b the world's strongest aphrodisiac. IF you want to read a sex scene just for the sex check it out. If you want any chance of story or even sexy hotness, there is lots of other options that are better qualified.

  • Mel
    2019-06-04 10:56

    Holy shite was Office Toy a smokin' hot read! I'm not sure why other reviewers are complaining about the explicit content as the blurb tells you what the book is about. It's called Office Toy for a reason. Office Toy was a short, incredibly smexy read and I for one enjoyed it; porn or not. In my opinion it was the hottest job interview EVER!! I look forward to seeing what's in store for Elle and the boys at Cunningham and Associates next. *eARC PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY*

  • Selene
    2019-05-18 14:06

    Wow! So the one steamy scene in this quickie read was smokin' hot! If you're looking for a mindless, smutty read, then this story is a good option! En-joyed!

  • Karma♥Bites ^.~
    2019-05-21 15:01

    * ARC provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley (later got 2014 freebie)Pure, unadulterated smut-fest of a gang bang fantasy (including the “aftercare” ^.^), initiated via (mild) use of the coercion trope.Most definitely straight erotica (hell, some can call this “porn” and I won’t disagree). So leave all expectations of in-depth plot and/or character development at the door b/c there ain’t enough pages here. The critical factor is that Elle wanted it, consented every step of the way, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And the way everything unfolded, I half-expected Elle to wake up from an erotic dream at the end.Given its length, it’s pretty much “places, everyone, aaaaand... ACTION!”. And man, is there action! *fans self* But this smutty tidbit differs vastly from much of the schlock flooding the market more and more. I found Office Toy to be very well-written, highly erotic, and rather intelligent smut. (Yes, that’s right―intelligent... as in I didn’t feel insulted or fear losing IQ points by reading this.) That says much about the writer, methinks. :) So if you're curious, try this author out whilst it’s free.My only “negative” re: Office Toy is that it’s part of a series of equally short vignettes (read: serial). Which is fine, in and of itself, b/c some writers work best in that format and there’s a time and a place for hot shorties, right? But the length (31 Kindle pgs) vis-à-vis a price of $2.99 gives me serious pause re: subsequent works. I’d love to find out what happens but getting invested in this kind of serial gets very pricey, very quickly. Plus, I tend to enjoy longer reads more so may wait for the bundle set. :)ETA: FTR, in the world of erotica, there's a vast (and very critical) difference between 'gang bang' and gang *rape*. To mistake one for the other is... well, IDK.________________Sexual content: f/m/m/m (my way of noting “it’s all about the girl” & not m/m interaction); oral & anal; DP; more D/s than full-out BDSM (or even BDSM-lite).* Re-read Jan 2014; first read in July 2013 (but damn, pain killers work a doozy on the memory). This mini-review to be replaced later w/ link to BookLikes blog page.

  • Stephanie
    2019-06-07 13:43

    Original Post: http://fangswandsandfairydust.blogspo...Office Toy Not About Sexual Harassment but it Ought to Be This starts off with us learning that Elle's family life is currently being ruled by an overbearing mother. Her patience seems either saintlike or door-mat-like I guess depending on your pov. There is a story without much plot, there are characters but this is a pretty short piece about Domination and Submission without a contract or discussion and under a form of duress. It is also about using a job interview inappropriately. Very inappropriately.I requested it on NetGalley because I thought the cover was very provocative. If you are looking for something purely titillating, which reading may be exciting tinged with the forbidden and, well, some disgust then pick this one up. Maybe it's that Elle is a submissive but I felt like this was a treatment for porn, in the sense of a short piece from which a script is developed. I remain unimpressed and this is one I would not be happy having someone read over my shoulder. I am very vanilla and yet like to read BDSM erotica, but if I'm in the mood for BDSM in fiction, this is not where I would go.

  • Jonetta
    2019-06-13 16:07

    This short, short story accomplishes quite a lot in a few pages. We get who Elle is, a bit of her background as to why she might even consider the arrangement offered by her new employers and that she has strong submissive tendencies. Her new employers don't waste anytime initiating her in the new job. The story was also effective in defining the personalities and roles of Brian Cunningham and Jonathan Arrow, the partners of the firm, along with Nolan the receptionist. While this series may evolve into an erotic romance, it's clearly not the objective of this first installment. It is pure ménage fantasy and it is all from Elle's point of view. Even so, her perspective is so well written you get the dynamics of each of the men's personalities and how she reacts to each. The sex is explicit and hot. I was extremely surprised that so much could be accomplished in less than 30 pages. Other reviewers may have been looking for romance and their ratings reflect that. It's puzzling because the description of this story doesn't even allude to that. As erotica, it's pretty awesome. I'm really looking forward to where this leads. (I received an ARC from NetGalley)

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2019-06-09 09:10

    Book provided by NetGalley for an honest review.Elle goes in for a job interview and ends up in a threesome with the office Dominantes. It seems that her therapy session, which she took before the interview, provided them with the information that she would be open to being a submissive.My problem isn't with the book. It's just that it all seemed to clinical. I didn't get any emotion, not even from Elle. She wasn't scared, thrilled, excited, just seemed to go with the flow. And since it was a novella, I wasn't able to get enough from any of the guys to know what they wanted from her other than sex.Just wasn't really for me.

  • Rachael
    2019-06-12 09:01

    Same old story - young girl needs a job, goes to an interview, gets stripped naked within minutes, then has kinky sex with several men. I mean really - who hasn't been to that kind of interview???LMAO - ME! that's who! This was a hot quick little read. I can't say I connected with the characters or that I was captivated with the plot. It was hot sex. The real question is whether I will pay to read more. It takes quite a bit to make me pay for such short stories. Not sure this one has what it takes.

  • Aղցela W.
    2019-06-14 09:02

    Elle’s job interview starts with Cunningham throwing away her cheap clothes and sending his assistant to buy new outfits. He’s got her naked, so of course he’ll lay her out on the conference table and claim her mouth. Soon Elle is trussed up, all of her holes stretched full while three hot men have their wicked way. Let me first say that I like erotica a lot of it and I like short story however I felt that this book had no story line and that's why I gave this 1 star

  • Heather
    2019-05-23 16:52

    My first thought: “It’s too short....I want more.” Peitsche gives us just a glimpse into Elle’s new job at Cunningham, and her attractive co-workers. This was certainly not a job interview like any I’ve seen before. ;) I’m looking forward to following her story in the other short stories in the series. Worth reading!

  • Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch)
    2019-05-19 09:57

    "This story contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers. For adults only."Heed that warning! If you don't like smut then don't pick this up. If you do... then HAPPY READING!! I always wondered what it would be like to read a script to a porno. Well, now I know! Little bit of a story, a lot of fucking and some sticky pages! Holy sex swinging, DP, FUCKNUTS that was fantastic! I really don't think anyone should be surprised when they pick up this little quickie. The cover and the title say it all. You're going to experience copious amounts of sex and come. Am I complaining? Fuck no! I really liked it. Story? Elle's mother moved in with her and now she has to hide all her dildos. She is sexually frustrated and needs a new job. After having a phone interview and taking a series of tests for a pretentious company, Elle is finally called in for an interview. When Cunningham sits down to interview Elle, he wants to know how far she is willing to go to get the job. Soon Elle is stripping and laid out on display for a good old fashioned office gang bang! I know what you're all thinking.... Did Elle get the job? Im going to turn this around with a question for you.. yes you, the person taking the time to read this ridiculous review. Riddle me this; How far are you willing to go, to find out? I'm pretty sure you got the picture by now. This is a 27 page delicious porno with three hot hunky guys and one very horny and naive girl. If this is just the interview... I'd like to see how a first day would go. What else is there left to say? Hmmm.. not much really. Super charged porn quality sex, tiny story and now I'm ready to read the next book. Oh, you want some quotes? "And that voice... even scolding her, his voice was so sexy that she wanted to plunge her fingers into her panties.""Oh, she'd always fantasized about a fat cock. Something to stretch hr pussy and really fill her up.""Jonathan, we'd better get into your office. I don't want her cries bringing in the whole office. She's not ready for that.""'One for each hole,' Cunningham said. 'Your mounth...' he traced her lips. 'Your pussy...' he rammed three fingers..."Im not giving you the entire last quote. If you want to read more then you'll have to get your own copy. If you enjoyed this review, then Im pretty sure you'll like the story. Visit Naughty Book Snitch for more reviews and fun stuff.

  • Chibineko
    2019-06-07 16:49

    I finished this pretty quickly, as the story is only about 37 pages long. I'll give a pretty big warning: the story goes to sex very, very quickly, so if you're looking for something with a big sweeping story line, this probably isn't the erotica you want. This is very much a "small bites" type of short story/chapter and focuses on getting out lead character undressed and at the ready. If you want short stories that put more of a focus on story than sex, you might want to check out some works such as Alison's Wonderland.Now as far as the BDSM content goes, it's fairly light. There is some bondage and Elle is spanked and slapped. It's not very hard, as the slap is fairly light and the ruler is only applied to her thighs. Content-wise, I'd recommend this for people who are just starting to get into BDSM but aren't really ready for the insanely rough stuff or the non-con type of play. It's all consenting at this point, although it might flirt with harder stuff and non-con in the future. It gives off a few of those vibes as far as the non-con goes. For sexual content, I really enjoyed this. This story hits a lot of my kinks (office play, light control, etc), so this probably played into it fairly heavily. As you can guess from the cover, oral sex has a more dominant role in this book than vaginal or anal sex, although Elle has vaginal, anal, and oral sex in this book. The only downfall is that unfortunately there isn't a lot of character buildup in this chapter. We're given a fairly rough layout of events and what to expect, but not a lot of development. (Elle falling for Cunningham, despite him being a "love-em-and-leave-em" type of guy, etc.) This sort of thing is to be expected from chapter erotica, but it will still leave some wishing that there was just a little more of the non-sex stuff to make everyone truly stand out. Comparisons to Fifty Shades will probably be inevitable, but even with the character development handicap the characters are still more likable than Ana and Christian. Not that that's difficult, mind you. Now the price point as of this writing (2.99) will probably dissuade some readers. I'd recommend this piece, but perhaps as something you buy with your fellow erotica readers and perhaps loan each other on the Kindle. I'm looking forward to the author's future work, in any case.

  • Jay
    2019-06-09 17:11

    HOT! 3 DOMINANT MEN & 1 NATURALLY SUBMISSIVE GIRL!looking at the other reviews for this book I seem to be the odd one out... I really liked it. this was a super short read and focussed primarily on the sex rather than story, but you can't really expect to get the complete works in only 24 pages. the BDSM was pretty tame, but then it WAS Elle's first day on the job, well technically it was her interview. either way, they tested her out without freaking her out or breaking her, & maybe they'll turn up the heat in the next instalment. (FYI - the next one involves 4 men + Elle!) as it is, all Elle's fantasies are being fulfilled, and surprisingly she's not embarrassed at all. which is a little surprising considering she'd never even revealed to prior boyfriends that she owned not one, but 2 dildos that she frequently used. I think she's found her true calling lolanyhow, if you like a bit of hot kinky sex & minimal story, give this a try!**thanks to netgalley & the publishers for this copy

  • Rachel T
    2019-06-12 11:48

    3 out of 5 for this reader folks!If you can accept this short story for what it is then you may just enjoy it! This is smut in it's finest form. Do not read this if you are easily offended by sex and any forms of menage, taboo sex.Elle is our leading lady who has just had an interview that would raise eyebrows. She is stripped, screwed in every which way by three horny guys who wish to have a little sub toy to play with at the office. Elle knows exactly what she is in for and she is absolutely okay with literally being the office toy.The sex is explicit, hot, degrading (which is Elle's thing) and not for the faint of heart. Cloe Peitsche can write dirty smut with the best of them. I read another reviewer describe this as a Good ole fashioned gang bang, and yup that is exactly what is was!HAPPY READING! :)

  • Kelly
    2019-05-21 14:51

    If you're willing to not think too long and hard (heh) about how Elle dropped her clothes and did everything she was told within minutes of meeting her new boss, this is a fun, dirty little read. Sure, the situation is slightly implausible but who hasn't walked into a job interview and ended up tied up before. Just because it's never happened to ME doesn't mean some lucky lady somewhere hasn't had her world rocked by three well-hung men at once. While in the office.Naughty with the potential for something more than sex down the road. Let's see what Elle can take and how long she'll be able to take it for. LITERALLY.-Kelly @ Reading the ParanormalOffice Toy was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 09/19/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

  • Crystal Marie
    2019-06-03 11:57

    Now there are some stories that you read and you know what you’re getting. And then there are stories that you read and you have to wonder how you are going to get the time back that you wasted on that book. This book was between the two of those categories.The blurb of this book is pretty much head on, and it is all you can really expect from the book. I wish I could say that there was something that made the story stands out from all the other short erotica stories out there now, but in all honesty there isn’t. Now if I was rating this book solely on the sex aspect of the story, there wasn’t anything that hadn’t been done before. The sex was hot yes, but it was very predictable. But the story of the book? There was no real plot at all. So overall I give this book a rating of 3 because I think that is the right balance between all aspects of the story.

  • Daria
    2019-05-24 14:51

    All about sex baby! Again 3 stars because of acceptance. Elle is no weeping willow, granted a little bit of a second thought but even that didnt last long. Three men with maybe more later as she gets used to the "job". A quick read, interview, sex, ganged and a office. Nice. Didnt care much for Nolan I just dont like sneaky. *smiles* Trying to save her from the rest when he soo played his part. Why save her? Maybe that will be told in the next book. They actually toss her clothes, that was sweet putting her in what He wants. (He being the "alpha" for a better word) In this book I like both Cunningham and Johnathan, its a service/job no one said nothing about relationship. Just keeping it real sister girls. *smiles* One big sex scene was nice and hot. Nice swing mentioned. It was really too short to add too much more but try it you may like it. Enjoy.

  • Laura Carson
    2019-05-23 09:52

    ****I was given a copy of this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**** Elle knows on paper she’s not the best candidate for the job. She also knows that once in the door she can be the best, she just needs someone to take that chance on her. In this short novella we get to follow her on the job interview of a lifetime… I worry about novellas because anything that length can easily leave you feeling like you’re not sure what happened. There’s not a lot of room to develop much of a relationship with characters. Office toy, however, did exactly what a novella should. It was a hot, fun little story that made me want to get to know the characters better. I was very happy to see the story continues.